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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 7 o'clock a bethesda man missing butis foh somebody useesdda m hisis credic in prince george's county.nce police are trying figure outingi what was was. we'll have a liveghterau carrie fisher. eain staainta passesafter a strok stroke. life and legacy and how'sowhe'st being remembered in hollywood.ho >> punishing russia.>>unis we could learn today how the hoe white house plans to respond to those reports that thehat the kremlin interfered in the u.s. s elections and it could drive another wedge between theher we president and his successor. sus >> life look outside on thisn thursday morning. thfie got weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning to you. y thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martinn in for allison seymour.mour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'mte welcome to fox5 news morning. m. this morning we're following the very latest devningelopments in the search for a missing mis bethesda man.. 36-year-old john patrickhn patck donahoe last seen earlier this t month at his parents' home.e. >> it's 17 days later and the investigation has shifted to tohyattsville.attsll that's where we find annieind ni
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yuism good morning wisdom a yeah, john patrick donahoe heone went missing earlier this month, excuse me, and this beauty supply store behind meup in hyattsville is the reallyea known connection -- or the or t last known connection to donahoe.dona he mysteriously disappearedpear earlier this month and now now police are looking for a woman w they say used his credit card cr at this supply store. let's show you a picture of of him. he's 36 years old he lives in ls downtown bethesda at the gallery building and last seenae on december 13th at hist h parents' home on elmore lanean also in bethesda and policendol say last week they got a lead la in the case that brought themugt to the hyattsville area whereleh a woman was caught onaut surveillance using donahoe'sce s credit card at the premium beauty supply store on s annapolis road and now police aw as well as the family arehe fam trying to figure out how she how got ahold of his credit card. card. card >> what's not normal is thatis a his credit card has been useds and we haven't seen john sincein the 13th and the credi
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has been used and we need toe nd find out what the link is andth how those people -- or thousand person got john's credit card.ard. >> reporter: now, the familyamy tells us john left their home he in his black 2011 chevy c equinox that's what you'rethat's looking at now with marylandithn tag 2ak8853.ak88 police tell us that this woman used his credit card inar i several retail stores in the ste hyattsville area. they're urging anyone who recognizes her in thishis surveillance photo to givecehoto them a call or if you have --av if you know where john donahoewh may be.y be. that's the later festhe later hyattsville, maryland, annieylan yu fox5 local news.ews. >> another hollywood star's sta light dimmed this morning. dim legendary actress debbiemendary reynolds mother of carrie of rre fisher died one day after a carrie fisher's death. dea >> here with more on here on her iconic life maureen umeh. ume >> another sad loss in hollywood. debbie reynolds has died at 84ni years old, one day after her
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away. the acclaimed singer dancerngane actress start starred in 40 in films and countless tv she was a business woman a film historian humanitarian and avid collector of film f memorial beale y she was born be mary francis reynolds in el paso texas. she had her breakout role in 1950's with three little words w but dance the her way into io film history two years laterrs l when she co-starred with jean ja kell and donald o'connor in "singing in the rain." reynolds remained active intoiv her 80's and was recognized for her humanitarian work anumir lifetime achievement award a from the screen anothers anothes guild. she's survived by her son toddod who says reynolds passed away moments after telling him she tm wanted to be with her daughter d carrie. steve and wisdom i understandund they were very close the two t living next door to eachng nex other.r. another sad loss debbi
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reynolds dying at the age of ate 84. >> sad story. thank you maureen.>> s >> uh-huh. >> 7:03 is the time.>> 7:0 we're following a dev3 elisoping story out of queen anne countye in maryland. police say a deputy was shot during a domestic disturbanceesd call last night. happened around 9:30 at a homeoe on ed more road in chesterest county. while police were inside theli house the suspect cefired aed a shotgun at the deputy.heuty. the deputy returned fire andnedr the suspect was also shot.also the deputy was flown to a hospital and is in criticalca condition. no word yet on the suspect's condition.conditio >> the man charged with maned killing tricia mccauley mccau appeared in court.ou adrian duane johnson toldohnsonl police mccauley offered himred sex and claimed she hangedheangd herself inside of her car.he c prosecutors say however herev injuries show she was show e wa assaulted and killed.ille johnson is charged with first degree murder. >> d.c. police asking for yourln help identifying the people in l this surveillance video. sur police say these two men are responsible for shooting and killing 37-year-old james-old dorsey jr. on cedar street see monday night.. investigators say
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when a fight broke out. o that's when police say dorsey dr was shot and killed. andil if you recognize these suspects call police.ol >> 7:05.05 tuck is back with thehe forecast.focast. >> the man show continues. cont. >> it is the man show.ho >> what topics will they be.he b >> things you built in yourn yor gagege. >> okay. >> good topic. >> when is pizza too old to old eat. >> never really. >> yeah.h >> and redskins football.sootbal >> okay. >> win or go home. >> rivalry game. >> must win situation. musn si >> those are our thore o conversations. >> those are the men's topics for the day. >> all right. are t alleanwhile, yeah, raineahile,n showers. good news temperatures aboveures 32 so even with the chillyn wity rain it's not a freezing rain and that's what we werehat we w concerned about overnight.d abo 34 in frederick.ri. that's the last spot to get get above the freezing mark whichinr is 41 in the city.41n the it's not warm out there with t the rain. 43 in leonardtown, line in fredericksburg.
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they are tapering offin s west o east. east. i'll keep app threat of a shower in the forecast through o about 9, 10 o'caclock in thestck morning and then we'll gradually clear out.ut. breezes will pick up but we'll be enjoying afternoon sunshine and temperatures about ab. another pleasant afternoon andon then colder air gets in here tonight and tomorrow daytimerowy highs don't orgeat out of the 40's so get ready for a chilly l couple days. co 51 today. >> uh-huh. >> another manly question. qstio what's an umbrella and why w would i ever need that. >> right. >> that you go steve that's were i'm talking about how many this is the kind oft you ' stufhef -- kin >> yeah. >> erin como gets a free passcoo as g aets honorary member of te man club this >> i think that's ahat's compliment. >> no its a compliment.a >> no, you demonstrated you're worthy of being in our club. >> thank you. d to hurtu tf hrbeeatene us if we didn't include you.lude >> i like to win the fight i'm i just >> we're aware. >> still undefeated. >> what's that. >> still undefeated. undeate >> what can i say.>> we'll switch it topher traffic. there's a crash northbound gw'lg pawrkway on the ramp to thep tot inner loop. use
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wet roads.wet s. even though congestion is much lighter than it typically typic would be look how slow traffic is moving. moving. watch for ponding conditions.onn we'll take a look at our maps. p several crashes around thes aroh area you want to be mindful ofef this morning. heading out in howard countyout towards the baltimore area ande eastbound 70 a crash blocksh blo three lanes of 29.lanes 2 now traffic is getting by but as you approach 695 you canu see we're backed up foror several miles back to 29.o 40 might be a better bet this ts morning. 50 inbound there's a crash at 201 jammed back to columbia cum park road. road. 295 southbound is slow and then 95 southbound there's aso t crash at 198.t 198. jammed to 216.o back to the man show. sho >> all right.>> thank you erin. 7:07 is the time.s the tim in the news secretary of state s john kerry defending the u.s. tu decision to abstain from a un security council voteil vot declaring israeli settlements inlegal. by doing so the u.s. brokeroke longstanding policy of shielding israel from certain diplomatic answers deepening diplomatic spat between
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mideast ally.y. >> evidence that u.s.-ledu.-l coalition forces in syria give support to terrorist groups including the islamic state byty the turkey president.sint he told the support quitertui clear and added turkey could provide proof in pictures andand videos. >> president-elect donald trump is taking credit for brreinging thousands of josibdeo back to the united states. state he announced yesterday that t 8,000 jobs will be coming to america. meanwhile yesterday president-elect donaldile ye trt also voter a couple of candidates for agriculture secretary. he met with reporting liver california lieutenant governor maldonado and former texas a &s m president else is a moreno. m two positions could be announce bide tomorrow.ide >> we could also learn as soon as today how the white house h plans to retaliate againstgain russia for allegedly meddlingdl in last month's presidentialpree election. >> the response could includeess sanctions as well as cyber a c counter attacks.r cks doug luzader has more on thehe possible action
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washington. >> reporter: the white house made it pretty clear thatter: ss kind of response to russianussi meddling was forthcoming but this may also drive even a larger web between presidentnt obama and president-electand trump. theprt election may have beenhab almost two months ago now butwom it looks like the white honouseu is following through on plansn p to retaliate against russiaus for meddling.ed with u.s. intelligencentelge agencies agreeing that thees a country was behind democratic e-mail hacks that ultimately hurt hillary clinton's now this is something somethi president obama made clear waso in the pipeline before heore he headed out for christmas >> our goal continues to be toet send a clear message to russia s or others not to do this to usts because we can do stuff to stuft you. >> reporter: that stuff could include sanctions repor os some kind of cyber response. rps the goal may to be punish not just russia in general butut specifically russian president vladimir putin. part of this though may alsoy be to create more
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president-elect trump who wast-l asked about aec potential pen response last night while hele was standing along sides boxing promoter don >> i think the computers have complicated. the whole age of computer haste made it where nobody knowsy k exactly what's going on. >> reporter: still this may ts m represent a parting shot in shon the tension filledn ll relationship between obama and putin. and while some republicans docad support some kind of response, there is a question of timing tm and whether the president presi should defer to congress. cgres >> the new congress and theest new president deal with russiaus pass new sanctions muchions much tougher than the ones weher already have. >> reporter: russian foreignsian ministry meantime promised to retaliate against any u.s. actions. in washington, doug luzaderer fox news. >> speaking on the upcomingomin inauguration it isly expectedxpe to generate more than tha $1 billion in rev view as over e 1 million people descends onesce the city for the
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officials do expect up to 400,000 people to attend aten official events, anotherno 500,000 to up to possible alto million people expected tod to show up for protests androtes a related events.vent >> president obama has created s two more national monuments inme the west despite gop opposition.opposition the monuments are in utah and native american tribestr applauded the action because the designation protects landste considered sacred. gop lawmakers and somewm residents say it adds anotherno layer of federal control.r ofedr utah's attorney general has vowed to sue. >> ringing in the new year lab h a concern aboute ne possibleut p terror attacks. aac >> coming up we'll tell wase w local churches are doing to make sure that people areple safe. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪>> >> all right. welcome back. and i'mnd iow is 7:13 noticing -- i noticed rather aha change when i got up this up th morning when i came out.g am lot different than the lastan ts two days. last two days were pleasant p very nice. >> nice and d war >> nice and sunny.unny. >> got outside did some manlyan things outside. outsi >> when you got up thisen y morning at 2:00 in the >> i felt it changed. cha >> he built stuff in his garage before he came to work.or >> that's right. >> that's what he>> does. ds. >> what did you build in the ie >> the kids had to reorganize.rz >> save that for another show.t. >> i did leave a list before iti left home.left home. >> that's fair enough.fairnough. when they get a good night's sleep and wake up. u >> let's do the forecast.'s d we're looking at coolo 're ok condinitions and rain showersnsa have been moving through overnight.ndeen we'reover very concerned about some freezing rain north andinra westin but for the most part that has not materialized.iali that's a good temperatures are just above's aa freezing north and run in places like frederickac haesgerstown and cum lerland you guys are all 34, 3
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now so there might be an icycy spot or two to the north and nor to the west. w all spinning across the country coldest of the air continues cti in the rocky mountain mount statements 21 in denver, 13 den, salt lake city, 15 in casper. ce we are going to trend coolerle here behind this front and our daytime highs by friday andday saturday won't get out of the 40's.40's there's your rain showerain activity as mentioned, the wintry mix is now up int aos p o pennsylvania. we're looking at just rain and it's tapering off. you can see the western edgee ed of that working into theinto the western part of our viewing vng area so things should improve.m. first we'll dry out and then ann we should clear out by afternoon with breezes picking up and kind of a partly sunny afternoon. daytime highs upper 40's to t about 50 and then the colder col air will filter in tonight andon we'll be in for a chilly couple days both saturday and sunday. let me mention going out new o n year's eve, temperatures inin the upper 30's. 30' >> of course coldest night ofig the week. >> temperature in the upperratu 30's and it won't bere raining and or doing winter weatherea
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uf >> that helps. >> could be a few showers>> than sunday for the redskins game. >> all right. good deal. r >> okay.ka >> let's check in with erin chei get a look atth e traffic. trafc with the rain i'm guessing gin it's not the best. >> no steve and i pulled ateve bunch of cameras to show you aar what's going on.oing crash on the ramp fromrom northbound gw parkway blockingln the shoulder to the inneroulder you can see all the spray coming off the road.all ming o traffic is getting by. it's just moving slower than usual. let's forward our cameras and show you whatard ou else you'ree against. a lot of delays around the area. look at this. by 202. 202 ielnboundhe we are basically parkedly parked leading towards a crash at 201 kenilworth avenue.nue. you'll need about 15 to 20o extra minutes until they're able to move that crash you're in nor a parking lot. lot this is the inner loop and outer loop by the americanop byh legione bridge. bdg inner loop a little bit b heavier so watch for that oneha coming up through tysonsyson you'll hit slow speeds because of the rain. road spray. spr leaf plenty of room between vehicles and make sure youakre u give yourself plenty of extra minutes.nutes. 395 from duke street.eet. no crashes on 395 from thehe beltway to the 14th street bridge. brid we are at speed but again
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you don't want to get into aet a crash the last thursday ofday 2016. we'll forward our cameras andera slow you what else you're facing. top of the beltway also dealing with some slowdowns asos yoslu powass colesville road. ra no crashes just a whole lot of congestion on the outer loop l there so be mindful of that. of. here's a look by new hampshirew avenue. aven you can see light volume fromero 95 over to georgia.rgia keep in mind 95 and southbound coming down from laurelm la earlier crash by 198 had someham big slowdowns.bislowdow metro is on time if you wantif to take the rails instead of itd the roads. back to you wisdom and >> let's get to a developingo an story impacting churches across the area. are a lot of churches preparingurch for new year's eve watch nightht services.rv >> that includes a massiveinudes focus on security and keepingpig people safe. fox5's tisha lewis reports. r >> reporter: pews will beorte filled with parishionersr: withi saturday for new year's eveear'e watch night services.vice in some instances they mayyay also be filled with wit plainclothes police officers ofr as churches ramp up security amid an abundance of caution.aun the islamic state is
7:18 am
its followers to attacko attac churches nationwide.ionw the faith community saysit they're ready to keep parishioners sh afe.ey're ne >> when we step into 2017 into 7 we're not scared, we're not not afraid, we're not shrinking shr what back but we're moving movin forward. >> reporter: that's erica erica williams one of nearly 2,000rly0 people expected to attend new year's watch light service at metropolitan church in northwest. >> we have security. the mpd is we aware. awa we're mobilizing all of theng a men at the church so that weh s have crowd control. control mighty men will be here andill d other organizations such astions the masons will be here sobe heo we're hoping to just -- wee want to keep everyone safe andsa everybody to feel like they'reh' safe. >> reporter: even if it means peopleep aortere greeted h metal detectors at the doorsoo of the church. >> personally myself i don't mind 'cause if somebody is coming in with a gun ius we oulu rather know. k there will be somebody at theboe door. at theill be security at the door but there will be peopleeol walk argue ruined in thergue crowds just -- walking around ad in the crowds. >> reporter: isis reportedly ise called for b
7:19 am
celebrationing and the t question new year even so even o faith leaders say they will thei not be deterred.d. >> if we're not doing thisoing i work then we're nots being a a church and so like it's not n about the -- worrying about abo what people are going tooi to document the message from therot faith community and here att metropolitan ame church is clear. no no it's important to note that u.s. law enforcement saysnt say there are no known specificwn si credible threats. threa tisha lewis fox5 local news. >> 7:19 is the time right now. h up north in times squaresquare strict security measures willy be in place for those waiting wi hours for the ball to drop onroo saturday night. now the same goes for cologne ce germany where efforts are a being ramped up following lastt year's mob attack on new on new year's in rio de janeiro officials are getting ready for an a influx of as many as 2 millionll people celebrating copacabana cn by you hadding thousands
7:20 am
adding thousands of policeands officers. new yorkers got a chance chc to shred their bad memories thed from 2016.from it was all part of the tenth annual good riddance day. yesterday people lined up aside the shred it mobile int mi times square where they got tgo the chance to get rid of funny outran dish and heartbreakingrta paper memories of 2016.016. >> time to turn the >> leave it behind. behin police department making dep changes to its dress c we'll tell you what that's tt' about. >> 2016 amazon's best sellinglig year to date they say but just how big does best sellingt sel really mean? we'll have the het numbers for you.numbs fo it's coming up on 7:20 now. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 7:23. at least 32 people in the philippines recovering fromst 3 injuries after two bombs t exploded during a boxing boxin match.h. according to authoritieshoti investigators found a mortar cartridge an mobile phone usedod to detonate the homemade homemad bombs. we're told philippine forcesce on high alert for signs of o terrorism. united states investigating several top vene igzuela officials afterf allegations emerged of money laundering from food contractsna through the u.s. if this system.em much of the country on the t brink of starvation. >> convicted charleston church shooter dill ran roof appeared n in court wednesday.ou wednesd roof who is acting as his own ho attorney told the judge heud he doesn't plan to call anyll a witnesses or present anys evid
7:24 am
jury to spare his life. to spar a jury foundhi him guiltyuilty earlier this month in the the shooting that left nine black ba church members dead. the jury will determine ifdeterf roof should serve life inuld se prison or getli the death penalty. penalty. newly released police dashcam video appears to show a fort worth texas police officer shooting a black flan bf the back as he walks a the video was released earlier this wee an off duty police officer off appears to approach and then shoot 33-year-old david coolly y back in july. that officer was charged with aggravated assault. >> ick chicago policeck c supporting body cameras sooner o than expected.xpecte chicago police officers willliwi now have the cameras by they the end of 2017 that's a yearr earlier than originallynall ananned. the city hopes the move willl improve safety and security ofiy officers and also improve transparency. nuke police department allo polwing sikh officers to w
7:25 am
at least half and grow inch -- o half an inch long forgor religious reasons.sons. officers must first getcerst approval and the tush bansush ba must be navy blue and have the nypd insignificant knee y in the past sikh officers had to put their turbans under their >> the monuments are into inn in utility tan nevada.utility native american tribes applauded the action becausetioe the designation protect lands considered sacred. s john lawmakers and residents and say it adds another layer ofer r federal control. utah's attorney general has vowed to sue.d to >> rain still out there.still th >> it's winding down. it's wi 41.ndin chilly out there. bring a. brina jacket. wind chills 35 degrees here. he. rain is going to be a thing ofhi the past here shortly.past hereh you can see we'vore gottl a'veot frontal system coming throughou and we have rain on thewe h backside of it.av earlier we had concerns about freezing rain north and west butain temperatures now have bumped above the freezing markim for everybody
7:26 am
sn the nortowh.the north rain for another hour or two. to then we'll start to dry it out later this morning and weng should get afternoon sunshineunn with daytime highs in the the upper 4s and perhaps low 50's here. it will turn breezy thisezy is afternoon but much of your day will be dry and again bygainy afternoon we should get some s sunshine. notice the cooler temperaturesnr for friday t aemnd saturday. saa new year's eve we look great.k t we are going to be cool. going temperatures will be in thees wi 30's if you're going out and oud there could be showers onn sunday. i'm getting tweets aboutweab sunday's forecast.orast. i would plan on a few showersn o sunday afternoon.fternoon not going to be a washout but a few showers sunday afternoon o if you're going to theo the redskins game. that's a quick look at weather. 's al do more momentarily. ary. erin has got roads. roads i can't tell.can't el feels like vacation week. wee >> it is vacation week but it i could rain on a saturdayn a sata morning and we'll seeing we'l i encountered that ont on christmas:the beltway was as:the mess at 8:00 a.m. because ofbec rain. y cou now howard count earlier eastbound crashnd c clead atat 29. all the big delays that weha were seeing earlier have dissipated. in for a much better ride rid towards the baltimore beltway.ey 50 inbou
7:27 am
moved over to the shoulder. you're still jammed from columbia park road once you y get inside the beltway those earlier delays need to clearneec out so give yourself extraf tr time there.he 295 southbound jams from new n carrolton down to 50. because of rain we're justt seeing a lot of congestion.stio. 95 southbound outside the t beltway in laurel and 198 earlier crash moved to the tth shoulder so the red line we're r seeing back to 216 has turned yellow. speeds improving a bit but b again because of the rainbecaus we're seeing still delays inll i those areas.e a for the rest of your maryland md commute a little bit ofttle b of stop-and-go traffic througho fi we're looking pretty good 270oo7 southbound. give yourself a few extraew era minutes headed to bwi reaganea national or dulles simply simpl because of these rainy roads. back to you guys. >> dangerous offenders backrs out streets of d.c. >> coming up we'll chat with a reporter from the washingtonasho post who found that d.c. has a vulnerable spot when it comes i to offenders leaving jails and returning to the streets. >> ♪♪
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z27zrz zi0z y27zry yi0y
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y27zxy yi0y >> i don't even know what toon't think. kind and gin i think that's what made her adr good yoga teacher as well. >> do you think it was basicallc the middle of the day on christmas, you know, yes, it's it's scary. that's why we have to watch outo for each other.ea even if you met her for a really brief moment you were just, um,s it was just obvious howow wonderful she was and how full of life and love and, um, youm, know, people i think were just drawn to her. >> see that and relate information and help get exposure. >> as the city, her friends ands he
7:31 am
tricia macauley, we're actuallyt learning more about the mant e n accused in her murder. specifically his long criminal i history in fact just days beforb macauley' death adrian dwayneyn johnson did not show up to pickt up a gps tracking bracelet hera was ordered by a court to wear.a the consequences of johnson o jh slipping through the cracks inon d.c. justice system may haveem h proved fatal and here with morer how this crime may reflect a larger treen in the area erin c davis author of second chance.dc thanks for coming this morning.i >> i've lived in d.c. almost a 10 cade and a half now and thiss is something that is even knewha to me when it comes to the layers of oversight who are here when it comes to people who havh been convicted of crimes in the past. pa give me one example as to the frustration that is out theres t when it comes to this? >> sure. so story we have in today's's paper profile a guy named steves pew over the course of two yeara violated almost every term ofm his probation. he had been picked up for -- heh was out for a gun violation, yoo know, theoretically there's a a trou
7:32 am
to jail.ail he tested positive for pcp arrested and convict evidencevit robbery and domestic abuse abuse system we drag his girlfriendis across the floor.rosshe f all three of those thingshose t transpired he remained one remao probation kept missingt appointments, and then the nextt thing that police find is he's e fleeing from the scene ofom thee homicide. he later is caught and pleadsles guilty to second degree murder.r >> how common is it for peoplee to be either part -- to be parte of a murder in d.c. that have he been through the system or s should be being monitored inn thely? >> we took a deep look how telht agency is it's called csocha an independent executive branch bra agency he doesn't report toesn't anybody but gets its budgetudt approved by the white house. ho. congress should have oversightvg but hasn't held a hearing in hei four years and we found that, an you know n those four years,r it's been a trend where there'se been about one in four people pl arrested for homicide last year or under supervision of thisonf
7:33 am
one and five people who are victims also under this agency.. deeply troubled communitymu they're dealing with. th>> you point out ieyn the arte example after example of peoplee who failed their drug tests ores didn't show up for courtor court appearances or they were wearing they're monitoring brage let'sg still committing crimes.l ittini why is all this happening over and over and over again.g ov ani why isn't there somebody who says this person missed a courtt appearance let's go get them ane try to -- because you show the pattern that unfortunately sote often this shows them committinn for crimes which tend to become violent down the road.he >> i do think that the wholeat agency the way it's set up it's hands are tied in that it doesn't have law enforcementnt powers. it's a civilian agency unlike ie maryland or virginia, probationa officer can go get a warrant,ar get write the warrant take it tt a judge have it signed sent outt to the police that day. into d t.che., csoca gives itses three week delay on anti waitt waited system they send aey sena certified letter
7:34 am
showing up their probation letter.tter they wait for that to be returned undeliverable then thee take it to a judge and it takest 30 days. it goes to the u.s. marshallma service. the whole system can take two te months or moa more. or >> if there's an issue again aga this is an agency that is dealing with people who are on o probation in the district of dtf columbia but it's a federal has the mayor complained about u this? has the mayor's office tried to do anything to changeog this to have more local l oversight and not rely on the feds?feds >> i think there's one questionk we'l tl behe asking in the comig days.da she's talked a lot aboutlkedot a statehood, right? we want to w have all the rights and all thea responsibilities of the state. a this is a big one for about then past 20 years, d.c. most of thee its criminal justice system s handled by the federalal government see since bank rutin see in the '90's. the90's >> even eleanor holmes norton has she stepped up in congress, anybody tried to get more g mor control back to d.c. forts local offender. offe >> not yet. we'll taketehood and care of this all this stuff.. there's an argument maybe d.c.
7:35 am
should take back this stuff andu prove it's ready to be a state.a >> any time between this and thd youth act in d.c. which offersfs lower mental tease you woulde yo think by the name youth act yout would think 14 and 15 year old juveniles this anybody under thr age of 22 who can receive lesser penalties. is there any correlation between the two. >> certainly. cer steven pew guy a loft the folkst we looked at were youth act a offenders who are out sometimesm under high intensity supervisiop under gps monitoring and theynde still it can take months to get them back in the system.k in t e so, you know, there's two sides we were looking at on the youthh act side a lot of you offenders young young adult offenders under 22 get shortened sentences you be under the youtt act. there's no rehabilitation beingi done while they're in prison.ri on the back side when they get t out there's very lacksck enforcement of how they are they removed from the street when there violate. violate. >> i would ask how you fix the y problem.. it seems it would be ade complicated answer. there's a new administrationds
7:36 am
i understand scoca reports toept the president essentially we may see changes from the top fromopf the white house or is thatis tht something that is also going too be so much burr rock crass seecs involved. >> a lost law enforcement a l leaders had in d.c. aos meetingi someone asked who will beil b transitioned higher in this rooo and almost every hand went upand because the us attorney, the tht director her term is up next upn year a lot of these folks couldu be replaced by the newheew administration.mi >> all right. ithe w awaiting game as w everything else waiting and see. >> aaron thanks for coming in this and. aaron davis with the washingtons post. >> thank you.>> tha you >> let's send things over to's s tuck and get a look at thek t forecast. >> rain showers winding down.n h the good news the rain isowgoodh winding down we've had goodad go soaking rains overnight and somm very cool temperatures out there early. let's do it. 41 now in washing ton.ngto earlier we had overnight numbern that were back in the low to mio 30s off to the north and west,e, and winter weather advisory wasy posted for much of the area. the good
7:37 am
no freezing rain materializederd off to the north and we haveorth which is great news.wh 38 in pittsburgh.burgh 25 in binghamton.amto big snows expected in parts of vermont, new hampshire, upstates new york and maine here.aine h 12 to 18-inches in fact they'lle get big snows with the same the system that's impacting our area right now. rain showers you can see those e winding down.g dow not quite done with them yet iet give eight few more hours we'llh start to dry out, and by afternoon we should break out sa into some sunshine and enjoy aoa pleasant afternoon. after it will be a little cool out coo there upper 40s way breeze too about 50 but not a bad lookingal afternoon. there you go. you can see that all the backhec side of this we have cleare c skiing to look forward to latero today. not bad afternoon.noon 47 degrees a little cool outoo t the atat 4:00 p.m. weekend forecast, all thell t details on your holiday weekendd coming up and let's get to theet roads and get the latest from in.n. >> i'm here. >> yay! >> i haven't forgot. i right now, taking a look ato everything around the area to t see if anything is goi a
7:38 am
back to all green on the map thp except a few problem let's hop outside and show youho those wet roads.thwet just congestion so much lightert right now than what we usuallyeu see because it's the week the wk between the holidays right now.w this is a live look right now rt top side of the beltway inay college park.e p we are cruising despite the rain passed new hampshire really rea light conditions.lit c reduce your speeds and get anded early start. 50 cleared up and earlier crash 50 inbound by 201 cleared bigig delays we were seeing back tog b the beltway dissipated outboundo 50 to the bay bridge is quiet aa well. taking a look right now as wet s make our way by the legion l bridge inner loop heavy nothingi terrible out there despite the e rain if this is a typical morning commute around the dmv d with the rain we'd be seeing aes lot more problems.bls. 395 volume by duke street but b still seeing great speeds. metro on time all morning. mning grab your umbrella back to you.ou >> thank you very much, erin. 7:38.>> more trouble for samsung.. customers complaining aboutng a another defect with the phone.h. we'll have more on that story mt coming up next, and taco bell
7:39 am
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>> 7:41 time. 2016 was amazon' best selling year to date. how big is best selling.ling. >> the company shipped 1 billioi items this season with amazon prime.ime. two-day free shipping service that is five times more than last season.eason. that's a lot
7:42 am
>> december 23rd the most23 popular day for prime nowow deliveries. online retailers two hourwo h delivery system sales of echo eh home assistant and echo dot topping their list of must have products. so much so they had trouble t keeping them in stock.epg th other best sellers this year keurig cups, finding dory and d limited edition pokemon roll r playing games. aunt how about this? taco bell serving up french fries ans they're loaded up.e loed they can be served with all the toppings of the chain's nachos o supreme menus couple of items.fe or you can just get it with habh nair row seasoning.nair row seai eat way it looks like a bitng lb much. but i'm not a taco bell guy.luy you only get the fries inn california.lifo >> i would try it but -- >> on looks alone.ooks alone. >> probably not -- >> i'm not fry >> how about a nice island getad away.. >> vacation spot that wants tohs pay you to soak up the sun, sits backs and relax and enjoy. >> two words. w let's go.
7:43 am
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>> this is literally paradiseis for everybody in the world lit r exempt tucker barnes because heh hates the warm temperatures.empe >> it's not like that. >> i would like to go there. go. >> would you. but i'ovith you but i'd love to go there. >> you would spend all day all inside with the air-conditionini on full blast.ull b here's a good time to start planning your 2017 vacation. if you head to the u.s. virginn islands you can get extra cash. they're offering v
7:46 am
to spend while exploring thelo place. you have to book the trip through u.s.have t to gee $300 credit and this is not is t money to spend at the local pool side bar for eco tours, museums, kayaking trips and food so a chance to get out and o explore the island away from the resort.rt. >> i don't understand. i i don't understand that story at all. >> you get like a c dredirstaty. >> you get 300 bucks to dodo island things.hi >> to spend something on theend island. >> get out of the resort and go explore the islandf .thisla. >> like the food tour. tou >> i'd go.>> i'd g i'd love to go. >> all right. >> a man trip there. man t >> let's do it. because that's what men do.t n they take manly trips. >> right?ht? >> to ekistic islands. ian >> places like vegas. >> well -- ♪♪ >> time to walk it.e to w >> you know what time it is. >> ♪♪ [ laughter ] >> you got to towards today.rdsd >> i don't need to talk. t the walk says it all.
7:47 am
awkward since 2003. 2 [ laughter ] >> it's getting more and more ar fun. let's do the forecast. hey, thursday starts you've been hearing the rain r outside your window here allinhe mog log long. good news is there's been rain.i very concerned we were going tog get freezing rain during then de overnight hours as temperaturese off to our north and west blow b freeze fog a good part of the te area.ea 34 in that is good everybody above freezing. 42 nap list. leonardtown chilly rain for you 43 degrees. 41 in quantico.antio 38 at dulles.s. bring a jacket.act even this afternoon it will be b cool afternoon. kind of out of breath from thath walk today. walk i don't know what's t going on g here.he rain shower activity. it's still pushing to the area.a the heaviest of the rain pushins to the east that's good news.oo. all rain at this hour.raint thiu the back side of this is now ouw in the mountains i think thingsi will wind down here pretty quick dry out for couple of hours ands should get at least partly sunnn this afternoon.noon upper 40s to about 50 but weut will have a breeze. breeze. so it will feel
7:48 am
afternoon even with thath t sunshine that we're expecting aa little later today. later tod there's the big picture clearre skies tomorrow.orw. friday looks good but a chillyy one. one. we're back into the northwestck flow for couple of days bothth friday and saturday daytime dti highs don't get out of the loweh to mid 40s i want to mentionen i'll show it to you on futureute cast. we'll need pretty good mountaint snows here over the next 24 n hours as we get good lake effecf snows and trajectory out of thee rth h and west. you see those starting to fire f up at 5:00 o'clock if you'reou'r going skiing that will be greatb news for you. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m.:00 am pretty good snows if you'reif traveling up there, ther. for us clear skies.ares. happy new year.. saturday night dry conditionson expected in the 30s out andnd about. ab it will be a cool cold night but it won't be a stormy night which is great news and then if you'ry going to the redskins gameame sunday afternoon generallyener cloudy skies with a few showers about 50 on sun day.ay a lot going on.t gog on okay. that's weather update. take my walk today, erin. >> i loved it i decided since s tomorrow is your last walk of
7:49 am
>> i'm going to core graph itapi fo you.. i'm going to take you some marka on the walk where you can turn. >> okay.>> o >> moves to do. make an epic final walk of 20161 >> okay. all rigkaht.rig >> are you cool with that. >> i'm tha in. i >> i'm going to be a part of iti i decided.ecided. since it's been the man show yow need a woman' presence for the e last we'll move over to traffic now. this is 270 southbound out by shady traffic flowing from 70 down tow the spur without any delays. use caution slick spots.ion potential for ponding northbount side quiet as well.uiets we'll move it over from the wet roads and take a look at ourur maps despite the slick sli conditions, we're seeing greenne all over our maps right now.ow no major slow downs. 50 a bit of residual day on the inbound side through cheverlyh e earlier crash by 201 cleared.. quiet through largo. stop and go traffic into the the district coming in potomac there was annandale the inner loopoo looks good. gd. problem free on 66.oblem ee o earlier crash by the hill h
7:50 am
constitution at pennsylvaniansya back to normal but you can see e some congestion as usual as yous make your way out dune the white house. be prepared on pennsylvania you may see somed sonlo pw downs.ns metro rail lines have been allea good all morning. mor no delays to report.eport. safetrack doesn't kick in untilt after the new year for surge 12. back to you guys. g >> all right, erin, thank you ry m much. 7:50 is the time.e tim the man who rushed the stageheta during a taylor swift concert appeared in a california court. 27-year-old christian ewing is i facing assault charges. the security detail was seriously injured.njur ewing reportedly gave officers c fake name upon his arrest. aes his trial is set to start february 2017.01 also this morning, star wars fans paying special tribute tore their forever princess. dozens of people champion pizzaz in new york city gathered to to honor carrie fisher. fisher became a film icon ico following her role as princess leia in star wars.r w fans dressed in star wars a
7:51 am
fisher died tuesday after aft suffering a heart attack. she was 60 years old. ♪♪ >> time for the fox beat. kev joins us more with the news about carrie fisher's mom. >> horrific week unfortunatelyne and devastating news.s carrie fisher died at the age oe 60 on tuesday. osd her mother passed away a dayay after obviously debbie reynolds one most legendary actresses ofs all time. singing in the rain.ngin the reynolds who is 84 years olds od suffered a possible stroke andnd was rush to the hospital whereta she later died.. now, while debbie reynoldss suffered a quote possible stroke they're saying it's possible ats this moment many people areibom talking about the idea that t grief may a have played ad a massive roll in her death and i some people are even saying shes may have died from a brokenro heart.het obviously you can't prove that. there's definitely something toi be said there about her daughteh dying the day before.the dabefo. todd fisher her son spoke to eo saying "she went to be with with carrie. in fact, those were the lastast words she spoke this morning ana to clarify that s
7:52 am
tmz that reynolds said quote i e miss her so much i want to beo b with carrie.e. now, looking back at her careerc i mean you can't even imaginema how many -- she's done so many y incredible roles. res so many amazing actors debbiee reynolds iconic hollywood starss singing in the rain which you're seeing here one of the most -- s biggest films of all time.ll ti. it was a break out role for her. she was only 19 years old when e she made that movie just like carrie was 19 when star wars sr came out.cameut they both had their break outrek roles at 19 years old, and she a didn't know how to dance beforer she took on the role of singingn in the rain according to peoplel in 2011 reynolds said for five f months they trained me before wf started shooting.ot we would really be bleeding onio good morning good morning we mog would never stop shooting so wew would continually do the numberm and my feet were always bloody.. 2017 by the way is the 65thhe 6h anniversary of singing in then rain and some theaters will bewb bringing it back into theaterser you can see it then one of thee most classic films ever. reynolds like fisher more
7:53 am
just one of her roles.e incredible musician, performer,o she was an academy award, tony award, emmy award and goldenol globe nominated star.ta she didn't win but she was buthe nominate the for all of them. t e got nominee.. oscar nominated for unsinkableka molly brown and she work with wt some of the greatest, you know,, actors and directors of all timt frank sinatra to john ford.d. i just love she loved cinema. she had passion for mo making. she cep things from films like the wizard of oz andings the sen year itch she liked to collect e movie memorabilia that would bed thrown away at some point. point yesterday at around 1:47 p.m.:4. reynolds did post to heroer facebook saying quote thank youu to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of beloved ana amazing daughter i'm grateful for your thoughts and prayers ye that are now guiding her to thee next step and love carrie's mom shortly after unfortunately shey suffered the possible stroke ane was rush to the hospital andhe d died herself which absolutelyel horrible. celebrity reactions are pouringg in t
7:54 am
albert brooks everybody georgeeg si kay i like what he said there's nothing harder thaning n having to bury a child.hild. debbie died of a broken heartroh but she's with her daughter now. jamie curtis who work withh debbie reynolds granddaughter billy lord said there are no arn words just we all want to want surround billy with lovingov strength and support. sport. please give her space, media,ed please, please. pas i completely agree. a let her deal with this grief ane larry king tweeted, debbiee reynolds was pure class.ure cla. she was loving, talented, beautiful, unsinkable and i feee sorry for anyone who never got t chance to meet her. and carrie fisher her daughterah just had honored her mom in 2011 at the sag awards the lifeheif achieve many award, and like iei mentioned both of their break tb out roles at the age of 19 years old. it's interesting to think aboutn that and obviously passing awaya at such a close period of time.m but looking -- this is- ts i interesting to me.e. i don't know why i like this ini the comment section of reynoldso facebook when debbie reynoldsnos posted a post yesterday
7:55 am
gentleman named james smith posted this post a picture oftu him with carrie fisher. fhe i'm so sorry for your loss, miss ynynolds. we didn't know each other but wt spent the afternoon, chattingha and playing with her dog gary. . a memory i'll cherish forever. r speaks to the type of personer carrie fisher really was sheas hang out this guy who probably was a big star wars fan, you f, know, just to hang out. o any ways, it's sad. s very devastating. go home, watch singing in thenge rain if you get a chance.ahanc everything she's done wayything incredible. very sad news.ew >> no doubt about it.out it. thanks, kev. 7:55. hi, tuck, good morning.orni >> hey, guys.>> h, gu rain showers winding down, and we've got a few hours of rain ri and we shall get clearing thisgi afternoon and eventually daytimi highs in the upper 40s to abouto 50. 41 now in washington. again, watch the rain jacketn ck here for the next probable toll or three hours and then wehe w should be completely done witheh this cold front. there you go. you can see the heaviest of theest the rain pushing to the east.o the good news at this hour it's allr rain for us. we were very concerned withy coh freezing rain ofto
7:56 am
you can see the clearing skies i out to the west and again thatat will push in here tonight. t we'll be in for couple of chilli days friday and saturday, but nice quiet weather to looker tok forward to with day times highs thehe 40s. 50 this afternoon.ft rain is out of here by nine, 10, 11:00 o'clock. west to east and then we'll gett afternoon clearing. high temperatures around 50 but0 turning breezy later today.od we'll talk about the weekend coming up let's talk aboutbo traffic with erin! >> try that again. aga traffic with erin.c eri >> i just wanted a specialci introduction, you know, you getg walk.alk. i get to be late to the party.ay i was just checking on theg on cameras and believe it or not,o, there's nothing going on that will slow you down right nowyoun even though it's raining aroundi the dmv. usually when we get rain we have terrible traffic slow downs.. 270 wide open the entire stretcr 70e spthe spur. forwarding our cameras quiteeras like this all over the dmv. probable let me free right now g as you make your way inbound on 66 heading from 234 to the beltway. no issues to report.ep a lile
7:57 am
eastbound and westbound not terrible.l top side of the parkway inay college park is wide open. it's drizzly may hit slicklick spots. for the most part it's no majorj slow downs.ns 50 inbound wide open sincece earlier crash cleared throughard cheverly inside the beltway. 295 southbound quiet from 50rom0 down to the 11th stree bridge. 50 outbound all the way through annapolis is moving alongis mlo without any problems right now.t love what i'm seeing in terms of the commute despite the rain.thr take look here. h this is a as you come across the phoneth street bridge.h st a little crowded but no major delays and rails are on time. we'll keep update.pd it's still a holiday week for wk sure, guys. >> we'll see you for the seeou r 8:00 o'clock hour coming up'cloh next. it's 7:57.:57.
7:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> of course one day aft actrese carrie if you share died so dido her mom hollywo
8:01 am
reynolds. up. up her life coming >> more on that. t in the meantime taking live looo outside on this thursdayhis trsy morning. the white house there looking dreary out there.e ho raindrops falling acrossdrea tht area. going to see how that will affect your traffic and also tho rest of your week coming up. empty meantime we could learn how the without plans tolt retaliate against russia forsia meddling in last month'sng in lm presidential election.len >> the response could includede sanctions as well as cyberl cyb counter attacks.ttac doug luzader with more now onown the possible action.possible ac. doug joins us live from capitolp hill this morning.ll this good morning, doug.or >> reporter: good mornining.. we knew that some kind off response was kind of in thehe works here. he. one other aspect of this,his, though, it may drive a largerarr wedge between president obamaba and president-elect trump. >> the election may have beencte two months ago now it looks liki the white house is followingis g through on plans to retaliatete against russia for meddling. mel with u.s. intelligence agenciess agreeing that the country was w behind democratic e-mail hacksls that ultimately hurt hillaryy
8:02 am
this is something president pese obama made clear was in the wast pipeline before he headed outeao for christmas vacation. >> our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russiaa or others not to do this to us u because we can do stuff to you.u >> reporter: that stuff could include sanctions or some kindo of cyber response. r the goal may to be punish not n just russia in general but russian president vladimirnt putin. part of this though may also bea to create more unease foror president-elect trump who washo asked about a potential responss last night while he was standing alongside boxing promotor don dn king. >> i think we need to get on geo with our lives. i think the computers haveesthee complirs hcated our lives greatt the whole age of computer haspuh made it where nobody knowsobodkn exactly what is going on. >> reporter: still this mays may represent a parting shot in thet tension filled relationshiphip between obama and putin and pina while some republicans doca support some kind of response, s there is a question of timingim and whether the
8:03 am
defer to congress.s. >> the new congress and the neww president deal with russia passp new sanctions much tougher thanm the ones we already have. >> reporter: we'll see how see this plays out. plays. russian foreign ministrytr meantime promised to retaliate if there are specific u.s. actions on this front. front steve and maureen. >> doug luzader this morning. mg we'll see in you bit. bit thanks lot. ks we are following a> we a developing story this one out oo queen ann county maryland a deputy was shot during a durg a domestic disturbance call last l night around 9:30.:3 while police were inside theidet house police fired a shot at tht deputy tee. t of the suspect was also shot. as that deputy was thrown to an t hospital and is in criticall condition. no word though on the suspect's condition. times up, times up. times
8:04 am
>> for the first time ever the r because baltimore policeuse department released body camerar footage from one its itsts its officers. it shows an officer shooting mam carrying a knife at a pipesvilli apartment. time to die at the officer off before she shoot him andim and handcuff him. handcuff h the man survived is current cure system in condition at a localtl hospital expected to recover. rr while the officer has been has b placed on administrative leave.. this morning newthis morninw developments in the case of a ie missing bethesda man investigation now focused onocen woman police say used his credie card at a beauty supply store so one week after he went missing.. >> annie yu is live in hay yatesville with the latest onlet this story. annie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morningning maureen and steve.teve detectives released thatd that surveillance video to t public. they are after for help in identifying this woman using hih credit card at this beautyea supply store along annapolis road in hyattsville montgomery county policegopo department are the lead in thisi investigation although this is prince george's county.thoughrgy they are asking for the public'i he
8:05 am
here's a look of the missing man. 36 years old, john patrick dannn hoe he lives in downtownow bethesda at the gallery buildinn but he was last seen two weeks w ago at his parent's home one o elmore lane which is also in his family runs the well-knownkn local real estate company c donahoe and they tell us theys e left their house to head to worw or run errands, and john was non there when family members m returned to the home.turn to now, police tell us last week we new lead in the case broughtas them to high yatesville where ae woman was caught using his credit card at the premiumum beauty supply store on annapolip road. the woman there can be seen onn surveillance with a small childi so the big question is, who is this woman and how did she get a hold of his credit card? that is what police and the familypoa are trying to figure out. out. now, i also want to show i was photo of his car. c he was last seen driving his black 2011 chevy equinox with maryland tag 2ak8853.88 take a good look at thatt t vehicle. if you have any informationorti about john
8:06 am
or recognize this woman ons womn surveillance video montgomeryanm county police would like to heaa from you. that's the very latest from hyattsville, mary, annie yu,u, fox5 local news.s >> annie still supporting theupe umbrella this morning even though -- this is the last legsl of the >> couple more hours of rainf r showers. we'll get it out of here ander a afternoon >> okay. >> cool. upper 40s with breezes and we'rw setting up for a cooler pattern for a couple of days. d morning showers the theme arouna the last few hours. temperatures have bumped above freezing even places likeces le frederick. it was hanging out at thengut a freezing mark.zingark. 41 here in the city. 39 fredericksburg.sbur 38 in culpeper.ulper. it's a cool, it's a chilly stars out there and kind of a raw raii across the area.. continues here and you can see n the back side of it there pretty distinctly working into our western neighborhoods.rh i give it another hour or two and then we should be done withh the rain for the day, and we'll' gradually clear up thisp t afternoon. i was though things will turnoun breezy and cooler as m
8:07 am
close to 50 today and then we'll be at or blow freezing to night. forecast there you go.heou winds out of the north and westh 10 to a 20. 20. plan on afternoon sunshine. sunn >> all right. >> okay. >> windy though. with the rain we're thinkingg weather should be -- trafficff should be an issue this morningi erin como, is it? >> we did have crashes but now n that they clear out of the wayte we're seeing really lighty l traffic despite the rain.ain >> smooth. >> smooth right tucker just like your walk. right now traffghict moving passg pa the shady grove no problems pbl right now little reduced speedsd because of the road spray rightg now we're crash from 70 all thel way down to the spur.the we'll forward our cameras showew was else you're facing on theace roads. traffic looking pretty niceyic right now on the beltway oncetw you pass by connecticut avenue.e we're not seeing any issues ons the inner or outer loop. loop. quiet across the legion bridge.. college park outer loop remainss really quiet from knife owe all the way over to georgia avenue.a inner loop here down towardsow largo looking good as well. a w problem free bottom side of thee beltway through oxon hill.
8:08 am
66 is quite westbound side wide open. open eastbound side from 234 to 28 t and then again to the beltway.t. even though there's a steady s flow of folks making their wayhw possible toll work this morningg traffic is looking pretty good on 66 problem free on 50 througg arlington as well as 29. a no issues there. forwarding our cameras onceamero again traffic is still cruisingu whether you're making your way out on 95 or threw 95 as we5 as cross the 14th street bridge,ri you can see a little slow s because of the rain but rightbut now from the beltway across thes brlage no delays. we have not had any metro delayl all morning. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c on twitter. ttt back to you maureen and >> another hollywood star lightg has dimmed.d. debbie reynolds mother of carrie fisher died one day after hererh daughter's death. dea fox news correspondent tracedent gallagher has a look at her incredible life. >> reporter: legendary actress t debbie reynolds has died at 84t4 years old one day after herer daughter carrie fisher passedr e away
8:09 am
♪♪ >> reporter: the act claimed singer, dancer and actressct starred in more than 40 films40 and countless tv shows also a business woman, film historian,, humanitarian and avid collectore of film memorabilia.ia. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: born mary frances reynolds on april 1st, 1932 in i el paso, texas, she had herer break out role in 1950s three tr little words but danced her way into films history two yearsea later when she co starred with w gene kelly and donald o'connor o in syncing in the ♪♪ her success in the '50's50's continued with the affairs of doby gillis, susan slept hereler and tammy and the bachelor. >> reporter: title role in i 1964 the unsinkable molly brownb garnered her a best actressctre oscar nomination. in between movies and stage
8:10 am
sitcom the debbie reynolds show. debbie was married and divorcedr three most famously to carrie fisher's singer father eddie who left her for reynolds good frienddri elizabeth taylor.. ♪♪ >> reporter: over the years, reynolds a mass a huge hug collection of movie memorabilia she was later was forced to auction off due to bankruptcy.y in 2011 she told us why so many people find these items so endearing.enaring. >> well we all would like toik have our favorite movie star str live with us let's say and be quiet, and it's just nostalgia and it's for our hearts. hea >> reporter: she remainedemne active well into her 80s and recognized for her charity work with the humanitarian oscar atsa this year's show.ho >> i'm so excited. excit >> reporter: lifetime achieve a many award from the screen actor's' she is survived by her son toddt in hollywood, trace gallagher,g, fox news. ns one of the
8:11 am
police departments making a d change to its dress codeepar. >> rose bowl parade officialsic are beeping up security. more efforts to keep people peo safe. that's coming up next.up nt. ♪♪♪♪
8:12 am
this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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♪♪ hey, tucker barnes, it is little -- >> i like that.litt gloomy, ra iiny l.rainy.
8:14 am
rosland. >> gotham city like. l >> very good.y go >> description of it. >> kind of dark and gloomy solos far you say we'll do a 180 later we'll switch it up.we'l >> break out in sunshine al hiea little later. >> let's not wait to bring outnt sunshine. >> we need a little warmup factor, too. >> how about that? will that dd it for you. y >> i say yes. yes >> we should all be wis cheering she's only three days old sayay hello to princess kennedy. >> she was was born on christmas night. >> oh, my >> her very own christmas baby. >> this is too precious. >> little teeny tiny baby.. >> oh, my goodness.dnes remember those days. >> princess kennedy check thisct out family second christmas baby in 14 years. >> okay. >> okay. okay recently as in the last couplele of days because she's only beenn here three days she was up early watching fox5 with her mom. >> um-hmm.. >> she will become a life longg
8:15 am
>> i'm sure shell.>> i'm sure sh >> to the entire familyelily congratulations on yourour absolutely beautiful addition to your family and merry christmas. >> precious. pres. >> many many mer row christmases to celebrate princess kennedy's birthday.ay. >> beautiful baby. >> recent rivals are our most m ardent supporter. >> captive audience. audiee. >> we do very well with the under one crowd.rowd. >> particularly when they canla crawl or walk. .xalyactlyrly >> just as we like them. >> some of my best viewers areia dogs and cats kids under three.e >> right.ght. let's see. 41 in 31 in boston.osto out to the west, coldest air hah been in the rocky mountainou states.stat big snows out there.snows there 14 in salt lake city.e cy. 17 in boise. boi we'll trend cooler today. tod this is cold front cupping cuppi through bringing us rain showers at the moment. she moment. and the gray skies and the gloog out there. it will all get east of us the t next couple of hours. hou dry out and partly sunny this afternoon. it will turn breezy. breezy. it will be a cool day. even with daytime highs in the e upper 40s to about
8:16 am
it will feel cool with the w t breezes it should be much be muh brighter afternoon than whatnoow we're experiencing the good news it's all rain forf us right now as we are concernen about freezing rain earlier. eer all right. seven day.alven lots to talk about.ut cool couple of days to look loo forward to friday and saturday.. you going out new year's eve? temps will be in the 30s but a dry night.ig and then we'll have clouds and s few showers around for the epicc football game sunday afternoon.. look at the warmer temperaturesa next week. excuse me. >> 50s by middle of next >> we'll need a 4:25 sunday sda forecast coming up. >> i'll give it to you in sixn i minutes. >> sounds great. >> hey, erin. g good morning.>> 8:16 right now. n we're keeping our eye on the roads despite the rain comingn n down around the area it's as relatively quiet friday eve orr thursday morning.orng last thursday morning of 2016. 2 right now we're seeing green onn the maps. you can see traffic moving movig through cheverly is looking just fine right r we had earlier crash by 201 that cleared. on the freeway eastbound side od the freeway we do have reports r of a disabled
8:17 am
third street let if you know that causes anye dow downs.s bottom side of the beltway bay traffic so light even though evg folks are reducing their speedsd for this morning's commute withh the rain we're looking really rl good right there.odht t here we have an earlier crashsh constitution at pennsylvania. that cleared.yl but just wanted to s cholew yoad by the white house we are stilll seeing on pennsylvania seventhnh street northwest seeing a lot oo congestion.tion slow moving traffic simplytraffi because of the rain cand folks f heading down to work by they the hill.hill. 395 northbound quiet from edsals road to the 14th street street bridge. a touch of congestion builds from the beltway to edsall road. be mindful of that as you make k your way out across the wilson l bridge looking looood. all of our area bridges thedg te wilson, 14th street, 11th street roosevelt memorial keyork bridge from georgetown frometow rosland into georgetown and vise versa looking really nice.y nic hop outside for life look andook show you the rainy conditions.oi notice how traffic is very lighy across the bridges as well. wl. back to you maureen and >> thanks very much. tha in time for the new yearew yr aircraft carrier strike groupero coming home after a long a lon deployment in the middle us navy says uss dwight dght eisenhower will arrive ie
8:18 am
virginia tomorrow with more than 6,000 sailors aboard.ard the strike group provided prode security and launched fighter ft planes that carried out missions against the islamic state groupp in iraq and in syria. syr. today flags in maryland will be lowered to honor soldier whow died after being wounded in afghanistan.n. sergeant first class alan brownn passed away earlier this month at walter reed national medicall center. he was one of three soldiers f thresold injured an iediers attack. two other soldiers and two a two american contractors were also killed in the blast the pentagon added 15 other u.s. servicevi members were injured in that i t same attack. investigation underway inatd houston, texas, after deadly military helicopter crashed thii one happened late afternoon.. texas army national guard says s two crew members aboard an a pea chi helicopter on routine rou training mission they were m killed when the aircraftis crash in galveston bay.ay the chopper broke apart in the air.air have convicted churchrc shooter dylan roof appeared indn court wednesday acting as his own attorney and told the judgee he doesn't plan to call any witnesses, present
8:19 am
or doesn't plan to you were the jury to spare his life. the jury will determine if roofr should serve life in prison or get the death penalty.. >> the new york policek ice department allowing chic chic officers to wear caps and growro beards. they must get approval fiberst d the turbins must be navy blue and have. nypd insignia in the past. p in the past they had to puto their turbin under the cap and beards were forbidden because they -- >> officials saloma agency age cannot do it alone when it comec to security an anti-terrorism aa rose bowl parade.e. a team of agencies will assist the pasadena police departmentan providing security for they fo e parade and rose bowl football fo game. those agencies include thedehe secret service and department oo homeland security. police in australia seizedee over 1 ton of cocaine on on christmas day. what officials are calling
8:20 am
largest cocaine bust inn australian the massive bust mark the end oo a two-year undercoverve investigation and resulted in 15 arrests.arre if convicted the suspect cos face maximum sentence of life in prison. taking over to france childrenee will soon be able to frolic incn the grass without risk of intoxication.. beginning this week, pesticidese are now banned in all public green spaces and non a non professional gardeners noronal longer able to buy pesticidestis over the theount the new measure is part of aartf larger green program adopted byb french lawmakers that includes s ban on plastic bags for vegetables.getabl china is now home to the world's highest bridge. bri here's a look at that mega meg structure it stands 200 storiesi tall. the bridge which is located in southwest china officiallyicll opened to the public this thi morning, according to local tool transit authorities it is theith highest bridge in the world byrd the vertical distance from theet bridge deck down to the ground. >> unbelievable. more than 15 hadn't dread feetet above the ground. gun >> that is frightening.g. >> you think driving across thet bay br
8:21 am
imagine looking down from yourru car to that. t >> no way, terrifying.. >> it's not the only new only ne structure making news in theewit country. y. >> take a look at this statue. . does it remind you of anyone? >> hmm. chinese officials are countingcr on it. it. we'll talk you it coming up. it's 8:21.1.
8:22 am
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r fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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♪♪ back on this drizzily drearr thursday morning. m live look outside there ox september hill you can see inca the background mgm nationalatioa harbor.. barely see it though. tug cloudy out >> yeah, it is kind of messy i this morning. t le dream a little if you could next door to anyo a celebrity who would you want to live next door to? zillow putiu out new survey put the first f family on the list of most desirable they got 14% of the total vote. just narrowly edging dwayne thee rock johnson the top spot on the chip and joanna gains of hgtvgtv fixer upper came in number three.e. ellen degeneres and adele rounde the out the top five. justin beiber took the top spott followed by rob kardashian andnd blac maybe they'll move out of thefhe neighborhood whom knows.hbor >> i don't think there's a bad person on this list because if you can afford to live t neahitr of those people i'm going to sas you've made mad. >> excellent point. >> doing pretty good. >> all right.>> doi
8:25 am
say? >> a lot advantages living neara the biebs. e bieb if you're cool with him you can invite him with to parties.ties >> the cast aways. >> sign all those non disclose l insures you won't tweet aboutyo the picture, won't taku ewo any pictures the party. wot ---- >> that's a policy i follow as a well. well >> i don't believe t >> chilly temperatures and rain across the area.temper 42 washington.ashingto it's just rain.ust ran. we had issues or some concernson about freezing rain earlierzingr north and west. temperatures warmed up fief sufficiently that it's just rait for everybody.ha there's your rain showere's yo r activity good news it's winding down. i think it willdo be done win tn next hour or two for the most te part and then we'll graduallyra clear out this afternoon.. breezy and cooler with afternoon sunshine.sunshi temperatures in the upper 40s to about 50 this afternoon.fterno notice the cooler air for fridaa and saturday.. daytime highs don't get out of o the 40s overnight lows rights around freezing or below that. and you going out new year's eve we'll be dry but in the 30s. 30s make sure
8:26 am
jacket when you go out saturday night. >> do you have a sparkly jackete ready for the party? >> i'm hoe does he.s >> i hope so too.>>ope steve and i will purchase youchs one. >> i'm sure i'll find you. maybe a partially hat.allyat >> >> park sparkly bow tie.w tie. >> some of those cool glasseslla that say 2017.that >> i'm going to hit up partypar city. >> it's a given. we'll make this hgiappen. happe unfortunately we have breakingev news at 8:26 on the road. r this is knee 35 northbound by by edsall road. roa seeing big problems. actually 395 southbound by edsall crash blocking theg shoulder.shou let's forward our cameras thougo because a big crash fairfax fai county parkway. you can't even get off the ramp from 95 north or southboundrouto fairfax county parkwayar everything is blocked because of this huge crash scene.ce self cars stuck in the backup au lot of flashing lights in fairfax avoid fairfax countyou parkway close to terminal road keep updated on that very larger crash scene much aside fromr those two big accidents and thes rain congestion is light around the area and metro on time.
8:27 am
your morning any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. on twitter. ttt back to you guys. >> 8:26 the time. tim tech toys like amazon echo or hot item this year as you knowyo but they come with pricey pce concerns you need to know about. absolutely.> lu plus also raises question hownow police can use such devices to crack cases.ases more on how one department is dr trying to do that next.ext. it's 8:27. 8 ♪♪ our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter eth. the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> we are back 8:29 with life look outside.e back yup, rain coming down lookingcoi pretty dreary out there. not a good start toty d the day. unfortunately we have some bade news to tell you asobomeut in tt news. not all that bad some of itom i good. good we'll start with this.'lhi latest in the death of d.c. yogg instructor and actress manan charged with killing 46-year-ol- tricia macauley appeared inead court yesterday.cot ye court documents show adrian dwayne johnson told policeole macauley offered him sex and shd hanged herself inside her prosecutors say her injuries i show she was assaulted in factnf and killed.le johnson is charged with firstrs degree murder.. d.c. police are asking forgr your help identifying the people in a surveillance video.eid police say these two men right r there are responsible for f shooting and killing 37-year-olo james dorsey, jr., on cedar, one street on monday night.ight investigators say three peoplest were outside a 7eleven whrheeena fight broke out and that's whene police say dorsey was shot and killed. if you recognize tkihose twohost suspects call police. 55-year-old irrelevant listt murray facing child sex abuse charges.
8:31 am
young girl on two different dife occasions. the abuse is believed to haveav taken place four to eight yearsa ago when murray was youth league soccer coach for the marylandarn city mustangs.ustang police are urging any otherg anr victims or people with wit information to give them call. steve? maureen, thanks very muchuch tech toys like drones and amazon echo some of the hottestot christmas items this year but it you were able i to receive eithe one of these awesome gifts you y might want to listen up up your tech toy might come withh regulations or privacy concernsr you might not know p about. abo. here to break it all down for us is z would know ceo of czar yana software and joins us thisns uhi morning. thanks for coming in this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we have some of the amazon products here on the tableks f.r fiver t sheomable drone. dro seats like everybody want addt drone or got drone. drone the question is, where can we legally use drones around here?r >> according to the faa rules,, you basically cannot flyt f anywhere outdoor around the dcc area. we're within the 30-mile, um, re
8:32 am
so if you want to fly it outside, you have to go outside leesburg, outside of frederick.. don't fly anywhere close to >> basic physical you got dronet for christmas and you live inivn d.c. you'll have to put it input the car and drive to leesburg,s, frederick somewhere that farmee away. >> right. t be able to legally use it? >> yeslega.ll >> what about even if you doaboi have it, where can use these ust with cameras and take pictures.s restrictions what you can takeha pictures of? >> yes. even outside d.c. area, right, t so if you go into -- outsideutsi leesburg and outside 5-milee radius of any airport, you shall not take pictures of -- i call l it the common sense rule. right. so you should not fly above anya sports stadiums nor like, um, um, national parks.. not any private areas. so common sense. sen it's the same thing as you you wouldn't use any regular camerar >> big crowds of people actualll also on the list. lt. >> yes.
8:33 am
here from amazon becausek ab thi was amazon said one its number m one sellers.lers. >> it is. holiday sea holiday season. everybody wants to have it.son.i i still have the question, whatw do we use it for? what do youho think first of all it's movedsov used for. >> we have four of those in our house. and we use them for anythingthin from asking for weather, news,ew to playing music.. so i can say, play me someome dinner music it will play. pla my kids love to play kids music. over time they learn what you like. so they tend to play music youou like. ke >> so you have four of them. t i'm guessing that you like theno product itself.t itsel we brought in some of these to t show off what they look like first of all but also we wantedn to talk about privacy concerns n that come along with this we the heard recently about the case involving police there had been a homicide one of these devices was in the proximity of thef t area. area police want amazon to say weay want to know if this recorded rc any of the information that the could be relevant to the i cases now in background at this point am
8:34 am
release but made us wonder whatt does this in fact record? does it store everything that we're talking about? >> right. so there are two things here,ngh one, what they designed to do,t, right, they are not designed to record and up load all your you voice all the time. t don't worry, right.ig they're not designed to do that. so they only waiting for their name, right, which i don't wantt to say it outloud because itause would trigger's everyb device. >> anything that's near a tv at home. if you say nameg that o aft prot something it's going to turnn everybody's tv off or something. >> yes.>>es they're not designed to recordgd l ththe time. there's listening to their namer but after the name, they willyil listen to up to minute, 60ute, 6 seconds of buffering and then t that will actually get sent. s in this case, if while they're fighting, okay, maybe the policl may know, i don't know, right, somehow it was triggered. ter yes, they're looking for a name but they are sometimes, um,m, tr
8:35 am
words they thought they heard te their name. if they got triggered, then there's a 62nd buffer thatbuffet they actually will record and up load to amazon or google. so there is this possible.ossi >> the reason behind this if is follow correctly, am ma sop thii is artificial intelligence theln more use it the more it learns n about you. the way it learns that is by i b sending that information back tt amazon so that it can process it and say, this is what z likeshai and he likes this kind of musicc around his time of day.ay >> right. >> the question is, any of tha ha other information is th actually get stored anywhererede else as far as what we're w saying? is that all going to ih huge database somewhere? or or does that get filtered out? >> the answer is the answer is probably being stored in a database somewhere e in amazon and google and being processed and but you can chooss to delete.. now that requires little bit --
8:36 am
>> matthew final question can wn turn it off at some pointal or s stop regarding what i'm saying?n >> all of these devices have h mute button you can say i don't want you to listen even for youu name. push that buttonna.tutto >> which is right on the top. >> right. and also you can go into>> t rha and you can actually scroll scr through what it heard in thehe last -- >> good to know. dayay or so. >> right.ig >> then you can delete it.n you now, again, whether amazon or google actually delete them in i their data warehouse, who knows but, um, again, they're noty're always recording.. >> gotcha. >> that's the most important ths >> but the other thing to remember just like you said with the drones, common sense andse awareness and know that it may in fact be. b thanks for joining us thisoininh morning. we do appreciate it.we do >> thank youap. tucker -->> >> yes, steve. >> we don't want, a, the nameam here to give people the weatherw forecast because they need nee tucker to give the weather weath forecast in the morning. >> absolutely correct, steve.te i was shocked to learn one off our colleagues
8:37 am
kevin mccarthy.ary 42 now in washington. we are warmed up enough we're eg not going to get freezing raini which is g we have continued rain showersii across the area.n shro the things are tapering off prettytt quick. notice out to the west not muchn action here.tioner we'll dry out by late morning and then we shall get afternoonn cold front coming through.hrgh and it will bring us much coolec air later tonight but up aheadpa of it we'll be in the upper 40s to about 50 this afternoon.. so actually quite a nice nice afternoon. 51 degrees here with afternoonfr sunshine again it will be breeze day. bring a jacket but rain showerso should be falling apart here inn the next hour or two which iso good news. i know it's causing not much fum on the roadways this morning. mi >> no. there are some problems.e ar even congestion is lighte ersomt overall around the dmv, we doweo have a few crashes to report. this one just off of 95 inn newington fairfax county parkway it's after the ramp from 95 as was approach terminal road. roa. large scene there an ambulance,n several police cars involve wear see at least one semi truck. so please u
8:38 am
exit ram in that newington thisi morning. large scene as we forward our cameras, we're also tracking a disabled vehiclc as a result of a crash. 395 this is on the southbound so side by edsall road. roa blocking the right shoulder ande right lane. ri left lane getting boy on theoy e southbound side. no major delays becauses bec southbound side has been delay free. fr northbound side still lookingndl good from the beltway to thethe 14th street bridge.r let's go ahead and forward ourwo maps to our maps and show whatw else you're up against thishi morning. quiet ride on this friday eveth thursday morning around theay mg beltway. very light volume throughrough cheverly problem free on 295. as you head out around thero t bottom side of the beltwayelay through objection zen hillh ob you're looking good.ood 66 eastbound problem free little bit of congestion gw parkway. pw all of our areas bridges lookini good including the key bridge bi from rosland into georgetown non seeing any issues since thisce i crash cleared down in theclearei district. we'll keep you posted.'ll keepmetro has been on time allel back to you, steve.te. >> erin, thanks.s. maureen maybe i can telesale yol on this. on tucker didn't want how about a nice island d g away. sound good? it can get better.e >> vacation spots who wants to s pay y
8:39 am
back, relax and enjoy.. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ now, good time to startrt planning your 2017 vacation ifao you head to the us virgin islands you can get some extraot cash for your trip.r t the islands are offeringg visitors $300 to spend while whi they're there exploring thexprie place. you have to book your trip though through v o get the credits a
8:42 am
just use them at a pool side bas either. the credits are for things likes eco tours, museums, kayaking trips, food tours. i don't care.e. anything.anytng >> i think everybody is doing di s it. >> i tried to get on the website it's w not letting me. me. >> i can imagine. >> i can see why. why. >> check in with wisdom finds f out what's coming in just a few minutes on good day. >> let's talk about, carrieare fisher, alan thick, georgeeoe michael sudden deaths due to duo heart problems. how do you know if you're atif risk and what are the symptoms.t we'll talk about was need tout know at 9:30.d ow at:3 also ahead, the world gets reada to usher in the new year what's' being done to protect all thehe party we'll get closer look at thatlot and speaking of 2016, it was ana epic year for your local topop rated morning show good day d.c. what do we have lot of superer stars come through here in thehe loft. academy award winners legendary musicians, talk show divas,iv don't miss our epic look back at
8:43 am
coming up at 10:30.p at 10: all right.ight you know you guys, you know, yoy know how this goes. goe other folks trying to imitate but they can't duplicate we keee doing our thing even at the endd of 2016. >> are you rhyming? rhyming? >> are you trying to rhyme? r >> i'm not trying to rhyme.hy i'm just out of time. >> where was this half week.f w. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> when we tried to have you doi this on the air. t >> i can have done tthhis on thn air i'd be in the middle -- idl- just didn't care. didn' >> we know who the real meisteri is over here. >> 8:43. see in you 15 minutes.e thanks y >> a lot of peoplethanks are say 2016 was a rough year especial a until hollywood.ollyod we'll remember the ones we lostt and how their art will remain everlasting. ♪♪ z26i1z z17vz
8:44 am
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♪♪ >> on a day like today we're all dreaming about california weather this is quite drearylika outsiside.quit this is gray, wet cold.ol >> the story we just did about the virgin go to usvi. the website doesn't exist.'txi go to visit u.s. >> visit. >> find out all the information how you can get credits if yl ou vacation in the u.s. virginsns island. is visit u.s. v.. .com. more words of wisdom from tuckee barnes coming up with your local forecast in just 10 seconds.
8:47 am
>> maureen, it's raining inreen california right now, too. >> no way? >> yeah, it is., rn rains -- rns >> we'll get afternoon sunshinen of this is the place to be. b morning showers and, yeah, youou saw the gloom mow out thereom o early. in fact a lot gloomy early thisi morning with pretty good rains i that moved through. thr but we are expecting afternoonnn nenshine. 42 now in washington.shin 43 in leonardtown.wn 43 annapolis. north and west everybody i bumped above freezing that'shat' great news we were concerned we'd have raise freezing raine g overnight. temperatures in the mid 30s in0n hagerstown and frederick 37 degrees. last of the rain is movingov through i think we'll put an ene to it here in the next hour orur so. and then we'll get a chance to a dry out eventually clear out o this afternoon with partialar sunshine a little later today. y and daytime highs i don't wantt to say mild but pleasant. upper 40s to about 50 later today with again some clearing n skies. sk cooler temperatures on the way.. if you've been looking for signg of winter it will start to feele like it again later tonight anda certainly by friday and saturdaa our daytime highs don't get outo of
8:48 am
here's future'sure i actually want to show you one other feature.tu. notice the rain showers quicklyi out of here. start to get clearing by late bl morning early afternoon shouldon be generally sunny later today.d again it will be breezy andy a somewhat cool with temperatures in the upper 40s toth tem about5 notice what happens with thet he snow machine here in the here ie mountains out to the west.t to s a winter storm watch out thereue and they're going to ge big-time snows maybe five to to 10-inches along the alleghenyhe front out here so great for ther ski resorts, and just heads iftf you you're traveling in thatli t direction overnight tonight oroi early tomorrow.ea they're going to be looking atib pretty good snows on theows mountain ridge there is. all right. right new year's old ooh eve forecast 30s should be dry going out anda about. ab wear your best outfit don't be concerned about rain and/or snoo we won't get any. a if you're going to the redskinsn game tailgate ted tweeted me earlier, 40s upper 40s at gametg time with a few showers around.o a few showers around sunday afternoon for the big game outeu at fed ex field.. quick look at that seven day. sy we have warmup next week.eek. enjoy it because it's not goingg to last. looks like col
8:49 am
end of next week and start to feel like january of 2017. hi, guys. over to you. >> 4:25 start. srt. it will cool off. >> i know. we all know the past weekene george michael, carrie fisher now carrie fisher's mom debbieei reynolds as 2016 comes to a close we take a look back at ala the celebrities who now passedse think year.k yr. michelle polino has the story. ♪♪ >> reporter: year began with w the surprise passing of rockk legend david bowie. two days after releasing his christ klee a claimed albuma cla black star the music world alsoa lost the eagles founding member again fry, maurice white and a blues man leon russell and legendary singer song writerg we leonard cohen. >> ♪♪ the world was shocked by the overdose death of pop super stas prince country music
8:50 am
haggard and pop star georgee michael died on christmas day. tv and film said goodbye to everybody loves ramon motherr doris roberts, fun man gary gar shandling, alan rickett man, ken howard and patti duke. growing pains dad alan thick and antoine nel chen.he wwe super star china actor geneg wilder and brady bunch momdy florence henderson. other icons who left us include director garry marshall, 60 minutes correspondent morleyy safer, author harper lee, formee first lady and actress nancy reagan, zsa zsa gabore and boxing legend muhammed ali. ♪♪♪ >> reporter: in hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. >> unbelievable.. >> i don't know if it's becauseu people died -- a lot of peoplefo died very young this year or o mayb
8:51 am
the year. it just seems like more bigoreig names.s. >> more pronounced this year. >> i'm also shocked david bowied died in january. i thought that was like twoas le months ago. i feel like this year has just been a whirlwind but i also feef like this has -- is this recordr in regards to like how manyan celebrities have passed away. aa >> online people are saying itt happens more frequently but it's just this year for some reasone maybe because they were youngere it feels like it's moreore pronounced as i said. sai i don't know.. >> record is the wrong word.or the number of deaths fromrom celebrity standpoint happened ii year. >> depressing.ress everyone wants 2016 to just be b over. over. >> yeah. one day after her daughtergh carrie fisher passed away debbii reynolds as we've been talking l about all morning long legendarn actress from singing in the raii has died unfortunately and lastl night reports came out reynoldsd who is 84 years old suffered afd possible stroke and was rushedar to the hospital where she laterl died. now while debbie reynolds reyld suffered a possible stroke manym people are talking about thehe idea of grie
8:52 am
daughter just died the dayay before carrie fisher and somer e are even say she may have diedee from broken heart. heart something you can't prove but i' meant there's something to bee said about the idea someoneaom dying the next day after theiret daughter's passing. todd fisher spoke to e and saids she went to -- she wanted to be with carrie in fact those werets the last words she spoke this morning. to clarify that, what that meanm was, her last according to tmz and todd saying this i miss hers so much i want to be can you carrie. he was said hours before shed ho sseded. now debbie was iconic hollywood stars. singing in the rain one of the f famous films of all time. t surprising she did not know howw to dance before she took this this role. it's mind >> gene kelly thought it was thh right thing to do.right th he thought it would work fine.. and she said the people in 20111 for five months they trained men before we started shooting andg they would -- my feet would beee bleeding on good morning good mo morning we would never stopevero shooting we would continually dl
8:53 am
bloody all day.ay. in 2017 by the way marks thearks 65th anniversary of singing inii the rain. r some theaters will be bringing n bacack. but it is amazing to me to hearr a story about someone who didn't know thou dance and to me i t think ahead to movies like la-ll land which is out right now n which is very similar idea toa o singing in the ryan gosling didn't know how tot play piano that well and he nailed it in the movie. mov. these acts there's a specific se talent there their brains areras wired a certain way they justy e know how to do it. reynolds who like fisher moreise than just her roles.rol she was way more than justt sinking in the innkcredible musician, performem she great song called from tammt oscar nominated actress, she was and emmy nominated actress. golden globe nominated actress.s loved her role in the unsinkable molly brown huge huge movie forr her. she work with john ford andor a frank sinatra. moving on to some of the post -- this one specifically is hard tt read.
8:54 am
debbie reynolds actually posteds to her facebook page sayingg "thank to you everyone who embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved an mazing mazin daughter. i am grateful for your thoughtsg and prayers that are now guiding her to the next stop. love carrie's mom.. just hours later she suffers the possible stroke. now celebrity reactions are pouring in george at a kayg geg nothing harder than having toera bury child. debbie died of a broken heartroa but she's with her daughter now. jamie lee curtis who works withh her granddaughter said there are no words just that we are all al want to surround bill will hel l with loving strength and lovinre support. please give her space media,ivrc please, please. larry king finally saying thatgt debbie reynolds was pure class,s she was loving, talented, beautiful, unsinkable.ble. i feel sorry for anyone whoone never got a chance meet her.t h carrie fisher just honored herer mom at the sag awards with a a lifetime achieve many award inwi 2015. 20 one of the interesting things t debbie reynolds 19 years old ond the set of singing in the rain.
8:55 am
made star wars. >> both broke out roles forutols them. very very hard. ry go home a vnd watch some of thet movies singing in the rain,n th, mother. mother. so many great films out there.. but sad morning. morning >> they had this period of timet over a decade they didn't speaks to each >> right. >> at least they were able to to rec sensile before they passed.e >> it's interesting to go backes and look at the history.t story her and eddie fisher andishe a elizabeth taylor that whole tt thing that went down.own. she's had such an incrediblee life ups and downs and it's just amazing to sit hereitr and celebrate her. her she was 84 years old unfortunately her daughter wa ly 6 60.ely >> yeah. >> a rough time. roughe. >> yup.>> yup >> did you have a chance to sinv in the rain today. >> i de idin not. n >> i did sing in the rain when i out to get to my phone. i sang singing in the rain as ia ran to my car.yar i really did that >> got to love this guy.. >> kevin thanks. thank >> we'll check in with tucker after the break. ♪♪
8:56 am
♪♪ eighty two ept rooster statu style to look like president-elect trump will be the mew nass cot for chinesecoti malls. ma >> interesting. int giant rooster comes completero with trump'sos signature hairste and hand gestures andnd gesture economicked by the company thatm owns the mall. replicas of the new statueew s already being sold at least four stores.ores prices ranging from just undermd $60 toer nearly $2,000 for thatr person who really want thed a 32-foot, three story high replica and that giant rooster.t not the first time the time president-elect has been mockedl by the chinese.ect ha the cse state media referred to trump ap
8:57 am
his phone call to the presidente of taiwan. >> no love lost between the chinese and donald trump.rump as you can see, the feudd continues.ues. check in with tucker barnesb any more chances to sing in the rain or has that opportunitytuny passed now. pass >> get outside right now, and rain winding down pretty quick.. you can see most of the showers east of 95 and pushing outushi across the bay still lingering shower or wolf that will change the snow in the mountain out too the west. t bottom line on our forecast fas we'll clear it out thishi afternoon with daytime highs ing the upper 40s to about 50. 5 and cooler weather will get here tonight. might have a few flurries fluie friday and saturday on the chilly side with oay avernight s below freezing going out newut year's eve it will be cool,e cold, temperatures in the 30s te but it should be dry which is wi great news. all right. right. more weather momentarily.eath mi err are inn is back with a lasts look at roads. >> yeah, and breaking news ifrek you're heading out in newingtonn this is fairfax county parkway r southbound just off of 95.5. shut down at terminal road
8:58 am
that is because of a large crasc scene. police directing traffic. lance truck there. t keep you postedhe on twitter asr well as here on fox5. keep it to fox5. good day at 9a is coming rightit up.. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ straight ahead, a brokenad,e heart. actress debbie reynolds out o living her daughter by one day. >> good morning, good


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