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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 2, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox news morning" one teen wounded and a woman in critical condition. >> wet, rainy, coat and umbrella
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good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm erin como. today is monday, january 2. our first monday morning show new year. >> that's right caitlin roth graces us with her press thence morning. good morning to you. good to see you. we'll talk weather in a moment. first news to get to. >> police in upper marboro sea a man was struck and killed on pennsylvania avenue last night. the man was walking a cross the road when had a possible medical emergency. police say he was then run over by a unknown vehicle. the man was pronounced dead on the scene when emergency crews arrived. if you have any information you're asked do please call police. >> d.c. police need your help finding a missing child, renita todd was found yesterday afternoon in 1,000 block brentwood road northeast 5' 1", 130 pounds and mole on left cheek and last seen wearing a blue jacket, red shirt, blue
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jordan shoes. if you have information about her whereabouts with please call d.c. police. >> a deadly shooting rocking a small maryland community. >> a sa-year-old boy accused of shooting and killing another teenager and injuring her mother over the weekend in ellicott city. melanie alnwick is live there this morning with all the very disturbing details, mel. >> good morning, guys, it's a very difficult return to school here for howard high school students. some of charlotte's friends are asking attorney wear black as they return to school here. principal september a let are out to the school community. it really is tough for people to make sense of this shooting. friends, of course, are working through their grief by posting pictures and sweet memories of 16-year-old charlotte zeremba on social media, 2 a.m. sunday when howard country police raised to home on knoll glen road charlotte's mother suzanne heard a scuff until her
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check it out should was shot by a 15-year-old boy in the room and then shot charlotte and hillself. charlotte was medevaced to the hospital and did not survive and suzanne treated and released for her gunshot wound. people who know the family are simply stunned. >> this is real a friend someone you knew. always sweet, seemed to have a ton of friends. my daughter gave a perfect description small and mighty. strong and tiny. >> well, at this point police say it's unclear if the shooter had any connection to the victims. we're told no one else was involved. police also tell us they have positively identified the suspect as a 15-year-old boy fromel cop city and they will not have any further information on his identification because as this points he's still considered to be a juvenile in this case. and he remains in the hospital in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. live in ellicott city i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5
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>> 5:03 the time now isis claimed responsibility for new year's day attack in turkey. turkish police are tracking down the gunman that killed 39 people new year's eave at a popular night club in istanbul. among dead a police officer close to 70 wounded including american man. most foreigners. officials say the gunman was armed with long barrel weapon and so far no one claimed responsibility for the attack. >> 35 russian diplomats kicked out of the country are gone. all have left the u.s.. obama administration kiktd them out accusing them of being spies with russian interference in the election. compound were shout down in new york and maryland. >> and inmates cents to solitary confinement less often. some say segregateing a prisoner can lead to serious mental and physical effects. virginia department of corrections says they're moving
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confinement and virginia is one of five states participating initiative to reduce use of segregation in prisons. >> with the new year new laws taking effect and gaithersburg extension of smoking ban in place. gaithersburg now added vaiping and ecigarettes to ban on smoking in public buildings and spaces and including parks, schools, restaurants, stores, theaters and bars clubs and retail shops have exemption from ecig and vaiping ban. >> let's switch gears and talk football. this morning as all over for washington. brutal loss to the giants at fedex field last fight. washington forced to punt on first five five possessions and held scoreless in the first half. kirk cousins picked offer twice in second half. giants take this and eliminate redskins from the playoffs, 19-10 the final. >> when they tied i thought the come back was coming. >> yeah. >> it was interesting because like i've been saying all morning the
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>> they were going through the motions. >> and then they still won. >> anyway, moving on that's behind us. what's in fopts of us and currently upon us is weather. >> good morning. >> that was just so tougher. i felt like that should from never shifted to the redskins. that never felt like their game. unfortunately not their season. new year, new hopes as we go to football season 2017. for now, guys, rain to start you offer on monday morning. hey we need the rain. we were in a drought situation this fall and we could use more to make up for that. this time of year with temperatures below freezing usually count on ipt winter weather and luckily temperatures well above freezing and it's rain showers out there pushing from southwest to northeast and bit of a hole showing up over washington. here inside the beltway a bit of break and drizzle and clouds and rain showers back. calling for occasional rain throughout the day and steadier showers from frederick over to baltimore and further north of th
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pennsylvania border where you see the stayedest rain. it wi be on and off throughout monday. temperatures above freezing this is great, 41 washington, 41 annapolis, 42 quantico. upper 30s along the mountains no threat of snow showers in the higher elevation. planer forecast for today, just a great one unfortunately and temperatures don't climb much up toer 40s and rain showers taper off a bit tonight. i think we get a break tonight and then early tomorrow morning but probably still wet roads leftover and then because of more rain coming in on tuesday you can counts on problems out there. temperatures all across the area it's upper 40s. this is mild stretch we have much colder weather on the way for rest of week and we will show you that still ahead in the 7 day forecast. but for now 5:07 let's send it back to erin and wisdom. >> thank you very much. caitlin. coming up on "fox news morning" a syrian cease-fire appearing last week seems to be
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message out to the public. >> here's a live look across the d.c. region and we'll get to that. there he with go. music, first monday of the new year. we have you covered. fox news back after this
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>> the cease-fire is still holding up. hundreds of civilians are fleeing demascus. some have left the area even though there's a cease-fire and that area is under attack. >> in isis taking another step forward iraqi forces captured neighborhood from isis. 60% of eastern mozul is back in government hands and more than a thousand and fled with a million still remaining in homes. >> thousands ordered to evacuate tampa over a security scare. passengers forced on to the tarmac new year's day after a bag and screening device prompted alorm. now, there was hour long evacuation several flight were delayed and buses were seen pucking up stranded travelers to take them to different location. whole thing turned out to be false alarm and one hour after the all clear was given everything went back to normal. >> protesters opposing dakota
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access pipeline harrisburg a large banner from the rafters of u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis during a vikings bears game yesterday afternoon the two demonstrators appeared appeared to urge u.s. fwoonk divest from pipeline. not arrested on the field during the game and were arrested when they scaled back down. >> federal george order aid halt to another obama administration effort to strengthen transgender rights they stopped federal health officials intend todd ban discrimination by hospitals and, doctors against transgender persons and the rules violate freedom restoration act forcing doctors to violate their beliefs. well queen elisabeth still not healthy. 90-year-old monarch missed new year's day church service and recovering from what's described as heavy cold. there's no indication her illness is more
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that. 95-year-old prince philip who apparently recovered from illness attended service without his wife. queen elisabeth missed service christmas day for first time in decades. >> 5:11 is the time now. look at this. one man's garbage is another goat's treasure. these goats are feasting on christmas trees. the owner of this farm started this recycling plant to help the city and residents dispose of old trees. the system is beneficial in more wades in one because not only does it keep trees out of land fills, but goats get helmy dose of vitamin c and other nutrient. >> i had no idea goats liked christmas trees. >> we're learning something new every day. >> coming up on "fox news morning" north america movie box office set new records in 016. >> and mariah carey says she was victim of sabotage during her epic new yoor
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performance. >> happy new year. >> she was very -- i woke up to that and was like what's going on. >> out of control. >> going to break with a live look across the dmv. 5:11 is the time. temperature 42. back in a moment ♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 5:1 4 is the time right now. last seen around 1:30 in the new block of present road northeast. 5' 1", 130 pound and mole on left cheek last seen wearing blue jacket, red shirt, blue jeans and black and yl owe jordan shoes. if you have any information her whereabouts you're asked to call d.c. police. >> all right wet start to first monday of to 17 it will take me a while to get used to 2017. >> uh-huh. >> but you know what we have to move forward. >> yes, wisdom
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in the past. >> make every day, every minute, hevr hour better that the past. >> no resolutions just better living. >> positive outlook guys. >> that was my resolution to be more positive. >> meanwhile it's cold and rainy outside. >> it's rainy. >> let's see how long that resolution lasts by the way. >> it's just fact. just sglakt if you have to work grab umbrella. >> absolutely guys, umbrella, coat, nice hood needed take it easy on the roads if you valve travel. wet the next couple days. if you're home bound today you encounter it tomorrow. a wet tuesday on the way and that will probably impact everyone returning to work and cool tomorrow. temperatures outside now the good news well above freezing and 41 washington and 4 quantico and 2 fredericksburg and 42 dulles and even normally cold spots seeing seem turz well above freezing and only going up from there meaning we don't have threat of anything besides rain. no weren'ter weather sxk
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the whole batch of rain going to make it a soaking monday. one area of steadier showers lifting northeast of baltimore an a bit of break in washington and look what's towards the south. a lot of steady rain in portions of virginia. any breaks that we get today we'll fill in quingly with occasional rainfall. on and off showers we call for and on and off phase. light drizzle and clouds and steadier rain to baltimore as we zoom n probably mid-morning we'll goat more rain down towards the south. let's time it all out for you. here's fox fruit fewer cast you see showers rolling north ward up 95 by 9, 10 a.m. stayedest rain in southern maryland and along delmarva and more showers in the afternoon. there's a break and that's overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. tuesday, 7 a.m. light drizzle and morning commute may not be too bad. it's about midday our typeal wave of rain comes in and this looks to be stayedest that will continue to the evening commu
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and clearing out by early wednesday morning. so through tuesday rainfall amounts not too substantial half inch to inch we'll take what we can get. on the dry side. it's probably just the fact that that rain falling during the evening commute tomorrow will be an issue. occasional rain today, 47. temperatures above freezing. 7 day forecast going from above to close to to below freezing in this very transitional first week of january. rain tomorrow, dry and breezy wednesday. 55 early high temperatures as it gets colder through thursday and then very, very cold snow flurries possible early friday and right now it looks like dry weekend cold high temperatures in the mid 30s. very chilly towards the weekend. now let's head towards wisdom the 7 day forecast headed to wisdom, guys. >> thank you very much. caitlin, 5:17 let's look at stories you're engaging with most with the realtime news tracker. >> first up
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veterans affairs are acknowledging role in opiates it over bribed for vets. according to recent study ft. bragg 47% of opiate precipitations are abused let no residential treatment program and no detox facility. >> next up everybody is talking about new year's rockin' eve performance that was snot rockin'. >> i watched it live. >> mar eye awas set to sing three times and she sang -- it didn't sound like anything it was brutal. >> she was not really singing. >> i don't know what it was you have to see it we're not doing it jus tixts all downhill. she abruptly started and stopped and was singing through two of her songs. >> and talking. >> and started walking a round. >> it was raisey. sometimes sing ago bit and then explained she couldn't hear the track in her earpiece and
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point told the audience to sing and pulled the mic away during the song and song kept going revealing she was likely lip syncing no surprise there. she blamed show producers forsetting her up and that claim was denied of course. somebody's head had to roll she was upset. >> i felt bad for her you could tell she was caught off guard. >> i don't know why she would have walkedff >> we could talk about this hours. numbers are in and 2016 was great year at movies and box office raked in $11.4 billion high easton record and top three movies all belong to disney, finding dory number one "star wars" rogue one second spot and captain america civil war number three. >> and finally as president obama term winding down his photographer is sharing candid photos of the president from 2016, b. susan selected images she found to be most revealing of president obamand
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it was posted to the site media. that's cool pictures. >> i want to take a look at all of them they're pretty impressive. >> one day i'm going to the white house and sitting on their desk. one day. >> call us if you wants us to come out. we'd love to be. there. >> coming up fox news morning one of the largest retailers is considering building a flying warehouse. >> and new technology could improve 911 service when you call from cellphone. >> a rainy look around the z.c. region, 5:20, back after this, 41 right now. ♪
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>> 5:22 the phone call ghoot mean the difference of life and death. >> and more cellphones pnging it it's tough to see where the emergency is. >> checking in on facebook and ordering uber
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gps can pinpoint exact location and when you call 911 operateers may have no idea where you are between 70 to 0% of all emergency calls are made on cell phones. >> 911 quhaz address of emergency. >> and many of those calls go to the wrong 11 center. >> most important question is what is the location of your emergency. >> and current technology uses cell towers to determine where you are and tower phone pings maying miles away or each in another jurisdiction. >> i have to trapdz foryou because aarr outside our jurisdiction. >> we conducted test call standing outside the alpha red 911 center where there were three misdirected calls in two hours we were there. >> 911 address of marina marraco. >> this is fox news tell me a test can you tell me what address is showing up. >> currently showing cell tower location 329 old millton parkway? more than a mile away where i was standing and we con diego castellanos
5:24 am
test using technology from the startup laser 911. >> you can please tell me address that popped up on the screen. >> this time the 911 operator pinpointed our exact location immediately. >> your phone is very good at understanding where it s so we let the phone do its work. it tells our system where it is and then our system utilizes cellular to transmit voice and data necessary to complete the call. >> the amount of time spent in 911 center getting right location is time that's wasted getting responders to the scene. >> federal communications commission estimate even one minute improvement in 911 response times for mobile callers could save more than 10,000 lives a year and fcc mandated by 2021911 centers must be able to identify 0% of emergency callers and even so, that means as many as 1 in 5 may still fall through the cracks. "fox 5 news"
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>> 5:4 one day amazon may store shipments in the sky. online retailers shared a patent for airborne fulfillment orders filled very 'drone it was filed two years ago and was not granted until last year. >> basically when i hear that i think "avengers" and hover craft that goes into space in air and stlits and run their whole operation from there. >> from there. >> i don't think -- >> like the jetsons not too far off right? >> yeah. caitlin. >> if anyone can do it, it's amazon. >> it's already amadeing and within twelve hours getting delivered to you that's amazing. >> make christmas shoop shopping easier. >> yes we probably are all like me recovering from the financial strain of shopping. >> the bill has to be paid sooner or later. >> that's why they call is january. >> that's why you need to hiber nate january. raining
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the account. that's all the you need. >> last day of holiday break for many of you before back to work and school tomorrow and rain will be round tomorrow morning. so, get used to it i guess because you have to be hitting the roads at this time tomorrow and during the commute that looks to be slow. all right can call that 24 hours out. storm tracker radar showing light rain that moved in overnight has primarily pushed northeast of washington and that was wave number one of several waves of rain expecting over the next couple days. so zooming in a little closer inside the beltway drizzle and clouds and off and on light rain pob ab ily expected through today. each though we have a lull the next couple hours more rain showers filling in. good news temperatures well above freezing for everyone. 41 washington and 37 winchester and 36 frederick and 40 annapolis we're only expecting rain showers. same tuesday, it will be a little milder as we get to 50. but that low pressure moves by, expect the moisture to ramp
5:27 am
to heavy rain mid-morning tuesday. here's planner forecast. maybe best to be indoors. clouds and showers off and on all day high temperature 47 major cold weather on the way though as we transition to much more january like weather for first week of 2017. i'll have that still ahead. wisdom. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" the redskins 2016 season comes to disappointing end at fedex field at home. >> right here at home illegal loophole could send convicted charleston church shooter to a mental hospital instead of prison or death row. >> alive look across the region. wet. for those of you not home taking the holiday out and about this morning be careful, slow down. take time. >> not much traffic out. >> watch tv if you're at home and turn on "fox5"we'll be here all morning line. 5:7 is the time. back in a moment.
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it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. >> one teen dead, a motherotr d.unded. the suspect in critical condition.nditio leaders of a localleaders oa university say they plan tohe keep a cony troversial statue but don't actually say when sayn and where it will happen. hpe the redskins fall flat on their face in front of their home crowd. in fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news
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>> good morning to you.rnin to thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin.'mm >> and i'm maureen umeh is monday january 2nd 2017.nd 2. it's always pleasant to say that. caitlin roth is in today doing g weather. we'll check in with in youh in y just a minute. >> all right.. 5:31 is the time right n. d.c. police they need youricthee help findingd a missing child.d 11-year-old bernea todd was last seen yesterday in northeast.rt she's 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. she has a mole on her lefter lef cheek. ch she was last seen wearing wri blood pressure jacket an redsu shirt as well as blue jeansblue and black and yellow jordanor shoes. if you have any informationav about her whe ereabouts you'rear asked to call d.c. police. >> a deadly shooting rocking a a small maryland city. >> a 15-year-old boy is accused of shooting and killing another teesend of andna injuring her mother over ther oh weekend in ellicott melanie alnwick live with more m on this disturbing story.ry good morning, mel.ning >> reporter: good morning,, te o wisdom and maureen.aureen it's going to be such a toughouh return to school year for f students at howard high
5:32 am
school. sc and really people are just trying to put together theher te pieces here. nobody can really figure thishis out, make sense of it fortor themselves.thse they just don't understand undet what would lead to 16-year-oldad charlotte zaremba being shoteins and killed.killed. now, friends on social mediaci are working through theirhe grief by posting pictures andicn sweet memories of their friend charlotte. it was 2:00 a.m. sunday when whn howard county police raced to the home on noelle glen road. charlotte's mother susan heardad a scuffle in her daughter's bedroom. police say when she went tot check it out she was shot by ay 15-year-old boy who was therease in the room. the boy then shot charlotteharlt and himself. charlotte was medevaced to thea hospital but did not survive. si suzanne was treated and released.ased people who know the family areir stunned. >> i haven't cried yet but i yeb want throw up.ut i've wanted to throw up all a day. >> reporter: now, at this t point police
5:33 am
time unclear whether theer t shooter had any connection to t the zaremba family, to those toe victims there. we're also toldrl that no one else was involved il in this incident.iden police do tell us that theys th were able to identify the 15-year-old suspect as a young y man who lives in ellicott citytc but they wouldn't give any more information about himut h because of his age and at this i point still considered to be acs juvenile in the criminal justice system. he is in critical condition at t a local hospital sufferingosff from a gunshot wound to thehe head. live in ellicott city, i'mt cit melanie alnwick, fox5 local >> 5:33 is the time right now.h we now know the identity of a oa woman found murdered in suitland. officers were called to the apartment on silve werre park v and found the body of taria t pet too. an autopsy is being conducted to determine should you she died. is be police aremine se offering $25,0 reward
5:34 am
leads to an arrest in thishis case. >> d.c. police trying to figure out how a. po man gainede access to the roof of the to dupontth circle hotel. 23-year-old john leonard ofna herndon virginia fell from that roof 10 floors down to dn the boiler shaft of theboiler sement.t. police believe leonard a guest t at that hotel went up to the upt roof to get a look at the view. view. today at 9:00 members of o the burgundy and golds' 2016old0 team will begin to clean outan o their lockers after they werey eliminated from playoffs. playo >> this came after a disappointing loss to the newin york giants. beat down yesterday. yesterday >> ooh. >> this was really -- there was really nothing positive to talk about about what happened in the game yesterday.heame the team failed to score inaito the first half and in thehalf an second half after tying it upert at 10 all the defense allowed aw the new york offense to march tr down the field and kick a kk field goal to win the game.eam final score in this one, 19 to t 10 after the giants' defense den ended the game with a fumble recovery touchdown.chdown this season is officially overlr for the burgundy anded.y a >> i heard it was ugly and i i heard a lot of people sayingay jay gruden should be gone andona kirk cousins should be gone, g too. is
5:35 am
>> that's a bit much. muc it's an overreach at this point. po it was an awful game.ulame. >> there was hope. wop now there's none. non >> everything lined up forthin them to go to the playoffs.layof a home game against a team a tea that didn't have anything to play for. pl they didn't play well.el they didn't care and then the tt redskins still loss. >> there you go. okay.dski>> >> association you know,o. who deserves to be in the playoffs?playoffs? unfortunately that's the way w it was. >> hail. good morning. >> good morning to you both.rni. happy new year. >> happy new year.ha >> same to you. no traffic today so we're kind of just filling our gap with weather and the news? that will work. >> that's fine. we gotodayllinan wd eather tth k ab>>out.k about. rain out there this morning and it was pretty steady the was pni kind of a lull right now butw b we'll see it pick back up up later on this morning and thenhe that rain will be with ushs through tuesday, so if you are fortunate enough to be offh toef today, don't have to head out, o that's great.atreat. temperatures are all aboveur freezing so we're justes talking about rain.tai 41 in
5:36 am
42 culpeper and 37 there's shows those showers moving through. moe onn see one area ofshows ste eadier rain pushingarea o northeast of washington and then a whole bt ofat wch of raio across central and southernthern virginia.inia that will until later today. right though zooming in inside the beltway, win chester che through frederick steadier showers. temperatures today remain t above freezing as we slowly slol rise into the 40's. 4 47 is that high temperature by b later on today and then tomorrow it will be just we stay mild but the big news bn will be as we transition to much colder air for our first week of 2017. 27. i'll have that seven-day forecast at about 5:45. wisdom and maureen back to bac you. >> coming up on fox5 news morning chicago police recorde d one of the city's bloodiests bli years on record. rec >> a we head to break a live a v
5:37 am
at 5:36.6. the temperature is 41 degrees. it's raining, it's wet, be careful, get your coat.t. >> ♪♪ >> still like it at this♪e it ai point. >> i know, it is good. >> back in a moment. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:39. convicted charleston church killer dylann roof in due in a south ar
5:40 am
today. the hearing will determinem his mental health. hea he was convicted of murdering me nine people during a prayer nervous 2015. 25. the jury is set to decideec whether roof should get death or life in prison.ri if a judge rules today he's h not comment roof will be stone a mental >> a drive by shooting inn northwest miami leaves sevenveve people injured on new year's on day. four adults and three teenslts were shot while standingnding outside of a home.outsid a six of the victims were takentis to the hospital in seriousl ineo one victim is a 17-year-old is listed in critical condition. cn police are searching for the suspect. >> near two dozen people were killed when a ftwieryo -do- fer boat caught fire in the fire happened as the boat bt heading to a resort islandort from jakarta caught fire.t fire. more than 230 people were on we board at the time.ard most of them were outou celebrating the new year.ea 23 people died and another 22nor hurt. hu 17 are still missing. missing. no word yet on how that fire started. starte >> workers in france have ake new law protecting trshe im whic is being nicknamed the rightight to disconnect. companies
5:41 am
longer require people to checkup their work e-mail when they're t out of the office. now, overuse of digital devices is blamed fored for everything from burnout to t sleeplessness as well as relationship problems. france is renown for its 355 hour work week along with an average of 35 vacation daysn ds per year.per yea several years ago the country's leaders encouragedd everyone to also takee afternoon naps.tern good nobody france.go >> how do we get that here? >> you got moveod do we to fran. >> qui. [speaking foreign language]ag >> french fries. >> i'm leaving it right there. vingcoming up on fox5 news morning, we're one day away we'y from the beginning of a a newew government take shape right here in the district. dtr >> this morning police ares mo searching for the people who gave the famed hollywood signly a new year's day makeover. >> okay, that's clever. as we head to break, a live, l look across its d.c. region.n. not a lot of traffic this morning. in fact we're only doing newsoi
5:42 am
traffic not much of an issue.ns. a lot of you off today. 5:41, it's rainy, though,hoh, 41 degrees. d back after this. >> ♪♪
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♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3.
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enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪♪ >> ooh, that's an interestingat song for weather this morning. if that doesn't get you's ather, don't know what l it's 5:44. 54. you're look outside, see a, e little bit of sheen, yes, it'se' wet out there.wet out there. if you're driving, walking,, whatever, you're going getng get me
5:45 am
falling on your head.ea >> ain't no love.>> a i believe that's the originalths with bobby blue bland; is thatnt right? >> is it? i wouldn't know. >> just thought i'd drop thatp a in there. >> yeah, i didn't know.eah, >> i i know.. >> it's all good.oo >> good morning to you.ood morn >> good happy new year to you both.h. >> yes, same to you. y >> kind of weird we're off to w such a wet soggy start feior tht new year.wear. we got some rain out there. the >> we should think of it ass like a cleansing.ansing. >> a detox. aox. >> a detox from the holidays.roo let the rainfall.ainfall. it's all we need to rehydrate to start over. just rain the next couple of co days. makes it a little difficult out a lit there but, just rain,o winter weather, not yet at yet a >> that's good.>>t's g >> just wait. we've got there in the seven-day foree cast.goy rec >> oh, great. oh, gat. >> back to some januarytypepe weather before you know it.befo wet the next couple dayres andan that wet is just falling no winter weather expected but as you take
5:46 am
have a lot of rain out there of right now. storm track radar s howinghong showers that moved inowerthat overnight have pushed northt ha and east ofve washington.hiton. it's steadier up 95 from fro baltimore to philadelphia andlpa there are still some steadye s showers moving along thes ving o mountains there in winchesterche again just rain what looks like a break, youeak see a hole in the radar r overhead right now it's stillsll filled in with drizzle and clouds. we that was live shot. we had a couple hat cars out the commuting and it is still wet.e. count on those roads being wetnw just about all day intont tomorrow. inside the beltway justeltway drizzle right by mid morning some of thatf steadier lane in southerner lan virginia will fill in.iafill up to baltimore, frederick youdk guys are getting a break along o the i-70 corridor.ordor. further north up 95 toward pat p border where you've got steadier rain and that is evend some frozen precipitation near we're well above freezing.ezin 41 washington, 37 gaithersburg, 40 out at dulles and 37 in winchester.inte let's time out all this rainll n for you fox futurecast shows that that rain towards o
5:47 am
fill in mid morning to aboutut on.n. southern maryland getting inarg on some of those steadier owowers. but throughout the day just just account for occasional rainor o and that will continue until about evening time where weintie get a bit of a break.reak overnight into early tomorrow morning, cloudy, drizzly, drizz, looks like the heaviest batchesc of rain is not expected tote t move in until about midid morning, noon, here. h this is the low pressure t system ramping up and moving by but that is some sthepieadyny rain and from mid morningid until about the evening eveni commute it looks pretty soggy. y when we finally start to see t s that rain push northward wer w clear out by tomorrow night, nig dry weather expected probably py by about early wednesdayay morning. jet stream pattern for todayod stuck in the 40's t it is it is chilly rain but just rain. rain. briefly getting milder.ilr. what looks like very mild for f tuesday now looks kind ofind of milalar today. that rain it just is too hardto to get warm with it raining r all day but i think by early ear wednesday temperatures are inat the mid-50's and itur is mild. . this is all out ahead of an arctic cold front which is going to allow temperatures tore just plummet late wednesdaymm to
5:48 am
change things up by the secondhc half of the week but for todayod occasional rain, temperatures ri remain above freezing withn, bothat highve temperature oftu o 47 degrees.47 d we only fall a degree or twoo overnight. 45 toer up to 50 there. tre clouds and showers on tuesday. dry and breezy, 55 degrees isdes an early high temperature onpero wednesday.esda it will be pretty blustery anden cold by the end of the day and d then look at that high temperature on thursday, much,h, much colder. colde flurries are possible,sible, probably likely with that coldtl air coming in on friday, frida 33 degrees is it.s right now the weekend looks loos dry sunny and cold but highbuhi temperatures only in the mid 30's. 30's. low temperatures only in the 20's so we've got the cold aira plalay.cold not looking at a snowstorm yetnt but we have those flurries in the forecast there. all right, that's a look thate your seven-day forecast t wisdom. >> all right, 5:48 is the time t right now.righnow. happening now the murder raterdr in d.c. took a nip 2016 but it6t was still above average. average there were 137 murders in last year and in 2015 there were 162 murders.ders. no word on how many of thisf t past year's murders, the mu
5:49 am
even with the homicide rateide e lower some people who liveme here still p don't feel >> i know police say homicidesos are down and they want to say to that crime is down. dow i don't know how much safer mucr people feel living in the citynt because they're still hearingllh about all these homicides thatet keep happening every couple of days. >> in 2015, d.c. police were able to close about 62 percentt of the murder investigations.gan closure for mpd means someone sm was arrested for the crime. cme >> controversy on the campuser of asymerican university.rsity. it's all focused on the 9-foot-t statue of a man who killed two fbi agents back in 1975. the leonard pelt tea statue stau was put up by people wanting wti his clemency.mey. the school was asked to takeo t down the statue which they say is a the school released aead statement saying they will will move the statue but they willy w not say if they will removeem the statue or take it down completely. the new congressionalsion
5:50 am
tomorrow. the republicans held onto theheh house and the senate.enat on friday they'll hold a joint i session to officially counts cos the electoral votes in the in t presidential election.iden donald trump will be sworn in sn as the nation's 45th presidentre on friday january 2 >> when donald trump gets told o the white house he'll have newua technology at his fingertips.gep president obama ordered thedere new computers and faster fte internet for his successor butcb there are questions about how much trump will even useense computers. over the weekend he told reporters no computer is safenoe from hacking.r king. trump says if he has an h a important message to get out o he would use a courier to deliver it.ver >> pigeon carriers.eon >> some people don't likee technology.lo trump's incoming press secretary says trump likely likl will continue the practice of posting tweets once he takesheak office. he'll likely switch before hisfs own personal twitter to the to t potus twitter account. accou president obama currentlyt oba y uses. the potus account was launched u in may 2015 and as for as president obama he will noil n longer have access to thetohe potu
5:51 am
office.ce. >> 5:50. the city of chicago wrappingrapp up 2016 with one of its most mos violent years in near two decades talking 762 homicides recorded for 2016 up 57 percent over the last year. a more than 4300 shooting sot incidents were recorded up over 6 percent. chicago outpaced new york cityad and los angeles combined toombio shootings and homicides.and hoi. on saturday hundreds of peoplefe marched in downtown chicago carrying white crosses for whi each people killed.e kill. >> despite the economiccomic political and cultural consequences texas seemsas sms poised to pass similarimil one of the state's most senior politician center city pushingee for a woman's privacy act calling it necessary so that women and girls can have privacy and safetyecand in thet restrooms showers and locker rooms.s. now the spill likely to bespl inlitroduced in the state's next legislative session.ive >> next up, fans of the
5:52 am
game against the chicago bearsco got an eye full at u.s. bank stadium after two men protesting the dac kata access pipeline hanged the raptors toat hang a sign. one of the men was wearing aeang brett farve jersey. jse they were there for more thanthr an hour beforee rappelling down awaiting police and security.ani police say they were arrested ae and charged with trespassing. >> a vandal made a public p disflay los angeles where the hollywood sign was altered toltt read hollyweed. hollyweed it happened early on sunday suna between midnight and 2 a.m.d.m security footage caught a man using tarps to change the osthe to the es.s. the hollyweed sign remained updu until around 11:00 a.m. when.m.n the authorities took down then tarps. >> okay. >> all right. right >> i don't par make that sort pr of thing but m that's clever asa all get out.all ge out. >> let's talk about this.'s t sad news talo talk about this morning. mash star william christopher has died. he played fwiathellria mulcahey onulcay the popular television series s
5:53 am
christopher passed away awa saturday morning at his homeisom in pasadena, california.if he was diagnosed with cancered more than a wit year ago and had been in the hospice since thepi beginning of the week.nning of e christopher was 84 years old. >> get ready for the return ofno another popular sitcom. sco leslie jordan claimed thattht will and grace was coming back this year for 10 episode eso limited series. he guest starred on the show playing a character beverly bevy leslie just a funny guy.t a fuyu the rumors started last fallastl as you recall when the main cast members got together tors t film a scene for theor t presidential election. >> all right. out. >> oh, man. oh, man. >> mariah carey claims her new r year's eve act was "sabotage "sa by the producers of the new the year's rocking eve on abc."." her people say she complained ci about audio problems with herith earpiece an hour before theorthe show. she claims the technician saidid it would be fine.
5:54 am
she was the one who decidedecidd not do a sound check. cck >> she said that.d that. >> i watched it.>> i was like is anybody elsebo els watching this? you know what, though, as a couple dayse d passed, she was pro.ssed, she wa i mean the way she handled itdld 'cause she could have been aave deaf van just stormed offt stor stage. >> i would have done that, thldou hgh.thou >> yeah. this is your reputation at a stake but mimi,. >> it was bad. it was bad >> all right. hey, how about this twins bornbo minutes apart in differentiffert years it. >> happened at banner thunderbird medical center ind e glendale arizona.di fox's marcy jones has the story. >> we were shocked. >> yeah. >> shocked and surprised andis d very excited.. hour hole and brandon sheaonhe expecting twins was act surprise. going into labor on new year'sw' eve was shocking but whats shoct makes the birth of their twoheit boys even more unbelievable isbs that fact they were born in different years. sawyer born
5:55 am
later everett born 1nd j 12:012: center city a.m. new year's newy day. >> sawyer was born in 2016 and everett was born in 2017, so01 s sawyer will be lording it over o everett for his whole life he was born a year earlier.rn a yea >> reporter: 22 days away ir eay his retirement, dr. allen dll sawyer says he couldn't haves he asked for a better way to end his 25a bett year ob/gyn careere adding that earning the rare r bragging rights betweenging hospitals to have the first rhet and last baby born of the year r doesn't hurt either.ithe >> it looks like they're all a playing pokéer and they'réer holding their pokéer cards poke tight té their chest and going so, did you have a baby yet? ? and nobody wants to divulgevulg what time their baby was >> reporter: mom and dad aread a doing just fine. a little tired but so in love. even though the twins are justre hours old, they've got a lot a l of personality.lity. >> oh, yeah, they're loud. they like to snore.o >> yeah. >> reporter: and although the sheas will be leavingorter:t hospital soon with a
5:56 am
goodbye for dr. sawyer and the twins. >> we became facebook friends shortly afterme fac midnight i k and so i'll get to see sawyer sw and everett grow up that way.t w >> u reporp ter: marcy jones, fox 10 news.ew >> welcome little welcome. time for our facebook fanurb of the day.ooay today it is malik kearny.rny. malik plays college footballootb for the unc tarheels. >> what.>> what. >> his parents adrian and lamont say he was raised onsed fox5 so they wanted to sandyan proud parent shout out.d there you gopare malik kearny. n >> tarheels. his fans say he worked hard at a his craft this year and his ambition and hard work paid off. congratulations to malik adrienne and lamont.t. >> looking sharp. lking sharp. >> go tarheels. >> expecting big things from>>fm you malik kearny. kearn invite us to your opening gamenm in the nfl. talking weather, 5:56,:5 caitlin roth. rot >> a very wet start to yourr monday here january 2nd, nond n winter weather but it is just is some rain moving in from them t
5:57 am
a bit of a break in washingtonwo right now but you see all that a rain around richmond that willtl fill in by mid morning so account for on and off rainon showers all day today, all day y tomorrow. drying out by wednesdayednesday turning much, much colder col second half the work week.alf right now the weekend looksw th dry buwet temperatures onlyy reach the mid 30's.reach th that's a look at yourk at your seven-day stay with us. fox5 new morning returns ateturt 6:00 a.m. a.m >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5. news morning.og >> right now at 6:00, somber sbe start to the new year for f students at one maryland highanh school after one of theirf tir classmates is shot and killed ke inside her own we're live with how they're ty'e remembering her this morning.or. >> the redskins blowing theirsk playoff chances in a toughins cn loss right here at herah we'll break it all down andn a what's next for the burgundygund and gold. gold. >> meantime a live lookeante a outside on this monday january 2nd. oh, boy, it is wet out there. te ooh, luckily a lot of you arelyl not working today so we'reo 'r only going to do news and a weather today.atheday. a check of that was coming upomg at 6:05. 6:0 good morning, i'm maureen mauren umeh. >> and i'm erin como. steve and a allndis ion, they ae enjoying this morning off. thisn a lot of people aroundg of the v enjoying the day off as well. w. welcome back to fox5 news morning. >> let's start with what's in the news. isis taking rtartespo wns ibility foril the deadly nightclub attack in istanbul turkey.urke turkish police are tryingh track down the gunmen whopoli killed 39 people on new year's at a popular nightclub.ub among the dead is a policedead officer and clos ie to 70 people


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