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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> the president talked aboutsi everything from fake fuse to an immigration ban. >> and tension growing betweendo president trump and thean imm intelligence community after series of high profile leaks, p now we know lawmakers demanding answers to get to the bottom of what's goingg ansg at the white house. you can see from the run down
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what we are talking tonight at 6:30. already tweets in the cubathe police, accepted us your tweets, what's on your mind. did you watch the press conference today?ce a lot of people did judging by d social media.edia >> oh, yes. >> use the hash to go 5@6:30. 56 >> as we mention the president called this impromptu press conference today to announce new nominee for labor secretarial ex around errd er acosta. former member of the national labor relations board, he's currently dean of florida international university law school. back in 2003 president george p w. bush appointedre the harvard law grad to be the assistanttant attorney general for the civil rights division of the justice department. i was also the first hispanic assistant attorney general,rney and would become the first hispanic for cabinet position in the trump administration, there you know all about a him, he was not at that press conference this afternoon,noon which a lot of people thoughte was interesting. butwas nonetheless the president came out. he talked about for a bit and bunch of other things. >> get to that in a moment.omen point out too this is the guy who has
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senate i believe three timeselie if the past, should not be issue this time around, fromund, much more traditional government background. as opposed to pozner who capeo from the corporate world. as we saw, a lot going on. >> we are issuing new executive action, next week, that will comprehensively protect our -- so going along the one path and hopefully winning that at the same time we will be issuing a new and very comprehensive order to protect our people.ple. and that will be done some time next week for thehe beginning or middle the latest part. >> so we know that theat t president is not going to go to through the appeals court process. this is not going to be a supreme court issue even though we know we'll see the confirmation hearings start on march 20th. >> all right, interesting thing though what will happen next. democratic senator chris van v holland joins us live. thanks so much for joining us, senator.
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>> let me ask you about the breaking news the president pre made in the press conference talking about this new immigration ban he will sign sometime next week.ext are the democrats talking t about this, what is your plan, can you do anything? >> well, first of all, we'veve seen continuing chaos coming out of the white house, out of the administration. a i have no idea what's going to be in this new plan, what we we do know is that the last plan was a disaster, which is why the court put ahold on that plan. so obviously going to have to wait and but if you look at what the president has done so far, i don't hold out a whole lot of hope. but we will take a look. i mean, the reality is the rea last plan did not make us more safe. it actually provided ammunition to many of our enemies like isis. so i hopeen theem president wont continue to go down that track. >> senator, there were a lote we of people on the right who said all along because the bec courts intervened, they stepped in in this case, that paved the way to in the event that tre
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other attack, that the bloode bl so to speak would be on the t judicial system hands. what was your take away on that?that >> well, it was just another wreckless statement out of the white house, we have rule of law in this country. we look at the constitution. we apply the law. that's what multiple courts did, number every court came to the same conclusion in putting freeze on the last executive order.der. i think it was misguided from a policy perspective. i think it reduced our security, but also justust sloppy. it was messy. m and they were totally unprepared to defends it. it is just another example of the chaos coming out of this administration. ad news is theood president's previous appointment nominee for the labor department, who is anti-working people, withdrew, we will take a look at the new one going forward. >> all right, senator, another one of the big issues discussed today of course youe o know there have been all sort of allegations about the trump
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campaign members, ties to russia. take a listen to what the president had to say, then i will have a question for you on the other side. >> you can talk all you want about russia. which was all, you know, fake k news, fabricated deal to try and make up for the loss of the democrats. i own nothing in rush a i have no loans in russia. i don't have any deals in russia. >> all right, so what do you make of this? so all kind of wke o allegation th his campaign staffers were in in talks with russian operatives, of course, we know about his former campaign manager, we know mike flynn made thoseynn calls before he was in office. where do you guys stands on this one? >> well, that's right.hat' look, this is not a question of speculation. we now know on the record thatt there were multiple conversations between tie level trump campaign folks, and the russians.sian we know that general flynn met with the rusan
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after the election talked about re leaving the sanctions, that had been putn p on because of russian interference, on behalf off donald trump.dona and then he later lied about that to the public. lat he lied about it to the president of the unitedied abhe states, looks u like he liede about it to the f.b.i. beforee trying to backtrack, these are very serious issues for all americans, regardless every political party. and that's why you have republicans joining democrats in calling for ans join investigation, both in the intelligence committees, but i also believe we need an independent commission, so thehe public has confidence in the process. >> how quickly do you think we will see an investigation,tiga something like that begin? >> apparently there is already an ongoing investigation at they th fbi, which isng i whynvf us have called upon the new attorney general, jeff sessions, to remove himself, from those proceedings, it isins very clear, under the justice department guidelines, t
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somebody with conflicts like the new attorney general, with respect to the trump administration, should not be be in charge of that investigation. have investigations i in the senate intelligence committee, and again, i believe that we need a commission, an independentan commission, to i really look into this issue. this is a serious matter for the security of the countryntry and for the integrity of our democracy, again, allin, americans regardless of party should care about what's happening here.ppen >> we will be following this story closely, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> if you didn't watch that press conference, you know the president went after the media hard. >> it seems that there is a disconnect there. if the information coming from those leaks is real, then how can the stories -- sto >> the reporting is fake. look, look, jim, you know what it is? here is the thing. the public, you know, at the read newspapers, they seeer television,s, they watch. they don't know if it is true or false, because
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involved. i'm involved. . i've been involved with thisis stuff all my life. but i'm involved. so i know when you're telling the truth or when you are not. >> so, he knows when you'vee been naughty or nice, like santa. >> it is interesting, i know people have a lot ofnter differt theories why he keeps going to i the fake news thing, we will talk about that in just a minute. >> let's talk about what the the people are saying. ronica cleary tonight. >> hey, sean, jim. jim you know what's not fake? fak the pulls of the people. back, it has been a while, good to be back, handful of people who want to bewaring in n on this topic.opic the question we want to ask them, do you trust us?s? let's take a look how are you doing and what's your name? >> jim. >> jim, do you trust the media? >> certain ones dow.nes >> do you trust me? >> yes, i trust you. >> good. e trusts me.n i think that's the most important question to ask tonight. what's your which? h? >> tim. town., you're in do you trust the media, you're in d.c., what do you think
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>> it depends what outlet. where the information isn is coming from. but you got to take it with a i grain of salt, do your own homework. >> so you could watch me. m could you trust me? >> i trust you 100%. >> good, i can like that. we ared, i c making progress. let's go to these two guys over here.over so what are your names. >> my name's mark. >> i'm brad. >> guys, how about you? trustbo theut media, yes or no? >> not really. it is one way or another. you never know who is telling t the truth. >> so do you have a place that go to get mor heav information that you feel that do you trust? >> not really. i don't know who is a none bias source, so i don't really know, and i have to do a lot of research on my own to try try to find out the truth on my own opinion. >> okay. is tough. it is hard to figure out who's agenda they're on. on. you got to do the research. r you got to figure out y the t news is kind of changed to more entertainment than it is fact. >> all right, so that's a skeptical group over t i want to take you over here. i want to
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matt. matt, you're friendly guy.. you introduced yourself asas soon as i walked in. what do you think of the media? do you trust us? >> yes, i do. fox, but a lot of these other news, these newscasters, you have to take it with a grain of salt n our case a grain of >> there you go. you got it>> in there. matt may have small connection to rice. we got one more, one more one person over here.ere. what's your name? >> ray moore. >> what do you think? do you trust the what media? >> most definitely.nite >> and so you then, would youldy definitely go on the records r and say you trust me? >> oh, i trust you, i trust nbc. i trust cbs. everyone has a right to a different version whatever they see and what's going on in the marketplace or aroundound the world.ld. no individual can just shut down the media. it is ridiculous. r >> there you go, you heard it here from the pulls of the people.ople sending it back to you.. >> thank you, ronica interests n interesting to hear different people's perspectives. i heard someone say today that this may be just sort of a diversion area tactic, you at
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is fake news, then we start asking questions like this, and sort of pressing on the questions about all of thet al other things.her >> you consider, too, it is easy target, because the approval numbers go by thehe polls, i mean, the the media,, right near congress at the bottom. there you have it. >> all right, you may have ther noticed relationship between the white house and congress, c has been a bit frantic lately. >> as the president seeks to settle the story of controversy surrounding the launch of the administration,isr today he tries to pivot back to the issues that got him back there in the first place, economy and the affordable care act. on capitol hill with more, hey, fits. >> hey, jim. >> sean, you know there is h thing you are talking about tonight, you know, about what is the motivation behind this, there have been a name put to all of this. nate silver came out a book, landmark book, called the signal of the noise.e no what was explored in the book there wasxplore difference betwn the noise. all of this stuff that washington, d.c. is wrapped up in right now, with these
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loud press conferences, and then there is the signal. what is the administration actually doing?ng? we saw normalcy today in this appointment of this new labor secretary. and then we saw something else that was normal, in an a president ringing in some members of congress. now, for all of the troubles the trump administration has at this point,inis despite their differences, there has not been large rift yet betweenween this trump white house and republicans up here on capitol hill. and they work to maintain that today, at the white house, the t scene was this, the presidentdet brought in a group of congress people into the roosevelt room of the white house, the goal g of all of this was to try and get back to some assemblance of business.ess. start talking about the repeall and replacement of obamacare. o start talking about the economy. start talking about the
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code, all kind of things, that t have been and sent from the discussion, for the last several weeks.vera while this was going on, of course, the president beinging the president, as we've now come to know him, he took another shot at what he thought was his main opponent,pn and you can guess what it was. >> i just want to thank youk y folks for coming today.. this was great. this was scheduled a long time ago. some of my very, very early supporters and i've been your supporter, also.o. we're doing really well. fake news media doesn't liken't talking about the economy. i never see anything about the stock market, sets new records s every day,et chris, i never see that. but i think the people understanded it. >> well the fact of the matter m is this president is right on the stock market. they've been setting records on wall street, but this white house at times can't seem to get out of the way of its own good news. so while there are
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indications to back up what theto president has been saying, sean, jim, all of this other oth stuff that's been going on has really obliterated that off the front page up until this point. >> you're right.>> i mean, like you y said, they're getting in their own way. can't get out of their own way. thank you, fits, appreciate t get inside and get warm. >> day without immigrant. >> number of local businesses shutdown today to send a message about theout contributions that immigrants make to american society.o am someer critics claim though they're missing the point. what do you think?ink? tweet us your thought.ught use the hashtag 5@6:30. we'll be right back. ack.
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>> we ordered a crackdown, that harbor criminal aliens,iens and end to the policy of catch t and release on the border, no more release. r >> a day without immigrant.igra social media organized protests is expected to impact dozens of businesses rightses here in our region today. in fact, about as we were just
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told 100 restaurants either closed today, aren't servingrvin food or have limited menus. it is a protest to president trump's immigration policies. >> bus boys and poet, here,e, with us tonight, you've been us many times before. b how are you?? >> doing great, thank you. >> bottom line, how many locations are not open for business today?si >> all of ourne locations are not open for business. closed completely. >> six?? >> yes. >> why are you participate? p why was it important for to you participate in this? >> this started as grass roots effort. very small caught fire real quickly. my staff came to up me, they said we would like to strike. and i said why? and they said because it is a day without immigrant. and i said i'm an immigrant,, too, i'll strike along with you. >> so here is the thing, a lot t of people looking at this, okay, the president's orders pre are combatingsi illegal immigration. e who aree peopl legal immigrants, saying we're going to strike, as well? >> well, i think the idea of solidarity. you know, people coming om
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in fear. f we can't live in under the cloud of raid that could happen at any time. wehappen can't live in a situat where who knows what executiveci order will come out tomorrow, willw, create hardships for for people that we will sticktick together as a community, and really protect and look for each other's back.ack. >> so what sort of message, i mean, we know what you want to send, the message of solidarity. but we have seen this sort of thing in other cities nationwide. what is the message that you really want people to walko wa away interest this and understand? message m think the is that we are a country of all of russ immigrant at some at point or another.ther we are a country of immigrant. m that's what makes us great. that's what makes america great. also want to send a message this is bigger story, not about one day of closing some restaurant, real toy think about immigration reform. ref what's it look like? it is immigration reform going tom be about building waltz and hiring more agents, and putting more detention centers? or is it going to be about addressing the h
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there, that are great. g this is the biggest cat after trophy on earth that we have today of displacement ofplac people everywhere, millions of people being displaced being displaced not because of any of their doing. because of wars. because of terrorism.rism because of dictatorships.tors and they have to find safe havens. we can't repeat what happened after world war ii, for the jews. we have to really be more minds full of the people that come to our shores.r >> are you concerned quickly, another one coming next week, the president said i'll sign new order next week. are you concerned? >> i'm very anything that comes out of this president's mouth,outh because it has huge impact. and i don't think he realizes r when he tweets something like there is it is very disruptive. people legally here during this last directive, ended up to be stranded, at airports.rts. who knows where. these people are already alr having fragile lives having toll come here, spending every last penny of their earned dollars to be able to get here, and now they're facing this limbo st
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fair. it is not human, and certainly not american.meri >> thank you so much. muc always appreciate you coming >> thankci you, my pleasure. >> back after this. at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources
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natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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ing. >> there has been a lot of talk about president trump's to russia. new polere hut p shows millennials. >> survey release from the public policy, to% have favorable view of putin, 8% from 46 to 65 year old, 7% from 65 and that seems very v does it mean anything for future us russian relations? assistant he had door of red alert politics joining ust he he to talk about this tonight at 5:56:30. >> give me your take on those numbers? >> really, if you think about millennials, the millenniall generation is defined between being born between98
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2,000. if you think about where we were in 1980s, the "cold war" was nearing it es, the end officially in 1991.1. so the oldest any millennial could have been at that time b was one years old. so, really they've grown up in the post "cold war" era, wherere more olive branches have been extended to the kremlin from the clinton, bush, obama administration, now seeingra with the trumption administrati, this normalization from whathat we saw under the obama administration, where we had thisrati russia reset, and thenf course we will it the take over of crimea by putin, now, you know, progression toward at least coming together, and at least ziegel ice, seems to be going in that direction, i would say. >> even though the number show millennials favor him morer hi than the other generations, i mean, only 11%. 1 that's not real a whole lot there. what do you think this means m though about our future, and our relationship with russia?
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>> actually 22% of millennials favor vladmeere putin, 23% have favorable view of russia. 11% was more for the older demographic, 30 and up.hic, but for the future, i would say, that, you know, seeing it i with iran, with president obama, establishing the iran nuclear deal. there are more favorable views e among millennials toward irann than from other generations, simply because they weren't alive during the iranian revolution. you're seeing that with cuba. because, you know, president obama, again, he had normalization, reproachment with raoul castro. i think might be seeing similar thing here with russia, because we simply haven't had a bad experience with russia, apart from what we've seen in the last year -- >> change foreshore. >> hacking>> c the election. >> baby boomers much different perspective. >> thanks so much for joining us, we s appreciateso you m breaking down the numbers for us. one of the most unproductive days of the offers. president bush march madness? talk about it when we come
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>> we want to follow littlent breaking news out of the white house, a lot made out of replacing flynn, learning thists from fox news. >> fox news john roberts rob reports that according to the financial times, admiral robert harwood has declined, declined to become the next security advisor of course there were couple of other names thrown around there thatet were interviewed in that process before he actually took so now we have to wait and see. >> don't know why.y. we'll follow that for you. march madness time rolling around, president trump willid not been doing a bracket like president obama did.oing a reached out to president trump's staff and invited him to fill out bracket on camera. just like his predecessor, says president trump massed on the march madness, well known obama huge basketball fan. fan maybe not so much for president trump. but -- >> to teach his own. >> different strokes for different folks. that's what itferedi comes down.
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something else. soink s i don't think the president's picks were ever that great. >> no. >> mine aren't either.ithe >> thanks for joining usjoin tonight everybody. >> see you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. have a great night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: last remaining beatles at the same dinner table last night with huge stars. >> paul mccartney, ringo starr, joe walsh from the eagles and dave grohl had dinner together and just for fun, tom hanks was with them. harvey: i swear if i was at that restaurant, i would do an "i love lucy" go in the back and go out there and say, i will do this for you. >> can you imagine if harvey levin walked up to that table? [laughter] >> hannah jeter, we ask her who is your girl crush? >> who is your girl crush? >> anna kournikova. is >> sar poefshia? >> no. >> navratilova? >> no.


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