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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead on fox news fn morning despite all the added ta layers of security a new a report suggests americanan airports aren't necessarily necs any safer. >> and for a second straightond day a rally for the presumptive gop presidentialiv nominee turns into a scene ofe e protestors and arrests. aes >> one day closer and several degrees today is expected to bed to another near perfect day asct d most of us begin turning our thoughts to the memorial day day weekend. >> uh-huh.>> u >> on our doorstep. >> good morning to you. unofooficial start of summer. se >> yes, already. aea >> slow glad that you are with a us. i'm holly morris.m hoy mor >> and i'm maureen umeh.nd today is thursda iy may 26. 26. we've got g
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he, standing they'll have your weather and traffic on the 5's. tr>> first though let's get tol' the news. this is what's developed del overnight.ov one person killed three otherser hurt at a shooting at a t. i. at concert in new york. y the rapper had not yet taken y k the stage. two other hip hop artists wereir performing when the shots rang o out in a vip area above the stage. cell phone video shows peoplee frantically trying to leaveng tl the dance floor. police have not said what ledt a to the shooting and so far no arrests have been bn m >> new this morning, concerns, e about security at airports allps across the country.. >> yeah, overnight the associated press released thed t findings of a year longong investigation into breaches dating back more than a decad decade. it found in airport security breaches happen about once every 10 days.ays. >> they include everything from people jumping over or crawling under fences outsideut of airports to people slipping past security and getting to geg the gates inside airports.irpo >> in our region dulles had the most breaches over the
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marshall and reagan airports i t think dulles had eight. bwi marshall and reagann airports then each had one. o all of the people involved,olve though, were >> uber driver with a lengthyeny criminal record is now accused of using a homemade handgun to attack two montgomery countywo police officers. >> questions now this morning about why a m n convicted felonn was driving for the ride sharede company in the first placementla for that we're joined now with w annie yu live from gaithersburg. and this is a disturbingths a story, annie. ann >> reporter: very unsettlingnstl news, holly and maureen. mau good morning to you.o you he's not only facing serious ser charges in our area but he'sa bh also a convicted felon in ohioo and florida and so a lot oflot o questions remain as to how heooh got past uber's security secur checks but behind me in thisut home her be, this is where he lived with his wife. wif they've been renting a room r here for the last 10 yearst we're told and he often usedsed his landlord's car to provide those uber rides in the r area and police tell us thatll u he was in it the day they
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arrested him last week.k. i want you to take a look. l this is jonathan hemming. he's 52 years old charged withar attempting to murder twos ting d police officeers.ce off he's also facing other assault u firearms and drug relateded charges. police say that they hadt th actually been watching him andec were waiting to arrest him on an outstanding warrant fornt drug related charges.ated charg they finally pulled him overim in a commercial area of gaithersburg last week.t week. they say he resiste arrest.rr he became combative and thennd he reached into his car for a homemade handgun that was ready to fire r he pointed that weapon at a detectives but officers wereicer able to use a taser to finally n take him into custody. so, very disturbing.isrbing. also disturbing he had aturbin d second homemade handgun in handn that car along with shot gun sh shells and ammunition for and ao handgun.handgun. clearly unsettling news toews many who use the ride sharinge r service and we spoke to uber and they tell us that theyell ut immediately removed hemminged from having access to theavg ac platform and they are currently ago sifting police.ol they would not comment on howotc his lengthy criminal record recr got past the
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checks. take a listen.ta >> of course there's a degree of prescreening that is ag th i important part of that but the technology is designed to ensure that before, during andug after the trip, people have aava way to access and get in touch and feel safe whenever they need to.ed >> reporter: so, w te stillell don't have the answers, guys,rsg but it really makes you think about how many other convicted i felons have gotten past uber u security checks. as for o jonathan hemming he'she due back in court next monthonth in rockville on june 10th. jun10 that's the very late of the here in gaithersburgur maryland annie yu fox5 local5 l news. >> 5:04 right now.>> hillary clinton's use off private e-mails violated statets department policy.nt pol that is the findings of ans o investigation by the inspector general's office. off according to the park post, the report says clinton shouldoo have printed and saved all e-mails while she was she w secretary of state.tate she also failed to be obtain ben legal approval for the use ofhee her private e-mail server.
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clinton's spokesman says her personal u of it was knownaswn and there was no breach of thebo secretary's server.s server. >> yesterday in californiardayca protestors gathered outside ofuo the anaheim convention the rally was held by presumptive gop nominee donaldpd trump. several people arrested by police during that protest. pte happened less than 24 hoursn h after more crowds gathered outside a trump rally in albuquerque, new mexico. >> d.c. maryland and virginiala officials coming together tos oversee safetyco on metro. >> muriel bowser larry goingr rr man and mcauliffe. the general assemblies inemie maryland and virginia nextniex year. the proposal comes as federalerl officials are adding pressure ps to beef up safety measures m with metro and its leaders. >> ♪ >> 5:05 right now. 63 degrees. another day of summer and i and love it, gary
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trend you'll start to think t it's summertime.ime. not own are we dealing withling the heat getting close to 90lose but humidity comes back, too. bus stop forecast no worries whatsoever.wh temperature at pickup time, t mid 60's to low 60's. 6 pretty mild out there.he after school 83 to 87 degrees.7. most of us by then will evenl e be in the middle 80's and keep k in mind with the humidity, hum we're talking about feelingee two, three, 4 degrees warmer than the actual i think 4 degrees above whatve w the heat index is probably thera max we're going get today.e goi more like two to three above a the actual temperature. thunderstorms can numb laterms u day and into the eveningand thg hours. i think most of the kids getf ks home before we have any substantial thunderstormta threat out there. we're not talk about severe weather. we're talking about the pont ttatential for heavy raine. summertime thunderstormsnderstos they'll buildup, they'll rain tn themselves out. they won't move much. i don't expect any bigeyny b problem. 58 right now for dulles.
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64 degrees. very mild here's erin como. co. it's thursday morning. morning how is that commute going sooi far. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buyra a for special offers.ffs. >> we're having ongoing issueong across three of our metro rail lines. speed restrictions at mcpherson square.d ersonquar anticipate those ongoinghose ong delays if new carrolton androon largo town center across the aos orange silver and blueline.luel. other three metro railro lines reportedly on time this we'll let and if that changes. road work still in place top pce of the beltway inner loop staytl left at university.nirs outer loop plenty of green. gre none of the usual slow down 95 to 270.70 270 cruising from frederick fde down to the spur. we don't have typicalyp congestion by the truck scalesrs yet. your secondaries through silver spring and bethesdaing looking good and then outside au the beltway as you head in from baltimore this morning 95 9 southbound bw parkwayar southbound cruising along. a if you have an early morningng flight, traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles e looking good. four inboundan
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same story on 210 and 395. a 3 we got you covered if thater i changes, holly and maureen. mre >> sounds good, erin.ri speaking of driving as driverssi hit the road this memorial dayml weekend police are reminding rin them to not get frustrateed.t d. >> they say if you driving aif g guess civilly you can get a ticket this memorial daymemoriad weekend police say they'repo looking for aggressiveggss driving. drivin they'll also be looking forkingf drivers who change lanes unsafely and follow too closely. >> the t.s.a. taking steps to ss shorten wait times atten airports. yesterday on capitol hill h t.s.a. administrator peterer neffinger told congress the cgrs agency is adding nearly 800 nea new screeners by mid june. jun the announcement comes at a coms time when frustration overhen security line wait times hase wt reached a boiling point.d hundreds of passengers have been missingf flights. fligh neffinger says a permanent pma solution though will take >> clearly this summer travelrve season is going to be busy. b in there short term t.s.a. airlines airport, congress and travelers working together cannt ic
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passenger experience while werie maintain the security that we need. ne >> the t.s.a. says it is also established a centralized cenal incident command it will track dailynt screening operations and funnelerations al resources to where they'res whe needed the most.eded >> coming up on fox newsg on fo morning a decorated snipernipe made famous because of his book which was adaptd into adapn movie may have lied about his at time in the service. svi >> and what better way to train for the olympics than prepare for the possibility ofsi contracting a deadly v >> as we led to break a live look across the d.c. region. "american woman" i love thishi song. fox5 news morning back afterft this. this.
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♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> a third person has now beenrd charged in t
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cole executive bennettcutive hatfield. police say 18-year-old brandon n lee fitzpatrick is chargeds ch with first degree murder.irst police have also chargedarged 20-year-old anthony ariga with murder in the fatal shooting shn of hatfield and 20-year-old peterson charged with being an d accessory after w the fact and providing false information tofa an officer. former virginia governor goginia terry mcauliffe beingng investigated more by federal fed officials. offi this time they are focusing arec more on his business dealings before he took office. he officials say they are lookingee into mcauliffe's foreign's f sources of income before he h became governor and whether henh violated a law by lobbying thebn u.s. government on behalf of foreign governments.n >> former d.c. police captaind. has a new job. j victor brittle has beenct bri appointed to become theome hagerstown police chief. c he served for 25 years in the d.c. metropolitan policeetro department. he retired back in 2014 and is an
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>> american athletes preparing e not threat of the zika virus. the u.s. olympic committee istts teaching athletes about mosquito bite prevention. pre the athletes will stay in an air conditioned olympicndio village be given long seat shirts and pants and condoms pan for up to six months after these games >> coming up on fox news c morning the release of federal f documents connected to 9/11 turns into a political debate db on capitol hill.olill. >> and we're not even in june yet but there's already controversy coming from the redskins training facility.venst >> and as we head to break head here's a live look across the as d.c. region.ion. 5:12 is our time right it's going to be anotherno summer like lik get out, enjoy it. enjoy get up, get going on this friday eve.ay 63 degrees right now. fox n dews morning back rightew after this. r this.
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>> president obama is at thesi g-7 summit iden japan. j summit brings together leaderstl of britain canada franceana germany italy and japan.ap after the summit presidentprid obama is scheduled to becomeis l the first sitting u.s.ed president to visit a policemen c in the city of hiroshima the dedicated to the victims of the u.s. nuclear bomb attackack on that city during world war ii. >> ♪ >> quarter past the hour right p now. looks like traffic is moving smoothly. smoo the temperature feels good.feeld we're at 63 so, you're nothing but good but news gary today.od >> oh, thank you, thank you thak for the nickname.he n i like that. here's temperatures in theture 60's as holly mentioned, 50's, 5 too. depends on where you are.pes on here in town we're 6 55 for frederick, one of the, o cool spots out there. actually t it is the coolest spot on thet e map right now. culpeper, you're 57. annapolis 62.annali and across the bay there t temperatures generally in the 50's and 60's as well.0's asl. look at pittsburgh this morning.morn even milder than we are, up to
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detroit is 70 this morning. saint louis is 73 and one moree spot, louisville is sitting at g 70 degrees. all right, here's the the deal.ri we'll look at the upper airair pattern because high pressure is building. is that allows the heat to come in. so definitely this trend isitels going to continue butg con something is happening at thein surface that really is going to have an impact on our latter part of the holidayar the weekend. we've been talking a little l bit about area of low pressure formingor off the coast down here, off o of north carolina, southolin carolina, okay.roli that's one thing.that'sne t then we have this big bermuda bu high off to the east of us and u so it's the flow between these t two counterclockwise on theon t low, clockwise on the high sockh you end up just bringing the brn moisture right in and that'sand going to come in the form of o some clouds and the abilityhebi for our atmosphere to produceo p some showers, maybe even someven thunderstorms.thun so, as we get towards the latter part of the holiday weekend, we have more cloudse hr on sunday with a chance oefhanco some storms. storms. temperatures in the mid 80's. definitely on memorial day amoal chance of some showers, even aw couple of thunderstorms
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limited sunshine and a temperature of right around aro 80 degrees or so.reesr today's forecast looks nice.ookn mild this morning to start, to , terms in the 50's and the 60'se' but look how quickly we warme w up by 8:00 a.m., we're already a up to 70 degrees. noontime 83. thunderstorms possiblersto starting to form in spots late this afternoon and into the int evening hours.g hou you know, what we could even have a couple of showers or thunderstorms during thering t overnight hours tonight.urs. i mean, it would just only bet l one or two.r seven-day forecast looks like this. 87 degrees today.ay 88 tomorrow.omor we're humid the next few days. scattered thunderstorms sunday. a shower or thunderstorms possible even on memorialow day. then as we head through intohrot next week, temperatures stayture in the 80's and that ever ever present chance of ace thunderstorm. here's erin como. >> 5:17 right now. taking a look at your travel yoa times around the airports, things are quiet on the way to bwi. no issues on bw parkway or 95. 9 looking good on
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reagan n no issues on 395 or your secondaries. and same story on the way to dulles. right now we're seeing a lot of green on our map. problem free through chevy tough chase. no issues in reston, fairfax fai looking good. and as you make your way outut in upper marlboro outer loopter moving along just fine towardsar 50. i'll let you know if and when ad anything changes. anticipate slow zones to pick up. so far so good as you headar into the district from shetric maryland 295 southbound. souboun 270 south a little bit ofh a lib volume starting to pick up by pu the truck scales.cales. we'll let you know when weu know need to turn that drive time t yellow or red this morning.orni 50 still in the clear as youle a get towards the beltway. bel same story in virginia. problem free through staffordous manassas centreville fallsas church no issues on 267.n we'll toss it back to youtoss ik maureen and holly and we'lland keep you posted on your driveou times this morning.mes this morg >> sounds good. thanks erin. 5:18 is the time.e. let's take a look at thetake stories you're engaging withagg on social media. >> for that we'll turn toor thau wisdom martin. m he's checking inon
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realtime news tracktory. track what you got. >> good morning to you. we'll start with senator rand sr paul fighting to haveulightin additional documents aboutut 9/11 declassified. the kentucky republican haslica filed an amendment to force t f the public release of 28 o28 classified pages which could sled light on connections between the saudi governmentth and al-qaeda. now, paul's amendment comeses weeks after the senate unanimously approved appve legislation allowing thellowg te families of 9/11 victims to vici sue the countries thatt supported the perpetrators oftrr those attacks. how about this? redskins rn wide receiver desean jacksonanac he missed another voluntaryol redskins practice this weekctthi prompting some to question his future with the team. t now, jackson is entering theerg final season of his three-year, $24 million contract and he's cultivated ate reputation for not showing up when his team needs him the t most. most and finally how about this? blue. a mother in india has given h birth to the heaviest baby on record. now, the baby was born byn
5:20 am
cesarean section and weighed a staggering 15 pounds which is the size of the average sixverae month old child. the baby is being monitored by doctors before they dischargey d the family in the next. >> is mom being monitored. monit >> what about the mom?>> >> look, all i know is w allnow three of my children put together didn't weighwe 15 pounds. so, i can't imagine carrying car around that. >> that's more than two timest' what my child weighed. wei >> would you, 6 pounds, 14 ounces. o >> god bless her. police make more isis more i terrorist arrests in belgium. bl >> and the commercializationrc of memorial day. mem find out thousand day honoringon our fallen troops transformedtrn into a huge consumer weekend.mee >> and as we head to break, b let's go ahead and take a livee look across the d.c. region.. we're getting you in the holiday mood already on thisod thursday. ht n 5:2ht now 5:20. we're at 64 degrees.deee fox news morning back rightac after this.ter >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> happening now overseas inning belgium four suspected isis recruruiters have been arresteds police say they may have beenv planning new at tax. tax they were found while belgianhi police were searching houses. all four are charged with chargh participating in activity of ag terrorist group. doesn't appear they're linked te to the suicide bombers whoho struck the brussels airport bru and subway back in marchack m killing 32 people. peo >> a russian banker who pled w p guilty to conspiracy will spend the next two and a halfnet years in pson. the 41-year-old was also fined f $10,000 for what the0 f wha government portrays as a coldol war style spy ring.spy r prosecutors say he worked with diplomats to gather sensitive si economic intelligence of of potential u.s. sanctions sct against u.s. banks and on u.s. u efforts to develop alternativela energy resources. resrc >> new documents show the number of military serviceer medals slain navy s.e.a.l. andin american snipe nr officer c
5:24 am
kyle received is differentec from what he indicated in hiseid best selling memoir about hisr u service in iraq. i many documents show kylew earned one silver star and three bronze stars with valor wa instead of the two silverhe t sl stars and five bronze starsbrons his book says he received.eceive kyle's discharge paperwork per does indicate that he receivedtc a numberei of medals that he hat mentioned in his book. >> a man in los angeles wantedad to let people know he's back b and what better way to do that than to climb up the d of the hollywood sign and wave a sign a of his o. now his sign read i'm back. at one point he dropped thee drd sign and climbed back down tolib pick it up. he climbed back up again butin t dropped the sign a second time. it's not quite clear from where this person is back from but it may be one of thee questions police are going topoe ask him. he was taken into custody on his way down mount lee. video --vi >> here are the questions. so, who is he and you're right, where is he back from? o
5:25 am
slime climb that wouldn't you like tuck it into your pants or something so you don't keep k dropping it.t. >> especially if you drop itif o the first time and then yout tid drop it a second time.ond t >> moving on.>>ing there may be a replacement for michael strayhan on lie. 80's harder throb rob low is reportedly in talks with theith show's producers to be kelly ripa's co-host. co-ho. >> apparently maureen likes that. low chough host the when regishr philbin left the slow in 2011. 2 low admits he's in thehe position to accept the job.. >> yeah, fox just canceled his show i think grinder it was called. >> yeah, uh-huh. >> i do like rob low. low >> yeah. >> talk about a man who can reinventor himself over and over. >> he's looking good. >> much like gary mcgrady. mra >> that makes me laugh. me l >> me too. >> there's no similarity. simar that is one handsome man.ndme temperature of 64 degrees.4
5:26 am
creepy way either. 61 for quantico. culpeper you're 57 degrees. around dulles it's 58.nd winchester is 61 and frederick remains the cool spot outthe coo there with a temperature off 55 hagerstown, look att hagerstown, how mild it is i this morning at 65. we have muted sunshine for the t first part of the day. we are going to warm up,mp, though.thou temperatures right up into thepe upper 80's today. yesterday we managed to 86. t today we'll get to 87. 87. more humidity today. so, it feels hotter, okay. htera it's going to feel like it's it' close to 90 and there will bee some scattered thunderstormstt later on this afternoon. so, theer summertime pattern isn here, at least for the next f several days, okay.several and that includes most of our holiday weekend.eend. there's your forecast for today.s get over to erin e commute see what's going ongoinn with that traffic.wi >> thank you gary mcgrady. youyc 5:26 right now. n some breaking news out of leesburg.esburg crash and closure seven westes at belmont ridge road.d. traffic detoured at belmont b ridge road so you'll need to t work around that closure.lore crash investigation is so ifve you're waking up inst
5:27 am
some important information for f you. let's see if we can forward our mapifs and show you whatha else you're up against in aga virginia this morning.inia this we're dealing with an issue in fairfax. a vehicle on 66 on the66 eastbound side after 50 on thesa right shoulder.ri so watch for that as you headead towards the beltway thisay morning. morn in addition to that we'rehat w seeing clear conditions on 66 through manassas and centerville gainsville problemil free this thi taking a closer look at yourloor virginia drive times allim green. we'll take a look in maryland see how that's shaping ups shapn next. back to you holly and >> coming up on fox newsews morning locker room horseplay he across the line? that debateeb has cost nearly a dozen students a whole year out of of school. >> this isn't your typicals is health food store.heth foo this is specifically for the millennial generation. >> as we head to break let's h take a liveea look across thecrt d.c. region.egio time right now 5:27, 64 degrees. we are back right after this t on this thursday >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> straight ahead on fox newsig morning, can congress continues to meehtt andrn hold hearings about slow movingngs tl airport security but a new report suggests there are other securitye ar concerns at the nation's airports which are far more far urgent. an uber driver is in i custody charged with attempting to murder two to mur police officers.ffic and she's been in thee's be national spotlight since she decided to prosecute six prose police officers for the death of freddie
5:31 am
now marilyn mosby is thes the subject of a defamation defamat lawsuit. fox news morning starts right >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> good morning to you. and thank you very much forry cf waking up with us, i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm holly morris.'molly today is thursday, may 26.y,ay >> all right, gary mcgrady mcg and erin como are here,er com they've got weather and weaer traffic coming up but firstut f we're going get you up to datei on the news.yo here's a question for you. should you blindly trust yourlyu uber driver because that's aver question that's being raised after a convicted felonon working for the ride sharinge s service pulled a gun on policece officers.ce >> we'll turn to annie yu yu outside the suspect's home in gaithersburg. good morning, annie.go >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, this incident reallyll making a lot of people uneasye u and really thinking about whog t you're jumping in the car with. wi this driver jonathan hemminghanh is not only facing seriousio charges here but he's a convicted felon in otherted fein states including florida andridd ohio and we are told by uber,
5:32 am
there they are still looking log into this case and figuringg out how his lengthy criminal background got past their standard background check.d chek behind me is where he livesre hi here in gaithersburg,re in gaite maryland, with his wife. w he rented a room in this home.hh we're told that they haveey lived here for the past 10as years and we're also told thatd he often used his landlord'sis l car to provide uber rides inberi the d.c. area.e take a look at his picture. pic this is jonathan hemming.athan m he was arrested lastast wednesday, 52 years old andda2 r charged with attempting to murder two police officers.ffic he's also facing other assaultss firearms and drug relatedated charges. ge police say they had beence say a watching him for awhile andwh trying to arrest him on an outstanding warrant for drug related charges. they finally pulled him over him last week. st w he did resist arrest. a he became combative and he a h reached for a handgun in his i car that was ready to fire to rounds and he pointed that gun n to officers and officers wereffe able to use a taser to finally f take him into custody.ous but he also h
5:33 am
gun in that vehicle as well wl and so clearly this isarly disturbing news. we reached out to uber this outt morning to get some more answers and hopefully we'llefulw have that for you soon.t for so that's latest in gaithersburg, r annie yu fox5 local news. ns. >> despite all the tracksll thet security in airports in oursur area and all over the countryr c they're continuing to haveg security problems.securi pro >> the associated pressheocia released the findings of aindino year long investigation intoesti breaches dating back to moreatin than 10 years. it found that airport securitypc breaches happened about oncees every 10 days. >> they include everything hincl from people jumping over orr crawling under fences outside of airports to people slippingp past security and getting to t the gates inside airports.te >> now in our region dullesour d had the most breaches over theeo past 12 years with eight. eight bwi marshall and reagan andea national airports each hadsac one. now, all of the people involved were also in the news this morning two baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have fi cled a defamation suit againstmati baltimore state's attorneye sta marilyn mosb
5:34 am
both officers say mosby knowingly made falseingly made l statements when she alleged whee wrongdoing on the part of theoft officer's in gray's death. legal experts have expressedre doubt that the lawsuit will beie >> angry at the suspension of a dozen student athletes.deth 12 baseball and footballndoo players have been suspended for an entire year.ea they're accused of excessive roughhousing in the locker room. school district classifies the misbehavior as sexual assault. s the county sheriff's officef' o says there are no criminal crina charges and a criminal casel was never opened. one >> these kids are just -- jus-- they're kids. they, no, on... no one hurt anyo it's a little harsh howow they're treating these kids. k >> the evidence that's been tt' placed in front of us doesn't ud command the type of sentence they've gotten.e gotte >> many parents have hirede lawyers to appeal the suspensions.en the school system did not respond to our requests for aue comment. >> the fight against zikainstik still a major source ofrce
5:35 am
country gears up to fight the virus. vi democrats accusing republicanss of playing politics with what could be a public achealth p hea nightmare as the summer begins. now they're slamming the goping for opposing president obama's $1.9 billion request for funding. >> we are facing i'm sorry to t say in puerto rico and in theond southern part of the united t u states initially a threat ofea o zika can which could turn out to be a public healthh disaster. dis the republicans have not taken it seriously. serio >> but senate leaders say leade they're working on legislation s now though they acknowledge it will fall short of the president's request.equest meantime house republicans passed a bill over democratic objections exempting pesticide spraying from the clean water act roregulations which they say will help mosquito control in the short term. >> ♪ >> hey, good morning.orni look how mild it is out there.te temperature right nowig 64 degrees in town.ow
5:36 am
getting the data there but iut assume you're right around 6060 to 62 degrees. 62 de manassas is 57. culpeper 57.cueper 57. another spot we haven't beenee getting the data the last couple days, gaithersburgthsbur upper 50, dulles is 58 degrees8r and around dulles thoseulles neighborhoods out to the westhou generally in the 50 for the0 fo suburbs. it's lower to mid 60's here inre town. look at the forecast for f today. this is the planner, mild this morning. look how quickly we jump up wm top 70 degrees.p 7de there will still be 60's in 6 the suburbs.ubbs a muted sunshine.te not much in the way of blue o sky today but thunderstormshundr late this afternoon at that time it will be hot.ti going to feel like it's close to 90 degrees with the erin is not happy about that. >> oh, i'm happier than then the rain. ra >> i know. we don't want to complain. t c we love this. >> we do. >> we love it. >> we're happy that it's it' almost memorial day weekend soi for your thursday morning, or mg as i like to call it friday f eve commute crash and closuresha in leesburg. lsb big heads up if you typically take sve
5:37 am
closed right now belmont ridge d road. police are detouring traffic d so add some extra time to yourmy commute for that portion.on we also still have a stall on aa 66 on the eastbound side just j after 50 blocking the rightg t shoulder. no major slowdowns just yet. yet things still looking good on o 6.6. little river turnpike problemivp free. the inner loop through t annandale is also quiet and 395 inbound still light volume t from the beltway to the 14tho th street bridge.stet b no usual congestion. const however, typical volume is building 95 northbound inding5 o prince william. william. dale city to one he 23 as you cross the occoquan typical slowdown and that is just is because of congestion pickingckn up. up. same story south of that intoryh stafford as you ca come up from falmouth.falmth maryland two typical slow zones 270 by the truck scales se and 50 columbia park road 20201.20201. metro speed restrictions outside mcpherson square.quar back to you holly and wisdom.ndo >> one of the newest superherour movies
5:38 am
screen is breaking genderender barriers. barr >> national food retailer overrecalling its look to try to get more millennials intols its store.its tore >> another live look acrosslooka the d.c. region.n. 5:38 is our time right now onown this friday eve.y going to feel like summerto fli today, folks. f coulder degrees.r fox news morning back rightht after this. his.
5:39 am
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>> ♪ >> south carolina governor nikki haley signed a bill which bans most abortions cy mr after 20 weeks.r 20 the law makes exceptions ifxcepn the mother's life is in dangeran or a doctor says the five the f ustus could not survive outthe womb.. there's no exceptions for rape or incest. doctors who perform thewh procedure despite the lawodee th could be jailed.ailed. >> a new government reportnm reveals the u.s. weapons force f still uses 1970's era floppylo disks. the pentagon was one of several departments where legacy systems unfortunatelyys need to btee replaced. repla >> the report also sayso s taxpayers are spending spend $61 billion a year maintainingai ancient technology.oly. that's three times more thanhr it would cost dee to invest in a modern system.s >> whole foods launched the l first of a new lauine of stores called 365 and they've done inyn it silver lake california. new stores are geared forrefo millennials looki
5:42 am
on natural and organicic products.od the store is smaller than a typical whole foods and and features lower prices in ann attempt to shed its whole i paycheck reputation.epat >> this weekend marks theeend m unofficial start to summer and a serious jump in consumerr spending. sp national hot dog and sausagege council, there's a council foror everything, estimates people will eat about 200 million hotin dogs over memorial daymori d weekend.weekend. now aaa says more than tha 38 million americans plan to go somewhere for vacation. vat as the u.s. travel associationai says we'll spend $12 billion12il on those trips. tri now shopping deal experts saytss you'll also find your best deals on mattresses, appliances and spring clothing this weekend. weeke >> hm. are you traveling? >> no, i'm never traveling. trai too much on the road.o much on r >> i'm not traveling either. >> i'll be at home looking at lg mattresses. >> but i might be coming up on fox news morningsor a member of congress admits to using medical marijuana and he h says it works. wor >> pepco says it's ready for s
5:43 am
we'll find out how they plan thp to stay ahead of the weathereea this >> ♪ >> and as we led to break, b here's a live look across thek s d.c. time now 5:43. we're just getting started s really on this thursdayn this tu morning. can come, let's get up, let's ul get going.t go fox news morning back rightk after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> live look outside right now on a spectacular looking startks to the day.tohe you know, yesterday wasesterdays fabulous. >> oh, my gosh. you know what, it just made me happy.pp it is amazing the effect,ff gary, that weather really does d have on you. o y >> i know. >> right. >> you can even wake up atan like 2:15 in the morning andorng be happy about the day. >> really? when does thatlly? happen? pp >> that doesn't happen for you?yo >> it does. >> i just had a big smile onig i my face driving in this dis morning at 3 o'clock because i e knew it was going to be soo be great today. it just does, it makes you makes feel better. 87 for a high temfeperaturepera today. listen, it is more humid.reum we really begin to ramp theamp humidity up the next severalt days, okay, so 87, probablybl feels more like 89, okay.ka 89 right about 90, 91 degrees 9r and we'll have someav som thunderstorms late this afternoon. so, with the high pressure -- p this is really kind of a a summer pattern for us. high pressure gets off to the oo east of us. we call eight bermuda high, the center of can which is right around bermuda give orda g take and it brings up the heatut from the south, it brings up the moisture from the south soou we do get we obvius
5:47 am
in this type of situation anditn for the next couple of days,f d not necessarily saturday, theat, next couple of days there will e be a chance for some afternoon r and some evening thunderstorms. you know what, these are going to be like summer variety l storms so they're going to go up and they'reik geyoing to getg some rain and then they're just going to rain themselvesn h out. they won't move a whole lot.holl but if you get under one of undf these this afternoon or thisis evening, late today into this ao evening it's going to be a to pretty decent rainfall andt raia then it basically will justust wear itself out so to speak to k and it will go away.wa so, we're not expectingting anything severe. a muted sunshine when the sunene comes up this morning but itmoru does look like it's going to be real nice today with all w that sunshine obviouslybvus esmperatures are going to beur getting back up into the upperiu 80's. yesterday officially 86.lly today we're going to go 87. winds out of the west five to 10 miles per hour.10 m per obviously more humid today.. late day thunderstorms intoor i the evening hours.e enin there's a chance that some oft e these thunderstorms could lastmd through the overnight as well. scattered about. about widely scattered.ttered. it doesn't look like it's going to be a bigsn deal. weekend forecast big one
5:48 am
holiday weekends the unofficial start to summer obviously. it's definitely going to feelgof like that saturday, 86. we think mostly sunny, reallyeay not a great chance of a thunderstorm but it's 86 itst' pretty humid.etty hum something could possibly popposp up. very isolated in the afternoo afternoon. more scattered thunderstormstt possible on sunday, temperatureerss of 84. we warmed up monday just ay ju a little bit its still going to gi be humid with some showers andie some thunderstorms, not a lot na of sunshine on monday but at this point monday does not look like a washout, okay, o sole not tootory -- so not too terribly bad.ibly b next week we stay in the 80's. 8 here's erin como. >> 5:48 right now gary and gary things definitely picking upelcg on our roads.. crash and closure in leesburg. b seven west at belmont ridgeidge road. be prepared to detour at thatr t location. location. police are there their helpingrh out. watch for delays. 95 northbound usualundsual congestion. volume building dale city toldit 123 as you cross the occoquan. q get into newing ton closer tocls
5:49 am
the springfield interchange things open up a bit. innergs loop quiet throughhr annandale this morning. as we take a look on 66 weook have a stalled vehicle 66 vehle eastbound after 50 is blockingsk the shoulder.e s all lanes are opened to 66 t traffic towards the beltway b still moving along.mong along. we're also problem free as youry make your way out on youron you secondaries in fairfax. looking real good in forteal washington 210 problem free but in stafford this is ourth big red zone right now.ig now 95 northbound typical slow down 630 as you pass 610. 610 watch for speed restrictions for metro for the orange blueng and silver lines at mcphersoncpn square. square. that's your look at traffic.look any questions at erin fox5 f d.c. on twitter.. back to you. >> 5:49 is the time. hundreds of refugees rescuedes at sea wednesday after a large l ship overturned off the coast tc of libya. >> italian navy assisted with the rescue operation and they te tossed life jackets to throwsts in the water bringing 500ringg people to this was the latest rescue operation carried out by italy. the italian navy has rescued about 3,000 migrants in 233, different00
5:50 am
week. more rescue operations havecue t been carried out in recention rt weeks as temperatures rise andr the seas become calmer, its conditions encourage smugglers g to crowd hundreds of refugees rf on the boats to make the trip to eure. >> on capitol hill last nowill night house members reversed its core course on lgbt rightstt for general contractors.ontracto democratic new york representative sean patricken maloney who is openly gay and oy worked on the language of the measure tweeted equality wins. n >> news in the fight againstgain zika this morning. morng new research showing thathat women infected with the virusd e during their first trimester face as high as a 13 percentrcen chance that the fetus will develop the rare severe brain defect micr microcephaly. >> pepco has a new mobileil
5:51 am
with future outages. the 29,000-pound vehicle will support crews and customers during those outagcres. o officials say the goal is toy tl give their workers a greaterrs g presence. it will allow responders to quickly move and a management mm team to the scene and providero the community with a centralen location to go to for all their information.nforti >> ♪ >> time now is 5:51. t let's take a look at theke a lot stories you're engaging withagii the most on social media this mt morning. >> maureen umeh has the latesth over at our realtime newss tracker. tr hey, mo. >> good morning. first up this morning morning government officials andme police investigating a human trafficking and prostitutionstit ring in ocean city, maryland. ml nine people arrested afterft search warrants uncovered auncoe slew of drugs and incriminating evidence at area hotels.hote on capitol hill leading conservative voice for thevative reform v of marijuana laws in l the u.s. is the first sittingtig member in congress to admit to medical marijuana he says he uses medicinal marijuana to fend off severe arthritis pain that made it
5:52 am and finally wonder woman has become a history making a hm film for women in hollywood. hoo the movie is the first female f directed action film to have ana budget of $100 million.0 millio. wonder woman is also the first superhero movie about a womanuta in nearly a decade. that will premiere in june 2017. i say woman power.woma pow >> no, turn and spin.. >> oh, that's true. >> wonder woman style. >> wonder woman is a major character. this is huge. she's probably the biggest female superhero. suphe >> i flew my invisible plane pla to work today. tod >> do you have your truthru clasps though.asps though. >> i hate to reveal that i'm wonder woman but i.nder >> don't tell anybody. any >> thanks mo.nks mo seems like she didn'teee believe that. t it is splitsville foror actor johnny depp and his wifef actress amber heard. irreconcilable differences diffe cited for the reason for the divorce.vo a teenager visiting theitin san francisco museum of modern m art
5:53 am
artwork there. i love this t please listen with us.h he wanted to figure out if the i art at the museum was misunderstood art pieces or if almost anything displayed inny the gallery would be lauded aths modern arts.morn arts. >> here's what he decided to do. he decided to put his glasses tg on the floor to see how people l would respond. in factor, he fooled a bunch of art lovers into believingto b that his glasses were part avenue modern masterpiece. masrp visitors swarmed over to get a g glimpse of that -- of the-- of spectacle. >> i love that story and it isti so true. so true. how many times have you lookede at modern art and you'reand yore really? i think i did that inii third grade.e. >> right.>> and then they're all rich.y'rell >> right. somebody pays tens ofbodyay thousands for it. 5:53 is our time right te now. that means it's time to say hello to our facebook fan ofoo the day. meet shale lee jenkins. jen today is our birthday. bth >> happy birthday.>> h >> she says she's been keeping p informed with fox5 since the5 st 90's. that was a great decade.ecade. >> uh-huh. >> if you want to be
5:54 am
facebook fan of the day, just post yourself fee pics below pib this one. >> and this time tomorrow i'mom going to be getting ready toe tn hit the road along with this guy right here because we getet the lucky job of kicking off the 2016 zip trip season.easo >> that's right.>>t's we're going to tag team it and t we're going to bring tucker bric barnes along for entertainmentnn purposes. pu we're going to be at theing to e national harbor and we have a wv lot of fun planned for thator t morning. tucker is going be there is goin starting at 6:00 holly and i will get in therehee around 7:00.:00. >> we'll roll in fashionablyashy late. stop by and see us if you can. c we love to see everybody whenboe we do our zip trips. t we'll be right there on the o plaza just above the the awakening. >> that's right. it's going to be a party. to bring us some coffee and coffe doughnuts just in i'm just saying. >> oh, my gosh, he's neverh, subtle, this one, gary. >> well, you don't get it if g i you don't ask.'t a >> well, you got to ask.. >> that's his whole deal.eal. that's the theory of his life ba
5:55 am
here's what's going on. on. bus stop forecast 56 too 61 degrees, right, wisdom,is isn't that what you've alwayss said? 83 to 87 degrees later on this afternoon.on t let me show you thele temperatures out there nowures e because it's pretty mild.ttyild. we're down a bit in d.c., downow to 63 degrees.3 gr around dulles it's down, too, t 57. frederick holding at 55.. hagerstown town still super sup mild at 65 degrees and onend last look, at least this hourhi of the seven-day forecast.or we'll slow you, hey, we'reey, stuck in the 80's, at leasteast the temperatures we're stucke' in the 80's. i loved the 80's.i loved it wilthl feel more like 90 wit0 the humidity. thunderstorms later today. tod erin como tell us what youwh got. >> in breaking news 80 closed80o in both directions at park p mills road in frederick countycc maryland. big crash scene on 80.ash sce o. we'll get more information onon that's just breaking routeus now. 295 on the inbound sideou s eastern to east capitol not pi crashes this morning but down to 21 miles per hour simply siml because of congestion.e con northbound side still lookingtio good om
5:56 am
beltway past laboratory road.t a if you take a look in northwest, foxhall road at garfield street northwest andrtt n street at ninth street str northwest traffic lights areticl out. these areas do start to get ao g lot of traffic later in theern morning so please be prepared to treat those intersections as though you would a stoph you sign. take turns and watch for extraae backups in the we'll keep you updated.u updated that's your look at track.t trak keep it to fox5 news morning. mr the 6 o'clock hour is comings right up. >> ♪ >> and ahead at 6:00 a simple solution to boost productivity in the workplace. why you might want to consider standing instead of >> all plus a new high tech tool that could change the restaurantt industry forever. forev we're going take a look attake k what's called a salad robot. can't wait to hear about thiseau when fox5 news continues thisest morning. but before we do that, as we head tore break, the party continues.inue live look outside right now.tow time is 5:56.:56. warm day in we're back after this. t >> ♪ >> ♪
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> ♪ news morning. mor >> straight ahead at 6:00.:00. >> a maryland uber driver with w a len three criminal record ror behind bars accused of trying tn to shoot two police officers. oc this morning a lot of as the
6:00 am
season heats up what you'll soon see a lot more ate at airports nationwide.atnwide. >> live look outside on thislooi thursday morning. it's may may weather and traffic on the 5'sih at 6:05. 6 good thursday morningrsda everybody. i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m we will cawell can chemwelcome . rapper t. i. supposed tose perform last night a shooting happened about n 10:15 at irving plaza near manhattan's union square. cell psqhone video captured thee scene. scen it started backstage with ange w argument in a green roomeen between two groups of people.e. a 33-year-old man shot in thet e stomach, he later died at thed hospital. hospit so far no arrests made. that was up in new york last night. >> meantime another round ofothd severe weather in the heartland.he take a look at this video. vid it was on the ground forfo nearly an hour just missing at i small town in kansas.wn in kan it did, however, damage aboute 20 homes in a more rural area.ra no one was hurt crews will be on the scene to se take a


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