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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and that's it for "fox5 local news at 10". news at 11 starts now. right now at 11:00 after two days of record breaking heat we are officially changing seasons overnight. and snow is on the way and i'll let you know what to expect. >> plus, a local coach facing disturbing charges and tonight investigators wants to know if there are more vick films throughout. >> and tense moments during a house fire what firefighters went top to rescue an elderly woman. your news start right now. >> let's get right to. it we hope you enjoyed today's spring like temperatures because there's winter weather headed our way. thanks for staying us with i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> it's hard to believe much of the area could see snow overnight and it might cause problems for morning commute. sue palka has latest update here she is with more.
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>> tony, timing is bad for the morning commute. now listen there's no question that is right warm air we had today and yesterday will limit accumulations and we believe as storm approaches heavy burst of snow between 5 and 8 in the morning and that's when we may get the bull of being of this and even if it doesn't stick it may be hard to drive in because the rate at which it falls makes visibility challenges as it is it stats rain and may begin in a few areas by midnight and begins 1 to 3 in the morning and then dhaivrps to snow north and west and that's why we have so many winter storm warnings that you see in pink for heavier amounts of snow and norm of the district wiptser weather advisories. in the purple areas that's where you have a chance of seeing a delay. but i really hope you did your homework because if this moves through fast enough there might not be much going on in many of these areas after 8 or 9 in the morning and but could be definitely a challenge to drive around in those hours between
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between 1 and 3 in the morning and might be earlier maybe midnight and rain changes to snow before sunrise and even if not down to freezing we could see snow. a lot would melt off pavement. if it's heavy enough i think hours between 5 and 8 could be challenging to say the least and visibility may be not only something you will have to deal with but possibly slick spots if it falls heavy enough to cover roads mainy north. the jackpot surprise towards frederick, martinsburg, hagerstown, west mipster and cumberland and you see 4:00 in the morning we're raining in the district and see snow north and west and then off a i sudden we drop 6:00 in the morning to 34 district and we're snowing by the time we get to 8 a lot is pushing east we still have snow showers lingering tomorrow afternoon. more on that and the temperature change we're expecting in a little bit. shawn. >> thank you, sue. >>
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right now in fairfax country a manhunt is underway in vienna and it started with some sort of theft at a parking garage in tyson's corner and an officer spotted suspect's car tried to pull it over near intersection of boys avenue and besly road and the two people inside the car got out and ran. police are still looking for them. >> and developing in laurel, maryland a youth athletics coach surprise accused of sexually a salting a family member and another young woman tonight police tell thus may be more vuk items. >> we're live at the boys and girls club in laurel, maryland the man facing these sex assault rp chas has been volunteering as a football coach the past few years. while accused of victimizing women parents that accepted children here find this news disturbing and as you said, police are concerned there could be more victims out there and they want anyone with information to contact them.
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>> and better not step foot on this property. you know? i don't care if he was not found guilty or not. to me we don't need that kind of -- we don't need that around here. it's terrible. i heard a little of what took place and i could not believe. it. >> will bert nickelson is vice-president of boys and girls club in laurel and his nephew was on coach warner murphy football team this past fall and murphy is facing kharns of second degree rain and number of sex offenses and 18-year-old relative tells police she was sexually assaulted by him almost daily since never. a friend of of teen says she was also sexually assaulted by murphy. and for the past three years coach murtyfy as known at the laurel boys and girls club coached boys ages 6 to 8 years old on the foot bam field and he even created go fund me for the kids to travel to the national championship in 2015 season and we're in the off season now but at bs indicate ball practice tonight the
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whether convicted or not, murphy will never be welcome to coach with them again and he passed background check but with allegation this serious in home life the club will not take chances having him around kids. >> there was no lags or anything that would indicate that any of this type of stuff was going on. you know, we focus on the kids. and we focus on mentoring. as much as we like to on our doors to volunteers if we catch window this type of stuff they'll have to volunteer somewhere else or in another manner. it's not worth the risk. >> commissioner called a meeting with the parents to make them aware of what has taken place. it didn't happen and here the club deposit have anything to do with it but the fact he was coach here we just want to bring it to their attention you know because people panic when you find out somebody like this was dealing
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>> murphy was released on 100,000 bond and is due in court march 1. live in laurel, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> police in the district are investigating a scary discovery made this morning at a d.c. high school an a 17-year-old student at blue high school in south east was arrested for trying to bring a gun into the school. and the weapon was found by officers at a security check point and no one was injured in that incident. >> d.c. firefighters rescued a 95-year-old woman trapped on second floor of home in southeast. the fire start around 8 p.m. zenia street. "fox5" marina marraco has the story. >> fire crews tonight confirm the fire started in the kitchen and they believe it was accidental. thankfully everyone made it out safe. i could not do anything was helpness. >> benjamin heard the smoke alarm and ran up from the basement and the kitchen was on fire a t
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cabinets. >> there's a female inside. 89 south east. >> there's a frying pan caught on fire. >> he called 911 his 9 5-year-old mother trapped upstairs and smoke too dense to read the second story. >> no id tags we have people trapped. >> she was sitting on her bed she was able to talk and yell to us but not move. we could tell she was not going to be awake much longer. >> they feared she was losing conscious ntion and climbed this outside ladder and came in through the window and second is unit deployed through interior stairs and were timely able to rescue her from the burning house. >> you knew she had airway. >> i'm thankful they got here the way they did and helped her and helped me. >> and miss haskell was taken to an area hospital in serious condition and however she's expected to make a full recovery. so
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south east d.c., marina marraco, "fox5" local. >> sky fox over the scene of large barn fire in montgomery county, maryland. you can see mrumz of smoke there. the fire started 7:0 this evening at the barn 1100 block of of sugarloaf in dickerson fortunately no people or animals wereed in and no word what sparked the fire. >> after weekends of tense debate the senate officially confirmed senator jeff sessions to be the next attorney general and democrats ripped sessions over ties to president trump and his record on several rights and immigration and also tried to derail sessions nomination by leading a letter that coretaa scott king wrote to congress in 1986 and it criticized the sessions voting right issues and senate republicans voted to silence elizabeth warren as she read from the letter and critics mraingtsed move in as sexist and anti free speech. meanwhile employees at the department of education met their new boss today. betsy devos tlivrd
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remarks at secretary of education. democrats tried to block her nomination and she was confirmed with tie breaking vote cast by vice-president mike pence. during her remarks the secretary of education talked about a fresh start and trying to find new ways to help students. while we may have disagreements we can and must come together and find common ground and put the needs of students first to everyone on this team my challenge to you is simple. think big. be bold, and act to serve students. and i will promise you this, together we will find new ways in which we can positively transform education. >> protesters garaged outside the department of education while devos was speaking. prosecutors dropped charges against three more people arrested on inauguration day. police initially arrested 20 demonstrators after windows were broken out of businesses and firese
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we charged them with felony rioting punishable with ten years it in prison. some journalists were arrested while cover demition stras is. people are looking for the two people that set the limo on fire. >> still to come, sex, drugs and politics? >> the former mayor of fairfax, virginia heads to court whavrment we learned about the charges he is facing and how his attorneys want to wrap this case up. >> and local police jumped into action after the spokeing a person trapped inside a burning car. we'll have the details when we return
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>> a 32-year-old clinton man is alive thanks to three sheriffs officers trapped in a burping car last week crane highway waldorf and one officers with assisted with dwi arrest at nearby car dealership when he heard a collision and when officer pulled out of the parking lot he spotted suv that had hit a pole and at that point it was completely engulfed in flames. and here's a picture now the three officers who came to the aid of the driver they are
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scadray, christopher morris and don cabala we are happy to name them they worked together and pulled the man to safety and was taken to the hospital with several injuries he's expected to make a full recovery. and the former mayor of city of fairfax was in court to face drug charges. scott silverthorne waived his right to a preliminary nary hearing. his attorney does not expect the case to go to trial. alexander limone complains why. >> scott silverthorn appeared in court for drug charges after former fair tax city mayor was busted in undercover sting. he's aus kood of trading meming for sex. >> i've known scott since 16 years old and his parents were neighbors of ours on our street scott sppt a lifetime serving the sit yes and was dedicated and capable led leader with respect to city council and community. and it's
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situation. we wish scott personally the very best in addition to scott silverthorne life long friend david meier was fairfax councilman when he was mayor and they elected meyer to be unofficial results show him as winner with 42% of vote. >> i'm hoping my election will help us recapture our self confidence and help us to focus on or future and move us forward. >> on wednesday silverthorn showed one ebb terage of people support he's of the man that served for more than two decades as fairfax sipty councilman and mayor. in court they dropped the mcdonald's charges for possession of drug paraphernalia. but silverthorn faces so many charges for allegedly trading drugs for sex when under the law is the same as selling drugs. silverthorn's
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think it will make it to trial. it is scheduled for circuit court mar 13. >> how would you describe that. >> we're trying to decide at this time. >> meanwhile meyer is brainstorming plans for city as newly elected mayor. >> we're a city built out in the 19 50s and 60s and a lot of our housing stock is aiming an a lot of commercial centers are old and we need to repossession the city by bringing in new private capital investment. >> alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> all right. 11:16 still 5 outside. >> still warm. >> mainly -- still 53 degrees outside. >> we'll see snow but gary calls it white rain. it's not thick it may stick to the grass a little but the pavement is so warm because of what we had the last couple days. >> something to see it we will be beautiful and may b
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heavy. and we think it's windy tomorrow, too. i don't feel like we paid enough attention to that. wind blowing snow around. could be again checking morning commute. not bad after for evening commute but we have not eliminated snow showers from the afternoon too and sometimes those can be pretty vigorous especially when strong wind coming through and oh, it's about that temperature and will be hard to overcome warm air although the storm system looks like it will do it and we expect rain which is beginning now across the area to changeover. but it's still 5 in district as shawn mentioned and it's 48 gauge rzburg and even in normally cold and northern erin western suburbs still in mid 40s. to be honest that was expected and this forecast is on track. it's pittsburgh that has the cold air and as the storm system crosses mountains it brings cold air with. it columbus 29 and chicago 20. new york city i hope they're about
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them. they'll have tough travel philly, boston, and we start to see the rain beginning in foreign suburbs and also down to south and west. it's very light so just wet for now and as we go through the overnight hours closer to 3, 4:00 in the morning and this khavrps over. changeover is happening towards garrett country and you see that out there. pittsburgh is getting snow and that's swinging through our area once the cold air pulls on in and the storm starts moving over to the delmarva. that changes snow over to rain and again heaviest snow will be norm of us and want to show you two different ways of lookinging at the♪ amounts. again, coating to maybe inch on grassy areas for d.c., prince george county and over to fairfax country and most point south. i'm not sure you'll see more out of southern maryland you certainly have better storms more recently. inp are two as you getnt
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winter weather add vusry areas and jackpot along the mason dixon line two to 6" to hagerstown, then pan handle and then moun taps. 6 to 9". this is different look inhouse model we'll starthis at 1:00 in the morning and it's saying two tenth s of of inch of snow and run this to 6:00 in the morning and gives again heavier snow totals north and has us half inch by 6:00 in the morning and maybe 1.6 dulles and some areas enough snow for two hour delays until schools can see what's going on with the snow. but by the time we get to noon hour notice we only gotten half in. in the district. maybe tenth on grass down to the south and inch per annapolis and 1.5 baltimore and close to heavier snow just up through pennsylvania. it will be interesting to watch this i mentioned winds. i think winds will be a g big deal tomorrow. look at wind gusts tomorrow morning. first out of the east as storm is cranking. and we've got a range of 2
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41 those are wind gusts and then as we get to noon hour winds are more out of north so that's bringing in the colder air and these are gusting to 4 miles an hour and but temperatures dropping as well. by 6:00 we have strong wind going and hopefully dries everything up and expect it to feel like in teens and 20s as we go through the day tomorrow. one good thing you see on the 7 day forecast for those of who you don't like it cold or chilly on friday and bounce up by saturday 20 warmer than friday. sunday 70 with spotty shower and another great day coming and even most of next week we're featuring temperatures above average. so hang in there and be careful tomorrow and if you can postpone travel a little bit shipingz will be better after 8:00 in the morning. shawn, tony, that's your 7 day. >> thank you, sue. >> coming up next nfl owners and politics. >> as redskins star accepteding a message with instagram
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>> and catch "fox5" all morning long tomorrow we'll have up to the minute warm closures and delays. we're going on 4 a.m. and plus our own kevin mccarthy sits down with "fifty shades" darker and forget going out for valentine's day we have chefs coming in to help you make incredible meal for loved one. we'll be right back.
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>> two night the wizards played great game in huingtry lost it calfs in over time and tonight facing polar opposite worst team in the nba 9-43 felt ins. 90 plus seconds ago tied up 98. john wall slams it home 14 points and nets tie it at 100 and typeal second though, bradley beihl s
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to wall and he drives and rejected by former wizard trevor booker called for charge and guess what over time once again. over time wizards down by one and wall shot short and snatched in midair and score wizard win 114-110 in over time. shouldn't have gotten that far but that's why they play the game. >> d.c. is home to nba and nhl franchise and district two teams had most combined wins ever anyone. wizards and cavs and two and panthers they beat at 20. things are good owe round these parts. one day after redskins left desean jackson off a social media post he had own message he delivered from redskins park d jack working out when he saw the photo the team put up yesterday
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me and redskins returned with we love you. still notet. >> patriots owner craft got a lot of attention to ties to president trump. big did political research and found interest nugget between 2008 and 2014 craft donated contributions to democrats including almost 3,000 to president obama and several others and -- 38,000 to president obama. if you're curious where dan snyder donates it's towards gop and donations mostly to republicans 55,000 mitt romney and 67800 to mc dmain 2008 and symptom george allen and kicked symptom mark warner advantageous when plaguing in virginia. >> and dan rooney donated to barack obama he became am bass tore to eyre land and owner of steelers and now
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woody johnson ambassador on the way to uk. >> there you go. >> all right. >> get your donations in folks. >> that's it for us. because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i don't get it, but people are trashing lady gaga because of the way she looked. i thought she looked great. >> she finally heard, i heard my body is a topic of conversation so i wanted to say i'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. the majority of things i did see were not women, they were all men. harvey: why are you saying they're all men? >> the ones you put on the website were all men. harvey: except the names could be other way. >> i'm a man one, two, three, four. >> beyonce, she's going to be at the grammys. we're told she's going to be taking it easier. the coachella producers are going to be watching this performance because depending on what happens here, there's is still a few months away. harvey: is there any possible way of gauging how pregnant she is by watching her on this performance? >> oh, you'll be able to tell. it's like the rings of a tree. >> o.t. genasis is doing a


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