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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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house to go up in flames and reminder for all of is this winter. >> "fox5" taking action as getting as after a man tried to break into a home in the districts and police did not take action until we got involved. update on the story you only saw on "fox5". >> and here he, here he. it is officially wint are a live look outside on this wednesday morning it's december 21. the winter solstice arrived 15 minutes ago and that also means it's shortest day of the year. >> we'll not see the sunrise until 7:17 and sunset is after 4:30 this afternoon. >> only three months until spring. >> keep telling me that good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> defing overnight, a rockville family is homeless days before christmas there's still photo from the flames what is believed to be a simple mistake led to this devastating house fire. >> "fox5" annie yu good morning.
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>> it's a simple mistake but a common one firefighters reminded people about the safety when it comes to discarding fireplace ashes that's what caused blaze yesterday misplaced fireplace ashes and that caused the plays here at this home it's a single family home neighbors tell us it was middle aged couple that lived here and they were able to foonl a place overnight. days before christmas they're without a home it's been completely destroyed. two story single family home here are pasture brook way in rockville. much of the garage is gone. that is where fire officials believe the blaze started. there's a car inside the garage destroyed as well. part of the roof is gone. the went owes blown out and just completely destroyed. but i want to show you some of the video if the fire over 75 firefighter were called to the
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they found the heavy fire coming from the home and garage area with flames shooting out from the roof. it took them quite a bit of time to get this fire under control. but this morning we can also see some water dripping out from the home as well. but, i have to tell you the good news is no one was injured and whoever was inside the home at the time were able to get out quickly and so no injuries but fire investigators tell us we're looking at 600,000 worth of dams and also just again a reminder that it is important to discard fireplace ashes correctly you want to place them in metal binns with i alid. that's the latest from rockville are, maryland, annie yu. >> a mother and two children are recovering in fairfax county after hit by a car. the 52-year-old was crossing street with 11-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son near busy song blawz ain herndon when truck by a 0-year-old woman driving an suv it does not appear sp
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case. >> now to "fox5" follow up viewer contacted us nearly two weeks ago after a man tried to break into her home in the district. the home owner was sfruingt rated because police were not vigorously investigating the case. after asking where this happened and could it be happening more often than not "fox5" got a response. in a statement d.c. police public information office said following call for service a report was not taken. once this was brought to our attention an officer responded and a report was suck quntsly taken for the offense and this remains under investigation. furthermore initial responding officer's actions are currently under review. it's been twelve days since attempt the break in and so far no arrests in the case. >> this is story you saw first inside a prince george county high school. >> we're following up to find out what the school is doing to keep students safe. melanie alnwick is live outside the high school with latest now good morning.
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allison. >> the goal is making changes and during lunchtime and not adding any new school security officers and also bring pal telling students, parents and teachers that internal changes will be made as well. in a let tort community they principal says it includes a principal student advisory team which will be made of diverse group of students created to ensure student voices are heard and the letter says pri's brawl began as food fight which again got a little out of control. because the fight appears to being between groups of african-american and hispanic students it raised racial tepings. a worried father isn't the video to "fox5" saying he want today brooingd cast so something c
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this story on social media. many students reaching out to us reacting to the story on twitter and email saying that they support central high school and its diversity and they do not feel that there is a racial problemp at the school. one student saying "our school does marvelous and wonderful things and always goes unrecognized. now, prince george county police tell us they were called to the scene friday as backup but they made no arrests. and the school system prince george county public schools tells us students involved were disciplined according to school system policy and students who were in a mandatory assembly after the fight told us that they were told the kids involved were expelled. live at central high school i'm hel melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 6:05 now. >> happy winter. >> happy winter. >> this is the big weather party. >> steve arrived it's here. >>
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brought balloons. >> so weird and i love it. >> happy winter. >> come on steve a little enthusiasm for the subject. >> we need to be showing frozen and you need olaf karen made us christmas cookies. >> it's great. >> happy winter. >> let's get to it happy winter and seems like that piece okay. >> you have a nice warm-up to look forward to. and 5:44 this morning we're cold warping up to 50 this afternoon and pleasant, 29 reagan nag at and dulles 20. quick look at sat rite radar. >> the week of cold retreats to the north and we look at temperatures above
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most of the next week or so starting with today. 50 this afternoon. sun and clouds. plus update later today. >> thank you i love how happy you are. >> yes. >> because it's happy winter. >> happy winter. >> all right. >> loving it. >> i like it. >> and come one a wepter song for us. >> tuck paperwork on it. >> you can work on it. >> sing during your walk. >> pressure maybe not. >> okay. >> right now 66 eastbound crashing to shouer 123 in vienna look at the delay past monument drive 15 minute slow down watch for that and again no lanes blocked right now. let's switch for a live look outside big problems across the 14 street bridge 9 5eu7b bound and car spun out facing wrong direction two planes blocked now. 395 northbound right lane getting by and top of police activity huge delays in meant gone and here's the a look at delay. let me get out of the way. traffic is parked by
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pentagon leading to that lex. give yourself 20 extra minute to get from beltway to bridge. moving over now outer loop topside of beltway crash cleared right shoulder connecticut avenue and delays extending back to georgia so georgia to connecticut you're in for about a 25 minute slow down and big problems there as well. we'll keep up updated metro on time now except for safe track surge 11 last day orange and sl ver will track westing to east falls church back to you steve and allison. >> coming up next why james taylor is canceling a stop at deadly overseas tour. >> and explosion in mexico killed dozens of bell app the scene was visible for miles. looks like something out ever a war zone. reaction from witnesses coming up next.
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>> developing news it in berlin germany german media reports now police are looking for tonesian man after finding identity document inside the truck. the original suspect did christmas markets across berlin will. >> buckingham palace cautious closing roads for iping cha vring of guard military
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>> with recent wave of violence aron the world president owe lekt donald trump plans to meet with national security advisor today. donald trump will be briefed by michael flynn. yesterday flynn and team met with vice-president elect mike pence in washington. >> well devastating scene in mexico and no word on what might have caused this deadly explosion. but it was at a fireworks facility or factory and the scene is too dangerous this morning for investigate towards. they're still telling people to stay away. blast killed 29 people and left dozen ebb more badly burned and market was packed at the time since many people in mexico buy fireworks to celebrate the new year witnesses described chaotic scene as they tried to flee from the market and people falling as they tried to runaway and pieces of concrete falling over over the streets. mexico president offered condolences for families of the dead. >> and and premiere
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niz for a police officer that died a year after wouldn't ud in confrontation with suspect. family of officer dennis desimmonds believed he should be recognized. the bombing vick tells and officer shawn callier are moneyed by name patriot's day but he is not. >> canceling a concert in the philippines. and summary executions of suspected drug abusers without judicial proceedings. taylor sent a tweet saying he was looking for what to performing in manila. he said the tickets will be refinanceded. >> and heading back to work for a special session to discuss the controversial bathroom bill. there appears to be enough lawmakers willing to repeal the law which requires transgender people to use restrooms that correspond with the sexp their birth certificate. >> and 7-eleven is setting bar high when
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deliveryes. >> take a live look outside as we head to break this wednesday morning weather and traffic coming up on the fives next we'll check in with tucker 7 at reagan national airport
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>> delays back to pentagon headed from d.c. to sir vir and someone is actually walking a cross the road and that's police officer the flashing light there
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never a good idea be kir fall. 14 street bridge to the pentagon. >> cold again this morning, steve, and brand new season. yes as mentioned. all right. winter solstice arrived a half hour ago. it's here. winter is here. as of 544 a.m. and winter weather loves we have next 0 days to enjoy for your spring lovers only 90 days until spring defend on perspective here's bus stop forecast cold out there and going to zoo and yeah lots of layers here. temperatures below freezing fog everybody early this morning an milder after school. cool, daytime highs near 50 you this feel better than yesterday. >> 2-9d washington and leonardtown 27 and 20 out of dulles. 18 this morning culpeper
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temperatures 36 the jet stream has a big number like that dipped to carolinas and retreating north the next couple days and milder temperatures and overnight lows not as cold and more typical of what we may see this time of year and daytime highs 50 today and right around 50 for next several days. 50 today, few clouds tomorrow we'll have a cold front come through tomorrow cooler air friday. big holiday weekend. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s and showers saturday afternoon and if you travel friday, saturday, and/or sunday it should be at least locally fairly quiet. >> i'll show you trouble spots on map. locally looking great for holiday weekend. look at temperatures next week. monday, tuesday, hints of spring temperatures near 60 by next
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i didn't have anything else to say. how is traffic. >> dramatic pause with a purpose i like that one. look behind me tucker it's terrible. crash by shoulder outer loop and cleared all lanes on delays past georgia in for about a 30 minute slow down 95 through connecticut they have a birds eye view of delays and you can see how slow traffic is. let switch to cram now 95, 14th street bridge. crash with a car spun out and as steve noted earlier responders walking on that stretch of the 14 street bridge and one lane getting by and because one lane getting by across the bridge you are jammed packed all the
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right now from beltway to
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of 544 a.m. and winter weather loves we have next 0 days to enjoy for your spring lovers only 90 days until spring defend on perspective here's bus stop forecast cold out there and going to zoo and yeah lots of layers here. temperatures below freezing fog everybody early this morning an milder after school. cool, daytime highs near 50 you this feel better than yesterday. >> 2-9d washington and leonardtown 27 and 20 out of dulles. 18 this morning culpeper temperatures 36 the jet stream has a big number like that dipped to carolinas and retreating north the next couple days and milder temperatures and overnight lows not as cold and more typical of what we may see this time of year and daytime highs 50 today and right around 50 for next several days. 50 today, few clouds tomorrow we'll have a cold front come through tomorrow cooler air friday. big holiday weekend. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s and showers saturday afternoon and if you travel friday, saturday, and/or sunday it should be at least locally fairly quiet. >> i'll show you trouble spots on map. locally looking great for holiday weekend. look at temperatures next week. monday, tuesday, hints of spring temperatures near 60 by next tuesday. i didn't have anything else to say. how is traffic. >> dramatic pause with a purpose i like that one. look behind me tucker it's terrible. crash by shoulder outer loop and cleared all lanes on delays past georgia in for about a 30 minute slow down 95 through connecticut they have a birds eye view of delays and you can see how slow traffic is. let switch to cram now 95, 14th
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s snv setting bar high when it comes do drone deliveryes and hillary vaughn joins us this morning. record close on wall street. >> another record close and it's all about the lucky number 26 as the dow inches closer to
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we could see it at the on today. but, yeah, 26 record close yesterday for the dow. and this is the we're only 26 points shy of 20,000. so, the record we hit the 19,000 record on november 2 and it's been just about a month and all this is because wall street is betting on trump policies. there's a lot of optimism surround what he promed on campaign trail to ease up regulations on businesses and you've seen cold man sacks contribute to one fifth of the growth from 19,000 to almost 0,000. so financial stocks are betting on this. industrial stocks as well have surged because of trump's calls to rebuild our country's infrastructure. that's what we're seeing contribute to this big trump rally up to today over the past six weeks. >> after a couple months not wanting to look at 401 k i don't think anybody can complain over the last month what's happening. no matter what your views politically or otherwise you have an opportunity to air them
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can listen. billions could listen on facebook. >> and that's right, talk radio coming to facebook. it's a live audio broadcast capability they're adding to platform. now like everything with facebook that's new they're selectiveing a few special people that get to try it out ba they make it available for everyone. they're starting with bbc and few other contributors and but they'll roll this out at some point to everyone and they say it's great for people who want a live broadcast and they don't want to have video element this allows them to do that and they say it's great for areas with poor reception or connectivity because it's a lot easier to get audio broadcast as opposed to live video out. >> you see the traditional podcasts are out there if it takes a bite out of that or not. >> let's get to drones. 7-eleven if you want slurpee and have to have it in ten minutes you can get it done one place at least. >> they tried this in reno,
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months they let twelve people pick up it they use an app browse what you want and track from the store to your door and you're right it takes ten minutes which means you could get that slurpee in time and it won't melt depending on conditions in reno nevada i suppose but they'll be expanding this to more cities and people but they did 77 deliveryes in november and they're working on expanding this to larger group. as long ass sky is not full of drones everywhere it's working out and people that got the slurpees like the process. it's the future. >> it it is the future we'll see eye lot more companies doing this. >> see you tomorrow, thanks much. >> i have so many questions. >> it seems if there's one company that does it it -- if it was only 7-eleven shurp slurpees that would be type if it's every business in the world competing
6:26 am
will we see clouds anymore or buzzing drones. >> do you have the answers. >> i knew this would happenen i used to watch "the jetsons" when i was yunder. i saw the future before you guys. >> seriously if amazon and eleven and whoever else is in the sky at the same time delivering something you. >> want to be sure we can see the stars and clouds. >> he doesn't see that -- >> i agree. . >> we thought we were team tucker. >> i'm enjoying my winter party ever here. >> 29 washington. cold start to day. temperatures everywhere with exception of poun tanz below freezing this morning and we will be about 50 this afternoon and for all shopping needs nice weather steve you can he soo the sky today partly sunny. >> nice. >> nice view of the sun later this afternoon and warms things up by 10 warmer than yesterday and nice afternoon. nice couple days and we'll keep it above freezing each average the next week or so. look at next
6:27 am
tuesday, near 60. >> all right. >> thank you, tuck. >> i h. erin. >> hi, good rning coming up on 6:27 bradley boulevard closed rockville right now in both directions and utility work between ken dale road and ken dale drive causing delays in the area and be mind pulling of that if you wake up in rockville. switch to a live look outside. checking problems this one on outer loop by connecticut avenue right shoulder only blocked but you can see all brake lights that caused slow down from well before georgia avenue kind of hooking into typical delay 95 to georgia allow for 25 extra minute and take a look at 395 northbound crash over 14 street bridge next. keep it to "fox5".
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>> merry christmas happy holidays welcome back to fox news morning. weather and traffic coming up with erin and tucker on fives at 6:35. first at 6:30 ashes from a fireplace not properly disposed of being blamed for a house fire in rockville last night and flames broke out 9:40 pastor brook way and everyone managed to get ow out safely damage estimated 600,000 dollars. >> and janitor gaithersburg elementary
6:31 am
molest a girl in a right room. ron green is on paid administrative leave season the investigation began last month. >> and happening today a virginia politician will hold a drawing to give away semi-automatic weapon to one of his supporters and cory stewart former virginia chairman of donald trump presidential campaign is running for virginia governor. stewart said he's whiff giving away a rifle in a contest to promote his run for govern nor and as statement on second amendment. >> a blood drive held in honor of noah liotta who was killed last year. the drive will be held in montgomery country public safety headquarters that's in gaithersburg and it's today from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and happening today in district mayor is set to break grounds marvin gay remember recreation center 64 street northeast and when done will be 2 story 7200
6:32 am
facility. staying in district council members gave final approval to new paid family leave policy in 9 to 4 vote and the bill gives mom's and dads eight weeks of paid leave and six weeks to care for sick child or parents and two weeks personal sick time paid for with new pal roll tax on all z.c. businesses and mayor bowser said she will not sign legislation and since bill passed with veelt owe proof margin it does not need her signatures. >> d.c. council vote todd confirm antoine wilson with new head of d.c. public schools. wilson was super intend ebt in california and will replace former chancellor kai henderson who led schools for five and a half years. >> steve over to you. >> something to celebrate the morning line when it comes to washington redskins they'll be well represented this season's pro bowl in atlanta. four redskins made the cut and that's the goal since 2012. congratulations to trent williams
6:33 am
bowl even though missed four games for violation of league drug policy still made pro bowl and draft pick in 2015 draft also the first for jord app reed and well deserved. remember his season hit a snag when banged up shoulder on thanksgiving and as for defense congratulations to ryan kerrigan second pro bowl 11 sacks and could get better because skins have players selected as alternate. quarterback kirk cousins and josh norman and returner and receiver jamison crowder and could be added to the roster if anyone gets hurt and players opt out for various reasons and super bowl which will be played one week later. >> college hoops maryland off to a tough start wrapping up conference in charlotte. the game was in baltimore. i was wore questioned. i should not have been. they exploded with ten three pointers. >>
6:34 am
back. >> i call it well-deserved win. >> that was my punch line. >> maryland wins and enters big ten play with-record. >> and she's back. warriors game last month this went viral and she's getting down in golden state christmas sweater. what happened last night? >> what happened? >> they brought her back and put her on the court. her name is robin. shoes a long-time warriors fan. >> she's everything in my leafy love her so much. >> well during a break of the action last night the dance team invited her to join. >> there's the core graphed part. >> wait a minute, steve. >> it was core graphed just now. >> she does. apparently she's zone this dance at all warriors games it's recently the rest of the world outside. >> i understand when the cheerleaders were doing arms they were doing it together. >> so this say whole routine. >> she is the star of the show. >> she's just so lovely i love her. >> she gets center court. >> watch here wait
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boom, boom, boom, boom, you see what i'm saying. >> they got it done, perfect. >> perhaps i'm the only one out there. >> we got al. >> i need more estrogen out hereer. >> what more than you need us saying we got it al, it's awesome. >> it makes you happy. >> live your life. >> dance like everybody in the arena is watching. >> and who cares. >> she's talented. >> and she is getting it. >> yeah. >> she's having fun. >> love her. >> wouldn't be the same if steve was out there. >> it would not be core graphed that's for sure. >> yeah, cold temperatures start today and we're featuring daytime highs. guess what, we have milder air moving in for the next couple days, 50 or better here today and tomorrow and as we get into the weekend. 29 washington. yeah, it's still cold out early this morning you see the 17 there in detroit and 21 chicago and cold north and west. jet streams moving to retreat to the north over the next couple ds
6:36 am
milder air for us and we'll be partly sunny today and dry if you're traveling at least locally and we're in good shape this afternoon. and we don't have any big storms on the horizon here. i'm thinking about the weekend. we have a few showers for day. i'll show you the 7 day in a few minutes. let's enjoy today first, near 50 for all things shopping and being out and about. >> let's just enjoy today. >> right. >> let's do it. >> okay. >> deep thought for the day. >> you're welcome. >> check in with erin good morning. >> good morning right now 6:36 taking a look from sky fox topside of beltway college park earlier outer loop crash after connecticut did clear to shoulder and delays remain heavy from 95 over to connecticut you can see the flashing lights in distance there. that's where shoulder is blocked. right now it's about 35 minute delay growing from just before 95 to connecticut and factor in extra time and maybe wanted to take east west highway upper loop looking better as we take a look at other camera right now, 395 northbound still a
6:37 am
street bridge and two lanes blocked right now and two lanes getting by very slowly. and across the bridge jam frakd well before the pentagon. as you come up from the beltway i would say leave the house a half hour early. we're seeing delays continuing to grow and it's been long since the crash scene has been there. let's look at maps. those are not the only big delays we're up against this morning. a lot of slow downs. typical delays in chefly and 295 and as you make your way out in rockville bradley boulevard closed in both directions utility roadwork. you need to avoid that area. 270 southbound building volume 70 to 27 as you make your way to upper marboro there's a crash by do youer house. more task coming up next. . >> and an nba star auctioning off his shoes for charity
6:38 am
>> how does that sound? >> like it curdlees. >> first holiday message from local service member overseas♪ >> this is kim walen from netherlands wishing everybody at hospital a hoop pi holiday. merry christmas and happy new year. shout out to my family the augusts doddsons and waylands.
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>> time now for what is hot burping up the web this wednesday morning. steph curry auctioning off his shoes to help the oakland fire relief fund. curry is auctioning off two pairs of under armour curry three shoes he wore during the warriors game against new york knicks last week and next up he's reping dmv are lyrics and
6:42 am
an tre the kid has been named best freestyle rapper in the united states. he won this competition saturday in atlanta and prizes include contract with hip hop labor label and independent label district bid atlantic records. and finally move over hot toddy which is what we call wisdom hot khak late red wine has become the gultty pleasure. you make hot chocolate and pour in red w wixt next and pour it together and mix in cup and drink it maybe add whip cream most importantly enjoy. >> sounds gross. >> put a rumple minute. >> as a pep minute alcoholic beverage. >> look a schnapps. >> yes but stronger you only need one. >> each pair is now 10,000 already. >> beautiful. >> 90 people bid
6:43 am
of money. >> i apologize for my sock uggs on the wide shot i'm not prepared. >> trend setter. >> 6:4 now. coming up next movies hitting big screen ahead of holiday weekend. i'll be honest if you have a problem with allison sock uggs you'll forget when you see what sketch wearing. >> if you have a tip share with us 202-895-3000 or back after this. hey there, hi.
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>> west to east will allow temperatures to be mild into christmas weekend. jet stream as mentioned pushed off north here and guess what we're featuring temperatures 50 today and good ten or so warmer than yesterday with partial sunshine. dry today. no real big storms on horizon. next chance for rain may arrive saturday. christmas eve may have a few showers around. sun, clouds, winds west at 5 and there's 7 day forecast. temperatures are up. particularly by end of weekend. sunday christmas afternoon 52 an
6:49 am
upper 50s to about 60. it will feel little like early spring around hereby monday, tuesday next week. all right. i'm out, erin is in. how is traffic? >> you're on fire today i can tell you're sassy what's going on. ready for cookie. >> there's plenty. >> sugar rush is that what is happening. >> did you tell everybody you made cookies for us. >> i instagramed a pick of the progress last night. >> right now it looked like a crash cleared. that is not the case the two left lanes are blocked now 395 northbound crawling well before pentagon with 5 minute delay. allow for extra crime. still blocking two left lanes and right lanes getting by. let's look at maps. other problems besides 395, 14 street bridge and taking metro. hey it's last day safe track surge 11 single tracking between west false and east false church and no reported delays and as we head toe roads here's a
6:50 am
wanted to show you from the camera. you can see how backed up things are. let's go ahead and switch it back over he for a look and show what you else is going on. again delays back to king street. let's forward maps because we have a crash on 4 inbound after do youer house road jammed to richie marboro. huge delays there. 295 southbound crash eastern and sky fox on the way to rockville to south washington for reports of car into house so we'll keep you posted on that as well. back to you guys. >> with christmas and hanukah a few days away we want to know are you done with holiday shopping? chime in using hag hohoyes or hohono here are results, and hoh on gentlemen. >> we're getting close now. >> pushing deadlines. >> i have to be honest today is my big shopping day. >> i'm done. >> i've never been done this early before. >> did you do everything online. >> 9 a5%
6:51 am
>> where does my gift come from online or store. >> you had one online -- two online. >> i have two okay? i need more shopping time. >> you don't, al it's not about quantity but quality. this is about ballty. check out christmas lights display virginia edgewood drive all fancy lights sink nice todd christmas music you can tune in your car radio. listen on 98.1 fm. >> wait a minute that's awesome. >> cool. >> show runs 7 to 9 each night if you stop by there's a donation box and it goes to raise money for john hop conditions children's center. >> i love that santa in the window. >> isn't that cool? >> yes. >> i love it. >> five out of five. >> wow. >> i'm actually sorry to the viewers usually give you a bumper there. >> i fee
6:52 am
good morning to the suit and good morning to you, too. >> it has a personality and has a contract here at "fox5" and my christmas present to you guys is wearing this in front of you. >> thank you. >> enjoy it. >> like i said sometimes quantity not quality. >> honestly that scared me seeing that come on screen. i apologize to anybody at home. >> you scared yourself. >> yeah, i forgot i was wearing the suit until i saw it on camera to be honest. >> you wear that today what will you wear tomorrow and wednesday. >> i have four of these bad boys. i have one for today and one for friday. >> you wore kevin suit closet sometime. >> i have one for snow, snow flake one the blue one. >> i like that one. >> we do too. >> bonus reviews because we have movies today and christmas. >> tucker barnes is excited about the movies that come out this week. paerns and creek comes out today and brian canston and let's start with passengers here. idea him the
6:53 am
headed to another plantet and 120 year journ jury two character wake up 90 years too soon and try to get back to sleep before 90 year scurp jury because they die before they get to planet. movie is taevl beginning and middle fantastic. moral dilemmas great questions and perform as and quaingting and ending bad. falls off the rails unfortunately because you have this wonderful film. you're watching it and really engaged and then the ending just goes off the rails crazy doesn't make any sense for what you just watched. for me i do give the movie a three. three on my scale means it's matt nay/rental i recommend if you like actors to see it. it does present something good to you in the first party of movie. >> as non movie going person here is this better for people i'm trying to pick up on plot and everything here, would this be better for the people that want to go see look a romantic
6:54 am
date time hoofy or science fiction which is heavier in the film. >> both. >> romantic element of is makes it great. beginning first two parts when chemistry is building and they both wake up and you find out what is going on that works. romance is g it's action part of it that gets weird for me. director also did a movie called imtation game phenomenal filmmaker the end are felt different. >> what about assassin creed. >> michael fast bender created this film and this film is based on video game franchise and original story within that universe of game and essentially his character is able to into ancestor of his through program called anamus. >> all i ever want in my life. >> basically he has ancestor and spanish inquestion decision named
6:55 am
>> he can go back in time. >> he stays present. >> he connects to himself to app setting tore back in 1400 you. >> know this is my fant. >> i al, here is the thing a little birdie told me kevin didn't love the movie. >> the movie is not good. the movie has good action scenes. michael fastbender was fantastic performances are great. and everybody works but action feels so convoluted to me it was confusing i did not play the gamz i felt sign of good movie should transcend to all people watching film not just gamers and i think it has fan of the day qualities to it but there are interesting elements. >> the whole concept is interesting. i have often saidfy could be granted one wish it would be to meet like one of my. >> ancestors. >> yes. >> this is what happened to this movie. >> connects to an seingts tore in 1400s. >> built it givers
6:56 am
>> this is what i'm talking about finally my vision. >> cool concept. >> 2.5 out of 5. >> they're wrapping me up. >> it's my vision that's why i'm excited. >> apparently we're fans of the day today. >> apparently. >> kev i want to translate. >> translate. >> assassin creed stink passengers stunk. >> don't stink. >> passengers was okay. >> he wants top do grinch joke go ahead, go ahead. >> why me is that good. >> i see why i review that friday. >> i love you tucker barnes. >> you cannot start a joke without a stunk line. >> washington. 50s this afternoon. partial sunshine and dry afternoon for you. quik look at 7 day we keepd it mild next couple days and dry through the weekend. maybe few showers saturday. erin is here with traffic. >> so many things are going on now it's busy. 6:56 and car into a building south washington at jefferson and rockville and sky foxgo
6:57 am
that's good news for rockville commute. quick look outside wanted to show you bad crash we've been tracking and scars spun out facing wrong direction and 95 northbound blocking left lanes and 395 northbound covered this morning keep it to fox news morning did you know slow internet
6:58 am
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>> a massive manhunt underway in germany for the terrorist behind this week's deadly attack in the christmas market. learning new details about the suspect this morning. >> days before christmas a maryland family does not have a home after fire ripped through it destroying everything. firefighters have a warning for other homeowners with fireplaces. >> and stranger daipinger alert in arlington a young girl almost forced into a man and she gotta we and police need your help finding abductor. >> liver look outside wednesday morning december 1 look at that beautiful sky. 2016 of course the last couple days of 2016 and weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome "fox 5 news morning" beautiful sunrise out there coming soon today. the shortest amount of daylight in the entire year. >> in the 4:00 hour. >> 4:30 or so.


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