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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 3, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> breaking overnight, powerful storms pounding part of south. heavy rapes, high winds and even tornadoes. this morning several people were killed and the cleanup is underway at that same storm system brings rain to our region. >> and back to work on capitol hill as congress gets ready for new session in new year. lawmakers getting a heard start with surprise late night vote by republicans in the house. we'll have details. >> and big day here at "fox5" we're celebrating wttg's 70th anniversary that's 7-0 as we look at our own station's road to success we'll have fun with that later this morning as well. >> i love it giving you live look outside tuesday morning january 3, 2017. it's rainy out there, trust me, folks, weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05 good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> let's get south the latest own deadly storms riping across seve
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and killed four people in alabama when a tree fell on mobile home and also alabama strong winds ripped through subray vawnt in town of jackson, alabama zoo keepers scambleing to move animals to gulf shore states to safer ground and to clear debris and several possible tornadoes were reported in mississippi, georgia and louisiana. and a man killed in florida found nearby submerged car flooding remains a big issue. warnings are posted through this evening. >> back home developing over nights in the disinstruct a person in police custody after crashing into several vehicles including two police cars happened in northeast d.c. 1:00 this morning in 1700 block north street and the scene is clear now and roads on and but it is believed that prince george country police cruiser was in the area and investigating something else when the suspect thought they were after him. police say that suspect then drove to a d.c. police car and drove to prince george country cruise
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foot. police later caught that person. thousands of travelers coming home from vacation overseas had to wait for hours to get through customers onlys yesterday. there was computer glitch and outage that impacted u.s. customs and border protections processing system and airport officials and travelers across the country reported delays ranging from 0 minutes to hours and processing systems wept back online at all airports later in the night. >> happening today, congress returns to work today with republicans anxiously waiting to dismantle president obama policy. >> comes on heels of major change overnight. and they investigate law maker misconduct. melanie alnwick live on capitol hill with more. good morning, mel. good morning, steve, allison. despite objection of republican leadership last night gop members of the house rules committee vote todd take office of conditioning gretional ethics and make it no longer independent
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committee lawmakers policing lawmakers it's controversial and up to a full vote in the house one item on a very long to-do list. >> trying to get our game face on and working. >> for gop number one target obamacare and that's the reason president obama will head to hill tomorrow to figure out a way to save his signature healthcare law. republicans, the real challenge may be unifying around the aaplan that somehow saved more of the popular aspects of the program and getting rid of things like individual mandate to obtain or purchase insurance. >> hard part is replace. republicans had a lot of plans for a number of years now. this time they have to pick one. as party behind it that's going to take genuine hard work. >> democrats amount to aggressive plays as well planning to mack it as
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trump to win con fir maiings for cabinet picks and targeting them for long hard fought battles weeks with be after the up august ration. >> there's a difference between allowing president constitutional right as lightning as they're qualified and each one is qualified to serve and bring real change to the various departments on the government. the 115 congress is worn in at noon today and friends at the hill report that it will be most racially diverse in history. live on capitol hill melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> chinese media says trump is kim youngn icbmrean leader reached typeal stage and trump tweeted north korea stated
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nuclear weapon reaching parts of u.s. it then won't happen and china has been taking out massive amounts of money and wealth from u.s. and toe totally one sided trade and won't health with north korea, nice. happening now a selfie video of the man officials say was gunman that killed 39 people at istanbul night club released it shows alleged gun man filming himself at tuscan square. it's not sure if it was filmed before or after deadly shooting. they're close to identifying the suspects and have the gunman's finger prints. isis called him a soldier of califate in message claiming responsibility for the attack. >> 7:05 now. rany start. a lot of people beings back to work. >> and unfortunately
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could be worse the roadways were nice. >> i binged watched ol series. >> should have binge watched early fox news. >> early year of wttg. >> i would have to have awakened during the time it was on. >> sleeping in and living the life. >> that's what days off are for. >> only on for like eight hours i get it, got it. >> forecast, rain showers 43 reagan national and cooler temperatures dulles, bwi, in addition to the cloud cover and gloomy companies the rain moved out in the last year or to that's soaking range to southern mar par and virginia good reigns at the moment and that pushesed in the beltway oaf the next couple hours. bottom line on tuesday forecast lots of rain today. i think we'll try things out by kind of mitd to late afternoon in time r
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things dry out. before then half inch to inch of rain and area of low pressure back to eastern kentucky. 49 today. word of day, soggy. >> yeah. okay? >> a, 7 day forecast has snowflakes on it well you have to go to cool. i'll tell you in the brake. >> okayment we'll take a lack at traffic. behind me rain coming down north west and tow truck on location. this is missouri avenue northwest 400 block shut down now to get around the intersection until they clear it. you can keep to third street northwest or madison that will help you pick alternate around there and heavy rain coming down and traffic detouring around that and car involved in the crash ready to get towed out of the way we'll let you know and mow stairs using as
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usual. >> looks like the car was driving straight towards me right now we're barked 34, 66 eastbound from 29 to 34 baingt 28 it's a sea of slow moving traffic with speeds under 10 miles an here and earlier crash by 234 that cleared huge delays lingering and as you can see 95 northbound through prince william jammed as well. all majors into the district are looking like that including 14 street bridge inbound back to you guys. >> here's a look at top stories this hour at 7:08 happening today the sentencing phase of dylann roof trial. he is the south carolina man that killed nine people in charleston church in 2015 and if he rules roof is income tent or. >> four people dad poised by gas by
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under their home. a chemical reaction cocured when somebody tried to wash offer the pesticide and a poisonous gas was less released. it's restricted use pests side and purchased illegally. >> we're already getting odor and they were trying to suppress the vapors he didn't know enough about the chemical. it's sold to only people that have a license to apply it and he got this black market. >> right now it's unclear if criminal charges will befied in this case. >> at home now police are looking for the car and driver involved in a deadly pedestrians ept route 4. con dald durant was trying to cross the road. moments later he was hit by a car. if you know anything about the accident you're asked to call police. >> in montgomery koutsy a man fired shots at town home
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trike striking woman in the leg. happened yesterday afternoon lamont lane. woman expected to be okay it does not appear victim and gunman knew each other it was likely random act of violence. >> "fox5" sklus of a d.c. liquor store pleading for justice after somebody brokt into the store by cutting a hole in the store's wall and raiding register. >> and caught on camera. lindsay watts spoke to the store's devastated owner says he is out thousands of dollars. >> the like or store is in the bright wood park store. a small shop owned by husband and wife this is third time burglarized. first time somebody kicked in a book door and then a thief came through the air conditioning vent and on seasoned a guy broke through the back wall between the liquor bottles and stole everything the owners made on new year's eve. >> oh, my god. >> we work hard we earn it. >> after one of the buzze
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armed with saw took everything an you can see him in the corner on the surveillance video and it's just before 5 a.m. sunday he grabs register and shakes it on and steals all the cash inside. according to the police reports about 25,000 then the burglar cawz back into the hole he came through into ajaition enters hallway. >> that kind of loss hurt bad. >> he left the cash in the register because he didn't want to walk out with it admit night he planned to retrieve first thing in the morning cost deep they're devr oat todd work and nging two did a better life. >> 7 days a week we work non stop. work is well made me happy i played it. i enjoy the life in america. >> they're originally from ethiopia. >> they came from out of the country and when i came to this country gave me a lot
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opportunity i start my life. for some of these. >> after building a life here he had can't stand to see criminals try to tear down his business. >> it happened over and over again. >> he says burglarized several years ago as well as this past summer and no one has been caught. >> what happened next now? >> no consequence? what will come? six months from now? three months from now? what comes? that makes me scared. >> the store has a lot of security cameras and you can see all of the screens here. they also have alarm system and are continuing to make security improvements to prevent crime in the future. if you have any information about the break in contacts d.c. police. in form west, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> meantime a toddler hailed a hero after he was caught on camera saving twin brother. they're making headlines across the world this morning it's
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must see to believe. we'll show you next. >> and coming up later big day at "fox5" as we celebrate wttg 70 anniversary we'll take a walk down station's memory lane and we want to you join us. tweet memories of wttg channel five use hash tag 5 eight 7 @7
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>> welcome back to wet and soggy and slow commute tuesday morning you can see live out there on the beltway we have lots of rainfalling across the area and i'm not sure it's helping matters as everybody is back to work and school and cool temperatures. right now in the 40s and we won't get a chance to dry out a whole lot here before the afternoon. all right there's big headline another stoing
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today will be too as we have plenty of rain showers in the forecast. temps 43 washington and we're not tear bally cold because of area of low pressure in the neighborhood and 39 new york city and off north and west 40. 38 in kick chick this morning. temperatures above freezing. all right good things temperatures were above freezing we were conditioned about freezing rain yesterday northern maryland and things warld up sufficiently just rain for us today and you can see pretty good batch of moisture moisture developed south and west and rain moderate mainy heavy at times if it pushes through over the next several hours and plan on rain through 2, 3:00 this afternoon and things gradually taper offer in time for morning rush hour and we start to clear things out overnight tonight and early tomorrow quick look at 7 day, 40s dunkin' donuts. fog develops after rain get out tonight and 55 dry and breezy tomorrow look greatar
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possible and we could get a coating and it's enough to stick. there might be some roadway challenges friday morning. >> still a couple days away. we'll see what happens. >> erin is back and we've got roads and fun out there. >> i appreciate the warning with friday and right now with the rain tracking a lot of problems right now inner loop near wilson bridge totally backed up outer loop heavy as well. crash missouri avenue take a look at this scene northwest. 400 block of missouri avenue. tow truck left the scene. they have at least one car out of the way and it looks like folks getting through intersection now and if you want to avoid that keep it to fifth or madison. police activity starting to clear. thing getting back to normal. heavy rain coming down. see large puddles watch for poppeding conditions and potential to hydro plane and potential for other cameras now so much backed up traffic 270 southbound side as you head towards split dealing with off and on delays urbana to split
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need to give yourself hour and outer loop kohls day 95 do college park to georgia 30 minute delay and heavy parked traffic outer loop 202 crash reported by 50. be mind full of that. more traffic in a few and metro is on time, allison an steph. >> united airlines is trying to figure out why vendor employee was found in aircraft cargo hold cargo hold following a flight from charlotte to dulles international airport. that worker was unarmed at the time and was not identified and the flight landed safely on sunday. >> three jewel thieves ended 016 with six million score. daring trio broke into midtown manhattan before the ball dropped new year's eve once inside 6 million in high end jewelry. bracelets, necklaces got the whole lot. most expensive item 8 car at
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that itself more than $200,000. >> incredible video ought of utah. 2-year-old boy and twin broke stuck under had neither that dresser that the stuck on top of him. >> this whole thing on surveillance in the boy's bedroom. there's questions of whether the video is real. holly joins us with a closer look. first all do you think real or fake. >> i don't think it's real. >> you don't. >> i don't and i have several reasons why. first i'll give you fact and let you form your own opinion right? the video really is quite incredible. let's walk through it the boys parents claim happened the boys father posted this video to facebook and youtube saying that his twin sons brock and brody were playing in bedroom when the book shelf fell on top of brock. what you didn't see there was they climbed into the drawers okay they opened drawers and climb into them and you actually see the dresser fall on t
7:20 am
so that's when dad says brody sprung into action and managed to push dresser off his little brother. dad says he and wife were upstairs at the time didn't here commotion at all and didn't realize anything happened until his wife went and checked on the boys few minute later and saw the dresser was on the ground. and it was not until even later then that when the dad checked security camera did they find out what the little boy did. he posted to facebook saying i've been hesitant to post it but it's not only to bring awareness but it's incredible we're grateful for the bond she share. we know brody was not alone in moving dresser off brock and feel blessed he's okay. please make sure all your dressers are bolted and secured to the wall. please share. >> and now, here's the reasons i don't think it is fake when you seat video crawling into the drawers the d
7:21 am
empty nothing in it who has a dresser in toddler room with nothing in it and we just bought a new tresser there was nothing anything it in it i think that's odd. i also note i went to facebook page that he works for vivant smart home n his let to fox 13 in utah he referenced the camera security camera that happened to capture all of this so perfectly. >> look at the baby crying would they have a child underneath it. >> they set it up i think gently place today on him and what parents who have security cameras don't hear dresser fol on 2-year-old screaming crying out of mind. >> i don't think they would let him cry like that. >> then why wouldn't they rush in there. you see the kid standing there for a good -- >> i think they staged it i don't think they would have put the boy in trauma if they are they're terrible pants i don't
7:22 am
that. >> i like to believe there are not bad parents out there but we read the new everybody's day and there are. >> that part is true. all right. >> anyway. >> here's one thing good thing we take from that. you know what you really should bolt your furniture. furniture can fall over and children die every year when furniture falls on them. that's a real problem and something that needs to be acknowledged. >> we'll be right back
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>> back with college bowl games what a game was in southern call cam rose bowl game last night so many points scored and back and forth. usc rallied from 14 point deficit after penn state was down early and usc came back clenched win with field goal as time expired final score 52-49. high scoring rose bowl ever in the 3rd quarter and went on and scored more touchdowns in the fourth. sugar bowl now. not so many points. auburn water back left early with right arm injury and 91 yards, 19 car i why, two touchdowns. 35-19. >> 7:5 good morning tucker. >> good morning that usc kicker clutch. can be zone, 46 yarder doing it in college
7:26 am
4 washington. wind north east at 7 here. reign showers in fact good rain. moderate rain moving in from south and west. temps mid 40s and we'll have a good steady rain around here until mid afternoon. plan accordingly. roads are miserable this morning. 55, sunny, breezy, tomorrow is nice one and cold weather settles in and could be a period of snow showers around here friday morning possibility of light accumulations. but again this is not a big deal event and perhaps arrived at the wrong time temperatures below freezing early friday morning. that's weather update. erin is back with more roads. >> roads terrible now a live look outside a new crash blocking right shoulder and right lane involving tractor trail area cross the 14 street bridge. keep to two left lanes to get around and be mindful hit delays well before virginia 110 all the way across the bridge and new crash. workers out of vehicle at the
7:27 am
use caution this is outer loop 20 crash blocking shoulder knowledge of that point auto and delays building several miles before 202 and up past the crash scene 50 and inner loop looking good and jam up through oxon hill. let's show you this. really big delays now as you make your way out on 66 we'll keep up updated back to you guys. >> all right. >> erin thank you. >> it's exciting day right here at "fox5" as we celebrate wttg 70 anniversary. >> we'll take a walk down our own station's memory lane for a look at where it all started and we will hear your memories how far back to you go watching channel 5. before the days we did news. let us know, hash tag 5@70.
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>> capitol sdom obscured by raindrops. not going to be cold. we'll check in with tucker in a few minutes first at 7:30 powerful storms in the south claimed at least five lives now and four people killed in alabama when a tornado brought a tree down on mobile home several other people were hurt at the same scene and other scenes man in florida killed as severe storms raped cross pan handle. >> we're late waiting to learn more details about a gruesome murder. officials are expected to release more information today in triple deadly shooting. police say 16-year-old charlotte zarembo was shot and killed in her bedroom and the teen's mom also injured and accused shooter is 15-year-old boy who shot himself in head and is in currently critical
7:31 am
condition at shock trauma baltimore no word on a motive yet. >> let's get back to capitol hill. today is a new day. 150 congressional class will be sworn in today and many will be members of dop. republicans held on to house and senate in oaf elect. >> andthon date january 30 way back 70 years ago a duemont radio he three w 3 xwt got d.c. first commercial license to begin broadcasting and it changed to wttg. >> and then of course we as a stage changed over the years but have not forgot ep our roots. power and i joins us from the tape room which seems like a things of the past in its own. should i look ear at her there okay a walk down memory lane, good morning. >> blasting from the past history revideoed if you
7:32 am
and that's all stored on the three quarter inch tape. who remembers these. these were heavy and got the job done. if you look at this year this have oweder an you can see these go all the way back. these tapes date back from 1990, 1995. we have arsenal of stuff here. all stored on these three quarter inch tape. of course we came a long way since then. we could not have done it with a host army of people over years who work tirelessly behind the camera hoping to make wttg and subseed in making it power house it is. take a look. ♪
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>> metro media five. saturday jewel 0, 190 this is 10:00 news weekend edation washington first late night newscast. >> this is channel 5, 10:00 news with mauri povitch and james. >> they are trying to come one anything they can to make ling ling the giant panda go into heat and now she's about to get injection of fer tut till drugs in hopes she mates with zipping sding. >> quick update. >> a lot like today clouds more than sun and cool too. >> hope for the weekend. >> this is channel 5 fox television washington d.c. >> now america's number one primetime newscast this is channel five 10:00 news. >> from fox television in washington
7:34 am
this is fox5 news at 10. ♪ >> this is "fox5" morning news. >> king crabs coming into season now ahead and what's cooking. >> and reaction from his attorney and victim's family members. >> we're now joined by antonio perkins. >> i'm going to go with tonino. >> that's the way it sounds soo. >> i like that. >> here i am tonino with the forecast. >> all we need is water and we'll number good shape. >> this is keith from national mar each manufacturers association. >> that's real tv. very gem. thank you guys. >> happy new year. >> see you in 2017♪ >> of course, you know a lot of colagues asking you've seen in that tape have
7:35 am
and a lot remained. over the years really helping to make ttg the power house it's has become i for one have been here 1 years and a personal note coming here 14 years ago go felt honored they just don't have a local identity it has national identity. so if you're fortunate enough to come here you have hit the localry in a couple bays because it's a top notch station for good and hard working people. where does the call come from w it tg vermont thomas gold smith those were his initials. a bit of history for you. wishing you many, many more. i for one would raise the glass if i had one for you. >> when i came on my job interview mature own was the one they dumped he off on. go hang around her all day and see what you can learn. >> for me i started 14 years ago tomorrow. >>
7:36 am
>> happy anniversary. >> and it's for mornings actually morning show has been here 27 years we've all been here fave of horng show tuck is rated 14 as well and you're a couple years ago. a lot of that is sentimental to me. thanks, so much, what a sun look down let us know if you have memories of watching channel 5 w it tg. >> my mom made me purpose it offer because she would not let me watch the flint stones. >> and it was time to go to school then. >> that was the best. >> that was before the news was on. 43 now reagan national and dulles 41 and bwi marshall 42. we are cool and we're rainy out there. good soaking rain working through the region at the
7:37 am
greens and yellows that's steady rain we're expecting the next suvrl hours aim afraid roadways won't improve made to you late afternoon. plan on rain for much of the day and umbrella weather, temps in the 40s. 7 day stay tuned you want to see it snowflakes on it. >> there's delays everywhere. this say look at the bridge, 14 between george washington parkway and bridge as cross blocking right shoulder involving rack tore trailer and traffic super parmingd back to etsell road a 5 minute delay and heavier rain coming down now. i want to show you maps we have metro delay right now to tell you about. yellow line residual glaze in both and we have report of pedestrian struck cooper road cinnamon drive in gaithersburg. use caution there.
7:38 am
34, 29 to beltway you need a good 60 ca minute at least keep it to "fox5" thop rainy tuesday morning. always wins.
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>> resouping flights as early as next week finding cause of explosion that de tried this rocket in september. they hope this g b
7:41 am
air january 8 and that launch needs approval by federal aviation administration. there's a live look now at the eagle cam at for the meier's florida we're witnessing for second day to hatch. today marks 41 for the egg it may not match if that happens eagles may move to side of nest. >> okay. >> and as for the run that hatched on new year's eve and captured attention of america here's brand new video of eaglets eating, yes, tucker? >> i heard -- >> the ones we fell in love with last time? the bird's mom funny saying the bird eagles' mother har yat gave her fish. >> it was more like sushi. >> and the little baby beake makes way through the shell, little pip.
7:42 am
different years. one in 2016 and one in 0167 we all recover from holidays maybe time off oaf the holidays and how does it sound not having to check work emails and go home for the day. don't that be nice. >> is there a catch. we'll break it down yext
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ >> nice. >> that was reagle wasn't it. >> always fun to celebrate a birthday and today we're celebrating our own tv station 70th birthday. to be wokeing up by star spangled banner on black and white tv i was not here in washington of that but i have fond memories of fall ago sleep on the couch and then hear that and then [ statistic ] and then mark mccarthy is my crush. get line. get in line. >> one of my best memories was watching children's programming wonderrama and zoo review was good stuff i watched that, too. >> sunday morning kids show there you go wanderama and young celebrity guests. >> i remember wonderama. >> you remember these part do you remember that. >> i don't remember wonder
7:46 am
i remember watching cartoons and strange movies they acquired and plaque and white movies. >> and amc classics. >> yes independent channel. >> agreed. >> what channel 01 now. >> mash was on every minute and weird stuff. >> yes. >> right. >> i loved it watched testify day. >> i remember when laura started she was in another station remember? >> another soggy day rain showers lots and lots of rain showers in the forecast today. temperatures only in 40s. it's chilly one, too, 4 washington. very raw out there 41. gaithersburg 41 leonardtown and 30s north an west and rain moving across the area locking in that cold pattern for the day and i don't think temperatures budge a whole lot. steady rain the last hour or so and enhanced rainfall across virginia working down 95 fredericksburg and as we get down to southern maryland you guys are getting good rain at theom
7:47 am
through the region. everybody winchester hagerstown you're not on this particular map and everybody in on soaking rain today and half inch to inch of rain bigger picture area of low pressure back to eastern parts of tennessee and kentucky pushing up into our region and dragging moisture through the area. bottom line it is not going to be a great looking tuesday for us. there we are. early afternoon things should start to taper off here. i think in time for evening rush hour only to cloudy. i can't guarantee more showers. 8:00 tonight. heaviest of rain moves through during morning hours and then we'll get a chance to clear out overnight and tomorrow fantastic temperatures mid 50s. kopt last. cold arctic blast by end of week. mentioned chilly temperatures. high pressure north. couple areas of low pressure. this is yesterday's rain and today's rain and fronts through the region and get sun back in here and chance to dry out tomorrow temps mid 50s. end of week cold early friday morning th
7:48 am
quick moving weak system that drops just enough light snow shower activity for a coating or light accumulations and could cause problems with temperatures in 20s. we'll watch that time frame carefully. that's weather. erin is back and everybody back to school and miserable roads. >> and rails. >> yellow line train off roading pentagon with equipment problem next la at that point plaza and delays in both distributions because of yellow line delays from an earlier switch problem. problems blue and yellow line. 70 crash on ramp to 85 cows delays a lot of 70 cleared up. you're into 30 minute delay with rain and congestion. person hit by a car cinnamon drive caution that intersection. 66 eastbound before 234 before 29 actually to the beltway.
7:49 am
over an hour ago what i away. gainsville to the beltway. etsell road to 14 street bridge jammed up. taking a live look outside at the crash scene blogging right shoulder now clearing out of the way. all lanes on. between gw parkway and bridge slow traffic and again delays extend back to etsell. as we forward cameras outer loop 202 parked north at 50 bigger delays there inner loop good use caution slick conditions heavy rain steve and allison. >> a chicago babe question will have a lot to liver up to not only first baby born 2017 but parents decided to name her rigly as in rigly field born 12:12 aex january 1 and her parents are big cubs fans taken was mom that came up with the name of rigly
7:50 am
dad agreed. mom and baby both doing well. looks like dad is still wearing world championship shirt. >> i love that name rigly. >> and on this first day of 2017 a fresh new year's editionition. just like she did in the old year. >> same gig different year. >> she's a real friend. >> happy new year. >> how do you feel about this. dating site it's called "the league" it has a 10u,000 person waiting list in d.c. area. >> does that seem bananas to you. >> yes. >> what makes it so special they only want to accept people that put effort into their profile. so whole debate about this is really when you're on free app like tinder do you think people are really invested. >> if it's free, no. >> i read the back story on this. >> what do you think. >> i don't buy any of this. >> you think it's a hype. >> they try to
7:51 am
exclusive dating app or for exclusive people and you read the stories when they did it in new york it's all finance pros you don't think this 10,000 people that want to sign up to pay that much money to be a part of it. it's free to look if you want to interact you pay. >> i think it's marketing on their part. >> how many do they accept. >> remember in club days had you to wait in line you probably didn't need to but had you to wait in line and you get in and there's four people in there. >> how many can be in at any one given time. >> currently there's 1200 people they're accepting a couple hundred every single day. but i think more for me this story is by about i don't want to be told basically the league is saying we'll
7:52 am
you don't put effort into responding. >> that's what i pay for. >> if i pay for that i want snob dot work why am i paying for me to do work. >> you're great it's genius mark sglet three out of five rating on their app. doesn't seem like it's -- >> talk about research. >> he checked it out. >> sue i'm sure you read about in france they passed law now you have zig naitd times you don't have to do email. do you think this matters. >> fantastic. >> you like it. >> my goodness yes, sir. >> i like the european structure vacation to begin with work structure midday, step away, focus on family, don't get consumed in work life. >> what's the down side. >> it's not illegal. even if you check email you're not getting penalized. it's a lieu that is passed that says hey today is the week. >> i think the law is more for employer than employee. i think the law is trying to send a message don't make people work 24 hours a s
7:53 am
>> i think if you don't have that law some will do it and feel like i should do it and get ahead and pepizeed if i don't. if there's 'law. >> it's better. >> it allows people to actually take a break. >> how many people do you cure that say i was working the whole time. >> you have to check out. >> me too. >> you find later in life it recharges you to do better work. >> if you go to the beach and spend three days answering work emails the whole time how did that benefit you. >> didn't you or your family. >> do you think that kind of law would ever work here. >> no. >> i know. >> kind of sad. >> we'll very to keep he can checking. yeah, i don't know if we have time quickly pintrist put our their predictions for 20 17 hottest trends. i feel like experts are pintrist. specifically foremen steve
7:54 am
healthgoth foremen. >> tell me. >> men wearing learn you're wear in all black. you have black goth. >> do men not wear block learn you're wear. >> you don't have any color no red, no blue, no yellow, something to. >> no, i go to the jim to work out. i put on black shorts and tee shirt and go to gym and work out and go home. >> i thought we were just getting into color i am bummed about this. farmhouse style is still big and chip and joanna gains they made that so you see a lot of that. blue is a really big color. >> already shabby chic. >> for health trends juicy fruit. >> go ahead ar sarah. >> we have not seen each other in a while. >> you to catch up. >> i was going to get this in quickly health frie
7:55 am
fruit is a health trend. >> that's the name of a -- >> yes. >> not tiger striped gum. >> kind of odd looking fruit but popular as a big health benefit food trend. >> i have to werey about that. thanks, >> maybe after the show we can get athleta wear togethering. >> if you can pronounce it. >> ath leash you're wear. >> i will get you something to match your tie. >> yeah. >> i'm with steve. old cool. >> just wear the shorts. >> 4 washington. wind chill 9 feels chilly's across the area. all the moisture going through the area heaviest south and west of town where this is pretty good rain rate. be forewarned before you hit the roadways or walking down to the bus stop that thing it's good soaking rain for the next couple hours and by afternoon
7:56 am
break up. we're not going to give you sunshine and the heavy rapes dork workt and there would be brief period of snow with cold showers and maybe it's a light coating but enough to cause slick spots friday morning. weather is updated. traffic update now with erin. >> 7:56 tucker and we're looking at new crash topside of beltway outer loop cop con two right lanes blocked ambulance and fire department on low action. and keep in mind we're seeing huge delays to 270 spur with 40 minute delay. as we hey a look at maps now we're seeing big delays as you make your way 95 on southbound side icc on down and you can see that delay leading towards the crash. 9 southbound forward the dealt we and quhol
7:57 am
anyoneer and outer all show reasons with the rain and heavy roll um. there's a crash to 85. caution there. slow through urbana, more traffic in a few. >> now that the holiday season is over so is the excuse to enjoy all the sweets. rebel holidays? >> no quiet. calories don't count you. >> it's so much fun. >> it's over. >> if new year's 'resolution is best way to prevent all
7:58 am
♪♪ it's go time at dunkin'
7:59 am
with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
8:00 am
. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> it's 8 a.m. tuesday january 3, 2017 and here's what's on the "fox5 news morning" menu. >> we'll start with thousands of travelers delayed across the country after a system's out annual created chaos as people returned home from holiday vacations. >> and the 115 congress will be sworn in at noon today setting off aggressive campaign by republicans who control the house and senate. their focus is dismantlement of eight years of president barack obama democratic policies and number one target ahead in the live report. >> and severe weather stretching across the mid west an
8:01 am
and down into the south as well. two very different kind of weather this morning folks in northern states northbound dakotas digging out from fourth storm this winter and deadly storms involving rain down in the south. >> right here rain story as well. not deadly or severe but still happening. live look outside. no snow now but that could change later this week. full look at the forecast with weather and traffic on fives. >> first up this morning 8:0 1 university of virginia investigating a assault over the new year 'weekend. uva police alert said a woman said she met a man at restaurant in charlottesville and later was sexually and physically assaulted at home on chancellor street that assault was monday night and the assault happened late new year's eave or late monday morning it's unclear are if that victim is a student. >> a person in police custody after crashing into several vehicles including two
8:02 am
cars. >> this happened 1:00, h street northeast and ended 1700 block of beping road and believed prince george country police were in the area investigating something else when the suspect thought they were after him. police say the suspect drove into a d.c. police car this is not right graph iing here had. please take that offer the screen. we're not talking about frederick right now. or the walmart. the suspect drove into a d.c. police car and prince george county police cruiser ba taking off. >> other news this morning it's expected with he will learn more details about gruesome new year's day murder. a 16-year-old girl shot to death in her bedroom. bob barnard is live in ellicott city where we expect to learn more later today, bob, good morning. >> steve, good morning to you couple things we want to know who is this 15-year-old boy the alleged killer and what relationship did he have to charlotte zeremba the victim and what if anything is motive behind the killing this ha
8:03 am
in the morning on new year's day sunday about 2 a.m. inside charlotte's bedroom her home on knoll glen road me ellicott city. according to charlotte's mother suzanne she heard noises in daughter's bedroom around 2 a.m. and went to investigate and she was shot and suzanne was taken to the hospital and treated and released and after the 15-year-old gunman shot her, he shot the 16-year-old girl charlotte, killing her the howard high school sophomore in her bedroom and then shot himself in the head. he's at baltimore shock trauma hospital and he's in critical condition. howard county police say they should have more information to release this morning to learn more about alleged killer. who is he. what if any relationship was he stranger or boyfriend or what relationship did he have to charlotte and why he was in the house and whether they'll be charges filed in this case which there have n y
8:04 am
so far steve. >> thanks so much. bob barnard. >> and other news international travel and arrives in united states seem to be on track after database de baulkle. vacationers from holiday vacations outside of the united states dealt with long lines yesterday including miami international airport and u.s. customs and border patrol says the problem was done by tem heir iy processing outage. and the systems came back online. united airs lines says it's investigating after a vendor employee was found unharmed but in aircraft cargo hold. and the employee was found following a flight from north carolina to dulles international airport on sunday. the baggage handler was locked in the cargo holder the entire flight. they're okay and refused medical treatment wawns the plane landed at dulles. >> parts of south are getting reason rain today and expected to get more as the day goes
8:05 am
after founded by severe storms late yesterday and overnight. those storms turned deadly in alabama and four died when a tree fell on the home. storms in central mississippi have been primarily identified, preliminary identified as tornadoes. that storm system going across northeast. heavy snow northern part of country and more than a foot of snow falling ranging from northern car california to north dakota. bismarck. people digging out from fourth snowstorm of the season so far. wind chill balmy 5 below zero. bundle up. >> humans are not only ones suffering from heavy flooding in mississippi and four legged friends are too. here's video of pig in jackson county that wound up strapted in floodwaters following two days of downpours in the area and so far no word on injuries or death receipted floods in that area. according to many residents it was worst rain stop thal county has seen. at least what folks remember. >> back to the united guy in the cargo hold
8:06 am
does he get paid for that. >> did he lock himself in. >> he might get billed for being owe on the plane. >> i would want to get paid for it. >> i would freak out. >> definitely. >> that klawingter phobic feel. >> i'm super curious to find out what happened. >> you can imagine. >> somebody shut the door while this there. >> couldn't they hear you above if you were banging. >> you would think i don't know. >> it's weird. >> weird news. >> list of weird story sfwlz rain, let's do rain. big storms across the country. minus 35, 40 wind chills in idaho and no thank you. for us it's soaking rain though and we'll be with us for much of the day here. at least first half of the day mid to late afternoon things should taper off and evening commute will be lessee vent full than we're dealing with this evening. 41 dulles and lots of rain moving in last couple hours good soaking rain here through early afternoon. half inch to inch of rain. cool as well. daytime highsn
8:07 am
and word of day is what allison. >> soggy. >> soggy. >> soggy tuesday. >> we don't love that world though. >> it's word of the day. >> is it? >>ia he. >> sums it up. >> it's a new year. >> erin. >> we're out ruled >> technically a tie. >> you guys like it? >> i don't love it but i can't think of a better one now. >> soggy reminds me of gross sandwich you don't want to eat because it sat out too long. >> i agree but that's how i feel about what's outside today. >> okay. >> i hate the word though. we can find something better. >> let's work on it. >> gloomy, gray. >> exactly. >> disturbing. >> big delays huntington bound off loading equipment bound equipment program blue delays on yellow line trains and getting breaking news 295 northbound dealing with crash norm of beltway all lanes blocked. more information on that. 29
8:08 am
dealing with big problems. 95 southbound crash two right lanes blocked 610 southbound delays leading to stafford and heavy northbound delays fredericksburg on up and other delays northbound 95 beltway jammed to dale city and outer loop crash connecticut two lanes blocked packed 35 minute delay over to connecticut and 270 south crash on ramp to 85 and big delays urbana give yourself extra time rainy roads have patience and a tour of areas with cameras with next look at trafficment back to you guys. >> how about today congress getting back to work with republicans anxious to dismantle and live this morning and on the hill this morning. and 115 congress and already there's controversy and that's because despite leadership objections
8:09 am
committee voted last night to dismantle independence office of congressional ethics and put it under control of house ethics committee and authors say it gives more privacy and politics and lawmakers policing lawmakers and that sets up a tough vote by full house today. republicans will also begin process ever repealing affordable care act. that will begin with a oat vote on new rules that could prevent democrats from trying to block gop changes to signature healthcare law and there's is a vote overall hauling tax codes that will be a little bit of time before that gets to the floor and resolution in support of israel. all that with many of these other things on the agenda and also senate and we know that they will very soon begin process of confirmation hearings for donald trump cabinet picks. live on capitol hill melanie
8:10 am
>> all right thanks so much nine minutes after the order and then president barack obama will be delivering his farewell sweech at the mccormick the event is free and you will need a ticket to get n those are handed out this saturday at the convention center chicago. >> stopping north korea program khib ahas been taking out massive amounts of money for u.s. and totally one sided trade and won't help with north korea. nice. and chinese media responded saying donald trump is panderring two irresponsible attitudes. >> and russians were involved in the hacking and finding hackers will be hard but russia and others possibly were involved. president-elect meantime continues to cast down on russians role in hacking
8:11 am
again president-elect donald trump and rosie o'donnell they fought before and rosy adding fuel to the fire in slew of twreets over the weekend calling trump a sick man and "criminal" as well as being mentally unstable. see if that gets a response. >> and frederick maryland now where it is out with the owed and in with the new and frederick walmart on monocy boulevard put up for sale in new location and scheduled to on january 25 and crews were making preparations for approximately 187 thousand square foot location. it includes pharmacy and free store pickup service. >> wouldn't it be nice to ignore the boss after regular business hours now you can without fear of losing job but there's a important cash catch. >> especially for americans. >> let's not give it all away. >> new video out of turkey gunman. shows gunman suspectsed in the
8:12 am
year's day in turkey. >> and caught on dashcam video my goodness there's a man charging at police officers. how this unfolded after the break. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and... ...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> 8:14 new year old tricks right? we're still into cuteness right? >> i want to make sure we'll roll right through with o
8:15 am
>> time for my first five 20 17 version and cuteness. >> hi baby. >> say hello to sarah everybody. >> hi sarah. >> september she precious. >> she's a philly native we have one or two of those in the building and now living in spotsylvania virginia. >> awesome we're lucky. she's here with us. >> all right. they gave us a chance. they became big fans of "fox5" and they wake uneach and every morning to watch the show. >> okay. >> we love that. >> beautiful. >> sgorj us. >> beautiful smile. >> beautiful smile, great look, great start to day and new year. >> absolutely right. >> great tee shirt. >> love is the apps. >> whatever the question. >> all right tucker still brunging in cuteness. >> accepted us your picture go to our facebook page fox5dc and tell us your story. >> i had the opportunity to hold a baby over the -- >> you did? >> yes. >> did you
8:16 am
>> i did after a while. >> was it like -- >> no she came right to me. month old. i miss baby days. >> practice for being a grandma. >> way down the road. >> be here before you know it life moves along. >> you're right. >> 017 last i looked i was celebrating y 2 k and that was 17 years ago. 4 washington. >> so true. >> 42 buffalo. >> north and west by north and west well north and west. looking back steve negative numbers. >> balmy minus 22. >> yep. >> up in swan river home to big swan you go. minus 13. very cold north and west. guess where that's headed later this week. it's cold. arctic blast around hereby end of week. today just about rain. 40s rain. we'll get rain out of here mid afternoon. it's going to be soaking rain and until theca
8:17 am
on roadways and there's no letup here with half inch to ib. expected here today. temperatures in 40s. tomorrow great, dry, breezy, cold air for us. that means 30s and overnight lows 20s and point uting out weather feature friday morning could be a period of snow showers or light snow. not major accumulation but will be cold enough it might stick. maybe coating. but you know doesn't take much around here. >> got that right. >> all righty nice heads up. >> how is traffic flowing. >> traffic terrible i got a tweet people agree with me and allison about soggy. >> sorry, tuck. >> he gave me side eyes. >> moving on to traffic they can see you now. you see the something you grin. >> you have a soggy diaper. >> what? >> yes. >> because you use
8:18 am
>> i changed my vote. >> you're with me. >> not anymore you lost my vote. >> he's a loose cannon i don't know what happened we're not rep repeating that. >> sorry moving on to traffic. because it's slow in stafford 95 southbound and look at that delay parked because of crash 610 going towards fredericksburg and be mindful of that northbound side slow fredericksburg to stafford right now. definitely need to give yourself extra time both sides of 95. forwarding cameras other slow slow downs now 395 etsell and crash 395 northbound cleared and leftover traffic and nasty morning commute with wet roads use caution as you can see we're backed up on 270 southbound coming down past father hurley down to spur. you need 45 extra minutes get to spur. let's look at maps now. crash moved over to the shoulder outerer loop connecticut and offloaded pentagon and blue line train
8:19 am
may see congestion. i want to give tucker props for giving me first awkward moment of 2017 back to you guys. >> there's many more he with know that. >> give it time thanks erin. >> brand new cellphone emerging out of turkey this is video allegedly showing gunman responsible for new year's eve attack at the night club in istanbul. it's not clear exactly when that cellphone footage was filmed, 39 people killed and dozens pz injured and manhunt for the suspect continues. >> happening today down south sentencing page of dylann roof trial. if the judge rules roof is not competent he would be sent to mental health facility instead of prison. >> four children dead and six others hospitalized following hazmat in their home in arm little owe texas they were poisoned from a gas he meted from pesticide placed under home
8:20 am
kelly wright with the latest. >> we finally believed we can confirm there's a fume gant and they're using to get rid of pests here. >> ten people are poisons in a home from pesticide in am little a, texas with several children dead and the rest in the hospital. including their mother. police were alerted early monday morning. >> they were transported immediately i believe nine people were transported unfortunately after they were transported three more people pass away after they got to the hospital. >> and toxic chemical was bought illegally since classified as restricted use pesticide. >> they were already getting odor and they were trying to suppress the vaip orr's he didn't know enough about the chemical and the chemical is sold to people who have a license to apply it and he got this black market. >> one of the residents tried wash away the chemical which they placed underneath the house to kill mice. >> this fume
8:21 am
chemical called aluminum phosphite and when mixed of water it had gas called fos taken gas highly poisonous. >> no other homes nearby were affect the and neighbor close present this of family is heartbroken. >> they were close and they really cared for each other and took care of their family. >> people from all over amrillo coming to mourn at candlelight vigil outside the home. >> a lot of people just paying respect. >> in this sad situation it's got clear if there will be any criminal charges relate today the deaths. but the incidents remains under investigation in washington kelly wright fox news. >> real quick correction update to dylann roof story now the judge did declare him mentally competent so that sentencing phase of trial which could end in death penalty begins at 9:30 this morning. coming up. >> wisdom martin man f
8:22 am
yumping on top of police car. officers responded to report of man jumping on top of another car and attacking a person. that same man caused significant damage to the car and two officers injured while trying to take the suspect into custody. no word on their conditions this morning. >> fun for people i guess? >> not sure what's happening there. dylann roof story in south carolina we'll get it. >> still ahead police in mannasas searching for six puppies stole frn a pet store new year's day. >> that's not all the thieves took and it's hard for investigators to track them down. >> what's up, little guys.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> all right. this morning, police are trying to track down the suspect that stole puppies from a pet store in mannasas. this happened on sunday morning at the d.c. pup store on center street. two pembroke into the store they stole 6 little cutey pies and owner says the suspects made appointment to meet them at the shop and when they got there the puppies were gone. owners have this message for the thieves. >> somewhere with the dogs with be taken care of. they have certain feeding iping instructions they're little puppies, nine, ten weeks old
8:26 am
>> and and if they're not taking proper measures they take a crash and can die. >> the suspects took surveillance cram from the store. the shop is right next to city hall and investigators believe the suspect may have been captured on surveillance cameras from next door. >> all right. hope they get them back. >> it's all about rain. cool, temperatures 40s. rainy first half of day second half of day cloudy and gloomy and not stoingy but moist. >> that's the other worst one. >> i knew you were going to go there. >> we were trying to not go there first. >> that's the reason i voted for soggy. >> you didn't play the mm card. >> winds northeast at 7. rain shower activity steady if not moderate or heavy kind of pin wheel
8:27 am
west and call what you want. wet soggy moist and raining 49 today. there you go. cold are air sunshine 55 and snow showers. >> time is up good morning. >> i would take word soggy over moist any day. >> if he puts it that way he wins. >> right now taking a look at morning ride. we'll all backed up all over the dmv and rain and back to work post new year's celebration. 295 southbound 50 to 11th street bridge and branch avenue to wilson bridge. and 395 etsell road toe 1 street bridge not looking great back to you gu
8:28 am
>> still ahead aif you overindulge this holiday what is the holiday for really this holiday so anyway researchers say extra pounds may stick around in the new year. so dr. mike will be here to explain how to shed those unpresidential whated holiday pounds. >> all right remember this guy dubbed hot oingt felon in the world after mug shot went viral. where is he now. you have to wait, it's 8:28. the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs.
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8:31 am
>>. >> there's one little eagle. >> we like it. >> we showed you southwest eagle cam many, many times that's a super clear view of painy eagle. so still waiting for sepingd one to hatch. >> so is that -- it looks like cracking on second one but is that just a piece of you know nest. >> yeah. >> okay. >> little one wants a little brother or sister. >> look at that. >> all right. >> today marks day 41 though for the egg and still no pip and we're told that usually breaks out of shell around day 35 or so. >> six days behind schedule. >> there's dew about its weather it's viable or not we're wishing for best. possible it may not hatch though. mom and dad may move it to the side of the nest i guess they do what they do when it's not
8:32 am
to hatch. >> right. >> we're hoping for the best. >> let's celebrate the one we have. >> we have one little freddie. >> i just names him. >> back to work for so many people. holidays officially behind is now and maybe now the process begins of getting rid of extra pounds we packed on over last month. that one month of indulging ourselves may take many more months to work off. >> okay so that plus maybe some good news about eating saturated fats which means don't always hear. so medical team dr. mike joining us. we were told for many years how bad saturated fats are happy new year. >> happy new year. allison, steve, i love you guys and wish you all the best in 20 17. >> even nor love in 2017. >> now you want to cho down on some really highly -- there's a lot of salt and any traits and stuff
8:33 am
butter. there was a new study looking at are you ready for this about 35 men that were overweight that's all it was study from norway and they questioned whether or not highly saturated fat food is actually bad for you and they found no difference between men that consumed high fat low cash diets compared to low fat high carb diets my opinion is forget about it i'll tell you why. there's tons and tons an tons and literature and data out there showing by the way this is one of the arteries that is clear and then this one look at that can you see that folks, that's all very, very clogged up. the study show, and most organizations i know of, suggest there's absolutely no way you're going to live a long, healthy life by eating lots of saturated fat. forget about it forget about
8:34 am
it. don't do it. >> okay. >> now let me ask dr. mike maybe i had one extra piece of fruit cake with eggnog maybe i did. >> maybe. >> or six. >> now what do i need to do now please help me take pressure off myself when i don't take it off in a week luke i put it on in a week. >> if you're like all americans we have gained about two pounds this is pound of fat if you will, two pounds over the last ten days, ten days, after christmas the problem we'll lose only about half of that by july. >> what? >> so if you go. >> a pound? >> year after year allison it's going to be a problem. you will gain more weight and then we have like houston you have a problem. we have a problem here. >> july? >> i'm only going to lose one pound by july this is terrible news n
8:35 am
what do i do? >> you need to change your life. what you need to do is get on a program of lifestyle change. i don't want to hear any diets. i don't want to hear anything talking about supplements or pills or anything like that. what i want to see people do is get serious about calorie accounting and i want to make sure that you know how many calories are going in and how many are going out. i want moderate exercise. i want to you get more rest and i want to you limit your alcohol and forget about sugary drinks because it's easy way to get tons of calories in. and if you do that, you will look even better than you already do. you'll be wearing tee shirts that day body by dr. mike. >> i want one and want to wear it this summer and love empassioned plea that's what we needed in the new year a pep talk from dr. mike. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> i love you both. >> got it. >> love you back
8:36 am
later. >> 8:5 now. >> there you go, tuck. >> new medium tee shirt coming your way. >> 4 reagan national. cool, cloudy and rainy out there. dulles bwi in low 40s and not going to warm up today with cloud cover and pretty good rain. we have not had a lot of rain the last couple months and this is good soaking rain out there. it's been causing problems on the roadways and all lifting here southwest to northeast and we'll be with us for at least the first half of day. i think afternoon things taper off it's not going to be pleasant, sunny afternoon at least heavy rain moves through 2:00 in the afternoon and we should start to dry things out fog later tonight and quick look at forecast this afternoon. 49. littleit later today. rain showers in the forecast. 2, 3:00 in the afternoon. all right. 7 day. we have snowflakes on it. when will they arrive? we'll have the answers. erin has no answers to
8:37 am
traffic woes just miserable. >> that's true i can tell people what's more miserable than other misery. >> okay. >> how does that sound? >> hm. here's a look behind me this is beltway outer loop 202 heavy traffic earlier crash by 50 norm of that point clear to shoulder inare loop slow from there we'll forward cameras and show what you else is miserable thanks tucker, rainy, soggy ride. use caution, things getting back to be at speed 395 northbound etsell earlier crash gw parkway cleared and poppeding conditions and potential to hydro plane. 270 better and stop and go traffic urbana to spur. let's take a welcome at maps now. we'll show you other problem areas. that's crash blowing right shoulder outer loop at connecticut big delays outer loop to 95 georgia and upper loop 270 spur rubber neck delay during that crash and lot of slow moving traffic jammed 66 to beltway and parked solid 45 minute slow down there
8:38 am
heavy volume old oxford to leesburg pike and seeing that 395 delay when you cross the bridge freeway heavy past 3rd street tunnel and watch for delays yellow and blue if you take metro earlier switch problem hunting ton. >> oh, my goodness mariah carey still back and forth. her camp singing blues they have a good reason why they say it was not as stellar as they wished it had been. >> i would say so. >> and remember. >> stellar part or good reason. >> not stellar part and good reason too. okay remember this guy dubbed hottest felon in the world and has he turned fame to fortune. we'll tell what you he is up to after the break. old blue eyes.
8:39 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:40 am
8:41 am
snvr remember excon jeremy meeks mug shot photo that went viral in 2014 after weapons charges and then signed with modeling agency and now he's living the life he posted pits on instagram and nice 150,000 mazarati in front of big old house and proving life after crime does pay after all. >> should have shown the original mug shot that got everybody's t
8:42 am
>> you can go do his instagram. >> i knew he got a modeling contract after that and he had a family and everybody is together. >> hopefully he's doing things better now. >> checking with holly and maureen for good day. >> both of you, grong gress turning to work today after a major change overnight. we're live on capitol hill with what you need to know. >> president-elect donald trump back on twitter necessaryage to north korea. >> all new at 9 a are you someone who loves home flipping shows did you think you could do that with your own home maybe. new hct, tv shows and called d.c. flippers. >> i need their help desperately and special day at wttg it's 70th birthday. we don't look a day over 5. i know it's 5@70 and you don't want to miss the end of good day
8:43 am
ending steve and allison. >> good. >> thanks, lady. >>s wouldn't it be nice to ignore the email from boss after business hours. >> you sure can after fear of losing job. there's a catch. coming up, it's 8:4. our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter eth. the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white.
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lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. >> hawaii showing fireworks on new year's eave wit
8:46 am
>> wow. >> this video what did you say. >> wow. >> this is from hawaii volcanoes national park where a large section of lava collapsed into the ocean sending plumes of volcanic rock into the air. sections of the park are closed until the area is deemed safe. >> i saw one of the house hunter shows in hawaii and one of the places they were supposed to buy was literally on the lava field it was cheapest option believe it or not. >> is it safe? >> every once in a while apparently it is. >> let's check in with tucker barnes for the forecast. >> even in the new year we must wait 10 second. >> if you put your house on lava field you don't have to worry about heat. >> heat. >> and i was ignoring them. >> he said if i
8:47 am
field you don't have to worry about heat. >> it's a funny joke. >> you don't have to worry about nat hawaii. >> enough of you guys. >> back to you looking at facebook page. 6 winchester and 42 culpeper and cool conditions and temperatures aren't out of the 40s today. and last couple hours darker color yellow and darker greens that's moderate rain working across the region. next couple hours will be good steady rain and things let up and we should see scattered shower activity mid to late afternoon and rather dreary day and high pressure northeasterly wind and clouds around and moisture later today. staying soggy yesterday's rain this is today's rain we'll got a series of cold fronts here tonight and early tomorrow and that will allow us to dry out tomorrow with more sunshine expected for the day wednesday. here we go. there we are 2:00 afternoon rush hour should be in better shape than we're dealing with this morning and we have scattered showers out there and th
8:48 am
mid 50s tomorrow. tomorrow looks great. much colder air on way end of week and as i mentioned aural morning we could be doing a brief period of light snow around here or snow showers early friday morning and it may arrive just in time for morning commute with temperatures in the 0s. this is potential even with light amounts we could have a few issues. keep that time frame in mind and cold this weekend temps mid 30s. it's january. that's a weather update. back to the anchor team. >> thank you tucker. >> new this morning wouldn't it be nice to ignore that email from boss after regular business hours. >> you can without fear of losing job. but here's the big catch. you can't do it in this country you have to live in france. matt king has more on the new law and why it would probably never work here in the u.s. >> actually on her brirj day one time i was supposed to have off they called me at barbeque and told me to come into work. >> digital age creates endless workday of
8:49 am
posibility and for employees a constant line of communication with bosses. >> i was on vacation one time and got text from her and was like really do i have to apps. >> if i decide to ignore that phone call can't posts anything on instagram that night. >> early onset precedence to let them know how your working relationship is. >> january first france did that for its citizens a new law wept into effect allowing employees to to ignore work email after business hours in theory may be a good idea to protect people's personal lives but in practice it could be problematic. >> trexler consulting president barry drexler believes economy increases benefit of time away from work if respecting personal hours on employer to employer basis via over area. ing federal standard like right to disconnect. >> when employee feels employer has best interest in
8:50 am
for them they're more likely to be concerned for employers. >> you feel indebt todd your employers sometimes it's weird. you have a love hailt relationship with them. >> we feel inclined to respond to the weekend text, call, email or instant message and she was mad, i was mad. so it it was actually a bad day. >> midtown, i'm matt king, "fox 5 news". >> that would be like telling kevin he can't tweet about movie. >> that's true that's not ever going to happen that's the only thing i talk about on twitter if you don't follow me. >> during the redskins game while everybody tweeting about football he was tweeting about movies. >> pop star the movie pop star very unrelated by the way. it's a very funny movie and made no money in 2016. >> it was on with one of the worst list. >> and was one of best. >> pop star never stop never stop. >> with adam.
8:51 am
>> and island crew. >> i like his sense of humor. >> funny. >> i like when michael bolton sings with him it paikz me laugh. >> i'll be doing top anticipated films of 017 tweet me yours housing # good day d.c.. >> what are you looking forward to. >> a lot of back and form happening over audio issues and performances and the story we already knew what happened audio issues on stage and awkward and i everybody is playing blame game to what is happening and top clarify carey's manager spoke to entertainment weekly. there were accusations of lip syncing and her skipping he rehearsal and more. she want todd clear those accusations up. sa
8:52 am
it is not true she not only did not ditch it but the stage was not ready at 2:30 and not ready until 3:0 and there were multiple issues with in ears saying she could not hear and when they wept live there was no music in her ears she said this multiple times before everything went down and still happened when she went live and hearing nothing in her ear and accusation of lip syncing i'm very against it i think if you're performer paid millions of dollars you should be singing like pink does it really, really well in regards to her lip syncing accusations her manager says she was not lip svrping ing and exact quote was it's not lip syncing lip syncing is when people don't sing at all. every artist sings to a track especially circumstances like this it's loud and impossible to have great must cycle performance. even dick clark productions -- >> she's looking for her
8:53 am
sitting down next to her which sun fortunate and there's a question of whether she can here hear or not. >> i don't think she could hear. >> i really don't. >> i have no doubt there was an issue with electronics. >> it seems that was the case. >> i think people are getting upset because she goes i deserve a holiday too and you know she was saying things on stage but should was trying to lighten the mood. again no one knows for sure exactly what happened these are things we're hearing and dick clark productions was accused of sabotaging her performance. >> why would they do that? >> should she have done ashley simpson and jug offer the stage does that make it bigger. >> her manager said should should have walked off. >> i was happy after words when she said lone happens and move forward and then let's make morehead blinds she redperd to reality
8:54 am
hey how about watching me. i liked when that was happening. she feels like she needs to sdlain i guess. >> it was awkward very awkward. >> moving on billie lourd, the duingt of carrie fisher and debbie reynalds was her grandmother she went to instagram and talked about out pouring of support posted amazing photo and in the poet owe's caption she said receiving all your prayer's and kind words over the past week has given me strength during a time i thoughts it could not exist and no words to express how much i'll miss abadaba and momby your love and support means the word to me. i can't imagine losing mother let alone grandmother aday apart. >> if you watch scream queens on "fox". >> she's there. . >> billie lourd is fantastic. >> the good thing about music and movies you can watch your mom and grandmother and haul she did. >> ihe
8:55 am
carry facieer had a great relationship after a while and so debbie reynolds would say when she was billy was being introduced as carrie fisher's daughter she would say no she's debbie reynolds granddaughter. when a sweet legacy of strong women. >> and singing in the rain came back in theaters for a couple day. keep an eye on that. >> we'll be right back it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
8:56 am
>> we want to get to tucker 8:55 and look what is happening outside. >> that was just 0 seconds. >> 3 washington and 32 dulles that's a quick break and bwi marshall all about rain right now and cool temperatures and gloomy conditions and lots of moisture and soggy conditions as the rain continues throughout the area. and the rain will let up this afternoon. heavyest of rain this morning and we should see scattered showers this afternoonp before things improve overnight and maybe fog overnight and we get a chance to dry out tomorrow temperatures mid 50s and maybe snow here friday morning snow showers light accumulations and just i guess are possible by light a covering. more weather momentarily. >> just enough to cause problems on the road. >> doesn't take much. >> doesn't take much. breaking news loudoun county north of leesburg closed in both directions new valley church road and traffic recouted to other areas. be prepared for delays
8:57 am
approaching in both directions north and southbound police helping you around that closure. aside of that 28 northbound north of braddock road remains super heavy eastbound side and metro dealing with blue and yellow line delays. any questions @erinfoxdc twitter still a nasty commute. steve and allison. >> thanks so much erin stay with us good day is next. >> we'll see you after the
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> down south, line of severe weather hitting the region with heavy rain, high winds, and more could be on the way. chaos in customs, thousands of people stranded in a airports station wide. here at home, after major computer outage. and chain reaction delays could mean more today. >> back to work. congress returns for the start of new session. and it could be an eventful one. republicans trying to dismantle some of president obama's signature accomplishment, democrats, hoping to hold off some of donald trump's cabinet picks. we'll have live report. >> later tiny hero to the rescue, video showing toddler saving his twin, trapped under a fallen dresser. and the warning it is sending to other parents. good day at 9:00 a.m. starts now.


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