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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> phase three complicating commute in and out of virginia including route to one of the buzzest airports. what riders are saying this morning. >> and hillary clinton trying to put that email controversy behind her after the director of the fbi says she will not be charmed and we'll it hurt or her or help her. >> no winner that big mega millions jackpot still up for grabs this morning. nobody. >> he feel lining i need to sing it the heat is on. wor practice weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. good wednesday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm ste c
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to "fox 5 news morning". >> happening now the first morning rush hour of next phase of safe track phase three officially gap last night and real impact feld this morning rping. >> and our angly hemp hill is monitoring with more on what you need to know. good morning. >> good morning, guys, we have seen trains coming in and out of this metro station all morning: but only in one recollection direction. and that's because service is completely shut down here at res app ipt nagal atrang track. >> these closures are expected to severely impact wait times on blue and yellow lines all week long. here at airport it plle they have arivering tryt
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we spoke to some metro riders who say that's what they're doing so. >> i'm looking into the shuttle bus. i think it's a viable option. it probably increases the amount of time for the commute in the morning. >> after 15, 20 minutes it's not terrible. it will be to much or too hectic. take it here and there and have to look into it more. i have to look into you beener the rest of the week. >> it's a little inconvenine and they stopped earlier that posted on social media. i'm happy it's getting done. i know transportation metro is like one of my only ways of getting a around. so i'm glad they're fining a way to really, really take care of things. and we can show you a list of stations on the blue and yellow line that could see significant wait times. again, mets row is warning very crowded trains especially during rush hour on blue and yellow lines. if you need any more information about this go to our web site
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live at reagan international airport, "fox5 local news". >> 7:202 knew oscar misstorious is stpsed to three years in prison don't for murder of reef '. >> charges of manslaughter were up grated to murder. he must serve three years before eligible for parole. >> there will nobody criminal charges for hillary clinton for using private email server as secretary state. announce front fbi comes at a price. fox's doug lose aider has more. >> recommendations to not charge hillary clinton comes from fbi director in. to the dealt of justice here. it's almost unthink about the atto
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little little m hillary clinton walking down the steps of air force one. finally getting a day on the campaign trail with president obama in norm carolina. >> about you the timing here nothing short of remarkable. just hours earlier fbi director james comey awaited thisth jment. >> no reasonable prosecutor would break a case. >> that all but comes to an tend. they were up staring if i was shifting expansions. >> i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. >> in fact fbi found classified emails in her system. some of which marked as such and some that were even top secret. >> is it
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in any reasonable person she was corresponding with those matters should have known unclassified system was no place for conversation. >> her intent is to notitis halling it. >> her campaign released this statement. secretary long said its with a mistake to use her personal email and she would not go it again. and we're glad this matter is now resolved. and nominee donald trump suggests the fix was in for clinton supported by the obama administration. >> she is laughing at the stupidity of our system. she is laughing and so is her husband bill, laughing at what's going on. >> now in the meantime, we're hearing from capitol hill that fbi director jim comey could be tawld called to testify to explain how he reached this determination that hillary clinton should n b
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in washington, we'll have more at 7:30. in the meantime donald trump facing kopts versey in north carolina. presumetive nominee praised saddam hugh say approach to terrorism. a spokesperson for the campaign take trump isp's comments show how he would be as president in chief and commander. >> tucker barnes is more on the seemy forecast. >> sultry. we'll come one creative ways to explain the heat. >> sweat. >> i i'm gross. >> stuckia. >> sticky, it's already sticky. and unfortunately me the har hardest part is waking up to 80. >> you don't wake up outside do you. >> when i walk out to my car i'm already sweating starting the day with a sweat. >> and nobody.
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>> wait a minute let me take it back. depends. . >>. >> and out of reagan national having problems with auto matt mated system. we're looking hazy, hot and humid. haze built over the next couple days and hot and humid next couple plays. daytime highs heat up develop with humid and humidity upper chance of shower storm. i don't think you'll get rained out. most of the day sunny and bright. it's plane old hot to hear the crickets going and we're in full summer moda round here. 7 days hot. we'll have more of that. >> thank you. >> let's say good morning to erin como. >>
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because of serious crash involving head on collision and serious injuries and closed down cedar lane between everett street and drez din street keep to connecticut avenue to get around that. investigators still at the accident scene. we'll let you know when traffic is moving down to both we cans involved. person hit by a car in gamer gamersburg, and if you're taking 270 southbound through gamersburg watch for stop and go traffic. wide view of district. outer loop jammed 95 to georgia and have inbound delays 210 for the washington and northbound side for the washington to kirby hill road. slowing us down branch avenue also slow 301 and sutland parkway jammed to douglass bridge. a live look outside 66 right now as you make your way from mannasas you can see traffic not table westbound side to gainsville looking nice
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stop and go traffic as you pass 29 headed to centerville and inside beltway through west falls church and arlington stop and go traffic by stoudt one. blue and yellow affected by safe track three as far as metro report. allison and steve. >> mohamad jalad sterling face aid judge and was charged with plotting an attack. he's about on the fbi radar since march off he reportedly told informant he wanted to carry out attacks against the united states. >> happening today alexandria police will hold community meeting to discuss the city most recent homicide. sequan hall shot to death on first street. this comes a month after another deadly shooting in that area. tonight's meeting starts at 6
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tonight's meeting starts at 6:30 charles houston rec center. >> also one office building was contaminated and they shut off water in cannon house building after they had test results of over levels of lead. >> more on what is happening, good morning, annie. >> hey good morning to you. this is not the news that lawmakers and staffers want to hear about. memo mentions that the recent testing showed levels of lead since september. now this is building behind me cannon house building. and capitol hill work verz been told in this mem wrote not to drink the water inside the building and of course this is where many lawmakers have offices and for now you mentioned ground keepers shut out of off the drinking water sources in the building and this happening following routine testing and officials say the lead levels found in drinking water are considered slightly above the
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standard and in the memo it mentioned that staffers that worked in the offices were told that they may have been exposed to led contaminant water as long as nine months now and briefly prompting widespread concern on the hill. they're going to start offing blood testing starting today to lawmakers and staff at no cost. and results will be can't confidential. and with those who elect to be tested of course and this comes with congress deal with ongoing issue in flint michigan and led level not -- this is important safety issue they're taking very, very seriously and it's time to get serious about this. blood testing beginning today. we're told capitol hill workers that want to be tested should make an appointment. that's the latest on capitol hill annie yu "fox5 local news". >> annie, thank you. you have a chance to win big mega millions jackpots. >> no one matched all six numbers
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drawing. so that means procrastinators like myself will now be able top get in on 508 million jackpot on friday. that is 7th largest jock not lottery history. i can tell you about your odds of winning 1 or 2. >> there you go. >> still to come this morning growing concern and death of person college student in europe. >> first a much needed if many boost for arlington memorial bridge. bob barnard will join us live with the story next 7:1 2.
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♪ hot loving♪ hot loving. >> what is with our brain when we hear a song we sing out loud. >> i can't help myself. >> it's like a good vibe. >> a song can take you back to instant memory. >> i can remember 6 of years old listening to that song in my bed. my parents didn't fay attention to a thing i was listening to. >> i was older. >> mid to late 70s maybe? >> yes. >> and we'll be hot flooded by the end of this one. yesterday 91 and today 92 and 94 an actual air temperature. thursday, friday, saturday and average daytime
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not hottest time of year. typically july in august ho hottest afternoon time in wash to be and sure enough delivering this year with head who wheeingted ra cross the region, 77, warm, hot, sweaty degrees in annapolis. 6 dulles and 72v lameersburg ad in the fountains if you dpopt get much there's a look in the low 0s. it's not just towards new york and' stone. p millions of us will get in on the heat wave. >> okay. >>. >> reporter:. >> something to look forward t to. >> code orange air quality today. few clouds to start the day. could be a stray storm later today? yes. likely be? no. most of the day will be dry and hazy hot and humid for next several days and again want to take the heat seriously here. extreme daytime highs in mi
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90s and over night lows in 70s to 80 through saturday. and i think by sunday monday relief. >> i was twelve when that song ca>bme out. >> i could have been tucker's baby sister. >> it would be a crazy thing. >> yeah. >> little terror. >> i i have a lot of questions the way tucker grew up and baby setters and all that we'll let it go. metro problems for you aside from safe track causing prog lemz on the blue and yellow earlier signal problem rosalyn because of silver, brew and orange and delays to largo and new articleton and i got a wait to that said they are waiting for -- give yourself plenty of time if you hit the yellow and blue line: we're seeing a
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of morning rush. no rail service the next 7 days they do have shuttle buses via metro way lanes replacing rail service, braddock, crystal city embassy and national airport for airport customers only and safe track surge 3 running operating yellow and blue line and green belt and national airport to largo town center as well in the blue and every 15 minutes franconia springfield plan ahead knowing metro buff telecommuting and pikeing and sti high traited if you walk. the national park service just got a grant to make critical repairs. "fox5" bob barnard joins you live from the bridge with details. rib reports memorial bridge faced shutting down if they
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didn't get this money. >> reporter: that's right, guy guys, about 5 years from now in fact, yes, obama administration breathed new life into this bridge with something called a fast lane grant. it's 90 million dollars which will help fund the first phase of the major rehabilitation program here at the arlington memorial branch this bridge will give the bridge another 14 years of life. it needs 250 million in repair repairs. national park service says memorial bridge is crumbling bridge deck and support structures and needs to be reconstructed basically without the money it would have been force the to close the years five years from now expecting 68,000 cars and trucks that raffle avenue day they is have a step
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90 million of 250 million needed the park services will start seeking contract for rehab project here and the actual construction reconstruction won't actually begin guys for another two years. much need of repair. >> buys time for sure. >> still to come this morning. >> who the family of american college student killed while studying abroad just met with. >> and severe storms rolling through parts ever midwest and we'll look at the next man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough.
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epend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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>> cleanup under way in minnesota this morning after powerful storms ripped through the twin cities area. yesterday high winds and large hail brought down trees and power lines leaving tens of thousands in the dark. flash flood warning was issued and fire crews said they responded to several hour fires with lightning. bad weather is possible again today. >> another clue to what brought down the egypt jetliner in the mediterranean killing all people on board. the recorder indicates that there was a fire. they need more time before reaching a definitive conclusion. >> updates now on scandal over long wait times for veterans seeking medical care. and new report still found many profound deficiencies that
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of tlarz have been spent to fix the probling him and complete report released for public today. >> overnight pope francis met with american college student murdered in rome this week. bo solomon was seen in a bar in rome friday hours after arive arivering for study abroad program. his body was found in the river. a homeless man is under arrest in connection with his death. pope francis expressed compassion and braid solomons parents. police in reowe say they won't be able to protect people coming for olympics next month. officers are protesting because of pay issues. security threats are always a concern with big he nent. brazilian national force took over owe limb pack park and will guard until end of olympics. summer olympics starts august
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they'll have some level of security but yeah. >> we'll wait and see less than a month away now. >> hot and humid, tuck. >> hot and humid. here to stay. not only this afternoon but for the next several days. we'll see kind of building the heat here right through start of weekend. 77 very warm sweltserring degrees in annapolis and 7 5 baltimore and norm:00 a.m. west moup tanz typically cooler. not much relief this morning, 74. 74 in whip chester we're off to steamy and very warm start. little cloud deck and partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. after daytime heating a trawv through the region today that could kick up a popup thunderstorm late afternoon but it will be widely scattered today. if you have outdoor plans later this afternoon mostly i recommend water. keep yourself
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don't think thunderstorms threat is terribly high this afternoon. there's 7 day. 92 today heat index flirting with 100 much of the area and 4 and 5 p.m. thursday, friday, saturday and relief sunday with less mutety and temps top it out upper 8 30s. hot time of year. >> you did. >> yes. >> a juice box so you can stay hydrate as well. >> everybody loves juice. >> apple juice. >> i thought it might cheer you up. >> thank you. >> 7:26 present this time unfortunately traffic busy car in gaithersburg and caution sky fox on the way and let you know how that team is shaping up when they arrive and maryland 270 southbound crash urban anear 80 and because of that jam packed from 85 down and give yourself extra time to get through the area down to the spur. 450
7:27 am
the parkway, 295 yamd 50 to pennsylvania and keep in mind beping road and east cap pal wheeling with usual morning congestion and slow 95 to baltimore. stop and go by powder mill. 197 has stop and go traffic and here you see closer look 270 closer to spur shady grove to spur six miles take you 11 minutes. drive time double through rockville. topside of parkway 95 through georgia. five miles should take five minutes and it's taking 16. over 11 minute delay. i don't like what i'm seeing only because of congestion. no crashes. we'll look at metro next as well. steve and allison. >> melt row offering new perk for local college students we'll talk about that. >> first though legal fight
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scandal may be over but the political fight no just beginning impact having on her campaign. next 7:28
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part of the complete breakfast >> take a look across the river right now, it is going to be i hot, humid, sticky, pretty muchh any uncomfortable adjective youe want to throw in there today. 77 degrees in washington, d.c.s. a strongly worded tonguededn lashing from fbi director jamesm comey yesterday but in the end t it was good news for hillaryoril clinton. the head of the nbi notot recommending criminal chargeslhs against clinton over her use ofe personal e-mail servers when she was secretary of state.. but, he also said she should sho have known better. >> any reasonable person inerson secretary clinton's position oro in the position of those
7:31 am
whom she was corresponding aboua those matters should have knownn that unclassified system was noo place for that conversation. >> so what is the politicalit price? certainly didn't take long for clinton's critics to respond. donald trump calling the systemm rugged.rugged paul ryan say the decision not to prosecute defied explanationn let's find out what our final thinks. ron nikkei cleary and niles sanders associate editor of thet hill d it hurt or help hillary's chances at the white house.te he >> i think it helps in the sensn she was not indicted butdictedut obviously there were findingsin within this report that weret pretty negative for her and alss disproved things that she had hd said previously.visly i think it enforces lot of doubd some people have about lon nestl tee and trustworthiness in hern case. >> i think the key voter blockeb to look at in this race the t undecided voter.d voter this is such a divisive race ane these candidates are so divisi divisive, that this i thinkhi really complicates the decisions making process for the u
7:32 am
voter, because like you said ind your introduction, while she mas be legally off the hook, thereoe were some very strong words forr secretary clinton in those t remarks that comey made yesterday. really i think for the undecided voter making them feel like well does this help me or how does he this make my decision process easier 'cause sure no legalal ramifications, but it sounds like she still misled me? and so that's going to make thishi process very interesting.eresng. >> it is interesting when itnt comes to those undecided votersv right now because you seem to s have that perhaps element of distrust now. now nile like you said may be extenuated by these findings ani what comey had to say. s donald trump may say thingss people may not agree with heit says it will conviction endct believes it.lieves which will resonate more withorw the voter.e vot >> one of the things donald trump has going on he says whata he thinks. he'll say what other peopleereol won't say. s the danger in that of course heu says things that are so, um,
7:33 am
actually discourages people froe supporting him just last nightt he was making this peculiar pula comment in semi defense of saddam hussein for being reallya good at killing terrorists.rists not the kind of comment that necessarily reassures the votert that is veronica is talking talg about not decideds.s. >> taking out to donald trump,, he opened the remarks aboutarkso saddam hussein and said he's a a bad guy or, you know, whatever w the language was that donald tha trump used, and then, you know,k he's commending him.. he called iraq harvard for terrorists, and i think, again,a this undecided voter -- i've --i said before, that we had unbelievable voter turn out in n these primaries. primari i actually think we'll see unbelievably high voter turn ouo in the primaries. pmari i think we may see low votervot turn out in the general. genera. >> i would tend to agree with ah that as well.that all >> people feel unsure about whau to do. >> back to what happened wha yesterday with hillary clinton. very unlike knowl that the h fbf has stated this business that
7:34 am
the question at what point, ifo, any, does this go away, becausec can you imagine any scenario non between now and november willr w from a perhaps competitorpetito perspective it's not brought upp the same amount it has been in h the past.tht. >> i think it will be differentf and she has some -- she has ahes leg to stand on now.n she has the fbi to say look ioo wasn't indicted.. but certainly i think it will bw brought up. we saw speaker ryan.yan. he called it -- speaker ryan rya said it denies explanation. donald trump point to do a rigda system which many people do d believe exists.xists. again she has a way to defendy f herself in any attacks madeks m against her but one person saidi to me that they could just use the remarks that james comey coy made yesterday in his speech asa an attack ad to hillary becausec even though sean indicted, a lol of the things that he said rea really do attack some of thef t whether or not was she honest, s was she misleading to theadto american people?eric >> so then now i guess the guess question is, even though she wah
7:35 am
vined date its indicated from af legal charges perspective whotiw benefited more from this t yesterday? >> well, i think it's a veryer difficult question because hers dishonesty or apparentppar dishonesty is really back in the for ground.rod. but i don't think that donald t trump necessarily benefits. as you pointed out, we're in an election with two historically unpopular candidates. i mean maybe a third party pty candidate benefited.efe but i don't think it was a w particularly great day for hillary clinton even though sheh can now say this is over withrit and we're already seeing the t clinton campaign basicallyally saying move along we're done, d this is now finished.inis >> in fairness they've been thee saying that for long time.for nt it's just now we actually havele the official word from the fbi.f all right. ri always good to talk to you.toal see you on sunday morning, morn, right? we'll see you before then. niles, thank you very much.much. >> tucker barnes let's get a'set check on the forecast as much as we may not want to hear what's ' coming our way.cong o >> we all know at this point tho what's on the y.
7:36 am
real relief here until maybe tht end of the weekend.kend so, you know, plan accordinglyoi here. make sure you keep yourselff hydrated if you're going to be b working outdoors later today. 77 hot sweaty degrees this t morning in annapolis.ap 76 in quantico.antico dulles is reporting temperatureu of 76. not getting a number from reagaa national. they're having a problem with aw automated system there. there here's a look at your look ou satellite/radar. quiet conditions to start the day. littleio cloud deck. no rain falling from it currently, and we're notai expecting much in the waytl ofhy showers or thunderstorms laternt this afternoon.. there could be with the ratherr unstable air mass a pop-up storm kind of mid to late afternoon,fo but it will be widely scattered isolated really later today. tay but i promise what will not be isolated the heat and humidity. it is here to stay.. your actual air temperature 92 2 but that heat index will beex flirting with 100 this afterno afternoon. code orange air quality here. h. moderate air quality for those t groups that are sensitive.are si i'll be back in a minute withine the seven day forecast.ct
7:37 am
roadways.roadys hope the air-conditioners areer working in those cars.s >> roadways. i hope so, too, tucker f you'rer taking metro hope you brought ab change of clothes for work you k might be sweating as you sitg ou wait a minute for metro tofotro arrive at an outdoor station. si what do you think about that.utt >> in my experience quickly hall the metros i'm in are air-condition and fantastic anda the other half have noo air-condition. >> roll the dice.>> r right now unfortunately withit safetrack we also have thoseeho problems on the blue and yellow. we'll get to in a moment earlier signal problem at rosslyn delayd to largo and new carrollton onr the silver, blue and/or ranchrac line.line. as allison mentioned earlierlier tucker wear your deodorantur today. it's a public service plic se announcement. >> why you looking at me? y>> just mentioning it.usment no rail service for the next seven days between nationalbe airport and braddock road on the blue and yellow shuttle service replacing theep rail service between braddock,r, crystal city and pentagon city as well braddock road andk ad national airport for airport ait customers trains running every 12 minutesn between huntington
7:38 am
as national largo town center.te my point leave early keep it to fox5 news morning. morning. we have you covered with your news, weather and traffic inan a just a few minutes.
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♪ baltimore state attorney is facing uphill climb in theorl cn latest freddie gray trial. judge barry williams has h prevented the prosecution from using 4,000 documents detaili
7:41 am
the training of lieutenant briat rice as evidence in the trial. l now rice is the fourth of six oi officers to be tried in theried death of freddie he faces multiple chargesha including manslaughter. top court in maryland dealtt a blow to those who hostos underaged drinking party.g par court of appeals adults hosting underaged drinkers can be heldeh for any injuries sustained by ay drunk guest. gst two lawsuit filed by drunkyru drivers victims against adults t who hosed the party that is led to those incidents.en in virginia state owned liquor stores can now open an hour earlier on sundays.da the daily press reports stores o will open at noon.n at the virginia general assemblybl approved the measure earlier ear this month as part of its newf s state budget.state the bill also allows liquoruor stores to open on new year's d y day. happening today in the district council will take a col closer look at a plan to turn po over the food service for city f schools to a new vendor. vendo earlier this year d.c. schools.s announced new contractor. c they would replace the company.y
7:42 am
millions of dollars to settle claims it gouged prices and served spoiled food to kids. metro offering a new perk tw students at american university. the university pass. p it will give students unlimitedm riding privileges on metro bus o and metro rail at a discountedut price. price all full-time undergraduate,grae graduate and law students aredes eligible for this pilot programr still to come, it is foxts beat time kevin sits down with modern mod family star eric stone street sr for look at his new animatedma movie the secret life of pets.fp >> he's becoming a regular onngn our show. >> three or four times. threefo >> plus we're tracking a heat wave. wave will rain bring relief? tuckerc has your full forecast next. nex ♪ ♪
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♪ i keep asking for ambrosia o you're the biggest part of me.f i think that's the song they'res doing s is it? >> is it?s t? >> or is it the -- that's howhao much i >> that's how much i feel. >> yeah. we'll find out. they'll be on good day and have have a throw back to the '70's's party. >> i can't wait. i >> it will be fun. in the meantime, we have have he been in the 70s all morning lonn and now we're in the upper 70s.s >> soon we'll be in the 90s. >> um-hmm. >> it felt good yesterday.terday >> it did?>>t di >> yeah.>> yh. actually i had the air on in thn car i wanted to feel the outsidt i would roll the windows down.ow >> as long as the car is moving. >> right. >> if you're sitting on the belty
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>> you're right.eht >> not as much as fun. ns much >> absolutely. >> yeah. i guess. i mean i know a lot of people pe love this t >> right. >> they look forward to it allwd year long.year long. >> we haven't been getting hotn temperatures.erat >> we haven't had too much m extremes. i mean you want to take the heat seriously the next couple oft ce days it will be getting ill be dangerous.nger >> okay. your pets. folks with compromised immune in >> exactly. all of that.ha let's get it to.t got lots to talk about. abo. ♪ >> oh, the walk. all right.allight. >> right now?ht now >> oh, yeah. just adjust there a little bit, steve.stev uh-huh.-huh. am i live on your facebook as well? well >> yeah,. >> okay. >> steve, i'm working on new moves. >> um --m -- >> uh-huh. >> i saw it. (laughter).r) >> i liked that.. >> don't laugh, allison. >> i might have have blinked and missed it. >> he did the left -- he did the leg lift that gave a little hip lift. >> thank you allison.. >> hip hitch. hch >> hip hitch. >> it will only get better fret
7:47 am
here. let's do the forecast.dohe for let's get down to business. bin. heat wave it's here to stay noeo doubt about it.about you may find yourself sweating t on your way out to your car thir morning with the dew points in n the 70s.the 7 73 right now in gaithersburg.sbr 75 in leonardtown. seventy seven in annapolis much lots and lots of heat on the horizon this afternoon low 90s and the reason it feels so uncomfortablt the dew points in the 70s. in t7 any time we get these numbersbe above 70, it feels oppressivepps out there, and it certainly will do so later today.later tod 73 the current dew point in quantico, annapolis 72 up inn gaithersburg.gait there's your satellite/radar aat little bit of a cloud deckel tot start your day.start your d most of your day will be partlyt so mostly sunny. s look at that thunderstormnd complex falling apart now outow towards chicago this morning. mi wish we could get that in nearer here and get some relief. rie we don't have much in the way oo relief the next couple of days.. bermuda high is set up.t u why this pattern gets stabbed id takes several days to break doww and it doesn't look like it wilk be late in the weekend perhaps r saturday night early sundayun before we get relief.elf
7:48 am
it will feel like 93.e 93. that's your heat and humidity this afternoon ar t 3:00. 3 look at that.t. upper 90s for parts of the area leonardtown manassasassas fredericksburg it will feel likk upper 90s by 5:00 o'clock todayy so and then we won't cool off aa whole lot overnight.vern mentioned the bermuda.da want to mention quickly littlell what we call trough could be a trigger point for a scatteredcat shower or thunderstorm laterer but widely scattered i thinkttet most of today is just going too be plain old hot and humid, and, slightly better chance fornce storms later this week. all thursday, friday saturday the sr worse of it.of i temps in the mid 90s.mid 9 check out your overnight that's one of the hallmarks of o heat wave.ave overnight lows near 80 degrees.r very uncomfortable and then ahen little better by sunday anddand monday. so fingers crossed maybe thisay will be the worse of the ourtheo summer weather and things willtt get better for the end ohif julf and august. au what do you think, erin?o thin >> all i heard was go to the goo pool today and go to the poolool tomorrow and the next day you might get rained out on saturday then you're back by the pool.ckh >> you gott.
7:49 am
>> sounds like a good couples ka days, tucker.ys, stay hydrated. hra i got that,, too right now, as we take look theok your traffic for your morningori commute a lot of folks trying tg find alternates around thearount yellow and the blue line because safetrack surge no rail service between braddocc road and national airportl irpo shuttle service replaces that.ea so with that said as taking vr vre308 delayed 20 minutes atinus franconia springfield due to ann engine issue. i. keep in mind vre was your chosen alternate that round that one. inbound 210 northbound passedd s fort washington road five branca of a northbound also jams a bitb from 301 to surrats and the andt bottom of the beltway across the wilson bridge slows from princes george's county across the the bridge.brid 270 at south we have a crash ath 80 because of that we have hav delays from 70 to 80 leadingea into urbana and then as you getg down towards the spur you jam as well. cedar lane between everett erett street and dress son street in i kensington remains shut down.. head-on collision involving twoi cars and some serious injuries.s investigation keep it to connecticut to get g around it. i then the top side of the beltwal outer loo
7:50 am
jams 95 to georgia. road work through aboutbo 8:00 should be wrapping in thedt next 10 minutes on thext northbound side of rock creek 1k parkway near the kennedy centern and a lot of congestion on the t secondaries throughout thehrouot district around the hill. back to you guys. few local baseball players b headed out west to san diego fof the all star game.e bryce harper, wilson ramos,, steven strasburg and danielle de murphy will represent nationalso at 23 it's already harper'sr's fourth mid summer classic. claic he got voted in as a starter.ta. congrats to bryce and the rest of the guys. you can catch the all star game next tuesday right here on fox5x next tuesday at 8:00 p.m. to tennis now it could be ae sister showdown at the wimbledon finals. the williams sisters of course f both moving on to semi yesterday serena and venus bothb beat their opponents in the quarter finals while serena lasl year wimbledon champ it could be venus first grand slam grand s appearance since 2009. sin 2 >> all right.>> all rig we'll see what happens.. 7:50 right now.
7:51 am
>> the fox beat.. >> hi, kev. k >> hello steve and allison. how was is your morning going so far.fa >> superb. >> all right. png up life of pets opening u answering question i've alwaysqu wanted to know weshat your petst when you leave the house. hse. something i always wanted toi know. my dog oscar does i sat down sow with eric stonestreet one of thf voices of the film he playings g duke in the movie, and his character essentially moves in with another character voiced by louie ck they're fighting to be the best dog and see which one o ends up being there with thee tt owner. i spoke to eric about voicing vi this character and becoming thit guy we also know him from moderr family.mily so what would his modern family character do if he owned a dogog like duke? watch this. >> obviously i'm curious, thougt what your modern family family character would do with duke? i mean in regards to -- would he own -- how,, what kind of ownern would he be? >> i think he'd want to give him a bath. i think duke would get a bathoub right away
7:52 am
maybe wanted to a little up do p on his head maybe a little --it- maybe a little man bun up topunt something like definitely want to give him aang little bit of a makeover haircut for sure.ure. dress him up. u cam and i are different i don'tn love dogs that are dressed up is outfits. i think cam would definitely want to put him in something he kind of likes chewbacca make him one of those rrrr. >> that was good.. >> yeah. yea well, i can't really say, but -t >> ryan johnson needs to put yop in episode eight. eht >> i am chewbacca. >> really? >> rrrr, no.r, i think he would have fun with duke's appearance for sure. he would definitely own him camm is from the country and duke is newfinland and would run aroundo in the country for sure.ur >> this may be a dumb question o curious about this. when you're eating the dog foodo >> yeah.>> >> and there's no voice acting.t are you really doing that soundt effect? >> you know that's a goodnow tha question for chris renault. renu i know i made those noises inin the booth for hours of eating et nois
7:53 am
they do is they take my noisee and then they layer it in just like britney spears song.. (laughter). >> or they add layers to it, you know. up close to the microphonemicrhe i'm right on the microphone.. i'll take a big drink of waterri and get my mouth nice and sloppo and then start. but, yeah, it's fun.un that's one of the more funun aspects i find found and i can'i wait to see it again tomorrow when i see it again. i can hear my own voice inn different areas of like whenhe duke is jogging i can hear mee slowing down or panting or panno things like that. but i can't remember if i hearda my own chewing or not.wing oot. but i think it's in there.he you mentioned the jogging and a running obviously he runs and rn jogs a lot.jogs a like do you when you're in aou'a booth do you have to getdo yourself out of breath andth and how -- >> it doesn't take a tremendouss amount to get me out of breath.. (laughter).(laughter) >> i just like walk to the doorr and back and i'm
7:54 am
you know, i don't work myself uu that much.h. but, you know, it's acting.ct i know what it feels like to bek out of breath so i just pretende to be out of breath. i'm not too method. m >> that's eric stonestreet.reet. if you're wondering where wee nr were, we were actually in -- liberty square park which is in jersey across from manhattan yot can seaman man behind us.s it was insane. ins i've never seen the city fromitm that view before. view be i mean like, you know, the world trade center, absolutelyolel incredible.edib one world trade.rade war it was gorgeous to see fromm this park statue liberty was over to the right side. it was cool. we were outside.o we wer i'm surprised the lighting wasas good because they did a reallyh good job shooting it.t >> should have let you take take oscar with you.r th y >> coming up 8:00 a.m. i put a a go pro on oscar and we'll showew you behind the scenes what heath does when i leave the house.avto we want the viewer to send us in your videos. if you want to set up a cameraam in your house get a couple aoupl minutes of your dog running rnig around doing something tweet itt to me at kevin mccarthy tv or
7:55 am
were want to air your secret sec life of your pet on our stationi and allison will do the samehe s this week. w i'm giving you the camera todayd >> we'll hair it on friday.rida make sure you stay tuned for f >> which dog are you going to put it on. ait >> brownie. broie. >> i'm excite.>> i >> brownie will sleep the whole time. a do it for a couple minutes i think. >> i want to watch what he does, how -- >> rocket would be the one --- guaranteed call walk in the house and i'm asleep.. >> the secret life of tucker. t put a go pro on tucker. >> you're not old enough for enr that, kev. that, ke >> that would be really good tv >> that's for the grown ups. ups >> street strap a go pro on anda go home and see what you do. >> um-um.. >> he's not ready for it. >> bless his heart.ea >> he's a sweetie.>> he's a swee >> i can't wait. >> let's do the forecast.'s do e we're looking hot and humidum today. how about low to mid 90s and a heat index getting near a a hundred degrees. deg anybody wearing go pro today toy will see sweat and lots of it.. as we're in the second day ofony our extended period of heateat here. he.
7:56 am
literally stick around untildnt saturday. storm tracker radar is quiet. little cloud cover out there the early. unfortunately, not enough cloudh cover to give us any row realowa relief and we'll be back in thet sun shortly with steamyteamy conditions this afternoon andnd highs in the low 90s.ow 9 that heat index, however, mid to upper 90s the next several days code orange air quality lookslio like relief arrives by sundayy with a little less heat ant little less humidity but thereut you go. as far as storm chance today's, isolated. most of your day will be dry. d that is a weather update.pd let's see if traffic iss >> no. >> all right. right. >> traffic is just about as funo as the humidity around town.d t we just have lot of congestion. 7:56 right now beltway jammed jm top side in montgomery county, c 95 over to georgia. 95 southbound the icc to theo beltway.wa. bw parkway north and southboundh outside the beltway in belt beltsville slow-moving traffic.c you jam again out by powder milr road and then inside the beltway right now from 50 down past e
7:57 am
northbound side jams from the fe beltway towards laboratory roadr and then 50 jams from theom beltway all the way past 295. 25 new york avenue by bladensburglu is slow. 395 inbound from the springfield interchange to the 14th streett bridge jams and gw parkway pa sprout run to the key bridge bde jammed up traffic and in glennle echo cabin john clara bartonarto dealing with sluggish traffic as well. keep a fox5 morning news.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 o'clock, live look outside on thisn wednesday it's july 6, 2016. 201 weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 8:05. 8:0 good wednesday morning i'm mor allison seymour.soymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm s c great to be here this morning. m welcome to fox5 news morning. mi happening right now, let'stl get to the commute.omte. first morning rush hour of thest next phase of safetrack.. phase three officially beganb last night but the real impactlp being felt during the morningorg commute.e this particular part of thecur a maintenance plan having a bigavb impact on northern virginia v commuters. how you get to one of the areas busiest airports. >> anjali hemphill is monitoring the situation live from reaganea national station with more andnd what you need to know. n good morning.good mng >> reporter: good morning,orng guys. you can probably see behind me here plenty of passengerslenty s standing on the platform as thee train pulse up.n pu trains are running out of reagaa national airport station butut only i
8:01 am
that's because phase three has h started and that means serviceve is shut down between here ander south to braddock road andd a alexandria.. metro shuttle bus service is an alternative for folks but riderd on both blue and yellow line coc see significant delays this t morning especially during rushun hour throughout the week.k. airport officials also expect ep congestion and confusion here a the airport as passengers will w have to find other ways to gos o from here down to braddock road. meanwhile, if you are heading ti work this morning on metro or o even by car, you may want toant give yourself extra time this is the first morning rush hour hr commute with those phase threeht changes.s >> have you seen any signage oro any -- has there been enoughn eg warning for you to know what's w going on. >> not really.>> n >> why do you say that? dyou >> i mean 'cause we drive allril the time. te but you know the traffic is different.ff that's the deal. >> reporter: that man also a told me
8:02 am
airport today by car was extra heavy and they blamed it on the fact that phase three shut downd was part of that.that airport officials say they'res r working with airlines to makeirk announcements on any of those ot arriving flights to let let passengers know they will not bl able to take the metro from thim station down south to braddockra road. if you need any more informatior about phase three you can alwaya go to our websiten we're live at reagan nationaliol airport, anjali hemphill fox5 f5 local news. >> oscar pistorius now head toe do prison former olympianlympn sentenced to six years for theot murder of his girlfriend reevaee steenkamp earlier this morning.r pistorius was originallyy convicted manslaughter but those charges upgraded to murder. mure he must serve three years befora eligible for parole. ♪ happening today, members of congress and staffers have and a access to free blood tests after elevated levels of lead were wer found at the waters the u.s. capitol office all blood tests are free. fre the water was shut off at thehe ca
8:03 am
after elevated levels of lead oe were found. fou the levels are consideredsidere slightly above the epa's standards.dards. fbi may have spared hillary clinton criminal probe but notbn before getting a very hard slapl by fbi director james comey. comey delivered a scathinged criticism of clinton for using i private e-mail account whileouni serving as second of state.ta saying she was extremelyxtre careless in her handling of verv sensitive highly classified information.ation. >> clinton campaign is offeringn a scathing criticism of their own it's directed at donald a trump saying donald trump's praise for brutal strong man knows no boundaries this afterha the donald raised eyebrows whenn he raised former iraqi leaderr saddam hussein at a rally in north carolina.rolin trump called hussein a bad guy g but said the former dictator did one thing well, he killedd terrorists.ts meanwhile former house speaker newt gingrich will join donaldoo trump today for a rally iny in cincinnati. it will be the second day that t trump is joined by potentialal running mate. mate. tennessee senator bob core kerr w
8:04 am
north carolina yesterday.ay. maryland governor larry hogan choosing crabs over the o gop convention hogan says did he not plan t attend his party'sary convention next month. m. he'll attend the all you can eat seafood feast on july 20th.20th hogan previously said he wouldou not vote for donald trump in november. former member of the army ay national guard under arrest thit morning muhammed jalloh of jallo sterling facing a judgeacinjudg yesterday. he's charged with plotting to wt help the islamic state and plolt plotting a fort hood style a attack against the u.s. milita military. fifth northern virginia manrthen arrested on terrorism chargessms since last year. he's been on the fbi's radaradar since march after he told an a informant he wanted to carry out attacks against the unitedhe uni states. well if you forgot didn't buy, didn't get a chf ance --t c >> got busy.>> >> didn't get a >> headed out to the firework ak college park last night. night >> whatever the excuse you'vecu got another shot at winning the jackpot because --- >> no one matched all thosee mae numbers in last night's drawingh that means the jackpot will now climb
8:05 am
friday's drawing. it's not even the largestn theat believe it or not.lieve or in fact it's not even the secont largest it's the seventh largest jackpot in lottery history. your odds of winning with just one ticket of course they'rehe horrible one in 259 million. min somebody will -- we've all see scene those stories. >> tucker, where can youucr, w throw -- tucker wants to throw w party for every resident of rest washington, d.c.ashing d.c. >> when i win, right.i win,ight >> but where could that be? >> a park or something. somethig >> national mall.>>atio >> get some permits and just dot it. >> right. >> it could be a national mall party. >> how much that will cost me. >> who cares? cares >> right. >> you got money. i think what you need to do is y work on the story.the sto do you have a good story? willl people feel like, ah, you won it if you win. w do you know what i mean. iea you know when you hear --r -- whatever.wher like single dad raising -- oh- o yeah we can get behind that.beh. we need to come up with goodoo stories. stor >> we will, yes. wll, ye >> i will be giving back.
8:06 am
>> by throwing party.rowingarty >> for everybody. for >> let's work on our stories. in the meantime it's hotk . hot. >> i do not buy a ticket untilnt it's 500 million. milon >> you're here. >> i'm here now. hnow. >> okay.. >> small change. 500 million.500 >> hazy, hot and humid hopefulll you're not waiting in line forar tickets outside because it will be -- be - >> i'm seriously going to buy one.on >> buy one. buyne don't buy, don't use your entirt savings account for it.acunt >> exactly. >> 79 at dulles.9 at 78 at bwi marshall.all. heat index unfortunately uppertu 90s this afternoon.fter the heat is here to stay.y. right through the end of thee et week.. and our daytime highs for the neck self days 90 or just few clouds to start youro y day. isolated risk for thunderstormhr today. lots and lots of water. wat. please don't forget to limito lm your pets exposure outdoors ovee the neck several days as yous a know the heat kind of builds inl all of us and we'll all wear a w down here. h 92 this afternoon.fternoon hot and humid.and hu it's back. july d.c.
8:07 am
>> july in d.c..c welcome, erin. >> generous weatherman givesthma each member of the morning team $10 million. >> that's good -- now that'sod - good story. >> a good one. a goo one. >> i like that story. >> i'm concerned about the tax implications.implicat i'm not sure i'll be able to dot that for you guys.uys. >> now he's back paddling.addlin >> he just won half a millionala dollars and he's worried aboutor taxes. >> i said i'm throwing a partyar for d.c. i didn't say i'm giving you $10 million each. e >> i'm upping the anti for thehe headlines making a better storyo i'd like to know for the record if you buy a ticket and you winu buying is proof.. >> let's move over to i bit the inside of my cheek. ce when i talk it's like not goodeg feeling. >> it's horrible.>> it's horribl >> now rail service throughe ugh july 11 national airport to apot braddock road on the blue andon yellow that's replaced with bus servicr shuttle busing because of that t we're seeing some significantig delays and crowded conditionstis increase wait times trains evere 12 minutes on the blue linelue n between national airport largo
8:08 am
between franconia springfieldgfe and braddock road and then on tn the yellow line ever 12 minutesm hunt to know to braddock bra national airport to green belt.n please plan ahead for metro ridr this could affect you he isect s special physical you're headedil to or from national airport taxo lines may be longer especiallysl during the morning and afternoon rush t shuttle bus service is available between braddock road, crystaldt city and pentagon city and c between braddock road andddk rod national airport for airport ait customers only.s o and then crash activity 21010 north moving over to our roads a in fort washington.. passed fort washington roadhito we're seeing delays buildingild from old fort to kirby branch avenue still slows by 301 and surrats road and we have slow-moving traffic a cross ag lot of our area bridges from f rosslyn into georgetown the keyk bridge jams gw parkway leadingay towards the key bridge is sloww and this crash moved to the t shoulder in urbana but 270 souts still sluggish as you pass 700 through 80 and then again towards the the beltway is dealing with lott of morning congestion and still dealing with closure iss kensington.. tucker doesn't want to share she
8:09 am
take $1 million off his back to you guys. >> we'll enjoy the party in theh meantime. coming up how your trip througho airport security could soon geto shorter. how apple is trying to make tryo organ donations a simplerimpl process.oc >> and later one of the oldestne bridges in our region receivedd much needed funding to help inen its restoration.ra we're back in just 30 seconds. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we're back in just 30 seconds. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport, she can use fios to download the movie "up in the air" to watch while she's... up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and downloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. ♪ look at the monument rightt there. that's where tuck will throw hiw big mega mli
8:10 am
>> right in the shadow ofshado o monument.nume >> beautiful. >> it will be get. start the permitting process n now. tsa working on more ways too work on wait times. it's checking out machines that check scanned luggage on carryen on bags. leave your liquids, gels and ge laptops in the carry ons.ns they're hoping it can cut down on the amount of time you spends in line by 30%. >> that's big number. nber. apple new software launching this fall and it's going to getg users to register as organ donors.dono it's health app will have a sigs up button making it quick andtua easy. apple ceo tim cook said the program was inspired by hisis former boss steve jobs who who waited for liver transplant.ran. according to health officials, a more than 120,000 people in then united states need organ donors. starbucks lovers you'll have to pay little bit more now toiti enjoy your favorite cup oforit coffee. the company will raise prices be as much as 30 cents on certainin drinks. drinks. starbucks has raised pricesbu during the first week of julyeef for the past two years. y new pricing
8:11 am
next tuesday.uesd if you are in the market foe a new home maybe an entire townt is what you're looking for. f >> okay. if so you're in luck.k. colorado ghost town is on for sale on craigslist. it's just $350,000.35 >> what's the catch?thcat >> well, you get a small house.. o okay. >> a cafe.>> aafe. >> ooh. >> o >> and abandoned motel.ndon >> all right. >> and an old service station. >> looks like a movie set. likei >> like an old twilight zone zon episode i just watched duringedr the sci-fi twilight zoneig z marathon. it was once a popular place butt came desolate following a murder there in the 1970' >> this is right up your ally. r >> i do need this.d t >> super cepy. >> that's it. we'll -- that's what i'm goingng to do when i win the megain t millions i'm buying that town. >> $350,000. coming up major step towardp the building of vital repairit r work that will keep the memorial bridge ope bob barnard will join us liveoi with that story.withhat let's head outside on this on ts wednesday morning much it isy hot, humid, sticky, 77 degrees.e tucker has got y
8:12 am
forecast an little cutenesse coming up next at 8:15. that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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>> little chaos with safetrackeh faze three. >> some people still don't know what all is happening. >> yes. >> this is the braddock road station which is a couple blocks away from the gateway to old legatewato town o alexandria.xandri one stop before king also on the way to reagan r national airport and that's tha' closed so that's lead to go bus,
8:15 am
bridges and perhaps little bit t of confusion. c get the update in a few minutesm let you know how the safetrack faze three is going which w started today.toda we are also full on into summer phase one which is heatet and humidity.idit >> yeah, we are. >> it's here to say.s re to s >> at least for the week. wk >> it builds over the next couple days. right through saturday. satur you know we'll get to it but why not going fishing today. >> oh, my goodness.>> o >> with your best friend. bien >> we got cuteness. time now for if i first photo of the day. >> i love that ptu >> look at the lifeguard.ifegrd >> we got easton, everybody mucm this is easton.ston. >> hey, easton.asn all right. here's the deal. easton is two years old.. >> okay.y >> he loves going fishing withst his dog jack. >> jack looks like -- lik >> look at jack. he's got his paws.s. >> just to the left a littlet at bit. >> could this be a better shot?o could easton be having better child hoot right now he isght ne winning at life. at l you're adorable. >> um-hmm. um-m >> he's adventurous. adventurou. >> you have boat access. you >> he's got a true blue best friend.
8:16 am
>> that is great picture ofre pc jackass >> isn't it? >> jack is like --- >> a little to the left. >> jolly good job, young lad. (laughter).. >> we love it.ove jolly good.lly good. >> he's like the cartoon dog with the glasses.laes >> yeah.ea. >> right. though i can't think of his na name. >> of courses. >> i can't think of his name. >> easton we love your photo.n v i hope you caught something bigb but not too big. i love that whoever took that tk picture that's a great picture c he's a cutie pie.. >> sure is.>> sure is. to send us your child's picture go to fox5 zen it on in. >> mr. peabody.>> mr. peabody. >> mr. peabody and his little friend. >> we love the picture of youhee and jack together. >> that's right. >> good picture. all right. let's do weather.eath. easton, being on the water ishe the right idea as anyplace youya can go at all to get little lit relief from that heat andnd humidity look at your next four days. 92 today and 94 might even ben higher than 94 by friday with ah heat i
8:17 am
it will get awfully close to t 100. we are entering our hottest timt of year.r. average daytime high is 88 hereh we go. all right. right current numbers reagan nationall having a problem with theirir automated system. sys the numbers have been falling out all morning.out morn somebody has been tweeting what's wrong with that there you go. hopefully that will get remedied soon. soon dulles 79.lles 7 bwi marshall 78 degrees. i can tell you everybody is in the upper 70s and again we're an off and running here pretty quick.quic little cloud deck that will fadl away and left with sunshine.e hot, humid conditions thistion afternoon. we know the routine.routin. isolated thunderstorm risk, youy know, the real issue today is td the heat and humidity pleasey ps lots of water. wat code orange air quality et cetera, et cetera here for theet next couple of c days. d maybe some relief by sunday witw slightly lower temperatures ande lower humidity but there you go. next couple of days here comes m the heat. th >> hot hot hot. hot >> thanks tucker.s tu >> all right. let's check in with erin see hoe things are >> 8:17. we'll start you off with breaking news. ea first i want to talk about
8:18 am
crash that cleared. cear 66 eastbound good news there byw the car rest area. a traffic once again moving alongg just fine. fin we're seeing traffic on the o westbound side towards gainai gainsville looking good.ns you will hit a little bit of stop and gsvo traffic towards ws falls church just keep that in t hyped as you trying eau try tott get into arlington. show i was look at our maps keep in mind this crash in kensingtoi fatal crash investigation rightt now one person died as a results of this head on collision. colli cedar lane between everettve street and dress den street stre investigators still out there ot it's been shut down for severals hours trying to figure oute exactly what caused this crash.c please keep it to connecticut avenue if you're heading out inn kensington today. t let you know as soon as they're able to reopen that portion of p the your ride in kensington.n inner loop right now looking l pretty good as you makee yourself -- your way from branco avenue to the wilson bridge. 6 miles just eight minutes,ut about two minute delay.e delay top side of the beltwayth b montgomery county pretty quiet q past new hampshire as well. as w this crash cleared to the t shoulder in urbana 270 southth that one is out by 80 as you as make your way from frederickre stop and go traffic to urban
8:19 am
but then you do open up and u things get a lot quieter towardr the spur. you will hit stop and go traffic through rockville, however,ever, earlier vre express rail delayey 308 and 310. we have coupled trains to bein moving shorterly.movinghort 295 in the district and 50 5 inbound still sluggish. s we'll keep up it dad any any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on.o twitter. twit allison back to you.lisoback t >> arlington memorial bridge ing desperate need of repairs andpai the money needed to make them well help is on the way. national park service got grantg to make those repairs. rep >> bob barnard joins us lives from the bridge with the detai details. literally from the bridge, bob.e good morning. >> reporter: yes.r: yes hey there, steve and allison. al this is basically a no brainer.a without the money the national o park service says it will had td have have closed this bridge ini 2021. that's only five years from now. it's a beautiful bridge linkingg arlington county to the mall.. it was bill in the early 19 30's only expected to last 75 years.a it's been 84 years since it
8:20 am
a major rehab.ab now the national park service se says the bridge's support structures bridge deck crumbli crumbling. up s department of transportation awarded the national park service $90 million that's a fast lane grant $90 million will help fund phase one of the total bill is expected to be $250 million.$2 with this grant the nationalgral park service can begin seekingee bids for work that is expectedxp to begin in 218 so two yearsrs from now. now the national park service has sh counted they say 68,000 roughly 68,000 vehicles a day acrosscr this bridge. there's currently 10-ton limitto and no buses allowed, guys.s. again, with this new money, at a least this 90 million so far, fr the national park service sayses this bridge can stay open an a extra 14 years and then it willt need the rest of that money mon quarter of a billion dollars to basically rebuild this bridges b steve and allison.
8:21 am
>> buy some time.omeim >> yes. >> in the meantime so we don'tt have to shut the bridge.he bridg not a lot of entryways into the city. only a couple of bridges todges choose from. >> one of my favorites.avit >> still ahead, cutest watert rescue you'll see all day.ll we guarantee it.rantt. >> super cute also a cab driverb does the right thing, found a huge sum of money in the back ok his cab.his this morning a littleittle disappointed with the reward her received which begs theivedhich question --queson >> was he owed anything. >> right. >> i say little bit more. >> what is reward etiquette. we'll talk about it coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ favorite video of the day.fy you're going to be okay.o be o check this video out. >> he's scared. >> group of medical boaters coming to the aid of a littleite baby raccoon in the chesapeake e bay over the holiday weekend. w they say they heard it cryingtry and when they through a live a l jacket it immediately grabbed oo to it. i i think it could be heard saying, thank you! i thoughtho that's what i heard. hea >> i heard that. heard >> okay. >> the boaters towed it to safety on land.. hopefully but he's by himself.l. i wonder -- maybe he gote g separated from momma. >> better chance back on land. >> yeah. >> than swimming out there in the middle of the bayim. >> he is cute as can be. b >> little guy got another chancc that's good thing. very nice of those people to do that. apparently they just threw it iu and he came -- came >> look at him. h >> climbed on board.>> >> you know what he said. >> i know what to do. >> thank you! >> i jus cno kt heard hi
8:25 am
>> i thought i heard it. >> probably doesn't are whole lot of swimmin swimming experiee when he got there he figure hehe was too far out.s too far ou >> if i saw a baby raccoon onaco land i would run in the house in and shut the door.shut t >> they're not supposed to be it the water. raccoon s lifeguards finally too a break.break >> so darned cute. so ed >> i think they're smart anima animals. >> oh yeah. oh >> yeah.. >> >> okay. he's safe. how about you?out you >> you know what freaks me out e whenever i'm out i see snakes.ea >> in the water?>>e >> yeah. ec you don't expect to see them but yeah.bu yea >> they live there, too.hey li >> i know.. >> all creatures great and small. >> that's not getting a live jacket. i'm sorry. you're on your own, snake. >> let's do it.>>o hey, hazy, hot and humid here tt stay particularly the hot andt a humid part. p i decided to open up the maphe little bit and see if we couldfc find relief get into the pacific northwest where temperatures ars below normal the next couple ofo days. mid 50s in places like seattle,, portland,. >> um-hmm. >> that's where you want to go. if you want relief.erouant >> i never been out there, youhe know.know
8:26 am
trip. tr >> okay.>> >> beautiful. >> we've got a few clouds toloo start the day.stthe da hazy, hot, humid conditions, con heat index this afternoon getsnt very close to hundred degrees. isolated thunderstorm risk wem k don't have anything to reallylly kick off around of thunderstormt today but the air mass itself is rather unstable and won't stakee a lot to kick up a storm afterta daytime heating so that's realla the worse threat of af thunderstorm just one or two later today.od what will not relent the heat 92 today, mid 90s thursday, friday, saturday overnight lows near 80. sorry about that. >> okay. >> it is what it is.t summertime in d.c. d erin, good morning. morning >> i'm getting used to gng u summertime in d.c.d.c. >> i was enjoying the cooler air and now you walk outside.utde it feels like you're on an're oa island. >> this is what it's really li like. >> good to know.>> g don't bother brush mike hair on the weekend what you're saying.u >> ponytail. >> i like ponytail look.ta i'm ready for it i now if you'rr making your way out around theud areas delays back to 80 all thea way down through t
8:27 am
scales crash blockingly shouldes by 80 in urban n you can seean s jammed up bit through fredericke and then we have a deadly crash investigation in kensington.. closure it there head-clickick cedar lane everett street and clear brook lane.. beltway looking pretty nice. n two minute delay. delay. outer loop looking good and the as you can see from the beltway to gallows dealing with fiveit minute delay as well. back to you steve andte allison. >> welcoming up we're watching r metro as riders on the blue andd yellow lines deal with the thirt phase of safetrack.ase of safet. we'll talk about this morning'sr commute but some other problems the agency is facing this morning include concluding what's happening down atat braddock road right now much that's coming up next. it's 8:27 now.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ friendship heights right there washington, d.c. d.c.wash maryland border.landde right there on westernon wes boulevard. it's hot, it's humid, eighthsigs messy out there if you're stucks in commute or a commute. third phase of safetrack planrap under effect right now. could it delay your air travel l too. not only your wait times on the blue and yellow line longer bute trains are not running between n braddock and are you beganan national airport.national airpo please please keep that in mind if you're heading to theas airpr this morning.. >> it will stay like thisy like through the next week and thenee more changes are on the way. w >> that's right. joining us from the braddock fro road metro station martin dee karo transportation reporter anr fox5 contributor. good morning, martin.
8:31 am
what you expected out of thet of first morning rush? >> reporter: well, it's been a a little uncomfortable thisfo morning and not just because it's really humid out here. let's take look at braddock road station a train just arrived and you can see passengers exiting. i've been here all morning longn and this is actually a little lt less busy than it was at thet t peak of the rush hour. you typically get 200 people or so coming off these trains maybn more. 300 or so and it's not not immediately apparent where tohee go. even though there are signs fors the shuttle buses to airports, pentagon city torque crystalue t city and there are wmata personnel out here helpingere hg people find their way.op many commuters i spoke to thiso morning said they were confusedn as to where to go waiting on on really long lines for very crowded so rail capacity is pretty heavy this morning and remember metror has been telling commuters to t find alternatives to the rail ai the peak of the rush hour metro estimates 6,000 passengers passg from the braddock road stationda north
8:32 am
there are not nearly enoughrl shuttle buses to accommodateccom that type of typof c we don't have the ridership the numbers yet this morning.t thisg but it does seem that moreor people are using the rail than n expect the given the warningshes that metro gave for people topl find alternatives.ertive >> martin, the big i guess g change this time around it involves the airport not justpot people who are trying to get too work. have you seen any evidence thatt folks coming off with luggage, a et cetera, maybe that weren'tbe aware of the fact that they're e not able to get directly to thet airport this morning? >> reporter: yes.r:es started my morning on then northern end of this segmentseg shut down of the blue and silver lines and air travelers areair s being impacted.ed reagan airport says about 20% oo their customers a year come viav rail but a lot of metro personnel on the platform and id the station helping people aseo you mentioned you know easy to pick out whose traveling by air usually carrying luggage. lga that wasn't too much of aasn't problem early this morning.eaths >> meantime i know we're notnt talking about the red line righ now, but the red line trains dis have s
8:33 am
everything worked out today? toy >> reporter: yes. y severing going okay thisring gog morning. o very good point. p there was a red light running rn incident last night.dent last ni metro investigating whether a train ran a red light between b glenn montgomery and wheatoneryw station and federal safety saf investigators are also will bewe looking into this. this is important becauseimpot b federal safety officials put ant emphasis on metro train operators running red lights.g t there have been 50 of these t incidents since 2012 and more in 2015 than in the previous tworeu years combined.s com so not all the facts are in. a we're not quite sure if an an operator ran red light lasted l night between glenn montgomerytw and wheaton. but the train weeas disabled and they were single tracking inck that area for about three hoursu so that investigation continues. >> as that investigationesga continues and folks another just to the new metro patterns oy dio hear on twitter from some folksf the huntington station on then yellow line was crowded.sro what's your best advice forvice metro riders over the next twoew weeks?
8:34 am
lot of commuters this morning and they fall into twoey finto categories.teg either they've giving this tryry for day to see if it works or ir people who say they don't have an alternative to metro rail.l. for those who have anav alternative.e my advice seek out an option,pt whether it's car pooling, poo walking to station or trying toi get to the northern end of thef segment shut down and hopping ah train the rest of the way into y downtown d.c but you expect to start yourour commute from the southern ends of the blue and yellow lines and get to work on time withoutut giving yourself at least an houu or more to get to work, you will be late. >> martin, while we have you one more thing further up the bluehe line from where you are inwhe y rosslyn new trains running agair there. have we gotten everything sorter out in that station? >> reporter: finally metro says that new trains, 7,000 7,0 series after about two months th are returning to those shared s tracks that pass throughashrou rosslyn. the blue, orange and silverr lines. there was an inter faith anomaly between the trains and the
8:35 am
rail causing brand new trains ts stop dead on the tracks.rack. metro finally figure out whatha was wrong and the new trains ari returning to the shared tracks.a >> all right. martin dicaro, thank you.hank we will see you soon. s we appreciate it.weppreciat >> reporter: you're welcome. >> all right. 8:35. let's check in with tucker tke barnes.rnes all those people dressed up gotg the full business attire ontiren today.y >> two minutes before you starty feeling uncomfortable.rtle >> you know it. in jacket required today, rightg >> all right. let's do it.t we have too much steamy looks like people were alreadyee sweating out there unfortunately with temperatures reaching thesi upper 70s and this is only o showing you half the story, s because the heat index is ind already in the low 80s across a the area we're expecting the weg heat index that's the actual aia temperature in the low 90s and d the humidity to approach 100 later this afternoon.ftnoon storm tracker radar, few cloudso out there early.early no rain expected here short term. term. perhaps this afternoon we'll gel isolated storm. s what i can guarantee we'll getlt lot of heat an lot of humidity.m we g
8:36 am
and daytime highs in the low 90s.90 mix in again that humidity it tu will feel like upper 90 tosstoss near 100 this afternoon. so this time of year we got toet take the heat seriously makely k sure you're prepared if you'llfy be outdoors for any period of ar time for a hot one much lots of water and limit your pet's p's exposure outdoors as well. wel 92, hot and humid pop up stormps or two. two. isolated risk this afternoon little better chance later thist week. i'll be back momentarily andntal take look at the hot seven day y forecast coming up. erin? er >> kind of weather tucker you don't even want to try to run tr outside in the afternoon you'ree better off keeping it to anffeeg air-conditioned gym and gymnd treadmill.t right. >> yes. >> that's tucker's work out pl plan. inner loop crash it is a new onw out by 210 in the local lanesoc that is adding some delay to to your commute. commute. right now we're not two terrib e too terrible as folks slow downw past that scene we'll keep up it dad on that onhat one. we're dealing with volume delayv on the inner loopum from 95 to gallows.ows seven minutes -- 7 miles will 7s take you 13 minutes. m make sure you factor extra timem to get through annandale.
8:37 am
267 through tysons. i just wobbled on my heel a little bit. i'm going to blame imbalance ine the floor not my inability to walk. . right now, if you are driving d and taking 395 northbound edsall to king street 4 miles will takt you 11 minutes we have a lot off congestion no crashes as you a make your way from the springfield interchange tryingat to cross seven to get to theeto 14th street bridge.ridge. gw parkway jams a bit by spoutip run as you try to get from get rosslyn across the key bridge bi just a heavy flow of traffic.ff. secondaries in georgetown dealing with congestion as well. crash and closures because of a deadly crash investigation ingai cedar lane between everett tweee street and clear brook lane brol caution there keep it tout coionnecticut avenue to get aroe that one. steve and allison, back to you.o still to come a cab driverad being praised for honesty.fores he returned a huge amount oft money he found in his car. c now he's a little upset at theea reward that he received. rec we'll explain coming up. he's salty about it.alty abi i understand.i but he is, okay.ka first though not secret twinsret have a special bond but we'll bt tell you how these twin sisterss are taking that bond to whole new level.
8:38 am
8:37. be back in a moment. ♪ man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay
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♪ well, this morning take a look what a boston cab driver found in his cab. it'st $187,000. $187, save you having to add up all that money. the cabby says the man left that cash in a backpack when he got out of the cab at a hotel. hot he looked for the bag in the ban for id and discovered what was s inside so he turned in the monen to police.
8:41 am
the reward for his honesty just $100. $1 >> which begs the question -- was he owed anything at all. >> owed more than that.we >> right. >> i gave cabby 20 bucks for mys cell phone this was before thest were expensive cell >> okay. >> >> i think that's much more -- r it's not a lot but highert higr percentage of the worth than 10n bucks for 187,000.87,0 >> why did he have all that casc on him. >> i don't know.. it can't be a good thing. thing >> who has that much money in backpack? >> that's maybe another issue. okay. pair of identical twins -- s would have given at least a thua sand. >> i would too. >> 18 whatever 70. 70. like tenth or whatever. >> tenth would be 18,000.0. >> okay. o >> 1%. >> >> yeah. >> that's what oiled do. that's. >> that's what i would do.t' >> all right. pair of identical twins have something else identical theyntl now gave birth the same day at d the same time. te. >> wow. two women welcome
8:42 am
newborn or -- first born b children into the world on june june 30th at 11:00 8:00 a.m. 8:0 in the cities where they live. one had a boy. b on the had a girl. g they didn't plan to be pregnante at the same time and they told t each other they were pregnant aa a thanksgiving family get together.gether then just hater happened -- i'mi assuming here that everything is natural and they just both --ot- >> crazy coincidence much.razyo. >> that's why you need to buy a mega millions ticket. t because what are the odds ofwha that happening?thatappe >> i'm just saying.'m just sayi ever wonder what your petss do when you leave the house? u v coming up kevin mccarthy strapsh go pro on to his dog to foundo out. out. >> hazy, hot and humid the 3h's' back with us again. ag tuck is back with the full the l forecast next.forecast next.
8:43 am
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keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'.
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♪ >> here we go. >> ♪ makes me feel fine,es m blowing through the jasmine onmo my mind ♪ min >> do you know the lyrics.. >> i'm going to go ahhh. >> steve, you always go up on the song. son >> we both did up. >> we both did up. u >> i would let allison go up. go >> i went up.>> i went >> you got to go down. y got >> yes. but that was the whole point.oi >> who is seal and who is cross. >> i'm seal. i'm >> i got it.. i'm also darrell hall. >> okay. you'll have to be john oats. >> nobody wants to be oats. oat >> you're oats. >>
8:46 am
>> you're oats. os. (laughter).(lghter) >> nobody wants to be oats. >> you're also the captain. >> hey, wobble. w >> i saw a couple on k streeteet saturday night, i need to slow s it down a little bit. b >> not when you're wobbling.ob >> you're right here, tuck. boom. boom.boom you can do n do >> it's all on you, baby. b >> you can do it.ouo it. sometimes you got to fly on youy own. >> there you go.. >> tucker you got to find theint beat though tuck. >> allison, my eyes are closed. (laughter).. >> yes. yes let's do the weather forecast.. >> nobody wants to be oats. bat all right.>> first summer heat wave, here tot stay. second day of probably a six-day heat wave with temperaturesperae expected to once again be in the 90s. i decided we'll not going tooint show the number in washington any more it's doo we're having automation problemm sorry about that. we're not getting a report outit of reagan national. nationa 77 in quantico. dulles 79 degrees.degrees. 73 in frederick. 77 i do want to wobble. wbl 77 i
8:47 am
here's your dew points in thehe low 70s. 7. low 70s for the most part. manassas that is amazing. 77 degrees your current dewr cur points. 78 in fredericksburg.. those to say the least oppressive very uncomfortablele air. the wet blanket effect in fullnf this morning and you'll notice'c that humidity as well as they as heat this afternoon.. daytime highs low 90s we'll go with 92 today the heat indexeat will be pushing a hundred and nd real relief.el very impressive thunderstormnder complexion this morning kind of falling apart there.g apt th pushing through parts of the indiana and illinois.ins we just don't have anything tong kind of bring us relief any timt soon. maybe a front by saturday nightg will bring us some relief byie sunday.sund that's your future heat index i heat and humidity will feel likk 97 by 3:00 o'clock thiscl t afternoon. 98 in leonardtown. 99 in there you go at 6:00 o'clockock tonight particularly to mid latl afternoon if you'll be out and d about make sure you got plentyuo of water if you've got outdooror activities. you'll be playing some sports. tennis, golf, whatever you may y be doing lat
8:48 am
going to camp and outdoors makek sure everybody has plenty ofas t water as that heat will be will dangerous later. ler >> all right. r. bermuda high pressure this isssi actually a typical pattern youty get this time of year.ime of y we haven't had it so far this ti summer. summ it's here to here to s and it will turn up thenp thermometer and that heat indexi will be flirting with 100. maybe 100 or better by the end t of the week with daytime highsah in the mid nines. there's your seven day.e' better chance of storms as wes e get into the end of the week.hee best chance will be saturday sua with a cold front and little bit of improvement by sunday highsuh in the upper 80s.0s little less humidity by the ende of the weekend as well.sell. all right, guys. g back to you.. >> we'll send it next door to find out what's coming up on u good day today. today holly wins dom have the scoop ts forgo at the top of the 9a we'll get you caught up on the new thw round of track work affectingff metro this morning.this morning. >> we're also live on capitollit hill where members of thers of congress and staffers are beingg told not to drink the >> also at 9a a big factor when voting. how much do you trusvot the candidate? both politicalolic hopefuls are having big troublet in that how can they turn that arond
8:49 am
that's the big question and cand they turn it around. it's our did you go at 9:15. 9:1 >> new at 9a and live in the loe of a former georgetown grad whoh was a top 10nba draft pick.k michael sweeten's careerar impacted though by his strugglel with depression. his push for aware areness ahe ahead. >> let's put up that good day guest list. l local up and coming rapper isis >> r and b singer jenn wine and rapper so lay are coming in.g i we're going to talk about theirr marriage and they stayed closeye following their divorce they're getting real with paul wharton.r >> and wait for it.>> andait you know the hits, how much i feel --fe >> ♪ >> that one.>> tone. >> ♪ feel for you baby ba >> sing it.>> sg i sing it. you're the only woman.oman >> well thank you.. that's one of the songs.f the s what about biggest part of me. we're talking about legendary rock band ambrosia. they are here and, yes, theyes t will perform.erform >> all right. cool. cool plus we have some other some o surprises
8:50 am
good day d.c. the only, the onee and only place to be.e. see in you a few.ew. ♪ >> good stuff coming up.. i'm having flashback my first job was in am radio. rad >> was it? >> that's why i told tucker alle the time that's why i have little hardship i don't shareds the sentiment for the soft rock easy i heard it so many timesans back in the day. >> and probably the same songshs over and over.nd >> that's the thing.>> that'the. the play list was not a lot.ot. >> right. of me the biggest part might be one of my favorite sofs rock songs. >> great soft wrong sof >> it's beautiful song.autifuon. >> ambrosia coming up in good u day d.c.y d.c. >> coming up right now kevin mccarthy. >> i started in radio as well. fm radio actually. 106.7 with the junkies. jki >> you were not djing listeninge to the same five minutes softuts rock songs over and over again a ad >> i was working saturday nights running love line 12 to 7:00 a.m. my life was on board. >> this is what you have to doha if you want to make it in thee
8:51 am
business. >> 11 years.>> >> secret life of pets islipe opening up friday if you missedm our 10am hour yesterday we werew doing -- trying to do this funo bit we want to get the viewers e to send in video of their own on pets and all you need to do ise set up a camera somewhere inheri your house or if you can strap it to your pet and then leave. e we want to see the secret lifeif your pet. tweet us that.t. so universal pictures sent us as go pro, and i put it on my dogog oscar and here's the footage foo right here. what you're seeing here is --e this is a couple o--f differente times. what i did was, i left the house twice for five or six minutesx and put the go pro on top of his back strapped with a harness and allison is actual going to do g this tomorrow and we'll air hera footage on friday.rida and the cool thing about this ts is, at one point we left the lef house and we had no idea what ha was going to to do. i did not know he goesknow h g downstairs and goes to this to t couch and goes to sleep. sle but one of cool things you'll y see i rang the doorbell here.l h just to see what he would do.oud and i was curious, upping, doese he go to the door? does heoe bark.. >> you hear him barking reallyra
8:52 am
next here where he goes up the stairs and you'll try and see as him shake off the camera like -k >> he doesn't want it on him.. >> yeah. >> remember this is -- there's a go pro strapped to his back on a harness.rns. and we're outside.. he has no idea where we are. wea i hear some sounds coming out oo sewer studio here.dier >> did he do anything unusual u besides run around.d >> did he try to make coffee.ofe >> no. did he go get some >> okay. okay. >> but i genuinely think thathia dogs go to sleep when we leave.l >> when he got water, did he doh any differently than when youn y watch him get water?? >> no he walked up and gotup a water. what he did differently he looked for us before he got thee water.r >> aww. >> so that was the one thing ias found fascinating.ascinati if you want to know --no >> he doesn't take a bath in thn water bowl. b >> no way he could fit in the it water bowl. b i did speak to eric stonestreett who play as voice in the moviehe and you know him from modernow family much his character iss duke, and there's a great scenes he eats a bunch of food. i wanted to know when you're in the sound booth are you actually
8:53 am
sound effect? here's what heera said. >> when you're eating the dog food --od >> yeah. >> -- there's no voice acting.a are you really doing that soundu effect?ct? that's a good question foror chris renault. renault. i know i made those noises in nn the booth.the boh. (laughter).(lgh >> for hours.. of eating noises, and i -- myy suspicion to what they do is they take my noise and then the layer it in just like a britneyi spears song.sprs son (laughter). >> or they add layers to it, you know,.ow (chewing sounds). >> you know. know i'm up close to the microphone,n i'm right on the microphone. i'll take a big drink of water t and get my mouth nice and sloppy and then start, but, yeah, it's' fun. fu that's one of the more funnethe aspects i found and i can't waii to see it again tomorrow when ir see it again. i can hear my own voice in i different areas of like whenik e duke is jogging i can hear me
8:54 am
slowing down or panting oranti things like that.ikhat but i can't remember if i heardh my own chewing or not.. >> and obviously you know himim from modern family we'll have more from him coming up at 10a this morning and.nd 9:40 we'll talk to tmz about the latest celebrity gossip.ossip stay tuned for that.hat >> do you think your dogs willt do anything they don't normalonl dollar? dollar? >> i have no idea. i h >> but do you think? do youo yu suspect?t? >> yeah. who are you going to call out.go >> lady bird. >> what do you think she does. u >> i'm not sure. n i think she goes on -- i think k she goes all the way up to the t attic and lays on the bed uped u there instead of where we think she >> your dogs if they hang out ho together when you're not home oo if they all go their separate st ways. >> that's good question.good i wonder if they hang out. o >> we'll find out. out >> yeah. >> all right. all right. you'll strap a camera to one of them. >> i'm stopping a camera toama brownie.nie my middle baby. middlbaby. >> thanks lot guys. >> 8:54. let's say hello to our facebooko fans of the day. day. billy jean, richie and her h husband douglas.ouas >> nice a lot of great picturesu
8:55 am
>> yeah they do. >> huge fox5 fans. huge fox5 >> we appreciate it. w they watch us every morning andn every night.ery ght. there's no better channel to keep them updated on the news. n for your chance to be the next x fan of the day, leave a commentm and a photo on our facebook pa page. >> by the way if you want toif n send those videos use the #gooddaydc.#goodd or tweet them at kevin mccarthyh tv we want to see your pets andd we'll air them on our show.w >> set up a >> some kind of camera. >> tucker don't set up your 1985 beta camcorder on your dog. d it's not healthy for the dog.og >> no, right a little heavy. h >> you need a go pro.a p >> and a dog. >> i used to -- my dog i used te sneak around the back of the house and he was sleeping in myn bed every day.d everday head on my pillow. >> aww.>>ww. >> that's the sweetest thing hei wanted to smell you.nt to >> the little jack russell thatt tried you eat you. y >> an 80-pound lab.nd l. (laughter).(lau >> very >> good boy.>> >> i want to put a go pro on >> no, you don't. d >> steve hangs out with me.h me you don't want to see it. 82 dulles. 78bwi marshall.all. low 90 today's. heat index near a hundred
8:56 am
you can point while i talk.powhl we got few clouds out therehere early.eay >> what else?el >> very nice.>> you're in the way of it though.t >> more clouds.louds. >> clouds. and we might have pop up stormpo later today.ter here the seven day, erin.rin how is it looking.ooki >> beautiful. temperatures in the 90s and loww s.s. a lot of humidity, right?ig >> yeah, heat index near 10000 later today.ay maybe a pop-up storm.. >> i feel prettier in front of the weather traffic. i'm just saying. >> it's hard for you to berd f pretty in front of traffic. of c >> it's the sunshine.the sunshie love everything about it. >> go to traffic. traffic that was fun.that was fun >> thank you very much for le f letting be a part of.g a part i want to get a go pro on one oo my cats. cats. one little kitty carries a promp purse in her mouth around theund house and i want to see how shee gets it off the shelf every day. tucker looks confused.fud put a go pro on tucker instead.. germantown road east of o frederick road at scenery drivei a crash there. crash and closure deadly crashrh investigation cedar lane betweee everett street and clear brooklo lane.. keep it to connecticut to getutg around that. t inner loop crash local lanes at 210 that is causing a
8:57 am
delay because volume dissipatina through that area.rough area. volume delays still lingering ai bit passed gallows road on theon inner loop safetrack surge bleww yellow and blue affected for tht rest of the no rail service as you head out between braddock road andocroadd national airport. shuttle service is crowded. plan ahead. ahead. keep it to fox5 news morning. mn good day at 9a coming right up. ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ ♪ straight ahead, surge threee day one.
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are in effect and that meanst ma major delays for riders in in virginia and anyone trying to tn get to the t air we'll have a live report.. no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a su >> no charges for hillary fry clinton but that doesn't meanoet she gets off unscathed. unscathd this morning we'll look at what the democratic presidentialsint candidate needs to do toe eds td overcome her trust problems.. no winner the mega millions jackpot rolls over into recordor territory.. after no one matched all sixll s winning numbers for the 34th tht time in a row. row how much friday's drawing could be worth. ♪ first, though, the hottest t weather of the year is here.e how high the mercury could climc and how long the heat wave could last. good day at 9a starts now. >> ♪ we're digging deep into asia for that one, right? rig >> is that what that is.s >> yeah, it is. that was before my time, steve


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