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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. >> strawsd ahe ar heads today we learn about charities that benefitted from trump. >> and how long for verizon sevs to return to normal. >> forecast for the rest of the week will sound pretty familia familiar. sin any and a chance of rain. not bad. i'll take that. good morning to you. thanks so much nor are tore joining us i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, may 31. gary mcgrady, airport airport, sfapding by we have "weather and traffic on the 5s". we'll start with the news now.
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this tuesday morning we begin with breaking news from northern virginia fairfax county police are right now at motel six springfield where several guest were robbed a few hours ago and investigators tell "fox5" at least five people were robbed by three suspects those suspects threatened victims with gun and hammer. it happened in the lobby or victim's room and thankfully no one was hurt. >> first at five the search continues for a killer in prince george country after a woman found dead inside a residential laundry room at a apartment complex along 18 avenue adelphi and found after neighbors called police asking for a welfare check. residents say they are shocked especially since you need a key to look inside the laundry room. >> it's usually locked even on sundays the door is sometimes always locked until somebody opens it. >> detectives say the woman died from trauma and have not released specific details
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>> nearly 40 thours striking verify sdop workers are expected to return to work tomorrow. the union says it reached a tentative contract agreement and verizon in nine states and district went on strike mid april. the new contract has 1300 call center jobs and 11% races over the next four years and contract for verizon wireless store employees. union members vote after they go back to work. >> today a prince george country task force designed to keep students safe from sexual bus are scheduled to release findings into the case of caroway. >> he was arrested earlier this year and charged with sexually abusing nine student in glen arden. caraway worked at the school as teacher's aid and task force is expected to release its review of current policy and proceed you're and tell school leaders what changes immediate to happen to ref enter cases like this from happening again. >> a native american student in charles county wants to ac
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kument tour at high school graduation. >> her school told steve hershorn way of doing that would violate the graduation dress code. melanie alnwick is live with the story. mel. >> reporter: well, graduation day is thursday here at darth point high school and as we know the big question toe whether charles country public schools should change policy to that this student can honor her heritage. let's take you to the picture now. this is what is so important. we're talking about mock sins they're and leggings that go with them that dillon mccabe want to wear for her special day a sayre mopeial dress given tomer by grand parent keepding to tradition she ran miles for four days in these shows during a rite of passage it sniff fines they carry they are lieu life changes and the dress code says black flats or low heels only and
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are appealing an started petition and they say it's about more than a fashion statement. >> it's sort ever hard being native american living on the east coast not being near my traditional home land and not near the and a half hoe nation. it's very hard to stay in touch with my culture. traditionally religiously and culturally. >> and dillon was told she can wear and a half hoe gown and squulry because it doesn't show underneath the graduation gown itself. they have the option to appeal to the board of education but time is quickly running out. live in charles county i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> 5:04 now and today
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releasing to details about monetary donations to veterans and how he handled money for a fundraiser held for vet rapz. >> that was held in iowa. it raised 6 million dollars. >> nba finals will be a rematch of last year cavaliers versus warrior and last night steph curry and clay thompson carried warriors to win on return trip. 34-36 point and thompson added 21 more. they beat the thunder in the western conference finals. game one is this thursday. >> all right. five past the hour. gary mcgrady not a bad start to the day. saw -- not really showers a little wet when i got out this morning and hopefully that was nothing that will carry on through the day. >> no, i don't think we have a problem today with anything like that. maybe that was a bit of shower activity that didn't dry up or i don't know maybe the neighbor turned on sprinklers.
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68 for annapolis out there right now and look at temperatures generally in the 60s and the low 70s across region. and it is a little muggy out. now, where the skies cleared a little before sunrise we could develop a bit of fog. it's not happening yet. and i keep checking visibilities and still visibility as cross the area are all really, really goodle. and let me show you satellite picture here. see the bright white clouds off to east of us that's showers and thunderstorms out over the ocean okay. nothing like that for us. it does it pier clouds are break up a little bit. so given that over the next hour or so we could see a little bit of fog in spots. here's the deal for today. 8 a.m. temperature in the city lower 70s. still cooler out in the suburb suburbs. mild start. some cloud. fog possible. as we go through the day the best way to say. it mixture of clouds and sun and temperatures warm up to generally speaking mid up toer 80s for everyone it's a little muggla
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well. here's erin comothon tuesday morning with your traffic. hey, erin. >> 5:07 live look 95 virginia northbound side little congestion dale boulevard leading up towards the bottom side of beltway. let's switch it over and take a look at maps now. aside from volume we're seeing things moving along long type on 66. 50 to beltway look going and again 59 lorton 295 you on up and south of that point where we show you cameras through dale city things are conest add cross the wilson bridge. we're coming in from roz landx# ageorgetown and memorial bridge cruise ago long and problem free on the freeway. 11th street looking good and moving nicely from 0 to truck scales. same torrey rockville to gaithersburg and as you can see now problem free 301 to the beltway and four and i lining what i'm seeing
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tuesday morning ride. maureen, holly. >> nets on the road to philly pat of 11 day road swing. top of the day bryce harper drilled with a pitch above the right knee. hatcher left the game shortly after that. no word if he'll play today. top of the 8th. nats down 2-1. jason werth, though, it's a base hit to left field. let's see it. there it is. danny espinosa tied. nats go on to win this 4-3. saluting the military park to the show down with the red sox in the bottom the fifth. birds down 2-0. ryan particularity dropped down the third baseline. one run scored. jackie bradley junior connects to center field and/or yolz surrender three homers losing this one 7-2 and now trail red sox 5-2 gain. >> maryland men say mel orial day taking
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lacrosse national championship and this goes down to the wire. terps go inside. but denied. game would go to over time. first goal wins the game. tarheels would sling one past terps goalie and the four team and third team whip and national championship and terps job now 41 long years. >> bless their heart. >> that's a tough loss. >> good game, tough loss. >> coming up fox news morning this holiday weekend was interrupted by a 1,000 pound beast. >> we'll tell you about that one and mother of 4-year-old boy that fell into gorillaen closure says she did not wrong. >> we'll take a live look across the d.c. region. girl want to have fun. each on a tuesday. 5:09 is the time now. we're at about 71 drees. fox news morning back after
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in bloodshed five people shot during a drive by in north baltimore. victims were taken to area hospitals and are expected to survive. two victims were arrested and now considered to be suspects. . >> three sisters all under the aim of 18 killed in a crash in florida on interstate 95 and eight other people were injure injured. florida hey hoo way patrol said they lost roll of the vehicle that had ten peopled in and preliminary investigation shows a front tire may have malfunctioned actually causing suv to flip. >> also florida golfers were stunned by alligator. >> whoa. >> casually strolling across the golf course. he's like a mascot for the course and is often around. the alligator does not bomber anyone he don't only forer him either. they estimate it's between 15 and 16 feet long. are you kidding me. all right. . >> don't get that close. >> oh,
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>> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> that happened. >> okay. >> not the mascot you want right. >> coming up former attorney general eric holder defending actions of a manuel avilay believe is trait tore. >> and deadly disease thought to be he rad indicated makes a come back. >> as we head to brak a live look across the d.c. region time now 5:12thon tuesday morning. "fox5 news morning" back after this bass pass
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bass pass. welcome back to fox news morning. iraqi army fighting to take th thecyy of felosia back from isis. estimated 50,000 res dendz are trapped there and eye akry army working to get them out of the slty safely.
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military operations began a week ago. >> and just about quarter past the hour now at 71 degrees. felt pretty good last step outside this morning gary and i think it's fretty much a broken record this year one i'm okay with. >> you deposit kneed jacket or umbrella and i mean come on. >> just a cup of coffee all you needd yeah, whatever your pleasure. >> actually a pot of coffee. >> i tell what you let me show you visibility. i've mentioned this morning we could have fog in places if you can switch the prompter for me i appreciate. it mar tipsburg coming down one mile almost two hours couple better land down to half mile what is happening here skies are clearing and temperatures cooling off a bill bit more and closer to the dewpoint and forming fog. has not happened in the metro yet. we're starting to see culpeper come down a little bit and mannasas come down there's pockets of fog this morning that fog and fog lifts up to
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morning clouds for some. reduced visibility alearly morning clouds. here we go pick up time for the kid owes this morning. temperatures ranging 64 and 71 this morning. most of us will see sunshine to start the day and then good amounts of sunshine through the day. that will help to warm us up too after school 83 to 88 degrees and we're 72 now here in the city and notice back out to the west where we see some fog temperatures are cooling off just a little ability. no problem area wide warm to the south of us. new york city this morning starting off warm too at 72. next dumb days. 86 today. sun and cloud. humidity. humidity tomorrow. 83. few more cloud out there in places. here's the deal for the next several days. we look at the upper levels that tells us a lot of what is happening at the surface. i don't see any big storms because this big ridge of high pressure around here the next several days but what we end up with obviously we'll stay humid and warm and we're going to be right here in the middle of
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norm and northeast of us and then the 0s and 90s well to the south of us. so i do suspect we're upper 70s to low 80s ra round the next several days and big storms off the coast. what was tropicalfq$ storm depression bonnie has since basically dispaitded and become an on air of low pressure and that's brings the rains offshore. okay we don't have to worry about that my more. 718 a.m. mild, fog, 8 lunchtime and 86 for a high today. that 86 feels like 88 to 89 something like that. 80s for the next several days. this one day, thursday, 79. here's erin como. >> 5:17 gar yain crossing fingers because right now it's really quiet. pet row is on time if you take metro today. >> did you actually have finger crossed i didn't see it. >> i had fingers crossed here the thing. >> here's what we do in baseball. >> thanks gary. >> i feel i'm good to go. i don't have a stress wrinkle
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on my forehead yet. if you have early morning flight to catch maybe you're trying to get out of town after an extended weekend. no problems bw parkway north or southbound and same story 95 issue free top side beltway as you pass through chevy chase this morning send aires quiet and university boulevard no issues on silver spring and headed to reg app national same sore dwri 395 and 66 and things on the way to dulles. nice and quiteet now no problems on dulles access road. we'll let you know if that changes mit row on time and traffic around the dmv cruis cruising. any questions@airport fox d.c. witness twilter and maureen, holly. >> 5:18 a look at stories gaining with the most this morning on social media with realtime news tracker. >> and for that we turn to wisdom martin now. >> we start with this guy a conversation about this guy first up surprising words from u.s. attorney general eric hold erin he now claims edw
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leaking classified information and speaking of president obama former advisor david axle rod. snow dep did cause harm and raised important debate that sparked more changes. holder says snowden living in russia should return to the united states to face consequences. next up, health officials now confirm 11 cases of measles in arizona. the outbreak began at inmate federal detention center and 7 inmates and four workers up infected and facility stopped accepting new detape hes and timely cincinnati zoo standing by its decision to shoot and kill a gore ail after a 4-year-old boy fell intoen closure. zoo's director said harambi was agitated and disoriented video shows the gore ail adragging the boy around. his death is a big loss but insists the boy was in serious danger. his death sxarkd
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out rage with many calling for the parent' kids to be responsible. #justice for harambi is now twending on twitter. >> researchers using brain scans and cte studies to help veterans returning from the war. >> is suncreen putting you at risk for developing cancer. as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. time now 5:20. dan cuellardan cuellar ♪ ♪
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>> amazingly this truck driver managed to escape unharmed and the cargo may have prevent today from flipping over to the side. >> deadly ram pain in houston suffered from ptsd. he's been identified by several media outlets as 25-year-old garsa of california and army veteran served four tours in afghanistan. police say he opened fire in a suburb killing two people and injuring 6. he was later killed by police. >> researchers are asking military families to donate brains of fallen loved ones in hopes of learning more of a possible link between head trauma and brain disorders. scientists at the university of washington say they will focus on service members that suffered concussions and may have developed dementia. alzheimer's or cte a disorder known to affect football players. researchers have been given the brains of three fallen soldier soldiers. >> with unofficial start of summer here new concerns over suncreen. researchers
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people don't apply thick enough dot protect them in a way the labels claim and in fact we typically use a quarter of recommended amount. experts say adults need two table spoopz of suncreen per application and if you're using right amount a typical bottle should only last six applications. >> guys listen up with it comes to intimacy chances are special lady is in the mood more than you realize. researchers say men often under statement how often wives or girl friends want to be intimate and that can leads to feelings of the resentment or disappointmented. women don't initiated over fear of rejection. >> not sure what to say about that. >> i'm not going near that. >> i noticed that --. >> i was thinking the same thing hmm. >> the producer put tractor-trailer in and cut straight gary. we'll jump right into weather after that. 72 degrees.
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locations. winchester talking to you and mar tipsburg back to you where the visibilities are down through lower 60s. frederick 68. fredericksburg 66 and clouds out there in place this morning but you know what the clouds are breaking up and as the skies clearing a little bit we're developing fog at the surface. we're going from clouds to basically cloud on the ground. that will lift up and be morning clouds for sun. surprise and clouds today we're talking. here's the deal. mild start. temperatures lower 70s 8 a.m. and still in 60s for suburbs. noontime 8. muggy today. 86 for high temperature and may feel more like 88 to 89. staying dry today. and workweek forecast is coming up in a few minute. right now, erin como if you were bored a second ago what's going on now? >> how quickly things change gary. he told me that saying it was quiet before 5:30 was like calling no mit hitner baseball in third upping re
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gary. if you take metro residual delays new carlton to orpen lunch this in earlier train mall nuvrption in vienna and 9 5 between 630 and 610 congestion and slow dale city 266 and 267 looking good and things are all green on the map now 95 southbound inbound route 20 and 50 coming in from annapolis you won't hit the usual congestion 301 inside the beltway and new york avenue quiet as well sutland parkway in the douglass bridge. nor congestion dale city to woodbridge. back to you guys. >> all right, 5:6 now coming up on "fox" news morning memorial day weekend takes a violent turn. >> and if you're a selfie taking addict google has a new feature to make your addiction worse. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region. we are at 72 degrees already on this tuesday morning. >> we got a lot moreheaded your way
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>> straight ahead on "fox" news morning murder investigation a woman found dead inside the laundry room of prince george county apartment complex and police are looking for her killer and fouss thousands of striking verizon workers return
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reached a deal granting increased pay and benefit and today a task force in prince george county is expected to recommend changing current school policy to prevent any child from falling victim sexual predators. fox news morning starts right now. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris today is last day of month believe it or not, tuesday, may 31. >> time fly flies when you have fun. gary mcgrady and erin como here to talk traffic. first today's news and what is happening now take a look at this the a live picture from motel six where several guests robbed overnight. five people were held up in the rooms and five suspects armed with gun and hammer and this happened 2:20 this morning and none of the victims were hurt and it's unclear what the robbers took and suspect were in 20s and one was heavy sweat dreads. this morning
5:31 am
inside a laundry room found murder certified a mysterych the murder 457d apartment building 18 after adelphi. >> the woman's death was caused by trauma and would not go into specific details and neighbors sti get in that laundry room you need a key and it's usually locked. memorial day cookout in baltimore ended in bloodshed. five people were shot during a drive by in north baltimore victims were taken to area hospitals and are expected to survive. two of the victims were arrested and are now considered to be suspects. >> a native american student student in charles county wants tonight acknowledge navaho culture at her high school graduation. >> her school told steve hershorn way of doing that would violate the graduation dress code. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live from charles county with more on the story. melanie. . >> good morning, guys, and a lot of people reaching out for that petition that the girl and mom sighed. many of them so
5:32 am
of saying this is about her right as a native american her right no express herself. really a big decision here for charles county schools whether they're going to alter their policy to let this student honor her native american heritage. what is really at issue here are the mock asins and has to mock asins and leggings are special to dillon mccabe. they're part of ceremonial dress given to her by grandparents. they sniff she has strength and endurance to carry her through life's challenges and they will not be allowed to carry her across the graduation stage and that's because the dress code says black flats or low heels only for women. and now dillon and her mom are appealing an they started they say it's not about fashio
5:33 am
expression. >> it's sort of hard being native american living on the east coast not being near my traditional homelands and not near the nava hoe nation. it's very hard to stay in touch with my culture traditionally religiously and culturally. she was told she could wear her navaho dress and jewelry because you won't see it through her gown. there are sniingts support of her cause and dillon's mother has a meeting with the assistant superintendent and they do have an option of appealing to board of education but as we know graduation is thursday. so she doesn't have a whole lot of time to get this taken car carech. live in charles county i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> today donald trump is promising to release details about monetary doe maitions to veterans
5:34 am
he handled money. >> the fundraiser was held in iowa the same night as they boycotted a fox debate. he says the event raised 6 million. bernie sanders told vote others to turn against not rival trump but hillary clinton and we spoke to nearly 20,000 people at a rally in oakland yesterday and urged them to get out and vote for june 7th. >> 5:34 the time now. gary coming up on last day of may and it's definitely transitioning into june as it should be. >> yes. no doubt about that. we don't see any cool temperatures coming our way and morning lows certainly get warmer out. that's a good indicator. dense fog advisory back out to the west of us this morning. visibility this morning we've been talking about this all morning long once the skies cleared we would build a little fog at the surface. obviously at the surface. visibility
5:35 am
come down. martinsburg down to a mile now. mannasas last we checked on mannasas it was 5 or 6 mill visibility and you're down below a mile now. here in the city still ten miles. we'll see some of these continue to come down. winchester 5 miles. that's not a problem. keep in mind through 8 or 9 clock fog in spots. 72 now here in town. annapolis 68. baltimore 66 and culpeper and 69. bus stop forecast for the kid owes no worries. if you get fog out there keep it extra, ca slow obviously do i need to tell you. low beams only. 64 to 71 after school hot kind of muggy 83 to 88. here's erin. >> well, 5:35 now we'll start you with metro delay and unfortunately if orange line an earlier train mall nunks because of residual delays because of new carlton this morning and rest of five rail lines are on time and no metro bus delays because of vum
5:36 am
yet. live look 66 inbound towards the beltway let me see if i can move out of the way. blocking lane norm of this 123 you can kind of see it there there's a stalled vehicle. keep to left and you encounter some volume approaching 123 and past that point nutly street to the beltway. be prepared for that one coming in from september areville. look at maps quickly and other slow down starting through stafford 95 yamd and 256 in great shape. in maryland i like what i'm seeing. a lot of green leading into the district and to the truck scales and gaithersburg and quiet in and outside the beltway. any questions i'm erin@fox d.c. on twitter and. >> nearly one move after a wildfire devastated their community a number of resident are told they may need to find a new place to live. >> a number of southern neighbors cleaning up from wee
5:37 am
flooding. >> as we head to break a live look outside across the d.c. region. time now 5:36. we'll be back after this
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>> happening now conflicting reports over the number of deaths caused by a wave of air strikes in syria monday night. i'm an rights monitoring group says 14 peopleen including children were killed in step air strikes. and however other reports claim dozens were killed and hundreds of others wounded. >> some residents in alberta canada waiting to go home after a massive wildfire will have to wait more. alberta premiere rachel notely says concerns about environmental cop tam nation will delay some evacuees hoping to come back to for the mcmurray and notely says hundreds of home are not safe to be lived in yet until toxic ash and debris surrounding those homes were removed. >> rapper troy ab plead not getty in dead liing shooting at ati concert this video shows some of incident tense moments. one person killed, three other injured. right now charged with attempted murder but that could be upgraded to murder after ballistic tests return
5:41 am
fox viewers say he fired five times in a crowded venue. >> a man with a special illness received a surprise. redesigned landon priest bedroom to look like fantasy world a replica r 2 d 2 and x wing fighter and images of bb 8 from the latest "star wars" film. cool. >> super cool. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" a new study for people that try to impress bosses going out of they're way are risking health. >> threat of zika virus has one player reconsidering playing in the olympics. >> a live look across the d.c. region. 5:41 is the time now at 72 degrees on tuesday back to work people, we can do. it let's get through it together. "fox5 news morning" back after this
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>> welcome back to fox news morning coming up on 5:45 in a couple secretary the coastguard was called in to help with rescues in texas north of houston. hevdy rains pounded region. the weather proved to be dea deadly. at least 7 bodies were pulled from the water since friday. dallas international even had to cancel flights because of that flooding
5:45 am
>> and a live look outside right now as we come up on quarter till 6 a.m. and it's the real deal out there in texas gary. they've been deal with a lot. we, however will have a pretty good week. >> that's right we started off request clouds this morning and where the clouds have broken up we're dealing with fog. i'll show you visibility in a second. warm today. even humid temperatures today mid 80s to upper 80s and maybe warm maybe hot but certainly with humidity feels more uncomfortable this afternoon. some folks approaching 90. 86 in town. fredericksburg 86. and add about 2 to 3 degrees here when you talk about feels like factoring humidity. martinsburg down below a mile. dulles 10 miles. here in the city 10 miles still have clouds on top of us so unless the skies clear before the sun comes up chances are we don't deal with fog here and burnff
5:46 am
place, mannasas down to 4 miles or up to 4 miles because lower than that earlier frederick fredericksburg now down to 5 miles. again where the clouds are in place visibility up to 10 mile miles. where the clouds were breaking up visibility lower. warm today. frontal system down to the south of us. chance of shower down here central virginia to the south. and north carolina. otherwise sun and clouds high pressure starting to build in there's another frontal boundary which will come through tonight and tomorrow's weather does he pend how far this boundary gets. we think it gets further south far enough such that we're in pretty good shape tomorrow and it looks nice. all say this one little hick-up could be as the front comes through tomorrow morning if it kind of lingers or doesn't get through all the way it could be a shower around the front and does look like high pressure pushs in and we're pretty good we'll keep basically the showers out of the forecast for tomorrow morning. we're dry today, 86 and we're
5:47 am
and tomorrow looks really nice ft. front gets to the south. showers along what's left of the front and what's left of tropical storm bonnie and tropical depression bonnie on wave of low pressure providing shores and thunderstorms there. 86 today. sun and cloud. watch for am foggy spots and then we go to sun and clouds. 7 day forecast looks like this. 86 degrees for high temperature today. cooler tomorrow. i put in a few showers tomorrow morning and that will be early showers. okay? showers possible again thursday. maybe a storm and we're unsettled through the weekend. and what's it look like erin's commute? >> 5:47 cigary and few issues we're seeing popping up around town. this is 66 eastbound virginia by 123 north of this point and there's a stall blocking right lane. please keep left. volume increases through mannasas through centerville and you can see things break up past this point despite there's a stall. we'll switch over for a look at maps. see how things are shaping up.
5:48 am
virginia. 66, 234 to 28 and 95, 630 to 610 and volume increasing and as you get to dale city typical slow-moving traffic as you try to get to ewington making your way to bottle of the beltway. maryland slow downs 270 south to 70, 109 hyattstown and slow moving traffic no crashes to report 50 westbound inside the beltway columbia park to 201. residual delays new carlton to the orange line and earlier train malfunction vienna and aside from that rest of rail lines on time this morning no metro delays yet. i'll let you know if that change this morning. here we are prince william to show you on the map light area of volume on dale city and secondarys looking nice and route one is problem free through woodbridge and maryland and bethesda not seeing issues there. any questions@erin "fox5" d.c. back to you wisdom. >> 5:48
5:49 am
good-bye set for world war ii veteran. >> james johnson remains were only identified last year after being recovered from a pacific battle field. he was killed on november 20, 1943 along with 1,000 other mar eepz following several days of intense fighting and johnson's body was among many left behind and deemed unrecoverable by the military. >> as a nation pauses memorial day to remember those that gave the sacrifice. eight names were added to the memorial. there's 58,000 names on the wallch the memorial received nine status changes from the once declared missing in action to deceased. >> president obama observed memorial day by honoring our fallen service men and women at ar liping top imaginational sem tir yeah president place aid wriming at the tom of the unknown showeders. the president told us our
5:50 am
america. >> whether they took up in times of war, signed up in times of peace, or were called up by a draft board they embodied the best of america. before traveling to arlington the president held a breakfast reception at the white house for military leaders, family groups and members of fallen service members. world war ii veterans were hop order at the memorial on the national mall and i paid tribute to more that 16 million that served during our war. a dozen veterans also laid wreaths at the freedom wall. >> a tribute for vice-president joe biden delaware national guard seeing head 1/4 rz in honor of bow beau. he was bewusstseinslage pass away at the age
5:51 am
brain cancer. >> those that served our country got serve aid special meal at the national harbor for the second year in a row the restaurant invited vet rapz for a complimentary lunch or dinne dinner. >> it is offered each year on veteran's day and last year decided to expand to memorial sdi as well. most of veterans we spoke with heard about the dinner through social media. >> i'm happy that they honor those that are serving four our country and definitely those that have -- our fallen soldiers. it gives me great pride to be rerecognized. >> we also have an drous air force base and pentagon around the corner this is our community. >> a military id was required and entre he's to be enjoyed at the restaurant no to go orders and even sew the occasion was a huge hit and told more than 1,000 service men and women came out for lunch or dinner. >> and all right. 57:
5:52 am
the stories you're engaged with most. >> maureen has the details, hey mel. >> chicago bulls star pierre palda st al. >> i use the to know that. >> he's considering skipping olympics over concerns for zika virus. he has issues with how olympic and health officials are handl handling outbreak. they have declared it an global health monica malpass and they say stlz no reason to bap game. >> gun afood and drug authorities say it is linked to capper s skin bleaching is common in the country and the ingredient is banned in the u.s.. >> father in italy coming up with unique to pay child sports up cued khouding piece a. because of rce
5:53 am
struggles he claims he could no longer afford that up stad of cash he offered owe in the form of pizza. the judge agreed to that proposal. pizza for everybody. >> $35 woman of pizza every month. >> as take lot of pizza. >> i'm not sure that's helping with the expenses of child. >> yes. >> name again. >> pow. >> like kung pow chick. >> there you go. >> time now 5:53 xtd putnes putting in long hours at the office could be killing you. sitting at your desk all day to lead to heart disease and type ii diabetes. >> 52% of workers never left of the office for lunch or lunchtime walk. it also found that heavy workloads workplace culture and stress are to also blainl. experts say a 10 minute walk during the day can make a huge difference stress resgleev
5:54 am
news wisdom if you like taking selfies. >> i do. >> and you own a nexus phone. >> i don't. >> ut, oh, nexus users could have unimplemented free storage in google photos. text buried within the code says you can get up lemented free storage and anything larger is automatically down sized. >> all right let's say melo to facebook fap of the daytonia sims as she start her morning off with "fox5". >> and recently celebrated 54 birthday. happy related birth day to you. you want to be our next fan of the day. gist post your pick. it looks like she was holding her -- maybe she painted the picturing. >> it is writing the monument there here's travel. bus stop f
5:55 am
watch for fog out there. okay especially along bus stops and so not everybody sees fog some of us will. it is on the humid side. 88 to 83. some would say hot. it will feel warmer than that when you factor in the community. winds are i think we turned the corp are a little and got rid of the cold stuff. 86 today. sun and clouds. eye few showers tomorrow 83 and couple hours poybls, tuesday, by dr. and into tweaked. >> good morning, 5:575 now slow downs taking up the usual spots virginia to owe 95 and eastbound by 234 once you geted in the beltway things on 66 on up eastbound side through arlington and 267 problem free and same story maryland 2
5:56 am
south jammed high at down and 50 inbounded in the beltway 410 to 201 you see sluggish task and things picking up new york avenue by blade endsburg and slushish as you head to the douglass bridge and if you take metro orange lines delays to new article ton rest of metro rails on time. back to you wisdom and holly. >> coming up on five 5 news morning the american flag business booming. question is what's driving demand and it has to do with president departments and politics. >> if you have plans to see adele live in concert when she comes to town we have a warning the one thing the super star won't tolerate from fans. >> as we head to broke now. >> live look outside across the d.c. region. 5:56 is the time we're back in a moment
5:57 am
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>> straight ahead at 6 a local hotel robbed at gunpoint and fairfax county police still on the scene at motel six where the scary scene unfolded hours ago good. >> and maryland teenager in dispute with high school over graduation dress code this moin
6:00 am
native american heritage are on hold. >> live look outside on this tuesday morning it's may 31. last day of may. 2016. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. good tuesday morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> developing overnight a frightening knock at the door a motel in virginia. "fox5" said five people were robbed in rooms at the motel six. they were threatened with gun and hammer. investigators have vague suspect descriptions to go on. >> a murder mystery in prince george country after a woman found dead in laundry room at apartment complex adelphi the victim's body discovered yesterday morning 7400 block of 18 avenue there was trauma to the body but would not go into detail and search dogs remained on the scene until sunset


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