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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  January 4, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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snow. snow new year could bring our first r chance of winter weather in the d.c. region and the timing coulc be key.. especially for anyone driving to work. the president-elect facingcg off with the nation'sion' intelligence community.nity donald trump tweeting new doubto about russia enter fearinger fei witness us election.n. meanwhile, a brewing showdown on capitol hill over obama care.e. and today both sides are a bringing in some big names.ames the nation's capital takingg action to better track convictet criminals and people suspected t of crimes.ris it comes a mid criticism of its gps tracking program after after police say a man supposed to be wearing one murdered a beloved d.c. yoga teacher. ♪♪ and later, more proof live l begins at 50. janet jackson giving birth to her first child and all of rhythm nation is helping herer celebrate. go
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♪♪ we do all live in the rhythh nation, right? she's going to be in that newborn rhythm. which means no sleep.leep. >> exact. good day dc. 9 is just after :00 o'clock on on wednesday.we january 4th is the date. 2017. i'm holly morris alongside ofngf maureen, steve and wisdom.m >> all right.>> all also ahead this morning a congressman's teenaged son son stealing the show and gettingeti punished bite speaker of the oft house after dabbing during hisgh dad's swearing in ceremony on o capitol hill.tol coming up a little bit laterater we'll show you paul ryan's reaction to the oval office gone viral.l. >> paul ryan being call theall square rest member of congresson today. >> let's talk about the weatherb right now. tucker will take care of that cr for us this morning. morning first, though, we need to get -- hang tight. t we want to go down south.outh death toll from those steerteer storms in the southeast risest stone half dozen.e half dozen more storms could be on the way. meanwhile snow in the north
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continue to cause problems for ivers.s. maybe a taste of that in littlel more than 24 hours. hou >> that's when we could see thes first winter weather of the new year and it could mean some mean delays on friday morning. mni first though we've got another o mild day on the way.mild let's enjoy it while we can. c details is now back with the first check of the forecast.. tuck, what's going on. o >> you guys are awesome.e aw like the weather show thishohis morning. i love it. yeah, winter weather we'll l focus on that coming up.hat co u let's focus on the right now. n 47 in washington. wasngto hey our winds are picking uppicg that's good news.oodews. doing fog overnight.rn had some really reduced visibilities early with the witt winds picking up we should mixui the atmosphere and lose that fof and actually today will turnill into beautiful beautiful we got the clouds early but thit frontal system once it sweeps tp the east we should get clearingg in the back side of it and somem mild temperatures.ldpera so we're expecting mid 50s 50s around here today.e tod then the cold air which will sel the stage for that snow eventvet early friday morning will starta to move in later tonight. ton we are going to be very chillerc ale round here.und her all right.all right our next snow event or next o n chance for winter weather w
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piece of energy out towardsy out omaha nebraska will dip down and then ride newspaper our regioneo later tomorrow night and earlyay friday.friday not going to be big deal.dea we'll talk more about thisout coming up. not be significant storm buttorb cold enough with temperatures iu the went what is we get will stick. stic and as mentioned we could have e some travel issues for parts ofr the area early friday morning.n. again how much accumulation weun talking about? coating maybe an inch. we'll talk -- talk more detailst about it coming up much it's nos going to be major deal. deal. i want to point out quickly staa tuned for this one. o too there could be a secondaryoa storm on saturday which couldchc present some issues for parts op the area.. we bought question mark for that one because we're not quite noti confident about where that onew will track it has possibilitiesi that it will get into the mid td atlantic on saturday.tury all right, guys, plenty morelenm weather coming up much 57 todayd mild and breezy this afternoon.t a chance to dry out. o toss it back over to you. >> enjoy wednesday while we cana thanks tucker.n appreciate it. happening today, a showdown on ca
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political heavyweights.igs. front and center health carelt rermrm. during president-elect trump's s campaign he promised to get ridd of the affordable care and republicans now have the the power to dismantle it. today vice president-elect mikem pence will be on the hill toill talk with republican lawmakers e about exactly what they will do and what should replace it. but president obama is hoping tt save at least some his signatura health care law. the president will also be onls the hill today to meet withme wh democrats about how to defendefn obama care. >> turning to the trumpe trump transition now 15 days out fromm the inauguration anduguran president-elect trump is oncet-c again taking on ut .str.p intelligence officials over thet alleged russian presidentialsina last night mr. trump tweeted tet about intelligence briefing that he is due to get on the russian hacking scandal saying it was s delayed until friday.launti the president went ton say quoto perhaps more time is needed toit build a case very the president-elect used quotes around intelligence and russian hacking. for weeks he's cast doubt on the findings intelligence c
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that russia interfered witnessis presidential wikileaks founder julian assangn speaking out about that as well. >> we have said repeatedly overe the last two months that ourha source is not the russian russi government and it is not state party.y. >> intelligence officials arelie disputing trump's claim thatncut they delayed the briefing sayinn it had always been scheduled fof friday.. meanwhile we know drum is ko that no stranger to twitter hewr also tweeted about the house republicans failed plan to get g rid of the house office of ethics. he also announced plans to holdl his very press conference sincee election day that presstionay ta conference will beco january 11th and that will bee in new york city. as far as the inauguration wena now know that hillary clintonar will be there at the t just not the way she wanted tohy be obviously.usly. she will join her husband former president bill clinton duringonn the swearing in ceremonyer attending confirmed formerr president george w. bush and hi wife laura bbuush and formeror president jimmy carter and his wife rosslyn.
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george hw bush will not be be however due to health issues.. >> happening today here inay he washington, d.c., mayor murielie bowser taking action regarding i gps monitoring that some s criminals wear. w did he fish cease in the gps gps program kale came to light lasts week after the brutal murder ofo tricia macauley.acaule >> suspect charged with hered wh murder dwayne johnson hade johnh several run ins with the law and was supposed to have on a gps monitoring device at the time oo his arrest.arrest fox5 rosss anjali hemphill joini us live with more.or develop a itselfing story buttob bring us up to speed.o speed >> reporter: about 10:30 this morning, murder suspect dwayne n johnson he'll be in court here.e he'll be facing a judge in d.c.d superior court. crt on an unrelated theft charge.ha but it was johnson's most recent arrest for the murder of a local actress and yoga teacher thatera has prompted the mayor to now propose new gps tamperingng legislation.slatio now at the same time ase time johnson's hearing the mayor andy d.c. officials will meet at the wilson buildingus
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street they will sign allegessil laying into law aimed at closing current loophole that does not properly punish criminals cna equipped with electronicronic monitoring who try to remove, disable orise tamper with them.m. this issue got a lot ofot lot attention recently after the a gruff some murder of 46-year-old tricia macauley she disappearedp on christmas and her body was b later found in her car 29-year-old dwayne adriand dwayn johnson was arrested.arres now court records show johnsonoh had an extensive criminal record including several theft chargesa and just days before tricia'scis murder, a d.c. judge ordereded johnson to be equipped with ah a gps monitoring device for unrelated charge. however, there's no record hed h ever showed up to get it set up. so again at the same time as tim this court hearing, the mayor, e will be down the street signingg into legislation that new gps tampering legislation will we'l bring you the very latest rightg here on fox5 as it comes down.ed live in northwest, anjali hemlym hill
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>> a woman under arrest inn connection with a bethesda man.n he was last seen onen o december 12th.. police obtained surveillanceveic video of a woman using his credit card. cr they are not identifying her. h his car is still missing. msi new this morning, one home h in prince george's county flood the after a fire hydrant bustsus in oxon hill.n hil now it happen this morning inori the 4900 block of wheeler roadhr just before 7:00. wssc crews are working to fixg o the broken hydrant.ra. customers in the area shouldho have water soon.oo >> one of the most prominentmi parts of washington skyline wenw dark overnight.veig the lights around the washington monument went out aroundd 7:00 last night and with all the fog this morning it was reallyel almost invisible.. national park service blames ave problem with auto mated program that controls them. electrician will double check ii later this morning.or it's just the latestni issue wih the 550 -- fief 555-f
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it has closed to visitors sincen august because of repeatedea issues with its elevator.vator last month officials announced a multi million dollars plan to modernize the lift but thatut t won't be done until 2019.01 >> all right. allht it is 9:10 right now. 2017 marks 70 years wttg if youo were with us yesterday we threwe a big party a lot of you weighed in on your memories. memie coming up later we'll hear fromf one of the biggest names to evee walk through the doors the one and only maury povich will joinw us live to share his memories me from his time here on the air ar channel five. f >> first though, yup, anho yup important warning for anyonenyon living with why insulin prices are about to sky rocket.t. it's 9:10. 9 back after this.ers. ♪♪♪♪
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♪♪ back now at 9:13. convicted mass murderer charlesc manson has reportedly been movev from a california prison too hospital.spital tmz first reported the newsew prison officials have not haveot confirmed they will only say manson isn is alive.ale he's said to be seriously ill private laws pr
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from discussing his issuessing s condition. he was the mastermind mindindind behind the 1969 murders off sharon tate and sick others.. in health news now, warningg for people with diabetes.h dia the price of insulin is sky fox's linda schmidt has more ont the soaring prices of the vitall medication want it means for for patients. >> reporter: he'd dick dic prentice has type one diabetes and needs to take insulin several times a day. >> if i didn't take insulin, i n would be dead. >> reporter: edith isdi i concerned because the price of e many insulin brands has risen ae much as $200 in the last three years. ye and she says, so has her co-pay. >> my co-pay was $85 in 2015. >> in 2015 and in 2016 gone upp to 138. 1 >> reporter: that's $13813 co-pay per bottle and edith says she needs eight these bottl
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each month.. medical experts say diabetes ise an epidemic here in the us. affecting about 29 millionllio people. for them insulin is not a luxury it's a necessity to stay alive. but the price of the vital medication is continuing to rise. >> concerns me deep and ago as n doctor. >> reporter: this doctor isr:hi the director of in patient diabetes at lex non hillex non l hospital. >> i see patients actually stretching out their insulin ee pulin supply, you know, that concernsc me a lot. they may not be using the fullheul amount of insulin that they'rey' prescribe. >> reporter: dr. says the issue of rising insulineporte pi is complicated, and should beho under the spotlight.. >> a piece just like you'reust r doing right now is going tois t raise awareness.waress raise awareness that this is a i major problem. problem this is a major problem for patients, for doctors and with t diabetes growing in terms of, g you know, reaching epidemic proportions we really need toyed get a handle on it.t >> that was linda schmidt smi reporting.repo
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suggests that there's a linkt e between drinking too muching alcohol and heart problems.. researchers here in the us analyzed data on nearly 15 million adults 2% were w diagnosed with alcohol abuse. those people had increased risk of suffering atrial fibrillatiot a heart attack or congestiveongv heart failure this added risk ik about the same as that link too high blood pressure, smoking, s obesity and diabetes. 9:16. coming up a school resourceesou officer accused of using excessive force we'll show youfl the video and let you decide for yourself. plus, possibly the -- no, not possibly. definitely the last thing youin want to find in your apartmentrt trust me on that one and the public scolding heard across thh country. we'll have a look at what else a is making headlines coming up c next. >> janet jac first time mom at the age of 50. we'll go live to tmz for all the details. we'll be right back.we'll be ri.
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♪♪ 10:19 is the time. alley is back in the loft with t check of on the stories making stories.. >> good morning. mng five suspected isis membersbe arrested in turkey.ury there's no word if they'ref linked to the deadly new year's nightclub attack in istanbul.l. officials say the suspects werer picked up in
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asian see sea.n se the gunmane is still also on te ose.e. isis did claim responsibilityesb for the attack which left 39 people dead and 70 others injured.. meantime back re in thehe states police officer in northoh carolina has been placed onlacen administrative leave for slamming a student to the grouno during a fight in a school cafeteria this happened in s rolesville. in an 82nd video posted onostedo twitter it shows the male officer body slam a teenagerge then pull her to her that student claims she was just there trying to break up a fight and what you shocked when she wn was thrown to the police and school officials are investigating.igatin the student was not seriously hurt. hurt a major u.s. auto a manufacturer making u-turn it ii getting rid of the plans to build a plan in mexico.. it will invest in a existing u.s. plant in michigan afterfter facing criticism from donaldro trump.
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electric and self-driving vehicles. virginia resident got quiteq a shock last week when theyy found a young yellow anaconda who cares how old it is, but iti happened to be young one energyg their toilet. yup. it happened at an apartmentpart complex in arlington. animal control officers weretroo able to remove it bring it backt to the yellow anacondas can grow up to 13 feet long and weigh more than 100 pounds. gross. os finally, an oath of officeyf that went viral ended with veryy public punishment.hmt house speaker paul ryan seemed e little confused when congressman's son was dabbing db during a photo op.. just for those of you who mightg not know who that is. i the son of kansas representativt roger marshall was dabbing while posing for picture with his wh h family and ryan. rya so ryan asked him if he wasas going to sneeze.o sez then he told him to put hisut h hands down.s
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part. i love the brother on the endnd though he's just keeping -- juss look forward and smile.mile that's just his little brother h trying to dab in the picture.. >> i love paul ryan, what are we you doing? what are you doing? >> all right. all rig so roger marshall got what his s son is doing he later tweet to t do the house speaker just so yo know paul ryan he's grounded.ed after the incident ryan tweetedt he doesn't get what dabbing is. >> really? >> he still doesn't get it.t t t >> really?>> rea >> yeah. he doesn't watch any sports atrt all. >> he didn't get it.>> h >> i watch -- - >> fist bumping that little kid. >> i was watching another wasath program this morning someoneng o else said they did not not understand dabbing. dbing what the dab was. >> this person i thought i was a little surprised and this is non a political person at all. all. hmm.m-hmm. >> that's why i have to exhibitb a for those who didn't know it.i >> of course, we all dab on thet regular. >> now -- we got a lot to dabo a about. >> that's right. speaker ofpeakd as house i'm sure he'll share it o the house floor so everybody will know.
9:23 am
they're dab. d [ laughter ][ lauter >> that's when they'll be b officially over. >> all righty.y. >> 9:23 right now. n still ahead he was one of the biggest names right here at a channel five and he's still onel tv today, yes you know, the one and only maury povich who willil join us live to share his memories as wttg celebrates 70 7 years this week. >> all right. first though before we get to r is bacoukgh b with a look loo at when the snow could start tot fall want you need to know for f that friday morning drive. dve >> fresh at 10a a star is born.r sneak peek at tonight's all newn look look at the empire spin off. off. it is is we're back after this.'re back .
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♪♪ welcome back to good day d.c. on this wednesday. did you know that today is national spaghetti day? >> mange. >> look on the calendar. the >> we are celebrating with ourih resident italian and wonderfulol cook erin >> thank you. thank >> who is in the good day kitchen.n she'll be whipping up specialpic i guess the pasta is spaghetti. special sauces for it today. tod >> right. the sauce makes all thesauce differen
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>> it does.ri>> >> so i've her. >> your pa spaghetti has to be o al dente. >> you like it huge she.he >> you like it altogether.ogethe >> i like meat sauce not meatballs.. >> meat sauce. i'm with you on that. not meatballs.m withl. >> it has on top. top. not mixed together.ether >> what about meat sauce withcet meatballs. >> that work, toome. >> i'll saying bollo nace nac sometimes. i want it separated.ated i like pasta on the bottom.m sauce on top. >> make sure you tweet us #gooddaydc.ddaydc >> i'll take pasta any shape or form.rm >> i'm with you.u. >> on a plate is the best way tt have spaghetti.ti. >> i like a bowl. >> see.. hard core. diving right in.ving rht i >> okay. >> all right. e right now 9:27.:2 fox news megyn kelly heading tot new network host of the kelly kl files moving to nbc she's goingi to anchor new daytime show and prime time magazine. >> fox news rupert murdoch saidi
9:28 am
years of contributions to foxonr news.ib we hope she enjoys tremendousou success in her career and wish her and her family all the best. kelly thanked murdoch in a in statement on her facebook pageag saying while i will great physical miss my colleagues atyu fox i'm delighted to be joiningg nbc news family take ong a newew challenge. her last broadcast on fox newsow will be this frida january 6th.ary >> there you go.reou g 9:28 right now. >> good work if you can get it.i >> we were talking about this ts earlier maury and i.nd this wasn't really a surprise. >> no, not alt all. >> we knew she was a hot chowedo mom dunkin' donuts did the.' dot high profile became even more ss after this past election seasonn i'm not surprised a lot of lot people wanted her on their teamm and she went for the best dealta sur sure. >> she made the very important r point that she wanted to spend e more time with her kids. seven, five and three i'd like d to be with
9:29 am
you what happened to be thereape for their soccer gamesne. >> good for her. her. listen strike the iron whilen we it's hot is what i say.what iay if they want you go. g >> is there an opening --ning - >> i'm just kidding. >> i'm alre there.he >> all right.ig >> now we can get to thetohe forecast today one day reprievee dive back into the cold, today. >> steve, maybe mid 50s trying n get there.t the 48 in here we go.i 50 in hagerstown. martinsburg, winchester 50 degrees. degrees 48 in fredericksburg. foss has been the issue hereer this morning we're trying to ge it out of here. h weak cold front off to the norto and west. once that getans thd rough thing should improve. all right. we're looking at clearing skiess i'm out of breath because i rann upstairs. clearing skies but coldut cd temperatures moving in and we'll focus out here towards omaha asa we got a weak little area ofreao snow out here it will round thet bend up into our area overnightg thursday and early friday. we'll talk more about that but b for today, briefly mile oute there with temperatures in the t
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tonight as temperatures bottomsm out in the 20s and low 30s. 30s all right.ight friday developing low pressure. weak little trough as mentionedd we'll get very light snow sw accumulations around here. be a big deal. maybe upwards to an inch of snow, yeah, maybe a little more than that in spots.pots but you getted idea not major mr event it will be cold enough ite will stick out there earlyck o friday just be warn that we aree likely looking at lightt lig accumulations around here byere early friday there's your rpmpm model about an inch plus around here for the early morning houru on friday and again coldd temperatures. i don't think we get out of thet 30s thursday, friday and into i our weekend.r eke all right. quick look at that seven day.en. 57 today.57 today mild and breezy condition enjoy. nice afternoon much much colder tomorrow with clouds.on mucud there's that quick-moving snow w system early friday morning mori light accumulations.. i'll be tweeting tucker fox5 lots of snow information overtin the next couple of hours i d ood want to mention on saturday,atd, we've got a secondary system wee got to watch very carefully. some of the models trending tre
9:31 am
this could be one of those deala where off to the north and wests you don't get much of anythingny if you're south and eastast southern maryland lower easternn shore you can get some snown gew amounts here on saturday.ur so we'll just put a questionuesn mark on that one for now.ow notice those cold temperatures saturday and sunday daytimeme highs only around freezing.reez lots going on. again, snow here friday morningg so enjoy today's 57 and sunshinh this after all right.l riht guys, that's the latest weatherr back to you. >> tuck, thank you very much.ha if you tuned in yesterday younky knowed in ye 2017 marks 70 yearg as a commercial tv station. sta what we certainly had a blast bt yesterday we marketer marked tht occasion with trip down memories lane. a lot of people's memories ofem the station have this guy in them. >> this is channel 5:10 o'clock1 news with maury povich and janes adams.adam they are now -- james adams. ada they can trying to come up witht anything they can at theng national zoo t. >> maury povich news anchor herh back if the '60s and '80s thehe host of the midday panorama
9:32 am
phone to talk about his timeim here on wisconsin avenue g morning, maury.morning, m how are you?are >> steve, nice to talk to youcek and everybody >> good morning.d mornng. >> what a joy 70 years. >> and i can remember about 50b5 of them. [ laughter ] >> it's so funny, maurying whenw we ask all of ourn great viewere about their memories over thevee years and we actually had h somebody that said she went back almost 50 years of watching, bub i would say it's safe to sayo s majority of folks we heard fromo yesterday said panorama what w they remember the most. rem what do you think it was aboutem ththat tinhat sticks in people'' minds so much? >> well, it was truly a remarkable program. it came out of the creation of robert m. bennett who was the t first general manager when i was there and he hired me in 1966 as the sportscaster.. and bob unfortunately believe ii or not just died maybe a month n ago at the age of 89. he's one of
9:33 am
broadcasters and he had this idea in washington you have toet understand in the '60s, actually went op on the area january 1967, after the morning shows the today show or goodd morning america, there wase w nothing on television in termsms of news.ews. and he said, my gosh, here we h are a station in washington, wh, don't we have a news oriented talk show an variety show like k the today show at noon and it started for three hours every ee single day. and a man named john willis came from los angeles to anchor itncr along with me and a young namedd pat collins, and we started in january of 1967, and for threehr hours a day live in that mostt m important town in the country ww had this news oriened talk showw that first of all before cnn ever started, before any cable e
9:34 am
the only thing in town, andnd every single agency and government from the hill to thee white house, everybody watchedad every day. >> i know that you have a lot ov really fond memories from yourm time here at wttg. w what i want to know the dirt onn you and connie mr. povichr. pic because i saw an interview onceo you were the big time newseew anchor she was the cute little t young thing running around.und. she said she was wearing minirin skirts and you didn't event even notice. [ laughter ] >> well, that was the case i i mean i was doing upon nor rama a and anchoring the weekend news n in the late '60s and early '70's and connie came and we -- she came, i mean, this is a legendary story at channel five. mike buchanan was the nexthe nex director and connie came as ans assistant and she was kind of ko the copy person and she went around ripping off the copy from the wire machines and giving iti to the people writing the new
9:35 am
and so nobody took much notice of her and then apparently as a anybody knows in newsroom one on the first jobs that opens sup a weekend writer, and so the jobhj opened up and connie went too mike buchanan her boss and saids i want the job, and mike said,d, no, you're my assistant. no, no. um-um. she said look, i want the job. he says well you can't get the job until you replace yourself.f she went out of the newsroom upu the stairs, out of channel five, across the street into then then american security bank, look att the first woman teller there and said you want to be in dtv and the teller said yes and she dragged her back down the t she said so mike here my replace many now give me the job that's' how her career start. start >> she didn't say how you twot fell in love. >> much later. >> that was much later. later i had -- i had connie had movedd ton cbs news she was one of thee youngest reporters i think
9:36 am
hired her like about a year and a half or two years after sheftr was working at channel five, ana bill small the washington bureaa chief of cbs news had hired herr and then she made great stridesd covering water gate ande a elections and she ended upp anchoring t cbs owned station si news in los angeles. i on the other hand bouncedha around left washington, went tot chicago ended up in los angelesl as kind of her second banana anchor and then believe it or o not in all of the guy who hiredd me the general manager out there was fired. fired. the new general managerral nag apparently didn't like me ande d fired me.e. so connie had been the onlyhe ol person i knew out there. so i've always said in order to get to connie chung's hearteart first you she must pity you and then shell fall in love with you and that's what happened.'s w >> i want to ask youha, mt auryy think it may be true in thisin i case that you can leave theeavet neighborhood but the t neighborhood really never leaves you. because right up the street froe fox5 is a
9:37 am
we've all been to many many my times after work called chadwick's and i understander you'll be taking over the place. >> well, you know, just anotherh stupid investment and my kids inheritance will go down somee because, you know, investing ini restaurants is never a good thing. but my pals tony corn miser and alan and gary williams and i have bought what i consider tor be the best watering hole in the neighborhood.hborod. >> um-hmm. >> i spent, you know, especially in the '80 when i came back toko channel five to anchor the newsn for three years james adams evee spent a lot of time there.. so i figured now, you know f i' going to pay for drinks i i i might as well be paying into a a partnership of my own. >> maury, i got a question fori you. we've got -- you're going to own the bar. b connie chung and you be firedird all over the p
9:38 am
i want to hear about you are the father. father. you are not the father.her how on earth did you get fromrom channel five to being the you t are the father, you are not thet father guy? >> well, as you know, channel c five for many, many years waseas owned by metro media, and then e in the mid -- when i came backeb to anchor the news and to panorama in in the my pot yeses in 1985 rue bert murdoch bought all the metro media stations,, and basically created the fox -- the fox channels and the fox network, and so in 1986 i'm anchoring the news, all of a oa sudden i get this call and i'm i supposed to go see mr. murdochro in new york. he wants to talk to me about something. and i go up there and he says is want to start this show up hereh and i don't know if it's going work.k your wife is working in new in york. rk you've got a commuter marriageag come um here we'll see fit workt it's called a current affair aar it's in my head. h i had a show like this inhi i australia.austra so we started this crazy
9:39 am
called a current affair itai became a huge >> um-hmm.m-hmm >> and who knew.w. i mean basically i mean i was expecting to go back too bac to washington because i neveron bec expected the show to work. wor quite frankly i've been heldee l hostage now for over 30 years ii new york. york. and so -- so >> but the trappings are bad. ts admit a that. >> i went from there to becausee of the success of a current curt affair to hosting talk shows and now for the last this is goingsi to be the 20th year next year yr for the maury show at nbc. nbc owns it and, you know, you know about dna and lie detectoro and all of that. that's how i evolve. >> maury, we appreciate it.recit we're glad you're sharing some a of your memories here.ere. obviously our viewers --wers >> connie sends her >> yes, thank you. yes, ank >> i mean she -- i mean, youeanu know, she cut her teeth ateeth a channel five.chan i mean, you have no idea for us
9:40 am
we wouldn't have a career if itt wasn't for channel five. >> well, maury, we'd love to you and connie both come and see use sometime and see how the placece has changed.ed we've like to think we've evolvv as wel >> we're still talking aboutkint pandas and.nd. >> whether they're pregnant. t >> oh, goodhe.d >> isn't that terrific?ric? >> yeah. >> come join us here and we'llnd all head up to chad's or whatever you remain name it ne i afterwards and enjoy the triphet down memory lane. >> absolutely.bsoluty i can't wait to the host all off ya'll.'ll. >> thank you maury.nk you maury. >> give our best to connie, too. wow.w >> how delightful woggle that'ss amazing. >> so great.>>o gr i love hearing the old stories.i this place there's somethingomet unique about this building, this station. stat i mean so many relationships formed and the friendships and a he's testament.nt. >> in that time four bank fouba tellers came over and asked if f they can get a job here. a her >> why not? not? >> why not? why not? >> okay. moving on this morning at 9:40 0 janet jackson you heard abo
9:41 am
bundle of joy and nicky minaj m might be going so low. low. hmm. hmm. we'll go live to tmz for all the latest from hollywood.. that's neck. again, 9:40.ain, 9:40.
9:42 am
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topping today's fox beat, b oh, baby janet jackson officialc al mom at age 50. 50. and the trouble in paradise forf two of hiphop's hottest stars. >> for details we turn to tmzz gary trock live in los angeles.. good morning to you, gary.ornint how you doing, buddy?dy >> hey, good morning, doing well.. >> obviously, a lot of stories s happening in the news right nowi janet jackson is trending everywhere this is massiv story. >> for good reason > goo incredible 50 years ola baby. baby talk about the story line here.h what's the latest and also thelt name is interesting as well.s w talk about that as well. >> yes, so janet if you remembeb last year she postponed her unbreakable world tour she wasew op his big tour and everybody ey was wonder wagon was wrong witht her and she said she was tryingn to start planning a family.. and this was crazy. so yesterday on tuesday she gavg birth at 50 years old it's unclear where this went down. d we know she liv
9:45 am
majority of the time, but she is out in la every now and then a t it's unclear exactly where whe exactly the birth hammed her ree said it was a very stress freese delivery.delive the baby's name baby boy named n asa esiia. >> her husband's name we saw -- so we don't know the exactly why that name was chosen yet. we're waiting to hear it's great she had this baby.y. i'm sure he's going to be --e he's going to have lots of, you know, music royalty that want to meet him and he's got good genes maybe we'll see something fromle him some day toto. >> we're delighted for her.or h this is a dream come true foreor her.. fans are rejoicing everywhere.r. >> absolutely. >> fans of this next artist probably not too happy thiss ofi morning.mornin nicky minaj and meek mill.eekl. i know that there had beenad trouble in paradise.
9:46 am
now, what's going on.. >> all signs are point to go po their done. and they were inseparable fornsb the last couple of years. y even when he was on hous arrest. she was ride or die chick. she was there with hims arit hs house. hous he couldn't go anywhere.nywher she was hanging out with him.wih here's the deal on new year's y they were both in miami hostings separate parties.. and afterwards, did not hang out together. they didn't hang out togetherutt over christmas we're told. they were doing separate thingss then and this was a couple thata was not just inn september septe rabble but they hosted parties together usually nicky headd lining with meek there. but they were always together.he the fact that they didn't evente hang out afterwards when theyy totally could have we're hearini from their inner circles that ta they are done.hey are this is a serious >> weren't they engaged? iheene thought he'd given her this mass suv ring she was flawing aroundd for while or am i mistaken? >> t
9:47 am
i mean, it was never confirm.oni she was very cowboy it. i that was the rumor more he had e proposed but, yeah, it was very unclear and it look like that lt wedding is not going to happen.. >> now, gary, all morning long l we've been talking about kim kim kardashian's return to socialial media. medi she hadn't tweeted since octobee of last year.ea she tweeted out lot of thingsf t first of all the video i thought was incredibly touching.g. but talk about what her return r was. she was responding to fans and d also there was a little lit controversy slightly with herith name on social media. >> the name change caused huge bomb. all of a sudden kim kardashiansh west on twitter is what her namn shows up as and it just changed to kim.. there's always rumors going onng with kim and kanye about, youyou know, the stability of theirir relationship.onsh unfortunately, there's always -w always rumors.umor and people were thinking oh myy gosh is she trying to say is this a big revelation? we're actually told that shs
9:48 am
to rebrand herself, as, youou know, a one name. n there's prince, there's madonnan and there's kim.. >>igight. >> so we are told that had lot to do with it so people startedd to pick this up. u people started to write articlet including us about, you know, ko she dropped the kardashian wests about an hour later, she addeddd it back. bac >> i don't know if there wereife second or kanye called and said what sa aryou u doing? >> what are you doing, right.. >> so she added that back butt then she posted a video on instagram of her kanye north ana saint very touching it appearsea everything is cool and good in i the familiarly. .> i will say thiss kim knows how to keep us alleesl talking. kudos to him kim kardashian wesw or kim, she notice thou get ourr attention.atntio >> we'll wrap you up i fine it interesting sheti s decided to come back yesterday.s was that a planned thing. t love to ask you that next timeim we speak to her. h how she plan out when she wasn w going to come back.going com we'll talk to you next timelk tm about that gary. >> all right, garyat. aight >>
9:49 am
>> take care. s at 3:00 and 3:0 7:00 right here on fox5.ox all right.ig guys back over to you in thehe kitchen. >> 9:48. we're having a little early ely >> in honor of national spal spa betty day erin como has a pastaa challenge for us. us we've got all the details cominn up next. you're not going to fool me.ol . i'm just saying. >> really pasta palate.. >> all your favorite songs. sons no fooling going on. goingn >> she can't get over on me.vere >> we want to think if thef the expensive jar is worth it.orth i >> you're not going to fool me.f i know the difference. >> all right. >> we'll see. i haven't added any spices. z27mkz z16fz
9:50 am
y27mky y16fy
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> we're cooking with c >> doing pasta sauce challenge.e >> we're in the good day cafe. this is national spaghetti day. >> she's whipping up pasta thiss morning.morning. >> spaghetti. italian. itaansident >> she's got three differentfert jars and trying torque, here'si the thingto.. >> which one -- if i can tellanl the difference between the low t end and high end.d and
9:53 am
time you'll make sauce on sunceu today six hours zimmer the down give it all the good flavors. fs >> you're working, you're you'r running around with kids.itid we all grab that jar sometimes.. >> yeah.h >> this pray go is about 1.99. 1 from a tollly 2.50. 2 this rouse $8. >> i went to giant and went wen shopping f i was making dinner r go for the bertoli. >> i love garlic sauce. sau >> this is a taste test. tastees >> i don't know where you thinki i'm going to eat all three ofeeo >> i want to you take a fork. tr and take bite of each. no seasoning yet. >> what?>> >> try the sauce. and s>>easoneau like it up. i shredded fresh parmesan. parme >> you got my palate cleanser c right here. ri where isgh my napkin.ap >> wisdom requested a giant palate cleanser. >> here we go. this is first >> what i'm supposed tell youtel which one --ne >> tell me which one you likeche the best.thbest. >> you sure did give me a lot of pasta.paa. >> for taste test.or t tes i'm sure we can help y
9:54 am
>> i don't want to spill this oi my clothes.loth >> spaghetti is not a first dayd >> really. >> it's a messy food.>> i att's home on sunday food.ood. >> you need your napkin.apki here e you go. >> how do you feel about that one. >> is it savory.>> i sav >> you taste anything special in there. >> i taste a little tomato.. >> i knew it. >> it doesn't look good on you. >> okay.>> >> you like that one.>> >> it's ok yaouy.s >> let's move on to the nextok one.a m e >> thext second one. o >> wait a minute. >> different fork. >> maureen, pipe down overipe we there. >> i'll telling you any kind of jarred sauce if you push crusher read pepper and garlic it tastes good. >> aren't you supposed to twistt this up not with a spoon g knotk not the real italian way of eating it but some people do it that way. th we have national spaghetti dayay factory.ctor you like that that one >> this is this. >> how do you know.>> >> you didn't try the third oner >> how do you know?>> >> oh, his palat he is comingom awake
9:55 am
>> oh my >> how would you know that?now ? >> how did that -- wait, wait. >> this one has a pinch of morem expensiveness to it.ivess to >> oh, my gosh.h,y gos >> you can tell. >> i can tell. >> i'll tell after if you're right. >> here were go.erwere the last one. >> you guys pipe down over there. pipe down. >> what do you think of that one? do y >> okay. okay. ok this is my winner right here. h >> the second one.>> tecond on >> the second one. >> that's ra u.s. >> didn't i tell you? dll >> it had more expensiveness.sie you're right. >> it had -- i can taste theaste flavor. it tasted like tomatoes came c from different location.ocat. [ laughter ] >> felt like they were smooth. >> smoothly blended over some os regular began know.know >> which one do you prefer out of the first and third. thi >> to the what. to the what. >> to the first and their.e fir >> let's see. expensive one,ne, right. >> your favorite. >> here. hver >> l
9:56 am
this is this one. >> yes. >> all right. imes.esd this numerous t >> wisdom is a genius.eniu >> when it comes to jarred j sauce. >> there you go. let's get you cheese and garlic. >> if you had made him homemadem sauce he would have fallen overo >> we'll have to do that nextton time. i'll certainly it back to you.iy i'll prepare you nice big bowlss of pasta. >> next time make some realome a stuff here, erin. >> crushed tomatoes and make iti up i'll give you my recipe fromf down south.wnth >> do we want a challenge. >> into hugh wisdom -- - >> i completely underestimateded your if as pallet. pt. >> steve, i've been underunder estimated all my life.if >> he asked me for water toer cleanse his palate.. >> pasta chip season yourn shoulder is paying off. >> coming up we'll turn somebodb into a star at least we'll feel a little more starry latable. >> exactly coming outpatient tht 10a. star inspired beauty makeover. y yes. >> we got stars performing infon the loft. >> we do.. >> band seek and find here and
9:57 am
us.. >> very cool.y c if you want the coffee mug it ii dunkin' donuts mug to give awaya perfect for dunkin' donuts forus coffee go to or our facebook page to enter.n. one lucky winner selected randomly will win the mug. m you have until 11am to enter.ntr it's now 9:57.:5 the 10a with more of wisdom's pasta palate coming up next.
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♪♪ the most memorable momentsam at 10a only found on one station, one show, good day att 10a. >> so much to talk about.o talkt the hottest talkers, new twists and turns and mariahtwis melt dn saga plus pay
10:01 am
also 10a the final season off bones premiered last night id st talk with the star about whatut fans can expect this season. speaking of fox shows leeee daniels star is back tonight.igt what does it take to be star. ts we show you live. le and a band of brothers witht up lifting message.essa don't miss their live live performance at 10:50.0: someone say snow? a life updatt 10a starts right now.. ♪♪ an oldie. >> we're all feeling lucky on this national spaghetti day. our crew chowing down on thewi pasta.pasta what's the pasta wisdom chose.ho >> i only ate it.>> only he said it was the best. washe b i went with wisdom's pick. p >> i tasted the sauce. sau can you do high five the other hand. >> wisdom talks, i listen.ten >> you're not going to dab me. >> i will make make real
10:02 am
>> real homemade sauce day. >> there's probably a day foraar that actually.y >> probably a day for that. >> we have a star in the house.u >> in the loft. loft. >> what is this all about you'rr wounding. who is this beautiful lady primping. >> my goodness. my goness >> this is my if i dream i woulu be like her one day. d >> my gosh. the good day loft transformedras into a star but tee station.ti. in in fact it's miss carlotta's beauty station in anticipation c for tonight's all new episode of the fox drama if you missedis sneak peek that aired after a empire fall finale last month mn follows three up and coming comg singers desperate for new new stardom. the owner of a beauty salon who act like a mentor and mother too them. beautiful young girl from the virginias. >> just gorgeous young lady. >> so here they've graced us gre with some of their starir s equipment if you will. sort
10:03 am
all the stuff you might see see there.e >> makeup. >> star stars grace us. i thought you were talking about allison. >> of course we are. >> she's our shining>> o star. s >> is that how you roll everyl e day, allison. >> i understand. und i there's make up there and allerl the hottest trends going on anda speaking of makeup and trends te our resident make up expert kyme lee is in the house.e is ius she's showing us some of theme o trends we should be lookingookin forward to 2017 you don't want w to miss that it's going to be tb hot.. >> cool. cl. >> indeed. >> looking forward that it. a lot going on today.king f tod. 10:00 o'clock right now.0 o'cl a couple minutes after.coup thanks for staying it wuss forls the 10a. i'm steve along holly, maureen,u and wisdom.d wisdo the fog is we dealt with that all morningni long.lo temperatures are rising.isin big changes or the way. we can see snow when we wake upu friday morning.ning. >> ut-oh. >> details now tucker barnes hae look at the forecast.ast he tucuck. >> hey, wisdom.isdo yeah. ye all things you said lotsdot happening in the weather world.w let's get it to.ea want to start with current cre temperatures. we still have clouds and a few a
10:04 am
speak. don't be too alarm showers willl move quickly this is a cold c front and once it gets east of o us our winds will pick up aickpa chance to clear thing out here.l 48 in washingtonea.r gt winds out of the south and wests at three. at wind chill at 48 degrees. 48 gr. all right. look carefully you'll seel showers quickly moving in from the west a few showers out there they're quick movers.ey'r qui temperatures upper 40s this one will be just around of quickfui moving rain then we should turn mild thisilt afternoon and get a chance tonce dry out with part toll mostlyols sunny skies and temperatures inn the mid 50s. 5 all right. all looking a little bit down the road look towards omaha a littll swath of snow will be our nextur weather maker.ather r. and that is likely to bring us a period of light snow around here overnight thursday into earlydae idayay. into that morning commute on friday and let me mention temperatures which are going too be in the mid 50 today's much mh colder tonight and during thehe day tomorrow and friday and into our weekend. we are concerned increasinglyy concerne
10:05 am
accumulation early friday.ri i want to give you heads up wep have a coastal system we got tot watch carefully parts of the pae area may be impacted by that on saturday. putting a question mark up forem that. i'm going to return in a couplec of minutes at 10:23. 10: stay tuned and i'll get givel gi more details on both the fridayi and saturday evens but later lat today after quick moving showere right now mid 50s. 50s back to you guys. >> all right.>> thanks tucker. 10:05.5. time to check what's trendingken this morning. wis. >> first up reality star friend of fox might have only rosa is a coming back to the white houseth she'll join the trumprump administration focused on publii engagement she was the head of trump's out reach with the blaca community during the she's been working with his his transition team.on this will be her second time inm e wowork house. she work in the office ofe vice-president al gore duringnt the clinton administration. >> after trump moving to washington -- another trump moving to washington we'veve learned president-elect daughter
10:06 am
in the couple will move to the neighbor. ne house on tracy place northwestst reportly add six bedrooms last sold last more to for $.5 million.llio his daughter evan can herghter h husband are reportedly moving tt that blocks away from where thehe obamas will live post whitehi house. okay.ok i guess we'll ahead take hot far exactly they will from each other.he >> a few blocks.ewlocks >> i think like we said.hink lis so, you know, maybe they'llbehe' cross paths when they owed outet to borough sugar from each r.her. >> exactly. >> come over for a block party. >> who knows. k >> share an uber. >> you get to hillary clinton'sn house too.use >> that's true.. >> very tony neighbor it is.r ii >> no doubt about it host of tht late late show remembering latel singer george michael on his h first show of the year.r. we talk when he passed james corden a lot of ways corden says it'ssi because of george micha
10:07 am
there even is carpool take a listen. >> we come up with this idea toa have me and george michaelic singing in a car, and it was the first time i'd ever sunk in a ia car with anybody, and it'ss become quite a big part of my life n and he really inspired when we started the show here, h we were trying to get people to do carpool karaoke and not manyy artists wanted to do it and we w would send them this clip of me and george and we sent it too mariah carey, and she was the ws first person to say yes and her words were, if it's good enoughh for george, then it's goods g enough for me.or m i'll do it. so we all have so much to thankt him for for the music that he's given that will last forever bub we personally here at this show, we owe him so much. >> why?
10:08 am
>> oh come on let's be you don't want me to come with t me you don't want to be seenen with a gay man.. >> it's ridiculous. >> that's the original clip from 2011.20 of course, that with george grg michael led to mariah carey agreeing to be the first carpooc karaoke guest on the late lateee show. it's funny if you go back and ba watch that whole clip you can find online we watch it verych very funny much shorter versions than what you see now with w carpool >> like 11 minutes or somethingg >> now? >> no, no george michael's clip. >> the sinking part was not thet focus of it so much.uc >> but it's also interesting ins they're cruising around in voln company stationwagon now, you know they got the big range b r rover. rove they're doing it up right.. >> bigger budge g that's cool.gc >> still very funny even in thee very early stages. >> right. >> concept was good. that's why it's such a hit.>> c 10:08 speaking ofs are carss arr would do millennials want from a car. how about selfies.fies. chrysler you ask and you shall a receive. the company unveiled its portalr concept the car has plug in ports for cell phones belongingi
10:09 am
car can take a photo of unone u riding in all six seats, thenea, send the image to their devicesv and to share on social media.ia. >> that's a bad isn't that just encouraging distracted driving. >> i would think so. >> you would think so if anybody will be a part of it.paf it. >> everybody will be a part ofdy it. w i don't get that. really need morei selfies? >> no.>> >> really. >> like we can't wake to take selfies.ies. >> i've seen every angle ofen eg people there could possible be.e no more selfies, please. pas >> it's a couldn't september. sr i'm guessing by the time thatsi would ever comeng b into fruitio we'll be beyond the selfie stage. >> on to something else.n omet h. yeah. >> that's like the ultimate in narcissism.rcissm >> we are selfie nation.n. >>eah.h. >> crazy. okay. zy.>> h's a question. which would you ratherer have'ea raise --ra >> raise. >> or promotion. >> raise. >> a new survey by corn ferry cr shows that most workers would wu prefer a promotion over a raise. 63% of those polled say gettingg promoted trumps more money in i their pocket.oc most workers also felt p
10:10 am
promotions should happen everydp two to three years. experts caution workers to be mindful of when and how they asa for promotions.. >> did they say how much of a raise? do you want 3% raise orr promotion or you want a 30% raise or promotion.ti >> i agree.. >> if we are a selfie nation, io would make sense that people want the title because then they look like their more important.a >> that also tells me that theyy also wanting to somewhere else. you won't get the title wlsithot a raise to stay at your currentt employer. you'll get that title then you t want that title so that yohau c get more bargaining power wheni you go to the next job. j so maybe that's why they're nott getting the title. >> all i know i can't pay my my bills on no promotion.motion i can pay my bills with someome more money. >> phone will still be ringing. >> if you can get n ge >> promotion and the raise.motin >> that wasn't an option.wasn'tp >> okay. >> all right. e exactly. give me my me mon we sat down with intuitive livel coach to take a look into the t future. today it is the intuitive kevin mc
10:11 am
he'll be sharing which moviesov and which stars he thinks will w be oscar nominated.ined the list comes out later this t week. we'll check in with kevin seeev what he think social security o his short list. >> mariah mortified by the new w year's performance of hers ander janet a new mom at the age of o 50. good day celebrity dish servingg it up up next.
10:12 am
z27mkz z16fz
10:13 am
y27mky y16fy ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:14 am
♪♪ that's an underrated mariahh carey song right there. why are you owe obsessed with me. >> people are obsessed with maa my rye ya carrie. >> i'm having a sized spaghettih with my celebrity dish. dis new on asthma rye ya turns. we need breaks for silence aftet her disastrous life performance just before the ball dfero pppen abc's dick clark's rocking newkw year's eve.year's carrie spoke to entertainmentert week until her first interview r since the show she stumbled stub through her song. carrie's publicist blamed dickmi clark productions earlier thisuc week for not addretissinging technical difficulties befores r the performance. carrie reiterated that fans to ew praising the late clark andra
10:15 am
saying he would not let ant l a artist go through that and heh a would have been as mortified as i was in real time. >> okay.>>kay. >> but wait. >> there's more?>> the m >> there's more.e. mariah also fired her long-timee creative director and tour t choreographer and dancer anthony burrell.ell. source close to carrie claimse c that part of the reason forn for burrell's departure is due to a placement decision he allegedl d made without her approval.val according to the source, burrell moved carrie back up singers ofs the stage for the live live performance in times square. s putting them at the base of thet risers in order to make moreeor room for the dancers.s. the problem, this left pourr mariah without any support tortt help her pick up cues.. >> aren't they the dancers righg there right behind her. >> back up singers were moved tw the front of the stage. sge so the dancers would have moreer room so the backup singers werew down front and could not help
10:16 am
herself pick up the cues. >> can i just ask a question here? >> this might be a dig to mariah. when she couldn't hear she took out her area piece don't you y still area the music.ic what was the audience sing toeg go?go >> it's live in times square ane some of was reverberating off o the buildings maureen. like sands in an hour glass soo are the days of mariahs' live. >> it gave the back up dancerscs more room.m >> exactly. >> somebody will get fired. >> there you go. >> we should fire ourselvesld fr talking about this.talking >> moving onab. >> hey. don't talk about firing>>t fiing ourselves. >> you're on your own with that. >> let's talk by kylie jenner is nounsed tuesday she would notturno longer be posting fromf her ppp. after a personal post she would have never ever ever approved somehow end ended up getting .osted. the post in question writtenri from the 19-year-old point ofldn view as she seemed to encra
10:17 am
her fans to make your sex lifee fun and to spice things up withw some lingerie, toys and a massages.ages later that day jenner's app teaa took full responsibility forns that slip the post was neithertr written or approved by the teamt they issued a statement drafteda article was inn advertentlydvery posted for a short party of time. this was draft not in her wordsr was not her idea and had no beeo sent to her for any approval anl it goes on and on and on. o basically they're saying theyhe' made a mistake. miske >> here's the problem.e'e p when you have to have a team to do your postings for you, then,t your fans are never going to know what you mean it or not. >> somebody messed up. somebody will get fired. >> yes. yes. >> listen guess what?hat? >> what? >> in case you haven't heard, it think you probably have, h it'sa boy!bo >> for janet jackson and hernd sband.d. the pop super star had her firsr baby at the age of 50 on tuesday. and rep for the singer says that janet had tha stre ess free heay delivery season restingng
10:18 am
mf .now. we'll she's capturing up a thepe baby at 50 they're other celebrity moms moo became parents at a later age. e halle berry the second time atdm 47. had her first when she was 41. eva mendez became first time mom at 42nd daughter at 42. at gina davis had twin boys at the age of 48. her first child at 46. 4 laura lenny gave birth to her first child at the age of 49. gwen stefani third weed child at 44 and holly hunter became aam first time mother to twins at a the age of 47. oh yeah madonna gave birth to her second child rocco ritchieih at the age of 41.f 41. susan sarandon her third childhc at 45. i didn't realize there were thae many really. rea that's quite a few. >> good thfor all oatf them. >> hey, how about this.ouhi celebrity big brother uk paying ray jay remember him $1 millionl he's got that video. >> right. r >> that video.ig>> >> who is he again. >> he's got a lot of stuff goini on. >> but he does have that vide
10:19 am
>> gave him $1 million to do and show. tmz seen paper work -- paper-- p proof that producers shelling sn out cash for ray jay.. they're giving him up to $30,000 to fly back and forth but thatht includes his hotel and judging from the pictures after the the signed deal ray jay is rollingsl in the dough he was also here ii the loft a short time ago. talking about some of theut projects reworking on. >> i don't feel bad aboutbo keeping his iphone fan thingyy now.w >> he had the scooterer thingamajig and he's on the show. sh >> he's on the cooking show.ookw >> he's got the show. >> great personality. >> dish with side of spaghetti i highly rem.em. >> tastiest dish yet.t dish yet >> thanks guys.. 10:19 is the time. te. coming up later we're finding fn your inner star with a look at top make up trends of 202017. 2 a fan of brothers taking to us church.chch project live in the lot of thiss morning.rning.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
errly friday let's get right tot it. got lots to talk start off with with ts 48 in washington.n washingto 52 now in annapolis.napis 50 out in winchester. 48 in hagerstown.stn actually relatively mildel mil overnight with fog thatwith f ta developed. we're trying to get the fog out of here andth ge etting showersa the moment that are associatedoc with a cold front that we w believe will mix up the t atmosphere enough we'll actualll get clearing this afternoon but i know we're getting showers. ss thank you gets tweets we'res wre getting showers across theers rs region at the moment. momen you can see those very clearlylr there on satellite/radar.tead let's talk big picture and talkt about this possible snow event.t there's really two events. number one will be late thursday and early friday. pretty much put a guarantee on this one we'll get light shows across the area.a. you can see the origins of thata back towards omaha early thisart morning it will round the bendhe and move into our area as ana as area of low pressure developsuro over the coast overnightvern thursday into early friday.rida temperatures they're going to bg pl col cold. this won't be rain/snowaisn situation. this will be all snow we'rbe
10:24 am
talking about very ligh amounts. perhaps we'll get a dusting to an inch if in few spots little t more than that.haat there's your snow chances foryor early friday. s. and again it's one-two combination with that area ofre snow developing off the coast. light snow by overnight thursdaa into friday. what falls will stick across the area. ar all right.all rht. haven't seen this map before.sen we just made it thank t you mikk that's our snow cast.ast. thinking a dusting to possiblyy 2-inches i think a dusting to an inch isi the safe bet. and a few spots could locallyly see two. we'll tunis a little more in tht mountains along 81 out to the rest. rest want to mention saturday.ury there's router one on fridayy could be round two for parts off the area on saturday. on saturd. stay tuned to that one if it i t gets into our region it would bl more significant coastal stormao with temperatures aroundrod freezing saturday afternoon.. .kay. guys, that is a weather update.e again few showers now 50s laterr today. to enjoy a mild afternoon.fternoon back to you. back w
10:25 am
appreciate it. we are also a few weeks away a from the oscar nam nations beinb announced.ceed this morning we'll take a littll look into the future ourselves v since it's beginning of the yeag and kevin is up next with a look at the stars and movies that he he thinks will be on the academy'sy short list this year. yea we'll see if you agree.. 10:25. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:26 am
z27mkz z16fz
10:27 am
y27mky y16fy ♪♪ 10:2
10:28 am
say kevin is with us hollywood award season in full swing. swi we're weeks away from findinging out which stars and movies willw be battling out for the big one. oscar nomination voting begins tomorrow. the nominations themselves wills be out soon. sn. so we wanted to get sneak peekae what to so washington, d.c. asked kevins to putke together a list of whoo you think will be the best actst best actresses, best movies thaa type of thing for the oscars oar this year.this >> we're getting ahead of game g because the voting opensgpe tomorrow. actual nominations come out out january 24th. >> the whole lobbying effortsing and everything will be well underway in the studios andnd start hearing certain namesinam being put out there.put ou >> the golden globes are thisesi sunday this is definitely a timl to talk about this because you'll be hearing these names aa lot the next coming months. there's lot of categories.s. go through the main six today. we won't get through all the technical categories. first up is the acting categoryr i feel like this is already beee won but i will go through thesee casey affleck by the way isay i phenomenal in manchester by the
10:29 am
i think he's going to win theoi academy award. no question. queio he's nominated for the golden glowing and sag took home thehe critics choice awards. i think denzel washingtonashingn delivers the best performance of the years in fen >> he wouldn't the tony for that when he perform it live, right?? >> i don't know if he wouldn't the tony for thi'e m sure he was nominated.o. i don't know if he won for sure. >> what do you think sets casey affleck in this performance.pere >> it's a subtle performanceeran much he's brilliant in everything does he. i think the sit a lot of actors rely vocally heh emotes internally that's harder' thing to do as an a >> you're buying into the're bui aracacter. >> 100% much he's absolutelych ' incredible. ay thi say this. denzel is night favorite of thet year. >> he did win the ton knee.ton . >> denzel to me is my choice. casey affleck will win it ryan gosling getting a lot of attention for la-la land. joel edger ton for loving andrew
10:30 am
all five of those are very strong.stro i just think that casey affleck will win. >> you're saying he's brothers b than his brother h broth. >> i think casey is better actoa than b in my opinion ben affleck is a phenomenal in many maker. gone baby gone was ben's's directing with casey affleck.ffk he starred in assassination which was unbelievable.elieble. he's one of the best actorsor working today.ay i think he deserves the award.a. i just prefer denzel.ze >> how about actress.. >> on the actress side natalie l portman up for jackie, emmaa stone for la-la land. jessica chastain for miss sloanl amy adams for arrival and meryll strep for forest foster jenkinss interesting thing about thisthis category notly portman did win the critics choice award.rd she has the mow men item right now. emma stone deserves the world. r jackie is a film i can fully ful watch before i can give myiv m
10:31 am
i need to get into that film ass well but i have not completedomd jackie jackie i heard is performance is incredible incre think right now she has thet no momentum she wouldn't the goldel globe -- she wouldn't the sheld' critics choice nominated for the golden globe nominated for thehe sag and right now a lot of l o people predicting she'll withini the oscar. >> supporting actor is a lock.rc >> no question.n. ali you you know him in house of cards. he's in the movie moonlight mucm he's nominated i'm thinking michael shannon for nocturnalrnl so many great performances andsa nominations in this category. to me ali has the momentum.m. he wouldn't the which it ticks c choice nominated for the globeho and sag much this film iss ensemble. that's why it got nominated inid the sag ensemble category.. the actor who play shy ron shins more in my opinion he has the momentum right now. n he's up for almost everything.r. jeff bridges i mentioned hell or
10:32 am
high water, patel for lion another in many nominated fored best picture. lucas hedges who stars oppositee of casey affleck in manchester r by the sea. sporting actress have i yoel la davis has this down for fences. naomi harris for a great film if just mentioned moonlight. moonlg chris if you can keep those up for me i'm trying to read the nominations and then the michelle williams foremanam forn chester by the t sea octavia spencer for hiddenn figures phenomenal movie nicolel kidman for lion.or lion. in this category -- >> i'm surprised taraji isn'tsn nominate. >> she would be leading.ld be ig >> there's too many people. she definitely deserves tom tomm nation no question right nowon w there's so many people in that category octavia for some reason is the one getting all of the at love and i think she out of thef three is the weakest performance it's a phenomenal performance no jonelle mow thai and taraji p. henson a
10:33 am
performances. i think octavia is goretting nominated because she's won thee oscar she won for the help.el we'll see what happens there. have i yoel la davis takes homee the award. the >> director and i want to getd o into best picture.. >> damien giselle for la-lale l land. la 31-year-old film maker deserves the -- >> showed the other nominationss >> pick your nominations so far. >> show them.he >> we don't have them. >> let's get to best picture. tu >> la-la land no motion. it will win best picture. only nominations predictionsdico moonlight, manchester by thetery sea, hell or high water i'm hoping, hoping for dead pool.oo. now, i put two stars next toex dead pool only because it was nominate forward golden globelo best musical comedy.y dead pool highest grossing rssin rated movie ever i genuinely thing dead pool. poo >> let me jump in real quick q
10:34 am
nomination.ti these are who kevin these will be the are these your predictions bases on what the cod me thinks. >> everything is based on what think should be nominate.omat two stars next to dead pool dead pool would never get a nomination from the academymy award i think it might have a hv chance for script or something.. i do think la-la land will win best picture. >> february 26th academy awards.ds. >> nominations come outom january 24th.inat >>nu dead pool, so much love for dead pool. >> phenomenal movie.menalovie >> leave it. >> you said rogue one sucks.. >> here we go. >> to your corners, gentlemen. . >> okay. okay. >> hey, hey. n all aboutbout looking good and wanting to putp our best face forward for 2017.. the fox series star is about i o beauty and style as well so isos good friend kym lee.. we're using our star beauty station to highlight a few of fo the top makeup trends for 2017.1 it is
10:35 am
10:36 am
10:37 am
>> i'm in the middle of i'm something. can with do this later? now isi good.go goodbye to the biggest stars ona the planet. you didn't feel like talkingng about it? >> bad boots you insulin hussi. >> you want a manager. mag show me the money? i keep --ee >> he's dead and not coming back. ba
10:38 am
i need my outside to match myatm inside. that was a clip from star. star. queen latifah plays carlotta i'i sitting in her beauty station.ti can't see the full effect. eff you will in just a minute. star returns tonight with all wh new episode. eso adam housely a has a first look. >> fox's freshman musical starta returns with second episodepi wednesday night.ig it continues the story of threeh troubled singers who move toeo atlanta in search of success. >> when you believe in yourself a half the battle.a >> it's really about these three young women who have a dream drm like many of us did of using u their natural god given talent n in this case singing and dance d to go chief something to succeed. >> ♪♪ >> we got the makings of a super ououp. >> benjamin bratt play the the
10:39 am
shows but big time evident guest stars like lenny krav fiftyy seven and know aim mow campbellm who reveal a secret about thebo group just as the girls begin tt record. >> you know exactly what i've been through. >> as for the series lnoeaw dex esea they're grateful to have this chance. >> such a blessing being on this show because acting and singingi are like my love and to do it in like one big thing is like theee coolest thing ever. >> everyone wants to be star loot. >> reporter: like lee daniels de other fox series empire expect e them to tackle sensitive topic head on.. >> theirs moment mow phobiament within the gay community m that needs to be explored.e expred. it's happening right now. n there is racism within the black community that needs to beo b that will happen through our story. stor um, so i think that we'ree're addressing issues that are important and personal throughlr very flawed characters, um, thaa we will grow to love. >> it's real.
10:40 am
trying to be politicallyly correct, let's deal with them.he >> for a moment one in the pilot, the show explores some of the darker aspects of thef socialism that is exist in our s communities whether talking about defunct and broken fosterr care system, child neglect, nle sexual abuse, drug addiction. >> you're a thief had a bitch bh tal liar.ta >> in hollywood adam housely,, fox news. this morning we want to shoo was it takes to become a star br showing off the best beauty and styling tips to make you star ys ready with miss carlotta's's beauty station who better totihb help us make up artist andt a friend to the show extraordinarr kym lee. she's here to share some ways we can look our best in 2017. 2 good morning to you, beautiful.. >> good morning. how are you. >> good. inamazg amazing. happy new year. >> happy new year to you and toa our listeners.l i'm excited todisay to talk abot our trends for 2017. >> all right. year we were kind ofwe were kif all over the board.all er t you kind of said look if the if look is good go with it but win the confines of, you know, wha
10:41 am
will make you look good. make y this year are there definitely n color pallets or styles oralle o techniques that we needr tot wed adhere to. >> absolutely.. >> what actual what determines i coal colors is what we wear pannetonne.pannetonne. pannetonne color of the year is called greenery. colorlledre minden you this is a far cry fro the color description we had our crayola box. >> you said pannetonne. panneto pan who?? >> pannetonne determines thetonn inspiration behind fashion andhn beauty. so they determine a color andord then all of a sudden you all o realize, i love this color and because it's everywhere.ryere. >> it's everywhere.>> it's ev >> i mean from your department stores to the cars you drive too the clothes that you -- y - >> i noticed that with burgundyd it was everywhere.e >> everybody loved burgundy thii year it's everything is evolving aroundd greenery. guess what when you're thinking about greenery think about tnk a outside wood see you're thinkini about natural.naral. that's the way match make sun mh trending this year.dinghis y manufacturers including myselfyl we have come up with techniquesq or ways that you can actually ay steal by what you have alreadyhe
10:42 am
it's about texture and it's about technique.que >> all right. about >> beautiful. beautiful. >> tone this year is going to bg very important when you're doind neutral colors with her with brianna, we have actual plum under tone because the brownsro would just washing her out a loa of my african-american womencan will say, you know what, i can'n really wear all of the browns oo the neutrals the tawnies thees tapes they don't anything for mr you want to actually grab a gb a taste of things that have a plup under tone.un >> i see that. you know, when you said it it's' like oh yes, that's what it is.i i didn't know what it was but it looked amazing that's what it s is. >> plum. you see that because she has hazel eyes it helps to bring heh eyes out if you have the plum.hp in the opposite of that for that those who actually have a coola under tone, you can actually do rust. rust. so rust under tones gore to work really well for you'll have little more redal ii it. and so if you have a brown or ar bronze that you'll wear, you'llu gravitate the colors. colors. >> would i have -- is that my understanding -- actually likey you way plum.waym. >> i'd have to try that.e ry t i always thought when you're darker skin,.ki >> it just depends on the t
10:43 am
texture. >> okay. >> texture is another big thingi this season.iseason. if you see when brianna closes,o she actually has a muted ictallic. so it's not like your '70's disco metallic. mal now it's something that you cano actually wear to the office, it, transcends really well if you're going for aft fighter could youg you don't have to if you it on o as heavy now you're talking tal about muted colors, they have a little bit of shimmer to them tm now we're talking about texture. what it feels like.sike. how it looks on camera.ama so now it's looking dimensionall even with her lips they're mutet so there's not a whole lot to io f i wanted to step this up ands bump this up what i can do, i can blot bon sorry in the middlh of her lip takes us to anotheror trend the hombre.e. >> hombre lips.eips. >> hombre lips are hot right rg now. >> what. >> we can hombre her lips.n horh that is your actual texture nowe we can need to talk about how tw do the technique.ue >> okay. >> technique is another bighniqi trend this year.s so if you're going to yea wondew in the world am i going to chiec these things with foundation,ou, you have to make sure that tha you're non touring which means you'
10:44 am
need to see the line because the lines are too so do away with all those harshh lines. harsh lines on your brows. ybro haver lines on your foundation. harsh lines when you're doinge n contours. people like to see that contoured knows, that youtube .eat. >> no. >> don't do it.'t d it. >> make sure that you'ret you softening it a bit.soft about texture and tone and it's' about technique. technique >> i love that. texture, tone, technique.ique 3ts.3ts. 3ts. make sure ---- >> execute them fro leslie herer you look amazing if we can mimim this look every day we'll bee'll more than ready for 2017. 2 >> kym lee this is how people can find you on instagram and twitter. here it is again. this lady knows what she'st talking about.abut thank you as all.ll >> beautiful model thank to youy >> you're welcome.. >> i'm sorry sam i'm in the make up mood.ood. sorry, gentleman and lady, backb over to you. to y >> you can catch star tonight tn right here on fox5 i believe. be it is the crime fighting couple that has cep us us captivated for more than aatedo decade. i'm talk
10:45 am
(nan. the first episode of the finalin season aired.on a i got a chance to talk with som of the one emily deshan nel.hann she gives us a preview of what'' in store. >> it sounds like you're going'r to pay tribute to those whoo w really have been loyal to youou for 12 a lot of things story lines area maybe going to wrap up. >> yes.>> yes. absolutely. i think we're really trying to wrap up every story that we canc that we have time for. f we have all the interns thaternt people love and we're really kind of wrapping up their stories, um, as well as all the main cast and, um, and some big surprises and interesting --ti - interesting story lines to comec we have an episode demolitionit derby and we have a
10:46 am
undercover -- no, that'shat' undercover demolition derby and we have a lumerber jack episodei that we did, and we have an episode in retirement home withh ed asner. and june squib and hal holbrookk and we have, you know, my father ryan o'neill played by ryan o'neill comes back and we have cindy lauper and we have a lot l of different characters thatersa people -- and steven fry who played gore gone gordon wyatt.ya there's a lot of people people l will remember for from the showr and i think it will be treat fof people. >> of course you can catch the lastse y season of bones tuesdas 8:00 o'clock right here on fox5. all right.. 10:46 is the time. the seek and find project livejv in the loft. gospel and jazz band has a showa tonight here in d.c. first they're giving us a sneake peek at what to
10:47 am
we'll be right back. back.
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>> 10:50. our next guest a band of brother haas created the seek and filed project after being inspired by the bible verse matthew st aed theter be chapterha seven verse seven.ev now since forming in 2015 the band charted on the best quartet gospel bill poured to the top 100. released their debut single. catch them live in concert atrta blues al until northwest.orthst before they hit the stage theree they join us live in the loft. here to perform their singlegl jesus you're all i need please s kell welcome the seek and findin project. ♪♪
10:51 am
♪♪ ♪♪
10:52 am
♪♪ ♪♪ jesus you're all i need ♪♪ ♪♪
10:53 am
♪♪ ♪♪ [ applause ]
10:54 am
>> whoo! >> that's what i'm talking about.t's ng seek and find project. darrin, i know you're back inowr the back. you feel like having church up h in here, don't you. >> introduce everybody going that way.ducethat w man, right here on base oba frankie on base, we have jordanr on lead guitar, we haveave reginald, orlando, jordan thorn, jimmy and dennis. good all right. you're darrin.. >> i'm day ron.on >> day ron. >> not darrin.n darrin somewhere else.he day ron is back here. h >> tell us about the >> well, man, we're young groupp we formed actually 2014. 2 we bring new sound. snd we do contemporary inspirational music we call it soul music. >> okay.. >> music for the soul.heoul. >> young group, man we got single out right now on i tunest you can pick that up. we're here tuck at a tuck a tuc because blues al toll night.ollg 8:00 p.m. show as well as a as a 10:0p.
10:55 am
>> okay. all right. how did ya'll come together?oghe >> well, man, i know this guys g went to high school with this ti guy, go-go band with this guy, i saw him quartet gig, r and bnd b band with this guy.. everybody from different aspects. god placed in my heart to start a young g iroupn .mygroup they came on board and greatests >> is that how this music came c to be god put something in your heart. heart. young people don't necessarily d want to sink abouton jesus and e gospel.goel. >> we're all church babies.ll c. >> all right. >> we're in the word.or >> tell me what people will gett from your music when they see s this. th what will be different what's w the passion behind your musicou when people come to see it whatw will they take away from it? >> the energy. eney. the energy. the sound. the presentation of it.. everything about our group isro iqueue. bunch of guys that have greatat qualities individually we all come together mesh together toe make one unique sound.ou >> anything any other projects you're working on
10:56 am
we know you'll be tonight. toni. we know where you are right noww any other project.other project. >> we have an album droppingn mp this year. look out for that.t. >> be on the look out for it. >> seek and find project. pje [ applause ] [ ap >> thank you for coming in. gracing up with your pressure.rr blue alley you see the aou see e information right tonight atio 8:00 p.m.n we appreciate it.8:00ppreat best of luck. continued blessings to you.ngs o >> thanks. >> thank you, wisdom. you, wisdm >> tucker barnes is supposed to be here now.. doing some final weather. >> come on >> hit it. [ laughter ] >> give walking -- live walkingl music there.muthere >> no doubt about it. no dot ab no shortage of >> little bop going on there.p e >> amen.>> ame >> exactly. >> all right. 30 seconds you got it. >> believe it or not sds sun tht afternoon with highs in the mide 50s a couple showers at the t moment get sun later today. t still looking at snow earlyarly friday morning.. plenty more on that with twittet and 5:00 o'clock with sue andoci tomorrow morning of course.ow >> all right. we'll look for it. mor can you play f us out guys, wee need tucker to get good walkingl music here.e >> this will be interesting.nter >> pass the plate. p
10:57 am
>> ♪♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
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y27mky y16fy live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? look at you. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: this is the way i like to start ply day. thank you very much for starting your day here. thank you for


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