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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ ox5 ms is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead on fox news morning, a manassas teen once tc at the center of a sexting sexti case sues police after he says s they forced him to take explicit pictures.plic >> and donald trump agrees to debate bernie sanders if the tv networks make a small a s donation to charity. chari >> spring has finally arrived.yd actually some say we've gone weg straight to summer but it'ssummt all just in time for thee fo memorial day we are talking about no rain and temperatures in the high 80's. >> whew. >> love it, love it. good morning document i love that it's friday, too. is fr thank you for joining us.s. i'm holly morris.ors. >> and i'm maureen umeh.en umeh. today is friday, may 27th.7th.
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who is that standing by overstab there. ther >> well, i recognize that guy tt on the top. >> the pretty lady on they he bottom.boom. >> caitlin joining us on ain friday. >> good morning. >> so good to see her.o go of course they're going to beeri talking weather and trafficra porn for this weekend we know. w we want to get right to thehto t news now, though.houg and right now president obamadea just finished speaking at the hiroshima shrine.a this is a historic momentc t because he's the first sittingsi u.s. president to visit hiroshima a place haunted by hab the devastation of nuclear weapons.we >> many world leaders want toad get rid of nuclear weapons. fox5's annie yu has more ons mor this historic histori good morningism good morningni to you. the president has made ite clear his goal is to get rid t t of nuclear weapons but doesut de admit it's unlikely we'll seee' that happen any time soon butoon says progress is being made. meantime this is a historic hiso visit because it's a first for t a sitting u.s. president to visit the hiroshima shrine is.he the president just finished speaking to the crowd gathered t at the peace in here seem mowre alongside prime minister
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shinzo abe. that's who is speaking now. the leaders laid a wreath at a the memorial.or 200 people were killed when kil the u.s. dropped an atomicc bomb on her on hiroshima.irhima an apology would please some s in japan. the white house stressedhouse sr president obama would notent obo apologize for the attacks thatct forced the surrender of imperial japan and ended the second world war.. the visit is intended to symbolize the horrors of nuclear warfare and the the president's push for a worldor a free of nuclear weapons.ea take a listen. lis >> we can work. we can choose. we can tell our can children a different story.. one that describes a common humanity, one that makes war less likely and cruelty less easily accepted. aep >> reporter: the presidenthe pre
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as a way to strengthen tiesgthes with japan an important allyor as we honor the lives lost so lt a very emotional day.a day back to you, holly. >> 5:03 our time right now.t now a plane with more than 300 than0 people on board was preparing pa for takeoff in tokyo when an engine fire forced a masss evacuation. >> at least two fire truckse tck arrived on the scene to battle t the blaze blanketing the aircraft in white foam.white fo. no injuries have beens haveeen reported. >> planes, trains andin a automobiles all challenging modes of transportation ofra course during the busyurse durih memorial day weekend but metro m it actually may not be any faster. >> this is hours after a shut down, another one, yes, causedau by yet another fire, this timest at the mcpherson square squar melanie alnwick there now withtr the very latest on this mess. mel. me >> reporter: hey, guys,, gs, yeah, so last night mcpherson me square another one of these o o problems, reports of smoke of brought d.c. fire and ems out o to that station. station. turns out it was just a wasus tripped circuit in theippe d ect
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good news.od n but it did cause some servicevie disruptions and that line tos a be shut down for a little littl while last night between mcpherson square and the end point there.there so, we know that that's the tha kind of thing that we hopee he doesn't happen this weekendseeke with so many visitors coming to washington, d.c. and it d. ai certainly is not going to be an holiday weekend for metro m maintenance workers as theye wot really begin an aggressiveagss push even this weekends to tryee to get this system back up tok full repair.fullepai let's show you the major m impact here.ctere. the orange line, this is really going take a so the orange line is going tooo be closed. you'll have to take silversilver line trains from those orangeseg line station and three of thehr stations at the end arend actually going to be closed vienna dunn loring andorg westphals church stations julytj to hop on a bus to get to theett east falls church station tohtio continue your trip. again you want to take a take silver line train if you need to.. also the red silver blue andlu green lines single tracking. tck here's the important thingnt guys. up to 20 minutes betweenet trains s
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to check the schedules andedul a then yellow line impacted asae well. they're saying the northernmost stop will bernmostl mount vernon square.un we know workers will be doing d things like track circuit replacements, radio cable installation, railal stabilization, all of thision, s before the major safe track plan begins june 4th. june want to let you know if youf y are planning on coming down over the weekend here memorialei day specifically with so many m events metro says it will openpe at 7 o'clock in the morning,orng close at midnight. parking at metro stations is live at the smithsonian smiso station, i'm melanie alnwick. back to you holly and wisdom -- and. >> maureen.>> m republican presidential nominee donald trump and tmp democrat bernie sanders areer considering an unusual arrangement there could help h both men side line their t competitor hillary clinton.. >> the two men are hoping to m o stage an exclusivean excve presidential debate againstal d each other and clinton not invited.inted. the idea was hatched during anur appearance by trump on abc's a jimmy can kimmel live earlierar this week.isk. trump said he would ask thee wo
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to donate money generated fromet the special rating to aatg charity supporting women's health issues. >> ♪ >> 5:05 right now. already 71, gary. gary. >> how about it?utt? >> love it.>> le i >> that's good, right. rig >> oh in my book amen. >> perfect. 'scause it's not going to get much cooler out there thisre t morning and you can kind of tell. i mean, there's more humidity hd in the air. a the dewpoints have come up.nts so, today it's going to be t more humid than yesterday. yrday yesterday you began to feelbegal eight little bit. today you'll feel it a little al bit more. here's the deal on the bushe b stop forecast.ort. nothing falling from the sky. s you don't have to worry aboutver that this 65 to 70 degrees. 70 degr and look, unofficial start of summer, memorial day weekend, we all know it and it really r will feel like it the neck n several days around here. did yesterday.did we were up to 88 degrees.8 degr i think we're right in there t again today.od temperatures this morning asure holly mentioned, we're wre starting off 71 degrees. that has not dulles upper 60's. win
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winchester is 70 degrees. 70 gr. they were 72 so it's come down d just a little bit.. leonardtown gorgeous thisors morning at 70 degrees.dgree and annapolis, you guys in the uner 60's. 6 complete holiday weekenday weeke forecast is coming up. right now though let's get alest look at your traffic on thishis friday morning before the big holiday weekends. wke >> on-time traffic brought to you by toy visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:07. it is a big holiday weekend. wee so far so good out there on the roads. i think a lot of people headed a out on thursday. thursda like the thursday morning wening saw yesterday.esterday. so far not looking at anyking problems on your majors ins in virginia. if you're not getting a early start we're smooth for early riders. ride dulles toll road eastbound t looking good. for the most part headed outolt to the airport looking fine, fe, too. to and we're not seeing many delays at any of the major major airports.rports. light volume 95 northbound filling in from dale city to woodbridge and then into then in fairfax cou
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looks good, 95 and 66 east6 eas like i just mentioned.ti remember we'll keep you we'llp u updated all morning long at lona fox5 d.c. traffic at caitlint it roth fox5 including all of the metro closures anticipated fornp this holiday weekend.isay we'll have that as well coming n up at 5:15.:15. maureen and holly.ol >> manassas teenager is suing iu police over claims detectiveseci forced him to take explicite photos of his penis in aenisn sexting case. 19-year-old tray sims isims i charged with child pornography o for sexting back in 2015. i01 police say he sen pictures ofres his private parts to hiso girlfriend who was 15 at the time. . sims lawsuit says the copsaw violated his civilsu rights byhs taking pictures of his private parts to compare with the graphic images that were sent to his girlfriend's ♪ ♪ >> today is a special edition ei of fox5 news morning becauseng c at 6:00 a.m. we are going too begin our fox news morning zipog trip. second year running. rni >> yes. >> this really means summer isum beginning. >> it does. >> we go from memorial day allla the w
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tucker is going to get thingsng started at 6:00 a.m. wisdom and i will join him atn m 7:00 a.m.00 a we're going start where were ended last year.lastear. we ended at national harbor soar we're starting at national harbor.. >> i like that you -- comingomig up the fda approves a new way nw to treat drug addiction. addictn >> and the president of thehe pt university of maryland discuss racism and trying to create a culture of inclusiveness on campus. >> as we head to break, oh,h, yeah, feels like fire out fe ou there sometimes.e sometimes it is hot but it's a nice a n change from what we've had thete last couple of weeks.stouple time right now 5:09. 5:09. fox news morning back after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> howard county gymnastics h ach is charged withco possession and distribution ofnr child pornography. paul bowlinger was a coach atop flight gymnastics inics i police say they found morey f mr than 30,000 images and videos of child pornography on a o computer at his home. hom parents of top flight haveght been notified about the charges. the president of the university of maryland says the campus must confront racism. >> ♪ in the wake of a controversial incident lastve week. clearly that was not the righthg music and or video. vid we apologize for that. t back to the races and story about the university of t maryland. when university police usedliceu pepper spray on most black b students to break up an off campus the president sent a campus a cs wide e-mail saying theg the incident under scores the need n for the college park communityll to "work together to create ega campus culture of inclusive excellence where everyone eve feels a sense of belonging and security." >> syphilis patients across the u.s. threatened by nationa
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penicillin. doctors say the only othersay course of antibiotics that effectively treats the disease requires more treatments andea additional follow-up which islo- a challenge for the populations mostly impacted by that std the company thatpa t manufactures the drug expectscts to restock shelves by july. byul help for people addictedeic to heroin and prescriptionion painkillers is on the way. w the fda approved the first ever implant for opioid ooi addiction treatment. tre. >> it helps eliminate e withdrawal symptoms from theal drug. about 80 people dieeoe di from drug overdose.from dg o coming up on fox5 newsng u f morning, a new forecast forr the summer suggests all of us could wind up actually missing m those cool rainy days we experienced earlier thiser t month. >> hard to think that's goings g to be the case.e se. secret service once again in the news for disciplinaryciin problems involving its agents.ta >> and as we head to break, bre let's go ahead and take a live l look across the d.c. region. rio there we go. this is an appropriate time toim play summer breeze.ez we're feeling it today as feeli 5:12 is our time right now. n
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fox5 news morning back afteracka this. >> ♪ sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back to fox news morning. it's 5:15 and just a few minutes ago president obama finished speaking at the hiroshima shrine.hrin he's the first sitting president to visit the hiroshima shrine dedicated toict victims of the u.s. nuclear. nul attacks during world war ii. president obama and prime minister shinzo abe will also participate in a wreath layingre ceremony today. those are live picturese li obviously that you're lookingy h at there. >> okay. 5:15 is our time here. weather and traffic on the 5'ses with gary mcgrady lookingki outside it's another hot one, o 71 degrees already but nout complaints on this end, garylyth we needed this. t >> this is a perfect time fore it to warm up because theau pools open up.pools >> yes. >> and you start getting theseti low temperatures only down in the 70's and that allows the ane pools to warm up so it makesit m it more comfortable.rtable. so, not necessarily today butay by tomorrow and sunday, these
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pools are going to be prettyg te comfortable out there with all the sunshine and the mild the m temperatures in the morning and the hot temperatures in the e afternoon. 71 degrees here in the city. westminster, you'reminsteou 70 degrees. got kind of all across the region, nothing too cold --, g nothing cold at all.g co at nothing too cool. even binghamton new york 65 degrees, boston is 79 degrees. here's the setup for tax all right. high pressure off to the east of us, big blueur h. we that was the bermuda high h off to the east of us kind of centered overwhelme overwhelmeda brings up all the warmth. warh. a few of us will get get something, most us will notill the way it's shaping up. 74 degrees at 8 a.m. at 8 quick warmup.k armup. 83 by lunchtime.unchti 88 for a high temperature. tempa most of the thunderstorm thund activity will come afterti 4 vio'clock. i really think five, 6, 77 o'clock, watch the skies for f that.
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dealing with a few clouds outisf therewe. th hey, how about this holiday weekend? we haven't really wet changed anything.d anyin tomorrow's great,'s grey little humid but still great. 87. looks dry. dry. a few scattered thunderstorms possible on sunday. looks mostly dry.stly more clouds, more chance of rain on memorial day but still s i don't think it's a washouting okay. high temperature with thepera w clouds will be a little coolereo so all things considered, notd, a bad holiday weekend. wee caitlin roth is in thisroth in morning. she's in for erin andd association,.ion, >> good morning. >> let's see. any good stuff or you got bad stuff. stuf >> i got metro behind me in in says weekend shutdown so you so know that's not good stuff. stu >> just say metro and we all we know. >> metro, i know.>> m thanks gary.thanks gar this weekend looking so mucheens better than the past few weekends in may.n m we'll take that.we'll the big story going into theoi t holiday weekend when it comes wc to traffic is of course thee the weekend shut down with thed orange line. melanie alnwick is out theret live this morning filling usills in on everything but we'llthing keep you updated on the traffic end as well.d as well. the stations that are closed vienna dunn loring andg
5:18 am
this is on the orange line l totally shut down saturday,own sunday and monday due to someo work being done on the tracks. t the silver line will take overao the orange line but keep inee i mind these three stations will l remain closed. clod. there will be bus service from e all three of them.l thre as far as the commute thiscomm morning not looking so bad.. 95 north in virginia you're're good 630 to 610.o eastbound on 66 you're fine 234 to 29 and eastbound on 267 o dulles toll road is okay from oa 28 to seven. toeven checking the roads real quick, q 95 northbound from dale cityale to woodbridge just some lighte volume and then inboundnbou traffic 95 lorton to theorton te beltway is okay. o 66 east like i mentioned isen good as well.goods wel that's a look at traffic. tra more coming up in less than 10 minutes.nute now let's sends it back to maureen and holly. >> ♪ >> 5:18 is your time. 58 is you let's take a look at sportsrt headlines you're engaging withg on social media.on >> with there we go to wisdomsdm martin at our realtime newsws >> good morning. we'll talk about money here because the women national
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earning the same wages as their male counter parts.nt p yesterday the senate passed athp resolution calling on the u.s.n soccer federation to not only nl pay the women fairly but also bs to treat all athletes with thewi same respect and dignity. now the women who won the 2015h2 world cup were paid just j $2 million compared to 8 million for the men's team. t. that's what they earned andeaeda they lost in the first roundir of the tournament.ournent. now let's talk locally now.. former baltimore ravens running back ray rice he spoke yesterday to the team's t rookies part of the ravensies player engagement program which teaches rookies life lessons and management skills. now, this is the first time that ray rice has returned to the nfl in any capacity sinceine beating his girlfriend in an in elevator back in 2014. 2 and finally, this guy, he's big, he's huge. espn bidding farewell one of their legendary talents after the 2016 nfl season. sea chris berman is going to retire sometime after the 2017 2 super bowl.
5:20 am
the 61-year-old is an original espn employee and host of twoe of the network's most popular pr nfl related shows. so chris berman finallyerma f hanging it up. >> wow. >> saying goodbye. >> hard to believe. >> i know. >> espn with no chris berman.hrr >> been a staple.ta >> thanks, whiz. thanks, whi >> coming up on fox news morning while many many local governments are cutting backback lawmakers in prince george's county making investments ing it the future.euture. >> some scary moments as fast moving flood waters trap 19 people in a cave including the two officers who actually who at rushed in to hel >> as we head to break, oh, yeah, traffic moving pretty well right now but if you'reoue heading out you may want toay wt get going.oi going to be packed with memorial day weekend. details on all of that on the 5s. 71 degrees. back right after this. >> ♪
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> ♪ >> we have new details about a new york
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was the site of a deadlyitsite e shooting. shoo police say shots were fired after a fistfight broke out inst the venue'sfi green room and roo then spilled out onto the vip balcony.balc weren't man was killed threeree others injured including brooklyn rapper troy police arrested him on weaponspo charges.char >> 19 people had to be rescueded from a cave in kentucky after at being trapped by rising flood waters. they were trapped inside.waere the officers became trapped when they attempted to rescue the tour group. gro emergency responders say therese group was taken by surprise bype how quickly the water rose water leaving them little time to escape. prince george's county lawmakers adopted a new budgetat and this time there weren'tre wt any budget cuts or proposedropo tax increases but a lot of l money for investments. the $3.7 billion budget gives the county room to invest inoomi domestic violence preventionveio programs roadway cleanup and renovation.revati also education spending will increase by $90.1 >> a d.c. bar is one of the
5:24 am
top 18 bars in america that is according to esquire. the honor was given to show sho time lounge on roads islandsl avenue in northwest. in nohwest. the cash only establishment was given high praise for its jukebox. yeah, jukebox.ukebox. they recommend you order the five-dollar combo whiskey shotit and a canned beer. >> kids are like what's alike w jukebox. juke i don't know what that is mom.h 5:24 right now.5:24 r n this might come as welcomeasel news after so many weeks ofmanys chilly weather and rain butut new weather reports suggest sug that this summer is going to gng be a scorcher. >> the fork shows that nearlyow the entire country is set to to experience an unusually hot summer for the. june, through august there's ats chance all of the states willtel be hit with high temperatures >> all right. rig. you've been warrant.een warrant. >> i'm okay with that.'m o >> i was going to say this is a pngroblem?roem >> right.>> r >> bring on the heat. h >> i think back to 26-inches 2in of snow and i'm like bring onrio global warming, man.
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>> if you look at this and youok see it's almost like there's ake big doughnut hole in thet h middle of the country wherecoy h temperatures are supposed touppe be about normal and then all all around that, you know, slightly above normal to ave noo little bit more above average. so, it's probably going to be a good forecast. forecas after a pretty strong el niño n that seems to be the 71 isn't the city, 71 for quantico. going into looks like whatikeha appears to be a la that's a big impact on whaton wt happens around here. h 8:00 a.m. up into the mid 70's.70's. few spots will still be in the 60's for the bushes suburbs but even the suburbs areurbs a pretty warm all things all thing considered this morning. 83 by lunchtime t it will bewill more humid today.moum you'll feel a little bit more.i. temperatures will get into thetn uner 80's. some spots to 90.o you got to add a few degrees deg for the feels-like temperatureel because the humidity levels will be a little higher today. there will be ss-ome e s thunderstorms possible outto there in spots.po not everybody is going to get t wet today, okay.ay, o just so you know. kw. there's your forecast andast a let's get over to caitlin rothlt who is in this morning for mni
5:26 am
talking a little bit about abo traffic. >> that's right. good morning gary. on-time traffic starting off with our first crash of the morning. prince william parkway at cayton hill road i hope i'm i'm saying that right, that's, t where we have the first crash. just use caution in that areare if that is where your commute takes you. y let's go over towardsver alexandria area.alex lights are on -- are flashing. h this is route one at at huntington avenue. avenue. obviously they've probablysly ev just broke down there. flashing, use caution as you proceed through the intersection. that might cause some claimspr let's see if they c build as the morning commute builds, as far as the commute inmme comi maryland, southbound 200 to200 495 looking good. southbound 270 also good 80 to 109 and westbound on 50 you're y also clear 301 to 495. let's check our cameras righterr now in maryland. marylan here's a view of the top of topo the beltway. bel this is at new hampshirehampir avenue and even though thatth sun is just starting to rise ris and the commute is just is jus starting to pick up, we're noten seeing any reported delays
5:27 am
just quite that's a look at traffic. tff maureen and holly, back toac you. >> coming up on fox newsin morning, the secret service is once again in the news for disciplinary problemsnary problm involving its agents.s agent >> and there's growing concern c about a super bug which is resistant to antibiotics afterta pennsylvania women -- woman w fell ill to it.fell ill to >> as we head to break let's brl go ahead and take a live look across the d.c. region. rio time right now 5:27. 5:27. feels like summertime outrtim there.e. 71 degrees at this early fox5 news morning back rightack after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪>> >> straight ahead on fox news morning, historic visit ort subtle h apology? presidentrese obama makes a controversialtrer visit to a memorial for thefor t victims of the u.s. nuclear attack on japan during worldurio war ii.i. american super federal health leadersh lders announce the first case of af u.s. citizen contracting ang virus which is resistant too all antibiotics.ibiotics and same song, just a different day. day. another metro station is shut is down after smoke is detected dee inside an electrical room.oo fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> hi. good morning to you. thank you very much for waking w up with us. with i'm wisdom martin.m om m >> and i'm holly morris. today is friday, friday, friday may 27th. 2 >> we've got the crew here. h we've got gary mcgrady
5:31 am
caitlin roth has graced us u with her h we'll talk weather and traffic c coming up in just a moment. but first let's talk aboutt let' this. we have some news. n president obama just wrapped jup up his visit to hiroshima toiroa the shrine in japan.the shrine a itpa was an historic moment as a he was the first sitting u.s.tig president to visit hiroshima aoi place devastated by america's aa use of the atomic bomb in i world war ii. >> fox5's annie yu joins us u now with more. annie, what did he say.t did >> reporter: good morning.or we have been watching this minute by minutete history beinb made today. it's a first for a sittingng u.s. president to visit the hiroshima shrine. the president calling for a world free of nuclear weapons. o while he admits his goal is is unlikely to happen during hisins lifetime he did say thatay that progress is being made excuse md me. president obama just finishedob speaking to the crowd gatheredor the the peace park alongside ali prime minister shinzo abe.nzo a. after the leaders laid a wreath at the memorial thee al president met with atomic bombmb survivors and other
5:32 am
stirring mixed emotions.moon 200,000 people were killed when the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on here shima 71e s years ago.yearago. 73,000 more died in a second bombing at nagasaki and thoughho an apology would please somee so in japan the white house is stressing president obamainpresd would not apologize for the attack that forced the the sunshine render of imperialia japan and ended the second s world war. the visit itake a listen.n >> we can learn. we can choose. we can tell our children a different story. one that describes a common humanity, one that makes war less likely and cruelty less easily accepted. aep >> reporter: the president presi says he also sees this visits as a way to strengthen tiesgthe with japan
5:33 am
as we honor the lives lost. over to you. tou >> well, if you're thinking of avoiding the memorial day memory traffic this weekend byis wee b staying in town, and you planoup to take metro to get around, a you might actually wind up inp n more traffic.ic >> all right. a this just hours after a shutdown caused yet another anoh fire at mcpherson square station.station. >> melanie alnwick joins us now with the very latestie. hey, mel., >> reporter: hey, 10:30 lastte night, yeah, another or:ne of o these smoke incidents inside ins of mcpherson square brought brot d.c. fire and ems crews out fortunate no fire, just a lot of smoke in an electrical room from a tripped breaker. b it did shut down service onvice the blue and orange for aeor little while. whi you know that hot wire saysot w that washington, d.c. is onehino of the top sixn, destinationsesn for memorial day travelersrialat this w. but it is not going to be ae a holiday weekend for metro maintenance workers and it isi s going to impact people who thought perhaps that metro met would be the best way to get downtown. let's show you the orangeng line. li
5:34 am
the impact here.e pact here. orange line is going to be completely closed this weekend. silver line trains are going to replace the orange line but l you can't get on any trains at vienna dunn loring and westphals chomp.weal thoswestphals church. c those stations will be closed.eo you have to take a bus or driver to the east fallse eastal church station and take yourak luck there with parking.parkin red, silver, blue and greenen lines, they'll all be singlee sl tracking this weekend, unto 20,2 minutes between trains, so you o really want to check those t time schedules and do not want to have to wait there if youheru can avoid it. yellow line trains will bell stopping at mount vernon vno square, not continuing anying further north than that.r nortat so, we know they're going tong be doing the regular track circuit stabilizations, working on the rails, the things that we know that theyaty said they were going to havey wa to start taking care of especially when that safe track plan begins. bin want to let you know memorialw i day itself metro says the station is going to -- all stations
5:35 am
a.m. and close at midnight and parking will be free at metro m rail stations.tati so, that's what you need toeed know. make sure you check our app as well because we're going to have all of the service a of information, very important,n, r it's going to be changingbe cngn frequently.freq live at smithsonian, i'man, melanie alnwick.menie back to you guys.youuys. >> 5:35 right now and the first case of antibioticntioti resistant infection in theon inh united states, the i super bug was that found in the urinaryri tract of a 49-year-old9-ye pennsylvania woman.penn >> now doctors say she has notas traveled within the past five pi months which raises serious ser concerns over this case andase because that means that she contracted this virus insidesns the united states.eds. now, experts say it can canan impose a risk for rut teen rutee infections if it spreads. sprea >> the gene was found in people and pigs in china last year. this comes six years after a different superbug gene was discovered in india back in 2010. 20 more than 40 secretmore t service employees have beenen disciplined for reviewing the private records of afo u.s. congressman who was
5:36 am
congressional probe of the agency. agency homeland security secretaryec jeh johnsourn says 57 agencygenc employees including 11 senioren officials the were reviewed reve for accessing representativeate jason chaifetz's file.etz's fi johnson says the punishments pum include a letter of reprimand for one employee and suspendedpd discipline and suspensionsusns without pay for up to 45 days. >> listen, it's mild out thist s morning i mean, some woulde w even say it's pretty warm out there with temperatures in theue 70's. here in town, we haven't hen't dropped off below 71 degrees1 de yet. annapolis is gorgeous thisor morning at 68.8. sunrise is great, too., o. hey, snap me a picture of the sunrise this morning. morning. you can tweet it to me if youmeo want. want. it's gary fox5 d.c. and thenx5 n you can put it on my facebook fo page if you'd like but it'sou'd gorgeous out there.rgeo so if you get one send it myd it way, i'll share it put it on it everything, all that good stuff.f. leonardtown is 71 degrees.1 deee here's our planner for today.od more humid today.idoday you'll really begin feel that so the high of 88 i think
5:37 am
feels more like 90 to 91 inn some cases.meas we'll drive a few -- it willit l drive a few thunderstorms iner some places p not everybody. everybody not area wide. wid just a few out there late thises afternoon.rn there's you were more about that later. f now let's get to caitlin rothtot with a look at your traffic.our. >> thank you gary.y. 5:37 and on-time traffic let'sff start off with metro now, this is not what melaniet is talking about with weekendh e closures. this is right is right no speed restrictions at a mcpherson square yet again a this morni orange line delays to new carrolton, silver line delaysely to largo town center and also delays to largo outplay line. l expect the out of mcphersonrson square. crash and closure princeosur william parkway east at caden an hill road.ll r now we are reporting a closure u here so use caution and avoid ad the area if you can. that's a look at trac wisdom and holly, back to you.ku >> coming up on fox5 news morning, memorial day weekendore the unofficial start of summer m but it's also the unofficial start of pool season.ea we have opening ceremonies cerem straight ahe
5:38 am
>> it seems rio has not doneot n enough to prepare for a potentially hazardousar environmental problem. >> as we head to break right h now, live lookea outside, thesi, sunday evening up. it's up and popping ining i some spots right now.. looking out across the region, g the time now is 5:38. 5 we're back in a moment.
5:39 am
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>> a missed opportunity leading up to the summerg olympics in brazil that's the message from reday janeir rio di officials in rio say a real rea cleanup is going to take 20ak years something olympicmpic organizers promised to do inon time for the opening ceremony. overseas the a pyramid in cairo egypt was reopened yesterday for the first time in 20 experts say the pyramid wasramis the last one built during the fifth dynasty roughly 2500ly years before the birth of christ. two tombs closed since thes 1980's were also reopened ford o the first time. te. >> the mother of the affluenza n teen ethan couch indicted onic charges of helping her son
5:42 am
intflee to mexico. drinking alcohol would have been a violation of his a v initial sentence of probation pa for the 2013 wreck that killed four people. peopl last month ethan couch was ordered to serve nearly two years in coming up on fox newsew morning memorial day weekend day in the district is always full of things to do and see ofee o course including the 29th annual rolling thunder ride.ol li>> yeah, that seems like a lo of fun. and memorial day weekend isri always a big time to go to theo movies as well. two big ones opening up today.od we're going have a preview of pw both coming c >> as we head to break, hto bre though, here's a live lookre a l across the d.c. region. 5:42 right now. n we are at 71 degrees.1 gree we are kicking off thehe unofficial start to summeroumme just right. just r happy friday.haay we're back right after this. thi >> ♪ >> ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> that's national harbor and those are empty chairs now butna tpthey won't be soon because b let's see , who is going to be,h down there? one person named holly, another person namedn nad wisdom -- we have to say we're contractually obligated to sayll wisdomy martin. marti tucker barnes is down there. who is the fourth claire for.rer >> said guests.>> s >> it's a beautiful morning. mor we planned it just perfectly per out there, zip trips starttart today. all summer long. lg. here's reagan national.
5:46 am
71 degrees.71egrees. dulles 69. bwi marshall 70 degrees. 70 gr i was lying, we don't have to ho say wisdom martin.say we can just say whiz or we canor say wisdom.say those two. that's what we can say.'s wha hot and humid today and it and looks like temperatures will be running three -- two,wo 3 degrees above actual air actua temperatures, that will be thee real feel. real high pressure all up and downdo the east coast.the st c perfect timing, too. t we keep the cooler stuff backtub out to the west.out to t unofficial start of summer of se course, of course starts thisrtt week.we pool season.po sea as we start getting intoo sunday, monday, we begin to begt get really influenced by lowy pressure to the south of us. this could become tropical. tpi i don't believe it will but itli could, okay. still beingev monitored quite closely. high pressure off to the east of us. so, all this flow betweene thee two systems bringing moisture me back into the area.e ar tomorrow is good.oo sunday looks pretty good.ooks p. a few more clouds there and then on memorial day, we begineb to have more clouds here, a greater chance of some showersao and some thunderstorms comingorn up on monday.
5:47 am
i don't think you should worryur too much at this point. ais p it's looking like memorial dayrl not too bad even though we'll have more -- less sunshine andse at least the threat of raint oai but it doesn't look like a doeso washout. at least it doesn't look like't a washout right now.ow. it's a forecast. fecas things can change.hang hopefully it won't. today's high temperatureem 88 degrees but remember with b the humidity it will feel will hotter than. hotter t that i think it's going to t hieasily feel 90 to 91 in91 i places.plac a few afternoon and eveningnd ei thunderstorms really after 4 o'clock. that's when it looks likeik they'll start building ading little bit. winds out of the south five toof 10 miles per hour and your ter u seven-day forecast looks likeasl this. 89 today but feels hotter withoh the humidity.ty. 87 tomorrow but it will feel wil hotter with the humidity.h thhui little cooler with more clouds on sunday, 84. sun still a little bit on the t humid side. s memorial day still muggy m 80 degrees there chance forhae r some showers and sho thunderstorms. thunderstorms possible on --ssib who cares after memorial day,afi right? [laughter] who cares. look if you
5:48 am
here's caitlin roth. caitlot >> it feels like sum it or there. all right, starting to feeltartn like memorial day weekend onor the roads. th not quite traffic hasn't been too bad. b still following this one crashra and closure prince william parkway, this is eastbound at caton hill road. a crash there has closed the so again that's eastbound atha caton hill road.oa use some caution where there are delays there. lights continue to be repaired p around this is route one ate onat huntington avenue. a they broke they were flashing. fsh use caution as you proceed y prd through the intersection.erctio. let's check out our cameras. we more sunlight and we're ae're looking at the eisenhauer eisenr connector on the beltway if weon can get to those t cameras. cam there we go.e we everything is moving fine actually right before 6:00 a.m. and we're in the seeing sen too much volume at this beltway no real reportedd delays or accidents.iden here we are at braddock road r and there is just some lightom l volume starting to move in but b everyone is moving at speed. spe let's go back to
5:49 am
if we can get back to those t t maps, we'll fill you in on the n rest of the commute.ommute metro big story, speedry, speed restrictions again thisst morning. that's at mcpherson square. squ. orange delays to neways to new carrolton.ol silver and blue you're going bl' to see some delays to largo t town center. that's a look at traffic.ff holly and wisdom, back to you. >> outrage brewing online this e morning over an advertisement for chinese laundry >> take a look at this.k at the ad shows a woman doing heroh laundry when a black man approaches her to flirt. fli she tosses him in with a load ld of clothing and will reemerges he's a chinese man dressed in in a clean white shirt.hite the internet has responded rpo with shock and offense at thishi advertisement. people from china and aroundinan the globe have condemned theondt commercial and question whyue something so racist was everas e even produced. produce >> there are a whole lot of lot things that are wrong with t that ad. i'm sorry, theha ad comes ofom o course just months after
5:50 am
thai beauty company was forced f to release an apology after aft its commercial by saying just j by being white you will win. w >> all right.>> a rig well, let's just move on fromovf that. 5:50 is the time. t let's take a look at some of ato the other stories you'reorie y engaged with on social mediasoci this morning. >> maureen umeh is over at our realtime news tracker with thecw latest.test. hey, mo. >> good morning, guys. chief cath lanier speaking to fox5 this week about d.c. police's dwindling numbers. her plan to increase the force, offer higher pay to officers planning on retiring rr in order to keep them on asm on they rebuild the staff.taff. chief lanier says 60 percent of her command staff captain and above are eligible toelle t retire right now so in order to bridge this gap of attrition she wants the tool tho offer higher pay for the next pr two to three years. y memorial day of course is the unofficial start of summerum but before the barbecues andbeca good times begin arlington arlgt national cemetery is marking the real meaning of memorialmeri day. da thousands of american flags f were placed by fallen soldiers l graves yesterday's in thes ye flags in event a practice thatea
5:51 am
for a behind the scenes look scl at the touching traditiontion visit tom fitzgerald'sitzg facebook page. if you're staying in towng w this weekend you'll hear theea roar of rolling thunder. tnd it's back once again in theinn streets. riders will take the city by by storm on sunday hoping to drawgw attention to the needs oftohe ne military veterans and shoulders still missing andsi suffering as prisoners of war w across the globe and those are o your trending stories.g sri >> thanks mo.>> we hope that you're going to join us for fox5 two part special presentation that'sn coming up. it's called beyond the lens the saluting america's military. mit we'll honor those who servedho r and continue to serve ourtie to country. the first installment airsllnt s tonight at 10:30. 1 set your dvr. you really want to see this.s. the second installment iss monday, memorial day at 5:30 both of them right here ofht h course on on beginning today movie m goers will have a chance to go o down the rabbit hole once again alice through theale throe looking glass returns to the whimsical world of wonde
5:52 am
in this one alice travels backlc in time to save the mad hatte hatter. >> mia wash copa reprises her role.role johnny depp plays the mad hatter. ha >> also in theaters today the return of the x-men in x-men apocalypse and they take ony ke the world's first mut the film is set in the 1980's. jennifer lawrence returns toaw her rolere as mystique. mysti james mcavoy returns in his role as charles xavier and michael fassbender plays magnioto. kevin is going to join us live s during the next hour and talkt a about his review of the movie.ov >> all right. nyhar an 11-year-old fromar-o austin texas was a co-winner cwi in the scripps national national spelling bee but he alone wins i the award for the most bee mt swagger.r. >> here's why. hs why. now while his competitor jarem r was spelling a complicatedplat word check him out rightig there.
5:53 am
playing mind tricks. he even look his head as jarem j gang to falter and missng to far spelled the word. they wer ae the 2016 bee6 champions. ch it's the third time in three ite years the competition hastion h ended in a tie. tie. >> we're going to talk withal him today.him t >> okay. >> both of them they're goinge g to be a part of our zip trip z t out at the harbor. the hbor. >> that's cool. >> it's time for d.c. to haveo a pool party.a today the city kicks off itss f outdoor pool season. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser will be at the oxon run run outdoor pool to celebrate thera reopening of a summertime staple. the pools will officially open n on saturday. s >> time now to say goodime morning to our facebook fan ofoo the day and it is zach williams senior. >> what? who is that standing n beside him. beside >> looks like tony perkins.. >> it does. d zach met some of the fox5he f family at nationals park and he was thrilled that tuckerilke did his signature walk for him m and said that tony
5:54 am
too. >> for the chance to be tomorrow's facebook fan of theo day head to our fox5 facebook5 k page and post a selfie below that you could win what, whiz. >> how about four tickets to tio six flags. sounds good, doesn't it? the t new splash waterfalls park islls open and ready for you to come o out and experience it.ience it. go to between now and 11:59 p.m. and5n enter for a chance to win.foa one winner selected by randomdo drawing on may 31st. m 3 you will entrants must be 18 b or older. complete rules and onlinete rula entry he arend available at >> ♪ >> holiday weather forecast, w gary. >> i think i might just showhtut this for the rest of thet t morning because this is whateca everybody wants to know.w. we're hot today, no doubt, noou humid with a couple of what about tomorrow? tomorrow is great. hot and humid but dry.
5:55 am
87 degrees. it will feel like 90.0. less sun on monday.on more clouds coming in. hopefully -- you know, we're kn' going to have some showers a-few thunderstorms,, too butrmo hopefully they're not justot going to completely ruin the the day or wash out the day.he day. temperature there a littlee th cooler, right around a 80 degrees or so.80 all right, let's d talk about ao what's happening today. clouds can come in across this morning but they're high and they're thin and it's just ain ' gorgeous morning out there ifnio you like it mild or muggy. starting offer in the 60's andnd 70's. we warm up today upper 80's0' but again more it will feel likn e it's about a 90 to 91. 9 couple of thunderstorms possible this afternoon, this evening after 4 o'clock, okay.4' so, anything before then looks s like we're going stay dry.ngtay next seven days look likeen daye this. right on through thegh unofficial start of kind of going to feel like summer, which is g all theh is t pools are opening. here's caitlin roth. r >> about time.>> about t i mean, we've got some weatheree to make up for from the rest the of the month, right? we're? w' finally doing it.lly dog i all right, metro this morning, m
5:56 am
about delays and shutdown this i weekend but we have issues h this morning. if you're about to head out of mcpherson square metro station due to speed restrictions onpe the orange line we've gotedge delays to new carrolton.arroon say very and blue delays toelayt largo town center. crash and closure we mentioned n earlier prince william parkwayy is closed eastbound at caton c hill road due to an earlier eari crash so use caution in thatti spot if that's yes your yes commute takes you and finally a look at area airports. apo if you're flying to get out of o town this holiday weekend not looking at any issues at least a not right now out of dulnyles de reagan and bwi so safe travelsas to everyone. that's a look at traffic andraff now we send it back to holly h and wisdom. >> thanks, caitlin. >> as 34 million of us will o w drive this holiday weekend aeend new report says uber and lyft drivers are safer behind the s wheel than the average driver. >> plus we are zip tripping toip the national harbor.alar we're going to check in with w our tucker barnes when fox55 news morning continueaf
5:57 am
right now, 5:56. it's 71 degrees holly we got to change. hange. we got to go.we to g >> we got to go. >> what?>> >> ♪ >> ♪
5:58 am
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g with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00tr history in
6:00 am
president barack obama visits the city but not withoutit controversy. >> also metro riders facingsac long delays this holidays h weekend.ek this comes hours after a scareca involving smoke at mcphersoncphn square. we will tell you what you need n to know. w. >> and it's a special d we're kicking off our zip trip t season. giving you that live look att our inaugural location foror 2016. 2016. that's the national harbor.l it is may 27th. imay 2 today is the start to memorialme day weekend. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's atd 6:05.:05. our believe our tucker barnes is already at the harbor. >> crew got drown overnight tot set up. >> a lot goes into it. i'm looking fdrorward to it. to good morning, i'm allison'm aisn seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i of course back here in the studio we'll keep you up t'moo date on everything happening around the area and worldand w today. the president making history. hs he became the first sittingit president to visit the hiroshima shrine.hiroe. >> it's a place where americaree used the atomic bomb in


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