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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 27, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, the str unofficial start to summer. memorial day weekend is here s. that means packed roads andd roa airports. but if you're sticking close toe home getting around won't be ana we'll tell you why
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president obama makingakin history.hist today he became the first f sitting president to visitisit hiroshima the sight of the firse atomic bomb attack ever.r. he used the occasion to makeionm cull for peace.cull but not everyone was a fan of f his message. words you never even heard h of but still too easy for the fr third year in a row the swellinl bee ends in a we'll hear from the winners anda show you why you don't mess with the best.t. and later, the nats lucky number might be 107. 107 we're dancing our way into the e weekend with miss good day at 9a starts now. ♪ if you only so you gary mcgradyg >> good day.>> gd da >> oh, boy. b >> you looked good >> it is 9:01 on this friday may
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i'm maureen alongside thesidehe beautiful allison seymour, theue handsome steve chenevey. holly and wisdom --do >> they got the best assignmentn of the day. of t if you want to justin timberlake retweet get miss virginia to to dance to justin timberlake and a you know he'll eat that up. up. let's get to national harbor right now. tucker barnes is down thereown e along with holly and wisdom. our first zip trip of the summer season. good morning, everybody.verybo >> good morning.. >> everyone is really getting gg into the swing. swing. not only the holiday weekend but summer.. it feels hot. >> we don't mind the heat. h especially when we got all thist going on behind us. bind all right.. >> we got a lot planned. p there's more to come. remember kris jenkins who made m that game winning shot.nning sh. i keep talking about this he'llh come down here w
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who played for north carolina.oa >> you going to show him whatowh you got. >> even though we have nothougha basketball or no basketballaske hoop. >> you don't need that. ou i don't need that. >> you got skills. y >> i got skills.>> >> you got skills for >> i like that. >> listen, you know what else,oh we also have the capital wheelaw is actually celebrating its second anniversary.ersa >> okay. >> it's been open.t's we'll go up.we'l up we'll take a look at it -- i >> you're going to go up.o >> they're both afraid. bd. i'm going up i'm the only one brave in this group and i'll gol up and take you along with me. >> we got a lot more plan. pla >> yeah. >> we good.>> >> i'm good. i don't know where i'm going bum i'll have great time. >> knot that's not anything new. tucker doesn't know where he's e going much these people got thet memo. they're already here. >> you can come down and join un because the more the merrier ana this is just our first zip tripi kick off the whole summer seasoa and we want you to be a part oft it. it. >> come on down here. com hang out. out >> queue the music.he music let's
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>> music.>> music >> ♪ >> here we go. ♪ >> you can see all the fun they're having. >> yes. >> seat sunshine and i tell youu what, gary, looks like it willil continue through this lovely l memorial day weekend.. >> high five. five. >> >> sunshine warm temperatures -a holly said it was almost hot ouo >> it is hot. it's 75 degrees. >> 75 degrees. 76 and here's more heat, more mr humidity today. tay it will feel more hugh made today than it did again temperatures now acrossers the region 75 here. 76 for culpeper leonardtown is 73 d
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annapolis is already up to 76. 7 more humid today we have a chance for some for sm showers and thunderstorms lateet this afternoon.this aernoon so look they'll be widely wid scattered not talking about anoa lot just a few winds will be south at five tove 10 miles per perour. it looks like probably afterfter 4:00 o'clock would be the besthb chance of thunderstorms really y bit of a summertime pattern andn this quickly settled your holiday week and forecast s looks good. hot and humid tomorrow. tor temperature upper 80s again it a will feel like 90.ike 9 more scattered thunderstormsnder come back into the forecast forr sunday.sund monday, too, it hook like more e clouds for memorial day.ay temperature gets up to aboutbo 80 degrees or so. s for high temperature and i think of the three days of the weeke weekend, it does look like it do memorial day probably be thebe best day to get showers maybersy some thunderstorms. okay? doesn't mean we're alle'e wet but just so you know kno memorial day is the mostay is em unsettled of the three days.. >> at least it stays warm. guys. >> thanks, gary.ary. >> speaking of memorial daymorid weekend we know the roads the airports are always packlway everybody trying to get out ofye town for the long weekend iff
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blowing off your plans and p a staying in town this weekend yod may be in for travel mess rightt melanie joins us with why it wht might be harder to get around an the city this particular long weekend.ek why is that, mel?hat, m >> reporter: one word.or metro. let's make would it words metro repair. pa it's really going to begoi to affecting a lot of people whoeoe are coming downtown smithsoniani station here one of the more t m popular ones on holiday weekende this a really big destinationtii we've already run into so manyso nice people who are here fore rolling thunder and other memorial day activities. but anybody who lives in then excerpt on the outer parts or o traveling hoping to use thehopis metro system needs to know whato is going to be changing for thif weekend.ek let's show you first of all o al orange line is the biggestigge disrupt the and tire orange linn is going to be shut down. dn that means at the orange linengl you can take silver line trainsa but you are also going to haveov to wait little while.hile in addition, vienna done loringn and west falls church stationsho completely
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east fall church.rc if you need to take a bus fromuf the vienna done loring or westit falls church you can do so oro r drive to the east falls churchh station. the red, silver, blue and greene lines single we know here in d.c. what thattt means.means that means long delays. day in some cases it could be 20 minutes between trains. tra so again very important to chece those timetables so you don'toud end up just barely missing youry train. also, on the yellow line, theint northern most stop will be mounm vernon square it will stop sp will not go any further. you have to check also withk ali metro to see how they're going to be bus around that that olea on on our website and on our app. app. make sure you keep that with yo because that will tell you if yu there are any service changes or delays. really want to check thatanto c timeline.time memorial day, metro is going tot open at 7:00 o'clock in theoc t morning. close at midnight and parking pg will be free at all metro stations. live from smithsonian station downtownsm, i'm melanie alnwickn back to you gus.
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>> fortunately not that this ist making it any better it's a gooo weekend to talk around if youf want to explore the city by fo foot. great wet conditions to do thatt >> president barack obama makinc history again this morning.orng becoming the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima,, japan, and marking the atomicc bomb attack there more than 70 years ago that led to the end od the world's deadliest war. w while the visit has been b welcomed by some welcomed withih controversy as you might imagi imagine. doug luzader is down at the ward wore two memorial with more nown >> reporter: this memorial inori washington reminds us of u.s..s. sacrifice during world war ii. i at least 300,000 u.s. servicece members killed in battle duringr that war. war all brought into new perspectivi this morning as president visits hiroshima. president obama this morning b bowing, putting a wreath andting taking part in something no sitting us president has everase done visiting hiroshima, japan,j
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attack that helped bring an ende to world war ii.. >> the flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city. demonstrated mankind possessed the means to destroy itself. i >> reporter: attack back in 1945 leveled the city. cy killing someone hundred 40,0000 people. but the scene as the best optioo to avoid land invasion of japan. >> which could have resulted in far more deaths and it didid eventually lead to japan's surrender the president used hid remarks this morning to call for a global reduction in nuclearar weapons. weapons >> we must have the courage tore escape the logic, pursue a world without. >> reporter: the president did d not apologize for the attack asa many japanese had been hoping.op but many back in the u.s.. bristle at the notion of anotioa apology include something worldw war ii vet who's saw first handh the cruelty of japanese soldieri during the
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lester funny survived the death march. >> i'll never forget it.t. and so for that reason at all, l no reason for to us apologize to them. not any reason whatsoever.. we fought a war to win and that's what we should have done. win. >> reporter: the president didr: meet with some survivors of t te bombing this morning. morning saying what happened here should lead to what he called a moral awakening. japan's prime minister meantimee says this visit opens up newp nw chapter of reconciliation in hio words between the us and japan.. in washington, doug luzaderd fox news. 9:10 is the time. is e ti annie is back with a check of ck the stories making headlines this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, good morning. first up on the campaign trail t republican presidential nomineem donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are considering ane conn unusual arrangements that couldc help both men side line theirei competitors hillary clinton.or the two men are hoping to stages an exclusive presidential debate
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not invited. the idea would was hatchedas during an appearance by trump on abc jimmy kimmel live earlier er this week and trump said he would ask the network thattw t hosted the debate to donate money generated from the specials rate to go chair are the supporting women's hellell issues. and police have made arrest inrn that deadly shooting at a ti concert in new y authorities say the suspect is a rapper named roland collins whos goes by the stage name troy av y seen on surveillance videocev footage firing gun family members of the man whothw died says he was a member of collins there's new clue in the searchia for the egypt airplane crash c that killed everyone on board.r. search teams in thenhe mediterranean picked up a beakub couldn't that believed to be belong to the aircraft. investigator sauce this helpship search teams narrow down the d search where the plane's black a boxes. the lawyers still kicking in thi western conference last night aa must win for them. steph curry finished with 31d w points the final score was 120
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game six is tomorrow andro a oklahoma and finally, this story isty almost too wild to believe.eve. a bird accused of taking tin evidence from a crime scene. sce you have to see this photo of him. earlier this week, a man set fire -- i know. i know. kno he's very -- he has lot a character.char man set fire to vehicle in vancouver and threatened policee with name this bird canukird c watched the scene from a top tht flaming car and then swooped ind grabbed the knife from behindeh the police tape after the manten had been apprehended.nd the weapon was eventuallyventll recovered by police at which point canuck meant attempts too steal glasses and equipment froi a news crew standing by he was h not charged with any crime orme tampering with evidence. edenc >> how do we know this bird has a >> he's a notorious -- he hasas reputation for stealing things.g like pedestrians walking down d the street lose their hats. >> you know what, i think i read that crows do that. t they take it they have a
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chest. >> you're absolutely right.ig. they're very curious. cio >> and smart. >> so this bird expert was likek canuck probably thought thehougt handle was food and shiny part was like a foil with food in it. >> i'm sorry i love canuck i'm ' going to say.. >> i love crows.. >> thanks so much. m still ahead, khloe's special dal we'll show you how one communiti is trying to bring joy to j t six-year-old fighting for herg r life right >> we'll head back down to national harbor. take look at the five must stops for you on your next visit to t the maryland waterfront. 9:13. 9: party on, guys.on, guy party on ♪ ♪
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>> you are looking live at national harbor we are zip tripping today. the good day d.c. wisdom martinr and holly morris and tucker barnes having a good time outav there. nice weather, too.nice wer >> great >> so you know the question if o you have not yet exploredet exp national harbor things changebos all the time even since we werer last there in september for ourr last zip trip of last season. s what do you do. >> we've got the five must stops neck time you go to the nationan harbor. tuck
9:17 am
>> ♪ stand by me >> they are not going to listenl to us right now.ghnow >> we hear you. >> this has been a process.roces >> we got you. y >> we're doing our thing here. >> we're having a great time. t you mentioned the five mustive m stops sponsored by mazda.. lots and lots to do here at he national harbor.arr >> let's get to the five musthee stops. stop >> ♪ stand by me >> ♪ stand by me, darling,ling, stand by me ♪ >> come on tucker. >> number five, the peep store.o one of only three in the entirer country right here. they're not just for easter ande not just marshmallows either. number four, marvel the t brain store forget your stomachc what about your brain? thisai? store has all kinds of cool of o stuff to challenge you.enge y your kids will love it and i promise so will you.ll y. number three succotash sta restaurant
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your taste buds will love it. i was then tis southern style food here in maryland run by a a celebrity chef.y c perfect for intimate dinners, aa big party or just drinks. d checking in at number two, movies on the potomac.. yeah, movies by the river side.d date nights and family nights n from comedies to classics allcs summer long and the number onere must stop, drum roll, please,as it's the capital wheel. w you may have seen it or heard oe about it but if you haven't been on it i promise you're missing out.. the gondolas are open all year a round with beautiful views ofie our entire area.. so now is the time where wee tell you about this fantastican automobile. mazda is a sponsor of our zipurp trips and by the end of the summer, someone is going to win new suv. we'll take sip trips every tri e friday until 11 a.m. 15 trips.15 tri each week.ea week off chance to register and within a new
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register go to our website and look for the contest tab 14 finalists will be selected bi-weekly random drawing. one of those 14 will win the 2016 mazda cs9 so head to to enter and learn more. i got a chance, say it's a pretty sweet car. sweet c it. >> looks good. >> it look real good. it ok r >> especially with the sunshining on it. >> gorgeous day. you know a little run dmc with aerosmith.smh >> let's do it. >> ♪ >> all right. rht. let's toss it. this is fun. toss it to holly down at theownt wheel. wh >> here we go.e we g. >> we going to sing this? >> ut-oh. >> come on tucker. ♪
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>> they're having a good time.oo that's a good part. p that's awesome. 9:20 right now hollywood honor for our men and women in uniform. one of the stars of 13 hours 13 joins us live and retrieve sol s soldiers from the movie. the m a couple of former marines we ms should say going to be joiningei us live.use. first though a six-year-oldix-yl knows how to make an entrance. a we'll show you how bring care tt young girl fighting we'll be right back.'ll be righ.
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>> welcome back bac 9:23. 9: more importantly it is thet is t inaugural event that we've beene waiting for summer is here, is h we're kicking off zip trip 20161 we're at the national harbor. >> specifically at the capitol c wheel right now the number one n holly on the five must stop lisi of the national harbor.r. >> yes. >> good morning.oomorn >> reporter: all right. good morning to you.odning t i'm glad you're coming to us to wait for it, wait for it, we
9:24 am
at the top 180 feet up.p that's how high the nationalhe wheel goes. i think i just -- this is the number one spot you come to inot the summer.. because temperature controlled. air-conditioning rocks in this gondola as melissa norris the sales and managing marketingarti manager for the wheel.el >> thank you so much for havingg us. >> thanks for being here. we're so excited.nkwe'r exc >> and happy second birthday.ira >> i thank you. y we made it.e i >> you have made it and in twotw years time, really the capitol wheel has become another symbolm for our nation's capitol whichah is amazin amazing because we hac pretty mazing monuments andonum stuff here. >> yes. we had amazing connotations. we are honored to be mentioned among those big monumentsts downtown.dotown really eited >> one of the things they can do the capitol wheel that we can'te do with the washington monumentt is, um, you can light it up in different colors with differentt themes and we've seen that i
9:25 am
>> yes.>>es. >> let's talk about in terms of when you guys decided to do that and how you go about doing that. >> sure. we always keep a finger on thein pulse of the city and the newss and what's going on nationwide and around the whole world, and so really the way we do it is we keep an eye on the news and our much like the eiffel tower orl r empire state building and we'rew proud to be d.c.'s icon. show our community support. spo >> it's really a unifying symboo especially during those t difficult times in the worldhe w where possible are looking for r chance to come together but it'' also something fun. somet fun we say thank you for inviting ig lighting us last night withh figure fiv for people who haven't ridden r the wheel before how much does it cost how do you get tickets?e how many people can ride.e. >> shoutly. you can buy tickets online or here on the peer. p it is
9:26 am
kids or 11 count 25 and seniorsn and military are $13. >> i understand there's eight people per car, right. >> yes.. >> there's one vip v car >> one vip car.. >> and why are we not in thatt one? >> we needed some space to movev to do the view. gondola has four bucket seats. >> sign me up. >> it's not to be this really is something speciae that we have here you can fine f it only at national harbor.arbo back to you all. all >> looks like fun holly.ooks thank you.ank you >> i did it last st was awesome. >> still ahead on good day dan dancing with with dus. wait until you see who the nats recruited to bring a little lifl to the team.he trust me on this one. o you'll love it. >> it will warm your heart for f sure. re the holiday weekend is and so is our first zip trip. tri we'll take you back out tout t national harbor for
9:27 am
our first responders. >> a spelling bee gets -- show-s you how the bee clapped back on twitter troll. ♪
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9:29 am
>> i love it. >> i do, too. >> all right. we're talking
9:30 am
out steve.oueve >> rolling witness right now.. >> special warning. it's friday folks. folks the brain is not working so we well. >> for special six-year-old girr from marlboro fighting cancer but today she's putting theting battle aside to enjoy a surprisr made especially for her. >> bob barnard is live at benjamin something creative and performing arts please correct me on that if i i said it wrong it's in suitland n to tell us about khloe's specias day. how do you say the name of the school.ho >> reporter: floyd.>> repter: benjamin floyd.amin floyd school for creative ande and performing arts here guys. we're on the mourning side side section near s it's great, guys.atguy a lot of kids. kids. hey, guys, good morning. mni >> hi.>> >> there you go, guys. khloe's classmates.te she's a six-year-old -- >> inaudible
9:31 am
>> make sure off partner. >> audio issues. i i'm trying to tal we're having audio issues rightt now. we have got to figure out what'a going on with khloe's big surprise.ri hopefully bob can tape it andca show us. hopefully we'll get it back. >> few gremlins in the audioreml this morning we'll sort it out.t it's very important story.tant o we want to make sure we bring ig to you. we want to do it the right way w and you want to hear bob and the kids.ds >> right. we'll get back to it. >> we have another amazing stora to bring you right now.. this happened yesterday here in the dc area.dc a she has been of course one muchs our favorite people to talk t about over the last few monthseh we talked with her life on theie air she joined by us by telephone after she met the met president this young lady right here
9:32 am
mclauren first made headlinesins when she fulfilled a live long dream and danced for the firstht family it was genuine excitemenm on her part and that was justus her reaction going into being so excited to be at the white housh and meet the first family.y. >> beautiful.>> >> well yesterday she made herd mark on another d.c. landmark. nationals park and you betteret believe she was dancing. dci she brought her dancing shoes to the ballpark. >> ay.>> >> part of black heritage day. given a special custom jersey with her name point and thentnd number 107. 1 did her signature dance withancw dusty baker before the firstir her first ever visit to a majorr league ballpark.. 107 years old.ld she never been to ballgame before.fore never been to ballpark before.. big kudos to the nats fordos ton inviting her to be a part ofar that. that. and the nats won the game fore f her as well.r as wl >> good deal.eal. >> homeruns by bryce harper,arp, danny espinosa. esp watch that video i posted ittet online and watch it over
9:33 am
over again and see that genuinen excitement.ment. it just warms your heart.rmyour >> beautiful. i love it. may we all be dancing at 100 1 years old. 107, please. okay. ok >> kisses to you.s you. okay. gary mcgrady wherever you are,re sir, how about that video? >> you know that is awesome is e want to say this, too.his, too it was not only, you know, maybe getting bryce back on track wita that big homer acknd espinosa tt and a win but it was dusty baker's 17th hundred victory viy as a manager in the major mor that's incredible, too.. so is there any possible way sh could go to every home nats (laughter). >> i mean she's good luck.n shed wow! that's so cool and steve ie did see that on your facebookaco page. it is incredible.credie >> warm conditions coming up. cp big ridge of high pressure uprer and down the east coast.t this is good for is this is why temperatures justs s jumped right back up to summertime values and thisnd ths morning i know you feel it.i owy you go out the house thisouse ti morning you feel summer is in the air. that means more humidity. hum by the weekend though there's aa area of low pressure.ressur we
9:34 am
to the coast. it could become tropicalcal something tropical it wouldou not -- we're not sure hurricanea center is monitoring this. this. but it does look like with lowit pressure to the south of us big bermuda high pressure to theh p east of us it's going to be funf link in the moisture so as weos get to sunday, not today, notodn tomorrow as we get to sunday and into memorial day, that meansham we'll have more clouds and thesn possibility of some here's the weekend forecast.. the holiday weekend forecast.. hot and humid tomorrow. tomro not quite as hot tomorrow.orro as what we are today but it'st's still got to be hot out there.he scattered thunderstorms possible sunday afternoon into sundayy evening. with more clouds, temperaturespa will only be in the middle 80sid as opposed to the upper 80s less sunshine on memorial day. we think there will be a littlel bit with tropical moistureoiur coming up from the south and son east. more clouds, a few more showerss potentially and rumbles ofbles o thunder as memorial day not perfect. pfe but we're hoping to keep most of it dry. d not completely a wash out you ot see the numbe
9:35 am
high temperature of only aboutut 80 degrees.80eg hoax back here at home today.ret 89 degrees for high temperatureu since there's more humidity, hid there's definitely going to be a more feels like temperature of about 99 to none before it's ali said and done.said we could have couple ofcof thunderstorm possible as well.a. real fast i want to show you thy seven day forecast so you get an idea.ea all the numbers on the seven dan are in the 80s. 80s. around 80 or memorial day.rial y there you just summertime pattern is herer for while.. guys.guys. >> gary, makes you want toakesow dance. >> it does.>> ies >> like miss virginia. by the way black heritage day ae the ballpark last night. bryce harper did his part he h homered off the upper deck right off of jackie robinson. >> you can put it on the board!a and okay. >> when you get a homerun.omun >> i love your call. >> thank you. >> maureen, even it was the bev thing ever i was going to haveov to do that for comedy sake. sak. >> put it on the
9:36 am
>> they can hear you down toou national harbor.nati harbor. let's get down there right now.w holly and wisdom are down theree it's time for firehouse fridayry sponsored by dunkin' donuts. don we'll season it back to the slsly. good morning.orning. >> good morning.>>ood mo if there ever there was a time m we shall have had an audio problem it should have been when maureen made that that's all i'm saying. saying. >> you know what i'm going to say, this is what i'm going tow say. these guys and women that arehaa part of the department hit iti out of the park every day.ry >> that's right. rht >> they always put their liveswa on the line for us that's why wy have firehouse fridays an channel chance for to us says thank you.thank you >> this is oxon hill station 828 and we're standing with deputyy fire chief ben and christian chi largo and the crew. thank you very much. first of all for everything that you do. d we appreciate it.ciate i and thank you very much for muc joining us this morning.rng >> thank you. y >> you take a lot of calls at cs the tells about the station.outhe so >> it's a busy station. stion we run about seven, 8,000 calls a year between the engines andnd medic.c. >> seven, 8,000 a year.
9:37 am
>> that is a lot. a lot of calls.lot ofls 50,000 people that live in thatt area, it is >> we have two differentfere perspectives right here becausec jury not from here. her you came here to do this. do t >> yes. >> how many years have you been with the department?ar >> i've been with the fireir department 29 years.9 >> you came from -- youame from- >> not including today?god >> not including today. tod you came from west virginia. >> born and raised in westai virginia. came out of college right intoii the fire service.thce best job in the world. >> meanwhile here fourthurth generation.generation. >> fourth generation.rtrati >> yes, that's your cousinou standing next to you.t to it's a family affair. what is it about being a first f responder that is in your blood? >> the excitement every day is s different.ff every call is different. you just never know. k it's not the same thing over ane over and over. and or. the excitement of every challenge. >> that is cool.ool. again, we want to appreciate what you do. we got a little something something for you. >> we do. w d >> just a little somethinge shi something. somethin >> there you go. courtesy of -- we got up very
9:38 am
i mean our friends at dunkin'uni donuts got up very early to bake take one.ta one go ahead. >> just one, sir. >> did you see that.ou see t >> i'm lead the way.d th way like a fullback here. h >> i also will take one. >> he took -- too >> there you go.>> t >> this is our health nut on the end. en i've fix it out.tut there you go. >> that's my man. m. taking the cream filled right there. there you go. th >> there you goer. >> i know you do seven or 8,0000 calls a year. y do you have a most memorable? ? that you can tell on tv? (laughter). >> not that i can tell on tv.n >> there you go. >> gentlemen, again, thank you,n very much for everything that da you. i know a lot of times it goes ge under appreciated.ciated but do you amazing work. w so thank you.ou. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> what's the biggest challengen you think on a day in, day out basis?
9:39 am
>> gosh. just making sure that we provide the best service that we can and making sure that we have have satisfied residents that one wee deliver that service.liveat s >> in your 29 years you've beene doing this, how have you seen io change over that time? >> it's been --n -- >> daily, right.aily,ight. >> with technology. with the apparatus.. i mean with media. i mean, you know, now you arriva on the scene someone has got to a camera. that's one of the challenges. cn everybody is watching now. so definitely don't want to makm any mistake.anmis >> the apparatus you wereatus y talking about right out what's that?what >> we know what it is. is. tell us how that assists you. y >> that is our fire boat. boa crew from down at the fortt washington station staffs thatfa and it's responsible for the harbor area. >> do you ren it out for partiei because it looks fun? and? before you go, i'm not letting t off the hook. h you're taking a boat of the donut. do it. you can run harder later. ler >> thank you all ve m
9:40 am
>> thank you very much. >> we salute you.lute y >> thank you. >> back to you guys in the loftl very nice. nice >> doughnuts looked good.doo they do look good. okay.ok >> shout out to everybody whosee out there working for fire for e departments across the area.s >> for sure. for >> taking a minute to rememberr what memorial day is really alll about. ab time now 9:40 we're back after t this. this. z2026z
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thousands of soldiers taking time out to honor the real morning of the memorial day holiday since 1948he the u.s. army's old guard has put a flaga in front of each and everynd e headstone at arlington in evenve an event called flags i it takes a thousand soldiersoler about four hours to place a flaf but the soldiers who do w d participate it's an honor to t take part in this tradition.. >> it's i couldn't believe just how many tombstones are out here all thet people who have died for ourur country and did the thing thattt most people wouldn't do.ldn' d >> it means a lot to theohe families.milies. does it mean as much to thehe soldiers.ldiers. >> definitely. just as much to us as it doeso t the >> if you come to the cemetery m during the holiday these flagssa remain in place through thecegh memorial day weekend.. they'll move remove the flags on tuesday.esda. we hope you'll join us for fox fox special called beyond theond
9:44 am
saluting america's military.'sir we'll honor those who served ane continue to serve our country. t first installment airs tonightog at 10:30. 10: the second installment airs a monday memorial day at 5:30 p.m. all right here on fox5. >> memorial day weekend as we know a time to remember themembt troops who served and sacrificei everything for our country as ws all know it's also the the unofficial start to summer. so that means huge consumeronsu spending a lot of people breaking out the bills for the holiday.hoy fox business network lauren lau simonetti breaks down thes downe business of memorial day. >> reporter: break out theut brewskis and fire up thee the barbecue. the unofficial start to summer m is here. >> memorial day is the start of the season, and so it's big big weekend where people areplere enjoying hotdogs on the grill and enjoying nice outdoore odoor weather for a change.ather >> repfoorter: first cook out of the year calls for hotdogs and d national hotdog and sausage council estimates people willpep eat about 200 million hotdogsot this weekend.nd aaa says more than 38 million8 o americans planning to somewhereo over the long weekend u.s.
9:45 am
spend $12 billion on trips overr 300 bucks each. memorial travel day weekend wilw seem busier than ever at the the airports this year especiallyspl with the tsa backup we're seeing.seng biggest piece of advice i cane a give travelers is to do the oneo thing that's under your controlc and get to the airport threeee hours early. that could be why most americans will drive.wi >> look at the road trips withiw your vicinity within a five-hou- drive hotels where you canou c easily go on sight like osh bith and get promo code for 15, 20% off.f. and take advantage of that for f short weekend get away that'syha not going to cost i was lot ofl money. >> reporter: cheaper gasolinease certainly helping.nly helping gas prices are currently 48urre4 cents lower than they were sames time a year ago.rgo these are the lowest summer prices we've seen since 2005.00. so that's inspired a lot of people to take road trip. >> reporter: memorial day weekend always goteod timing tot shopping. deal experts say you'll fine the best deals on mattresses, appliances and spring clothing. did you know that memorial day was celebrated
9:46 am
decades but in 1971 congresson stabbed holiday as the last monday in may tone sure a longg weekend.week in new york, mauer laurenn simonetti, fox business. busines >> look at her dropping dpp historical knowledge. i didn't know that. >> it's always great weekend. wd it's great weather here in d.c. if you're to the going anywhere check out movie a film or two. gi film festival is in town thin weekend. weeken kevin sits down with one of thee stars and the real lifee inspiration 13 hours the secretc soldiers of benghazi.iers o that's coming upf next.ex it's 9:46. 9:46.
9:47 am
9:48 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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9:50 am
>> we need more information tham that.or >> attackers in several positi positions.ti. >> listen up. u none of have you to go. t we are the only help they have. >> move, move. mov >> see that.eeha that is clip from the actionthn drama 13 hours the secret sec soldiers of benghazi. benaz now it tells the story of the attack on the u.s. embassy inn libya in september of 2012 thata left ambassador chris stevens s dead and the security team that risked its life. it is showing in dc this weekenw as part of the gi film festival. kevin has one of the stories a andly soldiers it was based on.d >> here in d.c. kev it's been ss politicized when you think ofouo benghazi and hear about benghazz this the actual story
9:51 am
was happening.was haenin >> i think the most important thing, g morning to you guys.g thank you so much for being he here. >> figure, dominic, how are youn sir. >> good to see you again.. their real names versus -- obviously taken on your your nicknames. you are incredible.are incredi such an honor to be sittingit across from both of you and domd mick you play tig in the film tl which is fantastic.antaic >> i wanted to asking the mosthe important thing i took away fro the film it's a human story it'i not a political thing. thing. benghazi as been so politicizedc over the years.he yrs. i wanted to know how importantmp it was for you to have film tham told the human story thatto tha actually gave recognition to what happened that night versus all the political stuff behind h the scenes. sces. >> that's the whole reason it all came out. o initially it came out because ob the politics the story that sry wasn't being told was whatng tos happened that night on the t ground. i mean we had four americansrmei that sacrificed their life for e this country, and um, they um, t weren't being honored as theys should. at least in our i mean, you know, they made the the ultimate sacrifice and no
9:52 am
one cared about.ed it was all about the pock tickst >> the reason you're in town for the gi film festival the film f will show at sunday at 6:00 p.m at the film festival.estiva i know what your experience wase seeing someone play you on camera and is it weird? likeeie did you notice -- did you pickk up on mannerisms you didn't kno' you did. d is that a strange thing to wat watch? >> give me example. give me a tick he found>> oute d about you. >> well, you know, my manner i n how i just stand in the back bac ground.ound. she -- just got it.--ust got i i don't know how. some of i didn't even know i h had. (laughter). >> i think it helped we're bothb originally from the midwest. mwt i'm originally from wisconsin.ns john is from iowa. i don't know. there was a an energy that irgha think we both had and i think at that's probably what your wife r was picking up on.pick >> i think so
9:53 am
>> one thing you two were ex military and you're contractors and obviously the mindset to lay your life on the line i meane it's an incredible -- i think--i everyone in this world should ir have that mindset, but talk about being the idea of being ex military and what that meant to be over there. how did that all about come about. ab >> the same mindset being in thi military you're around guys thas think like you, you know, the t brotherhood that you have withoo all the guysd , and you get outo the military you still want toto do that kind of work and that'st just another way of doing it. especially a lot of contractorss get out of the military tea because they get retired oreted medically the only way we get back in byan becoming a contractor. contrac >> i wanted to ask you both youy guys the junket when we were miami for the film this ideahi i everyone talks about the polit politic. i don't want to get into that. one thing i am curious to know,o though, is, what do you thinkdou could have been done differentle that night? what do you think y could have changed possiblyou te
9:54 am
out come? i know it's crazy toa look back on it and goes this, , this, this could have changed is there something specific thac you think could have donee don different toll change whater happened.en >> there's lot of things that l could have been done different. whether it was right or wrong i for other people to decide but e mean the biggest thing we'veve always -- in the military, um, we always kind of have thataveha philosophy just like that, youtu know, in your homes, if you lool like a lion, then usually the uy bad guys will go down the roadhe and find an easier target. tar if you're a soft target, then t you're going to be an easy easy target. >> i think you mentionednk y men something about leaving 25vi 2 minutes earlier when i spoke tot you at the press junket. can you talk about what thathatt means. >> that was the stand on orderst we were given, and it delayed uy dwight minutes from getting over there which while we're sittingi at our counsel the terrorist lit the buildings on fire that'se t what killed chris stevens andves sean smith was the smoke and a going back to your otherou question, i mean, you always
9:55 am
an after action so you always have to monday night everythingh that way you know what you didwy right and you know what you didu wrong f you're going to site got there and lie about it you cant never fix the problem thatx thee happen in the first place.e fire >> your question really capturee the essence what this movie isii about. i mean, these guys served in the military active duty then theyy make the decision to become grsg these are men who something inni them tells them that when something -- when the building b is on fire they'll run to it. t most of us want to run away. awa these guys they want to help. h. they want to support.upport. they want to pte and that's what this movie is mv really about.rely a the sacrifice that the militaryl makes on daily basis to keep, you know, us safe.s safe. these guys protected 25 to 30 men and women in that cia annexa and without them, they all coulu have perish. that's -- they're heroism ander their service is really what i this movie is about and the politics, you know, it'su , i unfortunate that it got mired ir that much it's abou
9:56 am
story. we needed to tell that story ant honor them and remember tyronebo woods and glenn court toward tee and chris stevens and his it man sean smith that's what thisat movie is about and that's whyt' people should see it becausee e it's about american heroism, american sacrifice the goodnessn in them.hem >> agreed.>> >> that's not democrat. that's not republican.han. that's all of them.. >> michael bay did a brilliantri job and leave everyone withon quote all the gods all the heavens and all the hell's areel wienies.wienie joseph campbell quote.uote very heavily used in the film.ef thank you for your service. s this has been incredible honordl to sit across from both of you.f thank you so much.anyou so muc i really appreciate it. i >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be back very shortlyy with the rest of the sho sw. thank you.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ hey, hey, are you ready for the weekend? are you ready forr the summer? we sure are as goog day at 10a kicks off holiday weekend in huge way. w >> on this hot friday our zipur trip is in one of the coolestooe places around national so don't miss what the crew hash there including remember ncaa basketball hero kris jenkins. and villanova is going to joinoi us live. us liv >> hot action is back here inac the loft,, t r and b star she performs livere for us this hour. >> and star power does not end e there.. because terminator two's robertr patrick is here. h fresh off ride across the t country.un his memorial day message thatest you will want to hear.o h good day at 10a starts now. ♪ >> i'm steve chenevey alongsidee allison and
10:01 am
>> the unofficial start oficia s summer is a lot of us are taking thatg t first summer vacation.ion but if you feel as though you t need more vacation time you'ree not alone. a new survey from account tempp says a third of us say we don'td get enough time off from workrow and almost half of us are afrair to take vacation.. >> apparently that's true.entlyt that's a fear that america neede to get over. >> got to recharge. >> recharging out at national nl harbor wisdom and holly.ol they're not on vacation but thet don't have the worse assignment either today. they are at national harbor.t tl we're kicking off the holiday hd weekend and/or very first ziprsi trip of 2016 what a lovely crowy they have got with them downn there.ere. they are sitting down with wit geico's hometown guys, who is it? >> and what's he up to? ws he >> who is he? he? >> what?>> >> who doesn't know who krisw jenkins is.s come on. (applause).ppla >> we going to rename him the
10:02 am
know if you remember but in that championship game collegege basketball against northst nor carolina villanova won. >> yeah! >> he made the s >> okay.>> the shot. >> i want to say who doesn't remember --remember >> the shot.ho >> thank you for coming out andm talking with us. u i know you're probably tired ofr this. we'll ask you any way, that shot, that shot, was up up credible.ible. >> yes! >> incredible. >> how many times have you m watched it, and hoannest.hes >> i watch it a lot.. (laughter). >> very good.y >> you watch eight lot.ouatch when you let that ball go, did , you have any idea -- of coursefu you knew it was going in, rightt >> i definitely knew it was going in. >> did you practice that shot io practice.. i know you shoot from everywhery in practice.e when they ran that play, was iti called for you? >> i was actually the lastctualh option. op so i just knew i had to get arch in position to give him anotherr option. >> the last option.>>he l you're the only option.ption only option. >> only option on that shot.ho very nicely done.
10:03 am
so, look, holly -- - >> yes.>> y >> somebody has got to win andya somes body has to lose.ose. >> this is my question.stn. your brother playing on the pyig other team, when you shot it,hoi did you know it was going in?? >> i definitely knew it was going in.goinin. (laughter). >> how mad were you nate? >> um, well, i was in shock in i the moment.e mo i didn't have time to really get mad about it. until afterward we got back inot the locker room.m but then i decided it was kindin of okay i guess. guess >> kind of okay.y. >> here's my thing. i mean, you know, you're in then moment obviously it's just ama amazing even now we're not thata far out, how have you been ablee to realize that you both were ae part of one of the greatestt national championship games of all time? and this is a duke d key saying that.t >> it was cool. coo especially to go against my brother. that's what made it special for me. we approached it like we le w approach any other game as formr me it had little more
10:04 am
>> look, i know how brothers brh trash talk.trash tal all right.l ri you made the mahe you beat him. did you trash talk at any pointi after that? tt? >> no. we really don't talk about thela game. hahn >> no. >> not that much. >> not at all.>> n at no i'm better in you, i made ite in your face, none of thatofha stuff. >> none of that. i don't do that. >> you raised them right.ig you know what i'm saying. you raised them r wight. >> no trash talking. talking. nate, are you cool now? no hard feelings for brother over here.h >> there's no hard feelings. >> you can punch him in the arm. >> in the shooting arm.grm i just kidding.just kding >> what are you doing now? frof the time you won the nationalato championship till now what havea you been doing?be doi >> just a lot of interviews ands i had some time to come home for about three week getting ready g to leave and go back to summerom school on monday.da >> are you doing something onngi tuesday?tuesday >> go to the white house on t we >> what? what? (applause).. >> actually looking forward toi that. >> okay. >> all right. >> what about you, nate?e? >> um, just summer work outskut
10:05 am
doing summer play. >> okay.y. >> cool.>>ool. look, best of luck to you bothtu of you in the up coming season.o you're not turning at least not right now. n not turning pro this year goingi back to school.backscho you guys get -- maybe do it against next year.. >> repeat i know teams that havt done it.. (laughter).. >> two things i want to say to t you. first of all, it's pretty cool c that you are forever be on the open of the ncaa tournamentouam because you know that shot is going down replaced maybeceay another big shot i know about.b. but this is slightly i mean it's right below theow national championship trophy. but -- bu >> we just want to say we're sos proud of you. we are honored to know you, youy nate, your entire family and yoa know what kris jenkins thatkins makes you our very first geicoeo hometown hero for our zip trip 2016.16 (applause).. >> laying it up next to the t t national championship stuff that would be awesome.woso
10:06 am
it. >> thanks lot.>> >> that's cool. ya'll don't have microphones ono family but we recognize you as a well clearly you did a fabulous job. jo >> clearly you did a fabulousabl job. job. >> two times, right. >> two times. >> cool. >> all right. hefutwe've got some other future talent this talent has arrived r but we've got future talent thah is up with tucker barnes rightrr now. tuck consider i think you gotdeh our junior repinorter this mor morning. i certainly do. (applause)> . we're at national harbor. this is one of our favorite favr sessions this is davis.s is dav. let's start it off by saying we got the junior reporter zip trip and toss to the segment.. >> cold stone creamery. creamer >> ice cream would be really w good right now.ow >> ethan, hold it up tell me about >> well, i live right behinde te national harbor.onal >> you live here. you can see the wheel from your place, right.. >> yup. yeah i did. . >> that's pretty cool.etty cl. and i also -- what do youhay think about national harbor.ioho >> i love it here. i
10:07 am i went to see the ice ice sculptures.scptur >> uh-huh.>> >> that great time. i love coming do>>wn here forr visit. yeah, so do i. i >> tell me what school you go tt and your favorite sub.ite sub. are you going to be a reporter r when you grow up?when you >> i guess i can. and also, i have a question forn you. >> you got questions for me. fo. >> yeah. what do you think the summer will be like for the weather f yes. yes. >> good question. all right. what do>> i think the summer wi be like. >> i think it will be hot, humih and we're going to have more m hurricanes than tropical stormsm than last year and the reason ro why is because remember -- have- you ever heard el nino? nin >> oh, yeah. yeah >> we think we're tran ziggingni from el nino to la nina. na. we'll have probably very hot summer. i can see you have a littleu hal sweat on your forehead.ord. a lot of that.t. >> yup. >> lots of sunscreen, right.reet >> yup. >> when you go to the pool thiss weekend lots of sunscreen.sscre any other question.y otr que so far so good. so . >> yup. so if you can have chosenhose another job what would that job be. be. >> that's great question.t'gr if iad
10:08 am
i would probably be a teacher. because nothing more valuable when you get to teach otherh otr people. don't you think.don'u thin >> yeah. >> um-hmm. >> all right. any more questions? >> nope. >> we have their seconds. son tv land we have to ask anothersr question. ask another question.anher qu >> so, um, what do you thinkt t about the cap physical wheel? wl >> i love the capital wheel. w have you been in it.ou beein i >> yup. >> what's your favorite part? >> the part that sometimes youiu go five sometimes you a lot more. m >> i like the fact it's air-conditioned right.. >> yeah. >> nice and cool in there. t ethan davis. not only is he well drove he'se' very informed i'm appreciate yoi interviewing me today.od junior reporter. rter. >> i have to show you how wellhl dressed this family is.seis fam young man, come over here. is there any way i can adopt yoo guys and you can be my kids? >> no. no >> you probably don't want to dt hang out with me on the weekendw much that's junior reporter coll stone creamery.e cre thanks for joining police. >> thank you.
10:09 am
>> say allison, steve, and maureen, take it away.way >> allison, steve and maureen, n take it away. take >> thank you. t you >> tucker, police get style tipt from that young man. >> either them.hem >> i love that.. >> bow tie. >> it's 10:09. 10: it's time to check what's what' trending.trendi the national spell ended with a tie. e. they were declared coache de champions after roller coasteroa finished. after two previous ties but tieb results were draw.raw. holly morris down at then at the national harbor this morning and caught up with both winners wins they're not too upset to shareo the win. w take listen. even before the spelling beg we both actually met if like competitions last year so wee actually new each other pretty well before the spelling bee. be >> oh, my gosh he's smart andrtd he's nice.he n he wanted to share.d to s what about you? would you w
10:10 am
rather have the title to have t yourself. >> no, i wanted to share with sh him, too, because he's very nicc to me.e. and he doesn't like ask -- he he doesn't act like he's older than me. he doesn't like dom near over e me. he acts like he's the same ageae as me. >> the boys will both take home cash prize engraved trophy as a well as savings bond and complete reference library from miriam webster.amster >> the coolest thing of that wat the fact that they just lovedt l that they tied. t i agree. >> they welcome the competitioni and equals in that mo. >> yes. >> well this -- for youngsterngr gets -- didn't get the trophy to but gets first place for f spelling swagger while his competitor was spelling applicated word. he was playing mind tricks andia began shaking his of his had heh >> this is going against what ww just
10:11 am
perhaps he's just thinking ing his mind that's not right. >> did you hear chris?? >> the story is they celebrateda each other and so -- s >> he may have been just sayingt no, you're doing -- you're you messing up. come i'll see send you positive vibei here. >> who knows the camera is on him like that? yowsu know whati mean? who even knows that. >> did we talk bout internet >> must we give them anyt we gih attention. here's the kicker. so there's a troll at thellt spelling bee and apparently inyi one of their rants someoneeone misspelled loose and of course u it has to be corrected if you're going to troll the spelling bee you have to spell correct.ll cot >> i made one tweet and i checkk it 12 times.imes >> if you're going to misspell a word in tweet don't do it whenhe you're talking about the a spelling bee. >> haters please have seat.e se. >> coming up, i kno
10:12 am
remember her she was all overase the place. oops, oh my, tweet.we tweet she's in the house and hod going to perform for us she's s got new music you got to hear. a >> i cannot wait. w i'm sure you have your ticket yr because it's sold out at thethe howard also coming up celebrity dish. khloe piles for divorce again an twice make that twice. twi beiber getting stewed, and our first hat less picture of hear h styles hair.styles hai he cut 10-inches for charity. ci back in a
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
all right. 10:15. time to check the good day celebrity dish. serving it up nice andce hot.e t >> let me be the first. f this is your appetizer. his marriage is still veryly much on the rocks.ks khloe kardashian once again a seeking to end her marriage toro the former la laker.. court records in la show sheho s filed for divorce today citingig the always reliable irreconcilable differencesfenc reality tv star and odom marriei in september of 2009. >> wow. >> t
10:16 am she filed for divorce the firstc time in october of 2013 but never finalized.ver fina so what does that moan?oa >> we said twice. the first one wasn't finalizedfi isn't that the first one. o >> it does still stand. stand. >> i would think so. i i wasn't good in math. >> i'm root fog them.he >> i am too. i like khloe.hl. >> she's more of the -- one of f the more again win johnny depp's wife amber herdmbh filed for divorce they have been together for 15 months. mon she's trying -- depp is trying y to get a court to play espousall support.t. she foiled for divorce threeorir days after johnny depp's mothere died. there have been reports sheveee didn't get along with his family but sources close to the coupleu deny any of that. tt so also the thing there no >> no prenup he's worth severalh tens of millions if not hundredr of millions of >> he i heard that. justin
10:17 am
an indy artist named, is that really name the suing the singen and song writers over a fewr seconds in his hit song "sorry". here's why. take listen. >> ♪ >> okay. o. okay. ok now take a listen to the intro of white hint land's song ringon the bell and see if you hear the similarity. ♪ o. no. honey. no way.. no white hint land. white hint land we don't think so. any way, white hint land's name is kathy daniel
10:18 am
allegedly warren beiber -- beiber's song came out he was stealing geraldo rivera butut biebs blew her off or thought he wasn't. wa because that didn't really sound like it any way to us although -- there's differ partd of it.of it. the lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages includingng profits generated from the songg which has been viewed on youtube over 1.4 billion times. tes chris, can you pop yourself up? yeah, he can.ah, pop yourself up. >> do you think, washingtonas other other parts sound. snd >> it's like literally a one second portion of the song.g. >> okay. >> i think he may have admittedm he was using it but they used it -- >> that little da-da-da, part p schenn has like vocal in her song that sounds to me very very similar.milar >> that sounds a lot like todayy today darks.y darks. that sounds like oj song from f 1974 that i know. kno >> very possibly it was.
10:19 am
>> white hint land is your named is not good. we do have good news for nef those ladies hoping to be the mrs. beiber.s.ei the sorry singer is back in the dating game on screen hotty or y so it seem. see do we have good news for ladies or bad news for ladies? i never know. >> tmz is reporting beiber and nicole, arrived for dinner date at matie's steakhouse in beverly hills. hi white hinterland is on my mine.m they went out for dinner.. she looks fm because she starres in the movie the bates motel and transformers.. >> pretty >> she's cute. she so one direction singer harry h styles is filming his first film allison. >> he's such a cutie.such aie >> picture of him onset showsnso him with a new hairstyle.aity >> world war one looking hairc
10:20 am
haircut. >> she's queue. >> styles cut his signature lone locks for the film thankm t goodness. instagram pick he teased newew look with his chopped offpp o ponytail he simply carried itedi whoops. whoo >> or for artist today oops. oop >> i like that. donated his locks to little princess charity for kids withit cancer. come on. come on. he looks better with the short o locks. come on. >> let me tell you something.ous this look on the right he let it go for long time.r long t his hair was by his chin when he first cam out.irst c super cute.. >> he's giving it to charity,ty, .o. >> that's why he was growing iti the whole time.eim it didn't look good.oo >> he gave it to charity.t rity >> he's a good looking guy. g the short do, perfect.. >> there's only 12 notes in the i wonder how -- da-da-da.. >> only 12 notes. nes >> steve's parents are musicianm and steve played. >> it doesn't surprise me thingt are not duplicated more often.
10:21 am
>> da-da-da.>> da-da how many songs in that in. >> do you think wipe its white e hinterland started starte. back to you. >> thanks ladies.. 10:21.:2 one of our favorites gets in thn lot of back with us after robert patrick had long ride to get get here. re. probably a longer ride than anyy other guest we've had in the loft he'll sit down with kevin latert can wisdom top his princerince performance? the epic good dayd prince performance from ourrom o spring concert series. well, he, holly and tuckerr dealing up for dueling pianosia for what hopefully will be musts see tv. we'll all find out together next.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ welcome back to nationalbacn harbor. we are having a great time onimo good day this morning. mning. it's our first zip trip. we're kicking it off life fromif national harbor.tion harbo you cannot come to nationalo harbor and not go to bobby mags. come on. o i pescely never passed a piano bar when there's one around.rou. right? >> i didn't see in you ours.n y >> you weren't looking hard enough. this is neal and dave. dave. >> seriously you guys have beene a staple here for sometime. somt pretty popular. pul >> one of first businesses inusn the harbor when it open. it's been awesome to see t everything grow up around us ana bring lot more people in to discover us much it's a lot of t fun. fun. >> what do you think is so special about it that makes youa so popular around
10:25 am
>> you're the reason. rson. >> i try. i try (laughter).(lghte >> you try. >> i think people whether youehr can sing or not, i think theyy just like to sink.o sk. it's fun.'s it makes you happy. hpy so what's like the most most requested song you guys get? >> well, top five you wouldou request probably number one the top five we get requests top five favorite to play a lot of classic like jimmy buffet the sweet caroline. don't stop believing. believing. >> sweet caroline,. >> never stop believing that's s good one. how often do you have toto leara new songs?w son? >> um, we try to keep up prettye regularly with the stuff that'sa popular but you'd be surprised stuff will get requested once oe and then never >> real? the oldies but goodiet that keep them coming back.themc >> a lot of stuff always going to be popular that people lovehl to selling along with.elli >> what's your favorite one toet play?play >> i got lot.
10:26 am
like bruce springsteen.. >> that's wh wisdom is standingd next to dave. to de we put a twitter poll out there, right. when people come and sing youg call them cameos, right. >> yes. >> in case you didn't know that, neal. and so we had people vote to ve hear what we were going to playa right.t so it was farrell's happy. h if i was maureen's favorite flow rider house.rider hou this is my house. house welcome to my house, that andt then prince's let's go crazy. ca >> what do you think won, wis? w >> i think prince's let's go go crazy won because we love prin prince. >> how many people voted.ow m >>an 675. >> all right. well, without further a do, anybody out there that wants tos come join us.. >> come here. come listen to us. >> we're going to go crazy.go cy >> we need ya'll to come over here. >> all right. >> ♪
10:27 am
♪ ♪
10:28 am
(laughter). >> when in doubt stay back.. >> wisdom doesn't realizen' because he's hiding in the backe we can still hear him.earim >> yes,,ly >> remember when did you youridu impersonation of prince.ri >> yes. (laughter).. >> yes. he just did it again.did itga he's rolling around.olli aro but wisdom parts in the righthe place. plac we'll see you guys in a minute. >> still ahead on good day before twitter people were stile tweeting about tweet.bout twe i love it. i've always actually wanted tot ask her -- our next artist about that. about what she thinks about thee tweets these days but now afterr hiatus for about 10 years the yt grammy nominated singer tweet ii coming up and she is with us next. not day has gone by actually acy she's joining us live to perform
10:29 am
her new single before heref performance at the howard t how theater.te >> don't let wisdom's'tet w performance affect you now. n >> yes -- >> he's not going pro. ♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected.
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you you can casm her inyo concert -- tonight or tomorrow.g >> the>>he 2 >> tonight. ton >> tonight. >> tomorrow. >> oh, tweet is messing me up.. first she stopped by the loft tt sing us into this memorial day y weekend.end she is singing -- >> never should have left you. . >> tweet, take it away.
10:33 am
♪ ♪
10:34 am
10:35 am
10:36 am
♪ (applause). come on over here, lady. yay! >> my goodness you're soe gorgeous.rg. >> um-hmm. >> pleasure to meet you. >> hello, hello, hello. >> right >> oh my gosh. first off these pants. pants t thank you very much. >> talking about that.>>king >> okay. my goodness first of all who is charlene. >> i'm charlene.>> i'm charlene. that's my government name. name and i decided to name my album that because i went back to the basics.
10:37 am
so high to go back and kind of f get my mojo back.o b i went back and listened to all of the songs when i was a young girl before the nickname tweet so charlene all of the music bym the gospel and all of that was a collection of what i put on charlene.arlene >> so fans are begging to know,o what have you been doing? d >> you know what, after the t second album didn't do so well my life was spiraling out of ouo control. i decided to take a step back sp and get my spiritual liveal together. >> okay. >> and so i did that rededicated myself to god and then he started septembering meering opportunities and then it'she i right now.right n >> is that what that song is wha really about. re >> this song is really about being able to be a woman and admit that the grass wasn't was greener on the other side. other >> oh yeah. that's a powerful mess that lotl of people hold on to. mistake they might have made. very powerful moment. >> thank you. >> i love your song.e ur s it's so authentic. we don't hear real voices like l
10:38 am
>> not any more.. >> yeah. >> >> it's true. >> we don't hear voices like yo any more. has ithe been hard now that musm the way music is today has it hs been hard breaking back into tho industry? >> no. i've been so grateful for thehe support.suppor i have real real true supporters and right not the appetite for real music is so huge. h it was easy for me to come back. i thought out of sight out of mine. ne >> no your song is routinely played on the radio stations iti listen to. >> i was nervous and panic the c day before the album dropped bud it went number one.r o >> right. >> everybody is really acceptinc it.. >> so you have the tight 117 city tour here it's doing sosoig well out there.well out the so when the fans go, what'st' their experience at the charlenn tour. tour >> energy. i think lot of people thinkhi since the first album was kind k of, you know, really quiet.y q since i went back to charlene,hl you'll get little
10:39 am
bring the audience so they can enjoy being a part of the show.s a lot of energy.nerg good music and just vibing out.o >> do you ever get tired of seeing oops oh my. oop >> i had this discussions scus yesterday. i don't. i wish i didn't have but i'meut stuck with it for the rest of mm career. career. >> it's an anthem much that's m' theme song because we know whatw it deals with. however, but it's an anthem. empowerment.werm >> yeah. >> i look at myself and i look l so good. >> that's right. t >> i need to do just love myse myself. (laughter).(laughter). >> whatever. you know what the song is about. but i love that message though. and when my girls ask me what ie mean it's about loving yourself. >> the woman you are. woman youe >> that's right.t >> whatever else.lse but i just know that you can gon wherever you want to to go onceg again. >> thank you.>>hank >> charlene success story.s stoy >> it is tomorrow at the howard theater. may 28th, tomorrow, tickets,ic still available.ilable go see this beautiful lady. l she sounds better than
10:40 am
>> yes. >> we expect better things fromo her. thanks for being with.ei >> thanks for having me.ha >> thank you.nk y >> so pretty.>> so pretty >> steve, we'll enjoy her her gorgeousness while we toss ithii over to you. over >> please dodge i'm quited about our next guest sticking in thein memorial day theme we are real really --re >> have you seen this boy? b >> i'm really scared right now.w i'm not playing with this. terminator two robert patrickt p joining us live in the lofthe l we'll talk about why he's here h for memorial day.ay you're okay much it's safe,chs s right? >> don't forget we're att national harbor hanging out with the guys down there.he we have more fun coming up onon the don't go anywhere. it's 10:40. back after this with robert patrick. ♪
10:41 am
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10:43 am
>> who and seen this movie?th >> terminator two judgment daymd and you are good buddy kevin mccarthy our next guest will bet t1000. one of his favorite movies ofies all time terminator two which w came out a few years ago 25 years ago t
10:44 am
you might also know him from h f starring roles in shows like the x files, true blood sons of anarchy you can find him in him spore i don't know.w. when he's not in front of the cat mera or on his bike he spene time supporting men and women ii uniform and the ones who did nod make it home.make hom he's an active u.s. o supporterr and rides with rolling thunderhu every memorial day. d he's back in dc this holiday hid weekend and back in the loft. l along with head of rolling r thunder with number one fan fan kevin mccarthy.ccarth >> right. this is an incredible honor tono be here. arty muller the executive execue director of rolling thunder since the star ot. mr. muller an absolute pleasurep to see you mr. patrick alwayslw great to see you. s you. >> it's great to see you.t to s. >> this is a live long dream te sit with you terminator two iswo my favorite movie of all time. let's talk about why you're in'e town. town talk about this event and how important this has been to be you're a veteran want this evene means to you and being here in i yell ya'll day in washington, d.c.d. >> our mannish is pow issue
10:45 am
the united states has left thousands! of live americansns behind after all past wars worl war ii, two -worldwar one work,. getting back live americans that were captured during iraq afghanistan gulf war in thehe beginning. and they always tell us they're' l l dead. a lot of time has gone past. well if they're all dead whyhy about nine years ago did a hungarian that was capturedred during world war ii by the russians put in pow camp for the pow camp they put him in a insane asylum because they thought had you nuts and about eight, nine years ago a newrs a doctor was examining him and hea said something, and he said, this guy isn't nuts. n he's hungarian. you guys don't speak hungarian.i that's a world war ii vet, jokek just recently,
10:46 am
war ii this one game guy justst released from the russian pris prison. he was 14 years old when he was in adolph hitler's group, and he was captured and he's been in a pow camp ever the guy's life is over. it's a shame and these countriet should own up to it and let a these men, women, whatever, go.. >> talk about rolling thunder tr and what you hope -- robert,, you're involved in rollingolli thunder and obviously talk about your involvement and what ithati means to ride the bikes and whaa does that mean for you?? >> well, i got involved becausec dear friend of mine new york mike who is a friend and a associate of arty and they've t been doing this for over 20 somm old years.old yea he invited me to ride acrosscr country with i met arty and all the guys froo rolling these guys are dedicated to thee men and women that they served e with. their brothers and the dedicated to those who
10:47 am
and such an honorable mission on their part that they're keepinge their names alive and they're trying to find what happened to them. th and that's what this whole thing demonstration for the -- our- government to stand up and recognize that some of our men n and women didn't make it back. . and it's so admirable and these guys are mission, so dedicated that i fell in with i've been coming now for aboutbo eight, nine years, arty and i i've ridden with him it's anhim honor to ride next to him and everybody from rolling thunder,d and to participate in thiss event, you know, i think we as a citizens have to do more to take care of our veterans. veter as you know i do lot of uso stuff. i just came back fromm afghanistan.afgh >> we have some photos doing the uso selfie there. there. in your opinion afghanistan.op >> i wasin in afghanistan.stan. kosovo, romania and kuwait, andd all this roles into what thentot mission is for role thunder.. >>urure. >> it's about the troops.thoops it's about the men and women
10:48 am
selfless enough to give ofiv themselves to protect ourote our country and our way of life, ana we have to recognize them and a take care of them when we getet back,ing when they get back much that's what this real circumstance about.bout these guys are advocates for the new guys coming back from iraqq and afghanistan all of our of or brothers and sister that is are there's a real serious suicideui rate going on with people from post traumatic stress and artydy and his group they do what theya can to help and help these guyss transition back, and this datese all the way back to vietnam andd the lack of support that arty a got and his brothers and sistere got when they came back fightint for this country, and we need to row inspect that as citizens cen went need to do more to help hep them with every issue they haveh coming back to civilian life.ial >> we have 30 seconds left. how can people get involved onoo sunday? you guys are doing then ride on sunday at lincoln memorial.memori talk about where people can go.o we o
10:49 am
how can people get involved. inl >> if they don't ride, be on the memorial bridge, constitutionutn avenue and independent avenue w do the whole ride around the mall. mall. you're welcome anywhere. anybody that wants to get involved and support the veterans they could sendld sen donation to rolling thunder thur charities 9697% of the money moy that goes to rolling thundernghu charities goes to pay bills for our veterans, our troops andopsa their families and that's honest to god's truth. truth that's where it all goes.all gs. >> this memorial day rememberald our troops.r t remember the men and women of our armed forces. >> that's the real meaning ofl g memorial day.memoal d mr. robert patrick an absoluten honor. thanks for giving the f2 time oo facebook. mr. muller, thanks for being for here. >> thank you kevin for takingork the time to see us. us. absolutely. >> back to you guys on the cou couch. >> honor for us. yearly thing for me everyve year i'm on memorial bridge and i'll there be there on sunday watching the bikes go back. everybody brings the american t flag out. what great moment to be in be washi
10:50 am
>> thanks, guys. >> thanks for sharing thenks message with us much it is right now 10:49.w 149 now, look, no zip trip is t complete without food.ut f we all know that because when wn go it's one of the things we thg look forward to the move.eov >> coming up next we'll get ae'g taste of national harbor. hbo samples from some of themef t signature restaurants and theres are new ones there this year. ta we'll check in with the crew the down at national harbor
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
♪ all right. rig welcome back.lce this is our favorite time of d day. restaurant national harbor. walrus oysters and ale house ana i'm joined by dez rile one ofz the owners of the walrus alele house.hous thanks for joining me. >> great to be here. g >> tell me everything about you place. place it look great.grea right around the corner and hadd a few locals say this is great g place to stop and have oysters.e >> it's local community basedcoy we engage the chesapeake bay. b scale example of our chesapeakek bay oysters right chopped tank suites, thes, the chesapeake golds and from rhode island the salt
10:54 am
salty briny and sweet oysters ws like to offer our guests onst o daily basis.ily bas >> you got local oysters andysta further up the coast. coast. you can usually get farmersmers local toll deliver them to you,o right.righ >> we visit all the locals tooct see what the product is coming c out of the water.ou we taste it right that on thet h spot and bring into our back b door and serve it to our guests. >> between you and me what sorth of go to oysterat right now.. >> salty gold the go to oysterot probably most popular our guestr love it and we sell them.l t that's our highest sellingel oyster. >> what make it so special. >> the chase is really greatma.t the balance is nice firm texture on the oysters and great medium saul tee sl finish. >> only got a few seconds left.e tell me about -- dez, we got to talk, man. huh! >> i'll take care of you afterau the segment.egment. >> we specialize in local crafta beers. 14 beautiful local beers from ipa's topliners to milk stoutsut and our specialty is a walrus brew a session beer local in alcohol content plan to have on mo
10:55 am
you're in good shape. thanks for joining me.u'e. holly i'll toss it over to you. i am oysters and beers. and bees >> if you come out to nationalna harbor check out granite suitrat food and brewery john the gm. te how long have you been here? >> we've been here a year and ad two weeks now.two s >> z who countering.ou >> not me. not me. >> what's your specialty? >> well, specialty everything ii made from from cr we obviously brew of our own our beer in house.n house we have five, six differentix de beers that we brew on regularewa basis and a seasonal beer everye month right now we have the blueberry so it will be oiled be mild, crisp and clean with hints of blueberries.of blu as far as the food goes we havee everything from flat president e pizzas to salmon.aln. and we also have our lunch combos we lever from 37:00 to7:0 3:00 every day monday throughaya friday.friday. >> regular pub grub but really y kick up a knowledge as well.s w but i'm not the only one gettin a taste of national harbor.r. wis, what do you got.ot >> bill the executive chef of of old hickory and look this bottle is full. saving the best for last, rig
10:56 am
bill. >> tell me what's on the table? we have a wonderful menu goingug on for the entire summer here in old hickory.icry we have three courses. $55.$55. we have a salad, wonderful rock fish and cream ble tell me about restaurant.taur >> it's inside the gaylord naryy sore. old hickory steakhouse wonderfuf place for come, dine enjoyenj yourselves.yourlv >> just enjoy yourselves whichic is exactly what we've been doing today. thank you very much.u very m we appreciate it.e hey the gang is all here. h ya'll have a good time today? (applause).(applause) >> this is how we get it donet and kick off zip trip.. >> bobby magee playing us out.u. one great zip trip in the bookso we've only begun. next week delray, virginia. vir we're coming for you! >> yes.>> y >> weather is nice. n weather is fabulous. thanks for joining us
10:57 am
very happy memorial day, everybody.od ♪ ♪
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11:00 am
♪ hey, what do you think you're doing? you can't park on the sidewalk. >> wendy: hi, officer. >> oh, my mistake, miss wendy. didn't realize it was you. happy wendy williams day. you can do anything you want. let me get the door. there you are. >> wendy: thank you. oh, officer? i've got one question for -- how you doin'? >> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, is several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no


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