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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 11, riding the raises is going to take someake time this holiday weekend. what you need to know before yoy take metro. >> rolling thunder in theer i streets of dc. tonight thousands of bikers are remembering the fallen. >>the super bug has arrived in the us. tonight new details about the fight against the bacteria that's resistant to ant tie buyt on the ticks. news starts right now. >> holiday weekend is here.e this as live look right nowigh traffic heading east on the baye bridge tonight. you can tell backups from earlier today they are gone. g traffic is moving p if you are heading to the beach now is the time to
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sarah simmons in for shawn. >> we'll wait 30 minutes and go i'm tony perkins what everybody wants to know how is the memorial day weekend weather going. gwen tolbert is in the wet sent to get us started. today was hot sticky andnd humid. let's take a look at the radar we did have a few storms that ta popped up to our far west things are finally changing. cha go to our maps you'll see most of that has really diminished a lot. we have a little bit of rainfalf that's still wrinkling ring through to north and northwest a other than that things are starting to calm down. and the temperatures right now n still warm outside. 79 degrees at dull wills 76 dc. 77 south of fredericksburg 68g degrees at win chest. going to continue to be hot,ot, sticky and humid. southerly flow continuing. so night partly cloudy sks
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with all the humidity. once we get into the weekend get ready saturday feels likeke sunday and monday a chance of o some unsettled weather. we're going to have all those details coming up, tony. >> metro crews will be hard at work this holiday weekend making repairs. long wait times for you if you o are riding the rails. fox 5 tisha lewis is live at the friendship heights metro station with more. >> reporter: talk about bad timing commuter walked by said what is happening with metro now. were used to it tourist are likely not. ♪ positive vibes even though it could be anything but for tourist pouring into the nations capital this memorial day weekend.d. construction continues that means servicone
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all six lines. >> that's not g how are people going to get around. >> reporter: we ask the same t question the family visiting from new jersey even though vienna, dunn loring and west falls church, the silver line service will operate. most likely don't know. >> we know we live here whatow about people come mining into wm town. >> that would be really bad ism u thankfully they rented a car but for the masses who will rely on metro pack plenty of >> really bad time riding with metro i have no doubt about that. >> reporter: on a holiday weekend. >> terrible timing. >> reporter: metro says red, yellow low and green line trainn will operate about ever 15 minutes.nute silver and blue line ever 20. ee holiday or
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would go back to the good old days. >> i want it to go back to thett way it was when i was can aid you know, i actually enjoyed iti without having any fear of whato may happen, what is going to happen. so i have been busing it a lot lately.late >> reporter: the repairs are needed. >> but again t still needed. anything to make us safe.afe. >> reporter: red line here at friendship heights and across ar the district will be running about ever 15 minutes with single tracksing three page advisory from metro, it does have travel tips. they give advice to you their trip planner and select the bus only option s you might want tot just go ahead and drive this holiday have a good one. tisha lewis fox 5 local news.s. >> well following some breaking news out of silver spring police are looking are a woman who
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stabbed a man on a metro bus tonight. metro says it happened at lockwood drive and decemberr drive. we're told the two were arguing then the man spit on and punched the woman that's when the womane stabbed the man in the shoulder. she took off. police are still looking for her. it is not known if the two knewo each others before the incidenti the man has non life threatening injuries. hundreds of veterans andeter their families are rolling intoly district tonight to honor vets and play tribute tolay prisoners offer war and missing in action. lindsay watts. >> reporter: i've been talkingr: to i veterans and their familief who have traveled from all a around the country to be here this memorial day weekend. some have been on the road for days.. tonight were continuing to here the hum of motorcycle engines on the streets. earlier this
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area was packed with people. we'll show you some video from a little bit earlier. e thousands out to honor the troops who never made it home. particularly those left in vietnam. prisoners of war and those missing in action. mothers who lost a child in thee military part of the vigil theyl are dressed all in white from head to toe. ioey are part of an organization called american gold star mothers.s. this is the first of self days of rolling thunder events mainee one happens on sunday from the pentagon to the national mall. streets will be filled with people cheering them on. >> i think first time i rode in it seven years ago, it brought,i teaser to my eyes to think of all the people that were stapped ding on the side of the road thanking us. us. >> we all become brothers and sister. we all work together. we all have each other's back. and we're all here for the very
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same reason. >> reporter: this is individual yes from earlier in the day event called blessing of the bikes at the national cathedral. a few hundred people came outame for that.r t again this is just the beginning of a well weekend of rolling rol thunder events. and following that big ride on sunday, there's going to be a rally near the reflecting pool. we've donald trump is going to be here speaking at that rally an organizer said around 2:30. a huge crowd is expected as well as some very long securityecur lines. live in northwest. fox 5 local news. new >> well tonight police arere investigating a deadly shootings on a block in southeast dc no stranger to violent crime. latest happened yesterdayterd afternoon in the 2700 block of langston place. that is the location of sevencai murders since april 2013. police identified the victim 29 year old demetrius
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found shot in a stairwell inside an apartment building. his mother said she tried to help detective find out who may have wanted her son dead. >> disgusting. they have a lot of leads and they not telling. they just wanted to know littlek things about why was he around there. reason for being there. >> reporter: stevenson is the 50th person to be murdered in the city so far this year. yea latest tin the string of daytime killings. >> this forestville teacher iss accused of sexually abusing one of his students. prince george's county police arrested vicinity mack duffyinit yesterday. he is a teether cheer ater c forestville high school. s a student says mack duffy hadack sexual contact with her severalt times over the past few months on school property. mack duffy is currently on leavn without pay from his job of thee the school system says he willas be fired. fired 12 pink right noww investig
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figure out why a small plane ended up crashing in the hudson river in new york >> super bug arrived in the us. tonight what health experts are saying about that dangerous bacteria. i'm lick ma mover is nameda after this man and formo the fir time he used it to save someone's life he's nicks year old.r his story coming up as fox 5 news at 11 continues. continues.
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comcast business. built for business. >> developing tonight on theel hudson river divers areop in the water searching for the pilot of a small plane that crashed into the river earlier tonight. the thunder bolt crashed two t miles south of the george washington bridge and quickly sank. witnesses say it sounded like the plane was having engine trouble just before it went down. which became known a
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the hudson. we are learning new detailsd about the first case of thef sough called super bug in then us. >> a woman was infected with the bacteria.bacter 53 has recovered but health officials are worried about mort cases popping up. laura angle has the story. >> that medicine cabinet iss empty for some of the patients. it is the end of the road for ante buy on the ticks. >> mcr1 is now here in the united states. doctors say it is so powerful they can't even fight it with what is known as the anti buy o the particular of last resort as drug called. c >> old an tabby on the particular that was the only onn left for what i called nightmare bacteria. >> doctors with center of disease control say the discovery was made last monthon when a 49 year old woman in pennsylvania tested positive with a rare strain of e. coli after going to a
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with systems of a urinary trackk infection. while this is the first casee fs here the bacteria has always been seen he high mans in hi animals in china europe and canada. the patient reported no travel a history in the laugh five lau months. >> we need to do a very comprehensive job protecting >> into last year president obama including department of defense, department of agriculture and the department of health and human services to be a part ofan an advisory couny on combat particular one of the goals is opportunity take neworu research to preserve effectiveness of anti buy on thy particular of the post on hhs website says a coordinated public health response is under way to rye to prevent its spread. as health officials are workingw to identify close contact of the pennsylvania patient they areiet trying to determine if any of them are at risk of
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of the bacteria. as for the woman herself she isn't currently in hospital. h no additional details are being released. in new york laura angle fox news. >> now, that is not something n you see that often a close call are a police officer in new p jersey i'm sure we'll show it to youole again. a huge tree came crashing down barely missing police officersfs douglas favor. look at that. it happened as he was trying to clear branches from another trer that had fallen a few minutes beforehand. the officer suffered a broken wrist and a cut to his hand thaa needed stitches but he says he's lucky, there it is again if he had been standing a few inches closer the tree would have h fallen right on top of him. o >> some he's really lucky. senate into dashcam video thereh >> nothing too crazy weather wise for the weekend hopefully.l we got a few
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but you know what we're going to keep our fingers crossed because its a mixed bag as far as this weekend is concerned. >> typical summer time. time. garden style we say spotty pops ups you know what tomorrowm thumbs up if you are having a barbecue invite us. i'm serving up the weather youp can serve me up a little bit of food. everybody was complaining soaini much about the rain the last few weeks i'm finally able to talklk about at least one great day foy this weekend. here's a look at satellite radar. we were keeping an eye on this things are finally calming downg there were a few storms finally wake out the same with the raint showers really not anticipating too much from that at all. we'll see a few clouds tonight. other than that things will be little calm. 76 degrees in dc this hour.
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same quantico. 79 in dulles. d 68 degrees at manassas. it was a warm day temperatures t in the pup per '80s above seasonal avenue a stick sixtyn three key and humid dueue pointe were up.were that's going to be the pattern for this holiday weekend forfor you. expect to see a fair amount of moisture streaming in. its going to feel very uncomfortable with the heater.t. now home we're fairly good no rain to talk about. sunday a different story looking at pop up storms as tony and i said garden style variety scattered and isolate heed in nature. best chance looks like its goino to be monday p if you are planning outside remember this, we've got a tropical system anda that's going to contribute to to this as that tropical moisture t starts to move this way up the mid atlantic. tropical depression two. t and ití]&os actually now has prompted for some cole stall warning and watches for south carolina. anticipated that a lot of that moisture will continue to n head up the
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of that system. we're going to be watching it closely we do expect to see rain from it. it. speaking of rain, well, for your sunday and monday if you are heading to the beaches, pretty much the story all the beaches saturday is the best day looking at mixture of sunday and clouds sunday and monday talking about stormings. exception to that will be cape may which has both saturday andb sunday dry with storms hitting only on monday. but if you are staying home, you got backyard pool, we've got a thumbs up for you in the dc area. 87 degrees, three p.m. jump in stay cool.stay so here's a look for monday though memorial day parade we pr got storms on track sticks degrees starts at two p.m.ts a contusion avenue. and as we put the weekend together for you 88 degrees on saturday. 83 on sunday. little cooler on monday becausea clouds are going to cool us down quite quite a bit but with someome storms. a look at 7-day forecast. you can see on
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tuesday things dry very snieslyy we get a little bit back to those '80s once again but for b the weekend, saturday is definitely thumbs up day. day check in with sports here's our main brody logan. >> thank you gwen, dusty baker made history.isto over the cardinals it was his 17 hundredth win as a manager making him the 17th skipper to do so major league history. bakers fifers win was alsoifer against the cardinals by a score of two to 1. nats have one five straight dating back to last september. walking down the aisle with dogh in arm. a third inning a bit bazaar, garcia called time out rightight before he pitches the p umpire p says time out he goes i didn'ti call time out then right after, later in the inning scherzer s walked in a run and then stevens
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to scottie thrown off by that whole sequence of the hisser cree grand five runs in the third and nat lose 6-did.-did. oils in cleveland against indians, drives one to the gap right center, he's going to come around and score easily birds il front four to three. t next batter mark tram bow, ridea field, and yeah, reaches stands leading 15th homer, today dc quited kansas city big news bilb is back, missing entire season with knee jr. rain dampen the come back party. fans still partying. look at the rain coming off the dropples. their dancing. look ates this guy. g he's so
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it will be all right. >> he looks like the grinch. >> the game is tied at half t time. according to the washington post the wizards are set to offer a contract to 22 mil dollars nextm season. that's a lot of money for a guy that has missed 22 games a year in his career. and he's never made all star team. two players 39 million dollars. tonight maryland with this lacrosse facing syracuseuse dominated in the first half. 10 to three lead. four goals including the player of the year megan little yea maryland wins 19 to 99 nine and will face rifle north carolina sunday at noon. male mental battle brown inta final four tomorrow at two
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its great for them.
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>> take a look what was around on the traction a kitten hangine out under the third rail of the. the metro cut power so animals could go down and grab him. has been nick nailed. hay seems to be doing okay doin apparently getting evaluated.ed. >> luckily the trains weren't running. >> right. this would be an entirely different story. really? [ laughter ] >> soree. >> all right. another rescue this one by a
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who created the heimlichh maneuver. >> said he used it for the very first time ever in this lifeif this week at the age of nicks doctor henry i'm like there he is. he invented the anti choking technique this week at a dining room table this woman necked ton him started choking i'm lick says he got up and used thehe maneuver named after him savingn the woman's life the woman is fine. the doctor a thank you note they are now dating. >> did it because no one else would 81-jar jump in. [ laughter ]. >> he admitted it. >> how do i do it? >> hey you wanted to go for a
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: beyonce is one step from carrying a sandwich board down the street sayg buy my album. >> they're out in new york. she's wearing a bright yellow outfit. her cell phone, which has a little lemon sticker on it. she's basically promoting her album by being like look at me. look at me. >> when do they take strolls? >> they don't take strolls. harvey: and their iphone -- >> do you have a problem with this? harvey: no, i admire it. i admire it. >> bella hadid at l.a.x. walking in, in a red track suit, zippered by the way beloher bellybutton. i think you forgot to zip up your track suit. haey: were there guys around you? >> yes. harvey: ok, if she zipped up her track suit, would they have jumped you? >> khloe kardashian fid


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