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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 10, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we have a lot of news on this friday, just a short time ago, president trump is considering signing a brand new order after an appeals court refused to reinstate his travel ban. >> as you can see this is the big story we're going to be talking about, we invite you to weigh in. we heard they were not going to appeal to the supreme court. now we're hearing they didn't might. you guys weigh in. 5at630. during a presence conference with's japanese prime minister, he responded to
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the appeals court decision not to reinstate his travel ban. here's what he had to say. >> we'll be doing something rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. you'll be seeing that some time next week. in addition, we will continue to go through the court process and ultimately i have no doubt that we'll win that particular case. >> now, again, we're hearing cricket contradicting statementsly. priebus has come out and say re said they may still consider that. the president did still reporters the white house is weighing alternatives including a new executive order that would likely change very little. here to help us break down all of this as it changes is, bruce finn a constitutional lawyer serving under president nixon and reagan. tell us from a constitutional standpoint here, when you look at what their opon
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does the trump administration have a leg to stand on at all with this order have >> well, it's very small. the court of appeals pointed out that the court covers permanent resident aliens, not immigrants who would like to travel abroad and return if they belong to these seven nationalities that is identified in the executive order, and there isn't even an arguably case that the order is too broad. indeed the white house counsel later said they really shouldn't apply to permanent resident aliens and non-immigrants who wish to travel. but he had no authority to speak on behalf of president trump. he'll have to rewrite the order if it will be legally binding. those were critical in the 9th district court of appeals upholding the prohibition. if you continue to go to the u.s. supreme court without altering those orders in the
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my judgment, unanimously >> you have been on the other side of this, what do you thinking is going on behind the scenes? first, we heard the president say, we're not going to appeal to the supreme court. then we hear the white house say, wait, hold on we may very well do this. what's gone right now >> i think you got competing fact ions, my guess is the lawyers are saying this is not the case you want to go to the supreme court on. the administration acted hastily, they didn't get expert testimony, classified information that would identify these seven countries as somehow greater security risk than others, especially when common knowledge is known that countries left off the list, egypt, saudi arabia, pakistan, they have had nationals come here and kill us. the countries on the list have had none. this is not the kind of case to go to the court and ask, what's debt
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about letting people in from countries who haven't done harm to us? this is something i think the lawyers would like. on the other hand you got politics out there and mr. trump doesn't like to look weak. never like to say lose. he calls people who back off losers. he's made statements against at the courts saying they're dumber than dumb high school students, it was politics. it wasn't law. then if he backs off and doesn't go to the supreme court because given the customary in between the branch, if he asked the supreme court to review a case which he's named as a defendant. court would grant that review. they might rule against him but they're not going to turn him aside. it would create an appearance if he backs down this phase in his own words, well, are you eating crow? you call the opinions poitics and not law >> you mentioned even if it goes to the supreme court, right now, at the court stands this could very well end up in a 4-4
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>> it wouldn't do anything other than make the 9th district court of appeals even solid er. my view also is he has been so strident in attempting to intimidate the court by basically name calling and suggesting it's not playing a role as a juryist but politics and denying his this national security power, the court is likely to want to rule unanimously because they would fear he might flout their order. i remember i was around at the time of the nixon tapes case in the 1970s, there was a similar concern that if he had any light he would flout the court's order and they ruled unanimous's against them even though he had appointed four justices on the high court. i believe that's where he gotten himself into a real box here >> we're going to wait and see what is going to come out in
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united front on the white house on this one. appreciate your insight >> lawyers for state of virginia challenged the president's executive order >> they argued the seven nation travel band violates the constitution. the judge did not make a ruling he did describe the language in the travel ban as broad and imprecise, which is what we just heard, virginia attorney general mark hiring spoke out after the hearing today. >> president trump's band was conceived on religious bigotry. utterly indifferent to the facts and it was executed with complete -- with a atlantic forethought, skill or diligence. >> the judge said there was no immediate need to rule on the virginia request because of the action by the appeals court thursday 17 other attorney generals have filed against the
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executive order >> this whole thing back and forth. just keep it here, we will keep you updated as we bet new information. meantime new reports that the white house national security advisor michael flynn privately discussed u.s. sanctions against russia. discussions with months could you's ambassador took place before he took office, were any laws broken by having these discussions, editor of the morning e-mail of the huffing ton post joining us, do you think if that discussion did, indeed happen beforehand, did that break laws >> it did in fact break laws, there's the thing called the logan act, which is a a law been around since early late 1700s. and bort if you are someone that does not have a role in the administration, which at the time, flynn did not, you were
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endeavors for the united states. and having this phone call if he did, in fact, refer to sanctions and whether or not those would be impacted in the incoming trump administration, he did, in fact, potentially violate the logan act. no one has been prosecuted so far. we heard sean spicer, they all came out. reporters pressed them on this issue and he said look, in fact, first one meeting then they learned more or more phone calls but they said this was not discussed. what, if any harm could this have done or did it do? >> he said he cannot say with 100% certainty whether or not sanctions were discussed. and weakens the credibility as the national security advisor and what happened vice president pence went out to the american public and said that flynn had no
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which reflects poorly on flynn and pence. a lot of pence's aids told politico they're unhappy with this scandal involving the vice president who, as far as he knew thought that flynn had not talked about sanctions. >> we're learning too cnn at least reporting that president trump saying that he did not know of discussions about sanctions as well. does this make it look like they're in the dark while their national security advisor is perhaps doing behind the scenes deals? >> absolutely. i think you're going to see whether or not flynn potentially resigns or fired because these kind of back door deals, whether or not trump had knowledge of it is according to the logan act illegal >> i know that the obama administration was still in the white house. there's speculation possibly this phone call, if there was, indeed, talk about sanctions, is why possibly we did not see retaliation
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after the obama administration sanction's them for hacking into the u.s. and effecting the election. have you heard talk about this >> absolutely. here's the deal. usualth when a country levies sanctions. you see similar back. the obama administration was confused in all these reports why russia did not choose to retaliate and kind of this phone conversation could be the key to all of that. >> do you think we're going to go see this thing have legs? do you think it will go much further? you said no one had been prosecuted. do you think this is something that's going to kind of go away >> i think it depends on whether or not you see mike flynn fired. if he continues to, that also lends questions about the vice president's influence in the oval office. he was forced to or to his knowledge defend mike flynn when mike flynn potentially misled him >> great to have you on. we hope you come back and join us on 5at630 in the future. let's get a check of the
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weather. gwen standing by with the icy forecast. it is cold out there. right now at least. >> it is, but you know what? we've got warmth coming your way, sarah, we're going to get rid of that. it's going to warm up. but in the meantime. let's take a look. 34 at this hour at dulles, 37 at dc, 35 at baltimore. 33 at hagerstown and martinsberg and 32 at cumberland, yes, it is cold. overnight, it will be continuing to be cold. chilly conditions cloudy skies as well. few breaks here and there. mainly clouds with overnight lows into the 30's and few 20's to our north andorthwest also. you definitely want to bundle up. big changes on our way, that's got news, once we get into tomorrow and sunday, nice rise in temperatures, by midday tomorrow, 56 degrees, it will be mild. 62 by the 4:00 hour, not too bad
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at all. and as we take a look at the fox 5 weekend forecast for you you can see that we're heading to near 70 on sunday, but we have a system to deal with. that's going to bring us just a few showers, spotty in nature, nothing going to be too heavy, heaviest rainfall will be to our north and northwest, let's have a look at the seven-day forecast. it's looking good. 53 for saturday. then mixture of sun and clouds. few showers sunday, 68 degrees, who's got complain about a little bit of rain? then we get a reality check. behind the system, right back down to the 40's and by the time we get to valentine's day, not bad for heading out at 53 degrees with a few clouds and rest overtime week, temperatures back to where we should be i'll have the chilly 40's back to you. >> thank you, gwen. president trump spending a lot of time at two locations one in the district. and the other in florida. also at trump tower in new york city. >> we're
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largo now dubed the winter white house. we want to hear from you use #5at630. dub
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second straight weekend, president trump is headed to a warm place, florida, for a little relaxation at mar lag go resort. he and japanese prime minister will meet their wives that florida. people have been asking should the president be spending more time at the white house instead? alex michaels with the "washington post" joins us. we're what three weeks into the administration. he's taken a couple of artificial intelligences down to the winter white house? is it too much? how does it compare >> traveling to places they call their winter white houses is certainly not honorable. george w bush had a ranch in
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texas, the kennedies have seen the kennedy compound. it's the scale. trump has properties around the world. also the frequency. right now, he spent two out of the four weekends he's been president in mar largo. that is a high frequency >> there's always judgment of all presidents have been gone too much, doing this too much. this is different you think though because of where he is going or why do you think it's different >> we'll see a couple of determinants of whether or not it is different about the cost to the american taxpayer, for example, a lot of watch dog groups said in total it cost obama $96 million to take the trip that is he took and the vacations that he took. i think if trump continues to keep up at this accelerated pace, we may see that kind of number that far exceeds that number and we'll see how
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plays in the political sphere complaining that obama was traveling, vacationing and golfing, he's very critical of that. he promised the voters that he would not take vacations. he would be work, work, wore for them. it will be interesting to see how those numbers add up >> as i understand, i think the cost to go down to the mar largo is about $3 million. could this be seen as different because he's taking the japanese prime minister, they're meeting their wives and couldn't this be more about building stronger relationships with foreign allies >> i think one thing we have to realize, wherever the president is the white house is. he needs to be doing business all the time. it is important to recognize that if he is doing business down there, he's plenty of conspiracies have done that in the past. harry truman spent 175 days at a location he called the little white house also in florida and he held international meetings there. it
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president owns this property, and that has played to a different -- a number of different circumstances unusual. for example, the department of defense looked into renting space in trump tower to help protect his family there. that means that the department of defense government agency is paying the president of the united states rent out of a building that he owns. it's very complicated. >> there's a lot of complikdzs here. >> highly unusual for sure. >> it will be interesting to see how this progresses throughout the next four years. thank you so much, appreciate it. do you need a job? a hotel in the district is hiring. coming up we're going to tell you some of the opportunities that are available at the brand new trump hotel in dc. we'll be right back. ack.
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at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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sids ronica went out to get the pulse of the people on this one. >> he's no longer affiliated with the trump hotel in washington, dc, his song donald trump junior is now in charge. of course, his name still takes center stage here at the hotel. and you can't help but think of him. and if you're looking for work, the place is hiring. >> looking to be a full-time bartender, engaging, accurate in your measuring and pouring and follow the appearance and grooming policy. perhaps you'd like to be a full-time revenue analyst. some of your responsibilities would include regularly collecting data and preparing reports. participating in budget and marketing plans and your time would be split between the distri
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>> if you're interested, we found them lets odd the we are team trump twitter page, and there are others. so if you are looking for a job, does the trump name make it more appealing? or is it a job a job? we took to the streets to ask you. >> if i needed a job, yeah. a major turn-off, absolutely aghast as what he's doing right now. i support anyone who's dropping out of jobs with trump and his properties or who won't apply for them >> absolutely. it would be appealing, yes. >> besides the fact that i don't work in there, i don't think i would want to be associated with trump in any way i could possibly manage >> what are your thoughts? weigh in on social media and use that #5at630. reporting in northwest, ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. there you go. jobs are available. the presidential
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revealed a huge divide in our country. wait until you hear what opposing political news did to one couple. we're have that story and more when 5at630 returns. ns.
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. we know that president trump's victory caused a lot of conflict between friends, family, coworkers and ended one couple's marriage. >> she divorced her husband because he voted for the new commander in chief. 73-year-old retired prison guard she did ended other 22 year marriage because of trump. she told righters she felt betrayed when her husband mentioned his plans to vote for him. something she claimed was a deal
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if you love someone, it doesn't matter if they have a different political view from you. you didn't have a solid marriage anyway. >> yeah. jriders hits his poll of more than 16% of people actually stopped talk to a family member or friend and 30% said they end add relationship entirely paw of it >> less than a month before her father left the white house, biden now embarked on a new journey in the fashion world. >> she created a line of hoodies called livelihood inc. she chose hoodies because they're made froming orric cotton, in the u.s., 79 and $99, she came up with the idea after talking to john than greller, all the proceeds will go directly to wilmington delaware wher
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southeast dc where she worked as a social worker. >> i think it's really, really cool that she decided to do this, and it's got a social cause component to it. >> giving back to the community. >> it will be fun to see that. >> of course you guys know, the news has been developing throughout the afternoon, there was talk first from the white house that the trump administration would appeal the travel ban all the way to the supreme court. we heard no, they wouldn't, then we heard the president say they're going to rewrite it. then we heard, no, we might appeal all the way to the supreme court. so there's going to be a lot of back and forth i'm guessing all weekend long. >> stay with us. of course we'll have the latest coming up at 10:00 and 11:00. what he ever the verdict is. it may continue into the weekend. >> we're going to be talking about the weekend forecast. gwen says it will warm up. we could be touching 70 degrees on sunday? that is awesome. tweet us and let us know how you guys will be spend, the weekend. use 5at630.
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ternet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. harvey: the mystery of the day is morgan freeman. >> our camera guy asked if he would consider ever playing an older president obama. >> i don't speak obama. harvey: don't speak obama. what are the options as to what that can mean? >> what if "don't speak obama" is the name of movie in which he's playing obama. >> the crime fighters. >> he needs his archenemy to team up with him. >> his catch phrase is, it's time for a change! >> kristin chenoweth at l.a.x. we have a modern day "footloose" situation on our hands. in oklahoma -- >> there's an ordinance, it's stopping people from having a dance because it's too close to the church. >> kevin bacon show up to this town and put this dance on and make everybody donees -- dance. >> read the bible --


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