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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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season heats up what you'll soon see a lot more ate at airports nationwide.atnwide. >> live look outside on thislooi thursday morning. it's may may weather and traffic on the 5'sih at 6:05. 6 good thursday morningrsda everybody. i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m we will cawell can chemwelcome . rapper t. i. supposed tose perform last night a shooting happened about n 10:15 at irving plaza near manhattan's union square. cell psqhone video captured thee scene. scen it started backstage with ange w argument in a green roomeen between two groups of people.e. a 33-year-old man shot in thet e stomach, he later died at thed hospital. hospit so far no arrests made. that was up in new york last night. >> meantime another round ofothd severe weather in the heartland.he take a look at this video. vid it was on the ground forfo nearly an hour just missing at i small town in kansas.wn in kan it did, however, damage aboute 20 homes in a more rural area.ra no one was hurt crews will be on the scene to se take a
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day breaks.bre >> back here locally questions t this morning about just whongboh you are riding with when you w use uber after a convicted cvi felon working for the ridehe r share service used a home made a hand gone attack two attack montgomery county policeomery c officers. >> reallypo disturbing story here and for more on it wete turn to our annie yu who is is lie outside of the suspect'sct's home in gaithersburg.n good morning, annie. a >> reporter: hey, goodr:ey morning, allison and steve.teve. yes, there are still a lot of questions and we reached outed o to uber again this morning tos n get some of those answers for you. but this is a man who is facing serious charges in ourou area but he is also a convicted felon in otherted fe states including florida andnd ohio. ohio and so the obvious question issn how did a man with a lengthy criminal background get past the background checks that chest uber conducts and so we are waiting for that answer.r at a but behind me is where the man lived here.ved here. he lived here with his wife. hiw they rented out a room we're told and he used his landlord's car apparently the provide uber rides in the area.
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hemming last wednesday.eday he's 52 years old. o he he's charged withrged attempting to murder two murder police officers and facing o other assault, fiffrearms and a drug related charges. charg police tell us that they hadel actually been watching himl anm were waiting to arrest him onn an outstanding warrant for warra drug related charges and so last week they pulled him overie in a commercial area of gaithersburg. he did resist arrest. arr there was a physical strugglel u we're told and hemming thenld am reached into his car for a homemade handgun that was that w ready to fire rou he pointed that gun at at detectives but officers used a a taser to finally take him intoe custody. he also apparently had arely had second homemade handgun andnd shot gun shells as well asl a ammunition for a handgun onanunn him as well.m as now, clearly this is unsettling news to many who newh use the ride sharing service.vie we spoke to uber yesterday, asked them whether any customers have ever complained about feeling unsafe with himg as their driver as well as hows to someone with this type ofyp o background get past their checks and
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checks they put their driversdrs through. take a >> of course there's a degreeree of prescreening that is anat important part of that but thehe technology is designed to ensure that before, during and r after the trip, people have a a way to access and get in touch and feel safe whenever they need to. >> reporter: now, uber alsobero told us that they immediately removed hemming from having havn access to the platform and are currently assisting policeng poe with the investigation. as for t hemming, he is due bace in court in rockville nextle nex month on june 10th.un10 that's the latest here from gaithersburg, maryland.urg, mar. annie yu fox5 local news. >> 6:03 right now.. police in prince william w county trying to get a good a description of the suspect in a violent home burglary. bgl two women and three young you children found tied up andnd gagged in their manassas home mn on tuesday. police say two menon broke in in and broad daylight demanded money. one woman was also sexually assaulted.assaul >> a new plan in the works toins oversee safety on the governors of maryland andyl virg
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coming together to create aate a now the first draft of the plan will be reviewed in thebe coming week.comi as d.c.'s police forceolicef continues to shrink the d.c.k te mayor muriel bowser is outmu with a plarin to help boost the numbers. she's preparing to ask city ask council for more money tor morey offer app financial incentive in to get officers who are w eligible to retire to stay. s the mayor wants to offer senior officers those who areic retired and stay on the force f salaries that range between 68 and $166,000.166, that's equivalent to what an assistant chief would make.ld mk right now the police force incen d.c. stands at roughly 3,750,750 officers. the goal is to get the size thes that of force back to 4,000 officers. >> today d.c. council member m mary cheh will talk about a proposed family shelter onlter idaho avenue in northwest.thst she's considering d.c. mayor'say muriel bowser's plan too replace d.c. general with wit shelters scattered throughout t
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today's meeting will be held wbh at 7:00 this evening at the second district police stationtr communiticy room. >> happening today, the finals t of the national spelling bee gets under way at 10 o'clockay a this morning at national harbor.harbor 45 finalists right now but we w are giving these two an extra ta cheer this morning. 10-year-old from bethesda goesse to bradley hills elementaryls ee school. way to go. 13-year-old cara who slapped from the plains virginia. she's an eighth grader ateighth marshall middle school. local representation.rese >> all right. >> one boy, one girl hopefully co-champions. wouldn't that be awesome. >> that would be great. >> right here in the d.c. region. good luck to everybody.. >> they're smile looks like don't worry about it dmv wey t t got this. thi >> i was watching some of the oe words -- >> and then you have to googleoo them.them. >> incredible. >> i would like to know the process for l just ---- >> getting to that point.oi >> getting prepared. ppa that must be amazing likee study tips.udy tip >> back in the old days theyhe used to -- remember they wouldtu read the dictionary but nowary that's a boo
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our tab mets.ab ms. >> i guess it's easier, though. >> is it?>>it? >> yeah. it's right here in your hand. h like our forecast on the fox5 weather app.pp >> allison nice transition.ra nk thanks. >> hey, guess what? we'reess ww back in that summertimeime pattern again this afternoon. it's going to be anotherng to beautiful day.beautil day. better chance today we'll get a late day thunderncstorm orstom evening thunderstorm butg they'll be widely scattered stt and we'll be warm and maybe a m even a little more humid than t yesterday with daytime lies inmn the mid to upper 80's so heres h we go, summertime settling in.g. 63 now at reagan national.ationa dulles 57. bwi marshall 58. all right, i didn't mean to show that you one but we might as well go right to it. >> spoiler alert. >> don't want to -- you can--ou cover your eyes or listen to lte it now. look at that. we got a scattered thunderstorm the next several afternoons with daytime t highsh 80 or better. let's keep it going.oi >> thank you tucker. >> uh-huh. >> jumped right into erin como how are we lookingeooi this morning on the roads. >> 6:06 and i bump need a bneed
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so that's how my morning is mori going. goin >> i wouldn't have known . >> thank you but i wanted toante share because it's thursdays hus and if you're having theavinhe struggles, too.strules, too. >> it's not friday.ri >> that's right. right now in>> urbana overturner car skyfox on the way to 80.ox it's closed in bot oh directions at park mill road.mill r july to detour there. ttour t starting to get a southbounda sh delay picking up.lay picking we'll bring you a live look at that as soon as that becomestt available f you're waking up in urbana be prepared that's th' what you're up against on 80. typical slow zones in maryland n this morning 270 by the truck tt scales you jam up and then 50he inbound park road to 201.01 typical slow zone if you're if y waking up in annapolis orolis o bowie and trying to get intoo the district. dtr you know the spots.po right now 295 no crashes butrash eastern to east capitol downpiln to about 21 miles per hour.1 mie big red zone there withreit congestion. 295 northbound however from how the bottom of the beltwayttom o through laboratory road notd not terrible.tele northwest traffic lights out.t which can cause a backup this morning. foxhall road at garfield gfi street and n street and ninthin street tre
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intersections as though you thou would a stop sign thisul moving it over for a look ak crash did clear in leesburg. leb things on seven moving alongmovi just fine right now westboundt b at belmont ridge road.idge r we'll keep you updated on on metro.o. right now just the typicalyp speed restrictions outsidensutse mcpherson square for the squar orange blue and silver line.silr if you're heading to new carrolton or largo town center in could slow you down. that's your look at traffic. back to you allison andteldve.te >> still ahead, hillary clinton criticized thisitic morning for a new report aboutou the use of private e-mailsls during her time at the state t s department. >> plus what is happening with i desean he has been a no show at all season workouts. we'll talk about that with the sports junkies coming up at 6 6:30.
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>> ♪ >> nine aints after the hour now. we're giving you a closer look at the security around our nation's airports. a new associated press investigation finds
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perimeter breach about every abe 10 days. the incidents involve intruders who make it over the secure fences or through gateshu that guard planes and the run p ways. at our local airports the perimeters were breached 10 times in the past decade, two at reagahen national and eight at dulles.ul none appear to be terroriste ter involved. on capitol hill today,apiti it's the airline's turn to t testify about those longif t.s.a. lines.y this hearing comes a day aftertr the agency's top administratoror was grilled by lawmakers. he told congress the t.s.a.s tha will add more than 750 new screeners by mid june to helpp speed things up. thi >> saved by the bell actor screech, you know its actor dustin diamond who played played screech back in trouble again i back lined bars. diamond the actor best knownno as screech arrested last night n in wisconsin accused of violating his he allegedly traveled i don'td ' have state without earlier this month diamondon finished a three month jaill sentence for stabbing a maning a during a bar fight on christmas
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>> new due in a prince georgeser county courtroom a donaldouroom trump delegate facing gun and child porn charges.d the justice department saysartm caleb bailey of waldorf used a minor to produce the pornography. machine gun was also found at his home when authoritieswatriti execute add search warrantrch wt earlier this month. bailey's detention hearing isea set for 2:30 this afternoon. afo >> another bump on the road to m the white house for hillary clinton as the inspectorho general report examined herort use of private e-mail serversler during her time as secretary s of state and found that t several violated policies. the audit said she and her team ignored guidance. gda hillary clinton's aides twice t brushed aside those concerns and while she doesn't mentionen it on the campaign trail t donald trump d he was quick to criticize.iz >> crooked hillary. she's as crooked as the cy comec she had a little bad news today as you know. k the inspector general's report not good.
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>> meanwhile another night ofigo violent protests outside andpr inside aot trump rally this time in anaheim california. at least five people arrested there. >> president barack obama inde japan today for the g-7nte g summit. he began his trip by visiting vt a shrine the holiest site inst thregion. tomorrow the president makessidm his way the hiroshima becoming m the first sitting u.s president to visit the site the where the needs dropped an dropd atomic bomb in 1945. 194 >> quick check of sports right r now. one team is in the stanley cup finals, the san jose sharksshars will play for the cup for thefo first time inr team history following a win over the blues b in game 7n and a hugeug shout-out for former washington capitol joe ward. big time in the playoffs for i the caps did the same thing for the sn harks, scoredid twict for the sharks. they'll face the winner ofof tonight's game seven betweenwe tampa bay and pittsburgh. pitbu one of those three teams will win the cup this year. yea >> all still wish it was us. still ahead, why you mightig wan
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instead of sitting at work.oft >> and a live look outside as we head to break on thisea thursday morning. there's the tollboothd th if you're heading across the bay bridge, you want to get to the t shore, great time to be theretot right now if you want a reallyea early start on your weekendee but we also know when thenow en worst time to try the makehe mae this trip is and erin is going to share that after the break.
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>> ♪ >> all right, steve are youre going talk or me. >> good morning, everybody.ry we're looking at -- y-you got it, the beatles said it right,dg good day sunshine.ayun lots of sunshine early. e temperature in the 50's and the low 60's here in the city.n the. we're in for a summery day. sume we have a code orange aire oran quality. th's what we see sometimes in the summertime as we got w high pressure overhead andnd then rather stagnant rather stan conditions but it should be a beautiful dame let's get rightdr to the numbers and some of the f bus stop forecast. fecas yes, we're winding down thehe school year just a couple
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and then summertime will bee off and running here. 56 to 61 the current forecastnts out there with sunshine and and notice later this afternoon, yes, humid because the t humidity will be creeping up later today. 63 in the city. c 61 good morning leonardtown.eond 60 in quantico. qua 50's to the west. 57 this morning out at dulles.te here's a look at storm tracker radar. just a few clouds to startew ctt your day. generally sunny skies to starty the morning and later thissug an afternoon we'll be partly to pal mostly sunny.most we are concerned that we couldod see a thunderstorm fire up a a little later this nothing terribly well organized but as this area ofhia high pressure gets off to oururf east, we start to get thatha southerly pump going.herl and we he start to increase incs the humidity around here. h we also increase thencreas instability in the atmosphere. s perhaps a few thunderstorms ansr water warm and as mentioneden humid atmosphere a littlee a l later today. daytime highs mid to upper 80's. i think a few spots will touchl 90 trees later today and we'renw setting up for a beautifulul week
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memorial day weekend veryal d typical around the d.c. area d.. with a chance for an afternoonft thunderstorm each eac daytime highs generally in the 80's and nice conditions hereti to open the pools, going down to the beaches this not going to be perfecte per weekend at the tch we'll take a look at theta beaches but generally speakingre after a month of rain in may, the next several days features f nice weather and again mid togam upper 80's today with aay w scattered storm late this afternoon. all right, everybody's getting't ready to go to the beaches.ea how are the roads thisdshi morning. >> you're just making your wayiy to work at 6:17 this morning we're tracking breaking newsak right now. 66 eastbound i want to get to t that first we have a new crash c by 50 causing big delays asg bi you head towards the beltwayowaw from centreville. cenevil overturned vehicle in urbanarb right now. 80 closed both directions. dire. skyfox should be there in the next few minutes. both directionhos at park mills road police are detouring traffic. big accident scene out incident frederick. actually i just got wordtot skyfox is at that location if we're able to pull up that view. right now you n
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ambulance a fire truck several k first responder os the grassy ta area aid something patientsies involved in that, injuriesies involved. invo they have a tow truck. hav look to be a pretty rural ptt road. you'll need to detour aroundund that. trees on either side and a firefighters and medics working hard out there. we'll keep you updated but avoid 80 in urbana by park mills. take a look at metro thisro t morning. new alert for because of a malfunction atalfui branch avenue residual delays dl to greenbelt. greenbe other than that typical delaysan picking up in the strict like tt on 295 inbound eastern tote capitol. and let's go ahead and take a a live look outside.utsi 50 on the eastbound side this s is out as you approach the sandy point toll plaza.oll traffic moving along just fine right now but tonight 3:00ight:0 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is busier i bs for memorial day holidayrial hol travel than friday morning. something to keep in mind if you took off tomorrow and you're planning on heading tookn the marylanind beaches maybe m ocean city maryland thisan evening anticipate a much morehr crowded look on 50 eastboundastu as you head towards those shore points. y
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to the delaware beaches.. anticipate a lot of heavyot of h traffic 95 northbound headedthbh towards new jersey. just a heads up for you this evening you might be trying tou get home and you'll be be battling folks heading out of o town. things could back up on 95 bac southbound through virginia ifna you're heading towards tow richmond. give you a heads up for the up o memorial day holiday travel tra and i'm heading out of townt of tomorrow morning so i'll keepngl you updated if the airports airt are crowded.crowde i'm planning on getting therenei really give yourself exat a time toim get through those t.s.a. tho lines. i'm a little bit concerned about what things are going to t be like for us traveling through the airports thisirport evening and tomorrow morning.ori that's your look at travel.r lot we'll keep you upd allison and steve. >> tell you what you always tellyo us, pack your patience.a. [laughter] >> still ahead a new high techh tool that could change thehat dh restaurant industry.nt industry. >> coming up next we're going to head to fox businessg heatox network in new york. bnetw we'll take a look at what is loa called a salad robot. sounds like a robot that makes salad. sala >> oh a salad. >> how creative. we'll get the deets for you
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next. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> back now with why youac plight wander to consider standing instead of sitting at work. wat first though a check of the markets.ou mark joining us from the foxhe business network studio lauren simonetti.simott happy friday eve to you.e to >> reporter: happy littlee friday, friday eve, can'tve, c wait. long weekend ahead.long weeke good morning. >> good morning. i like little friday. let's talk about the marketskeum or do we want to? >> reporter: oh, we want to.ant >> okay. >> >> reporter: okay.>> r it's really good. it's like really good. gd the broader market oh so close o to a record close. c we had another major rally yesterday. dow up 145.doup 1 the day before up 213.p i remember these numbers.seum it's kind of cookie.f c everybody's talking aboutalng at interest rates when are they r going maybe we've grown comfortablert with the fact that they couldy go up.p. maybe this summer. >> lauren clearly you wereere lucky enough to find your f passion if you just happened jus to remember the numbers. r that should be
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>> reporter: oh, gee, maybe 'cause i write them all day they long. >> okay, thank you. >> let's talk about, its a weird juxtaposition.siti so we have fast food workers,ore they're saying we deservee der higher wages.high in the meantime the restaurant a industry has introduced a little gal named sally. >> reporter: okay. o we need to talk about thiseed tu because yes everybody wants to get paid more money and they ant should. we want workers to get moret wo money. they could spend that money to make their lives easier and spend out economy. however there's a problem.aro when an industry that iss looking very closely at their profit margins and this isnd thi something a former ceo of o mcdonald's said on the fox business network when you have n to pay workers $15 aetn hour and we have the fight for 15, the t protest outside mcdonald's mon headquarters today, becauseay they have their, annual share holder meeting and you have a $35,000 robot who can do the d same job as that worker making m 15 bucks an hour the companyksno is going to pick the robot. r it's somethinto
6:24 am
mind. this robot it's a prototype. salad robot sally at the trade show for the restaurant industry and this is people making their ownry salad using g technology. you know when you're at chipotle for instance and youe go through the line. le. >> y-i'll have this and i'll'l have that that. >> reporter: there's a humanl um worker who makes your salad f s you're paying that humanuman worker that salad companyaladom might say we're bringing in bngn this machine instead. it's just something toetng to consider. i'mashi'me old fashioned always on the side of the worker and little guy but just t now we were watching that and it did show she chose cheesese c and it was too many caloriesan so then she opted off of the cheese and she shaved likee 300 calories off of her salad. that's pretty cool.yoo that's pretty cool technology. >> reporter: yeah, its veryy clean. >> yeah. it's very clean, that's thet'she other thing. t the sanitary conditions much of this. this >> i heard this study before ifi thought but
6:25 am
that if we stand in work theor bosses get better productivityod out of us imlike a lot better, like 46 percent morercent more productivity if you stand or if you have a work positionkos where you can raise and lower l your desk accordingly.ordi that comes from texas a & m. >> okay. oka >> reporter: i like>> rorte standing. i sit, i sit. >> i know. >> reporter: when i wasorter:hes pregnant i had major back problems so i was standing in this location for awhile. a you couldn't tell.n' could you. >> not at all. [laughter][laughter] >> you could have kept thatou secret. i never would have known.have i'm sitting by the way just so t you know.y >> reporter: me too. t. okay. and i can't say you a more productive when i was standingg but it could have been because c i was tired and pregnant. >> you were carrying a you were more productive then. see you tomorrow.yomorr [laughter]gh >> have no fear. >> reporter: bye. >> all righty.>>ll r >> i love her.e >> she's great.>>he's gre >> uh-huh.h. >> uh-huh. >> she makes business fun. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> unlike you when it wasyou wnt chilly and gloomy every day. >> i didn't make weather fun.. >> no.
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>> now it's great.s eat. >> right.>> >> sunny days are here. >> maybe almost a little hott a for some >> it was hot.was i turned the air on.ed the air i didn't wander to but i did.i >> i think a lot of people did. 63 this winds nice and light outs well they're calm and we arem aw in for more summertime withimeit daytime highs in the mid toe mi upper 80's. plen ty of sunshine the firstest half of the day. yesterday we had what we call cap on the atmosphere so the thunderstorm chances werences today that is not in place soati we may pop a storm or two later today.later today. as you get into your weekend, holiday weekend, friday, saturday, sunday monday more of the same. generally nice conditions withon a chance for an afternoonft thunderstorm each day andnd daytime highs 80 or better.r. so, open the pools and have andv some fun. >> look at that.>> suddenly it's 80's across-the-board. >> glorious. beautiful. >> i know. >> even erin como is >> i am. i'm also slightly tardy.. >> erin did you know that steve is abandoning us andbandos actually taking a day off for do the holiday. w what? >> so many. >> it is true.
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here e what will we he do without theut two of you.twof you. >> we'll be sending such s beautiful instagram updates unlike what's lined me on me on skyfox. >> unfollow. >> crash in urbana, 80 by park mills completely shut down.compu fire department is out there. a few vehiclestm involved. invol a car flipped over on its o its side. side really nasty scene out there nae so avoid 80 in urbana this morning. morn we'll keep you updated on how that's affecting your ride affey through frederick.throug more traffic in just a back to you steve and allison.u >> thanks erin. breaking overnight thereighe is good news for maryland basketball fans. >> what was considered a lock lk to leave team point guardt gu decided not going to be in the nba draft this year.
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>> ♪ >> want to go somewhere? looks like the lines aren't too bad right now at reagant kei national aghirportt .tion all those lucky folks going goig somewhere for the week ime suppose.wh 6:30.
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welcome back. okay. okay. lines not so long. might want to pack yourk patience tomorrow. the friday before memorial day b is the fourth busiest day ofrt the year for travel. tra right now not too bad. welcome back to fox5 news f morning. rn weather and traffic on the 5's a at 6:35. 65. back to news now though. tho an uber driver in custody cus charged with attempting topt murder two montgomery county t police officers. jonathan hemmingwo attacked twoe officers with a homemade hem handgun as they tried to take to him into can custody for drugord related charges. charg this raising serious questionseq about the thoroughness of thehn ride share service's background checks.he today the d.c. councily thd. will hold its first committee ct hearing on mayor murielorur bowser's $15 minimum wage wage bill. local activists involved withnve the city's ballot measure are expected to testify at the t hearing they want the mayoro thy and the council to expand the tx plan to fully include tipped workers. 107-year-old virginia mclauri
6:32 am
she danced for the first family at the white house.e ho today she's being honored at the national park as part of back heritage day.e this is her first visit to a major league >> lope she has a good time. let's can check in with then sports junkies for the morning line. line terrapins fans waking up toapint pretty good news. here's the junks at 10 circumstances seven f.m. the fan. good morning. >> good morning. >> hey steve. >> pretty good. f assumed aume kind o mellow trimble wasn't going up g pretty high in the draft he'd come back to maryland but nowk n like everybody else is gone. he's coming back to kind of a oa new t first of all how much does it mo help maryland's program and isgs it a good thing for him tofohim come back. >> huge for them because theym e would have lost all five lt al starters from last year's teamly and that was a pretty goodat team. they got to the sweet huge for him. we've been talking about itkinga the last couple weeks. wee the word on the street was he w wasn't going to get -- g certainly wasn't going to be ae first rounder and might notig have been a second round
6:33 am
maybe he makes a team in a a tryout probably not. probably no he probably would have had toved go overseas and play and he a still can do that but it'stut huge for maryland, it's a great decision for him.onor him. he can come back and be a star a in the big 10 next year. y >> he can be an icon a legendd in college park, continue yourou career and see where your pro yu career is when you've wn yo exhausted your eligibility or at least after one more year afm in college park but as far as b where it leaves maryland we were talking about it duringuttu the break, maryland's going toan be kind of a small team.of sma they had some big guys in doddsn and the big kid there but theyhy have a lot of young guards.oung they have anthony cal len from l saint john's. he can play. he and melo going to be ang be unbelievable back court but cout they'll be small. s they have jared thickens, brantley, dion wiley.ion wile they'll be a small quick teamuit but they'll be able to shoot.o o i don't think they'll be inthl e anybody's top five like theye l were last year where everybodyry sort of assumed this is a team that was capable of going toapab the final four but they're going to be able to shoot the st basketball and in colge
6:34 am
>> they'll be good, look in loo the nba and college basketballgs if you have one star player,stap you can be really competitive ce and be a playoff team or am team that makes it to thet to tournament.ur we saw that with melloww trimble. i know they had other players ta but really they were a team t that wasn't making the tournament and turgeon was in ws jeopardy of losing this jobs many people now respect behind mark turgeon. tur >> unless something terrible t happens next year he won't lose any stock. he could only get better.t b >> you can't go down from undrafted. >> unless you desperately need the money you should come back. back. >> if you're a basketball player at the university of at maryland you play in the big the 10 every game is on televisionel you're a rock star. you're living the liv enjoy it. >> enjoy it for one more year. so will we. desean jackson notks enjoying making extra bonusra b money for just showing up top t work.
6:35 am
a big deal but he had a prettyep good incentive to come toe t practice, didn't he.'t h >> you know what -- >> 500k. >> $500,000.0, and the clock started on that april 18th so basically months s ago he's already blown off the e opportunity. all will he to do was show up for 90 percent of the workouts r and he'd collect a $500,0005000 bonus. he decided it wasn't worth hisst time he's in his ninth year. he knows how to get himself hse ready and i wish i had that kind of financial resolve where i could blow off a five a hung thousand dollars trip to the gym. >> last season he missed sixd si or seven games because he had h the hamstring injury or the groin. groi i don't know if that's a tie a t in to not working offer withff the off season. seaso who knows maybe he's working wor out with his buddies in l.a. l for whatever reason he doesn'the want to fly across the country u and collect 500k.d co >> you can be angry, you can bey be frustrated much the realityea is he's too g he's the best in the nfl at scoring longcong touchdowns you just showed theue highlight
6:36 am
he goes deep more frequentlymorn than anybody else in the nfl t since he's been in the league. l >> if he gets hurt again, iff he misses more games this gamesi upcoming season war people peo going to look back at. >> leaves you open to leaveyou criticism. the team is rea dy to move on. they just draft add firstdd round this season. you would thing that might inspire deshawn maybe to maye m more attention but he doesn'te seem to care. >> desean is all about desean. that never changes. cha >> money inspires you, ano extra half million for going for to work but that's the life in l the nfl. >> yes. >> see you guys. talk to you tomorrow morning.orr >> thanks man.has man >> i have a question.e questi >> so like mellow trimble i tri understand wasn't going to get t drafted right out of the gate but when they said he's on tv living the dream but that's t basically like in reputation ret 'cause it brings up the old question should collegeon athletes be compensated inpensad some way. >> well, but they mean, l-you're playing in the big 10th
6:37 am
conference you have a lot ofou o national eye balls on >> so you might get drafted.raft >> do well and you're get more m attention. there were your stock is goingos rise because people will know wl your skills. >> hopefully somebody will looking at him. >> he was close.wa they only draft two rounds.wo if you're one of the top 60 players in the country and 60 players are gone because they ty all went to the nba. n >> he's one of the names i t n always hear all the time soim i'm surprised.ised anyway. just >> plus he has a cool name.heasa >> he does have the coolestlest name. >> 63 in washington this3 in wai going to bounce thebounce the temperatures into the mid 80'ses this afternoon. summertime its back. code orange air quality so take it easy out there. t it will be a warm and noticeably more humid day and more humid days on the way the over the next couple days as ds our winds will be out of thendwu south here.south re. there's storm tracker radar. clouds out there early, maybe e a thunderstorm late thisthun afternoon or tonight. they'ltel be widely scatteredcat but we got to throw them up inp the forecast today.ast tay daytime high
6:38 am
few spots touch 90 thisch 9 afternoon. af make sure you have plenty p water and sunscreen.. [laughter] >> thank you. >> uh-huh.huh. >> erin's back. bac >> speaking of beaches we haveee a little breaking news. police activity across the bayct bridge right now blockinivg ackg lane so that could slow you down if you're getting an g an early start on your memorialoume day weekend. right now in urbana we'rerba dealing with a serious injury, crash car completely cpl overturned on its side into ait tree there. tree t they have a flatbed at that location. location. ambulance fire trucks havenc left. they're getting ready to tveowgt that out of the way.that o this is 80 by park mills road. r b.delays in both directions.ons. 270 southbound typical southbound delays through urbana and hyattstown right now. marc upday. marc ticket machines atachis monocacy out of service.ervi asking you to pay on the train. no credit cards on the train. heads up there if you're taking mta. mta slow traffic through yourou you maryland majors. m 270 southbound, 200 to the
6:39 am
icc -- excuse me the icc to t it the beltway and then 270he south.uth. 70 to the truck scales, 50 scale inbound very slow as well. w we'll keep you updated andated take a look at yourk at y maryland -- excuse me virginia i drive next. coffee allison and steve.lison d steve >> sounds good to me. sou next a look at what's hot on the web this thursdayhe morning including a new born a w who is already set a world record. re >> early start. plus another celebrity divorce none prenup. things could get a little nasty for johnny c depp. fox beat coming up next. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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>> back now with what's trending on the web early thisn thursday morning.ay mor text suing the obama administration over a new a n transgender bathroom directive requiring public schooling pu s districts to let transgender students use restrooms whichtroi match their gender den at the de and critics argue students should use bathrooms thatms according responds to their identity at birth and claim cla this new directive threatensew d the safety of students and stunt baltimore two police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have filed aarled a defamation suit against baltimore states attorneyes maryland both officers say mosby knowly k made false statements when shen alleged wrongdoing on the partwr of the officers in gray's death.on o a mother in india has given birth to the heaviest baby girl on the baby born by c-section weighing a staggering 15 pounds. that is the size of the se of average six month old.moh old that baby being monitored byitor doctors before they discharge the mom in just a couple days. l might want a
6:43 am
than that in >> my dad was 12 pounds natural birth.natu >> congratulations. >> my dad. this is back in the day. d congratulations to that woman. still ahead jumping to jumng action.action a group of robbers didn't know who they were messing withth when they crossed the pathey of a brave seven-year-old boy.e ve- and the reminder before weefor take tout break if you have at news tip share it with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail0 e your tips to fox5 tips at we're back in a moment.
6:44 am
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6:46 am
>> raise your hand. we're going to hang out withg you guys and we're going to gng start giving out some prizes. pi >> all right. all r another successful year withear the fox5 weather day. i want to individually thanknk each and every person that we tt ran into yesterday.esrd >> 5,000 names to read so youreo better start now.tartow. >> yes.>> y including everybody that works at nats park, everybody thatbodt came to the game, everybodye ga that came to weather day that dt we ran into yesterday. intyestey we had absolutely the best time. great big thanks to sue tonue tony ton caitlin and to mike thomas for coming out and and helping me out it was a great ae day. in addition, we were just so pleased this year that the leukemia and lymphoma societyaoc was part of weather day andaynd get this, the nats allowed the lls to auction off a chance toi throw out the first pitch and pa play ball. that's what you're looking at right here. betty thompson of vienna
6:47 am
including mitchell thomas whoma threw out the first pitch. what a nice day.ay other family members held the president's all that money went to a great cause. >> thanks to them for health foh out lls.out lls looks like you guys had a lots a of fun i get down there after ta work so i missed all the we met so many great people.eo big shout to everybody in the ee delta club we promised werosed e would give them a shout out.heah all the people working hard out there, all fox5 fans. f tucker and i were getting get behind the scene tours.cene tou >> allison we don't want to't give too much away but there might have been a can kitchen that we had a chance to getce tt into. >> you didn't touch anything. >> we kept our rightful distance they wished you were there and said to pass along a good wishes to you. >> to all of you. to of y good job guys. >> thanks to the nationals for s inviting us. >> and the weather cooperatedpee for once tuck. >> did it cooperate.>> d it sitting out in the seats it was actually hot yesterday. yesd takes a little time
6:48 am
acclimate to i not so much humidity h yesterday. but look at your headline. here it on the way. so, if you like -- it's like,t'l you know, want to put a little t spice onto your food, a little l hot sauce. >> yeah. >> add a little humidity in today. toda 63 in washington.n. annapolis 61. we'll warm it up pretty quick. frederick 54 this morning but t with the sun up now forhi about an hour we're he going to going bounce the temperaturese quickly into the 80's, mid to0'd upper 80's later thisat afternoon. just a few clouds out thereouthe early. the change from yesterday, the increase in humidity will help destabilize the atmosphere aerea little bit and that will allowlw a few late day thunderstormsnder to develop, really transition tt very quickly to the sumpter them timsummertimepattern.n. daytime highs mid to upperto u 80's with a few afternoon nothing too terribly organizedze but keep in mind if you're outne later today. nats-cardinals right steve. >> yeah, cardinals in town. car >> might be a shower or storm os late this afternoon but notternt expecting a whole lot.pect think we'll get the game in.
6:49 am
there's your seven da. weekend looks good all throw ago storm threat each afternoon. afr >> all right. >> temperature in the 80's.n 8 >> yup. >> the great get away t gre begins -- he,.begins -- ho,erin como, how we looking. wl >> we have a crash beyondrashey trees there on the inner loopnnl express lanes out by braddock road.k traffic is slowing towardsng t that lat we have some flashing lights,in police activity at that accident scene.acdent it seems like the typicalyp morning rush has started ag ru little bit earlier which whi indicates people trying to getg to work early maybe sneak out early. let's switch it over. a couple other accidents and oea problems you're up againstms this morning. yis m overturned vehicle. vehic we had skyfox here earlier in en urbana. urba 80 remains shut down in both direction at park mills road.atp a tow truck trying to clear that overturned vehicle out of the way. if you're taking marc heads up h for mta marc ticket machine atat monocacy is out.ut they need you to pay p c in maryland right now typical slowdowns 95 from the icc beltway. 270 past the truck scales arucke lot ofan
6:50 am
gaithersburg. 50 between 410 and 201.nd01 in virginia look at all oftll o this red.ed huge delays right now 95 northbound through stafford.ta 66 eastbound, 234 to sudly road we had an earlier crash by 50 and then also 395 northlso from the beltway to king street heavy traffic after a drink street to the 14thk street bridge you start tostdge open up.yoen up. 295 remains eastern avenue to pennsylvania avenue, 13 miles per hour. and just heard from my producer the bay bridge rightdg now on the eastbound side shut down. initially we just had policeli activity blocking a lane. i know steve tha bt's huge newsn for anybody heading out for o their memorial day weekend dayee holiday travel plans if you're trying to get to the t maryland beaches, so hugees breaking news again the bay bridge eastboundda shut down.n more information on that in an few. skyfox is headed there. i steve and allison.stev >> going to have to tweet thank you erin.k youri >> we are so excited forsoxcit tomorrow. we're going kick offer the 2016 zip trip season tomorrow. r >> very exciting. so, first up, holly,
6:51 am
and tucker national harbor is ho the location.ocation. now you got your team.our t you got your location.oc your venue.ur all we need is you. nee you come on out.ut so much fun planned parenthoodep for the morning. tuck is going to be there starting at 6:00 6:.m. tomorrow. early start. holly and wisdom get theret t about 7:00. 70. the zip trip will be set up onlu the plaza above the awakeningnig allison so everybody has a ifboa meeting spot.etinpo >> please stop by, say hi to them if you can and by sayingcas hi to them you really say lieyay to all of under the circumstances. >> yeah, do you. >> thanks to all the fans. 6:51 right now. i think you get it. seven-year-old montgomery county boy getting praise from his parents for his braveryisra during an armed robbery in robby silver spring. just before 9 p.m. police say two armed men walked into aald n game stop store. surveillan
6:52 am
boy fighting off the suspects. e here's what i'll till aboutti the store. i love that this young man --ou- i mean he's seven years old. yeo how frightening system.ys his instinct was to try to do of course it's just soit's dangerous. >> there he is right there.ig >> you just can't.>> who knows.who kno >> came right in and looks like he tried to throw a punchop at one of the guys.h >> you're right the inand i stepping is there that young want to do the right thin ig. rt do you want yourto seven-year-old going up against a guy with a gun.with ag >> of course not. no one would advise this, the police of course, neither oneer of us would but his heart washit in the right spot. s >> just trying help. h >> his heart because in the right spot. >> thank goodness he's okay.ka >> time for the fox beat.e x bea >> i want to add one thing to oe what tucker was saying aboutingu the nationals yesterday.esrd their staff at that stadium is unbelievable. i mean, i've never met more fox5 fans. >> they're great every time we t go drown it's a big party.ig pty >> the people who checked myheed bag when i walked in, anybodyd y i met outside of the seatingeang area, every single person who po worked there was like super
6:53 am
helpful, super nice, lovers our show, knew everythingvein about our show. show. >> we need to go there more often. >> i'm going go again. a wonderful people there. thankl you to the amazing nationals nio staff to are making me feele f like it was al second home.secoh r and b singer the weekend, weed this is crazy and rapper bellypr are apparently not fans of not f donald trump. i mean, they canceled their tir performance last night on jimmy kimmel live after learn l the presumptive presidentialumpt nominee would be appearing on the same episode they are performing. belly said "i just didn't jusdi wander to feel like i was partsp of a celebration for somebody who has beliefs that thefs majority of us don't agree with."th." the other guest on the slow was gregory porter.gregory i want to ask you guys realouuy quickly if you were going on a r major talk show, would you wld y cancel based on another guest? g >> depends how strong your beliefs are.belief are. >> does the weekend reallyth need the attention. >> probably not.ed p
6:54 am
awards. aw >> there it goes. g >> sends a pretty strongends statement. >> i think if you feel that strongly about it and you want i no association, then you make a stand. we're talking about it.bout >> yeah, i agree. he's still getting press about that.. moving on another celebrity divorce. amber heard who you know is k married to johnny depp filed dei for divorce just after 15 a 15 months of marriage.monthsmarria >> the dog thing.oghing >> i'm sorry. >> was it the dog thing.t the gh >> it might be the dog thing. t did you see that awkwardyosee apology video? they did notot look happy in that >> there it is. >> this is three days -- sadays- part is it's three days afteray the death of johnny depp'sepp's mom. now in court documents she she cited irreconcilable differences and is seekingee saousal support.spou the couple did not, i repeati ra the not have a prenup. prenu things could get depp is worth, get this, reportedly $400 million.0 >> he was. >> yeah, he was, yeah.ea not laughing, it's not funny f but last month you mightonth y remember
6:55 am
appeared in an awkward public pi video apologizing for bringingfg their dog into australia illegally. ille one of the most cringe worthy videos i personally ever seensol but it's definitely not a not a funny situation but $400 million, i mean -- how much of that is she going >> if she wants it.ts i we'll see. we'll s we don't know yet, right.ight. >> all that pirates of theof t caribbean money. >> she hasn't asked for s anything. >> we're not assuming that but b wow. >> i kind of feel bad 'cause i a kind of like them together but g whatever. >> didn't work out. >> you can't get too>> investeds in these hollywood. holwo >> stay together for me guys, gy just for kevin.. >> thanks kev.hanks k >> shavie jenkins today is her birthday. happy birth day. she says that she has beent sheh using fox5 to stay informedy ine since the 1990's, al. a >> all right.. that smile is making me so happy today. can congratulations.ulations. >> you had a great day to ce
6:56 am
hopefully tuck can give her a h better day to celebrate. ceb >> nice weather for herhefor mid to upper 80's later this ler afternoon, a little more humidity, kind of creeping back in. you might have started to notice that.hat. and maybe a thunderstorm thisth afternoon.rn [laughter][laugh >> let's go to the forecast. g >> yes, io did, tucker. tuc >> storm tracker radar.rackad there's nothing there.e' just a few clouds to starts tota your day.yo day 64 now in washington.ngn. it's 61 dulles. dle 58 up in baltimore.almo here is a look at your seven-day forecast. 80's this afternoon -- 87 this afternoon. we have a chance of popping aan stray thunderstorm or two latero this afternoon and thison a thi evening and we'll do thatwel do again tomorrow, saturday,at sunday and monday with highs h 80 or better as we get intoe g i our holiday weekend.da more weather in just a minute. i more traffic right now withowit erin. >> breaking news tucker.uc skyfox on their way to the bayw bridge. bridge. bay bridge eastboundidge completely shut down witht dn police activity.po that's starting to cause a cse huge backup. bku what you can see right now iss it's completely stopped stopped traffic right there, all ofrigho those semis and traffic looking pretty goodttgo heading in towards d.c. but it.
6:57 am
towards the beaches that isches completely jam packed.le we'll let you know as soon as they're able to open any lanesol on the bay bridge.ri skyfox on the keep it here to fox5 news morning.he more news, weather and traffic in just a few. >> ♪
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> ♪ morning. morni news >> right now at 7 o'clock,ow atc concert chaos.ha gunfire breaks out at aou
7:00 am
york city overnight.vernig one person is dead.sead. we'll tell you what led up to up that shooting. sot >> behind bars. a local uber driver with a criminal past facing jail timejl this we're going to tell you whaistlw he's accused of and why lawhyaw ever allowed behind the wheel.el >> plus, the controversy thatona just won't go away for hillary clinton. clinto the scathing new report on her n use of a personal e-maill server during her time asim secretary of state.ta how it will affect her race for president. prede >> first though a live look look outside.outsid it's thursday beautiful start to the day at 7 o'clock. it is thursday may 26th 2016.6th we'll have weather and traffic a for you coming up on the 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning, i'm allisonis seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news mornings mn it is 7 o'clock and we're going to start with breakino'gik wsws from the oh, my goodness., oodnes not what you want to hear on hea one of the busiest travel days d of the year, a lot of folks of f trying to get a early start head shore bound on thisnd holiday weekend. wkend eastbound span of the bay bridge closed right now. c that's the left side of yourefti screen what you're looking at where all those semis are sis parked right now.parked rig it is closed for police for p


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