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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 1, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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. let's get things started. perhaps you've heard about the supreme court showdown. president trump announced his pick for the high court. it could impact the nation long after his white house term is over. neil gorsuch needs democrats on his side. this is what we're talking about. tweet us what's on your mind about the supreme court pick or anything else involving the first hundred days using 5 at630. president trump praised his picking neil gorsuch, nominated last night to fill
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president trump is pushing for speedy confirmation. >> nominating a justice of the supreme court is one of the most important that i could as president. they've been demeaning on the other side and want to make you look as bad as possible and the press can be demeaning too. i'm sure the press will be very dig if i did i'd like to see him go through a dig if i did poohs >> many democrats about to block the into consideration. the question is why nomination. >> it was more than 100 days, 100 and so many day >> waited awhile after justice scalia passed away. political psychologist and analyst joins us via skype, dr. rossi thank you so much for
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picking the wrong battle here in this fight against judge gorsuch? >> i don't think they are really. i mean, what are they going to do? just go along with it? at this point, the democrats also have a base and the psychology is, at this point in time, they need to fight for themselves. they don't have much going for themselves right now as democrats. just, knuckling under and going along even if he is qualified is not going to be good for the democrat base and they're pitching to the base like trump is going hard right here and pitching to his base >> back in 2005, when justice o'connor retired, president bush nominated john roberts, three years left in the bush administration, it didn't seem like there was a concerted effort against justice
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there were some oppositions along it's way >> at any point in time, we have oppositionnal parties here, we're so intense in our political reality that democrats are fighting for their side. republicans are going hard right on their side and there doesn't seem to be move for compromise. yet we have a president who likes bee the author tearian personality. he got 46% of the vote. he's going down this road right now of being hard right. he is, we need to interpret him very clearly that he's going to do what he said he was going to do. and that's how he's acting and i think that's the way this is going to go. >> the gop will vote to nominate him and approve him and we know the democrats will fight against him. where are the american people in all of this? at w
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together and work together? >> well, that is the key question, of course, and i think what you're releasing getting at with this question is with trump having 46% of the vote and winning, how many people actually voted for him and liked his style, liked t fact that he was aabrasive but felt that he would moderate once he became president? and he wouldn't build a wall? he might not go for this immigration ban and would be much more reasonable. but trump seems to feel that he is the authorityian personality and is going hard right, conservative and i think that's going to make this country go right at each other in a divided situation is going to continue >> before we let you go, president trump told senate republicans if you have to go nuclear make it happen. do you see it going in that direction >> i do. i don't think he's going to get 60 votes and i thi t
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going to help themselves in the short run. but when you don't have 60 votes situation, that can be very dangerous going down the road and extremely dangerous with somebody like donald trump. who we don't know how well he's going to do with a lot of those people did vote for him and now might be thinking, well, what did i really get with this president? >> thanks so much for joining us. what was appreciate your perspective. it is no secret, donald trump like to say take on the media. he's called major tv networks and newspapers fake news. he requested all of the broadcast networks cover the announcement. >> that's no big deal. we see that quite often and they won't always comply with the requests moving on. so at this point, we'll bring in the media and politics for piloto we're going to get to her in just a moment. when you talked about
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presser. you heard right there in president trump's announcement. i hope the press is fair, we know the press can be awfully unfair. sometimes when you talk about that, president trump in the past, if you say don't like his tie, turns around, press is being unfair to me. >> it's subjective. >> as you guys know, maybe you don't, the media did turn out. h, a das gold covers politics for piloto and a contributor here at fox 5, thanks so much for joining us. >> everybody apeace the president and how do you think it worked out for the big supreme court announcement? >> i think donald trump got the moment he wanted to. all the networks and cable networks carried the address live. they broke into their prime time lineups and that's probably exactly what he wanted and so far the reception from most
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people, politicians and conservatives, have been quite positive. in terms of the media probably worked out well >> yesterday, there was in his news going around and wherever it started, i who knows, but they said they were bringing in both the gorsuch and bringing in judge hardiman from western pennsylvania, they were both coming down to dc. they were going to set up an apprentice like announcement. it was pretty basic. seems like do you think that was something that was -- was deliberately planted in the media or do you think that was just sort of a build-up because this is donald trump? >> donald trump is a show man. he loves to do these types of things he talks about. he paraded his secretary of state possibilities all in front of the media. he had dinner with mitt romney. it's not a surprise this is floated in some way that they were both going to be coming to washington. even described by some administration sources as a
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purposesful facto keep the suspense building, there were some reports before the actual announcement that it was going to be the judge, and ultimately, that true but most didn't pick up on it perhaps because we know he doesn't make decisions until last minute even with the vice president he was debating till the last moment whether or not mike pence should be it >> donald trump aside, have there been other instances where we're seeing a president called on the media to let them speak in prime time and the media did not you know, apeace their wishes? >> that happened to president obama, former president obama. healthcare affordable care act. and networks refused and so he had to do at this time from i think from the rose garden the next day. there are times and the networks do not comply with them. i think something like
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pretty big deal. >> absolutely. >> hadas goll thank you very much. a senate panel strutt confirm president trump's nomination for secretary of state. he handled how to the oxon exxon former ceo congressional republican and democrats over donald trump's executive order on immigrants and refugees >> meantime the executive order is causing an uproar out there. more legal challenges are now on the way. several states are suing the trump administration including virginia, washington state, massachusetts and new york all challenging the president's executive order. fox 5 caught up with virginia governor terry mcaullife today to ask him about that lawsuit. >> virginia already costing us business, i was notified yesterday,
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were coming over for site visits for overseas, cancelled the trip. they weren't from the seven countries but there's a appeal all over the globe, i'm not going to america now. i don't know if i'm going to be impacted. >> his action is a violation of the equal protection claws, establishment claws and due process, he violated our constitution, shredding the united states constitution. >> civil rights group and some other states are also suing to stop that executive order. let's move on and talk about something like we can agree is political has nothing to do with democrats or republicans. and has to do with the president. he arrived a dover air force base a short time ago to honor the return of a fallen u.s. navy seal killed in raid in yemen, william ryan owens died in a raid in al-qaeda in yemen. u.s. central command said four others were injured. 14 al-qaeda operatives were killed. again, nonpolitical here, chief petty officer owens is a nave of
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in virginia beach. he was 36 years old. we very much appreciate and respect his sacrifice. >> absolutely. we do. let's check in with sue palka. talk about the forecast. sue. felt a little bit colder today. >> it did, felt damn. didn't it? we had a lot of clouds around, so very little sunshine, but even with the clouds and with that dampness in the air from little ripples of energy coming on by, we got up to 51 and we did that at 6:00. dulles at 51. bwi, 49. we're not quite there yet. temperatures around the region still at 51 in the district. 47 at dulles, 43 at martinsburg, without the sun. it definitely feels colder than that. big day tomorrow. what are we going to expect out of punxatauney phil for groundhog day? that depends on whether or not he sees his shadow. if he does see his shadow, we're going to have six more weeks of winter and i'll sign on the dotted line for that. tomorrow not terribly wintery. about 38 degrees to start our thursday
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noon with a breeze beginning to pick up, and while we'll have more sunshine tomorrow, we're not really going to get quite as warm as we did at least the way it's looking right now, should be closer they don't 47 on our thursday. and that will be the last relatively mild day for a few days, because then we start turning on down friday, saturday sunday it's colder. still watching a little mix of rain or snow showers on sunday, it is not looking like anything that's going to be disruptive especially with a temperature of 41, anything that's snow with would melt. monday, 50, tuesday, 52 with a chance of rain, and wednesday, we're pushing 60. with a chance of rain back in the forecast. february is starting out nice and easy although we will have a little bit of a colder weekend coming up this time around. shawn, jim, back to you. >> wednesday looks good. thank you, sue. a small business owner is facing a backlash all because he met with the president. the owner of taylor gourmet joins us next, 5at630 will be right back. .
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sflfrments how far is too far? there's local dc sandwich chain and his owner is getting a lot of flack, he attended a small business meeting at the white house with president trump. that's all he did. >> now, taylor gourmet is facing a barrage of bullying. tom fitzgerald talked with the owner. fitz what did he have to say? >> reporter: we thought we agreed on fact they liked sandwiches, but politics again seems to be driving people apart. here's what's going on. this is taylor gourmet, it's one of about dozen shops located through the dc. the owner of taylor gourmet is a guy by the name of casey patent. he got call to visit the white house on monday to take
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a business round table with the president, donald trump. casey patent goes down to the white house, casey participates in this round table of small businesseses, watches the president sign an executive order, that's casey right there to the left of president trump. you can see him in there in the meeting in the roosevelt room as well. well, what happened was as soon as that video started getting around, casey patent and taylor gourmet is starting to get twitter hate on social media, on facebook, from people showing pictures and deleting their taylor aps saying they were never going to shop or eat lunch there again. and generally harassing and bullying this company because their owner went to the white house to talk about small business growth. after that meeting was over, the other day, pat ten came out and told people clearly why he went to the white house. listen to what he had to say
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than to be able to spend with the president whose eyes and ears are open to the issues we have as small businesses, one trying to grow, two trying to bring employees in. and three trying to navigate the regulations that have been set before. >> reporter: so you know, we talked to the company today. a lot of this was harassing in nature. some of it was threatening, they say they've contacted law enforcement. there is a silver lining. they said since this started getting going, they've received a lot of support from people as well. from members of congress tweeting out pictures of them buying a lunch at taylor gourmet today they even got a tweet from jose an dres, he's somebody whose name has the not been all that chummy with donald trump. i believe there was a lawsuit went down because he pulled his restaurant out of the trump international hotel.
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trump had strong things to say about jose, if there is a silver lining, the emotional at taylor gourmet are in the messages of support they've gotten from people >> thank goodness for that. it's frustrating to see the folks lashing on the at him just because he had a simple meeting. he was there to hear about regulations that will help small business owners. leave it alone. i'm glad he's getting support >> it's a matter >> shawn, he said >> well, they said, one of the push-backing they were getting was the fact that he was at that executive order signing. when they explained us to us, they say listen, we weren't even supposed to be in there. we were in the roosevelt room across the hall. we kind of just got into the oval office. the original plan wasn't for him to be there, just kind of went off like a tidal wave and wound upstanding center stage next
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donald trump. >> if nothing else, everybody knows who taylor is now. thank you, fitz. >> it's frustrating things like that. we've had casey on the show before. a he was just as excited to meet president obama as president trump. there you go. >> so you know that saying if you need a friend in washington, you got to find a dog? politics and puppies mixing, ronica. >> you know what? i'm going to find way to make it happen. first cocktails now puppies, it somehow ties into the president of the united states. look how cute he is. check out the leash. steelers. i'll tell you what i'm talking about. coming up after the break.
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it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. politics gone to the dogs >> ronica cleary here to explain. so many moving pieces to this story but it comes together. >> reporter:
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in the 5:00 hour, i left petey out of the tour for the whole first part of this, this is 5at630. how did we get to this point? there is a company called t 3 based in texas, want they noticed is that when donald trump tweets about a store, a company, that company is probably publicly traded, the stock will lose value for a short period of time. and a he thought what if we shorted the stock and made money and did something good with that money? take a listen to them explain it. while i give petey a few more treats >> earlier this month, his toyota tweet tanked the stock. it shorted the second after his tweet as the stock tanked we closed our short and made a profit. huge profit. and we donated other profits here. now when president trump tweets, we save a puppy.
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they're doing, they're giving their money to the aspca. and what we learned it's located in new york city, we found an amazing animal, like. this one is based in arlington, lucky dog animal rescue and they help place dogs all over the dmv and we thought how can we not have a dog while doing this story? if you're interested in adopting petey, you can, and to tell you a little bit more about the extended forecast he actually couldn't tell me how much money they've donated to the aspca, if you're really into math, i guess you can work backwards and then figure out how theiring a gabor rhythm works and making money off of shorting these stocks, they did say that after a recent tweet posted about delta, just two days ago there was a protest at the airports and how donald trump responded, they said they made four and a half % return. and giving it to a good cause. >> petey looks l
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ronica. >> she's wearing him out. >> petey made my jack look like he likes me too. >> right >> sweet little guy. >> you get the gold star today, ronica. that's serious reporter involvement there. >> he's so sweet. and we're having a lot of fun out here. >> excellent. >> thanks, ronica. what does your musical taste reveal about your politics >> we'll take a clear look when the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪ ♪ >> we're not going to worry about that. we're got play a little game to end the show >> we're going to talk about music as it relates to politics. if you like certain songs, maybe
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democrat >> did you know that born free by kid rock served as a backdrop for an successful campaign >> i did know that. >> how about this one? george w bush used i won't back down at his 2000 campaign events. tom petty threatened to sue and later played the song live at al gore's house after he conceded the election. >> one candidate use that is song. speak of al gore, he chose you ain't seen nothing yet. and then hillary clinton in her first bid in 2008 used taking care of business. >> very interesting. >> this is an iconic one here. >> texas businessman ross pero might be the unlikely choice of crazy campaign back in 1992. >> one more, neil young. donald trump dec
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rocking in free world as his campaign slogan back in 2015 >> i thought he used kenye west >> imagine that no. >> kenye. >> thanks for joining us tonight, everybody.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: this is not crying wolf. this is for real. beyonce pregnant with not one but two kids in an announcement with a bizarre picture? >> coachella is ruined! >> yeah, i don't know what they're going to do. >> she's the headliner at coachella. shiez going to be, what, six months pregnant. >> she will waddle out on stage. it will be cute! >> kim kardashian is in new york city to finally meet with a french judge about a french robbery case. the judge and the attorneys actually traveled over. harvey: does the judge travel for farrah abraham? >> nope. harvey: does the judge travel for kesha? >> yes. harvey: ha about coolio? [laughter] >> we have now learned why s


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