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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> ahead at six ooh::search for a missing at si bethesda man crossing county lines after cou someone ntused his credit card.r police need your help. help. we'll have a live report. repor >> a hollywood icon now singing in heaven. hven. the legendary debbie reynoldsld has died one day after her h daughter d coming up her final words too her >> live look outside on thisn ts thursday december 29th. it is a wet start for some ofe you this morning.his mor we're going to get details inetn your weather and trafficra coming up on the 5s at 6:05.:0 saying good morning to you. i'm maureen umeh in for >> and i'm steve chenevey. >> we're following a developing story out of q wuee'n an county maryland. police say aan cou deputy was st during a domestic disturbance call in chestertown. chest the suspect fired a shotgun atta the deputy.y. that deputy returned fire and the suspect was also shot. theec dt eputy was flown to ao a hospital and i
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condition we understand.ion we no word though on the suspect's condition. this morning we're also following new information about a missing morni binetg hen >> he was laughter seene wa earlier this month and police are looking for a woman whos iso they say used his credit card c at a beauty supply store after he went missing. missing. annie yu live in hyattsvilleiv with the latest details. good morning, annie.e he lod mon >> reporter: hey, goodnie.epor h morning, steve, good morningtevd maureen. maur yeah, police are asking for the public's help. hel john patrick donahoe went missing earlier this month andod they say they're now looking for a woman who was seen at seet the beauty supply store on annapolis road using thead credit card after he wentard afe this beauty supply store is the last known connection to the man. let's show you a picture of o him. m. it's 36-year-old john patrick donahoe. he lives in downtown bethesda at the galleryn building butingb was last seen two weeks ago on december 13th at his parents' home on elmore lane. lane. that's also in bethesda,etsda, maryland. and police say last week a new e lead in the case brought them to the hyattsville area wherehe a woman was caught u
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credit card at the premium beauty supply store here onup y annapolis road and now policec as well as the family arey a trying to figure out how she got ahold of john donahoe's done credit card.edit cd. >> what's any other normal isan that his credit card has beenotn used and we haven't seen john jh since the 13th and the credit ce card has been used and we need e to find out what the link ise ni and how those people -- ore o thousand person got john's credit card. car >> reporter: now t-i also als want to show you a picture ofice his car. c the family tells us he wass he w last seen in his 2011 chevyhe eke quinn knocks.s. the plate there maryland tag 2ak8853. if you have seen this vehicle, c if you know where john donahoew may be or if you recognizeognize this woman on this t surveillance video, montgomery county police want to hmoear toa from you. from that's the very latest heretestr from hyattsville, maryland, mar annie yu fox5 local news. >> annie thank you. ann want to take you to theo tat latest in the death ofo th a d.c yoga
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the man charged with killingithn tricia mccauley appeared in court. court documents say adrian adria duane johnson told police mccauley offered him sex. him s he claimed she hanged herself inside her prosecutors say she was she assaulted and then killed.d d t. johnson is charged with firsteds degree murder.urr. >> d.c. police asking for yourca help identifying the people ine this surveillance video.illa police say these two men arere responsible for shooting and killing 37-year-old james dorsey jr. on cedar street oneeo monday night. night investigators say three peopler were outside of a 7-elevenp7-ele when a fight broke out andnd that's when dorsey was shot was and killed. and kill if you redecognize the suspects call police.e. >> 55-year-old eris murray a former maryland youth soccer soc coach is facing child sexualxu abuse charges in anne arrundel county.s in murray is accused of sexua lly abusing a young girl on twon two different occasions.iffere the abuse is believed to haventv taken case four to eight yearsga ago when murray was youth was yu league soccer coach for the maryland city mustangs. mta police are surging any otherny o
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>> hollywood lost oscarost oar nominated singer and actressct debbie reynolds died passing away yesterday as a result ofrdy a stroke. she died one day after the a one after death of her t dauheghter carrie reynolds rose to stardom intaomi the movie "singing in the rain." rain." her son said she passed pse moments after telling him that m she wanted to be with debbie reynolds was 84 years old. ol >> flags in maryland will be lowered to honor a soldier who died after being wounded ined in afghanistan.tan. sergeant first class allanst c brown passed away at walter at a reed national medical center. ce brown was one of threee soldiers injured during an ied attack. two other soldiers and twos american contractors were alsotc killed in that blast.lled the pentagon adding t ihat 15 t other u.s. service members mem were injured in that very same attack. >> president obama created two a morema national monuments in the west despite gop opposition.osit the monuments are in utah andhnd in nevada. nada. native american tribes applauded the action becausen be ofca the designation protects land considered to be sacreddero but gop lawmakers and some
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residents say it adds another ah layer of federal control.of f utah's attorneyed general has vowed to sue. >> ♪♪ly. >> coming up on 6:05 on this thursday morning. tucker barnes some rain>>up ourg down. annie's live shot you can hearaa it on the umbrella. >> it's gotten chilly out. out cold rain, yes.ld rai yes a little icing off to theo north and west. we're not getting any reports r of any problems. any we'll look at that.we'llook 39 reagan national, 37 dulls, 36 bwi marshall. as mentioned it is raining andai with temperatures overnights falling below freezing northth and west, there was a weather -- winter weatherinter r advisory put into effect. into c the primary concern here iser freezing rain although i'm notgn having reports of it but att last look frederick was 32 degrees so there might be a slick spot or two if you're'r well north and west with the rain that's falling out theret r early.y. let's take a look at the aook at radar.da for the most part it's just's jt rain. rain. it's steady rain across theraine city at the you can seety a that stretchingg down across calvert county into southern maryland andthla we'll have that rain showers swe for the next c
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probably through eight, e 9 o'clock we'll have that rain'l showers andl then we'llll gradually clear out and itut ani will turn blustery and colder ce later today with daytime highs only in the upper 40's to about 50. >> hm. >> that's not bad. tt's no that's later today.ay right now we're in the 30's.e'rs we'll be 50 today. only about 40 tomorrow andmorrod then we'll talk about newalk abw year's weekend if you're goingng out to the redskins game, that kind of thing coming up.f mi >> all right. >> okay. >> my commute was slower com because of the rain this morning. how does everybody else's look. >> same story, steve. even though it's a lighter week in terms of volummuee of es eves because of the holiday same wee we are seeing crashes andsh a delays around town. tow right now southbound gw parkway there's a crash, it'sshs brr spout run between 123 anden3 spout run. you can see that yellow linelowe from the beltway.from t you'll hit that congestiongeio trying get to the rooseveltsevet bridge. 95 northbound slow conditionsdis moving through stafford that. green will soon turn yellowturnw fredericksburg to the aquia harbor. especially slow war along cour
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electrical problem on 123.em o because of there electrical problem the on-ramp to southbound 95 is closed so5 is o please use caution 123 bothh directions between 95 and the te bridge to the occoquan. you can see that yellow right yh now coming up from dale city c towards lorton we do have some owowdowns. just a little bit of volume picking up south of 50.f 50. the northbound side we have asie crash between howard road andnd the 11th street bridge a care ar spun outer there because ofer t those slick conditions.he we'll take a qe uislck looklook outside and show you what you're up against. heavier rain top of the beltway light volume throughvolh college park 95 over to georgia but a slower commuteute than usual. want to tap those brakes takep h it slow. grab your umbrella.os our umbr elmetro ilas on time if you wanw to hop on the rails instead.heli back to you maureen and >> thanks erin. e president-elect donaldid trump announcing more jobsenunc coming back to the united unite states. >> police department changing their dress code for religious reasons. more on that story next. story .
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>> president-elect donald trump announced jobs comingin back to the u.s. u.s >> fox news correspondent cresp jackie ibanez is monitoringitorn the latest. >> very very strong withy on israel. i think israel was treaterd
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unfairly.unfa president-elect donald trumpelec taking parter in his longestr in exchange with reporters. report. >> where when do you see the united nation. >> reporter: this as trump tru touted plans by a japanese billionaire to bring 8,000 jobs to the >> they're bringing back togack the united states.the >> reporter: trump says he talked with the head of japan's southter:ed wit bank ter who owns mobile carrier sprint. >> he said because of meid becae they're doing 5,000 jobs indoin this country.ntry mr. trump says the satellite company one web also will besoie hiring 3,000 u.s. workers. meantime the president-elect said he talked with presidentes obama wednesday. >> he called me.c we had a very, very good talkd t about generally about things. he was in hawaii. haw it was a very, very nice call cl and i actually thought weght we covered a lot of territory. ter. >> reporter: this afters a trump recently accused mr. obama on twitter of creating "inflammatory roadd blocks in the midst oth
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late wednesday trump saying this. >> well, our staff has been stan getting along very well andellnd i'm getting along very well w with him. h >> reporter: mr. trump alsomp as met with a number of businessf s and medical leaders wednesdayedd including the heads of johnss hopkins and partnerss in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. new >> president-elect donaldside trump vetted a couplentum cap ndidates for agriculture secretary. able maldonado and former forme texas a & m president else isls a morano. mano. trump met with a number ofber medical professionalsssionals including the head of johnsjo hopkins medical center.r. trump has four cabinet positions still to fill. fil two of those positions could be announced by >> as the inauguration drawsn aw closer about a dozen groups inn washington continuing to plan pa protests meant to disrupt theptt president-elect's big day.t-ele the women's march in washington has end the most headli
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disrupt j20 preparing to paralyze traffic and disrupt dis the inauguration parade. parad >> dylann roof is acting as a his own attorney. att he told a judge he doesn't doest plan to present any evidence to try to convince a jury to juy spare his life. a jury found him guispltylty earlier this month in theth in e shooting that left nine blacknea church members dea the jury will determine ifne if roof should serve life in in prison or if he should get the e death penalty.alty >> chicago police officersgo p will be sporting body cameras sooner thaorn etixpecngted.d. the city announced yesterday yes it will fast track thatha program to restore a sense ofen trust between officers and the chicago police officers will now have those cameras bliyce te end of 2017.f01 that's about a year earlier eli than originally planned. planne. the city hopes the move willill improve the safety andove safety security of officers and also improve >> the new york police department ishe n now allowing
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sikh officers to wear turur bans.. the tur bans must be navy bluebe and have the nypd insignia attached to it. beards were forbidden. >> local churches stepping upg p security measures. >> a live look outside as we head to breloak on this thursdai morning. it's wet out there.init'set o getting colder, too. yup, weather, traffic, more on, the 5s coming up next. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> man. >> beastie boys on. >> way to get up in theget n morning.rn >> it will wake you up. u so will this if you go outside without the pr
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>> pouring across much e of thee area here at the moment. all let's get to today starts rainy. good news only ttoheday next cc hours will we be dealing witheag the rain showers movinge ra shog through. in fact much of the day will be bright andt mu sunny tickingg the afternoon withit temperatures about 50. aut we've cooled off overnight.ff on temperatures touch and go offes to the north and west t where we've been concerned wither freezing rain. look at frederick. t fredick. 32 degrees this morning.or so i just want to quickly just give you another w to arning her that off to the north and west you should encounter slickr spot on the roads. everybody else isn th just plai. it's a chilly rain out there, t though with a good steadyad downpour here right inside the city. you can see the north --th northeast side here theside h beltway up towards collegey up t park and beltzville owgetting b some good rain. parts of montgomery and howard county, much of southern s maryland calvert county gety g something good soaking rains.. this will continue for a fewilco more hours. you can see the backside b already working into parts ofo the viewing area and we'll getia it through here pretty quickret
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will turn blustery and cololderl a little later this afternoon ti and tonight behind it.tonight be allhi right. rig it's winter weather up to theatt rth.h. again winter weather advisorywi for thent northerern part of ouo viewing area, northernther maryland after that winterha wie weather advisory through 9:00r a.m. although i don'advit have a reports of any icing so that's a great news. racing rin see it's off pretty quickly to theuick to east.ea there we are at 8 o'clock.we are you can see we s atillt got soe left overrain showers but o things are starting tveo tapergo off and by afternoon we should break out in sunshine. i want to mention the colder air.brea to er eppening in thppening in th mountains to the west whereta we'rine gs ettoting snow and tha going to continue overnighte into tomorrow morning. mor they've had some prettye pre significant accumulationsat great for the ski resorts butfo if you're traveling keep in mind that there's going to beths snow in the mountains thereuntae out to the west. all right. r let's fast forward -- i don'tn' know about flashing forwardlashr but we'll fast forward to newwad year's eve. it should be fine. f it's going to be in the 30's,oig upper 30's here when you're your headed out and just a fewtew clouds out there, dry. the, d looks like a few showers forhowf the day on sunday and of and o
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because i know everybody's going to be out at fedexuse fid all of us everybody in thebody area is going to be out theree t cheering on the redskins overskv the giants. giant >> game is at 1:00. 1:00. >> no, 4:25.:2 >> no, they moved it. 4 4:25. >> thank you tucker. t >> sunshine morning after s morning rain 5un1 shdegrees.1 ghl right. how is it it >> that gives me plenty timelent for an afternoon nap so there's no excuses. >> i think everybody is going to be getting up late.hink eto >> that, too too. fair enough. right now traffic-wise we areff seeing lighter volume buteing because of the rain it's definitely slowing things lcauss down. crash southbound gw parkway before spout run jammed allre s the way backpo to 123.23. we're starting to see volume s coming down 270 from 70 to the7t truck scales. let's see if we can forwardcaor our that's not the only crashot thea we're up against this 95 we do have an electricalctri problem reported. it's 123 just next to 95.5. ramp to southbound 95 is closed.osed. northbound 95 seeing delaysays coming up from dale cityp om day across the occoquan as well.el forwarding our maps twos two crashes on the northbound sideon of t 295.
6:18 am
from visit to the bridge. then a crash on the northbound s side. a car spun out just before theuo 11th street bridge an secondn sd crash now just north of the o beltway out by malcolm x malcolx avenue. please use caution there. across oxon hillease u the innei loop looks really nice. let's take a live look l loo outside. want to show you those rainyse r conditions so you get some som perspective as to what you'ret up against this morning.g starting to see a lot ofee lot o slowdowns on the freeway evens f though volume is light i guess we'll get a look a i gt those to cameras next.ras nex keep in mind metro is on back to you.back to y >> people around the worlde aroe preparing to usher in 2017 and27 for some a sense of fear comesr along with the festivitiesvi especially in the wake of theal berlin chrlyistm ias market attack. authorities here at home and around the world are workingitii hard to make sure new year's eve revelers do stay safe.e. in times square stricte st security measures will be insu place for those waiting hoursin for the ball to drop andnd streets surrounding the area will be closed.will bos police in cologne germanyogne ramping up security therey there following last year's newllowiny year's eve mob attack. when hundreds of women reported they had been groped and robbed by groups of men.bbeb as a resulty
6:19 am
cameras are now in place.. ly. ly. >> local churches also stepping up security for new year's watch night services.>> g the service us watch w niligl cu despite a recent call fromt isis for attacks on theacks on e christian new year. one local church we spokechri tt plans to have security at thecut door and plainclothes polices officers in the pews. the fbi says therers i is no is specific credible >> more trouble for samsung. ssu customers complaining aboutning another defect with theanot phones. we'll have more on that story nexthe.thehave m >> first though china home toinm the world's highest bridge. bri stands something 200 stories00 o tall. tall >> wow.>> >> the bridge officiallyff opened this morning.or that's bizarre. >> incredible. and why, right?and >> that's a good question. queio >> okay. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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♪♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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>> it's 6:21. more trouble for samsung and le fan up itanging up its menu. first a check of the markets.ars joining us from the fox fox business network studio lauren good morning
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morning. >> all right, let's talkey t about it. samsung more troubles. ts. honestly i had one and i had had to trade it in and i guess i'm i not alone. alo >> reporter: was eight note not seven or another samsung. samsug >> it was another one but i buti heard all the problems iblem thought you know what, let meu , just go back to apple, the iphone and i gather a lot ofr af people following the same f lead.lo >> reporter: yeah. epr: yeah. case in point if you look at recent device activations, apple is trouncing samsung by b two to one at this point. point so, apple is becoming a lot more the latest issue for samsung has to do with the s7 phone, s7e the galaxy s7. the rear camera lens on thehe back, some of these owners areea saying it shattered out of nowhere.noere never even used my phone or mydy phone brand new had it just 10hs days and if you look at thatha shattered glass it's like a bbb gun shot right at it.t. and then it gets even worseve wr because they're contacting thehe company or their carriers andri no one is doing anything abouttn .
6:23 am
for the repaitor p costs. so, after what's been a toughou year for samsung with theith the exploding batteries and theg bat like, now they're dealing with potentially faulty camerafaulty lenses as well. >> i can imagine not good fleorf their bottom lines i would i w imagine overall. overall. let's talk about stocks rights h now. we skipped over that a little oe bit but how are the marketr e doing this morning. >> reporter: sure. youdoing >> r know, dow 20,000,s going to come? i mean itsean proving to be very difficult dit to get to that level. we had a 111-point fall yesterday for the dow.da i mean, we haven't said a down d day in quite some time.ime. futures this morning are we have today and tomorrow.d too that's it. i two opportunities but we are going to end the yeartu wniittih phenomenal gains.enal g dow is up 14 percent.peent. s & p is up 10 percent thiserces year so that is helping to t contribute to this feeling of festivity. >> yeah. >> reporter: people are in.eportemoney aga >> people are optimistic whichi is always good.oo
6:24 am
with an addition. addit i don't know, i'm asking why asy is it needed but you tell us about it.t i >> reporter: i don't knowter: it why fries are needed at taco i also hear that they're selling chicken chips. you can see them right therehthe in that picture in the back left -- back right rather. rathe taco bell is experimentinger with all different additions to the t this is what they're serving up at some californiaaliforni locations. loaded nacho fries. you can put anything on theing e french fries and make nachoake n platter on top of french fre fries. fr the chicken chips i can't i cant explain that one to you.n at >> so they already have --ey al- they introduced the dorito dor supreme or something alonghing a those lines and you can getn get that. now the fries with all the accouterment there. the i'm not a taco bell patronell tr regularly so, yeah. yea >> reporter: i -- i think it thk looks delicious. >> really? >> reporter: just, you know, i -- french fries and taco t bell just don
6:25 am
for me but i'd try 'em. >> disclaimer i would try it.mel i would try it just because.bec. >> reporter: okay. >> yes, okay, i'll try it butt t where can we get it? is it widespread. >> reporter: california.ifor >> taco bells everywhere.vewh >> reporter: no, no, in a couple locations any otherocth california and that's it. if it tests successful they the pick another location to testero in. in the end it goes nationwideatd because of this product -- if- f this product provesth successful. >> we'll have to wait and see.ip e laurento wan simonetti.imonetti. >> reporter: nacho fries.orter: >> nacho fries, yes. nac thanks again. row.l see you tomor >> reporter: bye. rorter: >> i'm not opposed to trying anything with fries but i wit would not go to mcdonald'sald's to get a taco. aaco. i feel like you kind of play pla to your strengths.your >> thank you.>>hank s.s. >> typical food i'd eat a lotot of and then have a really bad stomachache for about threeboutr days. >> and then you would go backu and do it again. >> take a little time off. o >> after a period of time. i've learned my
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>> i'm like a dog that way. i'll eat whatever is in front of me. we are rainy and cold. cd. >> rainy and cold this col morning. >> that's the worst. >> you know, i agree. y >> that is theou kno worst. wort >> if it's going to be cold. gol >> just be cold.d. >> the rain>> is insult to injury. injury. >> 39 this morning.>> it is raining across the 39 ara it's just liquid here. he. had some concerns with some freezing rain off to the north and west hern e earlyof althoug think that that threat is i waning as temperatures are upeme just a little you can see with our radar rad looks like most that of winter weather is up intois uinto pennsylvania now.ow good soaking rain here for anga few more hours.ou. morning commute is not going to be fun wmmeautther-wise and a then we should get somehoul sunshine by late morning early afternoon. the winds are going to pick upip and we'll have highwe'lhave temperatures about 50 degrees0 s as we get a colder patternr prn here for a couple days. friday and saturday daytime d highs in the low to mid 40's0' so colder air on the way behind this front. front but the good news new year'syear eve will be quiet. q temperatures will be in theur 30's if you're going w first night activities are going to be outsideght
6:27 am
goes out and celebrates.rates. >> and celebrates.ebte >> and a few showers in time tim for our redskins game againstgat the giants sunday afternoon.noo. about 50. >> okay. >> okay. oka >> okay. >> i don't think the giants are going to play their't starters. thigoing st >> i read that.arters. >> talk more sports later.>>mo here's erin. >> i notice you have a moonn pie on your desk tucker. >> i certainly do. >> i want more on that>> in that information 'cause i want aion u half of it. >> i don't share moon pies.oon e >> i was going the say. s >> i'm hope to get you yourr own. own. >> okay. >> my goodness. >>y moina rainy morning and appag rently sharing is not parp of the team today.eam tod let's take a look at ourtur roads. southbound gw parkway thereayhee was a crash reported justd j before spout run after 123.fter3 car into a tree so just use juse some caution there. there this is causing somecausing se slowdowns. wet conditions. we have adi couple crashes thisi morning you need to be awareneea of. also electrical issues causingss problems out in the woodbridge area. hazardous conditions 123tions 12 because of electrical repair. ri it's closing the on-ramp to t ut
6:28 am
watch for two crashes on 95.n 9. one at malcolm x one before the 11th streeth strt bridge. slowdowns in the area as well. back to you guys. thebao you gu. >> thanks very much. t >> get this. tale.ale.ut of a fairyha >> hour howe a community ishowem coming together givmue two local kids app cinderella story.ry that's next. >> awww
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y26i0y y17vy >> ♪♪ >> we're back at 6:30 on this thursday morning. th outside at randydet road in georgetown.g you can see the wet roads out there sure to complicateom
6:31 am
details on the weather and thehe roads all coming up on the 5s. meantime we say welcomemee a back to you. welcome back to fox5 newsome ba morning. weather and traffic coming upffc at 6 this morning we have neworninghw information about a missingatiou bethesda man, 36-year-old johnlh patrick donahoe was last seen december 12th at a home on he o elmore lane. he left in a 2011 black chevy c eke quinn knocks.uinnck his credit card last used at a hyattsville beauty supply store. the man charged withed wit killing tricia mccauley.. adrian duane johnson told them mccauley consented to sex.ex oscar nominated singer andd actress debbie reynolds hasha died. di she passed away wednesday as a result of a stroke. reynolds died one day after the death of herresuds die daugr carrie fisher. fher. reynolds rose to stardom into s the movie "singing in the rain."in her son says she passed p moments after telling him shehi
6:32 am
debbie reynolds was 84 years yea old. now a story that will warmtl your heart a virginiairni community pulling off apuf magical christmas surprise forur a couple of kids being adopteddt in virginia.inirgi fox5's alexandria limon hasria h the story you'll see only on fox5. fox5. >> reporter: once upon aep time there was aor little girl named miranda whose dad builtadt her a carriage fit for a >> i hid it for three weeksthrew and presented it to her on her third birth day. the princess got older so herer dad decided to sell a carriage. then heard a story about two aut kids waiting to be adopted byo t a couple in virginia.. >> i cried 'cause my -- my dad told me the mom died. d jeff ward says he was so touched by the children'sby t ci story he decided to donate theoe carriage to them.o t >> such a simple decision. decio i knew the moment that she that presented this that this was thi the right place and the onlys wh place i wanted thise only to goo like it fell in my lap.y >> reporter: his decisionepor set
6:33 am
kind acts among strangers intrae loudoun county. cnt >> i was just so touched byas the story i said what jus else c we do and that's when it's en started getting a chest ahe together and started filling stf it. >> reporter: the only o connection is that they'retion t part of the same facebook fac marketplace. >> i think we get so wrapped up in christmas and buying foruy ourselves sometimes there'sve other people who aren'ts so as fortunate and lucky to have ao e good year as we have so it wasis good way for them to participate. >> reporter: their familiesr: tm filled an entire car with donations. >> one of these.. >> like batman toys and star s wars.s. >> reporter: that's how total strangers created atrrs cd little christmas magic foror seven-year-old mikhaila and six-year-old luke. everyone that took part intook r this surprise enjoyed it sot so much they say they want too find someone special to h
6:34 am
every christmas moving forward. jeff even says he'll build bld more carriages. >> this is probably been therobt best christmas of my life just being -- being a part of what o just happened for these kids. >> there's a tea eight. e these acts of kindness willtsf i surely help mikhaila and luke l live happily ever after inappile their new virginia home. h in loudoun county, alexandriari limon fox5 local news. >> ♪♪>>♪ >> washington wizards takingng on the pacers last night.tohe pc wizards close to getting back to .500.50 brad dee beale driving to the te basket rolls his right ankleol lsthough right there. ouch. ou tumbles to the played almost 18 minutes intumbi the first half sat out the out t second half.secondalf. he'll be day to dame under twoer minutes to go wizards up twop working behind the arc to otto porter sinks the three. the thr. aunt minute to go john wall
6:35 am
splits two pacers extends foror the lay in switches handslay ind makes it real pretty.l pre there you go.o. game high 36 for john wall.all. wizards win 111-105. 111-1 days away from the newys a year arguably the biggest gameit of the season for then r redskins. how can you say it's not.can they have to win to make it toyo the post season. to e poeason. they will play the giants.s. their fate is in their ownhe hands. hand win and you're in. unless of course the lions and a packers tie.s tie. that has to be the asterisk.ste. fox game of the week kicks off 4:3:30. catch all of the action onn on fox5. giants say they're not goingay e to rest y'anybody so should be a great game.ame. speak of great gamesgreat gs doesn't get any bigger thang playing the number one team in that college basketball andlnd that's what maryland will doylad tonight at home taking on the number one uconn huskies.kies tipoff at 6:00.ff at:00. maryland has home advantage.dvta go terps. go good luck. >> ♪♪ >> the playoff game.e. >> essentially if you losef you you're done. done. >> right. >> well, wish them luck.
6:36 am
starters it's going to be -- be >> rain on sunday for thesu for game. game >> few showers. just a few>> showers on sunday.. let's start with today.t' we got more than a fews st gotor showers.e we're getting good downpours everywhere.erywhe 39 at rig.39 at rig in it is a cold rainin it i a-chilly rain out there.raout t. dulles, bwi marshall in thel 30's as well.'s asell. the good news just about about everybody now is above we were concerned with some freezing rain north and weste co eancrl raiy.rl i think that threat is waning wn here as temperatures are warming up a little bit but liti you can see a good steady rain r across the region.he reg a couple more hours of this ohi and then we'll start to, a, dry things out and then latern l this afternoon clear thingsftere out and we'll actarually gety some afternoon sunshine withunsw temperatures around 50 laterd 5r today, although it will be breezy so take a jacket withkett you but you'll only need a rain jacket and your patiencepae in the morning hours. by the afternoon we'll dry iin e out. new year's forecast, redskinssk football, when's our first our r snowstorm. >> do we know that. >> what's going to happen in 2017, i have all>> t dhoses go e coming up.
6:37 am
>> do you? >> that crystal ball working w for you.yo >> we're not going anywhere. noi in the meantimnge here's erin. i >> right now we're not seeingren a ton of congestion but thingsns are slow because of the look at all of that strayha s coming up.cop. this is the beltway by river by road. you can see traffic is slows s despite the fact it's lightert'r volume in light of the holiday week. let's forward our cameras. cam outer loop starting to back up u in college park as well.legearks this is the outer loop side loos headlights moving very slowly. v 95 to georgia you're going hitit some stop-and-go traffic about o a 10 minute delay. delay. inner loop very light butr loopv again cars are moving atov slower speeds.slower same story here as you make youm your way out on 66.n 66 toward the beltway slowingwi down as well. w let's go ladies and take a ladsn look at our maps. map track something crashes c includes something electricallea issues in woodbridge.odbridge. 123 right now caution in both bh directions on 123 between 955 and the occoquan bridge. the on-ramp to southbound 95ou is closed because of thate ofhat electrical repair.r. and we're seeing northboundthbon delays coming up from dalerom city as you controls the occoquan simply because of theis rain and the amount ofmot o congestion. 295, two northbod
6:38 am
one at malcolm x and one one before the 11th street bridge.e. metro is on time. back to you guys. >> world's richest ending 2016i0 on a very high note. n >> one uber driver is not stopping for red lights and l he's not running them, eigither. we'll explain next.
6:39 am
6:40 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
6:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> 6:40 is the time. we're back with what's trending on the web on this thursday morning. first up hours after the death of 6:4e ba on ththurrs a reynole fisher was announced onn tuesday billboards honoringdsonn the late actress popped up in in south carolina.olina. representatives said no onetati paid for the signs theys just s wanted to honor the "starhe "str rs" " icon. some of the world's richest ending 2016 on a very high tete. data shows the world's wld wealthiest people ending 2016 with $237 billion more thanre they had at the start of thet et year.year that is despite, yes, despite di shifts in power across europe ee and the united states.united st. the massive gains were led by u.s. investor warren buffetuffe who added $11.8 billion to his war chest during the year.he and we bet one new york yk city uber driver feels even e luckier than those billionaires, maybe.aybe earlier this month noah noa foreman hit not one, not two,oto not three, not four, but 236 green lights in a roam he says s he makes sure to go at a a steady pac
6:42 am
driving so he don't have todon' stop and his new goal is to hit 500 consecutive lights tovel which i'm calling no way, noo how, he didn't do it. >> i'm just going to put itgoino out p there. the if i had to choose between hitting 500 green lights0 n l consecutively or being a billionaire, billionaire wins wn 100 percent of the time.rcen >> i'm going with you. but i want to'm g see the receis on that whole green lighten lig thing. >> he was bored and he wantede n something to >> steve, do you buy it? come c on son. >> we shall see. >> thanks, mo. thanks, mo. coming up as maureen justass mentioned we'll remember thembet legacy of debbie reynolds and a a reminder as we head to break k if you have a news tip give use a call (202) 895-3000.95-300 yes, a real person will pickwilk up that phone or e-mail use -mai your tip fox5 tips at
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6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪♪ >> looks like aspen in that shot? like aks lik mountain to somewhere. >> you're right, yes.. >> looking up wisconsin wco avenue. still pretty except for therett raindrops out >> saw a picture of georgetownen from the 1920's it looks looks exactly the same. >> sure does, doesn't it? esn't only difference is the cars on the roads. >> you forget how beautiful it is when it's so crowded duringwr the daytime. dayti we have a lot of beautiful architecture in this area. just an observation.bser >> in the morning >> get out this time of daye o d and enjoy it.enjoy i hey we're starting rainy.ainy good soaking rain across the acs area although i'll show youi'llu here on radar momentarily that t it's starting to wind do
6:46 am
we're not going have rai all a day just for another hour orr two. chilly temperatures, too. line in washington, 40 in in wa quantico. we've been most concerned off to the north and west. t we had somehe freezinge fre temperatures overnight.eraturesn we're still holding oignthto tht 32 in frederick. so, it's possible there is as winter weather advisory acrosscr the northern tier of our areahe that includes frernde trick andd washington counties there could be an icy spot or o two that develops some of that t potential freezing rain there to the north and west althougngo again i think just aboutstbout everybody is in the clearybody here. you can see the mountains insee the mid 30's andmoun besides thd rain has stopped falling off f to our west. w there's your rain showerour rair activity. heaviest of the rain looks to be just to our of th east croftoncrof bowie out towards knowards k annapolis get something goodethd soaking rains at the moment. partsrain of southern maryland.l up and down 95 still get sll g something rain.something rain. we've had plenty of rain of ra plenty of road spray for youy fu unfortunately for your morninge commute. comm there's storm track radar andada it's a cold front coming rougugh. by late morning, we should bee completely drying out and then n by afternoon we'll break out bak with some sunshine and much
6:47 am
will be in the upper 40's toig about 50 this afternoon.. so, one more pleasant day. i want to mention we have muchac colder air on the way.. you'll see that reflected in i futurecast here in just aere n t second. all right, there's your rain shower activity. leftovereftovetill a shower at 99.t 99. things falling apart pretty quick.quick. then we clear it out. o mountain snows out here where a storm watch has b seenowsn pos at the allegheny front.ront there will be prettyre significant snows over theant sr next 24 hours.xt 2 snowfall tonight into tomorrowi morning. this shows you we'll have a he very cold northwest flow here fr for the overnight hours andght u tomorrow is going to be arrow in chilly day. i don't know if we goat out of the low 40's.ow ie w 40 if you are one of the lucky luc ones having a ticket to thet toe game sunday afternoon aer temperatures in the 40's at kickoff with clouds and maybeay a shower or two. onhowers oa few showers sunday. not a washout but a fewut showers on sunday and let me me just point out quickly ifckly if you're going out new year'sew y' eve chilly temperatures. not brutally cold but we'll b wl get in the 30's here saturday s night and it should be dry forry new year's eve which is greatgr news. ws right, erin.
6:48 am
>> i'm so exciteed. >> we are partying. >> i know what>> w i'm wearing. you wearing your tux. youtu >> right now unfortunately notou an excited thursday morning mni commute despite the fact it'se ' a holiday week so we haven't hav had the typical traffic patterns. seeing wet roads. se the rfro on the ramp from gw parkway to the inner loophe i blocking the right shoulderht sl causing some delays.cag some as we move from our cameras toao our maps other problem areasblee you need to be aware of.wa o if you're heading out in the district, constitution avenue northwest to pennsylvania,est tp there's a crash there so ifo if you're headed down to the hilltt for work today keep in mind min that that crash is thath is t location. locati seeing a lot of heavy volumevoue on c street louisiana we're just seeing a lot ofa lotf slow moving traffic because ofra the rain around the districthe r so many something to keep inke mind once you get inside the beltway. southbound gw parkway a car hit a tree.ree. now that crash did move overe to the shoulder so we'reulder e' seeing those bigger delaysels dissipate but please usee use caution this morning.utio as you make your way outn in
6:49 am
maryland, the outer looputer lop commute slowing a bit evene owi though we're seeing green gre through college park 95 overpa to georgia itrk just turned yellow like that heading into kensington and that's simply because of reduced speeds because of the rain.on ause ofu 95 and southbounofd the r cominn from laurel we do have someom congestion because of theesti slick conditions and thenon oncc you pass greenbelt gettingass ge inside thenbelt beltway 295 sls as well. 270 is delay free from 70 to the spur but watch for somechor stop-and-go traffic by urbana-gi simply because again of those te wet roads. metro is on time. on t steve and maureen. maure >> if you could live next doordr to any celebrity who would youei want to live next door to.o live >> new survey from zillow putslo the first family at the number e one spot on that list of the most desirable president obama first lady michelleent obama sasha and maa got 14 percent of the vote. nearly edging out duane theua t rock johnson. jns i'd pick him too. too chip and joanna gains you know them from hgtv's "fixer upper." up i want them to help fix up my house.hous
6:50 am
list rounding out the top five v with add department as for whoe was voted the least justin jus bieber rob kardashian. >> i'd take the rock. r too much security for they fo first family to live next to to them. them. as cool as that would be but beb the rock seems like a nicee a ne normal guy. norm i think he would be a fun be a n neighbor. >> i don't want to be his don wn neighbor.hb. >> you want to be --e >> i want to live with him. h >> i got you. >> all in for duane the rock johnson. he's awesome. let's tell you about thi bout thi queen latifah's car was stolen. it happened in front of the person driving it. an unidentified person was driving her car and got out tout mpmp gas. the person driving then heardhea the ignition saw on and saw someone jump in speed off withps the car.peedthcar police traced the car back tobat an apartment complex innt cplex southwest atlanta but they're t' still searching for the thief. f >> "star wars" fans paying a wa special tribute to theiribto t forever princess.ries dozens of people at champion c
6:51 am
gathered to honor carrie fisher.sher fisher became a phil icon following her role aspirin shesn is leia. they ate free pizza anda remembered fisher.ed f she died tuesday afteray suffering a heart attack on atan flight to l.a. last w she was 60 years old. >> heartbreak just keepsbreak ps coming. >> just to add one thing a one t though the celebrity next door thing i think mine would bemildb quentin tarantino onlyentara because -- >> i was going off that list though. goi thouut he specifically has a theater in his house and whene d he makes movies he invites allev the actors over and he showseho the film.e f >> does he invite the>> ighborors though. doe >> i don't know. i would just sneak in. i >> there you go. >> i would too. that's pretty cool. >> the rock would be awesome.we >> yeah, unfortunately anothernh morning here of devastatingng carrie fisher obviously passed away monday -- tuesday.. >> tuesday morning. morni >> noun her mother debbieoun reynolds has passedhe awaywa yesterday and very sad.y sad she was 84 years o carrie fisher was only 60.0. both very very
6:52 am
>> reporter: last night r reports came out that reynoldsee who was 84 suffered a possible i stroke just one day after her h 60-year-old daughter died.d. now debbie reynolds sufferedred and many articles are sayinges s people talk about the idea of io grief playing a role in herlayil death and we can't prove something like that but people are saying she may have died from a brokenlikeng s heart. het makes perfect sense.. todd fisher who is debbie debbi reynold's son spoke to e e saying she went to be with w carrie and in fact those were w her last words she spoke thispot morning and reynolds told tmz quote that hours before thee stroke reynolds said i miss mis her so much i want to be with w >> apparently they were extremely close. clo >> carrie fisher honored her mom at the sag awards in 2015n and debbie reynolds was an icon.ic "singing in the rain" one ofn"no the greatest movies of all time. time. according to an interview inervi people she did not know k thousand dance before she tookdo that >> really? >> and she -- phenomenal.mena >> she told people in 2011 i2011 that f f
6:53 am
trained me before we started shooting and they -- and they ae would -- her feet would be during good morning, goodnggo morning we would never stop nev shooting is we wouldould continually do the number andy my feet were bloody all day all long. >> really suffering for your t.t. >> she worked tabor some of the great of the film makersak of all time. she's a big collector of hollywood materials. this is crazy.hollthis is craz yesterday on facebook debbieacee reynolds did post at 1:47 she posted saying "thank you toto everyone who has embraced therde gift and talents of my beloved and amazing today.zing i'm grateful for your thoughts g and prayers that are nowprers guiding her to the next stop. n. love, carrie's mother. m that was yesterday. >> wow. >> at 1:47 p.m. celebritycebr reactions are pouring in this i morning for debbie reynolds. rno one of the true hollywood icons and legends we all know of, george said "there iss nothing harder than having tog t bury
6:54 am
a broken heart. hea a lot of people are saying. sin that jamie lee curtis whotis w works with debbie's granddaughter billy lord l carrie daughter, jamie lee curtis says there are no words r just that we want to surround billy with loving caring andithg please give her space media, please. please. larry king tweeted "debbie reynolds was pure class.ure c she was loving, talented beautiful, unsinkable. i feel sorry for anyone who never got a chance to meet sorr her. he ." before we get to this next thi picture i want to saycte i want something real i was looking at debbie reynolds' facebook post aboutfap her daugoshter passing away. awa and this comment came this is a random person, guy's name is james smith, and we a w have the picture here and he wrote on his facebook, i'm sok, sorry for your loss miss reynolds. we didn't know each other but -- she was talking about a carrie we spent the afternoonno chatting laughing and playing with her dog gary.wi it's a memor
6:55 am
cherish. hugs to you and your familiar.un this is a random guy who met carrie fisher on a beach. bea awful what happened. happed. "singing in the rain" is a masterpiece.ece. this sounds cheesy.s chsy. tucker says it's going rain r for an hour or two.r. but on your way to your car just sing a little bit. i feel cheesy saying it.heesy s. >> i think it's heart warming.ha >> do a little singing on thesi the way to your car this morning in remembrance.embrance i think it's raining for ani reason. >> let's honor all those we've ' lost this year. th y >> i can't believe she wasan't cast for that movie not knowing how to dance. to nc >> she did an interview inview 2011 saying that.2011 saying i'm sure she knew some dancing n but she said she didn't >> she looked like a pro. p >> she was singing in that movie. >> no doubt about it. >> tuck you get to pick up the rain p
6:56 am
>> very nice, kev.ce, >> i know it's cheesy.s ces >> you said it, not me. >> no, but why not? >> a little cheese never hurttl anybody. >> do a little singing on the way to the car this morning. it is raining.chlittle it is rainst.he forecast.he c absolutely. not only is it raining it'sngt' cold out. out. 40 degrees now in washington.aso wind chill 34.nd chi 3 and it feels like a raw chill rc with the rain showers across rai the area. good news, the rain will wind w down here pretty you can see theet western edge of it already pressing into pre parts of the area and i thinkre we'll be done with the rain by n 9, 10 o'clock this morning and d we'll gradually clear out thisas afternoon with highs near highsa 50 degrees. deg it will be breezy and cooly ando this afternoon. make sure you bring a jacket but we can have more sunshinein to look forward to later thisert afternoon. we'll talk more about thel weekend coming up butta for thee most part it will be ast pleasant weekend but a cool putc weekend. all right, erin is back with aha look at wet roadways t.. >> yeah, and slow roadsw roa despite the fact congestion isis lighter. wanted to take a look at theooke map. this is in green -- has beenhase green all week because of thebe holiday commute and a lot of folks having off.folk as you head os ut in colleg
6:57 am
beltway before from before colesville to the spur slowsle t with congestion. slow speeds because of that. rain and constitution avenue con crash at pennsylvania ifh you're heading down towardsat h the hiealdil. keep it to fox5 news morning.tof we have your news, weather andod traffic. we're back in a few.e backn a >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 7 o'clock a bethesda man missing butis foh somebody useesdda m hisis credic in prince george's county.nce police are trying figure outingi what was was. we'll have a liveghterau carrie fisher. eain staainta passesafter a strok stroke. life and legacy and how'sowhe'st being remembered in hollywood.ho >> punishing russia.>>unis we could learn today how the hoe white house plans to respond to those reports that thehat the kremlin interfered in the u.s. s elections and it could drive another wedge between theher we president and his successor. sus >> life look outside on thisn thursday morning. thfie got weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning to you. y thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martinn in for allison seymour.mour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'mte welcome to fox5 news morning. m. this morning we're following the very latest devningelopments in the search for a missing mis bethesda man.. 36-year-old john patrickhn patck donahoe last seen earlier this t month at his parents' home.e. >> it's 17 days later and the investigation has shifted to tohyattsville.attsll that's where we find annieind ni
7:01 am
yuism good morning wisdom a


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