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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 8, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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president's pick for attorney general still in limbo following one of those all nighters >> we've got a lot of tweets and one of the reasons is, i'll throw it out right now if you want to join, president trump said on campaign trail he wanted to make america great. we asked today what would it take to america to be great again >> we want to hear from you democrat senators fighting to decampaign trail jeff sessions.
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democrats challenge republicans today by, reading a letter that scott king rotate to congress in in 1986, ironically, they silenced elizabeth warren for doing the same thing. >> sons and brothers >> mr. president >> senator impugned the motives of our colleague from alabama. senator warren said senator sessions has used the power of his office to chill the exercise of his office. i call on the senator to rule >> mr. president? >> that is how senator warren started off the speech reading a letter from scott king in 1996 she wrote congress to ask them to oppose a nomination of jeff sessions.
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the federal bench would irreparably damage the work of her husband, dr. martin luther king junior. >> that's what this is about. she wrote a powerful letter about an important moment in history that directly involved jeff sessions and is directly relevant to the question of whether or not jeff sessions ought to be the attorney general of the united states. >> i don't know what image mcconnell's intent was to silence her. it certainly took on its own whole new thing, immediately after she left. she went and read that speech on facebook live. she still got the message out y >> it started a big movement the there were three democrats who read this today, but mcconnell is saying because this has been a pattern of behavior on senator warren part in the past. she is has a house following out there. >> silencing what they call the rebuick of warren sparked several hash
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look at some of these, this is senate majority leader you are a national disgrace voters will remember liz, what a pathetic leader you are. >> and blatant sexism when warren can't read letter and banner sands can? >> what is the point of confirmation hearings if you can't recall into question of the unethical actions of a nominee >> thanks for being an amazing senator, #let liz speak >> there were a bunch them. we also saw the other ones, which they were also talking about she persisted. >> that was the text in what -- what image mcconnell said on the senate floor. one thing we keep talking about, i'm ready to campaign for senator warren's presidential right now. there are people out there who love her and people who do not like her at all. >> there were people who said that even though he did this this actually gave her a much larger platform.
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people who were saying, again, this could lead to a presidential run in 2020. let's move on. as you see elizabeth warren continue the tweets on the bottom of your screen when we talked about what does it take to make america great again. one day after being confirmed as secretary of education, betsy devos talked to her department staff. fox 5 tom fitzgerald live with more on this one. fitz, it was sort of like meeting the new boss, exactly that's what it was >> it was a lot like meeting the new boss. understand the dynamic. you have all of these career employees of the department of education, who many of them worked under president obama now meeting their now new secretary of education, betsy devos. it's not secret here. her confirmation hearings did not go as well as they would have liked and that's being kind. she was confirmed by that vote of 51
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joining in. so clearly, there was an odd dynamic in this room. she tried to kind of get things off on a little hor friendly start. along those lines, she wanted to tell a joke. she made this one referencing that moment when she said some schools might need guns because of bears. listen to this. >> let's turn now to recent headlines. there's no need to pull any punches, for me personally, the confirmation process and the drama it engendered and a bit has been a bit of a bear. >> reporter: so couple laughs. quickly moved into policy. >> the big issue was the previous statements of betsy devos made over the years as a hard line critic of public school education. she is now in
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federal department in charge of public school education. so she did address that and this is what she had to say in regards to her difference of opinion, she's now in charge of here at the department of education. >> let's turn to recent headlines. there's no need to pull any punches. for me personally, this confirmation process and the drama it engendered has been a bit of a bear. >> i got to tell you, that joke didn't get any funnier the second time we heard it. that was not what you were supposed to hear. what she did talk about over and over again was addressing this difference of opinion between what she has said and the mission of this department. so we have one more piece of sound of her talking to her employees here about how she's going to move forward with this
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are clearly trying to work through at this point >> to everyone on this team, my challenge to you is simple. think big, be bold and act to serve students. and i will promise you this. together, we will find new ways in which we can positively transform education. >> shawn and jim, after this was all over, we will tell you there was a smuterring of applause. she came into the crowd, took pictures, shook hands. a lot of those career employees at the department of education simply walked out of the room and went back to their jobs. while some did enthusiastically greet her today to be honest with you, a large number we saw just simply left after the whole thing was over >> i think we will see educators parents from around the country hold her accountable and stay on top of it as
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forward. >> how many people do you think out there know who the secretary of education was during the obama administration at this point? this is probably the most visible secretary of education we've had in long time >> i would suggest a lot knew who arnie duncan was. a lot of these departments which this city in the last couple weeks whipped itself into a frenzy are not on the tips of people's tongues. betsy devos is a lightening rod right now. maybe down the line if education gets more tension in this country, that could be good. i'm looking for silver linings. but you're absolutely right in what you say. a lot of the hype and the attention and the outrage here where was this a year ago when all of these problems that face the education system in this country didn't magically appear in the last three weeks? >> you got it right. thank you, fitz.
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travel ban could come by the end of the week, but president trump said he doesn't know why the decision is taking so long. he's in disbelief the hearing has to go on in first place >> it's no the like, again, a bad high school student would understand this. anybody would understand this. suspend the entry of all aliens for any class of alien as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens, so you can suspend the aliens, but you can suspend the aliens from coming in. strong. war imposed on the entry of aliens, any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. >> he's talking about his immigration ban and the fact that it is going to court system right now. melanie transportation reporter for the joins us. thanks for joining us. it is highly unusual for any
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like this on one of his orders especially when it's being decided. what do you think donald trump gained from sort of going after these pellet judges? is this donald trump being donald trump >> we've seen him doing this repeatedly when he feels attack he punches back. this isn't the first time we heard hematocrit size the judicial system. he criticized chief justice roberts on the campaign trail saying he's a disaster for the conservative party. and of course, last summer, he criticize the judge overseeing the trump university case and questioned his credibility. so it's not entirely surprising for trump himself but scholars and leaders do say it is highly unusual for a sitting president to be criticizing a judge that's overseeing one of his own policies. >> by the way because of the decision on individual mandate in which he sided with the -- with the majority, let's talk about kneel gorsuch. here he
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visits to senators. met with boomenthal out of connecticut and confirm by those so-called shirpas. >> the attacks on the judicial shears are demore likely lizing >> i think there's two things at play this is a private conversation, not something he said. he knows he needs to get democrat support in order to get confirmed by the senate. that could be playing into it and he wants to show he's not going to be a puppet for trump because he's been nominated by him. >> it will be interesting to see what mr. trump has to say about mr. gorsuch. >> if anything. >> melanie thanks for coming in. similar discussion is also taking place in montgomery county maryland. the county executive county council
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rejects the trump administration's immigration policy. >> the county hasn't voted to declare itself a sanctuary city or county for that matter. fox 5 ronica cleary is live with a little more on this side of the story. ronica? >> reporter: jim and shawn, earlier today, leaders people who assist in all different capacities they gathered. one of the messages they brought home is that silver spring montgomery county is a diverse area. you can see people gathered here tonight. this area is really busy and filled with lots of people. this is a place where america is not just a country of immigrants, this is a county of immigrants. they stress that no matter what the trump administration brings forward, nothing is going to change in montgomery county. now, what does that mean specifically? basically, the leaders who spoke today, they said that it is outside of the jurisdiction of a police officer to ask
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your immigration status when you're pulled over in a routine traffic stop. that will not happen in montgomery county. now, when asked for some clarification, a little more detail on what it is a police officer or what they may or may not in montgomery county, they said here's the thing that makes montgomery county different. if you have really done something wrong, if you're deem to be a threat to the community, they will certainly share that information. take a listen to what the council president said in this clarification. >> if there are people of that done criminal acts in our county, that information is shared as it must be with our state and the statement shares it with the federal government. we don't withhold information that is proper for people to ask. >> now, one of the speakers today, he spoke about areas
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you are undocumented, you could be safe. speakers today said that in the new administration, you might feel fearful for your life. you might go into the shadows go hungry, these are the thing they were suggesting as outcomes of what the trump administration put forward, whether or not you agree something that was delivered to the people who attended. right now, the counties that have really opened their arms and said that we're not going to necessarily immediately comply or ever comply with executive actions from the trump administration, prince george's county, montgomery county and baltimore city. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, i don't know if you heard this at home, but we got snow on the way. >> really? it does seem a little hard to believe. >> because it's 60 degrees right now. >> it's a brief interruption between our record heat. even as we once again had another record today, shawn and jim, getting up to 74, we're going to get
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system and a quick shot of cold air and we may hit 70 over the weekend. meanwhile, is this the warmest temperature we've had in february since 2012. 74 you have to go back to february 18th, dulles and bwi in the record books, we're watching the approach of a storm system that will bring snow tomorrow morning, it will begin as rain after midnight. all of these pink areas and the red are winter storm warnings and blizzards in red. we have winter weather advisories for northern suburb for an inches or two, we might get a coating. you have to again get to the colder spots and higher elevations to our north and west. we're getting off easy, four to eight inches for philadelphia, upping some of the snow totals here, maybe a foot for new york city and boston. this gets going later tonight, and by tomorrow morning, if we're going to get that one to two inches, it should be on the ground by about 8:00 in the morning and the colder air comes in and bitter wind chills
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it but it is going to be quick because we're going to see things getting warmer again as we get to saturday at 60, 70 sunday and a whole lot of melting going on. watch yourself tomorrow morning, looks like the worst of this will be between about 5:00 and 9:00 in the morning and then we bring in the cold air. that's your seven-day. >> if we can keep winter like this >> i'm taunting my friends in boston right now. wait till you see the weather here. >> they might be in a foot of snow tomorrow. >> i know. >> yikes. >> president trump accused media of under reporting terrorist attacks overseas. critics are pushing back on this. we're going to break down the facts versus fiction when 5at630 comes right back. >> we have an update on the search for a missing teenager girl and her son. >> look sod good like a leopard. there's a medical emergency.
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6:48 on wednesday. during his first visit to the u.s. central command, president trump accused the press of deliberately
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attacks. >> he described as executed or inspired by isis, they say the media did not give those attacks sufficient attention. politics and media reporter for politico. thanks so much for being here. when we look at that list of 78, what's fact versus fiction, did the media under report these so-called terrorist attacks? >> it's really interesting on that list, there's some attacks that have become so well-known just by the location, orlando, paris, niece, berlin, these are all places that people immediately think of the orlando night club attack. at little bit disingenuous to say they're under reported. there were also attacks in far away country that is maybe the media and the united states didn't -- they might have reported or mentioned them but didn't cover them as intensely. it happens.
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some were suggesting white house perhaps knew we were going to stay home, of course we covered it. what that put that back in the news cycle and what they're trying to say this immigration ban that is top and continuing to talk about. >> when you go back down the list, hadas, the point is they made time and time again when talk about boston, 911, you talk about these terror attacks again involving nations outside the realm of this order, that's currently suspended and then of course, sean spicer. we all now, sean spicer is saying the atlanta islamic attack, there was never one >> there's been a few of moments of the administration officials speaking, which, i mean, everybody understands, every now and then, however, they are white house
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they say is held up to a higher standard than taking the government's word. just like they say, does the media be careful and not do fake news? it's taking the administration a little harder in terms of >> make sure we're not being faked out. hadas gold, appreciate it. one campaign promise voters can't seem to put their finger on yet. >> i think it will take longer than donald trump's tenure for him to make america great again >> how long do you think it will take for the president to, in his words make america great again? we take you to the streets when we come back.
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before the president took office. some said four years to turn it around, 10% say two years. this is obviously something out there we went out to get the pulse of the people to see what you had to say. >> how long it will take for him to make america great again? >> depends on the press. i don't think we ever make america great again. i don't think we're -- i don't know how to answer that question. >> i don't think it's going to happen. he'll be out before that happens. >> he seems more interested in helping out his billionaire donators than helping out the little guy. >> interesting. >> we threw it out on twitter, 57% said it was great, 15% say it happened on election day, seven % say one year, 21 percent four year >> we appreciate all of this. keep them coming house the
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. sent sheriffs tumbling at first. he said my daughter ivanka has been treat sod unfairly. she's a great person always pushing me to do the right thing, terrible, of course. this comes after the company announced it would stop selling the accessory lines, it just wasn't selling but it was retweeted by the president's official accounts share ended up closing up about five %. former vice president joe biden with a new job, ivy league professor is joining u penn where it will lead the center for diploma mace and, he says he wants to promote and protect the post world war ii international order that keeps the u.s. safe and strong. re >> a lot wondered what he would be doing after he left washington >> keep it close to delaware.
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amtrak passenger you wonder will joe get on this one. >> here you go. >> we'll see you guys tonight at 10:00. >> have a good night. ♪♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i don't get it, but people are trashing lady gaga because of the way she looked. i thought she looked great. >> she finally heard, i heard my body is a topic of conversation so i wanted to say i'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. the majority of things i did see were not women, they were all men. harvey: why are you saying they're all men? >> the ones you put on the website were all men. harvey: except the names could be other way. >> i'm a man one, two, three, four. >> beyonce, she's going to be at the grammys. we're told she's going to be taking it easier. the coachella producers are going to be watching this performance because depending on what happens here, there's is still a few months away. harvey: is there any possible way of gauging how pregnant she is by watching her on this performance? >> oh, you'll be able to tell. it's like the rings of a tree. >> o.t. genasis is doing a


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