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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today is a fabulous tuesday, december 6, crews in place. erin como talking traffic and gary mcgrady talking weather in a moment. first, let's talk about the news. new details this morning about the man caused of firing a rifle inside a d.c. pizza shop. >> he claims he drove from d.c. to norm carolina to investigate a theory that a local pizza shop was part of a important ring. melan porn ring. mel. >> the community rallied around xhet ping-pong. they paipderd front of restaurant with sichz love and support. in court, yesterday, edgar welsh was held without bond, welsh told detectives he went to the pizza shop to see if child sex slaves were harbored there and he was armed and prepared to rescue them. he surrendered when he found no evidence people were healed
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saying the clinton campaign was involved in all this dprks c. police and fbi said it was false and it has persisted online. d.c. police are adding patrols to the area. neighboring shops and customers say this has unnerved them. >> i think the only way we can push back against the darkness we're seeing right now where people are in the midst of so much hatred and suspicion and fear is to stand up. there's more people that care about our believe we can live together in respect and unity than not. we have to start being as physical and loud and not loud in langer but loud in love. >> now, welsh faces seven charges some of them serious felonies including a salt with a dpaink russ weapon and unlawful discham of firearm. his next hearing is scheduled for thursday. live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". melanie alnwick in
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center after a sinkhole opened between e and h street. the street has been closed since yesterday evening. traffic is rerouted. d dot covered the hole with a massive plate. unclear what caused it. >> d.c. mayor becauseer is set tote meet with president-elect donald trump at 11 a.m. in new york city. the two are expected to discuss a number of issues including infrastructure and d.k. statehood it's the first for mayor and president-elect since the 2014 trump's d.c. hotel. we're getting over the 2016 president dep shall election. some of us are. and already we're hearing talk about 020. vice-president biden telling reporters yesterday he want to run in four years when reporters asked him whether he was serious the vice-president didn't exactly back down and said "fate has a strange way of intervening" and the vice-president turned 74 and would be 78 if they ran and won in 2020. happening today in the district the council will vote
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businesses to fund 11 weeks of paid leave for birth or adoption of child and provide up to eight weeks of leave or to care for a sick relative. a new payroll tax on businesses would fund that program if it pass it's would make d.c. one of the most progressive cities in the nation when it comes to family medical leave. >> tomorrow marks 75 anniversary of attack on pearl harbor. two ceremonies will be held at the world war ii memorial to honor the men and women killed nat tack. 5:00 this evening a candlelight vigil will be held at the names of 204 women that will be read out loud. pearl harbor survivors will be individually introduced and honored. >> d.c. is getting into the christmas spirit. paul ryan will lead the capitol tree lighting ceremony. this year an 80 foot spruce from idaho will be lit.
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ornament from ida hoe will decorate the gaint tree. >> good time. >> yes. >> gary mcgrady maybe we'll have good weather for the tree lighting i'm hoping. >> that's tonight? >> yes. >> it looks like there will be a chance of rain. let me get back to where i want to be. just that snuck up on me a little bit. sorry about that. we have rain. for the lighting of capitol christmas tree later this evening there's a good chance there will be chilly showers out there. it may pass and get off to the east of us by then. but bit delayed getting here. so since it's a little delayed getting here chances are it will be delayed getting out. so you can see what's moving in. mainly this is rain. i have to believe once this gets here what happens once this gets here it will actually start raining and really dry atmosphere and that cools temperatures done a little more. i do suspect that pretty much areawide once had comes across we stand a chance of an early mix out there. it's not a big deal. temperatures are well above freezing for most locations and
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freezing in some spots north and west it will be brief. okay? so not anticipating any problems. but the winter weather advisories are in place back out to the west and this is way out west mostly into western virginia and eastern sections of west virginia and mainly at the higher elevations too where they could pick up maybe a inch or so of snow and freezing rain possible on top of that i initially concerns are way to the west of us. temperatures later today. notice we're talking about a chilly rain here. i think we get up to 45. we're 44 now. so 45. but as we get into the afternoon really temperatures will come down a little bit. probably just looking like upper 30s to low 40s around here during the late day with all this rain coming on across. so it's going to be kind of chill hi and raw and not that great. and tomorrow we'll dry out a little and be a little better and towards end of week a cold shot of air is coming north and west. so definitely going to feel like winter around here for the next several days. again, early mix possible. but it should not be a big deal
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traffic. hey, erin. >> gary, right now, 4:35. tuesday morning and if you make your way out on the topside of the beltway, a little problem on the utter loop. . it's now wloking shoulder but this was earlier crash between connecticut avenue and 270 spur and it was involving an over turned vehicle. as soon as we get that out of the way watch for a little tap of brakes coming off the spur. other an that outer loop looking good and inner loop quiet no. problems had bw parkway. if you have an early morning through urbana as you get to gaithersburg and rockville. i'll let you know if those usual con guested areas start to pop up 95 northbound dale city. same story 395. we're not seeing any problems from etsell road to the 14 street bridge in fact the entire stretch of 395 is looking great and all area brims including 14, roosevelt memorial. douglass, no problems on 11 street i'll let you know in
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head into or out of d.c. now everything moving along fine and keep in mind metro on time 5:00 gearing up for service except for safe track surge 11. back to you wisdom and maureen. >> fox news morning the largest retailer in the world introduces inclusive form of insurance. >> and money waited at the pentagon. >> and a live look across the dmv 44 is the temperature, 4:37 is the t
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>> 4:39 time to check out what is hot on the web this morning. first 125 billion wasted. that's what a new internal study of the pentagon said it wasted in business operations. that study originally done almost two years ago was hidden by the pentagon fearing congress would use it as way to
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pentagon leaders requested study and nround was more wasteful spending than expectd transgender walmart employees can get insurance company. they are adding coverage for transgender this year joining more than 500 companys in protect employee rights and improving gender equality. >> ikea giving new parents more time off. starting january 1 employees will be eligible to take three months of paid parent at leave if they worked a full year with the company. if they at ikea under their belt it officers new parents four months of paid leave. home is our arena and the company thinks people working for them should get a chance to experience their home especially when welcomeing a new family member. >> good for them. and finally the heisman trophy finalists have ban announced. five finalists louie quarterback. clemson quarterback and oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield and oklahoma wide receiver de andre westbrook and
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jamal jackson is considered heavy naivrt this if i had money to bet which i don't lamar jackson would be the guy. >> oklahoma had a few people on there. >> ah. >> not relevant. >> they're not that good. >> you know what they're doing to you. >> giving you the heisman. >> nice. >> police searching for suspect after another flash mob robbery. >> group of voters in florida june on the vote recall band wagon. >> as we head to break this tuesday morning a live look across the d.c. region it's across the d.c. region it's 4:41 and 44 degrees more fax news morning after the break. and musical interest lude.
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>> all right we'll talk about weather and traffic in a moment. first let's tell you about that. today on "fox" morning news learning about an attack. the conspiracy have impacted. >> this morning you have to deal with rain. you have rain coat and umbrella as well. >> okay good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> and tuesday, december 6 erin como talking about traffic and professor here to talk about warm, we talked about cold and rain, gary. >> they'll be spots north and west of city kind of down
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little freeze of rain. should not be a big deal on the roads. roads are fairly warm. so you know. there could be a sleet mixing in and further north and west maybe a little bit of snow. want to start with stormtracker radar. here's why it's not really showing anything at all right now okay? so just so you know we start off the commute this morning dry and then what we're seeing is quickly coming in south of us now are showers and higher elevations right now some of this is snow rain or sleet as well and as this comes across so you know once it happensp and raining and dry cold column of air temperatures go down. even though it's starting with rain we can goat a changeover in some places just a mix. just a mix. this is not a problem. i don't and worries with the morning commute or anything like that. just so you know. winter weather advisories are out too way to the west of us. temperatures bates later today we manage 45 for foy a high.
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and low 40s all this becomes a chilly rain. it's going to be kind of that kind of day to be honest with you and then by later on this evening the rain will get out of here and we'll dry things up. and you see where temperatures for us we may get -- we'll drop to low 40s we may get close to mid 40s lunchtime or so. again as this rain continues it's going to be chilly and raw. remember, could start off as a little mix. and even if problems from anything frozen on the roadways other and the fact it will be a problem with the basically precipitation creating issues. >> it doesn't do anything good just causes problems. here's an idea if you want to exhibit roads and deep metro they're gearing up at five. we're tracking safe surge 11 with continue uus single tracking between west and east
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there. aside from orange and silver ongoing delays we don't have reported metro slow downs, i'll let you know if that changes. as we forward a look at the maps on the roads. clear 95 to virginia and problem free route 1. yesterday we had a problem 95 southbound not the case now. 95 southbound stafford to quantico wide on as we like to see. 66 inside the beltway cruising 29 and very clear right now. calm conditions taking a look further t whether you wake up in gainsville, mannasas or centerville we are seeing smoonl conditions without any slow downs and little river turnpike 50 looking good and northern maryland take a look at this let me get out of the way. all green, all g i have you covered if and when that changes, wisdom and maureen. >> thanks, erin, new details about the man accused of firing assault rifle inside a north east d.c. pizza shop. >> we're learning about edgar
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for a d.c. conspiracy. mel has more on this story, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, know the community here rallied around comet ping-pong. they painerd the front of the restaurant there with signs of support. the restaurant is planning on opening 5:00 tonight and i know that many people on facebook are talking about getting their groups and friends to come to the restaurant and support them. in court, yesterday, edgar welsh was held welsh told detectives he went to the pizza shop to see if any child sex slaves were harbored there and he was armed and prepared to rescue them. he surrendered peacefully to police when he found no evidence was held there. this is a crazy conspiracy theory claiming the clinton campaign was involved in all this fbi and d.c. police said it is false but it has persisted online. we have seen more d.c. police adding patrols around the neighborhood. even sew neighboring shops and
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they too have received strange phone calls and online harassment as well. and now, our welsh faces seven charges some serious felony charges including assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful discharge of weapon it said he had large capacity ammunition magazine with him as well. so, lots of serious charges here. one thing we did find out is that it turns out there were four people inside the restaurant and one ran out back and three ran out the front and no other patrons involved in this here. we do know that welsh is going to be in court again thursday to see whether he will be released on bond or not. live in northwest i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:49 is the time another 7-eleven store in d.c. hit in a flash robbery nearly 30 teen stormed through the store in the barracksville area. police are looking for the teens involved and same store
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earlier this year. >> rolling stone magazine is asking for a judge to throw out a verdict that she defamed a former dean about a campus rain that turned out to be false. last month they awarded former dean $3 million in damages and a jury found rolling stone and journalist guilty and liable. >> you can get a cellphone signal on metro. cellphone providers launched xher that service on 1.1 mile stretch between potomac avenue and station ar signed it for the carriers to wire the tunnels it was delayed because the safety concerns and logistical problems. >> what do the metropolitan police department and michael jordan have in common? we'll show you coming up. >> eat whatever you want. a new study suggests we're all losing battle of the bulge anyway. krimpets for all. >> going to break right now. live look outside across the
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4:50 is the time. 4:50 is the time. temperature 44. back if a moment.
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>> three voteers in florida are suing for recount in the presidential election. they say hillary clinton not donald those who live in two counties say election results were off because of hacking malfunctioning voting machines and problems. they're asking for a hand recount of every paper ballot in florida. >> 43% of maryland kindergarten students are ready tore school. those are results of a state test in most maryland school disdistricts. the test measures academic
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development and physical well-being. kindergartners scored highest in the state garrett county at 6% readiness. >> cbc says health campaigns are doing nothing to control children's waist lines. u.s. is losing battle against childhood obesity. campaigns to control obesity flopped. there was success in combating smoke bill and teen pregnancy. >> listen to this, someone down at npd head quart rz has a sense of humor 11 official twitter account of d.c. department isn't a tweet read this "tired of current job click the link to see if career at npd is right for you" it was a picture of a crying michael jordan. that's all over the internet. that's it right there. that's what made the post so great. all jokes aside, if you look for a great career npd is hiring. it has nothing to do with the michael jordan picture there.
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mean guy. >> he did that crying at induction. >> he was boohooing like someone stole millions. >> but like that these are not tears that's rivers rolling down his cheeks. >> it's edited. >> of course it is. >> to make him look mad. >> did you see the crying meem of the crying jordan when he gave mike a.m. the last honor it was hilarious how do you mean your mean and do it flawlessly. >> th a mean of a mean. >> all hail the king i love jordan. >> professor what's going on? we're tack about -- look i don't want to freak anybody out it's not a huge deal but it's first like we had coming across in the morning. it looks like early this morning -- well until 9:00 or so we can have early mix. that means maybe a sleet pellet mixed n. maybe. i doubt it but maybe a snow flake further north and west.
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they're close to freezing. so technically if those temperatures can get to freezing when there's rain comeing across there we may have a little freezing rain issue. it won't be a problem and roads are warm, okay? here's the deal on future cast so you know, 7 a.m. so within the next couple hours or so we'll start to have this precip come out across. most of it is just a chilly rain and look by this evening just we're continuing these waves of rain. this will be moderate rain coming out across. we'll dry out overnight tonight and remember cd late. we'll talk about that. here's erin como. >> thank you, gary. right now 4:56 we're looking at bottom side of beltway upper loop and national harbor and you can see traffic is quiet now. i'm sure that won't be the case on thursday night when the casino opens. so enjoy those conditions while they last. we'll keep you posted. traffic also moving along long fine on 95 southbound. not seeing problems past eastern avenue, stretch from 50 to pennsylvania i like what i'm seeing bottom of beltway to
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sailing. i'll let you know if that changes. so far so good between maryland line and into district. we'll forward cameras again. speaking of maryland 2p 0 southbound this is area as you pass shady grove road and you're clear entire stretch of southbound side. i have you covered if the volume starts to build and you need to airport any delays. mature each, wisdom. >> thanks, coming up on "fox news morning" joe biden joking about a possible vice presidential run in 2020. is he being s plan on family medical leave law. >> before break let's look at stock futures. you have a sneak peek earlier here you go. it's 4:57? why can't we be friends? >> yeah the reasons you we cannot be friend i can't think of one you're so awesome. >> to be a friend you have to be a friend first. be friendly to people and they'll be friendly to you. >> what was in your coffee this morning. share some.
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>> today on fox news morning we're learning more about the attack on d.c. pizzeria and viral conspiracy theory which may have nruned the suspect.


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