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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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an uber driver is inber custody charged withcu attempting to murder two police officers. and she's been in the national spotlight since she decided to prosecute six police officers for the death of freddie gray. now marilyn mosby is the subject of a defamation lawsuit. fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> today is thursday may 26. we've got the whole crew here, gary mcgrady, erin como. first we're going to talk news. specifically despite all the extra security at airports in our area and all over the country, they continue to have a lot of security problems. >> overnight the associated press released the findings of a year long investigation into breaches dating back more than 10 years. it found airport security breaches happen about once every 10 days. >> they include everything from people jumping over orstsh sidety aechtoxu i'nder fences ot of ae inut airports to people sp past security and getting intoyt gates insideo airports.irpo >> in our region dulles hadad the most breaches with eightes i at bwi marshall and reaganeaga airport each had o all of the people involved i were caught. ct. >> also in the news this the nth morning an uber driver with a wa lengthy criminal record nownow accused of using a homemade handgun to attack two attack montgomery county policego meficers. >> questions now this morning about why a convicted felonvie
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company. for that we're turning to annie yu live fromro gaithersburg with the details. good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, goodepter: morning to you, maureen and wisdom. wisd this is truly a disturbing distg story. it really makes you thinks you k about who you're jumping inumpii the car with. that usual driver is facingsin some serious charges thisha t morning and behind me this is where he lived in gaithersburg, maryland.arand. he represented a room hereed ao with his wife. we're told they lived here forer the past 10 years and he oftenft used his landlord's car to provide those uber rides inbe the d.c. area and was that carar last week when montgomery county police arrested him. h this is jonathan hemming.emming the 52-year-old has been-yr-ol charged with two counts of o attempted first degree murder,ur two counts of second degree murder and other assault,lt firearms related and otherth drug related charges. crg police say they had beenhey ha watching him and they wereng hie waiting to arrest him on an outstanding warrant for druginrr related charge. they pulled him over in a commercial area of a of gait
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police saybu he did resist arrest. he became combative and then a t reached into his car for a homemade handgun that was was capable of firing shot gun st gu rounds.roun he pointd that weapon atpon a detectives but officers used a taser to finally arrest him. h get this also he also had a second homemade handgun shotun o gun shells and ammunition for a handgun his pocket that dayoc as well.ell. uber tells us they did conductin a standard background check c but won't say how long heon drove for the company or if customers ever felt unsafe uns with him as their driver. they did tell us that theyus immediately removed him from his -- having access to thecces platform and they areheyre assisting now, he's due in court nextrt n month in rockville june 10th je but as you mentioned thishis raises a lot of questions questo about how his lengthy criminalra record got past those background checks.ou coming up in my next report at 5:00 well tell you about how uber is responding more in depth to this situation. situati
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annie yu. >> hillary clinton's use of private e-mail accountscounts violated state departmentepar policy. . >> according to the washington t post the report says clintonortc should have printed and savedted all e-mails while she washilehe secretary of state.y of ste she also failed to obtain to obn legal approval for the use of her private e-mail server. clinton spokesman says herser personal use of e-mail was e-m known to officials and there was no breach of the server. s >> d.c. maryland and virginia vi officials coming together toetr oversee safety on metro.etro they created legislation forlaon the metro rail safetyy commission.issi. it will be introduced beforece the d.c. council later thiser t year and the generalhe gener assemblies in maryland andn myln virginia next year.rginia nex the proposal comes when comes federal officials are adding pressure to beef up safety he te measures with metro.etro >> the d.c. police departmentli having a retention problem. pbl less than 3800 officers are now on the force.w on the force that is the smallest number in r more than a mayor bowser is preparing tows asker the city council for moreo
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incentives to get officers who s are eligible to retire too stay.. the mayor wants to offer senior officers salariesers sal ranging from 68 to $166,000 a year equivalent to what an assistant chief now makes. mak >> we have right now only about 40 senior police officers.of and so this is a tool that weha have that's a very strongtr enticement to be able to bring i back often recently retiredet officers who love being cops,op who would rather be a cop and take any of the other many jobfh offers that retired officere s typically get. >> right now the force standsora at roughly 2,750 officers. the goal is to get the size ofhz the force back to 4,000.,000. >> two women and two children cd were found tied up and gaggedag after burglars broke intoglar i their home in manassas. iman prince william county policey pc say two men broke into thent home demanding money.on. one woman was sexually assaulted.ulte
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to get a good description ofrip the suspect from the victim. >> texas whenwhere 10 otherth states are suing the obama administration. critics argue students should use bathrooms thatbaroom corresponded to their identity t at birth. at they claim this threatens the safety of students. sde lieutenant governor of texasnt g says his state is willing to forfeit $10 billion in federal education dollars rather than comply. >> the the. >> the key he piece of the university of maryland men'seyms basketball team is coming bac back. university of maryland terps point guard mellow ty rimblele announced he'll come back to bac college park for his junior year.. trimble helped the terps reachph the sweet 16 of the ncaa tournament. good news trimble coming back. b mellow day in the weather. it was pretty good yesterday. y. >> it was hot.>> it was h i'm going to complain.oom i was outside at the park withhr the kids.thkids. oh, my gosh, i thought, man itt went from zero to a thousand overnight.
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>> yes,t yes., no complaints.omai >> if you thought yesterday was hot or uncomfortable,t today is going to be uncomfortable because we'rese we going to have more humidity. hid we're going start to rampt things up to summer-likeme conditions over the next really three days, today,od tomorrow, saturday because, sat temperatures are going to bees up there in the upper -- mider-m to upper 80's.pper 8 we're going to have moreeor humidity, too, so get ready g r for t 63 in town now. manassas 57. culpeper 56. you guys winchester winches 61 degrees. it's pretty mild. it's pretty nice out there.utre. sorry about the gaithersburggaih and fredericksburgan temperatures, they're just noter coming in right now se o kind oo out of my control there. hopefully they'll start popping in this morning. all right. in terms of satellite and osatel radar, we do have some cloudslod coming on most of this is real high and ad real thin, kind of muted such s on and off at a.on and late this afternoon there is o a chance for some showers and and some thunderstorms popping up pp late day into the evening hours. high temperatures, you can see them, mostly 87 to 88 deg
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couple spots close to 90;,0; freeh how is it looking out >> you can say that again, friday eve. 4:36 this morning look at all aa the green behind me on our majors in virginia. 66 east through manassas centerville falls church usingea along and 267 issue free. f let's take a look at your maryland drive times. tes all green all good.l greel no problems on 95, 270 or 50.0. we're heading from annapolisnnol or bowie this morning. mor we have road work on the inner t loop in montgomery county. cou stay left at georgia and stay s left at university boulevardrd to get safely through workel zone. good news is traffic is light enough it's any other causingthc any major slowdowns yet this morning. as for your morning commute four and fivr e inbound problemo free on the north andorth westbound 301 still looking good and 210 in fort washington stillngto quiet. quie got you covered if and when w any of that changes. cng any morning commute questions at erin fox5 d.c. on back to you. >> um canning up, local policeal issue a warning to all driversrs heading to the memoal
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weekend. weeken >> and baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby is the is key subject named in an defamation lawsuit that'son laws connected to the freddie grayheg trial. >> and i'm holly morris tracking the other big storiesto already trending on this thursday morning. mni baltimore prosecutor marilyn mosby just like maureen saiden s now the subject of a defamation lawsuit. we'll have more about that.t at. here's something that'shat's trending.tren. two new oreo's about to hit h store shelves.or we're going to let you knowto lu what they are. >> as we head to break right h now, live look outside acrosseat the d.c. gary says it's going to beoing b even better than it wasan w yesterday if you like heat.y yu time right now is 4:38. 4 we're back in a moment. z2022z
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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z2025z >> welcome back. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most on social media this >> for that we turn to holly th morris at our realtime news new tracker. good morning, holly. h >> both of you, good morninggo r everyone out there. the two baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have suared the city's top prosecutor and ansecn official in the sheriff'se she office for defamation.efam now both officers say the state's attorney knowingly k made false statements when she alleged wrongdoing on the partot of the officers. in d.c. controversy overro the city's attorney general ger telling d.c. governmentd. employees to ignore a court aou order fr
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court regarding gun permits. per the order told the attorney general to stop asking ask resident to list a good reasonor why they need a weapon. wea some say this violates theirolas second amendment rights. rights. and finally and perhapsnd deliciously i'll let you bee the judge oreo has unveiled two new flavors that have the internet buzzing. blueberry pie and fruity crisp are the two latest twists. t they'll be available for a limited time june 6th.6th. admittedly i'm not sold but i i will try. t >> i'm down. >> i asked our resident oreoiden expert here, okay, he has spoken. >> enough said. >> like i say to my>>e i four-year-old wisdom you haved o to try it first before yout fory declare that you don't likee it. >> some things are like nah.. >> no, try first. try f >> all right. >> time now is 4:42.2. coming up on fox news mornings r most parents, well you already a know that you don't ever gett eg between a seven-year-old andsene their video game but an
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robber learned that the hard way. >> local police issue a warning to everyone who willoc w be on the road this hiloliday th weekend. >> as we head to break we're bre going to take a live look outside across the dmv right rig now. time is 4:43. 4 it was so nice yesterday. yeste so nice in fact we're going toeg do it twice. it's going to be even betteren t we're back after this.ckfter >> ♪ >> ♪ z2026z
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z2024z >> welcome back to fox news morning. it's just about 4:45 on thist 45 thursday morning.sday a person was killed threee others wounded during a shootins at a concert in new york. y than rapper t i. was t performing in manhattan whennhn shots rang out.s ra out the shooting may have stemmed hm from rival crews.from so far though no arrests haverrh been made. >> 4:45 is your time right nowet let's talk weather with gary mcgrady. mc spectacular day yesterday and it's going to be even better tbe today if you like warmrm weather, which i do and i a would have to as
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this rain everybody does.aieverb >> we all do. >> yeah, if you like humid weather, right, humid -- - >> yes. es >> -- maybe some thunderstormsds tooken. url low your roll on that but okay.on okay. >> i got to keep it real, i r though, you know what i mean. >> you do have to keep itep it real. real. >> all right here we go. r temperatures this morning justes great. t no jacket at least i don't think so. did you wear a jacket, erin, a this morning.. >> no.o. >> no jacket this morning for erin new york jacket for m te jr this morning. m we'll take an unofficial pollpol coming u dulles 59, bwi marshallal 59 degrees. memorial day weekend forecastayw not much has changedee here. h we may nudge temperatures upperp just a little bit in a couple of spots. mostly sunny on stlaturday butub humid, too, 86 should be mostly dry.mostly could we have a pop-upop thunderstorm on saturday? aturd? yes, we could. cld. but i think mostly dry. scattered thunderstorms, moreorm numerous and you'll see more m clouds, too, on sunday. s that will keep temperaturesempea capped probably in the middleob 80's or so.ab still humid. hum monday we brought it from theome 70's back up to about 80 degrees. i told you, you know, monday wasn't comp
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don't -- we didn't completely cy understand exactly what wasctlya going to happen on monday.appe i think the picture is getting a little clearer now. we're definitely going to have more clouds, we'll definitely dt have some showers an fewshower f thunderstorms but it's anyrstoru other a washout the way it'swat' looking right now but don't d expect a lot of sun. s temperature will be arounde aro 80 degrees or so. deg some spots will only be in theyn 70's, okay., o later on this afternoon we areno dry at about three oree o 4 o'clock for the most part. p humid and hot.. temperatures upper 80's, heat index will be lower 90's latewes this afternoon.ftno and look at the showers andrsnd thunderstorms building backrms i out to the west here.esther and they will creep in oureein direction and try and holdd tra together and this ishis is 11 o'clock tonight, so still sti some scattered showers,catt possibly a thunderstorm in the e area. maybe even an isolated storm srm overnight tonight. tig tomorrow is dry for the first te part of the day and we'll have e more thunderstorms in the afternoon, so that really isn, t the trend.e trend but as we get into saturday,atur it looks like most of theof thunderstorm activity stays north and west of us.rtand again, could we have an a isolated thunderstorm here orndr there? s
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few muted -- few high cloudss coming across this morning so so we get muted sunshine for most of the day. it's going to be hot, though. to 87 here in town with theown th humidity again it will feel f right about 90, 91 degrees, 91 e some places may feel up to about 92. we he don't have two memorial days. da only monday.on tuesday didn't get clicked offff there so ignore the memorialhe r day on tuesday.iaday on t memorial day is still monday iso this year, okay.ear,ka and then temperatures will be in the upper 80's for the next0 couple of days. 80 degrees or so on memorialal day. i'll fix that, erin.ri >> i expect to you, gary. [laughter] >> i'm looking forward to the memorial dayng weekend. weeke great weer yesterday at the nats game gam weather day was just beautiful. i got to head down after the hea morning show. if you're just waking up right g now this thursday morning problem free in virginia. all green on all our majors. problem through dale city and 66 through arlington. 395 inbound plenty of greennt from the bottom of the beltwayhe to the 14th street bridge. b none of the issues we werethissu dealing with yesterdayth yterd morning. 66 from visit to the beltway also i
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lorton to 495.o 4 as you make your way out across the wilson bridge from prince george's county into alexandria things are cruisingn along. in the district by the white house and by the hill we'reby tl problem free on our on secondaries. metro is gearing up foreari service in the next 10 minutests at 5 o'clock. all six rail lines arex railes reportedly on time i'll let you know if that changes.f thats road work on the inner loopnnerp still by university boulevardle so a little bit of caution oau which there. keep it to the left. l outer loop from 95 past the the spur cruising along along. down to the spur things in the mid 60's. i like the fact that we'rehat w crash free around the dmv but i'll let you know if that k changes this morning.ans th back to you. >> 4:49 is the advertisementis as drivers hit the roads this t memorial day weekend policeeeke are reminding them to not getet frustrateed. >> yeah they say driving aggressively can get i wasan g i ticket. police will be cracking downille on aggressive driving over the e weekend. they'll be looking for driverskr who change lanes unsafely andy a follow too closely behind behin cars. holidayol into the get away
4:50 am
security wait times at airports. yesterday on capitol hill h t.s.a. administrator paulat p neffinger told congress thatr to the agency is adding nearly n 800 new screeners by mid june. j that announcement comes at aco time when frustrations over o security lines and wait times have reached a boiling point. hundreds of passengers have of a been missing flights and neffinger says a permanenter solution is going to take some time. >> clearly this summer travel tr season is going to be busy. b in the short term t.s.a. tert. airlines airports congress andes travelers working together can t improve the passengerasseer experience while we maintainnt security that we need. >> the t.s.a. says it's alsot'so established a centralizedenal incident command center and itom will trackma daily screening operations and funnel resources to where they are needed most. >> metro wants an atheisttheist group to stop claiming they t purchased advertising onhase buses. they claim to be the largestar atheist organization in the u.s. the ad complain says atheistssas will take over d.c.
4:51 am
transportation.anortati they he have a big rally next rn month at the lincoln memorial. metro says the organizationanio never asked them. >> every can choose their own religionly i i believe in god.o. if someone else doesn't wandersw to that's their choice. >> i'm kind of a person you do you and i'll do me. i'm not one to tell everybody ey how to live their life.if >> an activist tried to put anti-islamic ads on >> hundreds of refugees rescued at sea wednesday after a large ship i don't have turned off the coast of libya. i >> the italian navy assisted. as they tossed life jackets to those in the water and brought o 500 people to this is the latest rescue operation carried about italy.ta the italian navy has rescued about 3,000 migrants in 2300 different operations just thisas week alone. more rescue operations haveratio been carried out in recenten weeks as temperatures rise and
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the seas become calmer.come the conditions encourag encourae smugglers. >> democratic new york representative sean patrickn par maloney who is openly gay andy worked on the language of that measure tweeted equality wins.i. new research showing thatwit women infected with the zikahe k virus during their first f trimester face as high as a 13 percent chance that theirhath fetus will develop the rare severe brain defect mike company encephalopathy.ha this whole thing typically occurs in just .02 percent toere .12 percent of all u.s. births.births. >> pepco has a new mobileew mob
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with any future outages. the 29,000-pound vehicle will support crews and can customers duringpp outages.utags officials say the goal is toso give their workers a greaterrs t presence. this will provide the communehem with a central location to gono to for their information. >> a seven-year-old montgomery-y county boy is getting praieasega from his parents for hisor bravery during an armedn med robbery in silver spring lastg friday. police say two armed men men walked into a game stop store ss and surveillance video fromll the store shows thestshow seven-year-old fighting offing one of the robbery suspects spe who tried to grab him.b h the boy's father says and hisd wife had no idea their son hadhr tried to fight back. >> fear is expected and normal r in that situation.hat situati i think he's old enough thatugha he understands that there wast w a danger by a certain situation, so, you know, our attention will be on makingakg sure that he can process that
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>> now police say the gunmane su got away with some items and an undisclosed amount of cash.e if you have any informationrm abouta the robbery give policee a call. cal >> looks like it's splitsvillepv for johnny den his wife amanda heard. the pair met on the set of depp's film. >> nascar driver benny par sons and mark martin and raymond parks are all the newest members of the nascar n hall of fame. par sons was the first driver d to eclipse 200 miles per hour. martin won 96 races acrossces nascar's national serieseries competition including 40 ondingn the sprint cup level.sprint coming up at 8 o'clock we'reck going to talk with anotherer racing legend by the name of ne jeff gordon.jeff gor you may have heard of him. of >> oh, wow. w >> big name. he's going preview the coca-cola 600 airing this weekend right here on fox5. >> all right. it is an excitinrig time once again for the fox5 morningor crew as we take the show on the
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>> what. >> first one of the season isass tomorrow. >> that's right. holly morris, tucker barnesnes and wisdom martin. >> oh no,. >> you-like how i refer tow i rt myself. my the three of those peoplee of right there you see on theyou en screen they're going to be atngo the national harbor tomorrowr tm morning beginning at 6:00 a.m..m we got a lot of good stuff in su store for can come down and say we'll be down at thehe waterfront plaza. >> your smile in that picture.i >> i'm trying to be -- i'm encourage people to come out. ot we're going to be buffer the awakening. a lot of you know where it is.wh if not just come down there.nhe you'll see us. u that's my sexy pose. p if you can, please stop by andpd see us so we can take more takem pictures like this. the zip trip is at thes at t national harbor tomorrowro morning. morning. >> look at your picture. everyone else is looking at the camera smiling.smiling. you're like duh.. >> i can't be like everybody eve else. i'm walking my own path. p gary mcgrady you walk youralyo own path
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>> let's recreate that maureen. maureen. >> exactly. [laughter] >> nailed it. >> did you know you were getting your picture taken, wisdom. >> haters going hate.>> >> and i love it when wisdom w refers to himself in the thirdni person. pe we know it's going to brse a great day when that happens.y wn 64 degrees out there t weather-wise this morning.r- it's gorgeous.wi 57 degrees out at culpeper. cpe 61 for leonardtown and 55 for frederick. it's really nice out thisy nice morning and you begin to feel -- you just are beginningng to feel a little bit of thatle b humidity coming back into the forecast, okay. o association warwarm today.od thunderstorms late this afternoon.afternoon. temperatures will we're going to go 87 today. fredericksburg 89.edericksburg 8 heat index will be up in the uin lower 90's. erin como, it's friday eve. fri i think it's -- almost her her favorite of the week.rite of thk >> almost. it's really close. and actually this is my i m right now metro update for you. speed restrictions back again at mcpherson square. mcpherson s you may encounter delays new
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carrolton and largo townargo t center across the orange andossa blue lines. we'll take a look at our roads r next. next that's your look at traffic. >> coming up on fox newsox n morning an attorney for f virginia governor terryterry mcauliffe says there's no merit into a federaled investigation into hisvestationn client's life before he became governor. >> you'll never believe whatievw one man did to let people know w he was back in town.ack inown. before we head to break ao bak quick look at today's stockodays futures.res. a little music to get youtoet moving on this thursdaythishurs morning. fox news morning, we're back after >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead on fox news fn morning despite all the added ta layers of security a new a report suggests americanan airports aren't necessarily necs any safer. >> and for a second straightond day a rally for the presumptive gop presidentialiv nominee turns into a scene ofe e protestors and arrests. aes >> one day closer and several degrees today is expected to bed to another near perfect day asct d most of us begin turning our thoughts to the memorial day day weekend. >> uh-huh.>> u >> on our doorstep. >> good morning to you. unofooficial start of summer. se >> yes, already. aea >> slow glad that you are with a us. i'm holly morris.m hoy mor >> and i'm maureen umeh.nd today is thursda iy may 26. 26. we've got g


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