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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 18, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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7:00. breaking news that george hw bush is in the hospital and we've learn he's been there for days. what else we've learned about the condition this hour the presidential inauguration inches closer some of you will start to feel the impact of the ceremony. today with major parking and road restrictions set to begin we're live with what you need to know the to best avoid a commuter nightmare in the hot seat, the nominee for our education secretary taking heat from lawmakers including virginia senator tim cane, more hearings get underway today >> i'm demanding answers why and how long did it take for them to realize he was suffocating >> a toddler chokes on food. happening inside of a day care in a government building. this wednesday morning ready for the
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january 18th weather and traffic of course coming up on the 5 in a couple of minutes at 7:05 i'm allison seymour >> i'm steve chenevey. let's get to several major stories, a health care for george hw bush. the 92-year-old is apparently been in a houston hospital since saturday. mr. bush's spokesman said the former president was taken there after shortness of breath over the weekend. this morning he is said to be stable and "doing fine. expected to go home in a few days. mr. bush and former first lady barbara bush previously announced they would not be attending friday's inauguration of donald trump due to the former president's health and age. we are also following breaking news right now out of europe. three earthquakes hit central italy this morning about 90 minutes ago. hit a region of italy recovering from devastating quakes over the past two years, so far we have not heard reports of damage or
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region which got a lot of snow recently. we do know the shaking was quite intense and that the city subway system was close so the damage inspections could be done. a warning to americans in the resort city of cancun mexico. the consulate activate add code red after gunfire broke out several downtown locations, leaving three dead. this latest attack comes after a deadly shooting at a music festival. one american among five victims man accused of killing an orlando police sergeant is under arrest this morning. mark keith lloyd was arrested last night ending an intense nine-day manhunt. they found him inside and an abandoned home. lloyd is accused of gunning down deborah clayton outside of a wal-mart store last week. lloyd is also wanted in connection with the murder of his ex-girlfriend. in the hot seat the nominees
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ambassador and the administrator of the environmental protection agency. hearings come a day after a heated exchange for education secretary, betsy devos. more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. also in dc, some of you will start to feel the direct impact of friday's presidential inauguration. >> parking restrictions begin this afternoon. annie yu on the national mall with what we need to know. good morning, annie. >> reporter: this is just the beginning. starting at noon today, you'll start to see a lot more signs going up around the national mall here. this is one of many areas that is closed off, parking-wise, if you look behind me, there's a lot of work that's already been done. the transformation is pretty remarkable with two days off from the inauguration but a lot more needs to be done. the national mall is where how tos are going to gather friday, did not only will security be tight but many roads will be closed around the mall and parking restrictions do go into effect starting today.
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shows the perimeter of both a red zone and green zone. starting at noon, the red zone goes into effect it will lifted monday, any cars parked in this perimeter will be towed. it's parked off. the downtown area, the national mall, capitol, white house only authorized vehicles will be allowed on those streets. now, outer, the outer layer, the green zone starts tomorrow on thursday morning, that goes into effect and it is open to traffic. however, it is restricted to just those who live and work in those areas, and national guard members will be checking your id. keep that in mind. i want to show you another list of major street closures. they include the area surrounding pennsylvania avenue, the lincoln memorial including parts of constitution avenue. and streets around union station and capitol. basically, it's just going to be a big mess. if you have to go through the district of columbia. also on thursday, a handful of bridges and
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dc will be closed. major bridges, the 14th street bridge, memorial bridge, 3rd street tunnel, 9th and 12th street will be closed. a lot to think about. hopefully we can get those closures for you on our website, there are a number of street closures there. it will be a big mess leading up to and not just the day of. annie yu fox 5 local news. 7:05. donald trump is gearing up for his swearing in, two days away. trump was in dc last night at a black tie dinner to introduce foreign diplomats to the incoming administration. 500 guests in attendance. today he will be in new york with a meeting with andrew cuomo. chelsea manning will be released after president obama commuted her sentence in 2010 then bradley manning laked state secrets to wikileaks, a
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soldiers killing iraqi civilians. sentenced to 35 years in prison for the crime. when released in may she'll have served less than seven and we should learn more about why it was commuted when he holds his press conference at the white house this afternoon, aired live at 2:15 on air and online. let's get our first check of weather in the 7:00 hour. >> good morning. we're going to clear it out and dry it out get sunshine something we haven't seen in a few days, temps in the 50's later afternoon, it is january. we're not talking winter weather. low clouds hanging in there, a nice picture of somebody driving down 270 mountain driver seat beautiful cloud deck and clearing to the we have the. we will get sunshine later. breezy milder wednesday, temperatures should be good ten plus degrees above normal. relatively mild, 46 at reaga
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41 dulles, bwi marshal, 43, looking at the satellite picture. we got the last little piece of energy to the west got to come through, we'll keep the clouds around the next couple hours and could be a sprinkle or quick moving shower north of dc then by afternoon, i think we'll turn partly sunny, you'll notice the winds picking up out of the north and west and we'll get sunshine around here. 57 later. most winds breezy out of the north and west gusting to 25 >> thanks. . all right. let's get to. take a look at the fog behind me, this is the 14th street bridge coming up from gw parkway across 395 northbound there's a crash beyond that point. please use caution, you can see traffic use your low beams take it slow. we're seeing a local lot of slow moving traffic backing up from the pentagon across the 14th street bridge and a lot of stop and go traffic. let's go ahead and show you our maps, that's not
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problem, southeast, southwest freeway, crash on the westbound side bill clintoning two right lanes, causing big delays, let me get out of the way. 295 on the southbound side from 50 to the 11th street bridge. jam packed, 295 northbound is packed. you can see the 11th street bridge super crowded. use a lot of caution and give yourself extra time. there's a closer look at the 295 delay and 50 inbound from the beltway. slow new york avenue jambs keep in mind metro is on time. we'll take a look at the inauguration closures coming up next. back to you. top stories now, the other ones, the texas police department mourning the loss of one of their own shot and killed in the line of duty. jerry walker was killed while responding to a call about a man with a gun outside of a house. happened just outside of dallas, the suspect later found dead inside the house after a six-hour standoff. closer to home. qu
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three-year-old choked on a meatball at his day care center and died. >> it happened inside of the department of labor, anjali hemphill is live with more on this devastating story. anjali, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, this is a story that's both concerning and terrifying to parents. a mother, takes her healthier three-year-old little boy to day care here at the place where she works for the us government. and he ends up choking to death while she's in the same building upstairs unaware of what's going on. the family of that young little boy three-year-old sterling moore is demanding answers, his mother is an accountant with the labor department and yesterday dropped sterling off at the child development center where he had been going the last two years, the family said while mom stepped away from her desk. day care called and left her a voice mail. by the time mom came downstairs, her son was in an ambulance ununresponsive after choking on a meatball. the family wants to know how this could have
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the supervision of two teachers. >> i'm demanding answers why and how long did it take for them to realize he was suffocating, wasn't breathing, where the teachers were, sterling was loving, energyic, loved playing with his brother, he played with his cousins. he's a normal three-year-old. he was just at my niece baby shower, how big are these meatballs saying claiming that he choked on? why are they feeding children and not watching them? not protecting them to make sure. >> reporter: the day care released this statement to fox 5, we are shocked and deeply saddened as we grief the sudden death of one of our children while eating
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showed difficulty breathing, our trained staff responded immediately to call 911 and perform the heimlich maneuver and cpr. the child was transported to children's hospital by paramedics and passed away. we're devastated by the tragedy and our hearts and condolences go out to the family during this unimaginable time of grief. we do not know the cause of death at this time but are fully cooperating with authorities following the tragic loss. the case remains under investigation by both local and federal authorities, meanwhile, the status of those two employees who are involved is unclear at this time. that's the latest in northwest, anjali hemphill, fox 5 local news. the search continues for whomever shot and killed a 68-year-old grandmother, vivian morrow was her name. gunned down on monday morning in her wheelchair on the way to the corner store. police initially believe she was caught in the cross fire of a gun battle but now believe there was only one gunman in this case. gofundme page has been set up to help her
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expenses, you can find the link, on our website a former george mason university professor facing serious charges accused of recording intimate moments with a woman without concert. he was arrested back in november charged with unlawful filming. she had a consensual relationship but then discovered he recorded them. the supreme court set to consider a case that could impact the redskins. those details ahead. donald trump pick for education secretary taking heat on the hill during confirmation hearing, bob. >> allison we'll show you one of more heated exchanges between senators and betsy devos. it was a rough night for her here on capitol hill. we'll be right back. k.
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7:14. massive wide receiver wildfires wildfires, an emergency warning in place for residents as fire crews continue to try to battle the flames, water bombing planes and helicopters to try and put out the fire, no word on a cause. remember it is summertime down under. you're in the hot season. >> i think it's dry there much of the country gets pretty dry in that area. out here we're doing ok >> great for this time of year. you can see we're trying to get clearing. there's a great picture of the fog on the river. >> right along the river, cooler temperatures, and once we bring the fog off and get some clouds out, we should be in for a partly sunny afternoon and pleasant day. in the 50's this afternoon. nice, beautiful. >> beautiful. >> morning
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one of our viewers, #morning memes >> let's tweet out the one that you did >> 46 in washington, dc, mid to upper 50's this afternoon, should be again very pleasant afternoon here once we get the clouds and fog out. hang in there few more hours of this then we should get the drying trend as winds pick up. he here's a live look. left over sprinkles. energy to our north and west. once that gets east. you really start to notice the clearing and pleasant conditions. there's your seven-day. tomorrow looks fantastic. for all things getting ready for the big day friday. it does not look great. it would not be a wash-out but we will have showers around especially during the afternoon and it will feel cool with the cloud cover, highs in the upper 40's and then a big, bit of a bounce-back there. all in all, a lot of people coming to town. >> colder and more brutal conditions? we sure have much more difficult
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>> i think it will be just fine >> good morning. 7:16. it is really foggy out. look at this camera, this is across the 14th street bridge coming up gw parkway, elevated fog in some points but denser in others, please use low beams, extra time from the pentagon to the 14th street are backed up. this is actually 295 northbound from the bottom side of the beltway and you cannot barely see the taillights trying to make their way towards the 11th street bridge. as you get on to the wilson bridge right now, the outer loop looking good, inner loop heavy traffic, coming down from prince george. dense fog causing visibility problems this morning for sure, especially the bottom side of the beltway. let's switch it over to the maps. we have a crash on the freeway. this is a new one you need to be aware of, 270, left lane democracy boulevard. northbound b w parkway, take
7:18 am
northbound to avoid that delay and the freeway westbound by the 3rd street tunnel another crash. metro on time. back to you guys. happening today, the supreme court will consider whether a law barring departure riching trademarks violates free speech. it cld have implications for the redskins, involving a trademark for a banned name because it was considered offensive to asians. back in 2014 the redskins had the trademark cancelled after it was ruled it was derogatory 10 offensive. heated moments during the education hearing for education secretary nominee betsy devos. >> she had several including tim kane, bob barnard is live at the capitol live now with more. >> reporter: good morning. the michigan billionaire here in washington for one of these many confirmation hearings just this week, betsy devos was questioned on the hill. here last night about
7:19 am
on the federal student loan program, the civil rights of public school students with disabilities, school vouchers, you mentioned the exchange she had with our northern virginia senator tim kane. he is a member of the senate health education labor and pensions committee here now that clip. >> public chatter private k 12 schools, if they receive taxpayer funding they should meet the same accountability >> yes, transparent with the information and parents should have that first and foremost >> will you assist on any educational program that receives federal funding >> i support accountability >> for all schools that receive federal funding >> i support accountability >> is that a yes, your honor >> i support accountability >> do you not want to answer?
7:20 am
taxpayer funding should be equally accountable do you agree with me or not? >> well, no. because >> you don't agree with me? >> well, the committee chairman is republican senator lamar alexander of tennessee, he said there will be no vote until the office of government ethics completes its review looking into her financial investments and potential conflicts of interest, there may or may not be a vote before donald trump takes office later this week, guys. >> thank you very much. well, we report often on president-elect donald trump tweets but his use of twitter didn't sit well with most americans >> a wall street journal said 69% of people say donald trump's twitter use is a bad thing because it could have untend intended implications. 26% say it's good. nine % strongly support the president-elect on this and the
7:21 am
continue to tweet in the white house but tells fox and friends he wishes he didn't have to. >> i don't like tweeting. i have other things i could be doing, i get a very dishonesty media and press, it's my only way i can count direct. when people make statements about me i'm able to say and call them out. i'm going to close to million people including facebook and instagram and different things, i'm going to be close to 50 million people >> the president-elect says he'll keep his twitter handle and not be switched which had been used by president obama and his personal account has more followers so he's sticking with the followers. donald trump will take not only the oath of office but he will also receive a special gift. details of the inaugural tradition just ahead. as we gear up for friday's inauguration, security a top priority. we'll take a closer look at some measures in pla
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everybody safe this weekend. end. ♪♪
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group of florida fishermen getting quite the surprise after catching a giant maco shark. they spotted the fine, through on it bate and it latched on to the line, they let it go. there it is. mako shark
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long. there's a closer view. there's the excitement. >> ridiculous to see a is that clear that big getting that high in the air >> you don't see that every day, tuck >> didn't want to be caught >> he's fighting >> i guess i don't know much about this. were they fishing for shark or having >> they said they were fishing and they saw the fin and apparently decided to catch the shark >> who didn't see jaws? >> 46, i don't know why we're showing stars because the sun is coming up here. it's actually going to be pleasant. we're going to be in the mid to upper 50's later this afternoon and we should get a chance to clear it out and get sunshine and best of all dry things out after a soggy couple days. there's satellite and radar i want to mention off to the north and west a little piece of energy still have to work through, we'll be doing clouds and might be a sprinkle no
7:26 am
dc in the next few hours, but with high pressure to our west we will see generally sunny conditions or at least partial sunshine this afternoon, 57 enjoy. tomorrow looks great. friday not as much, we're going to have showers best chance will be during the afternoon, there may be few early showers by 11:00 or 12:00 friday. and then cloudy skies, temperatures well above normal next seven days. back to the roads 7:26, we're tracking a busy and foggy wednesday morning, fog elevated across the 14th street bridge crashing over to the shoulder, heavy volume coming up from the pentagon across the bridge from the bottom of the beltway give yourself 25 extra minutes you're going to need the time, from the camera let's take a look at our map we have a lot of crashes, southbound 270, there's a crash bill clinton, the left lane at shady grove road and down to rockville, another crash on the spur in
7:27 am
bethesda. 355 seeing backups. crash at 197. heavy delays northbound and southbound, 95 southbound backed up from north of the icc to the beltway. route one looking much better in beltville. to and from the baltimore belt way this morning you're going to need extra time, inner loop crash, right lane blocked and inner loop crash at branch avenue. blocking the shoulder stacked up with fog, metro is on time. back to you guys. >> thanks. 7:27. dc set to welcome tens of thousands of visitors with all the people. security will be a top priority. >> straight ahead, we will talk live with one very important person working hard to keep everyone safe. the director of dc homeland security and emergency management. stick with us. folks.
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♪♪ we are now just two daystwod away from the presidentialsintil inauguration and beginningrati d today, you will really begin ton see some of the massive security measures take effect.t >> security of course topy cou priority and preparations have been underway for months.. >> the neutrons you'll find in n nuclear weapons. >> every seat in here will bee b filled and the room will be full of activity.. give yourself men he of time fof the usual security requirementsr and bag checkems
7:31 am
>> we coordinate with all thewit federal agencies, the local loc government, the military service components so to bring itring i altogether so it runs smoothly. ♪♪ ♪ >> joining us now with more onn what's being done to keep you y save chris is the director of thehe district homeland security andyd emergency management agent seema thanks for coming in this morning.gementks for chrisrn.ris we remember just sharing storieg of inaugurations past. inaugatio the beauty of d.c. even on non-big event day so many so agencies to try to coordinatein things with. how in the world are you doingou it for an event this large? >> that is really what we do.y we leverage of the relationships that we have. daily here between park police, park service, wmata, fbi, secret service, capitol police, metropolitan police departmentet these are guys that work that wk together all day every day wee leverage those relationships ins times like thi >> will there be one agency tha everyone reportsbe
7:32 am
>> you know, from the federal perspective secret service istvi put in charge of national nat special security events. e for the security of that. so as long as it's a brightright sunny day and nothing happens,ae secret service will be the oneeo from the federal perspective doing the security and of courss the city is a city we work for k the mayor and the mayor has alls of us out there doing everythinn we need to do. d >> what is it that we have donen what do we still have to do? a couple days left. days ft. are we fine tuning things? iss everything essentially ready tor go? >> we've been planning since ben april. so this has been long hall for r lot of agencies in the city andt our federal partners andtner a regional partners.. last couple of days now we're nw looking at fine tuning someun s checks making sure that all off our stuff is where it needs too be. road closures starting to into t effect in at least parkingarng restrictions on those start to t go in effect today.n ay and now it's really looking at, upping, friday what we do theree and then saturday which comeshic after that.te >> give us perspective of justus how th
7:33 am
as what we can expect to see s washingtonians will expect toexe see around the city. >> sure. we've been planning since aprila for about eight to 900,000 folks for this inauguration and that't before we even knew who the the president-elect would be. i think we'll be pretty close to that n we may be just under, just above. but that's number we've beenn going with from the beginning og planning and that's the number m we'll stick with. with. >> perimeter 20 blocks would yol say that center that you have to secure? >> sure. we're actually lookingactually g everywhere from basically the by lincoln hem ya up to the back tc side of the capitol building. b i street to the north and goingi down to probably pretty much thh southwest waterfront area allrea being majorly impacted right byt the closures and security. >> you have a lot of folks coming in from out of the town.t a lot of in town do want of twot things, either avoid or they o t take part of it and they're kin' of used to how things run in d.c. you're dealing withh outsiders who aren't used to th protocol here in the nation's
7:34 am
as far as different checkpoints, multiple checkpoints do get get through? do you need do y identification to come through?n we eve tn said leading up to ths event people will still have too go to work if you work at af yo restaurant next couple of days.s how do you deal with all of tha access? acce >> one, first of all, theofll, secured perimeter unless it's aa ticketed area, where either thee pick or the capitol has designated you need a ticket tot get in, you can still walk into the even though it's secured, evenun though it's a hard perimeter yor may have to go through bag bag checks or magnetometers but yout can still get in and out of theo ea.a. now, crossing over pennsylvaniaa avenue, difficult.. that will be a difficult thingbe to a do. to d so if you're coming in from thee north we recommend that you'retu staying to the north.ay if you're coming from thein souu stay on that side.stayn that just because it will be difficult to traverse back and forth but you can get around. an >> we have prepared graphics.dra folks might be watching mightgh just be looking at tt hebe scren we're talking about some otheroh security measures.sure >> sure.>> >> things like no parking insidi the red zone.the re can you go over some of thoseho steps we need to adhere to?
7:35 am
so with the map that you have u> here, we have produced map anddm our map we have on our website.. inside the green zone is going i to be prohibited for vehicles.le you can come in with a vehicle h if you have a need to be ind bn there, if you have a business, s if you have -- residence insidei the green area.the grarea >> prepare to show id.pare to sw >> show id and let them know tm where you're going.whu' once you hit the red perimeterer that's restricted access fors vehicles you will not be able ta go into that area. int as that perimeter comes up, going through the night tomorrow -- tomorrow night and-g into friday morning when thatnha really comes into play, um,m, they'll be no vehicle movement n win and out of that area. >> leading up to just now whentw we were bringing you on border,r some of the sound that you hearh when you're talking about things that can detect parts of atoms and, you know, it sounds scaryss on the surface what you're detecting but is that stufft stf that's already in use we don't d hear about? or are we really bringing in extra devices hereir just in case?e? >> sure.>> this is the nation'
7:36 am
you can imagine the array of of security that we have here foree us on daily basis. bas some of the things we're addingd to that to get extended coverage or to have more more coverage wg put more people in the area a there's more things we need town be concerned about but prettyute much the things we're seeing onn inauguration day are things weon do in the city every day d. >> got to ask you quickly abouti the next day when you have women's march and, you know, in, don't know how many people going to be there but the numbers seem pretty impressive right now. rit are you in charge of that, too? >> yes, ma'am.a'am. >> okay. same kind of restrictions herese or much looser i would imagine?i >> the parking restrictions ands the road closures will not be as large.larg >> okay. >> some of the restricted items that you'll see on friday not tr the same that they would be for saturday. there's no magnetomesaters per r that people are going to have t gohrough.h. they'll be bag checks and thingg like that for some prohibit the items.em but it will be much easier to get to the women's march on saturday than it is to get intot the area on friday.rida >> all right
7:37 am
and as far as the weekend'snd activities have you received any threats, any credible chatter,b, anything like that that you'reht worried about? >>rr from terrorism perspectivee we have at this time no specific credible threats either tole the inauguration or the nationaltion capitol region. >> good to hear with all theh at folks coming in to town. t >> i'm sure, if we can show itho as we say goodbye to chris howhs to find out more informationmati about all these restrictionsti that we talked about if we don't put them up there's a twitter handle,. inauy2017 and the website good all right.. chris gel dart thanks for cominm in this morning.i. >> appreciate it. >> thank you very much.>> t >>hank you 7:37. let's check in with tucker. >> steve, thank you.k >> s cloud cover and showers forteowr friday but let's talk about pardon me. let's go to our maps. temperatures nice and mild nicel today. let's worry about wednesday phone cuss on friday.y abss on . 47 at reagan national.ational. dulles is 42. bwi marshall 43 degrees. 43 we are looking at cloud coverer and fog.og yes, thank you tailgate tim t tweeted me a picture
7:38 am
northeast d.c..c. we'll burn it off and turndur partly sunny this afternoon. af. we'll go to live there's some fog i think that'sa along one of rivers you get thee idea that in a few spots visibilities are not good at all here. so well burn the fog, thank you very much, that's great.t'gre we got that picture, and once we burn the fog off, we should bee in for partly sunny day an mildm afternoon and the best part best we'll get a chance to dry thingt out this afternoon enjoy yourou wednesday afternoon sun.. winds pick out of the north andd west gusting to 25. focus on friday. on we'll have that coming up inve n just a minute. let's do traffic with erin. traw >> all right.ig tucker it's turning into a rougr ride a lot of folks trying to ty get to work today. pre-inauguration road closures but we're dealing with fog and crowded roads. roads we're just jam packed across ths 14th street bridge earlier ear crash cleared fog has elevated e from the pentagon across thecrot bridge dealing with about 15 ab5 minute delay and then south at that point stop gone traffic from the beltway on through.ugh let's go ahead and move thingset over to look at our maps much mp that's not the only problem area that you're up
7:39 am
map on our inbound routes. southbound 270 left lane blocked at shady grove that is withins i very heavy delays from urbana un all the way down to the spur. you need a good extra 60 minutet to get through that congestion. in bethesda a crash blocking bck shoulder on the spur out by by democracy boulevard. that is just adding to thosest o delays, however., however you can try your luck on 355 tot get around that. tt northbound bw parkway crash at t 197 heavy traffic on thefficn t southbound side as well. w leave early getting to and fromo the baltimore beltway.eltway. keep it to fox5. it to fox back in just a few. ♪♪
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♪♪ back now at 7:41. the suspe suspected forward ft.. lauderdale airport shooter sot appeared before a judgee a ge yesterday. 26-year-old esteban santiagoo allegedly killed five people and injured six others in thehe january 6th attack.ack he's facing a judge at a bond bd hearing.he during that hearing, authoritiei say that santiago initially told investigators he was under under government mind control and then claimed to be inspired by isis. it's unclear at this time ifime there was any real terror connect.t. the university of oregonsitg suspended its football strengthh and conditioning coach afterachr series of grueling work outs lel three players to be hospitalizee week.eek. the school announced theoued the decision in a statement laststat night that all future workoutsks have been modified the coachfieh will now report to the directorr of performance and sports science three days into thes int sessions one player complainedmd of muscle soreness and displayed other symptoms of potentialmsf o exercise related injuries.
7:43 am
news about a dog who was rescueu from a house the dog's owner say that caesar has died. ied. the family tweeted the news toso d.c. fire and ems and also thanked the first responders for rescuing him trying to save hish life calling them heroic. >> can history for tell thethe future? that's premise avenueme new book focusing on how toow t former president's farewellewel speech could influence today's y political leaders and written bb fox's bret baier and we'll talkl with brett coming up. >> plus an inaugural tradition. the story behind this year'ss gifts to president-elect donalde trump. ♪♪
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♪♪ all right. we got a double box of -- that's really cool. c big thanks to connor for settini that up.that u we got fog out there and somende clearing at the same time.. >> we're going all out now. >> trying to make up for lastorl urur. >> right. [ laughter ] >> pulling out all the tricks. i >> yeah. i love it. fogged out on the river. and smithsonian starting to get clearing. picture on your right what we'lw get most of today.od so once we burn the fog off and get rid of the low clouds welo should in for, you know, whatw,t beautiful wednesday afternoon.fn it will be a little breezy out r there but with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s a chance tt dry out it will feel pretty goog for you this afternoon.fternoon 47 now in washington. 45 in quantico.45 iquan look at fredericksburg alreadyea 52 degrees.rees little cooler here north andr hh west. did get a tweet not too long ag from winchester they were stills doing pretty dense fog out th
7:47 am
so just be patient here. patie here. again most of your day willay feature at least partialst p sunshine and a chance to dry out again with winds picking up out of the north and west we'll feee pretty good around here later hr today. all right. there's live shot. litt le piece othf energy out torg to our west. our we we're not quite done with thedot cloud cover and the chance fore sprinkle especially off to the north and west.. looks hagerstown maybe getting g sprinkle that will breezereez through and again the trend will be to clear things out here outh later today.. high pressure builds in delivers nice afternoon.ce a cool tonight but not really notn cold for this time of year.ear and then a very pleasant pleas thursday before it looks likeike some showers return on friday. a the big picture jet stream for f january this is pretty unusual. well above normal not just heree in washington but much of thef e country enjoying temperaturespea well above normal.boveor believe it or not the week or sr our temperatures will be 10 plus degrees above normal just about every day. >> what? >> i don't even have freezinge f temperatures for the next sevenf days, allison.orda, al >> perfect.. >> hash tag did you that. >> hash
7:48 am
>> yes. >> there's your seven i do wan'st t yo mention showero friday it will be cloudy and and relatively cool.oo 49 degrees. des. so be prepared. and saturday mostly cloudy 55 5 but again you can see theee t temperatures well above normal.b no freezing temperatures.ra guess what? by the end ofthe do january cooler temperatures will be back. >> what? >> winter is not over, erin.ri >> say huh? >> um-hmm. >> i don't like the sound of that. i feel that it was around this't time last year i was standing ii a foot or so of snow in dupont circle. >> i think it was the 22nd and 23rd i last yeat r.ast >> we're getting there.ting tre look behind me bad news for mysr inner loop commuters throughte r oxon hill.oxonl. a crash just passed branchra avenue and we are jam packed pac through prince george's countyoy across the wilson bridge.dg crash in those delayed outered loop much quieter.h qu let's take look at our map. o mp show you exactly how far backarc those delays extent.en you can see it just starts righg where that crash is passed fivee and continues across the bridgeg suitland parkway inbound veryou heavy to 295. 295 northbound jams from thes ot beltway to the 11th street seet bridge.idge southbound side is heavy as l well. we have another inner loop cra
7:49 am
at clara barton parkway moved tt the shoulder however keep iner mind we're seeing big delays ono the inner loop extending all the way through tysons corner back to 66. 6 cabin john, clara barton very heavy traffic river road seeingd backed up traffic. southbound 270 unfortunately left lane still blocked at shads grove with a crash that's inhas heavy delays from urbana down tn germantown and montgomery countt through you need an extra hour of timefm to get from 70 down to the spur. earlier crash did move to theov shoulder by democracy boulevardd and then northbound bw parkway y crash at 197 metro is on time im you want to keep it to the railr ain't void those roads reallysel busy wednesday morning allison n and steve.. >> erin, thank you.. particular president-elect donald trump takes the oath ofat office he'll make an appearancec at madam tussaud's we're talki l about his wax figure will beiglb unveil later this speaking of donald trump, in honor of his inauguration onugur friday, the president-elect will also receive a one of a kind k engraved crystal bowl at thel t inaugural luncheon. vice president-elect mike pence
7:50 am
the bowls are created by the china company lenox and theyy have been engraving inauguralug gifts for more than 25 as we continue to countdownt to friday's presidentialresidenl inauguration let's take agu historic walk draownti memory l. back to 1961 former president pe dwight eisenhower left officeftf the united states tilting deeper into a cold war with russia andi on the bring of the vietnam warr one of eisenhower's final actsit as president his farewell speecc which some argue kohl's serve ae a blueprint for today's leaders. focus of a new book called three days in january written by fox'b bret baier. brett joins us now live with lih more this good morning, brett.good morning >> good morning, steve.rning, s. >> you had a chance to hold that draft in your little hands and s get a chance to feel that history from some decades ago. o >> yeah. it was great. ibrary in kansas kan when i started this project almost 3.5 years ago, and asked them, you know w should i focus there's so many books ony o eisenhower and i wanted to think about the presidency ofcy of eisenhower, and they
7:51 am
transition from eisenhower tohot kennedy and they brought me toe the library and bring out this s box, and they pull out -- they-y had me wear white gloves thenve pull out this plastic folderol inside the box and these papers, and it is the farewell address e with eisenhower scribbles andbls under lines and cam tal liesing that he delivered 56 years ago last night. nig and in that message that het he worked on for almost two years,a 21 drafts of that speech, steve, there are lessons for today about balance and caution. cauti not just the military complex line everybody focuses on but also about the deficits and concern about deficit spending,d about bipartisan ship and sp a working across the aisle to too get things done that you canth agree with first and then fightg about things that you don't.'t >> as journalists it sometimesos becomes eternal rabbit hole we h dive into something that we havt an interest in and then we just want to learn more ainnd a mored it's i
7:52 am
youting actually through a littt golf trip you were able to kindi of dive into this in the first r place. but what did you learn the most i guess that stood out that made you like ike as they used tod t say. say. >> first of all, it was a discovery for me, and i wanted t to find out, you know, listen, i cover washington.hington. you cover washington.ver wagton i cover, you know, politics.ics i couldn't really point to the eisenhower presidency what i wt knew about general i look at it. i he got us out of the korean warr he had a booming had passed the first civilirst v rights legislation sincein reconstruction. had a massive national highway g act that created the interstatet highway system that we drive onn he put under god in the pledge g of allegiance. in god we trust is the national motto because of presidentof prt eisenhower printed on our moneyn and he kept his us out ofutf foreign engagement not a singles soldier was killed after thed fr korean war till the end of his administration. so there was a lot to learn froo him, and that's what i was
7:53 am
>> and yet a lot of that kind oo has been blurred over the yearss and part of that possiblysibl because of moving on to jfk, jfk became an immediate darling, dag became in the spotlight. kind of seeing a little bit of t that right now somebody in theo spotlight about to take overo tv thes of this country.ry >> yeah. y i get asked a lot about what doa you think ike would tell donaldd trump? and you know listenw lie they're both -- theny were botht political outsiders they both had cabinets icece season hour that cabinet filledf with nominees that they called c eight millionaires an plumberumr because he had businessmen anddb the head of the plumbingmbg association as labor secretary. there are similarities but there are big contrasts in tone andend tenor.te he would probably ike wouldou probably tell donald trump get off twitter. less is more, and words matter.e i think is what eisenhower would say. but he would also you wereou wer caution on the big decisions, ds
7:54 am
kennedy. and he was this picture on then front is kennedy calling eisenhower after the bay of pigs flying him to camp david to t consult and kennedy says tos eisenhower, you know, you neverv really know how tough this jobsj is until you're in it, and eisenhower said says, with all t due respect, mr. president, isi think i told you that threehat months ago.months. .> right. >> well, you know, brett, you're perfect example of somebody whoo not only covers presidents butdt you are a historian and you likk to learn those nuggets as you a learn more about these folks. f is there a common thread now i'w just look aig head to the nexttn four years as to how once peopll actually get in that office andd they realize the power they havy do they learn, do they change,ha is there any common thread over the years? yrs >> yeah, i think there is. i thi i mean, the weight of that office, the decisions that comet out of there, i think hits h people like a ton of bricks.rick did it knedy i think it
7:55 am
who dealt with, you know, somews early rocky times if you think back. , and it will be the people who surround president trump who help him and he has to listen to and get descending views on thee big decisions of the day.decisif i think it will be interesting to hear this inauguration speech, steve, and what the, stw message is especially, you know, all the controversy that reallyy is unique to this inaugurationin so far. >> well, we'll all be listeningg together on friday.toer o brett, i know we'll be talkingwt more about this incomingincomg administration many more times over the next fourtion years.urs in the meantime the book is outo now "three days in january".ua" brett, always good to talk tod l you. we'll see you soon.wel see you n >> thanks, steve..>> >> you got it. t >> let's check in with tuckerh right now, 7:55.:5 >> hey, steve.ey, st. we got brighter skies to looksko forward to. temperatures will be 10 plus,beu 15 degrees above normal later. 46 in washington. still doing -- dealing with lowl clouds and fog across theshe region.regi we'll get those clouds out ofs o here and we should be partlyar sunny this afternoon won't be an perfectly sunny day with windsis
7:56 am
feel that drier air working in.g that should feel pretty good.yoo there's live look at satellite/radar.r little piece of energy still gol to deal with with that off to ot the north and west. wt. sprinkle or shower to the northn and west.d wes afternoon sun, 57. 57. tomorrow looks fantastic cloudsc with a few showers on friday. fa not washout but scattered stter showers by friday.ri particularly in the afternoon.on all right. all righ erin is back with roads.h roads >> i am. tucker. tke we're seeing a lot of backedac traffic and new crashes. crashes look at the outer loop.ok at you're basicthally parked fromko joint base andrews allentown alo road up to route 1 where we havh a crash. a c that is atra heavy delay you'reu seeing on the outer loop trying to get towards collegeole park.rk inner loop looks good there bute were dough have a crash closerr to branch of a causing bigger delays. show i was look at 395, 395 on95 the northbound side is seeingsee very slow-moving traffic across the 14th street bridge. b good news is, fog has liftedif from pentagon to the 14thh street bridge about 15 minute mt delay. i'll show you the inner loopnnep delay now because of the crashra just after branch avenue.hve you're basically parked from fro branch avenue to across theoss t
7:57 am
outer loop looks good there butr then you hit all that heavy hea traffic by joint base we'll keep up it dad at leastt l all the metro rail lines are ono time. parking restrictions go in placi for the inauguration at noontoo today in that red zone on the te map we have on twitter.p we h back to yoavu guys. say good morning to ouring o facebook fan of the look who it is. >> and annie yu.u >> no, i'm just playing muchlayh it's mary martin is our fan ofrn day but she's with annie. annie that's a great picture.. >> mary says she met annie yu as annie was covering inauguration preps downtown earlier this week and annie has been ownn e top of these preps for us.ese preps fo we do thank you for that, willh, he. next hour she'll have more on on the street closures impacting ii drivers over the next few days.y mary, thank you for watching. wn we appreciate you. we'll be right back.ightack. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪♪ this is fox5 news morning. good wednesday morning wednm everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve schenn z thanks for joining us this morning. it's 8:00 on this wednesdayd morning, it's january 18th 18t 2017 much here's what's on thes fox5 news morning menu. men >> hours after president obama a pardons chelsea manning russia makes announcement about theabtt fate of edward snowden. he's been moscow for four years. details ahead in live report. rr >> and we are getting ready for the inauguration from roadrati closures to detours and parkingi
8:01 am
morning.g. plus, seven marathons in seven days on seven continents?? could you imagine? well, thishi woman is not only imagining butb she is doing it. i she's over coming a major obstacle with every race she's a have a is yann we'll have thee t details coming up. u this is a live look outside. going to be quiet mild today. your full forecast and weather and traffic on the 5's at 8:05.0 we begin here at am with with breaking news out of texas. president george hw bush inh houston hospital taken thereakee over the weekend after experiencing shortness ofcingrtf breath. br 92 years old listed in stable in condition and said to be doingoi phone. president bush is expected tobuh return home in the i next to you days. days. also following breaking news right now out ofwi engurope. three earthquakes hit centralenr italy less than three hours ago. they hit in region of italy still recovering fromerinfrom devastating quakes over the past two years.ars the italian officls
8:02 am
are no reports of we haven't heard of reports of damage nor injuries either. eite the shaking though quite intense in rome the subway system closee for time so the damage d inspections could be done. ♪♪ new this morning russian rui authorities have extent add a residence permit for u.s. intelligence contractor edwardrw snowden he leaked thousands ofds secret documents from the nsatss the russian foreign ministryinir says snowden's residence permitp has been extended for a couple l of years. yrs he's been living in russia since 2013 after getting stuck intu i moscow airport after the united states cancel his passport. president barack obama hasta commuted the sentence of chelsea manning. she is the army soldier whoer wo leaked state secrets in 2010 to wikileaks.leak she was zen sentenced to 35 t years in prison for the crime. e but now she'll be released in i may.. fox5's bob barnard live outsidei of the white house with more one her story and the president's's controversial actions.rsialctio bob? >> reporter: hey, allison.
8:03 am
we're about as close to these te white house as you can getas yog they're setting up for the inaugural parade. parade. you see the fencing here. the grand stands eye crossing on both sides of pennsylvaniaennsya avenue and you can see as the sun rises there is the whitethe house in the backgroundis t the. in a mirror 48 hours, presidente obama will be getting ready toet leave his home of the past eighg years.year but he still commands the powerp of the presidency and he's using them right up to the end.. president obama is not leavingng office quietly.uiet. yesterday alone, granting 64 pardons and 209 commutations.mua and by far the most controversial chelsea formerlyy bradley the army private convicted o espionage leaking classifiedss documents to wikileaks that many believe led to the deaths of individuals overseas who hadhoad been helpful to u.s. intelligence manning sentenced to 35 years ya will now be released later thisi ngring. and the white house made ituse i clear, the president may not ben >> i can't re
8:04 am
clemency or ruling it in frankla from here.from here. >> reporter: the president hadsd used his pardon and clemencyy powers far beyond any of hisfis predecessors.s. many for drug crimes. cme but the manning clemency does recrate 88 an awkward situationt for the white house. house >> can i point out an irony an n here. >> sure. just jusesident has pardoned chelsea manning who leaked some very important impta confidential secrets that hurt the united states to wikileaks.. now, wikileaks played a role yo can argue about whether it was may or minor in defeating his candidate for presidency.dency. >> it could make it more difficult to prosecute wikileaks founder julianne assange.ssan >> i think it would strengthen his position considerably f thet united states government says we are going to pardon manning forf those offenses i think it makes it that much tougher to thenou say, but we're going to drop the hammer on the person who publish that >> reporter: and beyond the
8:05 am
president is also rushing tohin empty the terrorist attentionon facility in guantonimo bay, cuba. announcing yesterday that four r more detainees are bein released.released. now president obama will holdol his final news conference of his presidency here at the white thw house later today.oday guys, no doubt there will berei questions about his pardon of o chelsea manning. >> no doubt about it, bob.t, b in the meantime president obamaa has become the president whodenw have beganned the most m commutations now. he is expected to talk aboutns t that when he holds his finalds n news conference as commander inn chief this should start about 2:15 and ofno course we'll have live coverage for you on air and online. >> 8:05 right now. now our guy tucker barnes right noww >> good morning.. >> good morning.>> >> yes. >> we're going to clear it out o we're going to be in the mid too upper 50s this afternoon winds n will pick up out of the north th and west and dry out as well. >> perfect.erfe >> right. yeah. breezy and milder. a just mentioned it.. with few leftover
8:06 am
early we'll get those out ofut o here. current number 46 at reagan 46 a national. 43 dulles. bwi marshall 41. hey, in the middle of january iu you like temperatures 10 to t 15 degrees above normal, you'rey going to love of the seven dayey forecast. because we're going to be te enjoying temperaturesrare unseasonably mild around here hr for the next several dayser days starting with this afternoon ass we top out again as mentioned mn the mid to upper 50s. 50s. might be left over shower herehr north and i'm just looking at showersshowr sneaking down it looks likeksike towards frederick down 270. 2 so perhaps left over shower andd then as this cold front comes c through we should clear it outho and we'll gradually turn partlyl sunny and pleasant thist ts afternoon with highs about 10bo1 plus degrees above normal.or 57 so can't wait. seven day we'll talk friday, fra talk weekend and great big thana you hash tag morning meme.e. >> gotten a bunch of memes already on twitter.alread >> got a bunch of memes. mem. we're starting a new segment. s. >> well share them at 6:45 ever5 morning when you tune in.e way to start your day.ay >> travel fun. >> it will be great. it
8:07 am
>> makes up for when you havefoe bad traffic and you can haveu nh something to laugh look behind me,, ste. you mentioned bad traffic and tc there you go. i did not disappoint. this is 95 on the southboundthbo side. there's a crash after 212. and you're jam packed from well north of the icc down to then te beltway. i would advise to take bw parkway southbound but a lot off heavy traffic there.avy tr coming down from the baltimoreto beltway towards the capitol cit beltway have that's 95 because of a crash by 2.2. bw southbound super heavy look l at the beltway the outboundutun completely jammed up from f allentown road joint base be andrews up to rut one where weo have a crash. cra inner loop heavy here but itut i gets heavier after branch avenun because of a and remains that way across thet wilson bridge. as we forward our b cameras oncc again seeing a lot of slow-moving traffic around thetr dmv safo please allow for extrat time.time things improving a bit from gw g parkway across the bridge as yoy cross the 14th street bridge but the freeway east and westbound heavy by the third thi street tunnel. let's take look at our maps.s. orange line they had problem p they were off
8:08 am
ton watch for orange line delays to new carrollton. inner loop crash to the shouldel at clara barton.ton. the inner loop very slow from 6f all the way across the legion lo bridge.. more traffic in a few. tfe back to you guys.back >> all right, erin, thanks veryk much. as you plan your commutelanu around the district over the ove next couple of days, a little preview to what it might be look. ok >> fox5 annie lou is live on tht national mall with a look at tht parking restrictions and roadrir closures that really begin today and into tomorrow and of coursef leading up to the big day.up tt annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good heyoo morning, allison and steve.on ae good morning, that's right. eds ofed oll have hundr thousands of people pouring intt the district of columbia thishis week starting today parking restrictions will go into go to effect. you also have a lot of roadd closures happening as well. wel but right here around the t national mall you're going tol g see these signs all along the t post up and down the streets that basically warn drivers about the change happening todad and knot now that we have hav daylight i wanted to show you some of the progress being made down here at the npratogionarell
8:09 am
crews working to get the finishing touches on everythinge but this is is prevetty much mea village here and then of courses thousands of you will be gathering here on friday for the big day. d. don't worry there are plenty of port o johns surrounding theunde national mall and other areas around the district. i want to also show you theou md here.he so organizers for the t inauguration have broken the sections up into twoon h zones.s you see the red zone and the and green zone starting at noon today, the red zone goes intont effect it will be lived onn aynday. basically any cars in this this perimeter will be towed. tow you will not be a loud to enter. only for authorized you can see it sort of surrounds the national mall, the capitol c and the white house then thee tt green zone goes into effectffect tomorrow and while that part is open to people to traffic, it's restricted so it's only foron fr those of hugh live and work inok that perimeter and national nato guard members are going to beern checking your id sg o keep thati mine. mi now, some other major streettr closures happening tomorroworro include much of the area surrounding pennsylvania avenuee the lincoln memorial includingdg parts of constitution ave
8:10 am
around union station and capitol hill so basically every major landmark is going to be closedle off to traffic. traff i also want to mention handful f of bridges and tums speedpe feeding into the district willi be closed we're talking 14thweea street bridge, memorial bridge, the 12th street tunnel, ninthin street tunnel and the list goess on and so we have basically put together a survival guide for gf you on our website at just go there for the listingsig of all the closures and parkingg restrictions, but the mape thing today is that if you parkk downtown in this area where youe see these signs, you will beil towed starting at noon today. also, just a brief mention, on friday, the 20th inaugurationuro day if you plan to come out here metro will be opening up at 4:00 a.m. which is an hour early thaa normal it closes at there are five stations that ars going to be closed due ttao t security reasons and we havend v those for you at our website asa well. that's the very latest from the national mall. annie yu fox5 local news. >> 8:10.>>:10. the president-elect made a pre
8:11 am
last night. trump spoke at the chairman's global dinner the andrew mill m len auditorium the dinner wasinw way to introduce foreign diplomats to the trumprump administration. about 500 attended the black tit invitation only dinner. anti trump protester set him september of self on fire o fire outside the trump hoe nelump h northwest last night.rthwest witnesses say the man yelledan e trump several times as flames fe ran up his back before he lied down in the street.the stree he was taken to the hospitalpi suffering non-life threateningng burns. all right a warning for americans overseas right now.ig. traveling to mexico at leastea popular resort town under a code red and we'll tell was thatha means if you're planning ong o traveling next. nt. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> i'm demanding answers why ang how long did a it take for themo realize he was suffocating?in >> a local family's heartbreakba after a toddler chokes on food. the tragedy happening at a daycare inside a
8:12 am
building.building. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪♪ well, traffic is not exactly glorious today. t it will be interesting over theg next couple of days to see how s many people telework if thatkf t makes it easier. it won't be easy oh get aroundrn downtown the surrounding areas.a that's what we have in store thh next couple of days. we'll check in with erin in an
8:15 am
about this morning.out mor hi tuck.. >> weather will cooperate.oopera first we got to get cute.e. >> cuteness >> yes. time now for fox5 first five -- double cuteness.uten >> i feel we've seen this before. >> this is maureen's -- >> well -- that's why. okay.ok. >> okay. >> hi.>> h >> explain. >> we showed this on good dayed because there's a maureen umeh u connection here. >> oh, yes, i thought those tho faces looked familiar.amil >> i know i've seen super cuteue little alicia before somewhere.e >> we got alicia and her big big brother anaga almost two. t they love fox5. so much they get up every morning and watch with their mom and their >> they do? >> apparently, i got to bee honest this is my crowd the under five >> you nail it. >> you rock >> number one.umbe >> they enjoy my jokes. >> all right.ig. alicia recently celebrated her baptism on sunday with her h auntie maureen. maureen. >> there you go.>>here >> that's our auntie maureen.en.
8:16 am
>> yeah. >> to send us your child's picture gsendo to fox5 d.c. andf they're as cute these two, sendn it on in and i'm sure they are. >> allison -->>ll >> adorable. >> i don't speak adorable child as well as do you.ell aso yo how would she say tucker is funny?nny? thehe baby? >> well, it would probably sounb like this at this point. ga, ga.. >> that's how i often sound on d friday >> right. >> yeah. >> i think we speak the same language.nk w>> she would laugh right back atac a you. >> i do speak baby.>> >> we love it. i>> w >> that translates to tucker isr awesome. >> great big thanks to mom and dad for sending the picture.ig e we love it.ove all right. let's talk weather, and at least the weather will cooperate.oopea i can't guarantee traffic will w not be nightmare for the next tn two days or three days, but the weather will be just fine todayd and tomorrow.and tro looks like some showers byomers friday.. >>y.kay. do we know what time yet friday. it's leaning towards late morning early afternoon.rn. >> could change >> i guess they're wrapping mee up. up. >> at least it's a littlet lit warmer. rm it's not 20 days.0 d >> i'll be back and look at thee seven items ands above normal for ther next
8:17 am
>> nice and sunny today, thougho hi, erin g morning.or in good morning. traffic is really busy today.y . i think a lot of people headingi to work in the district we're're seeing a lot of heavy inbound delays.dela taking a look at our maps innern loop completely jams in virginii springfield interchange to thehe legion bridge.on bri take a look at all of that redt on the map. 66 inbound completely jammed asd well as you try to get throughet fairfax. stop and go traffic from 234 to 28 as well.el inbound gw parkway cabin johnoh and clara barton jammed. a close sr. look at delay from f 234 to the beltway.. 234 to 28 you break up a bit and heavy passed 286 on through.hroh aside from that, 95 northboundun also a lot of stop and go traffic from dale city to the beltway use caution southbound 295, 50 to the 11th street bridge very heavy traffic. 50 inbound through cheverlyve looking good right now.rlht. aside from that, heavy delay wey don't have any crashes it's juss your typical morning rush.h. new york avenue passede ed bladensburg is slow and for youu maryland commute, knife look ata that big red zone right now. n we have a crash by 212. 2 you're
8:18 am
icc down to the beltway. btway route 1 a better bet but as i bs get out of the way bw parkway p north and southbound so heavyd o from the beltway all the way passed powder mill. powder mill. 270 is also a parking lot.king l we had earlier crash by shady s grove jammed from 27 to the spur with about a 30 minute delay.e l back to you guys. >> a warning to americans in the resort city of cancun. ccu the u.s. embn.assy there is acte 58ed a code red it's asking u.s. tourists to be extra after gunfire broke out atut several downtown locationsatns sterday.y. leaving three people dead.g the latestth attack comes a daya after a deadly shooting at a music festival nearby town.ow. american was among five victimsi of that nightclub attack. in orlando, florida, f meantime the manhunt continuesoi for the -- manhunt that hadha h couldn't the for the accused coc killer is now over. 41-year-old mark keith lloyd k arrested behind bars now he wasw found last night in abandoned house wearing body armor andnd carrying two hand guns.d lloyd was originally wanted for shooting and killing his pregnant ex-girlfr
8:19 am
december. he is set to make this first court appearance today. now the police chief said theyu used the lateap officerli'sceffs handcuffs when they arrestedes lloyd. the department tweeted his picture saying these are lieutenant clayton'sure handcu. mark keith lloyd was placed in l these when he was arrested. back here locally this this morning questions remain after a three-year-old choked to deathlc at his daycare center. >> horrible story it happened ah a daycare located inside of thet department of labor.or fox5's anjali hemphill is livesi outside the department now withw more on this good morning anjali. >> reporter: really a tragicgi story. it's hard to imagineor the grieg that this family is feeling thig morning after a mother drops her three-year-old healthy son off at daycare here where she worksw for the us government.erent. only for the little boy to endbe up choking to death while she'ss in the same building upstairspsr unaware of what's even going on. now, the family of this littlete boy three-year-old sterlingrl moore is demandingin answers abt what happened.. his mother is an accountant here with the labor dep
8:20 am
yesterday she dropped sterlingro off at the child development center where he had been going g for the last two years. yea the family says while mom hadlem stepped away from her desk theee daycare called and left her a a voicemail.ic but by the time mom came downstairs, her son was in an ambulance unresponsive afterfter choking on a meatball and the te family now wants to know howw h this could have happened underee the supervision of two teachersr they trusted. >> he was just at my niece baby he ate meatballs there.te we even have a m video.ideo how big is these meatballs theye saying or claiming that hehat choked on? and why are they feeding children and not watching them? >> reporter: the labor l department daycare centernt drec released a statement saying "we" are shocked and deeply saddenedd as we grieve the sudden death oo one of our children today whilee eating lunch the child choked, c showed difficult breathing our r
8:21 am
immediate toll call 911 and performly heimlich maneuver and cpr. the child was transported to t children's hospital bytal paramedics and passed away. we are devastated by this ts tragedy and our hearts andrtsnd condolences go out to the family during this unitch marble timebl of grief. we do not know the cause ofnot n death at this time but our fulli cooperating with authorities aus following this tragic loss "fox5 has learned the staff of this day tear here is required by law to be trained by -- trained toed know the cpr and heimlichei maneuver. at this time it is unclear theme status of those two employees ee who were involved.ved. that's the latest here in's t northwest, anjali hemphill, fox 95 of five local news. running a marathon not easye what about running seven.ev >> can't even imagine it butut that's what this virginia womann plans to do and that is not herr biggest obstacle. ♪♪♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
virginia woman is preparingm for an incredible racane. incredible journey and adventure and challenge that spans the entire world. wor beth ann telford will run sevens marathons and seven days on seven continents it almost feels impossible.impo you're right tucker that's notst her biggest challenge. if you think she can't do it,nkc get she's been bat tling and beating b
8:25 am
decade.cade serves as inspiration for us. fr so far she raised more than $800,000 for cancer research.esc she hopes this gets her to 1 million in donations. that would be fantastic. >> amazing.>>zi >> but still heck of a journey.j >> yeah it is.>> yit >> still have to run and travel d ---- >> jetlag alone.g alo. >> yeah. >> exactly. you think about the jetlag and out -- then >> never mind the running part.u i don't think i could travel tho seven continents in seven days without breaking down.out >> i would rather try than running seven marathons in seve days.da >> completely agree. >> start with the travel com fi. >> ant arctic marathon has to be tough. >> you're running along nice.loc you know what i mean? um surea the temperature is not balmy. by we'll be balmy around here.und r mid to upper 50s. temperatures will be well abovee normal. 46 now in w ashington.ngto your wind chill 44 really not bad at all for thehe middle of january. january all right. there's your satellite/ we are looking at some leftovere clouds. got this little bit of showerhoe activity that's popped up across north central maryland.aryland. there might be a left overt over shower here but e
8:26 am
be to clear things out. o winds will pick up out of theofe north and west and we are goingg to get a chance to dry out thist afternoon. should be a very vaferyte pleast wednesday afternoon for you.aftn thursday looks good,oo too. too. clouds on friday not going to bb rain out but we are going tooi have showers i think most of the showers will be friday afternoon but there could be few showersho around as early as we'll go with 11:00 or 12:00 just keep that it mind if you'll be down at the mall for the various activitiest on friday.on frida all right. al there's your seven day.ay erin is back with roads. roa >> right now, it is 8:26. tucker, roads are slow.e slo good news is crash we were wer dealing with 95 southbound by 212 did clear but as you head t the beltway keep in mind fromino north of the icc on down you'rer still in for residual delaysl dy that are very heavy.. bw parkway southbound heavy asvs well. well. taking a wide view of our mapvi right now, seeing just so manysn slow downs around the dmv this morning.rn you can see traffic is superc ip parked up on the bottom side ofd the beltway on the inner loop. . we do have inner loop delays day from the springfield interchangn all the way up to the legionion ididge. heavy traffic gw parkway inbound and then 95 northbound stop gone traffi
8:27 am
of a ride 95 northbound throughh dale city than what we're seeinr on 66. 66. and 395 from edsall road to the 14th street bridge jams.e js. orange line residual delays to new the rest of your commute onf you time. back to you guys. >> thanks erin.back>> tha 8:27s er. donald trump will take the oathe of office in just two days. day so where is his wife melania.. >> coming up next it's not justs melania we'll talk about herbout role as first lady, what it will be, during her time at the white house and some rolls of some som other first ladies in the pastet as well. well. ♪♪
8:28 am
♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly-made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham, and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪♪ 8:30 right now as we take look down along the national mall m this morning there will be four mower confirmation for the president-elect's nominees.en health and humant- services commerce secretary, unmmer sec ambassador and administrator oft the environmental protect agency. agen the number of democrats not attending drum's inauguration it now growing to more than 50.g o that includes another maryland l democratic congressman. >> raskin says he doesn't wantow to be seen supporting donaldonal trump. trum fellow maryland congressman conn anthony brown and virginia representative don buyer don skipping the swearing in. president-elect drum is that respond to go statements from gm congressman john lewis once again that got the inaugurationo boycott going. lastbo week, lewis said that hee does not consider trump to be ae quote legitimate presidentsi because of the alleged russian congressman lewis also said thii would be the first inaugurationg he would not attend but he alsoa skipped the
8:31 am
george w. bush during interviewd with fox anduring friends thate this morning, donald trump saysy lewis got caught in a lie. l >> i think for him to haveav grandstanded because i thinkau k he's just grandstanded johnded h lewis and then he got caught in a very bad so let's see what happens.appe as far as other people notpeople going, that's okay because wet'u need seats so badly. b i hope they give me their m tickets. are they going to give us theire tickets. >> you're okay with them not going. >> or give them to other peoplee what happens to their tickets? i i hope they're going to give usv their tickets.ickets >> congressman brown and byer ad told fox5 yesterday they're the still distributing inaugurationn tickets to their constituentsits and there is high demand. >> well he is -- we'll switch gears from donald trump rightfrm now and he is the d selff proclaimed first lady's man frof martha washington to michelle obama the expert on what itn wha takes to be the woman behind thb leader of the free world. >> he is andrew oak and former e span producer now author and heh joins us to talk were you what'w ahead for melania trump thehe newest first lady.irst lady. good morning. >> good morning.
8:32 am
how are ya'll today. >> very good. >> great. >> i have to ask why are you soa obsessed with the first ladies?? >> you know it's a project that i was just in the right planocep the right time.igt i was fortunate to be one of the producers for c span's first fir ladies influence and image, and, i was out on the road as one-mao band going to all the locationsl for every first lady marshaa washington, michelle obama andea their stories were so compellinl and finding out about theseut te women outside of the white housi as mothers, daughters, wives,, grandmothers was so compellingci that i just felt the need toee keep talking about it after thea series. >> when you say on the road you literally cement more tyohan u e year traveling around the ad country trying to learn as muchn as you could about all of thef first ladies.adies. how do you even start thatvestar process? do you go to theirs? home towns? is that where whe things kind of start? sta >> you go everywhere you can.heu i was given book bout size of a phone book at the beginning of the series and said just startrt reading, figure out where yout e got to go, figure out what youwh got to find out, so i had to god to a lot of different places in that year plus and places i had never been before, don it all in day and get in the car, get on the plan g
8:33 am
to the next town to do the neckk thing every birthplace, cemetery, church, school, museuu anywhere i could go vaults,o val private collections, the access was unbelievable.ievabl >> you got paid for this muchd s that's a dream [ laughter ] >> do you know how much i wouldi love to take off and discover history.. >> we always already had thisala lreaconversation. >> i'm still traveling.'m s come out with me nextti time. tm >> don't toy with me. with m >> i'm not kidding.>> i'm i did have someone to carry myom seven bags. at the end of this journey, i needed these prescription glasses. a shot of cortisone in my backn. a shot of cortisone in my hip i traveled for over a year and a half. >> it's fascinating,.ting. >> partner if you ever want onen >> when you dive into what itou was that you learned, you reallr it was all across the board.rd a lot of hidden facts we didn'td realize a lot of historical facts some fir ladies moreies me instrumental on the politicalme side of things. some who were justntal elyompletely disconnected from that.m t the newest first lady coming ini you when look at melania trumpit now, a lot of, i guess the talkk early is, starting thi
8:34 am
being in the white house. h >> right. >> is that precedented? what w have you found about that? >> it's not unprecedented butntb it's unusual in the sense that a she is young and she's physically capable of handlingg this role and physically capably of coming to washington.ashingto in the past first ladies have lv not come because of illnesses or age. age anna harrison didn't have chance to get here because she was sicc and her husband died 32 days inn office. offi after the longest inauguralst ir speech in history william henry harrison died. she hadn't even stepped foot ini washington. they shipped her husband's bodyb back and she stayed in indiana. in that sense it's note it n unprecedented, but she is able s to come here and do this but she's putting her family first.f which is not unusual. she's got barro in in school s sheet she'll let him fin up hiss school semester.ho we don't know.w she could come here if the heret trauma trump administrationinis plays to her strength they'll hr have her traveling and put herut on the international stageonal e
8:35 am
husband's administration.ation. >> to follow up if this is thell case where weow see perhaps dond trump's daughter doing more of the official type business of the white house, has thate wh happite ened before where it's m like a first family typey t situation than a first lady? lad >> it has and again that hasn'ts happened in a long time.e. but many daughters and niecesndn and sisters have stood in. in. it hasn't happened since thece wilson administration whenn wh wilson's first wife died againie it was in the absence. absen but there have been plentyy especially older children thatnt have done things along the ang campaign trail as ivanka did. she came out on the campaign c trail very strong, very capableb so it would make sense he wouldw use her strengths in his administration, but i don't knok how many first lady roles she'ls be taking over from melania as opposed to more political or o more administrative roles. r >> is this the book.k. >> this is the book. >> we appreciate you coming in>m today. how closely will you be watchinw all the events that unfold?d? >> very closely.ery close very closely.sely >> unusual for their time on thn road with america's firstca's f
8:36 am
andrew oak. >> you had in some fun with it h you have fast facts when itt w comes to -- i don't know if youu might set yourself up talking t about who the prettiest firsttte lady but you're talking aboutou whose the best cook, whose the t worst cook. >> absolutely.>> you get to know these women asen people and they all sort of jump off the oil paintings and out of the pages of historyin as i gott know them in my travels.y traves >> real quick the funniest firsf lady who would you say?? >> funniest first lady. >> nancy reagan could laugh asga herself as much as anyone else s she did a lot of things duringsd that just say no with mr. t and professional basketball playerss holding her to slam dunk andlam board games. bo she had a very good sense ofense humor.. >> i'm keeping this thib >> you do it. >> all right.>> aight >> great story. gre >> in the meantime 8:36 right6 r now. let's check in with tuckerhuc barnes we'll be watching thell e weather forecast for friday inor addion t to today. >> looks like showers friday. but today and tomorrow lookday n fantastic with sunshine buildinn back in. i seeing live shots of a lot of n out ththere. live looks great. 46 now in 42 in pittsburgh.h
8:37 am
west. here.deme cold around going to be a mild couple ofle days. in fact the next seven days look on the warm side of things withh temp as good 10 degrees or sor above normal. norl. leftover shower off to the norte and west. littleth piece of energy workinr through so we're not quite donei with the threat of a shower butr by afternoon we should turnurn partly sunny winds will pick upk out of the north and west and nw that will allow much drier air a to move on in.. a nice afternoon to look forwarf to. 57 with afternoon sunshine windw pick up out of the north andoute west gusting to about 25.5. back momentarily with the sevene day. we'll look at friday into ourokr weekend coming up.. erin is back with roads. >> 8:37. close eye on crowded r>>oads.wda take look at we're seeing very big slow downw on the inner loop right now as you make your way out annroerunt be.tway. heavy traffic from the springfield interchange as youcs make your way up up towards 66. 270 southbound jams and take t look at this as you make your waist passed new hampshire to college 95 to georgia 20 minutem delay with congestion. let's go over to our maps now
8:38 am
i know last normal morning m commute before inauguration 2010 road closures start to takesurer place. today at noon parkingn parking restrictions in the red zone ree begin and right now it's justt's very busy crowded basicallyly typical wednesday morning commute. in your opinion james up fromina the lee von bridge. bridg and then 95 northbound much m better shape right now dale cit to the beltway you're quiet're through stafford.rd. however, 395 remains stackednstk edsall road to the 14th street4e bridge. southbound 295 from north of 50 in riverdale all the way down tn 11th street bridge you're slow w and 50 inbound from the beltwayy to through cheverly jam packedap and new york avenue by avenu by bladensburg slow.urglo as we take look at the top sides of the beltway earlier crash ono 95 southbound did clear throughr out by 212 but north of the icci on down residual delays linger.e route 1 doing okay but bw b parkway north and southboundnd jammed the entire stretch andnd then 270 there's a look at thata heavy delay through back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much cominc up next the fight for 15 moves m forward in maryland.d. >> minimum wage inc
8:39 am
approved for workers in onen e county from 10 bucks to $15 an hour. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> major milestone on i-66 n-6 inside of the beltway becauseau overnight crews put up the first of eight gantries for the tollol lanes. look at the screen right now. if you're not familiar witt hthh gantry that's what it is thewhas metal bar that goes over top tht lanes you hank things from themo the toll lanes expected to open
8:42 am
the gantries will hold thed cameras and the equipment toe p communicate with the e-z passas transponders once the tolle thel system is set up, it will costlc you to drive on 66 ennuied side the beltway during peak timesk and peak direction money m collector from that tollsllec supposed to be used to improve roads and other tratons tito pt in northern virginia. >> hi. >> hi. >> good news. if you work in montgomery county maryland the county councilyounc voted to approve a bill that t would raise the minimum wage too $15 an hour by the year 2020. 2. the legislation narrowly passede with a five to four vote. county executive ike leg get said he might veto this bill dud to its negative impact on impacn businesses if he does thesiness council will need six votes to t override his veto.o. the counsel dee's minute bum mit wage is currently 10.75 an hourr it will go up to $11.50 in julyl >> let's head next door find ou what's coming outpatient goodt day d.c. in just a couple of o minutes. wisdom. >> in morning to you.>> in two days away the national'sion' capital is being set for theng t transfer of power. >> we have whatrt you need to kk from the preps to the parade ans the prot
8:43 am
>> also big news at 9a, at president obama reduces chelsea manning's prison sentence.e has a lot of you talking. talki. is it dangerous, is it a a dangerous precedent? only on? o good day d.c., he is one of thef stars of tv's biggest shows, jeffrey wright live in the loftl at 9:30a.0a the important event that ist e bringing him back home.. >> then at 10a1 of hgtv'sgtv' hottest stars live with us intai the loft and he brought some soe props with just so you can see. s >> plus next friday one luckyy e couple will get married live in the loft.e f yes. you heard us right.u ard us what type of cake should theyy just wait.ju >> how about a weddingst cake? c >> all right. >> nothing gets passed him.d him >> good day d.c. just a fewt minutes away. >> oh, wisdom. wism >> what are we going to do witht him. >> his momma named him right.ig. >> well you know. k five years of >> thanks, guys.s,uys. >> thank you. if you book lady gaga toaga perform at the super bowl youyou can expect some controversy.
8:44 am
maybe. ma >> maybe not.>> m that's what the nfl is gettinglt before the big the what's the beef? the answer ts after the break. ♪♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪♪ >> funny how a song can make you feel a little bit. >> so account suns ahine s.feco. >> absolutely right.>> a >> get those clouds out of herer they will.l. we just don't know how long itno wi b be. we do know how long it will beib until we see tucker' facer' f because that will be in just 10 seconds.
8:47 am
>> after couple days of rain anl drizzle and fog and clouds, we are going to turn,an a, md ilder and, b, at least partly sunnyary this afterno get a chance to dry out.o dr out forecast gets nice from here ase we get afternoon sunshine to sun look forward to.ok frd t 46 now in washington.hingto you know, cool but i'm going to be perfectly honest with you itu is the middle of this is typically our defendante time of year. these numbers really not veryerr cold for this time of year.s tiy 46 in leonardtown.. 50 in manassas. 45 in winchester.r a spot or two still dealing witt some fog but the trend will to be clear things out and once the winds pick up here we'll drye w' things out as well. sprinkle or shower looks likeskk maybe montgomery, loudoun countu as we get this last little piecl of energy coming through. t once this gets east of us wef u should really start to clear t thing out this afternoon, and as mentioned with the winds pickins up out of the nort
8:48 am
behind that front it won't be a afternoon but certainly be ainly drier afternoon as that area ofa hee pressure is able to bring b new jersey the theme around hero mild this afternoon.ernoon and really very mild if not at times warm over the next week. w that's general pattern here for the next seven days and we areae going to keep temperatures wellw above normal. ab in for the next seven days i don'td see a morning low near the freezing park so it's just veryy unusual pattern here. it does look like snow loverse v somebody just tweeted me feel f free to tweet me your pain andai misery if you're looking foryo o snow, that bite end of january,, we are going to turn colder butr for the time being here, her temperatures are going to be in the 50s to about 60 the next thx several afternoons.ral af do want to mention friday.onda of course, huge day around hereh we are going to have clouds ando it looks some shower activity av for the most part during the pag afternoon hours but i can'tut ic promise we won't see a few f showers sneak in here by 10, 1 11:00 o'clock in the morning ont friday and with the clouds andtd the showers temperatures will be relatively cool upper 40s for fr daytime highs.ytime highs. there's your seven day and again look at the mi
8:49 am
afternoon highs generally in the 50s, overnight lows near 40 or40 even higher than that.ighe t ext ext week. okay, guys, that's the weatherer update. toss it back to you.t back to >> all right. thanks, tuck. 8:48.8: >> hi kev. >> we were just talking. >> talking about m we ovies.ov >> didn't know i was on right there.n't kn th s surprise! >> usually like animation and -- >> i know. but budgetary.udge the end of the term. the t cutbacks.. >> so start off with lady gagadg news. nfl slamming claims it told ladt gaga not to talk politics durins her half time show the rumorw more started following a reportp by entertainment tonight and quoted -- that quoted unnamedd u source claiming lady gaga had gg been told to stay silent.y sil the quote entertainment tonightt was that lady gaga could quoteoq say anything, cork not say s anything or bring anything up an about the election or mentioneni donald trump. nfl called the report nonsensese and says people are just tryingy to stir up so -- >> we don't really know, do we?e >> no. >> i mean let's --n l >> we'll fine out super bowlouto sunday. sund >> that beyonce' d
8:50 am
performance that some thoughte very politically cd >> right. >> so it's the neck year. >> now people are saying whatpla will happen now. >> it could be in that context.t >> kiki palmer we love her ande she released this video on o instagram.agm. watch this. >> every time you touch me ioucm just melt away, everybody around me asking why i'm smiling ear to ear but i know, whoa, know itsws perfect but it's worth it after fighting through my fears finally put me baby it's you. you. you're the one i love. >> hard to do. d >> a cappella by the way kiki palmer scream queen star postedp on her instagram this week shows her singing beyonce' love onn top. let's just say she absolutely ay nails it. it's absolutely incredible the whole video on her instagram feed. kiki palmer is incredible. her
8:51 am
>> maybe the movie a kill la and the bee.eee >> of >> she had a show. i mean i feel like, you know,no i've seen her grow up.p. >> multi talented.alented. here's my question, though.'s m >> do you want those glasses?se? >> i do love those glasses. >> they are amazing glasses.y ar >> i think you have to be a thi certain age to rock them.nk i'aim sorryn unless you're bone >> i think she pulls them off. f >> she looks amazing.. >> she pulls them off.lshem >> that would cover bono's b entire head.tire hea >> they would. the taken gram captioned when cp you don't really know the wordsw but you felt the vibe but sheibs does know the knothe that's why i'm confused by thee caption. >> she sings it incredibly welli i don't understand the caption.e >> little self deprecating humor. >> she knows she sounds good. ct exactly. knows >> as opposed to the opposite celebrity we were talking i'mng the hardest working 23 years old. >> yeah. >> who is that? ariana grande.d you just got to be so carefular what you say. >> miranda headed back to theaco stage as alexander hamilton for one show in chicago. cca m
8:52 am
twitter after president obamanto commuted the sentence of puertoo rican national oscar lopezez rivera to celebrate rivera'ss release in may miranda tweeted he would return for one night at a chicago hamilton performance.e the show is now in chicago while rivera was born in puerto rico o he lived in chicago after earning a bronze star during thg vietnam war.vietnam w he was convicted in 1981 for isr a dishes conspiracy to overflow throw the us government while hi was a leader of the pro puerto t rican independence that group was responsible forpe more than 100 bombings in then e '70's and '80's.80's after the news lin-manueluel tweeted out "solving within wit gratitude here in london oscardo lopez rivera is coming homee thank you at potus" he then tweeted to the speaker of newne york city council saying "whenen you talk to don oscar tell him l i've got a show for him in chicago.ic it will be my honor to playr toy hamilton the nights he goes "miranda last played the title t roll back in n y
8:53 am
>> i was trying to look up if tl the set was set.ook thset i wanted to see if the tick the prices were going to explodexp on -- >> it will be in may.>> i know that. i i >> maybe they want it that way t to try to control it a littletl thatthat way. >> yup. >> thanks, guys. >> interesting.nteres >> so good he had to come back. news to him. to h next speaking of coming c back --back >> maybe he won't say and then t one of the nights he'll just bej doing the role. >> right. then they can -- tickets will tl like go through the roof forf f everything.ever >> who is this dinosaur of an alligator.allitor that things almost looks unreal. >> right.>> right >> it wasn't gone long but viral video could actually spell the e end of for you giant friend i'l go on record and say i don'tnd n agree with this.s. >> are those people juste j standing there. >> taking pictures.tu >> wow! >> this is like me when i get uu in the morning it takes awhile a to get going.oing >> it looks like my double chind but any way. >> a combination of all of us ou perhaps.perhaps a metaphor for morning people. ♪♪
8:54 am
mary met annie as annie wass covering inauguration prepsna downtown earlier this week and k annie has been on these preps tp for us and we appreciate that. t and we'll continue to followoolw what you need to be aware of ass the inauguration draws clear
8:55 am
>> -- nearer.ea >> and clearer.>> andarer. thanks mary. >> all right. in the meantime,. >> colorado zoo is celebratingti its newest check it out.k itut the baby african penguin chick c recently hatched at the cheyennn mountain zoo in colorado color springs. we're told the zoo has had previous hatchlings.ious >> is that the baby because itat lobig big? >> it's a little one. it's ttlee yeah. >> is it? >> >> oka >> they never made it past 10y e vedays.ys >> that looks smaller.hat oks >> that's the baby.t'e baby. >> according to the zoo, theirhe newest edition seems to be righg on track for a healthy little. t >> that looks baby like to me. m okay. remember the massive alligatorat that was walking in florida floi nature reserve in front of the on lookers and everybody wasdy like real or fake? well, the gator estimated to be about abo 12 feet long just lumberingumbeg across the trail officials areia now concerned -- official firsta of all are saying it's real. rea they're more concerned now thata the increased attention couldonu pose a danger to the gatorshe g because of a person involved ind an
8:56 am
animal would likely have to be t put down. put down. so it looks like they would not pre-emptily try to do anything a to the gator hopefully butefully they're worried if somebody somd messes with it and gatort a responds like animals in thels n wild do, then at that point thee might have to put the animal ama down. do >> give me break. that's all i got to say aboutoty that. that >> then again al if somebodyf so goes up and mess with them gatot >> why are they so close to it.t >> if you mess with the you don't mess with a gator. gat >> if you are not intelligent enough to not mess with thesith gator. >> okay. >> this isn't a big problem.em in selfie world people go toe national parks and takingin pictures with bears.ears >> right. ator looks 100 yearsrs old. old. >> they mess with the animal and the animal does wss what animald in defending itself and suddenly the animal is the bad good i get it. >> okay. yeah. i hope nobody messes with thesst gator which is lived a long lifn and it gets to continue to livev a long life. >> let, encourage everybody tory keep their distance.e >> keep away. away. >> okay. >> okay. >> yeah. >> that's my fox r
8:57 am
day. >> unless i go home and thatomea thing is in my house and then wt have a problem.have problem >> steve, if it's in yours in y house -- how could it be in youe house. >> if it's in your house we alle got a big problem. reagan national 52 degrees. dulles 59. bwi marshall 49.l 49. left over sprinkle right off ouf of to the north and west buttheo trend will be to clear it outlle and bring back some sunshine ann mild air for your 57 today.57 tay 56 tomorrow.w. clouds, a few showers for the fe big day on friday. won't be a watch out but some b showers around on friday.ri all right, guys.t, guy that's weather.'s weaer. back to to y all right. thanks very much.uc it's 8:57. 8:5 where does the time go? >> it just flys when i'm withstn you. >> good day is next.d da ♪♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪♪ straight ahead, two days tot go and the inaugural festivities are already underway. donald trump taking the stagethe during a black tie event in d.c. last night.nig. this morning countdown to the to oath of office is on and the a t security preparations are abouto to take full effect. one last controversy.ovsy president obama under fire aftea commuting the sentence ofe o chelsea manning.chelsea manning the army. private who leakedeake military this morning, he'll likely facef tough questions about theut the decision during his final presss conference.. i'm demand


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