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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ . here we go, it is an exclamation point. this is a surprise to a lot of people. donald trump meeting with mexico's president today. in mexico. >> he tweeted said he accepted the invitation, and from the rundown you can see this is the hottest story at 6:30. we know you guys have thoughts about this. we invite you to tweet us now, join the conversation, let us know what you think but use the #5at630 >> do you think it was a win? >> in general. meantime, immigration has been couldn't she beens issue. he says he's the reaso
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talking about it in the first place. earlier he compared trump to hitler and must lienee. >> al yon na joins us here. thanks so much for being here. although we were not in the room and did not get to hear exactly the conversation, we did see the press conference. what do you make of this >> i believe for many latinos, at least the roosevelt boulevard i'm reading on social media, basically, pretty much everyone is mad at two people. donald trump and end reca pena nieto for allowing donald trump to go to mexico. and legitimated as many see as an enemy of mexicans and latinos.
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look like a states man when really that's not the donald trump we see every day in the united states. >> the president doesn't have much to lose because his approval ratings are not so low. he's not very well liked. >> northeasterly is donald trump in the united states. of both of them have low approval numbers >> do you think this was a win for donald trump? do you think this was a loss for the president of mexico. >> i think in both cases, it's a loss. donald trump didn't even talk to he can reca pena nieto about mexico paying for wall. he traveled down there, he got scared of the mexico president. i don't know. he kind of whimped out. that's the view of many people. i'm talking about donald trump, as to end reca pena nieto, a lot of mexicans and latinos feel betrayed. >> donald trump
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fire later on on cinco de mayo where he tweeted out the i love hispanics. how does he go about courting the latino boat if she's is serious about trying to make a play for it, what is donald trump do. >> i don't think there's anything -- there's much that he can do. he keeps asking the question, what do you have to lose by voting for donald trump? and my answer to that is our dignity. this is someone who has insulting mexican americans and la teen knows over a year. he notes to restart and now he's talking about loving hispanics. he said today that mexican americans are great and wonderful people, absolutely contributing his message when you launched his campaign >> is he making the pivot >> and i appreciate that but for the past 12, 13 months, he's been attacking
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immigrants, demonizing people who are immigrants, the damage is done, when, you know, when someone looks at my kid differently, because they're latino, based on something that he said, i can't forgive that as a latino and he's going to say -- it's really sad, i think there are a lot of good ideas that republicans talk about. but, you know, not supporting donald trump doesn't mean the latinos will never support republican party, there's a lot of things inside the republican party as to ideas that i think latinos can get behind. of behind this guy. >> got you. thanks so much for coming in. we hope you come back and join us. what do voters make of donald trump's last minute visit to mexico >> tom fitzgerald outside of the high school in wheaton. what's the opinion? caught a lot of us by surpr
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>> reporter: you know what kind of is missing with this discussion about immigration? immigrants. >> good point. >> reporter: we don't often talk to immigrants about this issue, which, you know, let's face it, there's two sides to every story here, they're half the story. so this is what we did today. we called up an large advocacy group for latinos and immigrants in general and said can we talk to people who have been through this experience, immigrated to the united states and get a viewpoint from them about this donald trump trip to mexico today. . they have english as a second language class and nice enough to join us and they're going to start class in about 20 minutes, let's get to it we want to start with giovanni. you made me promise
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any crazy questions. so i'll ask you a simple question. does donald trump going to mexico today change the way latinos and latino americans feel about him? >> no. i don't think so. because for me it's a trick. because donald trump as offended our community, the spanish, the mexican people and now he's trying to fix that problem. he knows that he needs the votes, the spanish votes, because if he can be president, he needs the spanish vote. >> reporter: let's remember, not all immigrants are latino immigrants. >> my grandparents weren't, they were from ireland and italy. the immigration issue affects people all over the world. i want you to meet
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carol, when you hear this argument over immigration, there have been people saying that too many people are coming into the country and it is too easy for people to get into this country. was it easy for you to get into the country and shads there be changing? >> i think that it was easy for me. i'm very happy to be in this country. i know that when you an immigrant, you must take the rules of the country, yes, so i know that there's the rules and if we stand up by the rules, we're going to be good in this country. i think that trump, if he has something from, for us, immigrants, exchange something
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>> you're willing to listen, is what you're saying? >> yes. >> reporter: i want to wrap up with veronica. was last one but first to raise her hand. veronica, here's the question. about what trump has been saying and doing. do people have a right to come to america? do you think people have a right to come? >> yes, because when -- we have rights, and, when we come to this country, we feel like we are part of this country. >> reporter: you feel like you're part of it? >> yes. >> reporter: thank you for being part of this interview, veronica. >> what a great
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>> reporter: well, listen, it's a hot button issue and it's a hot button issue with people who speak english and people who don't speak english. of if you're going to get any kind of viewpoint, you have to talk to people who maybe don't speak english and have gone through this immigration experience because they have opinions too and they are vital if we're ever going to get a solution to this to talk to all sides. >> you talked to carol and she brought up a good point, there was a the process of going through to be here legally which carol brought up there. i think that's very important for people to notice is that this large group of people going through the process of becoming naturaliz naturalized citizens of the united states. >> reporter: one of the things i talked to they want to be part of whatever is the solution. they understand that, you know, i think everybody said this, they understand what a vital piece of the
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presidential election. they want to be included in that discussion. >> that's a large group of people that want to be included in that. thank you very much. we all will be listening as donald trump makes his speech and talks about immigration plan and people are wondering what he's going to say. some people say no, the plan is the same. >> if there's one person that's going to be the voice of the donald trump campaign we'll hear right from his mouth tonight and certainly talk about that later on. >> in the meantime hillary clinton spoke to a group of veterans at the american leakage end convention. by drawing a sharp contrast between herself and her republican rivals >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. i am delighted to,s, >> that was hillary clinton there as she was talking trying to draw tha
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during her speech, she criticized donald trump for trying to make up for a year of insults with his visit to mexico. >> we know he will address the american legion tomorrow. the fact she's speaking first and we'll see what donald trump says, it will be direct rebuttal. we shall see and it comes out to drumming up support in ohio. they have a senate race, a hot senate race. ohio once again >> ohio is critical. if you don't win ohio you probably won't win the presidency. >> hillary clinton is bracing for the release of more feels >> as of today, americans view of clinton is at a record low, a "washington post" action news poll shows
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impression of americans but 56% have been unfavorable view. >> we look at the poll numbers as to who are you going to vote for and you contrast that with who would you never vote for in the first place? >> it's hard >> it really is. that's why we talk about the third party candidates. a loot of the candidates will say polls are one thing. but the contrast is striking >> it is and looking at this scene, they say the highest unfavorability that hillary clinton has had during her entire career in public service tells you a lot and i think as you may, donald trump's unfavor is extremely high. people don't like either of these candidates. i caught up with governor terry mccaul live a long-timeri
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of hillary clinton to ask him what his take had is on this >> this is what we live in in politics today, it's a tough nasty business. a lot of things get thrown at you, how you respond hillary always said to me, terry, this isn't about me, it's about things i want to get done to help other people's she knows who she is, she's going to win and the be the first female president. it will be exciting >> it has been reported that a big reason for hillary clinton's high unfavorable is this feeling of untrustworthiness and there's no doubt that part of that comes from use of that private e-mail server. we got an update for you involving judicial watches, investigation into this, we talked about, i think it was last week or the week before, conservative watch dog and they have a new update, a judge actually granted them further discovery on these clinton e-mails, just yesterday, they released a list of 25 questions that hillary clinton must answer in writing
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29th. we got a list here of just some of the issues that these questions touch on. describe the creation of the clinton system. when did you decide to use this e-mail account? were you ever warned about hacking of your clinton e-mail account? the list goes on to ask about whether or not she was aware that this, these e-mails would be subject to foya, whether or not when she left she planned tore intended to delete or destroy these e-mails, we're talking very in-depth questioning and as i said, she is required under oath as ordered by this judge to answer these questions neighboring before the election, that will be fascinating to see what comes out in that >> ronica, we thank you very much. we talk about that answer, questions more e-mails will be released in october. a lot will come out >> and the favor ability rating is done. let's talk about the
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-- wait, sue, did we -- did we break a record. >> we broke a record. hottest august. let's put it this way, the most number of 90 degree days in any august. 2016. today's big weather headline is what may be happening around here for the weekend because as of 5:00, the national hurricane center did do a pretty significant track change with what is hermine, and on saturday and sunday, close enough to us that we've had to adjust our weekend forecast to add in rain and maybe wind. that would be saturday, sunday. let me go ahead and show you that seven-day forecast. you see what we're talking about and by the way, we're not expecting to hit 90's tomorrow. 86. a different feeling day as we begin september, we're going to have a little bit of morning drizzle, clouds, couple of thunderstorms, but only 86, friday looks great. weekend is not a total wash-out, saturday, part
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cooler, wetter, windier. labor day looking ok, that's your seven-day forecast. politics makes strange bed fellows >> we're going to talk about love, we want to know was donald trump's trip to mexico a win for him? use the #5at630. we'll be right back.
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. talking about love and politics and how couples made a love connection. taylor thomas joining you say here. politics makes strange bed fellows. let's start with president
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we know the movie south side with you is already out released last week. they met the summer of 1989 at a lawmaker that she was working at. she was, you know, set to be his mentor because they both went to harvard. after a couple months, they started dating. he went back to finish his education and they continued to dating and by 1992 they were married. >> a there's true political power couple. next up, we have the vice president and dr. biden >> this story, we heard it before starting back in 1972 a month after him winning his first senate race. tragedy strikes. he loses his wife. his college sweetheart and 13 month old baby. two boys were also there. i thought it was interesting. he took his oath of office in the hospital where his kids were. friend say she changed his
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she has been a wonderful partner. you can tell with both of these couples their dedication to one another and others who don't have what they have. it's really what keeps them together. it's a perfect day to highlight them. >> there we go. these two. >> clinton. yes. these two. >> for your better for worse. for thick or thin. when i was at the dnc learning about her past and how it wasn't as colorful, the first time we learned a lot about her and her family, i believe her mother at four and five was giving money to go down to get food. can you imagine five years old? she start off young, she knew what she wanted to do. bill knew what he wanted to do. >> and they have a long history of political power. next couple not necessarily politics in the way you think but they're involved politically >> georgia clooney 53. she was 36, we thought he was going to be a bachelor forever but he met his match when he met her.
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of focusing on human rights, and they met first in italy by mooch friends, and then a couple months later net in london and something happened there, there's no telling what happened but within five months, he was publicly telling people they were dating and they were married >> everybody thought he would be a bachelor forever. she stole his heart. taylor thanks so much coming in and talking about washington's political power couples. is it an action figure or a doll? no matter what you call it, donald trump is now one of his own, show you when we come back.
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. donald trump getting an action figure. accepting preorders for what its dubbing an overreaction figure of the presidential nominee. they take
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the feature features removable hair. twitter size hands approved by little marco rubio. and gesture that sends a message. >> the action figure the company says, the figure was created for lovers and haters. of i think it's pretty clear where they lean and who they're marketing it for. >> keep it here for continuation of 5 at 6:30.
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. you heard him particular saying it was an
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to look presidential. you see two podiums. we ask you guys, what did you think, we appreciate you guys tweeting us to let us know what you think. one twitter follower tweets only possible outcome is his uttering of other charitable gas. one re >> punch person said simple yes, it was to indeed a win right there. >> i think as we look at this, i think that to a degree this was a win, as we mentioned he came off looking in front of the stage like he was used to meeting with international leaders. and that is what he looked like. what will be interesting is to see how he will react tonight when he of course delivers his speech on compression >> he's doing this on arizona. the home of joe, arpiro, who is big on immigration. we're going to see where he sticks on that issue. >> we'll have much
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news at 10:00 and 11:00. you can keep it coming. using the
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: the woman accusing chris brown of pointing a gun at her, has had her share of problems. grand larceny possibly for stealing a super expensive purse. >> this incident could be significant because, you know, during the chris brown thing, she claims there was some sparkly jewelry that she was admiring. harvey: she's got this gaping hole in her story, and -- [laughter] >> we've got kye west. i go, was there anything wanted to talk about that you didn't address? >> just that we love each otr. have a good time. >> he's so normal. he doesn't have an entourage. >> he was by himself at the airport. he only had one guy with him


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