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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> straight head on fox news morning. historic visit or subtle apology. president obama makes a controversial visit to the memorial for the victims of the u.s. nuclear attack on japan during world war ii. american superbug. federal health leaders announce the first case of a u.s. citizen contracting a virus which is resistant to all antibiotics. same song, different day. another metro station shut down after smoke detected inside of an electrical room. fox news morning starts right now. >> this is fox5 news morning. >> and good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is friday, may 27th, most importantly ficoo we can't say that imporly f enoo gary mcgrady, caitlin rothn in to do traffic and weatherea we're going talk to them in i just a moment.just right now we want to start to sa with news.with news. president obama is embarkingeno on a historic visit. vis he arrived i in in hiroshima ja. >> annie yu here to give us a preview.prev >> this is a historic visitis as because it's the first timeto or a first for a sitting u.s. u president to visit the
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hiroshima shrine. about an hour ago presidentresi obama landed at a marine base outside of hiroshima where hee addressed service ms here is a live shot of theof t historic site there. t in just minutes the presidentsi will participate in a wreathn aw laying ceremony at the hiroshima peace memorial ina pel the center of the city with w prime minister shinzo abe butnzb it is a visit that's stirringri a lot of mixed emotions.s. 200,000 people were killedere k when the u.s. dropped an at to the mick bomb on here shima 71 7 years ago since august. 73 more thousand died in a i second bombing at nagasaki. nas the white house has stressedites president obama will note apolesidogize for the attacks ta forced the surrender of imperial japan and ended the second world war. the visit is to strengthen an important ally but survivors say obama visit does not go g far enough and will be
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meaningless if the presidenthe does not take more aggressivegge steps to rid the world ofld nuclear weapons. weans others are counting on obama to soothe old wounds.. getting rid of nuclear warfare w has been a signature of signatu president obama. he says progress is beings b made. wisdom. wi >> now metro officials hopinglsn to keep people moving thising memorial day weekend despite closing the entire orange >> this comes just hours afterss a shut down caused by yety another fire at the mcpherson mp square station. melanie alnwick joins us withal the very latest on this mess.on good t morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning,ep guys, yeahor, another smokenoer scare at mcpherson squareq about 10:30 last night when nigt d.c. fire and ems respondedes for a report of smoke. ske turns out it was just a jus tripped breaker in thed eake electrical room. fortunately no fire but it did cause some service disruptions for quite some time of it is not going to be a holiday h weekend for metro maintenance mn workers here in the citan
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around town because they are the beginning a very aggressivey are push to repair the system.ys want to show you the major impacts that folks need toolks n know about. first of all that orange line,nl no orange line trains will be running and we have three have h stations closed there, vienna dunn loring and westphalsnd wes church stations so folks there t will have to take buses ifus if they want to take the metroetro and get on at east fallsls church. church anyone who would normally takelt an orange line needs to take a k silver line or blueline trains. tr the red blue and greenred ud line trains are single s tracking. tracking that could mean up to 20 minutes between trains. you really want to check your ck timetable. yellow line train as well. w northernmost stop is going to t be mount vernon square so itqua is going to be a major disruption on a weekend when a e lot of people especially a loty of visitors are expected to beto in town this very important that people get l a look at the metro map, watch fox5, look at our app as well aw and that will give you all of al the service
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need to konnow. to k memorial day itself metro saysry the system will open at 7:00nt a.m. and close at midnight. mni parking at stations will bes wie free. ee live at the smithsoniansonian station, i'm melanie alnwick, ma fox5 local n >> u.s. health leaders at the cdc and nih are worried boatedly infection known as knon super for the first time a u.s.e firse citizen has contracted atrd a bacteria which is resistant tott antibiotics. >> now the woman from the pennsylvania is being treatedani for it but there is concerns about the risk of theof infection spreading.prding. now unknown how the woman got w the super bug.uper b she is she has not traveledrave outside the u.s. in the past. it five >> the scripps nationalps natiol spelling bee ended with a tie. they were declared co-champions after close finish. scripps made the bee tougher bet but the results still a draw. >> well, today is the special edition of fox5 news mornings m at 6:00. we
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drinks our morning zip trip.ip tucker barnes is going to getne things started at 6:00 a.m. then wisdom martin and holly morris are going to be downo be there around 7:00 a.m.7:00 this is from last year when were had our epic car drama where w the car -- let's just say wet s had a little trouble with thele car starting, we'll just leave s it at that. it worked out because the becaut person got the car. c. >> we hope this year no kinkseao with the give away. come down and you'll meet theee wisdom martin and the holly morris. morr >> and the tucker barnes andesnd the gary mcgrady is hereraer right now to talk about the the weather. athe >> hey, maureen i'm notot keeping track but is that the second day in a row we've heard third person reference.ce >> there should be a law.e a >> wisdom martin is notin is n keeping up with that.h t >> are you guys -- i know it'ss early but are you guys hearingua this here at home? 71 degreesde here in town now. n 64 for manassas and 71 degreess for dulles. duls. 65 for culpeper. you got to understand wisdom wis is really just joking. seriously he's just joking.t jok here is our planner
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check this out.chk th we're already 74, 75 degrees 75r at 8:00 a.m. 8 i mean, we're 71 now. so, we might drop you have au h little bit more in town but town we'll warm up and we'll warm wew up quicker.up qui low 80's lunchtime today. tod warm conditions.ons. hot today. 88. some places 90. p it if legal warmer than.armer t. that couple of thunderstorms,ms, too. caitlin roth is in on this ion t friday morning. morning hm. where did erin go i wonder?on >> maybe a long weekend get away. away. can't blame her, right. perfectt timing. timin if you're getting out of town, , too, let's start off with ourh o airports not seeing any seeing a problems this morning out att dulles, out of reagan, even bwi. you can see green at all three r airports meaning your good tooo go. no reported delays ors o cancellations at this hour andsr for that matter you're seeingoug all our majors leading out tongt all the roads, 952, 95 within wt the district and then dulleshene toll road, even 66 are smooth ah as you get out and about to t the airports no problem.. 95 north from dale city to woodbridge.woodbr looking good on all our majors. no rep
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accidents. that's a look at traffic. a lat more in less than 10 minutes.ins for now let's send it back toact wisdom and maureen. mau good morning to you too.od morn >> good morning toyo you.g y coming up on fox news morning, r one year after a local l reporter was gunned down g police and her loved onesed one renew their public effort toc eo find her killer.erler. >> and there's no longer a's noe need to call him the him presumptive anything.p donald trump has allre the numbers needed to be callede presidential >> ♪ >> ♪ >> things that are trending this morning. there's no cryin g in baseball. basal but this weekend there will be w a woman manager at a game in southern maryland. myland. >> as we head to break rightht now, a live look outsideut across the dmv. d time 4:37. 4 we're back right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back. time now is 4:40. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most on social media this morning. >> for that we turn to holly morris on our realtime newsign l tracker. good morning, holly. >> to you maureen and wisdom, w good morning to everybody out there happy friday. first up this morning, donaldngo trump has officially clinchedy c the republican nomination.ominat he reached the delegates with the help of previouslyviou uncommitted delegates
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support his candidacy.di trump's other big headline, hegn promises to get the u.s. out u. of a major climate changeteha agreement and will restart thesh keystone pipeline project if elected. elected. an ad for laundry lau detergent that aired in chinaedn is being blasted for being f racist. it shows a chinese woman and won an african-american man about to kiss. now instead the woman pops as a detergent pod in the man'spod ie mouth and then puts him in the washing machine.g ma after a few spins out pops a pop clean chinese man.ean c we'll be talking more about morb this one later in thehe newscast. newsca and finally, for the firstrr time in professional baseballlas history a woman will manage amaa men's team. tea it's going to happen this ts sunday when the bridgeport bluefish of the independent atlantic league officiallyly welcome softball legend jennyd e finch as their guest manager man for their game against the t southern maryland blue crabs. >> now, that isly. n >> yeah.>> y >> love it. >> she might have a littleht ha
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i don't know, i'm jusret going out on a him. a him >> although i've won two in a wn row. >> are you on fire.>> are you o >> coming up on fox news comin morning, local leaders urging u you and all of us to take us t broadcast pré precautiont e against the threader of the t zika virus as we led into the summer months. asumm months. >> the lacrosse program ate ogra maryland has the chance to doo d something no other program has h done in more than 20 years.ea >> as we head to break. >> ♪ >> if you can't get down to d this i know something's wrong. w it's friday y'all. party like a rock star. s its another hotter one but itoni feels so good.feel time now is 4:42.:4 back right after this. this.
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪
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♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> g-7
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up. president obama has moved on to hiroshima. hiroshi this is a live look of the president speaking right now. he's the first sitting u.s.sp f president to visit a memorial ml in that city dedicated to the roughly 140,000 victims of theto u.s. nuclear attack during dur world war ii.war >> no different than us. >> 4:45 is the time right let's get down to garyo ry mcgrady and talk weather wea because yesterday again we heer did it again. >> uh-huh. >> couple days in a row now. we've been pretty good.n pr >> yeah, today we're going toret be pretty good. that's going to be three daysred and then tomorrow looks reallyel nice and let's see what s happens on sunday and monday.ana we'll be talking about that tha memorial day weekend forecast.ay it's here basically for a lot of folks already. w check temperatures this morning.rning. listen, 71 for reagan national, dulles the same, bwi marshall right at 70 your memorial day weekend w forecast, there's no need toe'sd postpone this, right.ight tomorrow hot and humid. hum. we're 87 degrees.deee it looks dry, too. i don't really see a threathrea tomorrow for any s
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any thunderstorms.stms sunday scattered thunderstormss around. a little cooler with more clouds.. we're going with the same 80 degrees on memorial now, less sun with a possibility of some showershowe and some thunderstorms. right now it does not lookook like it's a rainout foraino memorial day.ri but again, it does look a lk little bit unsettled, there'shee no doubt about d here is today. futurecast, few clouds around,ro hot and humid went quickly qck warm up into the 80' 80' now, look, this afternoon ander this enovening, couple ofple scattered showers orscs thunderstorms here or there.rm much like last night you know, if you were in ae i a couple of spots, maybe you gotou rained on but no more than that.. that's going to be the caseng t again today.od temperatures will be basically in the upper 80's to rightig around 90 degrees. 9 tomorrow morning it'sto gorgeous. i think tomorrow is great. i mean, we have a lot ofweave sunshine again tomorrow. tomorro a little bit cooler, a little bit less humid and any and thunderstorm activity stays well off to the west and thend northwest. sunday is not too bad, either.h. a little bit better thanks of o some scattered showers andcattee thunderstorms but itrs rea
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does look mostly dry aroundy drd the region. reg today's forecast you see the y e clouds this morning, so we'll have some clouds from time to time today and of course again just that spotty shower or thunderstorm this afternoon.tort chances geter a little bitittlet greater as we get into theas evening hours.ho. 88 degrees. it will feel more like it'se it' about 90 or 91 with thehe humidity this afternoon.ftno so, still warm tomorrow, 87orro and then 84 on sunday.un memorial day 80 degrees.ri i don't think it's -- again, i don't think it's a washout on memorial day.alitmemo d i just think it's going to beo a little bit unsettled.nstl more cloud cover keeping cng temperature in the upper 70'se e to right around 80.round 8 then next week we're right back up into the middle 80'sidds as we get going again. aga caitlin roth is in.roth in. erin decided i guess she'dss s start her holiday weekendher hoe early. >> a little beat traffic. traffic >> go for it. i >> and she can. a she's the best one to ask whene to get away on a holiday weekend. right now would be a great time. let's check the virginiak thvira commute. everything in the green, 267ree6 dulles toll road f you're tl ro headed eastbound from 28 to froo seven inir
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looking fine.okfin same goes for eastbound 666 from 234 to 29. and 95 northbound as youund travel from prince williamceli county up into the district, dtr 630 to six tenure also looking g odod out there.go no problems on our majors in virginia.rginia back to 95 northbound like i l i just mentioned light volumeol from dale city to woodbridge.oo. we usually start to see thiseehi build at this hour and right and now everything is fairly lightrg so you're looking pretty goody in that direction.direcon inbound traffic 395 north at noh speed. this is from edsall road tooa duke street where you're not looking at any delays aroundro the alexandria area.dr let's check the marylandman commute real quick.ui also in the green whether w you're going southbound on 95 from 200 to 4495, the beltway,, or southbound from 80 to 1099 on route 270 not looking atking any problems westbound route 301 to 495, 4 hey, you're looking really rll good on 50, too, so we're not looking at any reported delays p or cancellations at the at airports for that matter, too, t so maryland and virginia looking pretty good. we'll have another update in less than 10 minutes early onesr
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maureen and wisdom. w >> we continue to see new n cases of the zika virus in our three of them this week alones o in virginia. vgi there are now 18 confirmed cases in that state.hat state. 17 in maryland. and five in d.c. with mosquito season fullean ful swing montgomery county healthme officials hosted a meeting on how to protect yourself.stct yo. >> they say you should wear sho long sleeves and light pantsht when you're outside use insect repellant on exposed skin and make sure your window screensinc are in good condition.d itio finally they say get rid of of standing water that's aroundro your home.your home. >> so, this is not a time this t where we want to have that's not the situation thatuan we have now. n it's a time for preparationrerai and it's time for people doing the things they need to do too protect themselves.he it isn't a unique disease.iseas. it's never before been a disease that is both a virus, mosquito born osama binn osama ladenly transmitted and causess devastating dearth effects.arths we need to be aware of its uniq
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accordingly. >> at this point we haven't seen any mosquitos here in the n united states transmitterringmit zika.zika all the cases have been peopleee infected by mosquitos overseasio or through sexualoughexua transmission. montgomery county policeme say a delivery man waslian w thanksgiving flowers and brakera owe breaking into homes at the a same time. anthony dwight reefs isth charged with a burglary inwi kensington and police sayic reeves was making a flower a f delivery back in march at a mara home on university boulevardrsyb and when no one answered the door police say reeves broke into the house and he washese a caught on surveillance video leaving the house. now, police say he was so h caught up in what he was doing w that he actually forgot to fgo deliver the flowers. fwers police say reeves was also say caught on camera going on a a shopping spree with a stolena se credit card.ed >> one week after a teacher's's assistant was shot and killed ke in alexandria fairfax countyfaxt police released a sketch of achf woman they want to talk to inn connection the murder. mur his body was found at the cityit side apartment parking lot. investigators say the womanors w was spotted in that parking p lot before the shooting. sot >> shes
4:51 am
skinned black female with almond shaped eyes and we ared looking to identify her and speak with her at this time.thit >> still unclear what thear whae motive was for the shooting shot but police are urging anyone that recognizes the woman in wom the sketch to give them ahea call. today marks one year sincemn a local journalist was killed. carnice milton was shot as she transferred buses. bus the suspect used her as a human target to avoid getting hit.hit the family pleaded to the public for whatever help they can provide.n they will gather to hold a to hl sniffle milton's honor.onor. this memorial day many areer getting ready to enjoy thenjoy annual start to the summer s season. it's a different story attot arlington national cemetery asea thousands of soldiers tooksoo time out to honor the real tea meaning of this holiday since s 1948 the u.s. army's old guardla has put a flag in front offront each and every headstone at at arlington in an event called
4:52 am
flags in.fls i it takes a thousand soldiers soi about four hours to place t pla those flags but for thegs b soldiers who participate, it's an honor to take part in this tradition.trad >> okay, it's amazing.y,t's i couldn't believe just how juso many tombstones are out here out and all the people that haveha died for our country and didnd d the thing that most people peo wouldn't do. it's exhilerating. >> means a lot to the families. does it mean as much to theme soldiers? >> oh, definitely.>> it means just as much to us asss it does the families. familie >> if you come to the cemeteryem during the holidays theseayhe flags will remain in placenla through the memorial daye moriad weekend. the old guard, they're goin g tre g to come back and they're goingre to remove the flags on tuesday.da >> we hope you'll join us forjo a fox5 two part special presentation it's calledtati beyond the lens salutings saluti america's military.ica's ar we'll honor those who serve w s and continue to serve ourur country. coun the first installment airsme tonight at 10:30.. the second installment is monday memorial day right hererr on for. this weekend the marylandhed men's and women's lacrossero teams can do something that
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has not been accomplished since 1994, one school soo capturing both titles.bothit >> that's pretty cool. tt' the men haven't lost sinceost march. they face brown in the finaln four on saturday. saturday. they are seeking their first title since 1975.97 but the women, they haven'ty hen lost since may -- since lastce l may actually. tonight the undefeated terpsefe face syracuse in the final four. they're pursuing a third consecutive crown.ive c let's talk baseball.le at last nigt'ht's nats game g 107-year-old virginiaye-o mclorine, remember her, she attended her first baseballir b game. that's pretty cool.. then on the diamond bottom of the sixth we go nats down one-zip, bryce harper who was defending trying to get his geth mojo back slams one into thek sn upper deck.e in the bottom of the seventhupon pop fly to the infield. pitcher matt lee collides with a teammate but catcher yadierier molina is there to make theake save to save the day.ay the very next pitch danny espinosa takes lee deep top to right
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nats ended the cards two-one. to >> you can put it on the board. >> let's talk about the orioles. they're in houston. hst birds down one. mark trumbo hits a trum bomb. bm orioles pitching couldn't keep up. kevin goss man gave up fourp fo earned runs on three home runs as the orioles lose four too two. >> put it on the board.ut it te >> time for december have ar ve pool party.pool p >> that's right. rig today the city kicks off itsoffi outdoor pool season. d.c. mayor muriel bowser she'sl going to be at the oxon run run outdoor pool to celebrate theebt reopening of a summertimeummeim staple. staple pools will officially open onicp >> as you know summer iss almost here and for thisyo weeke special friday give away, you could win something. >> that's right. how about four tickets to sixkex flags. sounds like a big deal. big dea new flash waterfalls park isark open and ready for you to come out and take a -- take part inet this experience. go to
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between now and the 11:59 and59 enter for your chance to win. w one winner selected by ay a random drawing on may 31st. may3 all entrants must be 18 or b18 older. complete rules and onlinee entry are available at move >> all right. got good weather for all these t pool openings or whatever youter want to do. >> put that on the board, gary.ha >> yes, it's catchin g on.chg >> that's quite a cash phrasease maureen. >> thank you.>> t >> i would say continue with s that. often,early, use it okay.. bus stop forecast, it is mildt m out there this morning.or some would even call it warmll i in spots.po here's what i'm thinking forhigo the pickup for the kid domes kid at best lower 60's out in some spots, most everybody goes midbd 60's to upper 60's. 60' and after school it's hot,'s humid, temperatures mid to tempe upper 80's and with theith the humidity it will feel a little bit worse than that.woth i do believe anything in termsnr of any shower or thunderstormnd activity will hold off until ofu late day into the earlyar evening hours, okay. oka here e
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this morning. culpeper you're 64, manassas ans 64.64 couple of the cool spots. martinsburg 67.martin here in town, we're 71 degrees. more details, full forecast fec coming up right now caitlin roth in for erin who is i vacationing early. ely >> lucky her.>>ucky gary, it definitely feels warmew outside. this morning it was like, okay, nifirst taste of summer,um this is what d.c.'s all about. 19 late may feels really warmea out there.outher so, a summery feeling commute c for you.for not so bad on the road so far ro this morning. checking the maryland commute.o. it's all green whether you'reour headed on 95 southbound, 270un 2 southbound or 50 westbound westu through prince george's countyin you're looking good in allceking scenarios so not seeing anyin ay problems on the road in maryland.mary morning commute, staying inng in maryland route four westbound w 301 to the beltway looking the good and route five northboundnu waldorf to woodyard road notro even any light volume at thisumt moment. that's a look at traffic. traic more coming up after 5:05. maureen. >> the leader of a localma university says the community at his school must become more inclusive. it comes after a
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students say they were wer harassed by police becausee b they're >> a former member of the ravens organization is back to tell about what not to do. to >> a quick look at today'sod stock futures.k futures all right.l ri >> ♪ >> there you go. dow, nasdaq s & p all up.& l u we're back after this.s. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ ox5 ms is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead on fox news morning, a manassas teen once tc at the center of a sexting sexti case sues police after he says s they forced him to take explicit pictures.plic >> and donald trump agrees to debate bernie sanders if the tv networks make a small a s donation to charity. chari >> spring has finally arrived.yd actually some say we've gone weg straight to summer but it'ssummt all just in time for thee fo memorial day we are talking about no rain and temperatures in the high 80's. >> whew. >> love it, love it. good morning document i love that it's friday, too. is fr thank you for joining us.s. i'm holly morris.ors. >> and i'm maureen umeh.en umeh. today is friday, may 27th.7th.


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