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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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. happy friday. chinese officials announced they're keeping an eye on donald trump's nuclear policy sent from a tweet he sent out >> we know his fondness for tweeting. as you can see this is the hottest story at 6:30. tweet us what's on your mind using #5at630. the countries with the largest nuclear arsenals should take the initiative. >> until the world
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to its senses that hasn't been the policy in nearly 40 years. his comments followed a similar one by vladimir putin about his own country's. niles standish starts us offs this evening from the hill. let me ask you first off to reaction to donald trump's tweet. this is -- work a reversal of u.s. policy, what's your gauge of how they reacted >> i think there was a reaction all around and i think the ron for that is the language that surrounds is so carefully phrased. a lex con for that issue and donald trump comes out on twitter makes this statement that no one knows exactly what it means and that just sort of puts the cat among the pitch jens as they say >> >> looks like
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perhaps is an extending an olive branch perhaps. what are your thoughts on that? do you think there's a legitimate wanting to work alongside the u.s.? >> it's very difficult to tell. because vladimir putin is not, shall we say, synonymous for wanting to work alongside the u.s. and so the suggestion or the assumption is that there's some sort of political positioning going on here. he would clearly prefer, i think, prefer to work with donald trump than president obama but what form that will take specifically is difficult to tell at this point. >> speaking of president obama, let's talk a little bit about the relationship between him and donald trump a bit. there was a big un vote. the u.s. abstained from that council resolution that would couldn't deem sorrel to be identified we know donald trump
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tw be different come january 20th. we saw serious reaction or disappoint from senate democratic leader schumer and also we saw the same thing from house speaker paul ryan. what's going on? typically, president-elects don't start tweeting out what they think is policy right now prior to them actually taking office. >> that's exactly right. it's a well-established custom or belief that we have one president at a time. it's not just a custom. at fact. but it's certainly unusual for a president-elect to seem to be making policy or disagreeing with his predecessors' policy. all of that said, clearly the issue of israel and the palestinians is a controversial one and the decision from the obama administration to abstain had the effect foreign abling it to pass condemning israeli settlements that's an issue, as you say some
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the schumer the incoming leader objected to vigorously. twitter is the common theme seems, we're talk about it president-elect. do you think, you know, his new press secretary shawn speiser kind of come out and kind of massage the words you could say, is there going to have to be a crack-down what he says on twitter? you have 140 characters and you're talking about nuclear policy. he said it's carefully worded. will they be able to back him off of this a bit >> at great question. i think it is one of the areas in which a lot of people feel sympathy for the trump team because it's difficult to do this. this happened as you mentioned on this issue of the nuclear argument that is donald trump was making, his team was trying to clarify or modulate that to some extents. then he says let
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arms race if that's going to happen, so he comes out in a way and pointer man's the approach that his aids are taking. i suspect we're going to go see that pattern repeat itself >> i was hoping we would start off i christmas holiday with music or singing christmas carols, do you have a christmas wish you want to send anybody >> my children are in new york. i better send a christmas wish to both brey and brandon. >> merry christmas to you >> thanks for coming in for some people, it's christmas eve eve. for others, apparently it's vodka night >> for rest of us it is festive is. if you don't what that is, here's a quick reminder. >> what is festive is? it's nothing, it's the religious aspects of christmas and he made up his own policy >> another piece of the puzzle
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>> instead of a tree, didn't your father put up an aluminum pole? didn't shrank with you ending up crying >> are you happy now? >> senator rand tweeted out this message. happy festive is everywhere. you can join me throughout the day >> jim wrote: you may disagree with his politics but you have to appreciate the #festive is deal, #happy festive us. >> gray den carter added rational politicses seems to be the thing of the past. both parties fight within themselves as much each other >> tweet us your thoughts using #5at630
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off with the former top ranked golfer tiger woods. >> there they are. they were hanging out at the trump international gulf club. one received a congratulations after returning from a 15-month layoff from competitive golf. trump is in florida on holiday vacation. >> a lot of people were talking about tiger woods. he apparently asked to play this round of golf after donald trump congratulated him. did you see tiger woods he tweeted a picture of himself, shirtless with a santa claus hat >> he said the mac daddy is back? >> if nothing else, tiger woods certainly been back in the headlines for the last
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days. hasn't he >> gwen joins us now, no white christmas for folks? >> we are talking precipitation, but it's in the form of rain. it's not in the form of snow. so let's take a look at what we have for you for our christmas eve forecast as we start out we're going to go see rain starting tonight and it's going to be around for the first part of your christmas eve, and again the early afternoon with temperatures in the 40's. then after that, we're talk cloudy skies, so santa will not be arriving with any snow. that's for sure and he won't be bringing any with him. for christmas day, 50 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, it will be mild and it will be dry. so no white christmas for us at all this year. and temperature-wise, we're going to be above the seasonal average. when you take a look at what's ahead for us, you're going to see a warmup that's unexpected. here's a look at your planner if you're heading out to do last minute shopping, by 8:00 we'll
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rain at 46, 4:00 we should have cloudy skies and it will be drying up quite a bit as a ridge of high pressure starts to build in. here's your seven-day forecast. once we get past the holiday weekend, unbelievable, we're really going to warm up. by tuesday, 60 degrees. i can't believe i'm saying this, once we get past christmas, and mostly sunny skies. can't rule out a chance of rain. back to you. >> if i'm not correct, weren't we 60 degrees christmas last year >> we were warmer than that, shawn. >> everybody remembers that christmas. everybody keeps bringing it up. it's not going to happen again. >> you never know, sarah, never say never. over the past eight years we have seen first lady michelle obama evolve and grace the cover of magazines all over. >> she's got incredible style. we're going to take a look back at some of our favorite out fits when the 5at630 comes right back.
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♪ ♪ as we at any say good bye to the obamas, we have to talk about the first lady's fashion >> insider is here with some of first lady michelle obama's hottest looks. thanks for joining us. we have watched the first lady's style evolve from the day she walked into the white house until now, she's become an icon >> she certainly has. there's so many dresses she's worn. you can get inspired by. with the holidays being here, with new year's. inspired by some of her memorable moments. >> all right. bring in your models. before you know them in. >> from dresses in georgetown. she wore a jason lou dress. it was red, embellished detail. here you see, we got inspired by the color. the embellished detail at the waist line and
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color. >> wonderful pop-up color. do we have the dress? do we have that picture? so we can put them side by side? . a little act send waitings at the waist and barack like that is dress. the next look, michelle obama wore a kahn dress. to we'll she the picture afterwards. it was a ball gown, the champagne color. that dress in from had an off the shoulder look. change the up a little bit with a little sweetheart neck line here, this is from signature dresses in georgetown very affordable. >> when you say very affordible? >> you have to go there and find out, within the hundreds. >> there's the actual dress. you can see the first lady wearing, beautiful, great inspiration from that
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>> next up, we have here lano wearing a vera wang inspired dress. her dress, in particular, had some sheer on the shoulders, need a little something dirt with the velvet. it will be seasonal appropriate, the color is navy instead of black, a little different there. certainly fabulous, the earrings as well from signature dresses outstanding. >> there is actually the first lady right there wearing that vera wang dress. beautiful. >> two thumbs up >> absolutely. >> and lastly, we have come on out here. ida. you can remember during the final house state dinner, she wore this gold dress. here we did a little something different. a little bit off the shoulder to show off the gorgeous neck line from signature dre
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wanted a add a pop of color, we added the red, a little fir there. so four outstanding looks. you can go to signature dresses check them out in georgetown >> is there a color or does everything go >> hunter green is a new color that's popular. the soft pink, the rose gold is new. you don't normally go to that. try to venture out a little bit with soft pink and hunter green. >> no black? >> black is always safe. >> how can people find you >> you can followed me on instagram at it's stacey michelle or >> thanks for coming in. the holiday drink favorite this time of year, we're going from dresses to
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talking about egg nog of course. >> we got something better. stick around for the milk shake on 5at630 we'll be right back
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how about leaving him a milk shake and cookies. victory owner of ice cream jubilee is here and milkshakes are a good cause too. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us about your milk shake. what does that mean >> ice cream jubilee is a local ice cream company here in washington, dc and we love making creative flavors, pumpkin, egg nog, we're inviting people to come in, create their flavors and for a
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we'll give them the milk shake for free >> they get to make their own. >> we have several different flares here. what we're doing is anybody can choose the seasonal flares. let's try salty apple cinnamon. >> have you ever had to show us had to make this. >> have you ever had an apple pie milk shake? you got two scoops here. this has real maple syrup and candy pican. >> wait a minute. special ice cream. ok. >> and while i make this, i'm going to give you a little spoon to they can this other one. >> great >> i'm going to pour a little bit of
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the milk shake equipment. we're going to do it one at a time. we have two locations. one is at 14th and t street. the other one -- if you're at home, you can do it at home. there's location and the website. info at ice cream to get more information. we can do this at home or come down and get one of yours, and have it ready for santa >> absolutely and we also sell pints to go. >> here's one for you >> i will try this creation. >> and these are not just -- these milk shakes are thick. the way i like a milk shake >> one of my favorite is the egg nog with pumpkin honey cone >> it's boozey
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>> it has nut meg and a little bit of other flavors and rum >> that's perfect. parents just be mindful these are not for your children, these are grown-up milk shakes. happy holidays to you guys >> the white house is decorated perfectly for christmas. we sat down with one woman who knows the ins and outs of decorating such a place. >> what is your favorite?
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fox 5 as an inside look at the holiday magic. >> we'll
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10:00 and 11. happy new year. we have an inside look at the holiday magic that happens at the white house. colleen christian berk joins us. thank you so much for being with us. we have right now a preview of a christmas other than meant and holiday collection. >> this is a sneak peak. collection name is a little bit of a mouthful, colleen christian berk first lady of collection. it is inspired of our first ladies. so much fun, lots of historical details. >> the pieces are beautiful. i love the stories behind them. tell me about the salt and pepper shaker and the story behind the shoes. >> this collection features nancy reagan and jackie kennedy and their style. these little adorable salt and pepper shakers are
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nancy's holiday shoes. every year, nancy reagan, a fashion icon would glue red pom-p oms on to her shoes. the reagans were known for the love story, here we have a little girl teddy bear and a boy and it's a nod to the love that ronnie and nancy brought to the white house, to the decorations. a lot of fun >> now you have these white christmas stockings you were saying, white stockings today, we consider them to be retro. at one time, they were new and fashionable >> i was happy to design these. i want these, basically, we have these historical pictures really national treasures. and some of them show the kennedy family celebrating christmas morning. in the background are their stockings hung by the
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a little hap hazard and they were white and had pom-pom is on them. these stockings were inspired by the kennedy family stockings which were really popular. >> tell me about the ornaments, each has a different story. bring me one or two of them. >> what you need to know is each first lady puts her own imprints on the white house christmas decoration. it was jackie who said we need to do that. we need to put thought into it. her first theme was the nut cracker. we have a couple really fun nut cracker ornaments and this particular nut cracker is holding the pt 109. that was the boat that jfk was on that was sunk that brought him to the national lime light and made him a hero. we put that detail on and a hat that would have been
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what jfk. uniform would have been and we have another nut cracker holding a duck and a really fun little sweeten dearing fact is that the kennedy children had ducks in the white house ponds they could watch and see, we have our nut cracker with ducks, so it's just a tie-back to a different time. >> i love that. colleen, quickly. our viewerers should know you have decorated the white house for christmas and you have written a book and you're a historian, what's your one piece of advice for the regular person decorating for christmas >> you have to do it with the right intention, bring a lot of love. what i learned is they have a hard stop time. you get so much time to decorate and at lot to do. once your time is over, it's over. pick a stop time, end your decorating and start enjoying >> thank you so much for being with us. we will be right back. bac
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: merry christmas to all because michael jackson's daughter officially dating. >> paris is down in maui with her boyfriend. she looks really good in a bikini. >> it's really nice seeing her happy. >> totally. >> she has on a weird schwag bag corona beer. >> it's like they gave away free bud light bikinis and corona bikinis at the bar that day. harvey: i thought you would like that. >> i do like that. it's cool. >> miles teller was in a scary accident last night and an uber crashed in front of him. miles slammed in front of the uber and he flipped. harvey: i call that a christmas miracle he wasn't hurt. >> i flipped over. got out of the car and i was fine. >> other people who flip over and they die. >> dana white in new york.


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