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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> it was obvious as she talked about the hit-and-run crash that left her 10-year-old daughter with five broken bones in her face. and two in her
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a fractured neck and swelling and bleeding in her brain. >> i ran up here, and she was laying literally where i'm standing and it was about stove ten people outside. bus was sitting right there, and she was laying here in pain, i couldn't move her set witnesses may be the key to finding whoever is responsible. according to the police report, one witness told investigators there were two women in the gray car and even provided a license plate number. what's more outrageous that according to the witness, the passengers got out of the car, checked the damage to the vehicle, got back in, and they took off. >> when i got out the first thing i see my baby in the street, she was laying there screaming. and crying. because she's hurt. he just left her there >>. >> reporter: her daughter is a fourth grade student who gets straight a's and recovering at
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children's hospital. whoever was behind the wheel should turn themselves in >> what kind of person leaves a child in the street and waited for everyone else to call the police, left the scene. >> the police report also indicates that there is some sort of surveillance video. it's unclear if it's from cameras like these in the area or from a dash cam from the bus. however, police do have it. the witness also provided a license plate number to police, but the dc police department said at this point, they're not ready to release or confirm any evidence so we're unable to release the license plate number at this time. however, because of this evidence, it is likely that dc police know exactly who they're looking for. as of the latest time i spoke them, they say they have not made an arrest. reporting live in northwest dc, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. we're taking you to montgome
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police are looking for a group of robberies who stole prescription drugs and cash from a cvs store >> this comes after a string of other forwards robberies in the area, but police don't believe they're connect to the latest crime. fox 5 matt ackland is live with details on this most recent case. >> reporter: hey, jim, you are right. authorities do not believe these crimes are connected. boy, this video that we have is definitely compelling. i want to set it up before we get you there. happened 9:30 in the morning, january 20th here at this cvs store let's take you to that video. authorities are looking for your help hoping you can help them find these guys. four males headed to the back of the store, three of them leap over the counter. then watch as one of them with a handgun points it at the head of a cvs employee. police say he was demanding cash after awhile others took prescription drugs then ran outside. all the males you may have noticed were wearing winter
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they were trying to hide their identity. once again, police are looking for these four suspects. it happened in the morning right around 9:30 january 20th. they are hoping to find them and even offering a pretty substantial reward here. we're talking $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of these four individuals. live in montgomery county, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. local sandwich stop owner is getting served up on twitter and facebook. reason is he attended a small business meeting at the white house >> and dc taylor is facing a barrage who say they will never eat there again. fitz we're talking about sandwiches but now we're talking politics mixed in. >> reporter: all mixed in in dc these days, jim and sarah, good evening. now, this is
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one in china town. they're all over. taylor gourmet, this president obama, vice president bind used to have lunch here, president obama held a round table with workers back at one of the stores a couple of years ago. there was no out cry on that or backlash. that was then. this is now. here's what's happened. the owner of taylor gourmet, casey patent was invited to the white house a couple of blocks away on monday. accepted that invitation, he went to the white house and listen to how he described that day when he got to speak with president trump. >> just an eagles sill rating morning for the issues that we have trying to grow and bring employees in and trying to navigate the regulations that have been set
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>> reporter: so that was monday. what's really been before casey patent the last couple days and taylor gourmet the past 48 hours they've been the target on twitter and facebook of anti-trump backlash. activity trolls have been attacking this sandwich shop, saying they're never going to eat there and others posting pictures of them deleting the ap. the nasty backlash against this sandwich shop is fueled by people apparently don't have anything particularly against the swipey chain but don't like president trump and are angry with casey patent for having met with him. there are personal threats going along with all of this and law enforcement has been alerted. some of the customer we say talked today even some that don't like donald trump is saying this is flat out harassment and things have gone too far
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>> small business owner and going to do the best for his best, doesn't necessarily reflect his political >> it doesn't matter somebody else's business. make the business profitable. using the president to do that. i don't think that the right >> they're doing exactly what donald trump is doing. >> reporter: now, a company spokesman told us today that casey patent decided he wanted to spend the day kind of talking with some of his employees and you know, working at these shops. a lot of people understandably upset about all of this, but the tied is starting to turn a little bit. down the street here, the owner jose an dress has been feuding with donald trump ever since he pulled the restaurant out of the trump hotel. there was even a lawsuit. an dres has reached out and sent a message of sup
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the company is getting feedback for people who are supporting the restaurant. even members of congress have been putting out pictures today of buying lunch for their staff and a show of support. live in northwest, tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. president trump left the white house and boarded marina 1 this afternoon heading for dover air force base, he's at dover for the arrival of the remains of a navy who was killed on a raid in yemen. chief petty officer william ryan owens did in the survive snipped raid. four others were injured in the intelligence operation which resulted in the deaths of 14 al-qaeda operatives. >> he was most recently based in virginia beach, 36 years old the president celebrated the start of black history month by holding a meeting with african-american american leader inside host of the white house, joined by ben carson, the president talked about not only the importance of black
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month but shared stories about things he said he learned on the campaign trail. >> during this month, it's a tremendous history of the african-americans through our country. throughout the world if you think about it, and this serves one of unimaginable sacrifice, hard work and faith in america. i gotten a real glimpse during the campaign, i go around with ben to a lot of different places that i wasn't so familiar with, they're incredible people. >> the president also talked about the importance of the brand new national museum of african-american history and culture located of course here on the nash mall. let's say you're asleep on your couch and a car comes crashing in. >> you would think that would be a once in a lifetime thing. wouldn't you? a prince george's county man seen it a couple times. >> reporter: plywood covers a large hole of thi
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after a car barreled through it this morning, we'll tell you why this kind of crash has become a recurring nightmare for the elderly homeowner. >> before washington home up in flames has a crew of 50 firefighters work to save the neighboring homes. olly no longer on the run where the missing bobcat was found minutes ago and it was not as we suspected at sue's house >> i don't want to give away too much but he says, if is that he snuck through the entrance nobody would see me. i'm glad olly had great escape weather. she should get to eat whatever she wants and hey, we're into february, it's a nice mild start even though we had a lot of clouds we got up to vigilant we'll let you know if the weather is good for running again tomorrow. fox 5 local news 5:00
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right back. ck.
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. dozens of firefighters had to be called into help and
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the cause of the fire under investigation. . man spent the day boarding up part of his home after car crashed into it >> the and over said it's not the unfortunate. in fact, he says it's happened five times since he moved in 45 years ago. fox 5 anjali hemphill is live with more. >> reporter: jim, plywood now covers up the hole from today's crash. this column had to be replaced after the crash before that one. and each time, the elderly homeowner is left picking up the pieces >> when he crashed into the wall, i said, damn, another car hit the house. >> reporter: 88-year-old leonard miller was startled out of his sleep this morning from a real life recurring nightmare. >> it's totally ridiculous. >> reporter: as he slept couch, a car barrelling through the wall at 2:0
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>> doesn't matter if it's ice, snow, dry, it right on down. >> reporter: it sits off sip ran in a road in lan him a where it's 35 miles an hour. moving in in 1971, there have been at least five times when speeding cars came over the hill, lost control and jumped his curb >> i went down one day and my wife was here and we had a motor home, and almost hit that one. some years ago, we had a couple of kids ran do? >> here, because idiots come running down. >> reporter: the accidents usually happen at night and left him constantly having to keep up with repairs around his property. he fears without more protection, he and his house will won't be so lucky next time >> you know those things they had in world war ii for tank, that would be nice.
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>> reporter: prince george's county tells me they have yet to receive formal complaints about this particular intersection. they would need one to determine if this area is qualified for a traffic study. meanwhile, the driver in today's accident is expected to be ok. the cause is still under investigation. that's the latest here inl, a nham. anjali hemphill fox 5 local news. deep breath. the bobcat is back. it appears, she never left. the national zoo's missing bobcat olly has been found. on zoo property. olly got out of her enclosure monday and zoo keepers spent the last couple days searching of they announced they were ending this afternoon but she was at the zoo all along. >> she's like, you know, just hanging out. she's sneaky. >> crafty >> i love that, sue palka, that tweet you were reading >> here's another one.
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at the stupid zoo and they're probably going to take my fellowing soon and posted my horrible picture of my on twitter. bobcat and dc bobcat -- dc missing bobcat >> didn't look very happy >> i have i had cats all my life. and years ago one of my cats went missing indoor cats and i freaked out 24 hours, i went everywhere, posting pictures, she was in my garage the whole time. i left work early. i was so upset. and started the car and i hear -- >> i had a feeling that olly would be close by. we're glad she's safe and sound. >> it's a weird relief. i'm happy about it. >> mix of good weather, late january february might have featured colder temperatures, today was not too
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either. we got to 50 despite a lot of cloud cover and down to our south where you had a bit more sunshine pushing 60, dulles at 51 and bwi 49, temperatures right now mostly in the low to mid 40's to the northern portions of the city where we also have a little bit of moisture clipping along very quickly. couple of hit or miss showers tonight. but i wanted to point out fredericksberg 57, culpeper. i have had a little bit more sunshine in those areas and definitely way above average. clouds mostly been the rule and what we have is this very weak little bits of moisture and a lot that have been passing. within some clouds you may find few sprinkles here there and, you can see there's a little badge between dover and georgetown in delaware and a lighter shower around winchester, i thought i noticed there might have been a bit of snow mixed in but certainly anything that would not last long because temperatures even out there are in the 40's. so we show you at 7:00
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that would be very spotty, very isolated. but one or two places could still see is a couple of showers around. by 9:00, 43, by 11:00, 41 degrees. and guess what tomorrow? it is groundhog day and yes, there are many imitators but i also go with punxatauney phil. if he see his shadow, six more weeks of winter. and if he doesn't we'll probably still have six more weeks. that's the big questions. decide tomorrow morning what's going to happen. there is an approaching weak front that will be coming on through. even punxatauney phil it will end up pleasant, chilly but pretty good groundhog weather and we should head for the 40's, we'll be sunnier tomorrow and we will certainly see temperatures dropping a little bit bit breezy in the afternoon and of course, that should be on thursday not wednesday but it was snow and ice today, why not get a do o
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from the weather center. we'll have a look at your seven-day forecast and we're tracking a little bit of presip for the weekend on super bowl sunday we'll let you know how the models are handleing that. coming up later. ahead at 5:00. it was brutal beating and robbery. >> i wasn't able to eat for a week. >> police make an arrest in the case of a violent robbery outside a dc night club. you may remember, the man they say played role in this brutal beat-down. >> why a message posted by daycare centers to parents picking up their kids is going environmental. >> he tweets the stock tank, tweets, tanks. tweets, tankings. everyone is talking about how to make sense of all of this >> new technology making money off of trump tweets and they're donating it to a good cause. coming up. up.
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[000:21:21;00] southeast has been experiencing a bed bug and rodent months now parents say they weren't notified. and has parents outraged. today was the first day on the antwon wilson who is the new chancellor. at his welcoming ceremony we asked him about the problem. >> the most important thing right now is that we are prioritizing safety. we're making sure the students needs are being taken care of and doing everything we can to make sure it's safe learning
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environment which is our can't henderson who led the district five and a half year, mayor bowser name him to the post in november a daycare message is to parents going viral >> it said get off your phone. a mom in houston spotted the sign your child is happy to see you, are you happy to see your child. we've seen children trying to hand parent their work and their pattern are if you don't. the parent paying more attention to the phone. get off your phone. the mother who snapped this photo she is totally agrees with the message. there you go. i get i get off the phone. connect with your child. >> it's astounding. >> you shouldn't have to document that. >> sometimes we just forget.
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you need the reminder. it started with a fire at an then horrible story here. a body was found. >> paul wagner is working story. >> investigators say it fire that was, where that body was found in northeast washington last week? a 60's-year-old man was found, well, investigators say it was intentionally set. but was it murder? we'll have that story straight ahead. twitter is taking online bullying more seriously. how the social media site says they're cracking down on trolls. >> hey, monica. >> hey, jim. twitter donald trump, the stock market and this adorable dog have in common? i'm going to tell you after break.
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only from fios. . fox 5 local news at 5:00 some of the other stories we're following, four people expected to be ok after shooting had southeast. this happened in the 2900 block of martin luther king junior avenue. no word on what may have led to the shooting but looking for a dark-colored sedan that may be involved. metro police need your help identifying a person accused of pulling a gun aboard a metro stationings this is a part of the person they're looking for. it happened around 9:00 saturday night at the arlington cemetery station. police want to hear from you. dc police need your help to find man missing more than three week he is. this is 19-year-old mr. championship on t street last seen and reported missing on monday. he was last seen wearing black
5:31 pm
pants act navy blue jacket an bill clinton skull cap. if you have information, give police a call. story developing in the district tonight. mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a 60's-year-old northeast man whose body found following a fire inside his apartment. a fire investigator somehow say was intentionally set. >> that's not all. the landlord said a drug dealer taken over the man's apartment after kicking in his front door. paul wagner is here with more on that story. >> reporter: we started looking into this story last friday and it's taken us several days to finally get to this location to come on the air and tell you a little bit more of what we know. now, we met the landlord at the apartment yesterday where he showed us the damage inside and told us an incredible story. he said relatives contacted him last week to say drug dealers have broken into the apartment and were using the second floor apartment as a base of operation. the landlord, who concerned for his own personal z declined to go on camera, said, he took mr.
5:32 pm
iali to see the police and report re going on i want to say i the next day, the man was dead. chilling; right? well, take a look at this exclusive video. while we were inside the apartment, we noticed this message written on the wall of the living room. underneath the scribble, you going down, iali. despite that message and the fact dc fire and ems said the fire was intentionallisy dc police are continuing to call the probe a death investigation. the medical examiner has not ruled on a cause and manner of death. the landlord said in addition to mr. iali losing his life, a dog was dead in the rubble as well. a spokesman for human society confirm they recovered the remains of a pit bull. according to a timeline we've been able to establish, he and his landlord went to see the police last wednesday asbestos woman who lived below the victim she did heard a loud commotion coming from his apartment in the early morning hours of thursday. and smelled smoke.
5:33 pm
by 6:20 a.m. someone called 911 to report the fire and firefighters were on the scene four minutes later. the landlord provided fox 5 with numerous e-mails he says he's been sending to dc police in recent months complaining about the drug activity at his building. he included responses from the police in which he was hold officers had repeatedly gone by the building but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. one other note. this is not the first time someone complained drug dealers had taken over an apartment in the same building. three years ago, court record show police raided a different apartment where a mental health consumer complained drug dealers had done the same thing. taken over his place. police found cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside. paul wagner, fox 5 local news. scary stuff. thank you, paul. staying in the striate police arrested and charged a 23-year-old maryland man in connection with an arm robbery in november of last career. police say miller i was one of three people involved in altercation on the 500 block of moore street in northeast. you may remember this video.
5:34 pm
it was all over social media and just horrible to watch. you could see the suspects attack the victim before taking off. the victims told fox 5 he had just left the lounge and believe he was set up. police are still looking for the other two and a vehicle of interest. if you have any information, please call dc police. doesn't matter who's in office. the president of the united states of america excerpts a lot of influence through what he says and what he does. in the case of donald trump, we know that include a new mention. >> fox 5 political reporter ronica cleary is taking a look at how one company is giving back when trump tweets affect the market. fascinating stuff. >> it really is fascinating, jim and sarah, we know donald trump he like to say tweet and he's tweeted a lot about companies from l l bean to mace's, general motorists, one company. 3, they're a company based in
5:35 pm
texas they noticed that when donald trump tweets about a time, the stock associated with that company will drop. well, they thought about it and they said why not try to make a little money off of this, you can do what is called short a stock if you anticipate that its value will fall. take a listen. >> earlier this month, his toyota tweet immediately tanked the stocks but it shorted the second after it tweet as the stock tanked closed the short and made a profit. >> huge profit and donated our profit here. now, when president trump tweets, we make a profit. >> t 3 are using trump tweets to make money and give back to help animals. i spoke with the president of t 3, a digital marketing firm. he told me about the question they had, what do you do when trump tweets kerr when they came
5:36 pm
up with the idea, they thought it was way to turn a negative, the stocks falling, into a positive by giving back. >> take something that we thought was not political, not meant to be a political statement by us. but who doesn't love puppies and felt like a great. we also have dogs running around, we got 15 be 20 denomination here in the austin office. it was a nice dip. >> reporter: the owner told me that he can't tell you exactly how much money he has made because if he does, you can work backwards and figure out their algorithm. he said they're donating to the aspca and we learned it's located in new york city. so is this dog here, this is petey, and he's from lucky dog animal rescue. based in arlington virginia and he's being fostered right here
5:37 pm
in rockville maryland. if you want to adopt him. so jim and sarah, something to tell you. there's been a lot of talk about the fact that the trumps, they do not have a dog. apparently this would be breaking a very long tradition. we want them to know he petey is adorable and sweet and needs a home. >> i believe he's trying to go home with ronica. >> he wants you to take him home ronica. >> yes, he does, he's so sweet. >> so cute. i'm sure highly be dominated quickly >> i was going down the list of president's dogs, the clinton didn't bring buddy in until later on in the presidency. >> it's still very early. but hopefully petey will find a good home, white house or not. >> thank you, ronica. >> have a good one. i didn't know what she was
5:38 pm
talking about, she's going to show a dog later. hilly working on two new projects. the former democrat nominee for president signed a pair of book deals, first features personal essays including experiences during the campaign trail, the second a children's version of a book written in 1995 it takes a village. she's this year's commencement speaker at her alma mader. >> biden will be dedicated to everyone regardless of age race gender can have a fair shot at achieving the dream. including the cancer moon shot initiative and violence against women act. coming up, hooters is hoping a new restaurants and hiring male waiters.
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>> waiting for something to be said there. cats charactering the caitlin save me >> it about time, jim. bring it on. hooters for women. >> took all day, but we did hit 50 degrees here in the district. that's where we stand right now. as we saw the clocks break for some late day sunshine, not a bad evening and you'll see a return to the warmer temperatures after we cool off. bit of a roller code of temperature ride. i'll have the details. look at our shower chance coming up after break. althy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine.
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l seems beautiful to me. . twitter nounsing an update in the battle against online
5:43 pm
trolling, they have enhanced both the mute and block and they're working to crack down on repeat offenders. online trolls are known to start arguments on the social media side. they post disrespectful material to try and provoke you. thank you so much. it's about time. >> hooters is opening a new restaurant. instead of waitresses wearing white tank tops and orange shorts, they will have male serves when it opens this month, a fast casual restaurant. it will feature a smaller menu and only offer current service. >> equal employment opportunity here. >> meanwhile, guys, before we get to weather, three new dog breeds will take the stages at 141's west men center kendall
5:44 pm
dog show, the pomy and the fluff. will, cats will also compete in an jillty competition. the dog show gets underway february 13th and expected to feature more than 3,000 dog >> can't dogs have their own day as opposed to the cats trying to hog everything? >> men can wear be at hooters and cats can be part of the dog show. opportunity weather is our winter just been crazy, mild swings, cold snaps and now we've had quite the mild swing the past two days. 56 yesterday for the high temperature, 50 today, we will be cold by the first start of the week and may have wintery precipitation before it ends. here's a live look. beautiful city lights over the
5:45 pm
potomac on the virginia side really nice evening even though we've had clouds, kind of cleared out a little bit. and any showers have mainly been along the mountains. snow showers that is. let's start off with the weather headlines. tomorrow is groundhog day, get up early to see if punxatauney phil when they drag him out at the crack of dawn let's see if he sees his shadow. if we have similar weather in northwestern pennsylvania they will be seeing sunshine. and if he sees his shadow. six more weeks of winter. more chilly by friday feeling like winter. spotty showers, looks like it could be impactful. doesn't look like much at all except gloomy day with a little bit of snow changing to her rain. following that warmer temperatures coming back into next week. of i'll show you the seven-day forecast certainly looks like it. at least right now.
5:46 pm
50 degrees in washington, 43 annapolis, 48 baltimore, 46 gaithersburg, 45 in martinsberg, we are out ahead of a cold front. back towards the north and west. 32 bing atm, 36 pittsburgh, 39 columbus, 52 richmond, 44 new york city. there are few snow showers moving through central pennsylvania and rain and snow showers moving across west virginia into the mountains. acting like a wall today, just blocking any progress of these up close snow showers, two to five inches for the ridge top by the end of the night. he will convince west virginia, and even just south of morgan town, they're not making any progress and we don't expect showers to. aside for a rain sprinkle less and less likely we'll see partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40's. so at the surface, we're mild again for tomorrow with the wind increasing behind the front, temperatures in the 40's, then a little bit colder for friday. not as windy but high temperatures barely getting into 40's. 49 with sunshine on groundhog day, 42 on friday, more clouds
5:47 pm
than sunshine, so that will probably feel what about the weekend? we've got high pressure moving in for saturday. looks to be a bright and beautiful day, a lot of sunshine but cold. then that warm front comes in sunday morning, afternoon, light precipitation, not much, and showers southern maryland down through the delmarva, here's what the seven-day forecast looks like. 42, like i said for friday, bright on saturday, clouds back sunday with the light precipitation ending by monday morning and look at those temperatures on the upswing yet again, 52 by tuesday and 58 by wednesday, wow, if you don't like winter weather you're lucking out so far into mid february looks like we'll have a chance to get cold. super bowl sunday couple showers shouldn't cause too many issues since it will be mainly rain, of course watch the super bowl here on fox 5 with our own jim lokay >> i'll be here. i'll be here. thank you thanks for the
5:48 pm
shameless plug one of the biggest the lives of high school seniors deciding where they will suit up to play football in college. >> we will tell you how maryland failed on this national day coming up next in sports. my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. whole family nts to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less.
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built for business. . marlin football made big strides. his best past work has been as a recruiter. in 2012 he was named college football top recruiter while at florida. they're reaping the rewards. this year's st. john's was shock full talents. student athletes made their announcements at 2:00 with two four-star players deciding to stay close to home. >> i play quarterback at johns college high school baltimore, maryland.
5:52 pm
i can kenneth smith defensive tackle to maryland. >> keeping it local. top kids who decided to stay home, anthony mcfarland, marcus offensive guard from demass is a, quarterback from st. john's, defensive tackle, dian jones from potomac, he's already enrolled. one things makes the coach most proud. >> 17 guys from the d m v. qua tell you how excited we are about that. we made no, you know, secret about it. that is -- our formula is we're going to take care of our backyard and win here in the d m v and build our team with that being our foundation. i can't another big day at friendship.
5:53 pm
syracuse many of the student athletes giving thanks who got them there. he's going to attend division 3 steve son in baltimore. >> i'm very proud to go to college. (inaudible). let's they know about the put super bowl. the annual state of the league speech. roger goodell come under fire.
5:54 pm
today the focus did goodell botch deflate gate >> we we went through a process, applied the discipline. it was litigated as you know extensive. and validated. we're moving on. part of our history but something is that we're comfortable in the process, the decision, and focusing on the game now >> while patriots fans are focusing on goodell possibly handing tom brady the trophy, i'm sorry, here. fox 5 pregame starts at 11:00 and the patriots and falcons kick off super bowl 51 at 6:30 p.m. are you going to make your famous buffalo chicken dip >> i probably should. now that you're calling me on it. i kind of feel like i have to >> you didn't know he's a betty croccer too.
5:55 pm
>> i throw stuff in the croc pot >> ivy is about to become a big sister, beyonce jay-z announcing he's pregnant with twin, beyonce posted the instagram captioned we would like to share our love and happiness, we've been blessed two times over, incredibly grateful our family will be joined by two, and well wishes. a civil rights activist who fault for racial and gender quality honored today >> the celebration coming up after the break. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads,
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tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. ♪ ♪ back now with special honors for an icon >> the u.s. postal service issued a stamp to honor dr. dorothy heights.
5:59 pm
>> heights commemorative stamp comes on the first day history month, and she's pictured in one of her signature wide brimmed hats. it was unveiled during a dedication ceremony at howard university. . dr. height passed away in 2010 she'll forever be known for dedicating her life for racial and gender quality. others have been dr. martin luther kink malcomb x, ella tubman and ella fitzgerald. fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00 >> . following a developing story out of delaware tonight. inmates at a maximum security prison are holding self guards hostage. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. it is unclear how many guards are being held hostage. officials guest estimate it could be up to five. this is all happening at the james t vaughn correctional center in smyrna, delaware.
6:00 pm
the facility houses approximately 2 fox 5 tisha lewis joins us via skype with the latest. >> reporter: we are actually driving right now to the prison, we're about 30 miles or 30 minutes or so away, and as you mentioned there's a lot of developments kind of happening right now. let's kind of go through a timeline of when this unfolded. it was around 10:30 this morning, a call came in reporting a disturbance, the incident essentially five people including four security guards and also we're told a counselor are being held hostage by the inmates, there are about 120 to 150. now one of the hostages, at least in last hour or so, was released and that hostage is now getting some medical treatment for nonlife-threatening injuries at a nearby hospital. all of this again is happening


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