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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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technology is on display at the consumer electronics show. voice control is huge. ai, all these things are coming together. your new s starts right now.. let's get things started now s with the weather alert. let's give you a live look righk now in frederick, m maryland. as you can see the snow isw coming it is staying on the grass, but it doesn't look like it's's sticking to the streets, butut it's cold out there and it'st' going to get colder. > thanks for staying with us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tonyand perkins. parts of the area are already under a winter weather advisory. the snowfall could mean trafficf trouble and some school delaysas tomorrow. > sue palka and lauren demarco are working the weather alert tonight. let's begin now you with an update on what you can expect. sue. >> there she is. flakes out here in d.c. and it's very light. we haven't seen much all night. you have to look closely but we
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d.c. that prevented us from really seeing much going. bottom line not much has fallen. we still have the opportunity oo getting a dusting a little bit later tonight because there is a about it more coming that we ses out through west virginia. they're not taking any chances. we are swinging around just down the street we can see all the salt trucks that are standing by to see if the flurries why aringing to amount to something that need more salt. it l almost looks like it rainei out here, but i was actually the melting salt. let me show you radar because i want to show you where thingshee have filled in over d.c.. you will be able to sea brighter colors of purple. that's where we've had some brighter areas of snow. up toward the maryland counties that border pennsylvania getting closer to an inch to two inchess out toward hancock. we saw
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frederick county getting closegt to an inch, inch and a half. basically that was all that was expected out of that.ut o what we're much whatting is one last band that you see out there, not too far from charles attorneys west virginia.rn that stilley has to swing throu. we think that will happenwill between now and 3 in the morning. that is possible that it will put down another dusting or add to the totals, but not a lot of snow is going to be falling outt of that.t. by this pulling out at 3 in the morning i think there will be ae few delays where you've alreadya seen snow especially becauseec temperatures will be near or blow freezing north and west soo we could have some slick spots. there is another round of snow coming and is that the one weone just saw in west virginia. we also have to watch saturdaywc for some of our southern andther eastern suburbs, but we'll havel more on that in a few minutes. if we see anything else, it's between now and three in the morning and that does give crews several hours before the rushthe hour to get going on everything. this is on
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being a dusting to two inches. if we see that doug it will be u in the next two or three yoursrs who.wh here's a few snow totals that you can see out to our north an west from earlier today. coming up, a look at the seven day forecast and why some parts of our area are under a winterwt storm watch for saturday. shawn and tony back to you. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, fox5's lauren demarco continues our team coverage live in fredericks maryland. fre how is it goingde there, lauren? >>reporter: i don't think we have much to complain about. of course you want to be careful with the slick conditions but we missed the whole problem withrol rush right now if you take a look live look out here, we were near carlson park a seconding a and it's really pretty. this is like the beautiful snow that sticks to the trees and the grass. it looks like they've done a good job.b. the crews have done pretty
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as you look up on the side streets there are some light coating of snow. for the most party thinkarty everybody is getting around jus fine right now. here maryland state police in frederick implemented the snow emergency plan at 8:00 p.m. if you're on the road you need to have proper tires. they've been deployed andeplo preparing for this since yesterday. ddot pretreated with the brine and both juice mix to prevent ice from performing on the road. they have other pieces equipment ready to go. earlier tonight we spoke withspk the vdot spokesman in fairfax to check in on the preparations there. the rush hour in the morning is our big pest concern.ncer again, we're out with 11 pieces of equipment we'll have the roads in great condition. when we go out and we do our anti icing or our brine olympics that will stay on the road for five olympics as lon
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doesn't rain. it works. this is the eighth year that we've used the brine and it's proven that it's worth it. > as we drive around here onn the neighborhood roads you really can't see some areas where it is beginning to stickment you of course want too be careful in the morning as yos head out, particularly ramps,rap bridges and overpasses and i'm going to have my photograph pult over. you you can look at pretty houses that are getting covered in snow. also, if you're out there driving, the big warning istos give yourself plenty of spaceace between the salt trucks and plows. they want to be sure that people keep their distance and be save out there on the i wanted to end this off by coming out here myself -- and saying hi, tony. the worst athlete of all time. this is how i see
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phones. beautiful out luckily you missed. > all right, lauren, thank youa very much. > take a look at this. salt trucks on the road led to o price hike on the 495 express lanes during the evening commute. tolls were up to for drivers hoping to use the express laness into virginia. transurban, that's the company who runs the lanes they manage e those tolls. they told fox5 there were twowee salt trucks on the lanes so prices were liked to deter w drivers from getting onere ther. >> i understand that prices fluctuate and given the situation with it snowing, okay but $30 is a little bit ridiculous. in fact, my take is, when there's severe weather why don't you open that up for riders and make it a little bit morere feasible versus upping the rates. > because they won't make monea that way. >> transurban says toll pricesre fluctuate and that there is nono amount too
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express lane privileges. >> a mother wants to know why the driver who hit and killed her son while he was crossing route 1 is not being charged because it turns out that it is the second time in three monthst the same driver hit and killed a pedestrian. fox5's teisha lewis is live in laurel tonight with the story. >>reporter: well, shawn we're standing on the sidewalk, bothoh victims were reportedly not according to police. both accidents happened here along route 1 and it's easy to see why. this is a very heavily traveled, busy roadway, four lane roadwaye with apparently no crosswalks, but what makes this situation unimaginable is that the two fatal accidents happened with the same driver behindhe wheel. and the mother of the 23 year old victim in the most recent case that happened this n this vicinity that she thinks this a tragedy that should have andhave could have been avoided. >> there's no crosswalk there. he was walking. he was tyi
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him. he wasn't in the middle of the street. does this man need his eyes checked? it can't be just like he killed two people and that's just the end of it. it's not fair. > you hit somebody, you kill somebody's family member.mber the human thing in you, what yoa should have done, pick up the phone, call, try to fine the family, apologize. > and that's georgia seaton who said they are jonathan had bigan dreams o hf becoming an enginee. he was attending communitymuni college and working at a nearby hotel in the meantime. tuesday, just two days after christmas, a little after four a.m., he was walking home after hanging out with friends. that's when police say 55 years old brian ester was driving a box truck northbound on route 1, north of 100 when he hit seaton. seaton was walking in then th roadway at the time. ester is the bread truckruck delivery driver and again, this is the second time he has strucs
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the first incident happened inn september, a young woman was killed in that incident. we did talk to police about allu of this and they say that it'st' important to note that if a pedestrian is not walking in the crosswalk, which you can see here in the structured roadway it may be difficult to do because there are no crosswalks, p but again, what police areare saying is that if a pedestrianes is not walking in the crosswalk, they are, in fact, breaking the law. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. c > take a look at this, this bus over turned today. five people are now recovering after this accident. the bus collided with area vehicle right at the intersection of brian town road and hunt tore hill place in hil waldorf. three people on the bus, two, people in the vehicle all suffered minor injuries, the cause of the crash is still under investigation.un > well,de there was a huge bribery bust in prince george's county. two of the four people chargedcr with bribery conspiracy are state appointed members of the county's liquor board. the
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prosecutors expect to charge at least two elected offerings as well. no word yet on who thosese officials are. the fbi raided two liquor stores, a salvage yard and a liquor board headquarters today. prosecutors say the scream was all about trading money for votes. they believe it is connected to the sunday sales bill, which allows certain liquor stores tos sell liquor on sundays. > beginning in 2012 there weree bryce that were paidre in reture for grants and other government assistance and then the references to liquor sales arise more recently in 2015 with a sunday sales bill, which was state legs that involved about 100 liquor licenses in prince george's county. > prosecutors say the bryce were between # and 5 thousand # dollars the us attorney says more charge are likely. > coming up next, teenagers charged in a hate bill attack that was streame
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also ahead tonight they arehead going to be t this year's hottet tech toys.oys. we're going to check out theth hottest gadgets on display on the consumer tech show right now. one possible replacement for the defense coordinator already has a connection to the burgandy and gold. we're back after this. z27mkz z16fz y27mky y16fy did you know slow internet
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> prosecutors have filed hateto crime and kidnappingrs charges against four people inin connection to a shocking crimere broadcast to the world onorl facebook live.ok the video shows the suspects beating a white developmentally disabled man in chicago, ripping his clothing and cutting him with a knife. the incident went on for nearlyl two days. police say the suspects made anti trump remarks during the torture, but chicago police doha not believe the crime was politicallyq;s motivated. strong words today from thetoda national intelligence director e about claims that russiallig interfered in the recent presidential election. during a senate hearing on cap l toll james clapper testifiedes there is no doubt c the country did -- russia did play a key role in the election, but he added despite the recentecen findings there is no way to know exactly how their
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or did not influence american votings. first we cannot say -- they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort. we had no way of engaging the impact that certainly the intelligence community can'tence gauge the impact it had on the choices of the elect tort made.. there is no way for us to gaugee that. president elect trump will be briefed about the intelligenceei committee tomorrow about thee hacking report.repo > the hottest new tech toys are on display this week at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas. fox's adam housley gives us a sneak peak at some of the couldest gadgets coming our waye >>reporter: ts you might call it combat get tone yeah as the world converges on the consumer& electronics show all trying to wow a worldwide audience.
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from paper thin tv to interest neat connected yours contact,ct virtually everything here givese us a glimpse of what will be every day technology in the days to come.come bigger and better is always the case. voice control is huge. ai, all these things are comingm together. bigger, smaller and safer arer the key words. this fitz in your wallet andan charges your phone. this is the id which makes smart phones inoperable in the car.r. a lot of other options can't stop facebook, can't stop snap chat. one stand out is virtual which s has moved outside the gaming and entertainment. it allows people to connect wite each other.each when it comes to music, novations likes blocks puts a recording studio in your hand. crossly can'ting 45 to workk right along with aout box straight out of happy day
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sounds cool. you've then got can streamstre whatever you want through it.tho what else do you want in. > and of course drones are every where, all shapes, prices, including this one, zero tech from dreams of becoming i, thisfullies for 0 minutes, shoots amazing video and pictures and actually follows you around.yo when you're done, for 300 bucks you fold it up and put it in your pocket.ket. at the consumer electronics show in las vegas, adam housley, fox news. > a lot of cool stuff out there. some people like it. some people like it. shawn, you're going to be happye tonight because you're not going to have to deal with a lot ofof snow. just as i went outside light flurries were beginning to fall. this h will be long gone by the morning commute.mmut we're driving
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frederick with lauren demarco and you can see the roads lookok pretty good.od. they have pretreated.trea there's a little bit of accumulation. windshield wipers w are still going there on the car and a little bit of snow falling. give this about three more hours and h little starter snow is going to be out of here and it's still possible we pick up more accumulation, but not a lot on top of what you already have.e. great pictures that you've been sending on facebook and twitter. this is ca owens in boonsboro,oo m. you can see all the footprints in the snow.w. they've had enough to cover thee grass. it looks like the side streets and certainly it's sticking to the bushes as well. maybe out in those areas a possibility of a two-hour delayu tomorrow morning. a lot of us south and east of that band that is set up to the north really haven't seen much. i did want to point out to you these darker purposes indicateat where there is moderate oww falling. it's not a big area, but we're
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approaching state 81. mount jackson, that is also moving from west to east. that's that last patch that we see out here over west virginia that we think is going to come through. you can also see in the lastt hour or so it looks like itself getting pretty raggedy. if d.c. is going to get a dusting it will be out of that.. that's about all we're going to see in the d.c. area.. in fact, we're painting that dusting to maybe an inch. right now it looks like if you were to see that inch it's going to be in north and westernte montgomeryrn. we've had our two much ines in the web facing front of the alleghany. two to three, maybe even five inches snow out i think all the salt and brine that they've put down is doing a fantastic job.fa 36 for the district, 28 for martinsburg, 27 for hagerstowng, where we've had 27
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inches of snow. if the buses are running on timn tomorrow you should have a range of temperatures from 25 to 32.o clouds and a little bit of sun getting through, kind of chilly, after school it's not a warmm day, breezy. a little bit more sunshine, 31 to 36-degrees. here's a look at your plannerr for friday, a pretty easy finish for us for the walk and temperatures tomorrow onlyes t topping out in the upper 20s to low 30s.lo all eyes on the next system that has much more potential. it's a southern system that will be developing off the coast. look how close we are to this. this is going to be severaleral inches of snow and the winter storm watches will be flying for this storm which will be friday night to saturday afternoon. ocean city you may get a few inches of snow out of thisf before it pulse away on saturdau evening. i wanted to show you there's a loft wter storm warnings thattht you see here in this pink colorr and winter storm watches present south eastern virginia over to
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i don't think that's going tong get expanded. our models tonight are keeping it about in that position. we're going to continue to watch it because it's a little too close for comfort. send us your pictures if you get snow. the weekend is going to be very cold. maybe some snow south and east.. monday we're still can chilly. we warm up tuesday, wednesday and we'll deal a little bit of precipitation late tuesday into wednesday. that's your seven day forecast, but don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. whole family nts to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less.
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> tonight, on the brink ofhe b history all that stood behindd the columbus blue jackets with 17 straight wins was set by the pen begins back in 19 the 3 was the washington capitols. tonight a statement was j beagle up in front fighting the puk to daniel winnek justk u like it is 1-0 caps.
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later, passing in front off the skate of john carlson. it's two-0 caps. and then 3-0. it's going to be a really fun moment for us to end the streak. backs up his, great sign, we're not goinging. the caps win. joe barry is out as coordinator defense in coach for the redskins. the defense trailed a good chunk of the league this there are some candidates in and out of thete osrganization in m. earlier today brody logan had a question with fox5's grant paulsen about where they couldey go from here. if i'm hiring it's wade phillips. et cetera ' 69 years old at this point. the one knock on him is his age. but he was coordinating a defenf that won a super bowl in denverr his son west phillips is on theo staff right
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he was a tight ends coach. he was around redskins park. some people thought he wanted a job in washington and he has a contract that just expired withd the broncos who just fired their coach and maybe making some changes. foggy bottom and gw hosting davidson. the colonials shooting 6 #ooti percent. there you have it right there. 6 # percent behind the arc. kavanagh, a team high 20 points, but the play of the game, davidson misses the layup. watch gw, a perfect pass. watch this. boom. gw wins 73-69. there you go. i remember when i used to dunk like that. > how long ago was that. >> you did it in heels, too. >> i did. backwards. > stay tuned, tmz is
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early show is on early tomorrow, 4678. 25 2, everybody. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so nicki minaj and meek mill have broken up. >> they had a big, huge fight right after her birthday. harvey: there are now clearly defined limits to ride or die. >> are we all ride or die? >> no, death means literal death. >> you prefer to die than not ride with that person. >> there are ride or die chicks. hillary clinton is ride or die. >> soulja boy and chris brown were on a collision course to seeing these guys square off in the ring. floyd mayweather seems to be involved in promoting this fight now. >> we got to get their money man. >> the money team. >> and soulja boy is using chris brown's daughter in the battle. harvey: this would be a huge fight. >> i would definitely order it. harvey: i would rather see that than mayweather/pacquaio. >> duh! >> donald trump, he's holding a


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