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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsr >> straight ahead on fox news fn morning, two people caught on camera torching a front porch.rt police need your help finding fg these suspects.usct >> police search for theol person responsible for responslf shooting a teenaged girl near the anacostia metro station. sti >> and don't cancel yourcel cookout plans just yet.ou j early morning showers expectedwe to give way to an afternoon dryout.dryo >> we'll take that.ake good morning to you. >> yeah. >> so glad you're with us this morning, i'm holly morris. mri >> and i'm maureen umeh.'m at a is monday may 30. it is memorial day 2016. >> and this memorial day marks of course the unofficial start of summer.of s gary is down there ready to giveus
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>> first we'll remember theemem sacrifices of the men andfis oft women who served and continue to serve our country.ount fox5's jennifer davisdavi joining us live now withnow today's events. jen. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. it is an absolutely beau tifuly bea morning out right n it's dry right now. hopefully it will stay thatyha way and take a look at the world two memorial. always a stunning sight butnng h wow, early in the morning likeik this, as the sky is justt beginning to be filled withwith colors, it really iseay they're going to have their big event here at 9 o'clocklo this morning. thit will be their memorial day observance to honor the moree mo than 400,000 americans who00,0 lost their lives during worldur war ii and also to pay tributeri to the 16 million who among those taking part hereart this morning, a dozen worldoz wd war ii veterans who will be here to present wreaths at the freedom wall. w of course there's always a big a observance at arlington ain national cemetery as well.ell. the u.s. army is going to gng perform. there will be the time honored r traditionf
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at the tomb of the unknownom soldier. that happens at 11 o'clock 11 ol this morning. those events are free and open to the public. theubli they also are going to being te handing out 30,000 roses thisesi morning, just 75 volunteers voln will be doing this to visitorsir and families of fallen troops. o that's on top of the 130,000he 0 roses that were placed atced headstones yesterday and then at of course we have the big parade. it is actually the biggest b memorial day parade in the d pa country and it happens right r here in d.c. d more than a hundred thousand people fill constitutionle fil avenue for that event.t event there's going to be veterans, vr high school marching bands,ds floats, gary sinise will beill one of the celebrities there.ce it's always a fantastic event,v, a great place to bring your your there will be a lot of roadofoa closures, though, in andghin and around the area because ofrea bf that, though, so you may wantout to check our web site forck ourw that. back to you >> ♪ >> we're following some breaking news from northeaste' d.c.ew killed on 24th 24t place around 2:15 this 2:1th morning. the shoot
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from a high school. s police aren't saying anythingn'g right now about the suspect inn the case. >> caught on camera.amer two vandals setting offngff illegal fireworks sparking a fire in prince george's county. happened early saturday ienakg shaking the riverdale neighborhood out of a deep sleep. whole thing was caught on ainwat home surveillance prince george's county bombouy squad says m80s were used.sed. now, those are illegal ineg maryland and many places p because of the destructione they can cause. if you recognize the vandaofls a please give police a >> more violence impacting metro. last night a teenager was shotao near the anacostia metrostiaet station in southeast. police say the girl was slotas s in the leg near the station's sn bus area. she is still expected to beto b okay. the shooter is still out there t this morning. mng this incidents remains undernd investigation. >> d.c. police are investigating anstigating officer-involved shooting thatot happened over the weekend ine e northeast d.c.ast d. police say an officer shot an armed shoplifter on sundayhoifte along the h street corridor. cri police say they saw him takingak several items from a business. b when they appa
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shoplifter you pulled out aer ye gun. that's when the officer firedof his weapon.s wean. the incident is under investigation. >> what would memorial day weekend be without somed baseball and today the natsbe ad are on the road in philly. phill yesterday they were homey thereh against the cards.ds >> stephen strasburg ninth win n against the cards. brendan moss hit a solo shot. s nats down one-nothing.-nothi in the fourth inning with two w on wilson ramos scores two, harper scores, zimmerman zmerman scores, nats take the lead andld then in the bottom of the seventh bases loaded jaysonde werth was on to pinch hit andit he hits a grand slam for them r nats' final score, 10 to two. ouch. ouch for the cards strasburg is now nine and zero for the season.ea >> you can put it on the board. >> 10 times. >> exactly. >> the royals were in cleveland.clevd. can kim snatching his first major league home run.e r
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back to the dugout. dugou no love from anyone.ny wow. >> finally they swarm the newbie. all right, welcome to the big wow. show. that's how it is done. it that is the go ahead.. o's win six to four. f >> terps going for the national title fence north tighe against north carolina. the tarheels, they have the upve are hand. h tarheels win their secondheir sn women's lacrosse title inle i school history 13 to seven. s. today at 1 o'clock, the two the schools are going to face offaco again only this time for the men's championship. >> all right guys, you can do it. g >> fear the to your tell. tell. >> 5:05 is the time right nowht gary mcgrady checking inckg with you on this memorial day for our forecast.ast. >> how often does that happenn wow where the guys and and the girls face the
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>> go terps, whoop up on the uon tarheels. this is radar. we are all dry around here,ry ar just clouds.lo there may be a little spottypo sprinkle here or there but there most of the activity thise morning is way on off to the to east and southeast of us.f u down along the shore.ho a few showers around ocean kind of sandwiched between ocean city and sale salisburg. >> tropical depression became tropical storm bonnie over the t weekend. lower to mid 60's out to thet to west. west. here's where we are today. w i think there's ahe chance of aa shower but it's few and farnd fr between but we may get into ao little bit of sunshine.un here in the city this in the cit afternoon not much but ano little bit, more north andorth a west temperatures will make itw up into the lower 80's.o the lo guys, not a bad memorial day. dy i mean, i've seen worse. wor i've seen better. bte but i've seen worse, too soseoo there you go. >> 5:06 right now. n and d.c. is known of courseou for its memorials toou
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service men and women. w >> work on a new monument willun soon begin to honor theonor the service of those who fought int what many call the forgotten war, world war i. fox's mike tobin reports. repor. [gunfire] >> reporter: it is said thatr: a national memorial to the americans who served in worldo o war i isrl a century too late. amanda -- the man designing iteg has only been a live for a quarter century.ter entury. saying he had nothing to lose chicago architect joe wishartrt entered a contest to designo dei the memorial a stone's throwne weigh from the white house and t he had never been to d.che.n tod now his work will need tod measure up to memorials fromia f other wars which are part ofe pf the washington landscape. each of those designs stood up s to a tradition of clashing critical aesthetic and a political >> you're 25 years o do you think you can developevop thick enough skin to handle h national scrutiny?io >> probably not. but, you know, just going to goi deal with it the best i can.i cn >> reporter: critics havecs h
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design would discard the discahe existing but neglectedng but nee memorial to general john blackjack pershing. p the memorial is a series ofs walls and gathering areas with relief sculptures tellings te stouffer'tellingstories of the. >> it needs renewal. at the end of the day we endthe believe and we said from thefr very beginning that the parkeark can exist with the memorial.t >> reporter: thewi sculptor scur designing the relief is old school. he sculpt his molds by handt hio and pours theld molten bronze. z he does nothing digit today.igit about the only modern step hetep takes is recruiting models offes craigslist the he puts them in authentic 89 forms and poses a p them in scenes.cene >> i feel strongly about whatboa i've do. i feel like what i've done up to this point is 30 yearsat ofrs training and now i'm really i ready to take on a challenge chn like
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>> reporter: he knows that the finished product willd prod follow him the rest of hisest os career. ca however, what intimidates him is knowing that the memorial will be part of the nationall landscape long after his young y career has ended. >> that one is the harder part. part. and something that, you know,g o i haven't fully wrapped mypp mind around, the fact thatt t it's together to be such a permanent fixture.rmanent fi >> reporter: it will be atte least nine months before ground can be broken on then the memorial.memo in that time organizationsti like the national parkmespark commission, the commission onn fine arts can review and criticize the design.ig they can rather literally sendls him back to the drawing board.nd in chicago, mike tobin, fox news. >> coming up on fox newsoxew morning, you may have to get to in line or plan ahead if youad want to visit a national park p this summer. >> a woman happened after a shootout at a concert h in new e york says she was beingei mistreated by new york cityy ne police. >> as we head to break let'sea take a live look across thes d.c. region. 5:09 is our time. time. fly like an eagle on thisle o
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fox news morning back rightk rit after this. >> ♪ sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> mass protestors were caughtot on camera smashing andesera torching the car while twohi officers we
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the the protestors wereser against a bill weakening worker.. >> sheriff's deputies in losut angeles are searching for thehir people who vandalized a murala a dedicated to vietnam veterans.s. the mural in venice bears thee s name of close to 2300 service s men who were either prisoners po of war or missing in action in vietnam. vandalism was discovered on saturday, sunday morningrday, sy dozens of volunteers worked to try to remove the spray paint.pi >> a monday -- a man ratherathe who was shot at that t. i.hat. concert in new york is suing i s the nypd.d. we're talking about a womaning rather. the 26-year-old maggie hextall claims police didn't stop questioning her even as ptiing doctors were cutting herutti clothes off of her to treater tt her. her lawyer says police alsoe als wouldn't let her family visit her in the hospital.os a brooklyn rapper was arrested e in the shooting that left one ln person dead. >> facing predictions ofct another record setting yearrd sg the national park service isvi i considering cappi
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of people who visitca during its 100th year. yellowstone is among the parks p planning to survey customers cte as to what limitations theyns t might accept. the park had more than 4 million visitors in 2015, a 17 percent increase from thereer year before.ore. now this year the in you canr is expected to rise yet >> coming up on fox newsfox n morning the leaders of one of city make a change for thenge better which will help out hundreds of homeless vetsess ve after a difficult time.a diicul >> and this morning there ishi word that the parents of thes st four-year-old boy who made ito e into the gorilla enclosure atncu the cincinnati zoo could soonldn be in some legal trouble. trole >> and as we head to break,reak, taking a live look across thes e d.c. region, yeah, littleh, ltl beyoncé to get you going on this memorial day. day don't worry about the rain.ain. don't can sells cookout plans, either. right now it's 70 degrees. we're back right after this.
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>> ♪ >> happening right now at 5:14, search is on for the person hoop shot a happened outside the anacostia o metro station last night nea
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the bus bay area.bayre the young woman was shot in sho the leg but is expected to bed b okay. so far police have not madehaved any they are still searching for the shooter.shoor. >> meanwhile it's been app wet t memorial day weekend in the south fo dr some. som tropical depression bo bonnie dd not pack as big of a punch. a south carolina is getting theett brunt of it. forecasters expect the storm s to dump several inches of rainia across georgia and south carolina.caro >> ♪ >> but nothing like that for us hopefully in these parts. p gary mcgrady talking about a pretty nice day shaping up to s be. gary.ha asho.t a >> yeah. h i mean, we've had better we'e memorial days, we've had worsear but we've got the tropicalhe tri depression bonnie just to the south of us b and it doesn'toe look like tropical storm -- sto- tropical depression now bonniere he is going to have a hugetoe a impact on our weather buter look, you can see we're see we' getting all this moisture moi coming up from the south, so sto that means at least a chanceasta of rain in our forecast. forec but we're going get some getom sunshine, too, and i already i see some b
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now, more sunshine will leadeil to warmer temperatures.mperature i want to take you to theo taou south here because the centerte of this storm, you can see itee right down here on satelliten se and radar and i just got an update on this storm from the national hurricane center still a trop deal. see this swirl right here.wiight there's not a lot of rain associated with that butath th notice right here way out one wo the eastern side of the storm te it is just lifting up all that t moisture coming into thein t carolinas now and it willli continue to track up into io parts of virginia and even forvf us, too, i think we still have h a chance for some showers.e s so, here's the details now.ailsn this just came in. wind is 30 miles per hour,er hou movement is so slow, just tous the northeast at about 3 milesul per hour. and this storm -- and it will wl continue to weaken down to just an area of low pressure. ps now how it will track kind ofckn up through the cape, capeape, hatteras that is, and thenhais, back out off shore but it's i going to take several days toerd do it but by tomorrow, we'llw, l be far enough on the westernes edge of the storm, the circulation that we'll justn thl have sunshine and it lookssh like a very, very nice day
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tomorrow.. 69 here in the city now.w. lower 60's back out to theuto north and west.t. winchester is 63. culpeper is 64. 6 the broader picture will show s you temperatures are mild all up and down the east coast andet boston is 54. 54. that's not bad at all. a new york city is 70 degrees0 dee with clouds in place there.he and all the way down into raleigh, it's 66. it's 6 cape hatteras rider no right nos 73 degrees. deg little cooler for beckley west virginia. vi futurecast continue to showst c most of the rain staying offerno to the east of us. eas us. will we have some showersrs today? some folks will have someve showers today but nots todabut n everybody. and i do believe we could havelv some sunshine, if not poking pin through here in d.c.,.c., certainly north and west and wes neighborhoods will have thes wi sunshine. that will elevate theate t temperatures into the middlentoi 80's. i will tell you this. ts. if we get more sunshine thanthan expected in d.c., that means m temperatures will be a littleil bit warmer.bit waer. i'm forecasting 81 degrees.degr. we could be up to 85 or 86 if we get more sunshine but iin but don't expect a lot.
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look how nice tomorrow. tor clouds break up.cloudsak rain stays away for the mostheos part and it does look likelook e it's going to be just ae just fabulous tuesday.ueay here's the forecast for today.ed i am putting in at least aeast slight chance of a shower inrn through every daypart, okay.kay. and maybe a thunderstormstor around this but i think a lot of hoursf h will be dry today and when wendw he do get a little bit of rain, i don't think it's goingn to be too terriitbly heavy,vy okay.ay. so, all things considered, notdt a bad memorial day.l d this goes right back to the t te forecast on friday.n fday. the weekend has really behavedeh like we were thinking itnkin would. more sunshine tomorrow. ssh a few clouds around on wednesday.dn we have to watches wednesday. wy i think we could have mostlye cloudy skies on wednesday.edsd get to thursday, mostly cloudy y there, sun and clouds. andlo as we head towards the latter te part of the week and into thee i weekend, a little bit more unsettled. temperatures upper 70's to low 80's.'s here's your memorial dayal forecast and beyond.ey guys, back over to you in the studio. >> ♪ 5:18. 5:1w is let's take a look at thehe stories you are engaging withgat the most this morning onmo social media with ou
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news tracker.. >> that's what wisdom martinom m happens to be doing at thisoi hour. so, what are people talkingre po about whiz. >> talking about this story that we mentioned earlier. earli this is affrighted anyone scene right here, frightening picture. let's talk about the outrageut e and fallout from the shootinge o of a gorilla at the cincinnatinn zoo over the weekend. weeke the animal was killed on kle saturday after a four-year-oldod boy got into its habitat. hit zoo officials said they have no other choice. anline petition is calling forit the boy's parents to be charged but inio ay' facebook po the boy's mother says "as aas society we are quick to judge t how a parent could take theirhe eyes off their child and if i anyone knows me, i keep a k tight watch on my kid. kid accidents happen but i am thankful that the right peopleh were in the right place. meanwhile, how about this,o, a man in kentucky under arrest charged with destroying a partth of a memorial day display in dn the city of police say the man mowed down md more than 150 crosses thatcrossh were part of a huge display inai a city park. p the crosses bear the names ofamo military members who havee
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and the city of losand thciy angeles has given the green then light to this. this is a plan to take rune r down motels fix them up andmp a then have about 500 homelesss veterans live there. maureen and holly, sounds likeik a great plan but back to that tabor little la story, a lottt of people going to be talking about that this morning andleinn without being judgmental wewe don't know what happened but w it is odd that a little kidittl would be able to wander around a and get all the way down there without the parents evenve knowing.g. >> i got to say initially i inil was like saying where was thisay mom, where was this mom and now i'm kind of saying, okay, you know, little kidsin w o cant away from you. this is a little extreme.xtre i'm going to reserve judgmentvej until i hear more about howow this kid.this >> i don't know if we have't time to share mo but we have more p. p i think it was just anasust accident i-do. >> yeah. >> we'll talk more about it talt throughout the morning.ho >> tweet us too. #good day d.c. and fox news foxn morning. we'll want to hear what youat want to say about this. coming u tp, hillary clinton and bernie sanders they continue to the whabet tell for another -- one another fornother delegates.gas. >> holiday weekend track workndt
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could force you to plan ahead a before you leave your home leavy today. >> and as we head to break a-live look across the d.c. region.gion. sun slowly time now is 5:21 and it is is 69 degrees outside. osi we're back after this. thi >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:23 right now.>> let's get to the race for the white house. donald trump's campaign is on the offensive as he t t'sackles questions about if he hasas enough campaign funds tounds t actually take on hillary t h clinton. >> fox's will carr has the latest on how the the race is shaping up.p. >> memorial day so important. it's our day and we have to beab very proud of it. >> reporter: as americas ari celebrates the unofficiales thec start of summer the candidates for president are lookingng towards the fall and to theohe general donald trump's camp on the offensive this weekend wee addressing reports thengepor campaign is under funded fde disorganized and lacks the t muscle needed to go up againsttp hillary clinton.hillcl >> they think bigger is
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that's the mind-set that thesett clinton administration willtion take to the federal government. youke know, you juxtapose thatpt with the trump mind-set whichd-e is smaller leaner morener mor efficient and better results.ul >> reporter: meanwhileep clinton supporters stressing ses there she will be thee democratic nominee despite bernie sanders making a strongar push in california.ifora. >> she needs effectively 73 more she will have that after theer e election in new jersey.sey. before the polls close in >> reporter: sanders pushingr: back, though, stressing that, rs he's the best person to takeo tk on trump in the general election.elti >> right now in every major m poll, national poll andpoll a statewide poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating trump often by big numbers. >> reporter: in the midst of all of this the libertariane lia party held its convention innt florida sunday nominating former new mexico governor goveo gary johnson to make a standa against the democrats anddemo republicans in the fall.ics in johnson is polling atllin a 10 percent in the most recent rn fox news poll but will need nee 15 percent nationally to be included in presidentialresi
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>> at a minimum i think we'rehiw in the presidential debate.e. there's a real possibilityossily that we can achieve majoraj party status in this country. ct >> reporter: last big last big primary contest is june 7thun7t with 6 states heading to theng polls including california calif which is rich with delegates.els in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> ♪ >> 5:25 right now and i know, gary, everybody's wondering if their cookouts are a go today.oy >> i think -- i think so. i mean, could there be a the b shower here or there? yes,? es there could be, okay, so,kay, s don't expect it to be ito b completely dry.lyry because that's probably notbay going to be the case for everyone.ev we start off this morning, iorng want to show you the radar rad here because i want you to seeou that as of this morning we have some clouds in place. there's no doubt about that.t a. but we don't have a lot in the i way of showers coming acrosscr the area now. n most of the heavy stuff is offs to the east of us and it looks k like it will continue to be off to the east of us this us
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so, again, i don't think there's going to be a hugeto bee problem there. temperatures outside, we're w right around upper 60's here 60e in town, 69 degrees. 6degr little cooler north and west. westminster, frederick, martinsburg and hagerstown,erst you guys are mid 60's, a0's, a couple spots in the lowere l 60's.60 then down farther to the southht and east, temperatures aretures right around 70 degrees, ifgrs, not lower 70's down towardsn wad cambridge. ca now, we're still going to be ane little muggy today but we're b w going to warm up a little bit,, too, and so as we warm up -- u and look, there's going to be some sunshine.unsh should we get a littlet a littl sunshine here in town? yeah, , i think we'll get a little bitai and the more sunshine we get, the more temperatures are going to get up into the upper p 70's and the lower 80's. 8 that may help to kick off a kicf couple of showers, too.,oo so, what i'm trying to say is s that it's not the best b memorial day we've ever had er around here but it's not the worst, either and i think when we end the day today, we'll we' think that was a pretty goodretg day weather-wise even throw wen may have a couple of showersho around. a possibilit
5:27 am
thunderstorm in spots. in s i think the best chance of af thunderstorm later today will be farther north and west. wes temperatures today making iting up generally into the lower toer mid 80's dependent on how muchh sunshine you get in your in y particular neighborhood.ic so, there you go.ul, thyou it's been so far a pretty nicee holiday guys. >> i agree. i think it has been for then r most part a nice weekend. wke coming up on fox news morning governor larry hogan vetoes a number of transportation bills.or >> the 100th running of the indianapolis 100. >> as we head to break thoughea let's take a live look acrosskcr the d.c. region.n. 5:27 right now. most people are sleeping butple if you'rsle up, this song isong just for you. y fox news morning back. bac >> all three of you.ou hey. [laughter]au >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> straight ahead on fox news morning, if your memorial day plans include you takingahyo met rail, you might wande want to consider. will your memorial day be aou washout? gary mcgrady mcg will let you know what toa expect before you led out too today's cookouts and parades. p. fox news morning starts right rt now. >> ♪>> >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> good morning to you. t thank you for joining us. i'm wisdom martin.wisd >> and i'm holly morris.'m holo. today is monday, may 30th. 3 it is memorial day 2016. 2 >> all gary mcgrady is here. we don't havery any traffic so we don't have to worry abo
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that today. >> erin gets the day off.heay o we're not jealous at all. a a >> not at all.>> not at but we do have weather. wth we're going talk to gary in aary few >> today we're remembering theet sacrifices of the men and women who servehed aicnd contine to serve our country.ur coury >> later this afternoon the largest memorial day event inmoy the entire country i esoury happening right here in ourre io area. fox5's jennifer davis joins us now live with more one today's events.toda event good morning, jennifer. jenfe >> reporter: good morning toni you, guys. the sun is coming up on whatp on will be a very busy day here day in the nation's capitol. cap we're going to start thista t morning here at the world two wo such a beautiful sight and sht they have a big ceremonyerem happening here later thisaterhi morning at 9:00 a.m. they will l have their memorial dayemorial a observance to honor the more than 400,000 americans whocans w lost their lives during world wr two. they will also pay tribute to to the 16 million who have served included in this ceremony will n be a dozen world war ii veterans who will present p wreaths at the freedom wall.ree. that will include two from virginia and one fromrom maryland.mary all three of those are army army
5:32 am
now, over at arlingtonrlinon national cemetery, it is their 148th observance of this day.f y the u.s. army band willand w perform at 10:30.0:30 they will have the timehe t honored tradition of laying a ln wreath at the tomb of theth unknown soldier. that will happen at 11:00. 11:00 those events are free and openeo to the public. publi they're going to have 75 volunteers over there handing out 30,000 roses to visitors vit and families of fallen that's on top of the 130,000he 0 roses that volunteers including boy scouts laid on ld headstones yesterday. and then as you mentioned, the biggest memorial day parade in d the country takes place here. h you can gather on constitution avenue to see that, more than t 100,000 people usually attend a this event.. it kicks off at 2 o'clock 2 o'co today. they have high school bands,cho, lots of veterans taking part. there are floats, lots and ls a lots of fun out a beautiful way to honor thoseho who have served our country.ry. gary sinise will be the
5:33 am
if you do head down and it's a great place to go with your w family be aware there are are ae lot of road closures in theuresn area. you can find out more about those on our web site.ur sit back to you guys.ckyou >> 5:33 is the time right now.. caught on camera two vandalsan set off illegal fireworks few sparking a fire at a home in a m prince george's county. >> it happened early saturdaye r morning. shaking the riverdale riverdale neighborhood right out of aod deep sleep. sle whole thing caught on homen surveillance camera.a. the prince george's countysou bomb squad says m80s wereser used. those are illegal in maryland mn and many places because of the t destruction they can cause.ioan we spoke to one of the women w who lives in the home.o lives she didn't wander to go oinn camera because the guys who guy did this are still out there.he >> whole house would have housed caught on fire if we didn't did' catch the fire in time.e fi in i don't know if they've beeny' b targeting us or this was justass some random affect.m affe we are thinking what if wewh if came down here, we wasn't paying attention to the monitors, opened the door and that could have eopxploded andla killed someone. seo >> now if you recognize thehe vandals please give police aolic callly. >> a businessman accused of acco funding a shadow campaign for
5:34 am
will face a judge in august.ugu. jeffrey thompson was scheduled d to be sentenced on friday but bt the washington post iswashon p reporting that his hearing wasig moved to august.t. prosecutors filed new papersor which would affect how much prison time thompson could get.s d gray has denied having any knowledge of the illegal spending.spendi >> trying to get around town ado today, there are some changesa you need to be aware be o >> track work is happening on all six northern virginia is hardesta at hit by the closures. vienna dunn lorring and west ant falls church are closed for clo maintenance work. they're going to reopen're ing o tuesday morning.esday ing. now the maintenance work alsontw means no orange line service at all until tuesday morning. mi now, riders say they'll takellak the closures if this means a safer metro. m >> i'd rather the subway notatt catch fire, so, yeah, we'reh, w' good with all the work they'reoe doing. >> we usually take the viennaie fairfax station offer the offere orange line but we got a text tx alert letting us know that itha was time to change our stopour o today and we just followedt folo what they told us to do. >> additional maintenance workmn also me
5:35 am
metro says silver and blueline n trains will run every 20 20 minutes. minute red yellow and green linereen ln trains will operate about every 15 minutes.ines >> ♪ 5:35 right now. now gary's working hard or hardly working in the weather center. >> hey, wait. hard. hworking >> oh, okay.>> okay. >> we got a major storm to thert south of us trying to work up t the coast and it's a holiday, ad so i'm working double time t trying to make sure it's going to be a pretty decent memorialeo day out there. listen, let's start with radarhr to kind of slow you what'sw y wa going on. i know we just had a live l picture a few minutes ago that t showed a little bit of a lite bi sunshine poking throughoutg th there in places but i thinkhink that's pretty much going to beh the trend today. t not going to be completely sunny by any means. m some places, north and west andw end up getting most of theng moe sunshine today but we'll get aot little sunshine today in theay n city here as well and the and t metro area. what that means is that with asa little bit more sunshine it'se i a little bit more heat outle b there and we could have still hs a chance for some showers sho passing by as well.ssg by the larger picture of thef the satellite, and the radar r
5:36 am
this is tropical depression bonnie, still spinning arounding down to the south of us. it's pumping a lot of moistureng in but most of that should aofh stay to the east of us today. td full forecast is coming up for your memorial day and beyondorda in just a few minutes. guys, back up to you.p toou >> thanks, gary.nks, g coming up on fox5 news morning a-virginia couple is ine i trouble after getting lost and then trespassing into a nuclear plant.cleaplan >> and parts of the southeast t are recovering from severe flooding and tropical depression bonnie.ession >> as we head to break though t let's take a live look acrossoor the d.c. region.egn. 5:36 is our time right n we are at 69 degrees.degr >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it feels like summer thisel weekend it did. and it will continue, too.s cono fox news morning back afterk aft this. >> ♪ ♪
5:37 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> a chesapeake virginia couple was arrested friday for trespassing at ahe nuclear powec plant. this happened in york county,d pennsylvania. police say 29-year-old timothyim stuart and his girlfriend,irlfri 33-year-old jenny simpson cutut a chain fence at the peach bottom atomic power station. sti the two said they were lost. lo. officials said they neverhey n posed a threat. they were arrested and each eac held on $100,000 bond.,0 bond. >> a d.c. plan is charged withit sexually
5:40 am
a bethesda metro station.station police say 25-year-old dominiclo simmons asked the teen to useteo his phone then refused to to return it.tu i they say he then force the thece teen to a nearby bathroom bathrm where he allegedly sexuallyll assaulted police say simmons also faceslse a kidnapping charge ine montgomery county involving ioli the rape of a woman on a red oaa line train last month. >> dominion virginia power hasar lost a $40 million federal fed grant for an off shore windrein pilot program this accordings ar to the richmond times tim dispatch. the department of energy withdrew the grant becauseheec dominion could not guaranteeou e it would be finished by 2020. >> two wind turbines weres were planned for 27 miles off theileo coast of virginia beach. the two turbines were meant tome test the possibility of building a 2,000 -- 200,00000 mega watt wind farm. f and if you haven't hired of alexander rossi.
5:41 am
he entered the indianapoliss 500 as a long shot. sho rossi ran the final 36 lapseps without a pit stop.itp. he ran out of fuel shortly after claiming the checkered flag. ag >> martin trench jr. putarti together one ofn the most dominant performances.formance he led 392 out of 400 laps.00 l he broke a 49-year-old raceld r record for most laps led.t la l he set a new nascar record by leading 588 miles. the only time he gave up theave lead was when he pitted and others stayed on the track. >> brillian strategy. he just kept going.ri juspt g >> that's some good driving. dr. >> coming up on fox5 news morningin a new report suggestss nearly 1,000 refugees have h gone missing while trying to tin tee from war torn parts ofr the middle east. >> new company is providing aa ride for veterans and they'rende doing it with style and >> as we head to break, let's go ahead and take a live look l across the d.c. region, a -- a -
5:42 am
the boardwalk down in ocean in city. you can see it's a little bit of a wet start to the day.e o d. >> yeah. >> so, all you folks sleeping in, that's was need to be doing, keep sleeping.sleepi it may dry up a little laterittt in the afternoonly we'll finde'n out in a bit. time right now is 5:42.:42. we're back right after this. >> ♪
5:43 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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>> ♪ >> let's go to houston texas where police shot and killed man who went on a shooting spree. yesterday a gunman walked into an auto
5:45 am
started one person died several othersvo were five police cars were shot a police helicopter was alsoa hit. a swat officer ended the the mayhem. he shot and killed thet an suspect. no word yet on a motive.yet on a >> united nations says it isay likely that hundreds ofndds o immigrants are dead. dea this morning having drownedrnin during their attemptg to cross the mediterranean sea.e itme is believed the immigrantst were on board three different de ships which capsized in thed sea. wow. it's a dangerous trip.ri thousands of refugees makeak every year while attempting toto make it to europe.ur hard video to watch there. >> yeah.>> tropical depression bonniees dumping several inches of rain on the carolinas.arol this is the scene this weekendee in jasper county.ount now, more than half of a footanh of rain covered the county the u causing a stretch ofretcof interstate 95 to look like atoka river instead of a road.oa officials shut it down so so drivers wouldn't attempt towoulo cross the flooded section. >> ♪ >> 5:45 and it looks dry out there in our immediate region ro right now.ow
5:46 am
yeah, so far the weather is i cooperating. you know, you saw the pictures u over at the shore. at e shore. no, it's not going to dry upo du over >> all those people that went ta to the beach, ha. ha. >> well, good time to read a book or go to a movie or watch netflix. ne >> that's why i'm jealousm je gary. >> i understand. i get it. we're here wor king. working. here's the current radar t curre picture. showers moved by overnight, oveg okay and you see all the rain ri along the shore here.ore her i think that's going tok that gi continue because that is right r in there feed of tropical depression donny. bonnie. moving to the northeast super sp slow 3 miles an hour. h that's almost stationary.t storm system is beginning ton t weak can ken a lib in what we i call fill. f looks like it's just gone down n to a low pressure center andce it will continue to track veryrk slowly up to the north and totor the northeast.thrthe it will be off -- just off to ot the east of us for the next several days.ra but we're going to be okayio over here most of the week andek i think really after today thehe effects that we're going tong have from this storm,
5:47 am
if any, it looks like we'reks le going to go through a dryingin period. this morning 9 o'clock againckga look at the rain off to the o east of us. we're mainly dry here. h i have to at least include anc chance of a shower here or he there today. t i think they're few and farfeand between and i think most ofost f our memorial day is going toay n be dry thank goodness.oo a little line of showers, maybe a few thunderstormsst north and west later in the day. and how much sunshine we gete w today really does dictate how hw warm we'll get. northwestern neighborhoods look like we'll get up into the middle 80's. i think lowerwe 80's here in town. tomorrow looks good.rrow lots of sunshine.f su we're under the influence ofnfee high next couple of days shaping upap like this. limited sun today but sun nonetheless and an occasional shower coming on acrossoss possible. the heavy of the rain, theain, t best chances of rain off to rn the east of us, well off tol o the east of us. tomorrow sunshine, warmer,arme 85 degrees. here are temperatures out there right now.rerit no we're 69 here in the city. most places in the 60's. forecast, we're going for ae goa high in the city of 81.
5:48 am
but listen, northwesternthst neighborhoods, okay, i thinks, i you could easily get in theetn h middle 80's today with more sunshine. sunshine winds will become southeast at e five to 15.five t15. a possible thunderstorm latestml this afternoon and thisisfter evening out there especiallyspel with some of the sunshine that a breaks through.eaks more sunny tomorrow, a few clouds, 81 degrees.1 deee. and then we get in towards the e weekend things get unsettled again but i don't see any extreme heat coming our guys. >> sounds good. thanks, gary.g >> in the news this morning, we're learning new detailsetails about an incident which happened this weekend at a zoos in cincinnati. a four-year-old boy fell intoelo a gorilla exhibit. exhib >> zoo feels fearing for theee boy's lost killedls the gore thr little l the boy was not seriously hurt. >> reporter: horrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo afte tr a four-year-old boyld wound up in the gorilla enclosure. >> mommy's right here. >> oh, my
5:49 am
>> reporter: a 400-poundound gorilla dragged the boy around o for 10 minutes as dozens of families looked on. o >> child has fallen into the gorilla cage and the gorilla gil is slamming the child into theil wall. >> reporter: zoo officialsr: z say the boy crawled through a barrier of the pen and fell f into the moat. the moa >> being dragged by the b gorilla and then the gorillala took him to one end of the -- t- his habitat and the little boyib started screaming again andamagi the gorilla grabbed him backed k again. >> reporter: the zoo president says the 17-year-old e gorilla was not attacking thehe boy but could easily haveile killed him so a decision was made shoot to kill the gorilla.a. the zoo says it had to be donedo to save the boy's life. l >> the decision was not made n m they're very endangered animals, there aren't many in captivity but it has theas proper >> reporter: the team close to kill instead of tranquilizing the gorillatheoril
5:50 am
would have taken too long to t kick in and the zookeepersookeer were worried about the gorilla r having an aggressive reaction rt while holding the boy. b >> the team did a good job and b they made a tough choice thenict made the right choice. because they saved that littleil boy's life.sife. it could have been very bad.av >> reporter: the boy was injured but has since beens sinn released from the hospital.ospi the zoo now back open to then public but the gorilla exhibitih will be closed until further notice.ce jane metzler, fox news.zl >> watching that video, i video can't even imagine.can't even >> we never saw that earlier.r t that's sca >> yeah. >> all right. time now is 5:50 and let'sndet's check in and see what's has whaa the had hot on the web rightebit now, the stories you're mostou's engaging with on social >> maureen is back with that one. >> good morning let's start inl' venice california where it is wi a troubling memorial dayl that's because vandals have painted huge graffiti on theug wall that lists the names of nes those missing from action inctn the vietnam war. w. neighbors say the memorial wasew hit a few days ago.go. >>
5:51 am
debt free.debt this woman candace keshoni opening up about doing justut ds that with the help of sugarf sur daddies.dd the villanova law grad says gra after her first year she s checked out a dating site that t looked for young women lookingoi for if this help with menen looking to provide it.vide i she says she used several sugar daddies over the pastddiev three years. new trailer for finding dory has the internet buzzing. g a scene lasting just a fewt a f seconds shows a toddler tdl dropping her sippy the scene shows two women walking in front of the child and one picks up the cup.e cks no official comment from the movie studio though on whether h this is in fact a lesbian couple or maybe just a movie.e a >> or maybe sisters ore siers friends. that's reading a lot into it. >> a lot.ot. >> what we don't have to readtor a whole lot into is the whole sugar daddy story. >> my goodness. >> let's be real.>> >> doesn't this happen all thehe time. >>
5:52 am
to college for free, that'se, t' all i'm saying.m aying. >> it's the oldest profession pe for a reason. >> okay. >> so true. so true. >> we are getting a looklook inside a startup determined tont make a big difference innce i veterans lives. >> fox's heather neret has a look on the luxury car service s owned and operated by former service members. >> we've all worked together, t, all fought together overseasht and we need to support each other when we can come back home. t about cap start i truly believed that was something i wanted to get backia into is to work with myit military brothers and sisters se and here we are.we a >> reporter: originallyriginall launched in the uk by men who wo served if the british armed armd forces cap star actively activey recruits those who have been t hongred during their military service now. luxury car company is makingak its mark in the big apple. app >> hey there.he >> hi how you doing i'll be your chauffeur today. tod >> reporter:.>> re >> ♪>> >> reporter:. >> little different from affertr humvee or whatever you were
5:53 am
>> the ac don't work. w >> reporter: he served sevener years in the marines as a motor transport operator and a member of a quick reactionf force team. t he deployed three times toe timt iraq and afghanistan.hanian >> i joined the marines out of staten island. >> reporter: right out of high schoolly. >> right out of high school. >> reporter: what year it was.tete >> in 2006 i left for bootor boo camp the day after i >> reporter: the day a of a o the you grad >> the day after i graduated. >> reporter: went off to wt o boot camp. >> went off to boot camp its a a very humbling situation to be b living amongst the enemy and knowing that at any givenat a point you could be in at you position where you'rere you're essentially fighting for yourngr life. >> reporter: tell me about when you got out of the >> i sustained injuries while w i was in afghanistan.stan i was blown up by multiple ied's and i sustainedus traumatic brain injury and ic was no longer fit for duty.brr i thought by moving home beingeg around family, people who knewhe me prior to my service thatvicet that would be the
5:54 am
beneficial step to make. >> reporter: and what was hete d that like? l >> it was hard. h when i found cap star i told stl myself if there was any shotny at success for me in life, inif the civilian world, this washi w going to be my chance.ha >> reporter: what have your parents friends and familys anfi said to you about what this job has done for you. for >> a complete 180.>> a cet >> things about service members, they're great atreat at doing their job but they'reut t' also extremely creatively iativ love working with they look at life in a completely different way. >> ♪ >> and it's time to say good soo morning to your fox5 facebookoxe fan of the day and today's fan's is, i love the name, holly readhacker. this weekend holly and her and h
5:55 am
they rode in rolling thunder. td >> awesome.>> a she says she wants to thank wan tucker barnes for the sunshine. su okay. she also says she starts and snd ends her day with fox5 every day. thank you so much holly.holly >> you're welcome. wco >> for your patriotism and being a loyal fox5 viewer.ox >> for a chance to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the f day head to ouacr fox5 facebooke page post a selfie and commenten below holly's photo. >> ♪ >> we want to thank gary, too, because he's playing hurt hurt today. >> it's all good. >> you gdaet a gold star for >> but i'm glad that thishi weekend's forecast worked out.dt >> yes, it was great. gat >> and rolling thunder -- i t think honestly it is one of ion the most amazing things thats we have here all year longg every year to see all that ist i just amazing -- just to hear it, it really is rollingli thunder. hearing temperatures out there this morning 69 in the city, 69c baltimore 66, dulles is 64,s4, the sun is coming there's some sunshine coming through, too, breaking throughbg the clouds in spots.the clds i
5:56 am
of us.of us. off to the east i think off toho the east today is really where w you stand the greatest risk of f having some showers. swe that doesn't mean we won't get'n one or two around here but off to the east this tropical heatra of moisture is coming up. c you can still see a few over there way off its rainingai along the beaches thisheches thi morning, rehoboth, down d towards ocean city, bethanyet beach and then up towards the cape, cape may that is, it'ss all raining.raini. so here's the center of theter storm down to the south.m it will condotinue to sendoen moisture our way but again, i a think most of this moisturest stays off to the east of us today. so, enjoy what little bit oftt b sunshine you temperatures tooth actuallyures making it up into the lowerthe r 80's. 80's some spots with more sunshineunh actually get up to the mid the m 80's and there's a possibilityoi later today we could have aouava couple of thunderstorms. listen, enjoy your memorialmeri day. don't forget what it's allsll about. those of you that arere veterans, thank you for yourorou service. those that are active duty ase y well. stay with us.stit steve and allison are coming
5:57 am
morning. holly is going to be here.oi to i guess allison has the day t dy off. of stick around.stic more news to come.mores to it's wet along the shore.hore. >> ♪ >> blank >> blank
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> another shooting at a metro station. the victim this time a teenaged girl and she's in thehe hospital as the search for thehe gunman continues.onties >> plus a busy holiday hid weekends in the nation's capitol, the memorial dayhe mora concert just one of severalof s events in the district aheadstrd of today's somber memorials mora planned to remember our nation's heroes.oes. >> first though a live lookoo outside on this monday. mda it's may 30th.'s m weather coming up on the 5s at 6:05. 6 good monday morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris in for n steve chenevey today.nevey toda. we welcome you to fox5 newsew morning. morn >> developing overnight, two, tw homicide investigations under way in our area.rea. we begin in northeast d.c. d.c a man was shot and killed on 24th street. street. it happened around 2:15 this 25 morning. the shootn


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