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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 31, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> he had happened overnight at a local motel. now police are looking for a suspect. bernie sanders stage rusheds secret service springing intogii act. we'll show you what happened and why the democratic underdog sayg it will take more than that to a scare him. sc >> the zoo is not yourou >> the cincinnati zoo still defending its decision to kill a gorilla after a four-year-old fell into its pen. p animal experts have a message m for parents. he fires. >> and later, steph curry with w the shot boy. nba mvp did what he does best db last night. nht. winning the conference westernte champion she and setting up a finals rematch with lebron james. me good day at 9a starts now. ♪
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it is 9:01 on this may 31.may i'm holly morris alongside ofsie maureen, wisdom and welcome back to steve. ste >> ahead at 9:00 o'clock too local stool districts let a let student honor her heritage evene if that means violating the the dress code.sod we'll have a live report for yru you. >> first though at 9:00 it's back to work for people in the t dmv after a long holiday weeke weekend. who might be in store for more of the same.of t another day with clouds, some heat and humidity.umid details now tucker barnes. bar hey, tuck. t >> good morning.>> i mean actually good newsew forecast. more and more sunshine this t afternoon, and it will still bee humid but not the oppressive ope humidity we had yesterday. yesty i think generally everybody will like it. let's do it. 75 nouse now in washington.hito burning the fog and low cloudslo off here and seeing more andor more sunshine.e.
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baltimore annapolis 72. 68 in no doubt about it warm start tot the day. here the good news. little weak front slide throughi overnight. and with a winds out of the outf north and west trying to dry the atmosphere a little bit. a lit we'll still have humidity around but at least not the oppressiv oppressiveness of yesterdayness still little spin down therewn e leftoverleftovers of our friend, and that bonnie rem rants getts streamed up the coastline theret but notice that it's furthers east today than it was yesterdae so better news for the beaches e as well. high pressure to the north and quiet conditions this afternoon. it will be warm and humid. look to the right now.. okay.okay and there you go. there g conditions this afternoon in tht mid 80s.0s. winds out of the northeast at a five to 10. to sun and clouds this afternoon. r dry afternoon.te make sure you have plenty ofu vo water if you're working outdoors that kind of thing taking theof dog for nice long walk it will l be a hot afternoon with thoseit numbers in the mid 80s all right. guys that's the latest weather.eath i'll toss it back to you.ou >> all right, tuck, appreciate i developing ovn
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guests at a local hotel are robbed at gun point. it happened early this morning at the motel six in springfield. three suspect suspects robbed gt their rooms threatening themhret with a gun an good news here no one was hurt.h police do have a vague description of the suspect.he st the other big story the year atr home we're expected to find outd the break downs and procedurescu in could have prevent add schooo aid from allegedly sexuallyy abusing students at an studeat elementary school.ry schl >> prince george's county task t force expected to row lease itse findings today.ings t bob more has from judge sylvania woods elementary in glenn ardena >> reporter: we expect toxpect learn later today the results of this task force looking at the rules and procedures for screening adults who come intoto contact with school childrenhild here in prince george's county.. the result of the case earlierer this year the arrest of teachers aid deonte carraway here at judge sylvania woods elementaryt school in glenn arden.en. the two-year-old voluntary
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as cued of video taping youngapo students engaging in sex actss here at school and in other locations around glenn arden.nnn at least 17 victims have beenmse identified these are childrenedi between the age of nine and 133 years old.ld the task force chaired by thehe president of prince george's g community college doctor she'llc of charlene duke at thee dat t direction of prince george's g school ceo kevin maxwell has investigated the procedures andd policies throughout the schoolch system. and what can be done to bettertr protect the children whileldrene they're at school. sch these alleged crimes occurring at school during the school day. we'll learn the results of thisi investigation and the results of the task force later thishis afternoon at school boardchoo headquarters in upper marlboro. for now, carraway is being held in jail here in prince george'sg county on $1 million bond. he faces the possibility of life in prison if he's convicted ofvo these charges.s. we're in glenn arden maryland, l bob barnard, fox5 local
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>> the race to the white house u scare for bernie sanders.e forne secret service grabbed him aft a protesters tried to rush theh t stage. it happened in a rally inly i california yesterday.terd animal rights group later tooket responsibility for thatt incident. the senator is okay.setor told the crowd would take more than that to scare him.e h hillary clinton making somemakg changes to her campaign. her schedule that is by addingdd more stops in california. umps it comes after sandersan spent more than week there. t it holds it's primary on jun june 7th. hillary clinton planned toy tonl campaign in new jersey later j this week will spend five days d in california.. recent polls find hillary clinton leading bernie sandersae by two points. by on the republican side, s donald trump is set to revealevl today when veterans groups g receive money collected during g fundraiser in january. jua trump organized the event when t he skipped the gop presidentialt debate he reportedly made aroune sick million dollars and donated money to up two dozen charities. tone 05:00. allison is back with check of ce the other stories makingher sti heain
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hey, al.y, a >> hi, gang.>> h first up tech text seems to bees making up for the lack of rainaf two years ago because of abecauf drought then.t the today, there is no relief inelie site from rain. forecasters are warning morening possible flooding as the brvos river expected to crest today ad 3 feet above a previous recordoc set back in 1994. 3 feet above that. tha the river runs from new mexicome to the gulf of mexico.. six people have died followingol four days of heavy rain. r two other people are stillll missing.. overseas now another a attempted missile launch byle lc north korea ending in failure. south korea media reporting theg missile explode the ad at the a launch attempt put the military forcest in japan on high alert evenn putting anti ballistic missiless units on stand by. this the fourth reported missild launch by north korea in recentc months. successful launch has the potential to reach u.s. militart basis in asia and the pacific. heads up back here at homeeh for anyone who drives in thes it d.c. d.c.
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parking is about to go up. um-hmm.-h starting tomorrow, all parking p meters in d.c. will cost $2.30 . an the council approved the measuru to make up for lot of rest knew it could bring in an additionalt 12 to $14 million in parkingng revenue. also tomorrow thousands ofws verizon workers will return toit the job. their union reached a tentativei contract agreement whichment whh includes 1300 new call centerr jobs. 11% raises over the neck fourecf years and a first ever contractn for wireless retail store sre workers.. 40 thus sand verizon land line and cable workers in nine statee and the district went on striken back in mid april. union members will vote on the t contract after returning to wo work. finally, it was like it camc out of jurassic park. p that's how on lookers describedr this big guy hanging out just chilling at a golf course. florida golfers were stunned by an alligator moving along in the
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it's a mascot for the course ane often around. aroun the alligator doesn't bothersn'e anybody and they don't bother dt him. i guess they don't. d't golfers estimate the gator is is between 15 and 16 feet long. back to you.. >> allison, do you know why thao alligator doesn't bothergatodoes anybody? >> why? >> because it's not real.ecause i'm calling fake on that. icag a >> come on.on >> i'm calling fake. that same video surfaced aboutdo year ago.go same video, same golf course. >> it's the same alligator. all >> no, no. i want to you find me video of a really a gator who walks likeall that with his feet way up off the ground. gro >> he's special. he's a mascot. we have named him larry the gator. >> that's an suv or edited video video. all i'm >> can larry -- - >> throwing the flag. fla >> i'm going to believe thiselii one. (laughter).(l >> wow. >> throwing the flag. >> let larry live. larry liv >> we need another angle of this
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>> that's what i'm saying. sin >> another angle of the video. >> i had no idea you were goingg to come up with us. >> he's on golf course.ours >> i believe that that is your real video. >> everybody on the golf course has a cell phone. allison --alliso >> look at this walk. she's ignore me. >> you're like -- >> strut your stuff larry. lar >> allison wisdom is not going to walk right up to that suv anv not be scared, right?ht? >> exactly. >> do you even golf.en gol >> i used to before i had kidsdb an wifeef. >> um-hmm. >> all rig. >> i've seen gators walk like ga that before.ef i don't know.don' >> i vote >> i vote real, too.e , >> i vote you decide. #gooddaydc. do you think the gator is real?a larry the gator, larry the l the r.tor. >> let larry live. >> carry on.n. >> thanks, al.>> still ahead honoring her heritage or breaking the
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code. local hoy school graduate caughu in the middle of the debate. t b we'll have a live report. >> and later on adele sang helll to a fan during a recent concere but that fan may have wished she had hello. had why the grammy win are in callel her out and the national debate that move spark.ovrk time now 9:10. 9 back in a moment.back in
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>> 9:13. native american student in charles county wants to acknowledge her navajo culture at her high schools graduation. >> her school told her way of hr doing that would violate thehe graduation dress code. c melanie alnwick is live froms m charles county with this storyso mel. >> reporter: this has stirredti up quite a controversy here inti charles county.les co look, i know a lot of us like to make statements with our shoes.s it's something that so many people can relate to. but for this one student it's i' not just about footwear. footwea it really is about whether she's going to be allowed to celebrata her cultural heritage many taket a look at the footwear intwr in question here.ti these are very special speal ceremonial moccasins that dylan mccabe's grandparents gave toe t her and she wants to be able toe wear them for her special day.. her grant parents gave them tope her so that she can participate in a very
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age ceremony for young navajoavj women. as part of that tra traditionrai that ceremony, self years ago,ro she had to actually run three times a day pus pushing herselfe little further each day, and so these shoes signify to her thata she has the strength and the the endurance to carry her lifeif live's challenges but right now she will not be able to wear tow these shoes across the graduation stage because the bau charles county school's dressl'd code says that women have to wear black flats or low heelsees only dylan and her mom are now appealing they started a petition and this iso not about fashion.on it is about freedom off expression. >> part of our culture an partur of who we are. as a people, um, so it's very important to me. it shouldn't have come to this.. i mean it should have been so much eas it should have been no brainerha kind of ave situation.on and so, um, i ho
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point charles county schoolch system changes its policy.olicy. i hope that they learn by this experience. >> reporter: dylan was told t she could wear her traditional navajo dress, belt and jewelryry underneath her graduation gownao because it won't show. s but she says that moccasins anda leggings are part of the entirer ceremonial outfit and that is is why she wants to be able to weaa it in its entirety not just piecemeal.em there have been more than 3,000 signatures so far in support onn their page but i cann tell you that not everybody herh in charles county, guys, supports some people actually saying onao our facebook page that they think that they should have to play by the rules those are thet rules that the school board set out and that participation intii graduation according to the people who don't agree with agr dylan is basically voluntary she doesn't want to play bite ruless then she doesn't have to walk on graduation.gradua i don't necessarily agree wit
9:16 am we'll see what they say wheny sw they have their meeting aboutbo 4:30 this afternoon.. >> mel, just a point of pnt clarification for me. this is not new rule. rul this is something that wasa already on the books as far ass black shoes or black flats, right? >> reporter: yes, i don't knowdt how many years ago that was putw into place, but apparently thiss is something that the students e new about for quite sometime. sm that that is the graduationradun dress code.drcode >> with that my question would be why did she wait so long to ask permission to change the code? because graduation isatn thursday and she knew she mightw be get a little resistance, whyw wait till the last minute tominu make the request? req >> reporter: the way wehee understand it she really didn'td think it was going to be probl problem. she had plan to wear the all along and at the last minute, you know what, maybe i should is run this by the principal realla not thinking she was going tooio get push back on that. so again, i think personally shy should be allowed to wear them.e i think -- i would take it event one step step i would say every studentur shot be allowed to wear somet
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that expresses their diversity r and celebrates their individua individually will the.divi >> i can see that. but i'm kind of leaning more towards the rules of the school much it's a slippery slope. where do you stop? you make an exception for this.ts a student believes in somethingt you're vehemently opposed to an they want to reflect that. where do you draw that line? s? i understand that she wants too honor her heritage but, you know, i think the school if thet bend now where does it end? doe that's my concern.that's m >> reporter: yeah. yea here's an interesting thing a ta lot of people native american ai rights groups posted on her h petition page that she may havev a politically -- i mean aean federally protected rights too express her native americanmeca heritage. >> well, that's another interesting tip.g tip >> if that's the case the rulehl doesn't work then. then. >> right. >> whatever reason you put theas rule in place doesn't work't because then if that's the casee then everybody can have c h something they want to do to express their individuality. make -- which is
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want to do the rule needs to gos away. you can have rule that says thit how you're supposed to dress att an ant, and then have one persoo do one thing and -- that doesn'e work. so the rule -- maybe the rulee needs to be changed.s to be >> we said it in the beginning.b it is we want to keep weighing as you have been all day long. #gooddaydc where you can doan d that. we'd like to hear from you whatw you think about this. >> 9:18. 9:18. coming up next zoo officialsia defending their decision toeciso shoot and kill a gorilla after a four-year-old fell into its pe p inform. they have message for parents. later tv is no substituteubt for real life. kit count when it comes to com t church. we want to know what you thinkno as another edition of love andn ofa order coming up. up.
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>> i'm not saying that was the case. but i've seen it. the zoo is not your babysitter.s take a break from the selfie and the texting and the phone callsc and joy the moment and make sure your kids are having a good, save experience.ienc >> okay. message for parents after that h zoo accident in cincinnati.ati meanwhile this morning theg the cincinnati zoo officials thereit in ohio standing by theirir decision to shoot and kill thata gorilla after four-year-old boy fell into the the story has everyone talkingai and much of the anger directedic at the boy' parents with manyitm people holdi
9:22 am
for the gorilla's death. dth holly has the reaction. rction. >> people still talking about this again this happened on saturday.da many people still very angry att the parents for not watchingatcn their child more closely.. they also believe harambe wasbes trying to protect the child anda shouldn't have been shot but the zoo's director says harambe was agitated and disoriented duringd the develop minute incident.e id video shows the gorill gore litg dragging the boy around andhe bd being gentle like he is rightlel here in this part of the video.v but the zoo says his death is oo course a big loss but it doest s insist the boy was in danger. >> the killing of a beloved bel 17-year-old gorilla in thenhe cincinnati zoo still sparkingin outrage this days after zoo officials shotias and killed the animal to save a four-year-old boy who wandered n into the enclosure. the zoo is standing behind their actions.ons. saying harambe was in an agitated situation and couldsitn have caused serious damage toag the child. c
9:23 am
>> that child's life was in danger, and people who questiono that or are monday morningng quarterbacks or second guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back. >> active visits are stillctivea calling for discipline forre either theg zoo or the child's and some ohio state lawmakers are the idea of harambe whichhih would create legal consequencesn when an endangered animal is i harmed or killed due toil negligence of visitors.ence osi the wildlife experts say zooay z officials handled the situationn appropriately considering the size and strength of the goril gorilla. >> the power they have, they can take a green coconut and squishd it like a marshmallow. you can't even bust one open ono with hatchet. the animal's power is beyondey belief. >> a small group gathered at tht zoo to honor harambe with someh suggesting the remaining rem gorillas be place in a
9:24 am
away from people. p >> we have sanctuaries in i different places so they're a little bit say. s. >> hundreds of thousands signede online petition calling are to the boy' parents to be held hd legally responsible for the gorilla's death. dea now the director of the dirtor cincinnati zoo, l we go. visitors are also leavingo l flowers at the gorilla exhibit h and asking how they can supportt gorilla and you know i said this earliee we talk about it ad nauseum. people's opinions are formed. af and you think what you that. and move forward from here. her i think that obviously they'llhe be something done at the zoo. te i think there will be athere b different barrier put up. but we'll see. see >> it doesn't make though.e there are some people on sociala media why did they have to killo the gorilla. come it's a little boy in there withe a gorilla.. a 400-pound gorilla who is wildd animal. >> you have to protect the chile in that situation. sittion >> what was the mom doin
9:25 am
still have not had a full a explanation what the mom was was doing. doin >> i think she went to address. another child. chi she had more than one kid withh her. >> but still.>> b sti >> in heartbeat the railingt the there is only about 3 feet hight >> i'm not trying to blame, youu know, i know again minds arein made up but it really baffles ml that this boy was able to geto t across into this moat. it's a done deal i guess ituessi that's the part i keep playingla over. how did this happen. happen. >> this was four-year-old boy had show know when mom says stay here to stay here. h i understand kids are precociouo but to extent. >> my four-year-old doesn't-o always listen. >> i have four-year-old too t holly.ll >> here's the thing. she's not going to jump over ap fence.. >> make extra sure you have aa hold on that child. on c >> i don't think when you go to the zoo you think you can access the dangerous animals.nima i think when you go to the zoo e you think you're safe from thear dangerous animals. ama >> no. not at all. >> i get it. with three young children everye time i walk out of the house i u am paranoid we hav
9:26 am
conversation about we're in the running, you're not going tooi disobey me, run around stores, s you're not going to run in to rn traffic f we go to the zoo you're to the going to runre around the zoo. you just don't do that. you have to have thoseave those conversations with your kids. >> sure.on i agree. >> if you have that conversatioo on regular basis they willar bas listen. when we go out, my kids are not climbing. they're not running they're not doing things -- >> you are a better parent thann me. >> i have my conversations, too. what it is, each person hasersoh their own parenting style.paren. what i'm saying is this. if this four-year-old this mom had conversation with hmm hmm bourbon degrees want to dobo there's no reason whyn this ki should have been when mom saidbi stay here and minding the othere child was able to get over get e fence.fe i don't care how precocious you are. >> four-year-old knows wildd animal is a wild animal.l. >> focus when you're out inn public should be on the kids ata all times. absolutely. no circumstances should yourhod attention not be focused on the kids.
9:27 am
every time i'm telling you everi time i go out.ut are they perfect, no.erfe, every time i walk out of theout house there is no phone.e is nop my entire focus on making sure these three children are right r in my sight of view and when i i say stop, they're stopping muchc it's the way it is. it that's just the way it is. >> whatever your mindset isteve right now and your opinion onn o this -- th >> it's not going to change.istc >> i will say this.>> i will sa i think in terms of killing thee gorilla, even the gorilla intention could have never beena to hurt the child but he'se' 400 pounds and the kid is is 40 pounds. he could have unup tension alley like january hannah said he cane squish a coconut like that and that could have hurt the child weighed into the decision. >> i don't think there's a question you have to protecton that kid. ythid but yeah, as far as the other stuff -- >> the situation shouldn't have happened in the first place. i >> exactly. >> still ahead sports chat nba finals rematch epic steph curryr come steph curry with the shots boy. >> nervously wait to go to finee
9:28 am
night. tucker barnes back with check ok what we can expect as we getct g ready to start new month. month. >> 10:00 o'clock as well. go-go lessons from hall of fam famer.0: katie pererry back. the most expensive handbag evere nobody here has it, do they?? >> no, no, no.o, i saw in a heartbeat.rtat d.c.'s dining scene is legitit world class and what happensan h when the patti's pie guys triess some local pies like dare i sayy homemade. we'll be right back.
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♪ hmm. hm bryce going to do serious shaking off lastgo night. hoping for good news on brycen harper. he was hit in the right kneeighk with a pitch last night during the game in in fast ball right on the point. pt walking with a slight limp in l the clubhouse after the nats held on and got the victoro four-three last night.tig they say bryce's recovery officially is day to day. it seems to hurt even more in slow motion you see right wheree it hits. >> ouch! >> harper will be evaluating eat today before deciding if he will play tonight.ight. >> actually when i hit my funny bone -- bone - >> i know. >> instead of curry reeled -- r >> shot boy.. >> many many shots a record rec number of three-point shots. s warriors in the finals secondsec straight season
9:32 am
playing the cavs in the finalsin for the second straight season.o golden state down three games tt one they beat okay he can cityy last night 96-88. steph curry -- curry >> leave me hanging now. >> steph curry -- curry - >> with the shot boy.. >> scored 36 points.s. seven, three pointers settingseg nba record of 32, threes in a seven-game series. sie a record for steph curry. >> with the shot boy. >> a little slow. >> if we do, when we have baseball stories -- >> with the pop fly.he poply >> yeah. >> holding out.. >> you guys have to do it with t me, right? >> no. you don't want to talk about it. >> put it on the board. >> boy.oy >> i don't care. >> i don't care if it's just met we're making this thing nation national. >> what's up, tuck?? >> hi, guy. guy. >> hey.>>ey >> all r
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i'll dot weather.i' dot 75 in hey we're looking at warm and ad humid conditions later today. mid 80s but the best part thatha tropical air mass in place p yesterday is at least temporarily being push off to the south and east.andas thing getting a little better. t winds not terribly impressive i want to point out they're nothen north and west trying to dryg ty things up a little bit.a winds out of the north here at nine and eight at dulles. northwesterly winds this time om year good news it will dry up w the atmosphere a little bit forb us this afternoon.noon there's your storm tracker rad radar. clouds, fog early this morning.. we've been burning it off.urniff most of our live shots areho are featuring sunshine across the ae region so things are looking a good. still clouds across the the southeast. the beaches thank goodness we're done with the wite lingering cloud cover that's ths reel nantz of bonnie still s center of circulation down herew so it will still be a story fory the next couple of days.f days. most of the energy offshore which is good news.h isood and we're focused off to theff t north and west with highh pressure. a front come through last nightt that's the dry air and breeze
9:34 am
this another front later tonight itrt might kick off a sprinkle forklr parts of the area but things nos looking terribly conducive todue rain showers later tonight.onht. kind of reinforce the dryhe d pattern for wednesday and i a think again thursday. we're not really featuring muchm rain the next couple of days.f we will take it.t thanks mike thomas that wasma fast. you got my zip trip sign up forr friday going down do delray. come out and join us. jn u 86 today. 86 t 83 tomorrow. there's your forecast.ast looks like our next best chancea for rain will be probably fridai afternoon with a cold front anda not weekend wash out but someuts showers around.d even the best chance will beancb second half of sunday with a cold front and temperatures no 90's on that seven day forecastc can you believe it?can believe ? >> all right. that is the weather update. trying to help you here. h ba tock maureen.aure. >> thank you, tuck.ha you all right.ig as we know we live in a fast-moving world but takingakig time to below block it out mighm help to enhance your mind's performance and ill prove your y life together in general. new book called super hyped we
9:35 am
talk recently about how to improve your work and personal lives through tm. non-profit foundation founded bb david lynch co sponsored theored doctor's bookstore.ooks foundation advocates tm for survivors of violence and abuseu and for veterans with post traumatic stress. dr. rosenthal, first of alla what is the super mind?super nd? >> the super mind is the mind aa its best functioning.ning. so when you're most creative, most productive, and feeling a a feeling of richness and joy in your life that's when you're yor reaching a ooh super mine. me normal whole we go for things wg sort of go directly for them.m this is an indirect way that is quite evident less.que ev >> what is it exactly?? >> well, the process of trance a dental medication sitting downt twice a day closing your eyes and thinking a word sound or o mantras you've been taught to t do. what happens then you go into ai very nice space in your mindind called trance centers and whencw this is
9:36 am
moves into your every day life f so that the piece, the joy, andd the insight that comes about a translates into a daily actionss your daily choices and your a daily feelings. >> i'm thinking when we're awak' and conscious we're thinking oni way. when we're sleeping we'ree' thinking a different way. is there a third way that wet we shall be thinking? is that whaa you're pointing out. o >> there's also drea dreaming. waking, sleeping and dreamingg n when you meditate there's ae fourth state of consciousnessons where you're awake and alert but you're not actually thinking tnk about anything in particular. pu you're very calm and it feels fe very blissful it's like you'reor going down into the depths in an diving bell into the depths ofof yourself. and that's the fourth estate ana then when you do this for a f a little while that moves into ano daily life. l and then really almost without trying, things begin to shape better themselves because youreu oi
9:37 am
demeanor is improving, yourng, attitude is improving, andnd everybody responds better torese that. >> but we're in the state wheree we're go, go, go all the time.e. electronic devices going on. going off your cell phone continue sallyns rinking right there by the sided of your bed. bed. how do you disconnect from thatt to bring yourself to this spacee where you can even begin to tapo into a super mind? min >> the first thing is to make that decision to say, you know,, go, go, go, where am i going ala the time? maybe i need to havev a pause in the day.. then once you've made thisad t decision and learn how too meditate, turn up your phone,rhe you go to a quiet place, you retreat into the self for 20 f minutes in the way that you've y been taught to do because it's not just clear your mind, emptye your mind.d your mind doesn't work that wayw but by saying internally thishi mantra to yourself the mind naturally opens up and so instead of going away foror weekend retreat, yu
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little retreats every day and id really is transformation al.ion >> the book is called super minn how do boost performance andnd live richer and help year live v through trance dentale d medication. in this book you'll teach us how to do this.ou essons are veryreer enjoyable because they're ally' through stories includingi stories of very famous people like hugh jackman whose right og the cover.the r >> yes. >> and cameron diaz. jerry sign fell. martin scorcese all kind of household names. names. >> yes. y >> all meditate and all showatew evidence of the super >> if you want to be in goodn go company i suggest you pick uppk this book.k. dr. norman rosenthal excellentxt work.wo thank you so much for sharinguc with us today. u >> lovely to be here.ely to be thank you so much. >> all right.. 9:38 is the time right now.n still ahead in the fox beatox ba adele's message to fan filming one of their concerts d therts t singer go too far. 9:38. 9:38. we're rolling deep into this one when we come back.
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♪ rumor more has it adele doesn't want fans filming her concerts at least that's thent messagt e one fan got recently.l kevin is back with the details d of this story.of this kevin, what happened here? >> she was playing a concert and she essentially called out a fan for recording her during thein e
9:42 am
now i want to say one thing t before i show this i've been at many lifetime in my life -- couldn't senate my m lifetime. i record some songs on my phone. but i never pull out a tripod.ri >> is that what wha >> she says to the personay recording this, this is kind off sparked debate.spked whether adele being rude. rud not being rude. was it bad of her to call theale person out directly? shouldd chef had a security guard takeuk it away. awa here's the video. >> i want to -- can you stoptop filming me witness video cameram i'm here live.iv >> i didn't hear her say. >> put your tripod down.pod d this is not a dvd. >> so -->> >> that's where you get the deah copyright issues, too. too. >> >> trying to sell it.ell >> if you read the comments onnn youtube, there's a lot of peoplo saying this was rude of her. he. people were paying tickets -- t- money to see her
9:43 am
recording it on your phoneour p versus professionally doing itli with video camera. ca so i think -- i also think thata like listen this is something si i'm guilty of.m guilty of. we live in day and age we don'td live in the moment ever. ever. we're always recording things ti taking pho people think they're not at thet concert if they're not recordini a video. i saw metallica a couple monthsm ago. i reported three or four ofur o their songs.thei >> here's the thing, kevin. kev here's the problem.robl people think because they pay for something they have the right,.ght, >> sure film paying to go a concert or basketball gameasketb doesn't give you the right to g out on the floor and give youloa the right to -- >> public property. ppe >> i have the right to own thewt follow the rules.he rul she can do -- adele told them tt put the tripod down.own. she was well within her rights.t >> should adele have called her out life? have security guard g go down there and pull it away. >> you can get a tripod into a a concert.ncer. >> i didn't think you can take e those things in. in >> are you allowed?
9:44 am
>> back in the day it just sayjs no photos but now becauseause everybody has phones they can do this a lot of times no professional equipment.ment >> okay. >> tripod is professionalrofessl equipment.equi >> right. >> a lot of times you can't. i have no problem with saying ii that will shut it down for dn f everybody.everyby >> i also think if he has aas tripod up it's probably blockinn the view of somebody behind himh here's the other thing. so listen i think that prince -- kyle who workhour one of mye o m manager saw prince and at thehe show he went to they said noaidn cameras or video recording atecg all on the second show whenwhe prince played purple reign,, prince said take out your phoneo and record this.. >> okay. >> i think there have been concerts and events where theert artist will just say take it out. i feel like it's an interestingt time we live w we never enjoy the concert as i we have to record it and prove o to our friends we were there.enw i'm guilty of that.i' >> i went to broadway show andhw saw chris rock of all people ono broadway show and before itefori started they said put yourdut cameras away. >
9:45 am
>> they're worried about peoplet selling that. >> i understand. inder >> protecprotecting their rightg >> she had the right to do that. >> my old tickets from the '90'' say no cameras and no videos. >> what do you think, tweet uss at fox5 d.c. #gooddaydc.dayd do you think adele was out of as line calling the fan out. fan should a security guard have gue taken it away instead?ad >> i think steve said, sheve sas did -- i she called him out.ed himut moved on. i think everyone got the messagm don't do it.. >> there's the -- there it is. i >> all right. a rig >> there you go.>> the you we want to share something i very cool.very c this is just into our newsroom r for all our fox5 foodies listens up d.c. is becoming only the fourth city in the entirentire country to have its restaurantss rated by the prestigiousrestio michelin travel guide.ui official announce many is due tt happen at 10:00 o'clock this0:'o morning. the national press prelu we'll be there.. d.c. is going to join the rankse of new york, chicago
9:46 am
francisco in having michelinlin give star rate to go its eat i e reece this is really big deal. d there's one, two, and three staa restaurants along with a rating known as bib gore plant muchlanm those are exceptionalepti restaurants affidavit aidav forwardable prices. pce michelin will soon beo b dispatching secret restaurantesn reviewers to the district andict again we'll learn all more about this gone day 10a. bob barnard will be at that tha announcement.unceme >> hopefully they have food. makes sense, right.. >> how exciting.xcit >> great food town. 9:46 coming up watching mash on -- mass on tv fulfill your y church obligation by not beingei there. weigh in. igh in controversial decision that may have cost one can you believe aa friendship.ndip >> sarah will join us onceill iu again. another he addition of love and order next. ♪
9:47 am
9:48 am
9:49 am
♪ >> love and order now on tuesdae morning. let's get right to it.t. sarah fraser joining us right ug now. she shares th
9:50 am
get right to it the, sarah. (laughter).. >> the official --fficl -- >> our technology is not helpinn us out today. >> i need your help. from >> do it. what do you do with this. a woman wrote to me and shee ans says, look, my friends that aree very good friends have asked mee to be guardians to their kids. k i actually turned this offerhis down because the woman said id i have four children of my own mym husband and i have our ownwn family we have got a lot goingoi on this woman have two he additional kids we don't thinknt we can ever do it and since then my dear friend has kind of of stopped speaking to me and beene very quiet.very q could i go back to her, look,, we'll do it make everything goo again. >> no. >> does anyone -- - >> chef four of their own.. >> why take on the >> does anyone else feel like ik would also -- i feel like iik would leave my friend if they te said. said. here's the thing.he
9:51 am
something is really going tog a happen to you and your husband?d right.ri >> these kids are really goingay to go and your dear friend said to you, hey, no. n >> i think an explanation wouldd have helped maybe, you know,, mitigate the hurt. >> you could be really sayeall s absolutely i'll take care ofta this for you and they won't be around if you don't and you finn another solution. >> oh, no.. >> look i think it's serious thing.g should be someone to be guardian if you don't really want to do it, or can't do it, you shoulddy turn it down.tu it however, i'm with you. y if i -- because i think as as parent that's something youhat'h really think about like who likw would take care of my children c if we weren't herear. >> and their friendships. >> i would end my friendship e with that person but it wouldono change it.t. it would change it. i would feel differently aboutfe that person in all >> this woman doesn't want tooeo lose the friendship.p. so what do you do? go back and get -- >> it's already changed.ed >> you go back and say,
9:52 am
i'll be the guardian.ia >> that person is being honestes and they said they can't handleh it. you don't go back and change thg story now and make up a story. >> now would you really want rl your children to be with thate t person if they didn't want themt at the get go. go. >> i'm so wishy wash she. wash i would do it.i uld do >> if i told you that i'm notham going to be the best fit to fit raise your kids if something happens to you won you want toon know that so you can pick can someone glimpse i would want ton know that. >> i guess. >> i would want to know that. you don't have control w over it when you go.wh >> you don't. don't >> i would want them to be int the best hands possible.ble. if you're to the going to be the best hands -- >> you're helping me make thatt decision but it would save my sm friendship. >> i wouldn't hold it againstst you. maybe at first.e atir i thought we were friends here. i want them to be with the best person. >> all right. all. how do you feel about this? a a husband and wife write in.n. they argue all the tile time.ilt is watching tv -- church on tvv
9:53 am
>> no, it's not the same.. >> church members or churchmes c goers in gal. >> church goers in general.s inn the wife says, look, it is not t the same if we are sitting atitt home and watching church. crc the husband says absolutely. >> so they don't have to go -- >> yes.>> y. >> he's using it as and a a execution.ecut i watch church every sunday on tv. >> i think however you searchoua for spiritual guidance is greatg as long as you're sevenning for it that's great.s gre i like to actually felly go. but i don't have a problem ifrof there's other people that, you know, worship differently.rently >> i personally think it'sink is better if you physical goal toys church and be around like othero people or supposedly like mindee people everybody in church isrch not good, but i think it's goodo if you go. but if you're at home, it he, depends on the reason of the itf it sounds timelike the husbandhd in this not really feelingfein church.urch >> right. rig >> i will sit at home and watchw it. it's an after thought. thoug that's a whole other issue thatt needs to be addressed betweenest
9:54 am
>> i will admit when i'm notot able to go to church if i turn r on a church service and watch ii i feel like i got some church in. >> i'm being honest.t. the thing is i'd like to go to o it shouldn't be a substitute. it shouldn't be the substitute.s i think --hink >> on weekly bis >> right. >> and don't have church on one channel and pre-game show on the other channel. >> that doesn't count.ou if you're fully invested --este- >> what if you just flip duringd the commercials, steve, god will understand.and >> do you have commercials when you have church. >> no. >> exactly. >> called the sign of the pieceh of one takes a break. get up. u hello. exactly. exac then you sit back downtl and goo let me focus again. >> okay. do we have a time for a third oo out of time? >> chris. >> keep going. >> this is another two guys verr very good friends with couple cl named dezi and pablo.ablo okay. dezi comes over and confides in one of the guys besides ben andn complains about all the th
9:55 am
and pablo everything going wronw in their relationship. needless to say fast forward a d couple of weeks watch of thef guys reaches out to pablo to doo to nats game i'm not getting together with dezi told me what -- oh, dezi. di. >> told dezi to do about our do relationship and i am done.shipa i never wantnd to see you. you this guy wants to know bro too bro, do you let -- do you try yt and resolve this? do you let lt the husband resolve this? do t? you just let it lie. >> sounds like somebody else isb going to get.. >> why would dezi a grown woman ---- >> how do you save this friendship? >> again, i think it might bei forever you know what i mean? you'ven?y broken a level of it's hard to get that back. >> right. you're sharing intimate thingsng about your relationship withathi this friend who is now -- >> pablo sounds a little over oe sensitive. i would call pablo and go, okay, look. >> one of the problems dezi dez wanted to talk about. >> exactly
9:56 am
>> pablo you're sounding sou awfully, you know, i don't knowo over the let's be friends.let's be frien let's get over this.hi. look, ultimately it's what you two decide. >> is everyone overly sensitivei these days? >> yes. i should take my own advice.dv >> i believe so. >> we have a lot to get to. celebrity news katie perry snoop doesn't like the rootseoo remake the pan moo made patz p pies -- famous!! >> we'll hear from him it's h i coffee time. if you want one of the coffeehee mugs we have the new dunkin'ew n donuts version to give away. a. perfect cup for that great cupup of dunkin' donuts coffee.of head to fox5 dc/contests or facebook page to enter the eer t contest where lucky winnerinne selected by random you have until 11 a.m. to enter. 9:57 now. the 10a is next.
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♪ it's not hot outside.. good day at 10a is sizzling this patti! >> the video that went viral about her pies.abou james wright is in the loft andl guess what, we're a little littl surprise for him.surise >> also new at 10a he's go-goo- will he yen ton night he will be honored.d. william jew jew us is in the ist house. he's in our house.ou plus she's the star of the one t of the hottest shows on tv. game of don't miss kevin's interview ier with amelia clark. >> all the fox5 cuties out thert we have news for f y roll it. the 10a starts now.. ♪
10:01 am
>> he's bringing it. >> whoo! >> i love we have go-go in the house. >> we'll be enjoying that. chat with later on. on >> good food.oodoo good music. >> don't stop. i was walking to the beat. >> we'll crank it up later on on the 10a for sure.ure. thank you so much for coming in today. we'll be chatting with himinwith little later. >> whoo! >> good way to star the 10a.. i'm steve alongside holly us,s, wisdom and maureen.auen let's check what's trending ongn not monday but tuesday morning.r
10:02 am
thunder.r. nba finalling all set. set it will be rematch.emch warriors against the cavaliers.s golden state they rallied three-one series deficit andnd beat the thunder 96-88 last night. steph curry with the shot boy. >> thank you. >> 36 points.nt seven, three pointers.oiers. setting inform ba record of 32 2 in seven game series.s game one of the final socialf security thursday night in oakland.oa. after that big win, steph curry's daughter riley she justj hung out to celebrate on thehe court.ur he lean over to give her a kissa but she wasn't having it. i she ducked away.wa wiped off that kiss. k she gave him a hug but that's t all he was getting that point. i >> wait until you win thet til championship.cham >> that's right. >> i don't care about mvps and piampionships.championship
10:03 am
>> singled out the movie 12 years of slaves in his plea for tv movies to focus on present pe day struggles black people facee in america.rica. part one of roots aired last a night.nigh the four part series airs nearln 40 years after the original which starred lavar burton asurn kinte the african teenager captured and pulled into slavere is the executive producer of the remake.. interesting. interesting. i heard the director of therecth movie saying that he thought it was a good time to remake itak because the story needed to be told and he thought it was veryr topical today giving everythingn that's happening. happeni
10:04 am
other stories and that's been my whole point with movies like 12 years of slave, et cetera.t cer let's show the full gamut of tht black experience not just one jo thing which movie makers want tt focus on let's show everything.. show the love stories.he love sr you know, the stories off success, and as well as the oneo that show the painful past. p tell the entire story.. >> let's not focus on theocus on struggles of the past.rugg there are struggles modern dayor as welch let's not overlook th that. >> with that said, this is a tss masterful remake.ful rem so do not tune away.not tu a it is good.d. >> young actor who was with us w in studio. >> maliki. phenomenal job. >> he gave the cutest i guessss isn't the word when you'reou're talking about an actor of his h statue. st we had the tm seem he looked and very young british actor.ct what's tmz? >> exactly. >> i don't know but you know k that's a good place to be when e you don't know what tmz is. >> hold on to the innocence.nnen >> british physi
10:05 am
hawkings may understand the manm mysteries of the universe he's having a hard time grasping gran trump's rice in popular r he says he's appeals to the lowestw common denominator hawking madem the comments on the show goodd morning britain. >> if he can't figure it out --- >> i know. we're all in trouble. >> what hope is there for theher rest of o us. >> he has one of the most brilliant minds. popular mommy blogger calling it quits after she says it ruinedru her life.her le. she start to do to make extrae money and eventually making upp to 15 hun cell dollars per post. denise wrote about every aspectp from birthday parties to t vacations but doing so took thek joy out of parenting.en and out of her marriage her liff was not as perfect as the blog b made it seem. see in her final blog post, denise
10:06 am
used to share on the internet as a mom mow blogger writing abouto my fake life and oh so happy marriage they are pureare p expletives. she goes on to say i was posting photos that were happy because u needed that post f it was awas a sponsored post especially iec needed a happy photos. p if i had deadlines to meet for sponsored posts and we weren'tse actually having a great time, i still needed to get those phot photos. s e ha says she has received criticism for putting the blog and for her scathing final postp but she says she feels good fees about her decision and no longen has anxiety to always post happp messages.mess >> i'm going to be for a secondc i'm going to be wisdom martin's husband.husban >> okay. >> cynic martin. m i think she wanted out and thiss was the easiest for her to get o out of this because she if shefs calls bs and says this whole who thing at a joke nobody will --yl the fact she doesn't do it any't more. >> right. >> i think she'll probablynk re-emerge doing something else. >> totally. >> i agree. >> thank you.
10:07 am
really does feel that way she'ss got whole lot of personal issues she needs to work through. tou you felt like you had toike yod constantly put happy out there,e you know what you need to talkeo to someone. somne. >> talk about your honestabou feelings for once.elings f >> yeah, right exactly. >> i'm sure other people arele a feeling the same thsame exactly.ex >> men and women pretty much equal when it comes to self-esteem. there is correlation about menio and women how they feel abouteeo appearance and weight.ance a wei 6% of men very dissatisfied witw their looks compared to 9% ofar% women in the single digits bothh ways. wa extreme end of the i don't likei the way that i am physicallysicl appearance. now the other side of thede ofhe spectrum, 28% of men are extremely satisfied with theirs look.lo 26% of women so, again, win 2% taj points of -- win 3% taj points of bothf ends of the those who are really happy withh the way they look and extremely unhappy.unhappy. >> in other words we all have issur es? >> that's the bottom line.. >> well, there's really noy
10:08 am
>> right. >> exactly.. planning a wedding takesedds months of planning but when it comes to picking the perfect per dress the mother of the bride it takes longer than the actualhana bride. mothers of the bride take sixdet days longer to choose an outfit their own daughters taking ars total of 18 days compared to brides 12 days.ays. 90% of mothers say they feel a lot to look part for the big day. >> they spend the first 12 days trying to make the daughterr happy. >> true.>>rue >> good point. good t. >> the moms they can wear w different colors for the most part brides tend to wear white w or off white.hite. maybe they have more choices,moo short, who knows? kws? >> or maybe moms are just pickyp eighty three.ty t >> there you go. there you could be. uld diamond encrusted crocodile skin arames burr kin bag broken there record for the world's most expensive handbag ever.. sold out auction. aucti private collector bought it for more than $300,000 at a sale inn honk couldn't yesterday. yesrday the rare bag has
10:09 am
gold hardware and 10 carats of diamonds. now only one or two of theseof e purchases are made by aramesra each year.ear >> do you ever carry it or do you hold it as an investment to pride itself -- try to sell itel for hundred thousand. thoan >> i think you carry it.t. nobody would believe -- - >> why have it. >> the whole point of having it -- it - >> i have this bag that costs -c >> my question how much wouldw you have to be balling bli outrageous toll pay for that? t how much money -- >> one time mary j. blige boughu boots for $40,000. $4000 i couldn't wrap my head around n that.that 40 -- you know how many shoes you can buy for $40,000. $40 >> let me ask you this. how much would you spend on thee rest of your wardrobe to carry r 300 to us san dollars bag.olla b >> here's the thing, you don't have to you can buy one designee thing and then wear a bunch of cheap stuff.che people think it's all designer because you have the onee designer thing on. that's a trick, steve.
10:10 am
>> that's now how it works. trust me. tr >> i'm never going to have that problem.oblem >> here's what i find amazingzi they make one twenty four a yer year. which means they sell one or tw >> somebody out there withod enough money -- money -- >> there's lots of people. >> more than enough people. >> look. >> l fair be fair. there are guys wearing millionrm dollars watches out there. >> exactly.ct >> a watch tells time.ells time. i'm just saying. >> a purse holds your life. >> silence from the crowd. >> i would love to see theld concept of that thee hundreddred thousand dollars bag if you are taking it >> what do you put in to your wallet? wa >> now thell wallet needs to match, you're right. >> okay.>> oka we're moving.ov still ahead at 10 he created ond of my viral videos of all time.l you know the one. patti! patti! patti >> pretty much.. >> james wright who shot to stardom after his famous video by patti labelle pies he stopsp by good day.
10:11 am
katie perry hacked with tweet t aimed at taylor. oprah taking a queue fromuero beyonce' plus a new role for the rock. celebrity dish coming up next.o.
10:12 am
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>> it is time for celebrity dish. >> first up, kate perry's twitter was hack last night.y the first tweet included the hash tag hackers going hack. and was followed by a handful ou offensive tweets to the pop star's 89 million followers anda then perry tweeted swift who shs is reportedly feuding withdi w saying miss you baby.ab those tweets were deleted about 20 minutes later. no word on i20f the hackers were wow.> wow. okay. why did she tweet her? >> no the hackers tweeted taylor swift.sw it was one of the hacks.he hac >> all right. right >> okay.ka let's talk about this storylk ai we've been talking about thes ao past couple of days.ple ofays. sadly, amber herd and johnnynny depp divorce drama keeps getting worse.e. comedian doug stand hold postols add lengthy post titled words w fail me. the post accuses heard of blackmailing depth. stan hold alleged that he
10:15 am
always seen -- he's always seens heard as map la tiff and she had threat toned to blackmail depth from the start.from 30-year-old actress fired backec against these accusations via va her lawyer saying the sing allegations are quote absolutely and unequivocally false. fal the statement went on to say the claim has no basis in reality and is nothing but the typical celebrity muck raking for >> that's getting dirty.gettdirt >> it's not going to be good,e g right?? >> kids hoping to get into the t lemonade business this summerum have big competition.. oprah recently made a move toade expanding her merchandising rights of her personal oprah'spr brand to include bottled water and, energy drinks, coconutut water and lemonade. lem she filed the documents a few fw weeks after beyonce''s lemonadee album became a smash hit. h no word on when or where the the beverages will roll out or
10:16 am
b, bay and jay feel about it.ut >> it is oprah. iprah what you going to do about it? ? you got to roll with it at thisi point.pot. >> exactly. >> she's got the made today'se ' touch.toh >> shipping touches -- sppin >> and boats loads of money. ofn she got 300,000 doltz handbag. >> ariana grand day announced ac that she's nursing a throat andd a sinus if he can. she made the announcement ont o instagram her illness is why she drop out of the rocking rio r festival on sunday she cried fod over an hour about it. a i she also says her doctors doc advised her not to sing for fewr days but she promised to make ie up to fans. >> objection. all right. >> stars of the show the the americans they welcomed a newew baby. baby kerry russell and matthew reidei spotted carrying a baby in new w york. russell gave birth last week ane this is her first child with cht reid and she has two others with ex-husband shaken geary.ken g >> congratulations to them.atult >> absolutely. happy time for them. from bay watch babe to super hero no role that dwayne theyn t
10:17 am
the actor nounsing he will play doc savage whom calls the world's first super hero. doc savage appeared in comic c books publish in the 1930s. 1 he took on the role because insi his opinion doc savage is hilarious we're dough.ou. he calls him confident, incidenn and odd g is this a comicod familiar until itself, wisdom. o >> i have no idea who this guyhy is. i don't know anything about him >> we stumped him.mped h i can't believe it.. >> i never heard of doc savage. >> we defer to you with all witl things comic.things com >> you got me on that one.e on o >> it was the 1930s. 1 you get pass. >> all right. >> 10:15 coming things honor fit for a foodie town. bob joining us nice with the details. >> later on game of thrones fane you don't want to miss this. ths kevin sits down with the mothere of dragons coming -- she looks s little different, too
10:18 am
she. >> just a bit. ♪
10:19 am
10:20 am
>> welcome back. bac time now is 10:20. big news for fox5 foodies out there as we've been saying for years the food scene aroundor he rivals any other city's foodityf scene and this morning, there's, a major announcement fromt f michelin. >> the company known for highomn ratings of restaurants olea around the the world.or the big announcement is being bg hell at the national press clubs and t
10:21 am
bob barnard. brd >> reporter: guys very bigs v b deal. the last u.s. city to be added to the michelin guide family was chicago six years ago.ea a right now, it's new york, chicago, san francisco, butiscot starting this year, starting in october, there will be a michelin guide to d.c. a very big deal in the foodie f world and joining us is pete, p chairman and president ofresi michelin north nor you are the tire guy so so everybody recognizes maybe the t tire guy.tire you were saying inside that back in 1900 you guys started this guide as a way to sell tires bur also to get people out and about and exploring and soon you'llou come up with this guide for pete g morning, thanks for, thaf joining us. tell us why d.c.? you have onlo three other us cities now you'ry adding dc to your map?? >> dc is obviously greatiouslyre international city. it's great not only from thefroe standpoint that all nations ares present here in this city,s representing their countries inu
10:22 am
front of the government, buthe also the culinary scene ince washington which is always beeny good has continued to evolve.vo. so we currently have oury ha inspectors out speccingecrs o restaurants and this fall you'll find out the very best ratingstt for all the different diffe opportunities that are availabl here. >> reporter: so the book comesok out october 13th.h but starting earlier this yearea you would have anonymous dinersd dining alone out there. the tasting. what are they looking for? what puts a restaurant on your mapr m gets them star or two or three h or more stars?tars >> well, it's all focused on the experience that the diner ist going to have. it's the quality of the food.f . it's the entire experience thatt the inspector is looking at we have confidential inspector that is will go in.go in. the restaurant not know theno inspector is there.r ishe and they'll make an says many oy the restaurant and then theyn will have -- we have manye different categories places restaurants in.auras in. that are will really help thehe diner navigate a relatively complexion seen to understand where are the best buys, where are the really interestingnterti places to eat in terms of valuee and the
10:23 am
best restaurants.urts restaurants that within theth te stars. >> reporter: you mentioned everybody inside, pete.y inse, p the news conference is stille i going on right you're from south carolina but grew up in thisinh area. do you think -- is five stars is the highest you can get? g >> actually the highest is thret but winning one star is tremendous.emendous kit really completely change thg life of the chef and of the the restaurant it can completely change their -- how the restaurant works. w earning one star is tremendoussm winning two and very exceptionai three stars really will help the diners understand what are thost very unique experience that isee worth going out of your way to w chief. >> reporter: i should havete sho known i seen the movies threeovs stars puts people over the top.. knowing what you know about ourt area, do you think we have any three star restaurants here in d.c.? >> i am not in a position to pit make that judgment.t j et cetera our inspectors.eta ouc they have total free rain ton to decide what will we'll see. we'll >> reporter: would it usuallyt be a restaurant that would surprise you but a place already recognized likely as being aei a good one that you guys end up u affirmi
10:24 am
philadelphia international airporting? good i think two or three star won surprise anybody but i think people may be surprised some of these restaurants that will be wthinew one star.sta that's why this guide is reallyr really interested.ested >> reporter: very pool.l pete celek president andside and chairman of the michelin northnt american.ic. dc guide comes out in octoberctb and they're in a restaurant nean you sampling that great food.ref >> i have a question for pete. . the other cities that havet hav already, n are already rated ned york chicago san francisco abous what percentage of all the allhe restaurants in those citiesse would get even one star. >> reporter: steve schenn 15ve h is asking of the restaurants in chicago, new york, san francis francisco, that, how any off them -- did you say steve how many would even get one star. s >> about 1% taj would even getn one star of the number off restaurants would even get one e star of the restaurants in any y particular worthy everyone michelin star. star what percentage.centag >> there real until percentage.e really is based on
10:25 am
for example in new york city yk there are roughly 30 that are -- 30 restaurants. i once heard statistic no in new york city you had every meal oul breakfast, lunch and dinner it e would be 46 years before you would hit --- >> thousand.>>ho >> the same one twice.>>he sam thousands of restaurants only 30 started in new york city. >> quickly, bob, what cities di d.c. beat out to become thee fourth city to be a michelinli city? >> reporter: let me ask, pete., they're asking, throwing questions at you.s atou did d.c. beat out another northn american or u.s. city to get your attention to get the guideg coming out this year?his >> i can tell you that citiesit around this country really are e very very envious of washingtong because they're getting thisti i this guide really helps people coming into the city validatedid as an international city whichiw washington already is, but theri is lot of competition for this.t the fact that washington got it is a reflect on anything elseth the really t
10:26 am
scene that is really out stanina here. >> reporter: miami, houston, hou new orleans, eat your heart outo >> well said, bob. >> over under 10 in this city.hc what do you think, more than 100 or less than 10 will get one o star?ar >> less than 10.n >> my goodness. >> all right.ight. bob. we got to go. >> we got to go.>> we got to g thanks so much. >> whoo!>> >> it's tough. still ahead on good da wy theooy perks of going viral remember the patti's pie guy whg sang about his love for the desserts. he stops by the life to talkal about what he's doing with thish new found fame. fe. why he still these pay pour pie at wal*mart. time now 10:26. 1 good day 10a back after this.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> so pretty. look at that. hmm. on my own, why do it end this ts way. come on, patti.
10:30 am
i'm going to taste patti.te pat >> that is a clip from the video that made our next guest a household name. james wright known as patti piei guy shot to fame last year whene patti sweet potato pie videoie v went viral with over 12 my ir 12 don't know views. he traveled all over the world and joined patti labelletiab hisself. he joins us live to dish on his new project and new single and a we have little surprise.ise let's welcome james wright wgh sheinelle.shnell hey.he. >> hi.. >> hi.. >> thank you for having me. me >> love that video.. >> it made me so happy. h >> it it's funny when i finally watcht it. >> what was your reaction.ion >> i was dying laughing. dying laughing because i don't usually watch the videos.theid i just post them. >> right. >> you do do videos. youo do this isn't something you saidngi let me post a video i'm eating this >> i do videos then go viral all the time.. >> wow. >> usual al grandma >> oh, okay. >> can you break
10:31 am
right now. >> hey, patti. >> how has your live changedveed literally sin the time this this video took off?ff >> it's awesome. like so many great things have happened.haed i met so many celebrities that i always wanted to meet with andtd work with them, and traveling and my zen gel of course, and ad got to meet patti. pat >> what was that like?that >> it was awesome. like i have the bubble gum.ble g that's all have i to say. s >> on a cooking show with pattii you were doing whole thing. w t it just feels like i mean did ma you ever wake up and your like, what,, what is really going onoi right now? patti labelleabelle definitely knows who oy am and a she needs to give you a big old thank you.ou but did you ever think this is s my life? >> growing up i always seemed se like i'm going to be star one s >> um-hmm. >> and then for --
10:32 am
she's my favorite singer.r. >> um-hmm.m- >> so to actually grow up in a household patti labelle wasabelw played all day every day.. my momma thought she was pattiti labelle. be to find are finally meet her. >> i have like her people thatha work for her.. >> your people know patti's pat people. >> right.. >> what is your favorite patti p labelle song.g. >> my favorite patti labelleti e song, isn't it a shame. sha >> sing it.. >> ♪ how is it that two peopleeo who laugh together and loveov together sometimes -- ♪ >> wow! >> watching that video it's likk oh, no, james can sing. >> yes. >> he's a singe yr. >> what brought to you d.c.?
10:33 am
>> i have some friend out here o last night. ht i've been here since saturday. >> what is the reaction whenin people see i'm sure theye t recognize you.ou. >> um-hmm. >> what is the reaction and howw are you acclimated to it. >> patti!>>atti (laughter). >> i hear from it every angle. e patti and then i'll be like, lik what is your name? yesterday ye this guy said, oh, they call me they lose it. i had somebody go down to theowt ground like oh my god. >> really? >> back to a business question.o we talk about it you said we cae talk about it. i i feel like -- i remember whenee it first happened. you know, these media spots thee g patti is made because so and o so and so then we saw how sheowe embraced you and all that.ha my question is for wal*martmart because when i walk into the
10:34 am
wal*mart on georgia avenueia anu northwest dc patti pies areies sitting right in the front. owe want to know does jameses sheinelle have little cut of tht patti pie success. >> at least a lifetime supply f the patti pies. >> i have to purchase patti piep yesterday. >> what? >> you should just walk in andn they should just be like here'sr a cart.aar >> in the store, no, when i walw in. in it's the guy the the pat guy.. >> then they're look 3.99. 3.99. >> um-hmm. >> you don't have to buy anye tb pies. we got a little surprise for f you. yo >> we do. i mean when you eat pie youat py burst into song, right?ig >> right.>>ight. >> we wanted to make sure.ak s what are you doing right here? r can you really embrace that tha moment when you're literally onn stage singing with patti label labelle. >> i couldn't breathe back sta stage. oh, lore, i'm about to go out o here with patti labelle.. >> what's on tap for you now?oun >> you got a single, right.ig >> i have single.e. it's on i tunes many a ma son, google
10:35 am
and then i just finished f wrapping up sixth season of la hair with kim kimball.. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> i'm on the fifth and then -- comedian stylist. >> okay. >> here's three pies.ies one em them is homemade.. store are two bought. bough you have to try you either madeu it or you didn' ou didn't. throw all the shade you want. listen, you eat the pies andies then you sing whatever song song after each pie. >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. >> tell us the best -- startt -s with the bev, please.e. >> um-hmm.>> uhmm. >> who actually made a pie? >> no. t> wait. >> this is pecan >> my consistency the pecans.. or store bought.. >> i personally took off the shelves.
10:36 am
>> she does crack nuts. (laughter).ghr) >> this is awesome. >> it's good. ♪ move put this one down.n. (laughter).ter) >> my gosh. >> okay.>> this is allison's.on's. >> let's switch places. pces. >> allison, do you know whaton that is?, >> it looks like a moose pie.ooe >> it looks like.s le. >> i was going to warm it up bup i didn't have the >> let's do it.. >> you don't have to real dollal allowed song.lowed you can do a little i like you james right now.. >> what do you you thik >> ♪ (laughter). >> okay.kay sing with love by somebody iny b the good day kitchen. >> this is
10:37 am
milk pie. >> that sounds good.ds g with little toasted almond onono top. now, it is gram cracker crusteru but i made the filling and thend topping.pping. >> holly you weren't supposed td say yet. >> i knew this was her pie. p >> it's okay if you don't want t to sing. the fine.thfine we understand.. >> hmm. he's about to blow. another bite. bit for real? >> he didn't even know my name. ♪ patti! >> aww. (laughter).(lauter) >> what a good sport.rt. >> james thank you so much. m >> it's good, right? um-hmm. um >> made with love.ov >> by somebody
10:38 am
>> we don't even know. >> how can we get it. >> i tunes, it's on google play, amazon. it's a i was m when i'm in the ' studio and they play this for mf i started crying.g >> good day d.c. we'll be right back. sipping that.sipp >> ♪ good day d.c. we'll bee right back ♪ >> um-hmm. >> put your money in the plate. amen.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
>> tell me something. >> about what? >> anything. >> well, when i was little myite mom got me a pair of well leasel and i refused to take them off. i wore them in bed in the bath t all summer long.on. my favorite outfit was my bum beebee tights. thts. >> bumblebee tights. >> new clip from the movieom thv starring familiar face to fan of the hunger games and game ofam thrones.thro kevin is back with all theh alle detail. that's three different lookshr i've seen for heree. her. >> right. >> movie call me before you befy based on very popouular book. it's very very dark it's in
10:42 am
>> i don't know why that was iny there.e >> the idea behind -- >> everyone.. >> disturbing movie. >> it's bittersweet. bitte the idea his character isct paralyzed he got into a horribli cident and she's hired by hisis parents to aid him to be with bh him and take care of him duringm the day, and they fall in love.l it's a very very sad also veryy happy at times it's up and downd emotionally but definitely ait very hard film to watch the wat times. i will say that. s and she is amazing much she'shes amelia clark and her from gamemm of thrones.of t she plays the mother of dragon, whatever name you want to give her on the show.w here's her on the show.. looks completely different. next picture you'll see guy name charles dance this is importanti because hes plays tyler on the game of thrones much he's nonemo longer on the show because he'se dead in this movie he plays that gentleman's father that you just saw on that scene.ce so they actually come togethereh in a scene in the movie which
10:43 am
for game of thrones fans ises fi pretty big.ettyig they never met on the show.w. i spoke to her about what thattt meeting would be like in thehe game of thrones universe butrse also what is her bum biehl bum b tights in real life.ife. >> listen. lten. >> this is only because i'm a big nerd about game of thrones obviously. >> yes. >> this movies about thiss belief. i was love the film. watching it one nerdy i had whew you and charles dance meet for the first time.firs >> i know. know. >> as game of thrones fans ie of want to know what that moment wm would be like in the game ofame thrones world.thrones world. >> it would be really quick,llyi darling, because i'd kill him. >> yes! >> i want to see this happen.hip talk about how that scene playep out. i want to see that -- in the game of thrones universe howth would that go down.roat d >> were would you do dragonsdoro would come in.d come i >> what's your name.>> w i'll the mother of dragons. >> yes. there you go. >> i love the moment when you w are talking about tell met m something good you talk aboutgoo how you love the
10:44 am
tights. you said to him, did you ever something like tha you loved something that muchhat wawa your bumblebee tights.ig what's something you loved like that when you were growing up. >> an item of clothing.loth >> anything. any something that you loved that much. younger.wereat >> the clothing i had a dress de with bells on it. yeah. like i ring -- i rung. (laughter).te >> like a bell. like rink my bell. b i had one of those d. was supposed to be for christmas but i wore it all the time.t ale >> do you still have it.o yo >> yes, i do. >> that needs to be on instagram immediately.immediately. >> i wouldn't fit it in now.n' i was like three. t i know i'm looking fabulous buts i ain't fitting in it. in i >> anything you loved that much when you were a kid.en >> how old are we talking.alng >> anything. any age. >> so i -- embarrassing me. m i was a little obsessed withd wh pamela anderson. (laughter). >> keep going.. on my bedside table or on the wall neck to my bed i had
10:45 am
picture of her in her bay watch outfit.. every single >> you kissed >> i was about seven. >> my grand dad forced into my room. >> yeah. y >> how did he force it into your life? life? >> he would often give meuld pictures of women. wom i don't know why.n't know why i don't know why. only me. it didn't happen to my brothersr give me pictures of women and i used to put them on my wall. w how was this allowed. allow it sounds so mad now that i'm ti thinking about it. it. >> yes. y. >> this particular was my prized possession.possession. >> all right. the movie opens up friday me m before you he plays someoneomeo paralyzed she's taking care ofir him. row quick wrapping me mine was a blue blanky i slept with everyvy night and sucked my kid. >> do you still have it. >> my mom might have it still. i don't know.t know. i wish we had time to get yoursu maybe tomorrow or friday we'lldw talk about it. it
10:46 am
>> thank you. y >> thanks guys. 10:45 is our time.e coming up next the hall of famer live in the loft. ie loft. we're talking about legendary drummer william juju house h joining us live after the breake we'll talk about his longis lon career, his grand new honor and of course we'll have a lifeife performance. ♪ amsleep number beds with you with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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only at a sleep number store. ♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits.
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♪ our next guest is a local legeng in his own right of course.. he started out playing drums ono the d.c. go-go seen took his talents main stream recorded in star with chaka can, roberta flack, ma don narks earth wind and fire to name few. tonight he'll be inducted intonn the go-go rid yo hall of fame fm and be presented the first sugar foot ricky well man award but before he accepts the honor,onor william juju house stopped by sy the good day lost to talk abouta his legendary career. cee what an honor. h >> thank you.>> thankou.
10:50 am
most. most. >> i appreciate that. thank you for having me. iu forg >> does it seem like your career has been as long as it has been? >> i'm not going to tell you hou old i am.. >> we're not going to reveal our age.e. >> secret.>> sret. >> no, it seems like it just j flew by.flew by. >> you know what's amazing when i was reading aboutwh you, thouo over and over again i saw you sw make the comment i never worked for, you know, 45 years.5ea i just played the drums.he dms what an amazing position to be b right? >> that is. because you're either going to make or you're not.e n looking for quarters in the couch.. >> big part of that because you were a creator. weyou know what i mean? not jut a musician. mician. you talk a lot about the difference between real go-goo- and go-go radio. >> tell me exactly what you meay by that. >> real go-go is just like --- only way i can put it chuckt uc brown.brn.
10:51 am
>> he is go-go.>> h >> he is go-go. go- no doubt. and i think that people try too vare it's just like pepsi is coke is coke.ok >> right. >> chuck is and that's go-go.go bottom line. le. >> what do you think about the go-go scene today. today >> it's growing. it's definitely growing. d i think reficky could be a litte better, you know, as far as writing and producing like back in the day. >> back in your day.ouray >> you want to see his day.isa i'll show you his day. (laughter).gh >> we'll do it.. >> our producer found this at aa vinyl store. can we talk about these shorts? (laughter). >> these are booty shorts. s he didn't think i heard justin is in major trouble. >> you played with some of the greats. can you give us some stories? s who has been your favoriteavor somebody we'd be surprised at? a that they were not like whate wt people
10:52 am
>> i think the pope, central p pop. >> i can honestly can say iay didn't think you were going toot say the pope.e pope. >> the pope central park. the first time he actually came to new n >> um-hmm. >> we did central park and thatt morning i played with natalie cole, john si cot at a and roberta flack, and he was h w actually pretty cool.ool roberta was little bit worriedit he might, you know, not -- i actually ended up all the t priests were supposed to go tose the right.eig i'm the last musician.usian. i go to the left.ef as i'm walking up and i turn too the left, i see all these a t crosses and everything comingerg behind me. me. (laughter). >> oh, lord. lor >> the pope look at me and he h says, it's okay. >> that is funny. fun you played with so many people.. is there anybody out there you'u still like to play with? >> wow.>>ow wow. yes. average white b
10:53 am
>> i love them.em. >> average white love it. >> i want to get one shot. one s >> you should get a shot.a s what do you think about yourut u award tonight?d ght? >> it's an honor, and i'm, and i getting a whole -- i cannotnot believe this. thi silver fox i'm hanging out withw weezy in the house.zy ithe >> the honor is all ours. o without further a do let's handh it over to the true go-go.o- >> thank you, thank you thank you. >> ladies this guy inducted intn the hall of fame going through a melody of his he's played.d. just follow my lead. lead weezy is loading up at the the moment. ladies and gentleman i'd like ti say about this guy william jujui house i had the honor of playini with this young man with chuckhk brown, eu and host of othert bands and it is a privilege for us to play life music for to usu induct this guy tonight in the go-go hall of fame and
10:54 am
the first sugar foot ricky r melman award. ard put your hands together for thet legendary juju house.u house. he is the man much he is the man. are you ready, weezy? okay. o i'm a time killer.ille i do radio every day.very d i'm a time killer. because i am a sub lingual keepp it any direction type of guy any we're making weezy to make thisi thing fly.gly all right. rig are you ready weezy.zy. >> ladies and gentlemen, in then year of 2005 you came up with this hit collodium, bop bop. juju, let's go. ♪ >> y irrelevant s room bop bop.. legendary william juju house ladies and gentlemen. gentlemen.
10:55 am
>> ♪ ladies and gentlemen from theemn year of 1988, this guy played drums with miss grace william juju house. ♪
10:56 am
>> legendary juju house. grace jones drummer. ♪ >> hiphop, ladies and gentlemenn salt and pepper, shake yourhakey thing. th juju house on the drums. ♪
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11:00 am
live from new york city, "the wendy williams show." >> my girls are always turned out. i'm giving it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for watching. i want to say hello to my co-host, my studio aie


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