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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  January 9, 2017 9:00am-9:12am EST

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when the powerful use theirt position to bully otheallissotgt winners, biggest surprises andeg not going to warm up mucharm uph either. but some more big changes theyhy e on t the way. details tucker barnes is backs b with a the first check of our o forecast
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>> yeah. y we're looking at saint mary'sy's >> we had shovel.vel >> i slept in the weekend.. >> theo ydd look at that. ton.n washing and we've b last couple afternon fact we have been belo now for approaching 70 hours at reagan national and over 80 ove0 hours at dulles and no real letl up in site here for the next 24
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we'll be warmer bite end of thee week. week cloud cover out there early i ei think more clouds than sun thist
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here later to tonight and by a b the beer froze in the cup pulling ho his waistband in the baggage bae claim area.m aeillance camera. santiago told investigators herh planned the attack buying a one-way tick to the airport. terrorism hasn't yet been ruledd out. santiago was veteran of the iraq war and his family says he wassw having mental health issues.ue he could face the death penaltyy >> the other big story thisig st morning, of course, one ofurse,f hollywood's most celebratedelebd actresses picking a fight withht the president election. >> we're talking about oscarutar winner meryl streep high profili supporter of donald trump's rival hillary clinton during the
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during last night's golden globe awards streep was honored withe
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we need the principle press too
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>> to suspend belief and so whet
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>> andis i
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>> thanks, mel knew this morning, more than a dozen d tht
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came back in for another coming up this week we're goingg to share personal weight losshts stories from some familiar facea ren you and first up i
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belief particularly that's kindy of driven by these kinds of o accept that help how do you d handle that? >> sure. so treatment compliance or jusr ut there.ther things like schizophrenia, for example, what we
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population based studies is thah if i hthough. how do you make someone takee
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a real challenge.llg there's no kind of clear an swe route.
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this should be the name.ho
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. ke street. str it sent that black smoke you caa thankfully no one was hurt. drivers facing some stickerk shock at the gas pump. pump the average price of regular rar grade has surged 12 cents nationally over this past three week. now stands at 2.38 a gallon.. experts say the hike mostly
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results from the gasoline markek checking of with rising crudeg d oil costs. viabng to his advisers andnd that his twitters. dating website for beingooki to have affairs it cease the most web track the second mondam in january this year that day is today. to relationship experts say thereee are few reasons with some peoplw are looking for affairsit afterr new year's including holiday
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stress. st attempt to regain their freedom disturbingly enough new clear a. >> whole website was able to dod acati son andow focus. clean your closet.set you want. >> because that's fun. fun >> organizing your desk.g yoesk >> those are about the same s astrology for an affair.r. >> a lot of people don't sign ut for clean up your desk web sites. >> thanks err rip.>> t weight loss motivation for anyone lookingos for hels p stin to your new year's resolution. fox5's sports reporter grant gra paulsen shares his personal pna story. story. from 16 degrees this morning too nearly six-zero by the end off the week. week.
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tucker is back with a look at the seven day forecast. there's liv with a special performance muchc right now 9:29.:2
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sbury this morning made tha's
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gradually bring us warmermer ver a little bit better frankly but i hit a platt photo i couldn'tn't real d the last five f weeks i've been on program igr found here in town that i realll like that helped me to loseo los another 20 pounds mine goal toma still get down another 40 or so with emp180 weight loss the it'i been small changes to lose this 40 pounds now i've been to the gym three times. i mean it's all diet for me.t'st i'm going to start doing a lot more exercise this year. yr. that's one of my resolutions bui the weight loss for me is nots really come with a ton of of exercise.exer i make small changes i back in the park of parking lots i walkw up st
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bath roo on e level i'll goo upstairs or downstairs i haven't gone o change here? >> i just got point where it wat pretsily orrie as well, i'm 28 years old.ld. everyone kept saying, this is t not going to get easier as you y get older.tlder you really want to take controlr of your weight right now so for me, i decided just to see what would happen if i made soms tough changes, ate a little bitt healthier started doing that asa i said it worked for a littleit while.
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losing the weight i couldn't get down passead foo
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acting trophy for the stars ryaa too. >> cool. we'll find out who won.. >> okay. 9:49 right now. fios is not cable. we're wid
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good day
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♪♪ memorable weehe w
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>> the whole routine. routine. >> there they are. getting warmed up. tge look special all week. travel and andy venture show is in town. we'll hbes steve from event and while the award showww is the unofficial kick off tofft award season, and the oscar wavv it was almost overshadowed byd y one speech for more on the nighg and the big moment kevin joins s
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we're going to go through someth apoze. >> meryl streep taking the night over with her award. >> yes. awardsabout the big winners first. la la land won seven goldende globes. it was nominated for seven.ev most wins ever in the history of the golden globes.lobe amazing what this film was ablea to do. 31-year-old film maker that direct the this movie and ite ai came out of nowhere. he wrote it about six years agoo couldn't get it made. m so he wrote a movie called cle whiplash out of anger noun theoe phlegm is succeeding won sevenen golden globes will probably takk home best picture oscar. ryan gosling won, ma'am stonemto won for best actress in musical comedy.
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director, best score, best songg amazing night for thater named s
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ron and it really does work on o so many different levels.. tooka
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but did not mene reason whyso wy ecamaing was h figures and fences are two films nominated
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categories.gorihe was in hiddenl memes all over the internet.the a lot of social media things thi going on were it that particular thing if you g predominantlyly african-american casts and so to blend it in two very separate st movies, yes, clearly it's just a slip of the tongue or anhe accident in your mind puts theme thgether. i
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>> yes. >> in my opinion it was very unfortk and and directed but the similarity they're both black casts. cas >> what did u think aboutd yomm. ught he was okaywas oka honestly.hone the opening of the show with the huge la la land set piece andied the cars that was very welll done. that was actually done by the choreographers of the movie itself. some of the dancers as well.s wl the rest of the show i thought t he was off. was o. here's the thing. i i'm not going sit here andnd judge him. ju we all do live tv it's a very a tough thing to do.o d in the beginning of the show, hh did have a teleprompter i think that just kind of got of him down a little bit in in my y personal opinion. i think some of the writing and the producing was off o lf night. we know that jimmy fallon is aio great television host we watch t him on late night all the time t he does great videos, great gre
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i just last night something felf off. see
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if you looked closely into the '
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my children. >>oo clearlyhe ary no ob
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>> itasn't like a >> i kiss thom >> kim carrying rob at g
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pointer. >> are they going to shoot me is the back.. there's no way out. o
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viola dav >> i think so.
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>> now i absolutely love viola davis.davi she was was fabulous and i lovev
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>> yellow again. c s tondo. kitchen showing shong off a must try recipe from the
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mix in the winds it feels likees 11 out a d
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for christmase next. next how far back will we go? alexa, tell us a
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>> it's new edition
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>> that's is a safe answer youwe knew the m tell us about the show and
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>> well, i mea >>ha


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