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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.fo5 >> today on fox5 news morning, the search for a missing bethesda man has led detectives to crossfox5archthesu border into prince george'snto county. >> a live look outside. it's cold out there right it is starting l tivoe t gthett wet, too.. a steady rain continuing toing o fall across the region. regio >> good morning to you.ood morn. thank you very much for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm maureen umeh today.k is thursday i'm aureen ume decem
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where did the year go? allyearl right. we're going talk about ourtalk r weather and traffic coming upomu on the 5s.on the gary will talk about the rainhei and erin will talk about the traffic.affi first we'll start witht l st breaking news.breaking news. this is out of queen anne county maryland. police are scoaying a deputy was shot during a domesticomtic disturbance call at 9:30 at a a roam in chestertown.sterto the suspect fired a shotgun atht the deputy they're telling us. . the deputy returned fire ande ad the suspect was also the deputy was flown to a lop and is in critical condition. no word though on the suspect's condition. >> time right now is 5:01. 5 we'll start with this story this hour.r. oscar nominated singer and a actress debbie reynolds has died. died. she passed away wednesday as a result of a stroke.e. reynolds died one day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher. her son says he passed awayway moments after telling him she wanted to be with car
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>> the death avenue d.c. yogaog and instructor and actress. acts the man charged with killing kii tricia mccauley appeared inn court yesterday.esteay he claimed that she hanged hange herself inside her prosecutors say her injuriesnj show she was assaulted anded a killed. johnson is charged with firstfis degree murder. >> this morning we're follow thiing the latests in developments in the search for r a missing bethesda man. m. 36-year-old john patrick patri donahoe was last s december 12th on he willmore2t lane. >> an investigation has shifted now hyatth svreillen ine maryland. that is where fox5's anniewher yu is live with the details. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodaneporte h morning, to you maureen anden sdomom. well, i can tell that youn tellu police are honing in on this beauty supply store behind mestd in hyattsville on annapolisnnaps road because this is reallylly the last known connection toctn the missing man, john patrick donahoe.dohoe. he's 36 years old, lives in, li downtown bethesda.down he was last seen on december 13th by family family members at his parents' home'om on elmore lane in
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known local real estatestat company called donahoe andahoe a they tell us they left the home to run some errands ords o head into work and john was john not there when they returnedth r home. they tell us that he lefte lt their house in his black 2011 chevy eke quinn knocks. the maryland tags are 2ak8853.a3 police say the vehicle has notas been located. located. they are still looking for it lf but they do tell that you sayaty last week a woman was seen on surveillance video here at the premium beauty supply using his credit card, done low's's credit card and now police andd family are tying to figure outgu how she got ahold of the credit card. cd. >> his credit card has been used. and we haven't seen john sincens the 13th and the credit cardredd has been used and we need todo find out what the link is thatth how those people -- or how- orow that person got john's creditt card. ca >> reporter: right now the credit card is the only connection at this pointhis poit
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surveillance video.rvllan so, if you recognize the woman m in the tape or know aboutnow ab donahoe's whereabouts you'reabou urged to call montgomeryto county that's the very latest herey lae from hyattsville, maryland,aryln annie yu, fox5 local news. new >> thanks, annie. 5:04 is the time and flagsgs in maryland will be lowered to honor a shoulder died afterder being wounded in ago.ed i sergeant first class alannt f cs brown passed away earlier this s month at walter reed medical center. brown was one of three of re soldiers injured during an ied attack.ta the other two soldiers and american contractors wereto killed in the blast.rsll 15 other ued.s. service memberse were injured in that same attack. >> president obama couldsi oba announce retaliatory measuresea against russia over the t country's alleged interferencere in last month's presidentialsidl election. he's receiving b ipartisan support from members of thefrom u.s. senate who sa my the issue trump's party loyalty. loyal so far president-elect donaldsie trump has rejectentd claims of russian interference.interferene >> the upcoming inaugurationuguo expected to generate more than t $1 billion in r
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retail. as over 1 million peoplen peopl descend on the city for ther e celebrations. the economic benefits of the inauguration will largely depend on the numberic bra otifo who spend the weekend innd i washington and officialsials expect that to be up to t 400,000 people. peopl that will attend the official of events with another 500,000 to 1 million people expected toplep show up for protests and related events. >> ♪♪ >> time now to check in with wit gary mcgrady again and getgrad an update on they changing chag temperatures coming our way. >> uh-huh. >> going to feel more likeor it's supposed to feel, more mor like glinted gli tomorrow. not so much today because withsh will be up above normal today but tomorrow it's going to be real cold, blast oow ift' cold r coming across. aos winter weather advisory inea adv place this this temperatures are marginal some e spots but it does look like l most of the temperatures are a up above freezing and that'st's the way it's continuing thisingh morning so this does includencle frederick county, washingtonhito county, up over to carrollto cal county and most of thosendost of counties there up along northern maryland, all right. temperatures as you can see frederick is still sitting at 32.ures ais sti everybody el i
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32 degrees. drees winchester has dropped off a little bit. little they've gone from bit36. to 34o so we'll continue to monitor mit this t rain coming across mostot of the area now, certainly fortf the little sliver, if you will, of transitional area. a this is northern frederick county, thurmont looks like you have kind of a mixture ofreo some rain, possibly some -- well, maybe a little bit ofe b freezing rain depending onpe where that temperature is andsnd snow is mixing in as well soel s just a little wintry precip pci coming on if you don't have to get out'ta early this morning just don't do it. that way you don't have a probaylem. youobm. this winter weather advisoryr w is in place until about 9:00ut 9 a.m. or so and i think after that all the temperatures will i certainly be well up aboveell e freezing. right now just mainly rainai over into parts of carrollrrl county for westminster butin b again we'll watch thech t temperatures real, real close r 'cause a few spots are a marginal for anything thatin might be frozen especially upia into the 92 frederick county,nt okay. we'll look at the futurecastecat coming up in just a few f minutes plus we'll look atll your holiday weekend as we getst to the -- well, finish off the f last week of 2000 seen. seen. here
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with a look at your traffic.ic. >> brought to you by toyota.yo y visit buy a forcom fo special offers.ers. >> 5:06 right now and cameras cr blurry but i wanted to show sw you what you're up against iff you're waking up in theg up the woodbridge area.woodbrge a the ramp from 123 top southbound 95 is closed. cse dealing with an electricalle issue. is police at that location. at oc once you get on 95 you're finein but hazardous conditions along g 123 between 95 and the occoquan bridge so please useleu caution in both directions.econ it's a rainy ride.nyide. some of the cameras a littleitte blurry from the rain coming comn down. however i want to show was you're up against. up in take a look here. her this is as you make your wayou w out on to the beltway, the inner loop is definitelyy picking up inner and outerer loop as you head through the annandale area.ale area. traffic is moving. we're seeing a big strhine froao all the street lights outhts out there as we forward our cameras again this is by the b american legion bridge.icanion inner loop and outer loop loo moving slower despite the factre volume is lighter. all voarea bluridges are movingg along just fine but bridges bdg overpasses and those are areasrs where you definitely want towant slow it down.ow it n. could get slicker than
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average roads.average roads right now as you make your way w out on the top of the beltway to heading towards new hampshirerd avenue, you can see the rainrn coming do you. you can see a large flow outut by new hampshire of some heavy traffic. let's go ahead and forward our cameras one more time and showme you how things are shaping up as you get out in theng ms aryln area.area. seeing a lot of slowdowns evendn though volume is light alonglo 270 and the outer loop in loop i college park. as you can see traffic is moving along much slower rightsl now. this is new hampshirehampsh secondaries as well.cos we got you covered thisered morning. we'll keep you posted but it's s a rainy ride. could turn into a roughnto a gh commute for sure as more folkses wake up. up. wisdom and >> erin thank you for that.forha coming up on fox5 news5 ns morning, there was no loveo love lost between israeli prime pri minister benjamin netanyahu and secretary of state john kerry. >> turkey's leader forcing forcg support for isis and otherther terror groups in the syrian syra civil. >> as we head to break a liveive look across the d.c. region. reg the time right now is 5:08.:0 and it is a wet 39 degrees outee there righ
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the break. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> secretary of state johnre kerry defending the u.s.'s decision to abstain fromta ade n security council vote v declaring israeli settlements illegal.le the u.s. broke a longstandingin policy of shielding israel isr
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deepening a diplomatic spat s between the u.s. and israel. >> he called the support "quite clear perfectlyfect obvious. ob and added turkey could provide o proof in pictures and also in videos new released policed pic dashcam video appears to show a fort worth texas policeor officer if we can get thatthr video ifright now shootin wg aig black man in the back as he h walks away. the video was released earlierrs this an off duty police officerceff appears to approach and then shoot 33-year-old david collie i back in july. officers was charged withit aggravated assault but a grand a jury dismissed the case.he ce. the shooting left collieolli paralyzed. >> dominion virginia powera p will pay $75,000 for spilling sl more than 13,000 gallons ofhan mineral oil into the potomac13oo last winter. now rescue group pulled outulleo several canadian geese fromn ge the spillage. 29 of those birds died. dominion acceptedepd responsibility shortly afterli
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>> president obama has createdna two more national monuments inme the west but the moves are controversial.ntrove one monument in utah and the ant other is in nevada. some native american tribescan r gop lawmakers in utah recently gathered -- they're causing- thy problems with'r some native american lawmakers recently gathered toyr protest the potential monumentet calling the action an arrogantt act by a lame duck presidentdent that will not gland coming up on fox5 news morning a newew report is accuse homelanduse ho security agents of taking millions in bribes. >> prosecutors drop chargescurso against a driver testingp positive for catch been. >> a live look outside across the region.e look time is 5:11. back in a moment.a ment. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. live look outside right now on a
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forever changing at least aeast changing at the moment.mont probably going to change andnged stay cold.ol >> but this week has been b topsy turvy. first it was cool, then it was warm, now it's wet. >> kind of crazy this morning.rr lots to talk temperatures are marginalargi places. well, look, frederick is theck only temperature right nowempe that's been down freezing.rein winchester is getting they've gone from 36 to 34. t here in town we're 39. we' 39. so, the only place real toea worry about frederick countyfre from between frederick andri a thurmont that's where tha temperatures were at freezing maybe even potesen wtially belob freezing just a little bit. just all right.le this is faluturecast to kind ofd show you by 7:00 a.m. or so we w still have some rain, maybe m even a little transitionalna area between what is just raintr and then winter precipitation wn back up to the northte and west. winter weather advisoryerdvisory northwest and west.noes futurecast shows all this a t getting out of here.geg ou sunshine this afternoon.hi we'll still have some clouds,ne, too, but notice the snow picking up. now these are western facingin
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the cold air comes up the --- basically up the slopes and thed squeezes out the moisture sout i there's going to be some snowsoe out there. out th good amounts of snow, too,un because this is a cold blastth of air coming across.cros tomorrow morning we're alle're l clear. we're all dry. dry. sunshine,,oo. as we get into the day tomorrow, there's so much, th colder air coming down. d winds will be 20, 30, maybe0, my even gusting to 40 miles peres r hour really, really cold, too. wind chills tomorrow only inw on the 20's and the 30's and0's there could be a few flurriesewu inowing across. won't be a big deal but i'mut im just saying there's thest s potential for that.aypote so, showers this morning, 51.ni5 tomorrow we get to it's never going to feel that fl way.way. not with the winds at 20 to 30 miles per hour.s peho and again a-few flurries couldi come across. across. shouldn't be a problem. pblem happy new year. y new year's eve forecast prettyat good. partly cloudy, a few cloudsewuds out there. it's going to beere.' dry.s a chilly night defgoininitely.e. temperatures will be in the 40's mainly through the t evening until midnight or soro but the important thing isrtants it's going to be dry and itbe di won't abproblem to be out andut about. just be
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coming on all the snow initially hastily h changed over to rain and thennde just to the north and west, up through mostly frederick county and newspaper parks and that's where we see that little bit's w of a changeover r from rain into a wintry type precipitation. could be some freezing rain, r little sleet and some snowleet w mixed in as well.el today's forecast eventually we get into some sunshine. sun winds will be northwest towe west at 10 to 20 miles peres per hour. that will allow temperatures to actually warm up just a just little bit with the sunshine.heh we're going to go 51 here. chilly morning showers with sho the afternoon shower -- withr w the afternoon sunshine, okay, o, so that should help to warm things up a little bit.gsa li here's your seven-day forecastoc t the last few days of 2016,f 2 51odayay. we get the morning showers out of here. h tomorrow much, much colder cde with a few flurries comingg across. tomorrow is truly a is tly winter-like day.-l again, it will be 42 for awill f high but it will only feel like it's in the 20's and thes 30's. we're warmer on saturday. satur right now a few clouds for newew year's eve but other than that not too
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46 for a high temperature.petu that's pretty much normal formuh this time of year.of y happy new year on sunday, new year's. then we get into a wet period wo for monday and tuesday. tuesday looks like tuesday could beuesdu close to 60.closto 6 that's your forecast.thatou how about some traffic. here's erin como. >> 5:17. i guess i'll take the rains i'e today if that means a rainn free new year's eve e celebration night.ion night right now you're taking a livegl look at the top of the beltway inner loop and outer loop by lpy connecticut avenue, evenen though volume is light folkshtol are definitely moving at a slower speed. you can see the spray coming sethe off the spvehicles.ray comie ice please use caution.seon pack your umbrella and your andy patience. things picking up on the outerht loop past colesville road.e r inner loop still a little bittlb quieter. i would say get an earlierar start today.tod even though it's a quieterhoughq traffic pattern being afic paere holiday week with this rain it's definitely going causeing e extra slowdowns. sloowns 295 by eastern avenue southbound side still delaytilld free from 50 down pennsylvania.ania northbound side looking goodnd from the beltway to the 11th street bridge and again past s t that point. things looking good out by maryland 210 on the inner loopen oud outer loop. bright l
5:18 am
causing a little bit of a o shine for the camera but want bn to give you perspective as to t what you're up against us again travel around the dmv this dmv i morning. 95 out by 123 things are a little bit slower out therer oue northbound side taillightsound heading towards the beltway starting to pick up a bit ing ti term up s of congestion.stio southbound side looking good.lod also keep in mind 123 the rampp to southbound 95 closed withd wt an electrical if you're in the woodbridgeoori occoquan area.a. look at that spray from thet tht semis. that gives you some idea as to m what te he driving conditionson are like this morning.orni we'll certainly keep you keep y updated on your commute andmute we'll track all the crashesra and conditions this morning on i twitter at erin fox5 d.c. hit me up if you have any questions.qu maureen and wisdom. wisdo >> time now is 5:18.:1 let's take a look at what's been trend on social media on sl this morning. >> first up an investigation up ew new york times found nearly y 200ortime employees ans contract workers in thers in the department homeland securitynt have taken bribes over the past 10 yea hrs.aken years. now the employees allegedlylledy looked the other way as tons ast of drugs and thousands of undo
5:19 am
smuggled into the country.edntoh the report also claims dhs employees illegally sold greendg cards and other immigration documents totaling nearly nea 15 million in bribes.ri >> next tup, new i.d.>> nex regulations coming to anming to airport near you. t.s.a. just announced thatnc beginning in january of 2018, real i.d. requirements willquir begin to be enforced atced airport security.rport under new regulations t.s.a.reg will only accept state issuedd driver's licenses or i.d.r i cards. cards. if they are issued by a real i.d. compliant state or noncompliant state with an extension. as always travelers can use alternate forms of i.d. suchof i as a passport military i.d. or d permanent resident card. >> dui charges dropped againstea a 36-year-old man who wentho w viral for being arrested for f having caffeine in his system. s joseph swab was pulled overpullo for swerving and weaving andeang the arresting officer believedel he had something other thanng or caffeine in his system but nenothing appeared i on a drug test.te swab is still being chargedha with reckless driving which isin a misdemeanor.g sdean >> okay. coming up on fox5 news morning
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this morning a congressionalgren typo could wind up costingup cog thousands of americans ans ofmei honest day's pay.ay >> and a new very different dfee eo f flavor. >> uh-oh. uh- >> is on store shelves. >> what is it? >> i don't know. enoughnougleave w alone that's all i'm >> i'm with you on that one.hato let's take a live lookeoo across the d.c. region. time right now is 5:20. we loved that way back in the day. 2017 is what's on the horizon. n it's going to be a good one.ood back after this. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back at 5:22. congress has yet againcome failf to correct an error thatt prevents tax breaks from applying to geo thermal pumps ps and fuel cells its a mistake mia dating back to december ofber o last year.r. >> congress accidentallyid applied tax breaks to solar sar and and some wind energy and a with the tax breaks set to set expire on saturday workers are bracing for layoffs.r la creator of the red solo theo cup died last week at the age
5:23 am
of 84. 84. robert leo hauls man lived in ln illinois and spent much of his time in scottsdale arizona.ri. he began working for hisis father's business the solo cupup country at the age of 18 he eventually became presidentnt and ceo. it's a common item found at f parties and was made into a country song by toby keith.y ke >> how many backyard barbecuesrb featured these.featured >> they are everywhere. they arv >> yes, they are. >> a good time to starterywhe>>y planning your 2017 vacation vaco and if you head to the u.s. u virgin islands you can get can g some extra cash for your trip. the islands offering visitors vs $300 to spend while exploring.xo you have to book though yourr trip through u.s. i vdot comdoco to get the credit and you can't just use them at a pool ao side bar. the credits are for museums kayaking trips and food tours. >> food tours. >> there you go. >> that's beautiful. >> listen to this story because this is a subject of>> an ongoing debate he treha in ti studio. stud newest flavoof
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store shelves.ore shelves. chocolatechocol strawberry. spotted at a target in kansas. chocolate cream way strawberrytr cream center like a chocolate ca covered strawberry.cove they're a limitedre editiondti flavor. >> why do they keep messing with it. >> i don't know. that's a very good question. we're trying to figure out if >>ery ng tfigu anybody knows if you're up you'r we're trying to figure oute when the golden oreo was actually invented. invd. >> i think 2007, i think. thi >> wait a minute. wai i was closest. i said 15i years ago. ago >> no, that's gary mcgrady. mcga >> that's between 10 and 12 1 years ago. >> that's gary mcgrady indy in the background i didn't heardidh gary's guess on that. yeah, look, when was the last l one they made that kevin went crazy over and bought. >> something disgusting.guing. >> candy corn, i don't know.orn, >> yuck. >> gary it's your turn.ary it i see the's y weather map. m >> winter weather advisoryea north and west ofth d.c.f d this is frederick and this is carroll county and those
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hagerstown martinsburgtinsburg winchester and then all of the way back down towards 81.ards 8 so that's just what we'reha looking at. a looking. at. possibility of some freezingy os rain. just be careful.just just watch out. ijun dulles 36.6. winchester has come down from do 36 to 34 but it's still above freezing there.he martinsburg is 36. 36. culpeper is 35. 3 most of this is good raingo rai coming on across for us you can see, though, wee colorized our little transition period where we have some showers becomingecin some freezing rain, a little a l sleet, maybe some snow mixedbe m in as well as that coming on across. i'm not anticipate anythingate n problems with this this wit morning but just be careful c where we are in terms of all ofl this moving on across. again, just to zoom down here,tz most of frederick county isount covered up in a little bit ofleo wintry precip extending overve into northern sections ofons carroll county. couy. here's the deal for today.eal f. i think morning showersng showes
5:26 am
rain o ar sleet l northwestern neighborhoods but mainly rain here. here we're breezy at noon. n winds start kicking up ap a little bit but sunshine and suna drier conditions for the ternoon.n. mainly in the upper 40's but iui think we'll touch 50 or 5 51 degrees for a high deg f temperature later today.r to tomorrow is going to be cold. tomorrow's very much winter-like and blustery, too.d here's erin como with a look a k all right traffic.l t tr hey, erin. >> 5:26 gary. 5:26 gary. the good news is we're crashra free around the dmv. dmv bad news is rain is causing is n slick conditions around the the area. we're keeping our eye on theeyee roads. as you can see rain comingomg down at 8 o'clock this morning on gary's forecast map and a behind me this is 95 as you y head through lorton. l southbound and northbound side d hello wisdom and maureen looking a little bit worse out t there. so, just wanted to show you y they weren't paying attentionate closesly to the traffic there and getting their researcho the done. do it happens advertisementspens traffic moving along on 66 despite the rain we're amovi sen spray come up so please allow aw for extra time. seeing a steady flow ofow of traff
5:27 am
beltway. crash free but that's good news but the bad news is slickek conditions. as we take a look at 395 we're ' cruising but again leave al b goodut a amount of buffer room d please use caution this morning get an earlier start.t we'lanl kee ep you updated. updd over all it's been quieter quier week because of the holidayauseo but we'll keep youf updated. ut any questions at erin fox5rix5 d.c. on twitter.witt back to you maureen and wisdom. wisdom. >> all right, coming up onng u fox5 news morning several severl groups promising to disrupto dit the presidential inauguration.t. >> and chicago city leaders fast track their plans to haveir police officers wear bodyffers >> we're going to break with abi live look outside across the the region. the time right now is 5:27. 5:2 the temperature 39 degrees.deee >> ♪♪♪ we're back in a moment. >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morningn the search for a missingfox5ch g bethesda man has led l detectives to cross the countyhu border into prince george'snto county. a number ofpr organizationsns are pledging to disrupt theging inauguration of president-elect donald trump. a number of you will be forced to deal with the coldeleh wet and even pe oscosibly icy rain. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning. goo thank you very much forryuch joining us.joing us i'm wisdom martin.artin. >> and i'm maureen umeh. i'm today is thursday december 29th. gary mcgrady is talking mcg about that cold
5:31 am
coming our ws ay erinthat como talking traffic on the 5s. first let's tell you aboutt's new developments in the case of a missing bpmetheensda man. n the investigation now focusedga on a woman polonice say used his credit card at a beauty supplyy store a week after he went missing. >> let's cinder back out tout fox5 annie yu live inu hyattsville this morning with the latest on this story.e this. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom and mepauorreen. that's right, police are still looking for 36-year-old johnoh patrick donahoe.ahoe he disappeared earlier this thi month but they are alsoo looking for a woman who was w last seen here at this beauty bt supply store along annapolisre a road in hyattsville using his credit card at this store atorea week after he went missing. misi let's show you a picture of a pe the missing man. man again, this is 36-year-oldld john patrick donahoe.oe he lives in downtown bethesda b at the gallery building. he was last seen two weeks agogo on december 13th, that is when h his parents reported himim missing to the police. police. he was last seen at his h parents' home on elmore lanerean also in bethesda, maryland.d. now police say last week a new w lead in the case led them to tmo
5:32 am
woman was seen on surveillanceee video using his credit card ata this beauty supply store and now police and family aretore trying tlio figurcee and out hos got ahold of john donahoe'sonahs credit card. now i also want to show you to his vehicle. the family tells us john leftn e their home in his black 2011 chevy eke quinn knocks.nn knock. the tag is a maryland tag 2ak8853. according to police, they areher still looking for the vehicle. . they are still looking for stikg john patrick donahoe and now n this woman. so, if you know where his h whereabouts are or if youor i yu recognize this woman in the video you're urged to call montgomery county police. that's the very latest fromu'rem hyattsville maryland annie yuniu fox5 local news.ews. >> the man accused off murdering d.c. yoga instructorsr and actress tricia mccauley appeared in court yesterday. her body was found inside herer stolen car on monday after shets didn't show for a christmashriss party. pa according to court documentsocun adrian duane johnson told police mccauley offered him he also claimed she hangedange
5:33 am
prosecutors aren't buying johnson's story. sry today flags in marylandy fln will be lowered to m honor hor soldier who died after being wounded in afghanistan. sergeant first class allanss brown passed away at walter reed national medical center. brown was one of three soldiers injured during an iedna attack. two other soldiers and twos a to american contractors were alsor killed in the blast.. the pentagon says 15 other15 u.s. service members werece m injured in the same attack.e aac >> as the inauguration drawsdras closer about a dozen groupsro here in washington arewashin a continuing to plan protestsrote meant to disrupt president-elect donald trump's big day.ect big although the woman's march on washington has earned the most m headlines another d.c. group.c.p disrupt j20 is planning a lesss peaceful protest to paralyzeo pl morning traffic, create roade blocks at check points march without permits and possiblyandy disrupt the inaugural parade. >> ♪♪ >> we have been giving you y little tidbits all morningidbi
5:34 am
under way. hey. he >> hey, what's going on.'s goin. >> not much. you're the man of the hour.he m >> this is rain. ian of >> mean, north side -- frederick countyk ty temperatures -- from frederickok up to thurmont emmitsburg,itsbur let's see, you get up to gettysburg if i'm following my cities along correctly, therely could be -- right at 32 but i i don't think it's a problem.blem i mean the roads are pretty pret warm. >> right. >> from yesterday. >> okay, okay.>> fy. >> and did you notice out in out the boonies some stuff had been treated a little bit.ated a >> no, i didn't notice that.t n. >> it was a little bit treatedat this morning. morning i don't anticipate anypate any problems. prob >> we had two very nice days das so that's a bonus and it is i wintertime after all. a >> it is not going to be thatoig bad. we're going to go 50. >> you know what i love abo'rutt your forecasts you always giveve perspective. you're not like, you know, chicken little the sky isky falling.fa you always give us the hopeful l lining there, silver lining. l >> wonder which works best? [laughter] >> let's go back to where we toh are this morning in terms of temperatures. i think that was compliment, i know. w >> it really i >> >> thank you very much. it re
5:35 am
i'm giving you the truth.he tru i don't know any other 39 degrees for d.c.egrees d 32 for frederick, westminstertmn 36 and winchester 34 degrees.dee maybe when i was a kid that's t how i forecast but maybe, i'm,'m an old man now. n pretty good rain movingood in m across, all, al north and west, this is where we're getting a little transitional zon most of frederick county,ount northern sections of carrollrr county, westminster you're right on the bubble there bute h temperatures are staying in a the middle 30's for you andrele then back 3up0' to hagerstown,w watch out for that especially the upper elevations as yous as cross over the higher elevations there could be a little -- a spot some of freezing -- some sleet orme sler maybe some snow mixed in as a well. forecast looks like this 8:00hi0 a.m. i think there will berel showers around and there couldod still be marginal temperatures north and west so this winterhit weather advisory that's inadsory place for you guys it doesn'tt e go past 9 o'clock but it does d go up to 9 o'clock so let'so t' watch temperatures until then.ue little breezy with somethom sunshine and drier conditions lunchtime. cool today but not temperaturege
5:36 am
51 degrees with the sunshine.unn cold tomorrow.cold real cold tomorrow.omorro we'll talk more about thatre abt coming up. here's erin como with a lookh al at your traffic. >> 5:35, gary.ary. rainy ride for the lasthe las thursday commute of 2016.f01 this is a live look at the the wilson bridge. bridges and overpasses use aasss lot of caution. they tend to get slick than tha the other roads in the little bit heavier on theer o inner loop from oxon hill h prince george's county intoeorg' alexandria.ex fourteenth street bridge stillee wide opened despite the 395 from the beltway across acrs the bridge looking really niceic and the freeway east and a westbound past the thirdhehi street tunnel is also shapingsh up for a nice american legion bridgeican legio definitely seeing heavier flowao of traffic.ic as you come off the inner loopeo and outer loop we can see aan s lot of slow moving traffic around the curve in thend t beltway. watch for some pondingondi conditions if as the rainheai continues. any questions at erin fox5 erino d.c. on twitter.d.c. on tw we'll get you through thisgh t rainy commute.commute things picking up on 270n southbound past shady grove asa well. back to you ck t>> 5:36 is the time right ni coming up on fox5 news morning g chicago city leaders have fast s
5:37 am
police officers wear body cameras. >> and have you ever felt goodrc afteryoever felt hitting threeo green lights in a row? well, w one driver managed to do d exactly that over and over and over and over and over againrga in the same day.ay >> we're going to break with a a live look outside across thes region. 5:37 now. we're back in a moment.t. >> ♪♪ ♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:39. the united states investigating several top venezuela officials after th emee rgigedatinela of of monn laundering from food contracts through the u.s. financial system. much of thethe country is on the brink of starvation ass military officials jack upff prices for the little foodeoo that is left taking advantage of widespread food shortagesho just to make money. >> dylann roof told the judged d he doesn't plan to call anyal witnesses or present anyses or e evidence to try to convince conc the jury spare his life.ars li a jury found him guilty of murdering nine parishionersishi inside a charleston church. chuc the jury will determine ife roof should serve life inif prison or get the death penalty.pey. >> international travelersnatioa hoping to vis is the the united states will need more according to a new report into o politico the recently updated electronic system for travelorra authorization form includes aio section to provide usefor namess for your social mediamedia accounts.accots u.s. customs and border protection says the policy is
5:41 am
designed to help "identifytify potential threats."hrea >> chicago police officersgo p will be wearing body cameras sooner than expinected.ted. city leaders announce it's it's fast tracking the program toam t restore a sense of trustf between officers and the community.unity. all chicago believers willie have cameras by the end of o 2017 rough al year earlier earer than planned.lann the city hopes that move will wl improve the safety ande the ty d security of officers while of fi also improving transparency.nsp. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, $11 billion. that is howing, much one man-mae in 2016. 26. ly. ly. >> goodyear. earlier this season some games were called must wins. ws. this sunday it is the absoluteoe truth. coming up we're going to hearo h from the redskins as theys he return to the practice fieldce to get ready for the new yorkher >> we're heading to break withdt a liveo loobrk across the d.c.. region.reon 5:41 is your a little rainfall right now.. we'll give you the details on ds the other side.e ot fox5 news morning back afteracka this. >> ♪♪
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> ♪♪ >> all right. we are back on this thursday ack ing. 5:44 is you t live look outside georgetown.eot you can see the rain coming comn down it's not like in droves inv or anything but it is wet out there. oh, yeah. yea gary has got his groove musiceus going. [laughter] >> just like the chill song. s i like that they play cooly c music for you. you. >> gary's song. hm? >> something very v
5:45 am
>> look gary, we've had twoveadt straight days of excellent weather for wintertime. >> yeah. >> it's probably done though, right.r we probably won'tprob gabet any, more 60's, 70's. >> we could have another anoth 60-degree day next week.reday >> oh. >> for real. rl. >> yeah. >> okay. >> okay, something to look forward to. that's>> okay, s ama zing. amazi >> as long as the warm air is ar down south which it still s-,ttl i mean way down south,out, southeast, we could have theseae warm days because it doesn'toesn take much to bring it up in up our direction. what happened to my jam, og. >> it's still playing. playing >> let's get to it. lots to talk about this morn gets to ing.rn winter weather advisory back up to the north and west.eatht. frederick here, carroll countyou there and then you guys along i-81, all right, especially the higher elevations could beul a little freezing rain.le fezin temperatures still are now n marginal. good rain pushing we just showed you the live l shot from georgetown and it'sn i up north and west that we may have a problem or two. t it's extending back over into i northern baltimore county as well. well i'll keep watching these temperatures but right now frederick is keeatur 32. up
5:46 am
emmitsburg and up top gettysburg so just watch outrg here and then back out s intot i washington county as well and wn if you're taking 70 outk70 o towards hagerstown or comingomin in from hagerstown, higherr elevations there you could have a couple of issues. coue of 39 and holding here in town.own. dulles is 37. winchester has come down to 34n app couple hours ago. a they're holding.di frederick still at 32 and downow to the south no worries.rr futurecast shows us drying out o through the morning hours.ou sunshine this thise it will be breezy.reez snow and a lot of it too backac out to the west, western w facing mountains there and thent higher elevations. eleti tomorrow it's going to beow igon cold. the winds are coming in frome c the north and west so we'reoe're going reach the 40's but with this wind at 20, 30,0,, maybe even a gust at 40 never n going to feel like we're in the 40's tomorrow.the tomorrow is one of those legitimately cold winter daystey even with sunshine aroundsunshin here. this is for erin como. como. holiday forecast. new year's eve. >> whoo-hoo! >> partly cloudy arc chilly>>tlu night but dry. dry everything looks good.erng l be careful of course on new on w year's eve and then thehen t weekend forecast, big holidayid weekend of course, 46 on the
5:47 am
first day of 2016 there could cu be a spotty shower on new on year's day but it does look doek like for the most part it's mos' going to be dry. pretty nice for the game outicf there at fedex field, theld, giants are coming to town. t detroit right now is 35. 35. toronto is 32.s that ain't bad for them. a't b buffalo is 31. 31. nothing too terribly cold cold across the contiguous 48. in the mountain regions -- that's not too cold. c casper is nine. boise's nine casper is 15ne cr i pardon me. down into texas it's in the is t 20's and 30's there.he forecast looks like showers at 8:00 a.m.. 48 degrees by lunchtime.chme sun is come out and late today t we have some sunshine, little breezy, temperature will that touch 51 degrees but back off of that by 4 o'clock we'll be in the upper deg 4re0' 4 oe4 seven-day forecast looks likes l this. last few days of the year into n the new year. next week now not officially going to go 60 on tuesday yetay but we could get there in some places but a lot of 50's next0'e
5:48 am
>> i'm so excited for new year's. that's one of my favoritemyorit holidays. >> go for it.>> go it. >> fun, look behind me they mhe kept it up for a seconds so iecs got to see the beautiful sparkly sign. sn. taking a live look outside, outi you can see traffic is slowingic as you make your way out on on 66. 66. the inbound side as you head past 28 we're seeingee congestion and rain. rain. please give yourself extra g time to get around againd lighter traffic pattern thispati week in light of the holidayt od week but as we move to theto t beltway you can see traffic ises slowing by old dominion theinn t inner loop starting to pick uptp already. al again leave early and please pae take it slow. ta no crashes we're tracking tckin right now but as you make your y way out on 95 out by fairfax frf county parkway, you can see that spray coming up throughhr the vehicles.e vehles. as maureen mentioned no majorajr downpour but enough to causeo c issues for our morning commute. wide view of the beltway you bel can see traffic is getting gting through a little pixilatedixated because of the brake lights in t the rain but keep in mind it'shm a morning to give yourself yourl extra time ton use caution. caun as you can see traffic againic
5:49 am
the good news is grab your you umbrella but metro is on time ot if you want to take the bus or s any of the rail lines.y we'll keep youof posted if thatt changes. back to you guys. to >> time right now is 5:48. 5 let's take a look at what'stha trending on social media thissoi thursday morning. >> first up, just hours aftertht the death of actress and icon i carrie fisher was announced onnd tuesday billboard's honoringor the late actress popped up inp i south carolina.thin representative from thepr companyes tenhat owned the sign they said no one paid for thefor signs they just wanted to honor the "star wars" icon.r was >> overseas now a french womann who murdered her husband inbandi 2012 has been released after a second intervention bycond president francois hollande.coi. the woman suffered decades ofcaf abuse and became sort of a hero in france prompting afr campaign for her release andeasd after a partial pardon by the french president was rejected wj back in january, hollande, holle decided to issue a full pardon o freeing the 69-year-old fromom jail. jail. >> some of the world's richest'c are ending 2016 on a very highig note. new data shows the world'sor wealthiest people are ending end 2016 with $237 billion
5:50 am
than they had at the start oftaf the year. y that is despite snifts powerte across europe and the unitedheni states. the massive gains were led by u.s. investor warren buffet bufe who added an astonishing $11.8 billion to his war chest c during this year.ear. >> goodyear. gooood for him. >> and we've had one new york nr city uber driver feels evenn luckier than those tho billionaires even though he's h not rich as one of those billionaires.llir earlier this month noah noa foreman hit not one, not two but 236 green light in a row, r 236 in a row.ow he says he makes sure to go at a steady pace an steady timeteay when his driving doesn't -- he'h doesn't have to stop his caris r and his new goal is to hit 500i5 consecutive lights in new york. >> i'm still calling nah thonllg one. >> you're not buying it? >> no. how do you do that in new>>thatw york? you're in the gettingou' behind anyone who is slowerlo than you, you're not hittingyouh any construction.constrtion. >> right. >> there's nobody walkinghere
5:51 am
>> yeah.>> >> okay. >> i said earlier i'll need too see some receipts on that. >> or some video. >> >> he's counting while he'ss cow driving as well so he's nots not focused. >> yeah. >> we just pooh poohed thathed a whste story. >> we smell rat. we'll do some research. rea maybe by good day we'll have some concrete evidence to of ae official that. also trending actressctre queen latifah's car stolen in georgia in front of the personen who was driving it.who police say an unidentifydent person was driving latifah's lah car last week got out to pumputp some gas. the person driving then heardvie the ignition turn on, saw s someone speeding off with theit car.r. they traced the car to an tra aparcetmend tth complex in souts atlanta. atla they're still searching forstiln the thieves who made off with it. fox5 went into the lockeroce room. room >> brody logan and grant g paulson spent wednesday at wedny redskins park. they have more on what there teame is saying. >> brody logan grant
5:52 am
at redskins park with theh t skins. win and they're in there t playoffs as long as the lions l and packers don't tie. tie let's hope that doesn't happen, the small chance that it could. but assuming it doesn'tsn't happen, you got to beat a giants team.ea >> 11 wins and playoff boundlayu for a reason.for rea this is a team that's madee major strides this year.r st you mention they had game inri new the redskins ioweren lucky to have gotten a win.ten i don't want to take anythingnte away from t it was a fluky victory a faketof punt completion, a couple big late interceptions one from su'a cravens on a final drive.. maybe new york winds in a gameyk in which they move the ball with ease.with ease. >> even if backups play for py the giants they've got depthve g as jay gruden has talkedden s t about. you don't get the double digit i wins on accident and this is a division rival there wouldld love to end the redskinshe redsk season negatively.on negativel >> you talk about the backupse b possibly starting in this game. he says his starters will playla for "the game."
5:53 am
whatever that means.hat m no matter who is out there this redskins team will be ready. >> i don't care who place.on't c they canare bring back jeff hoffstetter ler, mark navarro whoever. they come off the bus they got to line up. we're going win. >> bring them bring everybody who plays, whoyl don't play.t i don't knowpl what coach mcadoo is going to do. they don't affect what we >> we got to go out there and te scrap up and put our best foodu foot forward and get a win. >> grant, this is the second, th time this season this team has had their playoff fate in f their hands. the last time was on monda on m night football and they laidy la an egg so this is a bit of a redemption shot. >> maybe the third time is ahe m charm. i felt that game in arizonana entered the equation wherequatih they had their destiny thatti tt haeir own hands. they're at home, it is week 17. maybe the giants bail them out t a little bit without playinglayi four quarters of football fortbl their best and most important players but specific to the redskins cause everything they want is in front of them.ause i they've got theis r sineason in their hands. you got your head coach sayingch
5:54 am
you can't win this game.can' i don't completely agree withgrw that but to get to theet to the playoffs for the second time f in as many seasons for theormany first time in about quarter century, it would be real big deal here at redskins park. >> good position to be in toonoe control your destiny like youlie said last time we blew it. i >> you can only ask for ask for another we let one go. we learned from that and and definitely not trying to letingt this one go. >> for that grant paulsonor brody logan tha fox5 spots.pots. >> ♪♪ >> time to meet our facebookour fan of thefa day. today sits rhea and guess what t today is her birthday.y. >> maria says her birthday bir realms closure and newalms closu beginnings as the year andings a winds down.s th winds her whole family watches fox5 and she says she looks forwardwd to sharing our moments everyomts day. happy birthday and happy new new year. >> happy birthday beautiful lady. lady
5:55 am
okay. okay. >> ♪♪ >> the rain is moving out sog os at least the birthdayirda afternoon will be good for be oo her. we're still watching these the northwestern neighborhoods.booo frederick county reallylly frederick county up to up to washington county, that's the ca only places maybe northern north carroll county where we'veunty seen a little bit ofof changeover. some sleet, freezing rain iset, certainly a possibility where w the temperatures 32 or belowr and that's really only been frederick up towards thurmont and emmitsburg. emmsb this is where our sensor are. a there could be a temperature t here or there that's 32 ort'32 below up north and west. not we're 39.e 39 we're way above freezing. quantico is 40. 4 just to show you futurecastutur does take all the rain out oft here. we end up drier this afternoonsn with some sunshine.unsh temperature will get up top t about 50, 51 degrees for a f high temperature or so later sot on today.od. now, i'll tell you what.ha tomorrow is -- i mean, going g to be a winter day. d we'll even have a possibilityen of a few flurries coming hav on
5:56 am
temperatures will only be in the 30's and the 40's but with the wind it's going turesond f e like it's in the 20's and thes e 30's pretty much all day long. last saturday of the year, new n year's eve looks pretty good. sunny with 46.h 46. few showers. swe not many. but a few for new year's day. d temperature there 51 degreese tg and next week we're back intorci the mid to upper 50's. here's erin como. erino. >> good morning. right now>> g 5:56 seeing a loto problems on the roads. 95 northbound as you make your m way out from fredericksburgderir into stafford passing the aquia harbor getting reportsepor of congestion on thegestion on e northbound still seeing green on our mapnur but please watch out for a tap t of the brakes past courthouserto road simply because of they beu rain and congestion growing.stii we'll keep you updated on u that. hazardous road conditionsroad ci reported on 123 and that is is between 95 and the occoquan bridge.idge also, because of that, we do do have police on location. l they're fixing an electrical issue. that's closing the ramp from f 123 to southbound 95.und you have to find a differentdiff way to access the southbound sou f de of 95. notice the northbound sideid once you get on the interstate t from dal
5:57 am
lorton we do have some slowe slo volume and that's because ofcaus wet roads and growingrowi only about a five minute delaynl there. th aside from that 295 and5 an southbound is quiet from visit to the 11th street bridge but b we have a new crash reported rer 295 northbound between howardhbu and the 11th street bridge a car spun out.nd11th again slickca conditions.ontion. we have you covered thisav morning. he any questionse at erin fox5e d.c. on twitter.n twitter. keep it to fox5. 6 o'clock hour will be rightwi back. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> ahead at six ooh::search for a missing at si bethesda man crossing county lines after cou someone ntused his credit card.r police need your help. help. we'll have a live report. repor >> a hollywood icon now singing in heaven. hven. the legendary debbie reynoldsld has died one day after her h daughter d coming up her final words too her >> live look outside on thisn ts thursday december 29th. it is a wet start for some ofe you this morning.his mor we're going to get details inetn your weather and trafficra coming up on the 5s at 6:05.:0 saying good morning to you. i'm maureen umeh in for >> and i'm steve chenevey. >> we're following a developing story out of q wuee'n an county maryland. police say aan cou deputy was st during a domestic disturbance call in chestertown. chest the suspect fired a shotgun atta the deputy.y. that deputy returned fire and the suspect was also shot. theec dt eputy was flown to ao a hospital and i


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