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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> right now at 6:00 a massive fire tears through montgomery county tonight and we're hearing from a police officer first on the scene who kept everyone there safe. >> one someday after a massive campaign rally in florida president trump surprise hard at work holding interviews before the national security advisor. >> and were you outside today. what amazing day. we saw it felt like spring out there and we're in the middle of the february. and the news at 6 starts rights now. thank you for joining us. i'm jim lokay and the second day in a row it was absolutely gorgeous. lauren this is like field day in elementary school and the one day it is nice you want to go outside and have
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there you're going outside. >> it's wonderful. you want to be outdoors. yes, i came out of the studio to get a feel. we were out yesterday at the same time app i think it's a little more chilly tonight. but it has been a gorgeous weekend and gwen is here with me and gwen come on n we want to talk about. did -- she's -- her sweater. >> and sunshine-wise. >> we are doing the lemonade thing right. >> and didn't do too badly. you know what people have been enjoying it and having a great time today. >> for february. >> absolutely. shopping and walking their dogs and. >> a guy wearing short, there you go look at that. >> all right. >> we also have seen bike riders also out here. so, yeah, so you know temperature-wise we're not
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we're going to get a little schooler trend once we get to the next 2 hours. right now here's a look at the highs today. 71 reagan ipt nag am and 69 degrees at dulles. so, not bad overall. and as we take a look at our area temperatures right now also in our neighborhood and what do we have here. 69 in fredericksburg and 69 annapolis and what else is. there 67 degrees to the north as far as gaithersburg -- 61 gaithersburg and 61 dulles and we have the double sixs at leonard no one and double fives at winchester. winds a factor as i mentioned. our winds they will improve. right now wind speeds are anywhere from six to up to 13, 16 miles an hour. that's us is stained wind. but the wind gust are what really made you hang on to your hat today. let's have a look where the wind gusts are right now. they will improve as we move
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only 16 mile app hour whipped gusts now and cumberland and overall not bad. wrapping it up for you then we'll end up having day planner and night planner for you tonight then by the 9:00 hour will be about 57 degrees and by the time we hit 11 will be at 55 degrees. and what are we looking for once we move to beginning of the week. well, things will not be bad, folks. i'm talking temperatures that are going to stay above normal. i think you'll love what i have on the weather buffet for the 7 day forecast. it's looking g i want to tell you these temperatures we're at least 2 to 25 degrees warmer than we should be for this time of year. more details coming up later. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. >> we kept going outside to this one and we're talking about baobao good day to say bye to baobao and alexandra limon talked with two women that say the pandas hold a special place in their hearts. >> people from near
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visiting the national zoo to say good-bye to a very special panda. and that they loved since her birth. >> emotional. i know she's going to go to china so she can breed and produce baby boaboas for us it's bittersweet. >> their affection for giant pandas goes longer than the birth three years ago. >> most of us came together because of tyshawn and we were at the zoo every weekend and we fell in love with him and then we got to know about panda conservation and pandas international. >> it goes beyond the national zoo grounds to china and it all started when bao bao's brother left the zoo tore china. >> i do go to china and i'll see them again. >> so i travel with them once a year to china to visit the giant band abase and work with the keepers and scientists. we take medical supplies. we
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we can do to help. >> the organization pandas international brought diverse group of men and women together and now they're trying to help save the species. because there are only 500 giant pandas living in captivity. and only an estimated 1800 left in the world. >> the biggest problem is the growth of human populationen roaching on their habitats. >> they're losing bamboo with all the development and we need to educate people so that our children and children beyond will be able to see these adoring pandas. >> at the national zoo, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> and leading up to bao bao departure the national zoo has been celebrating with events planned all day we have a link to all things panda related. >> and to montgomery county now where we're learning new details about a house fire in clarksburg that br
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night. burning house ws a threat toer homes on the street and the quick actions of montgomery county police officers helped everyone get out safely. "fox5" lindsay watts talked with the officer today and she joined us live with more. hey there, lindsay. >> hey, lauren, we're here in the aurora hills subdivision and take a look at what happened to this home. a family of four lived here. coupled with two children and lucky they did get out safely last night. and neighbors tell us they only moved in here just a few weeks ago and the homes on this block are really close together. and you can see that the flames did spread to the homes on evenlyer side and melted off the siding and there was concern from first responders for this entire block. we want to show you photos now. you can see just how big the flames were. and montgomery county fire says this was accidentally started by a cigarette. someone was smoking behind the house tossed great and by the time the family realized the home was on fire it already
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spread significantly around 2:30 this morning and montgomery county police officer was patrolling nearby an he was the very first one on scene and he went door to door baking up all of the families who live on this street and he says the wind was fanning the flames and there was fear that the fire was going to start jumping to nearby homes. >> that's immediately why we had to get to the houses to and from -- to the left and right and behind the houses as well to make sure it was not dripping back there. and look i say, once the team got here everybody was active there was nothing to say. everybody did it. >> thank you, great job and much appreciated. >> and at that time you kind of shocked and you know you just hope that everyone is okay and everybody is out of the house and you pray that your house does not go up to the flames next. >> and neighbors have already started a go fund me payment for the people whose home was destroyed. firefigh
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700,000 worm of damage. from speaking to people in this area you can tell that it's a very tight knit community. neighbors are relieved nobody got hurt and firefighters say this is a reminder to always make sure that you properly dispose of smoking material just one cigarette can result in extreme damage. we're live in clarksburg, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". "fox5" was in arlington where police were investigating a deadly shooting on north 9 street investigate towards say it looked like a few people got into the fight at a house party and then turned violent. someone pulled out a gun and shot a man. the 23-year-old victim was taken to a hospital where he later died and no one was in customers by and police are look are got person responsible. >> talk ear county a warrington man is jailed and charged with murder. sheriff dep says respoblded early this morning and found a bopy of a man inside the home and step 'tis arrest
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macdonald and though he saw no motive for the killing and have not released the victim's name. they're trying to figure out exactly how he died. >> d.c. police areest haveing a shooting that happened shortly before:00 this afternoon on fourth street southeast xing a woman was hit by gunfire and taken to the hospital in critical condition. police have a lookout for a, of men seen in the area. one of the suspects was reportedly wearing a white baseball cap. and we're learning new details about the murder of a southeast d.c. man and police arrived on the scene friday afternoon at 21st street north east and found 23-year-old walter clark he had trauma to his body an a short time later police arrested a 76-year-old thomasee ne bennett and she was faced with assault and charged with a muddier charm. it's unclear what the motive was the afak and whether clark and bennett knew each other. >> and determining the because of death of a teeth areaer was found last weekend
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industrial park in springfield with multiple forms of trauma. >> earlier this week immigration and suggest comes enforcement confirmed to fox5 they have detainers on four adults involved in her murder. marina marraco with a lime time of the events in the investigation. >> september 10, 2016 damaris, rayes is reported missing by her family to montgomery country police. roughly a month later, the body of 21-year-old christian sosa rivas washed up off the potomac and two days later 16-year-old lizzy rivera and her 5-month-old baby aider go missing from their springfield home. that next day, january 15, 17-year-old venus is reported missing from her alexandria home. fast forward nearly a month later to february 11 he, colendras and her baby rurntd home late into the night. this was not a runaway case as
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her will and that next morning human remains identified as those of missing gaithersburg teen demaris turn up near a home in an industrial area neek a lake. and jose kas tee's rayes is arrested for violating a stay aweighed order and they confirm his involvement in the murder of the girl. and the third and final of the missing girls returned home. she's later taken into police custody and also charged in connection with reyes' is death in addition there were nine other arrests four adults and all ten arrested are charged in connection with reyes' murder. mar each owe marraco, fox news. >> and we'll look at who is meeting with the president to become the first national security advisor. >> and smart phone gaining popular
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popularity among poll intergitys. >> and as we head to break a quit shout-out to friends i made today. check out these girls. savannah and katie were here to help me paint a garden knome they're live studio audience and they were painting this gnome and it will be auctioned off next weekend at the dulles expo center. these girls are from the best buddies program. and the money raised by the auctioning owe of this gnome is going them having a prom. you see him there we tried to give him ajay son weather beard and trying to use paint covered hands to -- >> it worked, it worked. i didn't see that now i have to look at my shirt later on. >> katie, savannah, thank you for coming in guys, it was a lot of fun.
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>> president trump expected to
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be named national -- and the president met with four potential candidates in florida today. more now from fox's lauren blanchard. >> last night the president told reporters on board air force one that many want the job of national security advisor and we can expect a decision over the next couple days. and first let's take a look at who is in the running. former lieutenant general keith kellogg the acting national security advisor after general flynn was asked to resign last week and kellogg has been a long time supporter of the president certaining as foreign policy advisor during the campaign and there's former am bar door to the united nations john boltton and he served over a year in the role. however, bolton may struggle to gain support. and lieu tent and reputation for crediting
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dare application for duty and southern white house is superintendent of west point military academy and lieutenant general robert kaplan and he served in a number of wars and is a bronze store recipient and president first choice vice admiral robert harwood turned down position citing family reasons and sdan yl petraeus said he is no longer a finalist. meanwhile the white house press secretary said more names could be added to the list the national security council without a permanent leader and it's also emprovided in another controversy after a senior staff member as abruptly fired this week when critical of the president and steve bannon during off the record round table and white house confirmed the staffer is no longer with the nfc. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox
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blanchard, fox news and on the sunday talk shows members of the trump administration defended president's comments. chief of staff rinse preeb us appeared on "fox" news sunday and president believes in free press and gets upset when stories are printed that he believes are patently false. >> there are certain things happening in the news that just are not honest and we're not talking about everyone chris, we're not talking about all news. but we're talking about something that i guess he termed asteak news. >> as example priebus cited a story that said members of his campaign had constant contact with russian spies and the story is false and outrageous. >> on meet the press john mccain defended media saying it's important part of
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>> if you want to without it i am afraid we would lose individuals liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. and trump has a lot of democrats worried and some like entered president's attacks on the media to a different president, richard nixon. >> and turning in this problem with leaks on attack with enemies and he's now describing press in terms of he never heard at least not since nixon and in terms of nixon subscribing to and that is deeply concern is that he is essentially using this to go after his enemies. >> and correct me if i am wrong gressman says the bigger issue is whether trump will stand up to russia. >> you
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like snap chat that claim they delete messages after read. one app is getting more and more popular with high government officials and politicians right here in washington. it's called confide. you can use it too. "fox5" anjali anjali hemphill tells us more about it. >> it used to be when you wanted to share secrets in washington you met in a parking lot or other dark corner of the district to discuss tchbility now, it's reported that some members of congress, white house staffers and government officials are simply pulling out cell phones and sending encrypted text even if it contains sensitive information. the confide app has been around for a few years and was initially launched to help people in business have more secure communications and how it works is when someone sends you a message the text stays covered until the recipient drags their finger across the words and the app claims the message deletes once read and if you try to take a screen shot the message will delete.
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is served on any server. recently intelligence officials revealed they have seen a spike in mechanics of coming gress, national security staff and white house staff using encrypted messaginging apps like confide to do things like leak information to the press. "fox5" spoke to one local text expert who worries these apps may allow government officials to think it's okay to behave unethically. >> people are using the app to get information out they don't want their finger esh print on. and relative to our dem of of coursety i think sometimes that's a good thing. but relative to holding people accountable that need to be accountable for communications that's a challenge. if you're under oath. you have an obligation to tell what you talked about. it's a little like with michael flynn general flynn and discussion. he had a phone conversation and had to be truthful about what he said. same thing applies to what you wrote in app
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was -- and that disappeared. emics still apply to being truvl and to holding up an oath. all those things apply regardless of the application that exist. >> there are also obvious security concerns with apps like confide, eriksson says even throat cap claims to have military grade security nothing on the internet i remember nothing on the internet these days is 100% secure. on capitol hill annie yu. "fox5 local news". >> and when you talk about things like twitter the library of congress is archiving just about every tweet sentence these days. whot concept of what information is out there changed broadly. >> i have anybody that is promising that things are not stored anywhere i don't know whatever they're saying i feel like if you put it out there, it could be if you don't want it to get out there don't put it out in the first place. simple as that. we'll see. >> new world. >> coming up there are new
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movies at the box office and we'll switch gears a little bit. >> we'll tell you which one took home the top spot and reviews of newest films, "fox 5 news at 6" back
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. >> a superhero took home a number one spot at the box office and lego version of one. lego batman movie took home 34 million bucks this weekends and 350 shades darker a movie of a different sort fin rkd a distant second with 20 million and new film great wall starring matt damon fin irnd third and new comedy fist fight made 12 million in opening weekend. now the great wall and fist fight were two of three new movies along with a cue for wellness. >> our own kevin mccarthy has seen all of them. here's his reviews. >> and movie reviews for this weekend's three massive films hitting theaters matt day monday and the great wall and "fight fight" and finally
6:26 pm
cure for wellness" the horror film. first up great wall. i think matt day monday is incredible actor i loved him in good will hunting and i loved this filmmaker behind the great wall did a great movie called hero back in the early 2000s and incredible action film. i was hopeful going into this because it's a visionary incredible idea and the idea behind theful film is matt day monday's character is depending the great wall of china from mythical creatures it's fantasy action film. dealing with that idea and we have a lot of potential considering how big the scope is and i was talking to one of the actors that mentioned the built a one kilometer wall to actually have onset. it was incredible visually. that's where it works. the action is amazing and i found myself engaged in all those scenes and d conversion is ftastic and it was shot in 2 day d and post convert todd 3 d and some of the best 3 d conversion i've seen especially with fireball and also like the arrows bei t
6:27 pm
make you feel like you're right there on the action. and on the other side of the plate is this horrible script. i think matt day monday is a great actor and i think the script is the biggest problem and wondering why over explaining elements of the dialogue and to me it's the biggest problem with movies sometimes they try to over explain to the audience what is happening like we don't get it like we're stupid. and that is mow bothers me overall i think bad sciment and i think matt day monday accent changed in every scene and i gave it.5 out of five and good visually terrible script. and next up it's fist fight starring ice cube and charlie day. this is a great comment and funny. ice cube and charlie day are two teachers cube gets fired from his job and partially responsible is charlie day's character and challenges him to a fight and ice cube wants to fight charlie day at the end of the school day at p.m. and it's rated r it's very rhawn. y and very, very extreme and
6:28 pm
utilizing r rating and tracy morgan is funny in the movie as well. i think the entire cast does a graeing great job with chemistry and comedy works overall. i don't think it's memorable as some of the most classic comities of all time but i recommend seeing it if you're rhawn. y comedy fan out of 5 matt nay and cure for wellness, directed by he who did the ring and pirates of the caribbean and shows great range as a filmmaker. dayton la han looks like young leonardo dicaprio travels to the swiss alps to retrieve ce off of company and bring him back to ncc and there's something going on with the company. the movie is taevl works. it has horror qualities to it you're engaged and wonder where it happened next. i found him fantastic in the movie it's disturbing and disgusting pulls you in the problem five minutes t
6:29 pm
so, i think they could have edited out certain things. i'm still thinking about it still putting pieces together. and that's the sign of a good film. i think it needed editing overall i gave it 3.5 out of 5 and if you have not seen john wick two or the lego batman movie i gave it 4.5 and 5 and you can tweet me@kevin mctammy tv. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news >> on the way at 6 incredible story of a teen stabbed by then boyfriend while pregnant. >> she spoke exclusively about the frightening moment and road to recovery. we have the core scorey when rereturn.
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>> beautiful night out there. look at the capitol wheel there national harn or we have light out there with sunseting and what a dorj gorgeous weekend. >> it was a great way to cap it off for sure and a lot of people have a three day weekend and tomorrow president's day with a lot of people off work we don't really seem to think about that around here. because we're always on. >> always on. >> what's going on. where do you see the next couple days. >> we're not doing badly now a little cooler and i don't think anyone will complain. we had a taste of spring in the month of february. go figure. we know februarys are so unpredictable we had them with plenty of snowfall. not the case now. take a look at daytime highs
6:33 pm
upper 60s. low 70s. oh, my goodness we had sunshine and now it was kind of windy today. for sure. and we had a pretty brisk northwesterly wind that kicked in and winds were gusting and that is finally starting to improve though as we some right now. and in the meantime, here's a look at current temperatures. 67 in the nation's capitol. we have 65 annapolis and 68 quantico and that's the same fredericksburg and i 61 dulles and 55 winchester and 65 culpeper and 61 at pred rick. haag rz down and gaithersburg. as i said the winds will timely start to improve and right now sustained winds are anywhere from 8 to 16 miles an hour and we'll continue to see that improvement into tonight. and tomorrow the winds will be fairly light as well. and we're going to be dealing with frontal system backdoor front and cooler air is a result of that. in the meantime satellite and radar not showing too much. we have partly cloudy skies in terms of tonight. and but it will be dry. and your overnight lows into
6:34 pm
you know what that's all a far cry where we should be. overall highs have been 20 warmer snan the average and moving to president's day then 62. partly cloudy skies and could see sprinkle by the time we get to tomorrow night and other than that it will be spectacular for anything you plan to do. full forecast a head. back to you. >> and no, i on to a "fox5" exclusive. you may remember the story of a pregnant teen in montgomery county badly injured a stabbing in august. police said she area her baby would not make it but they survived. >> community members are rallying around them to help. "fox5" alexandra limon has the story she was six months pregnant when stabbed multiple times in this wooded area and student and montgomery country police warned she was seriously hurt area her baby was in dire
6:35 pm
condition. >> now you call. >> three months early she weighed two pounds six ounces. >> he was behind me and caught me out of surprise. i didn't know. his happened was like right here like it was right here. he used to do that but never hurt me a day in my life. i was never afraid of him and then he just caught me by surprise. he choked me and i was just out. >> court documents say after that dakota brothers stabbed her multiple times and the police said the 1-year-old confess todd the attack saying he was not ready to be a father. the state's attorney office charged him with pre-med tate add texted first degree murder. brothers is scheduled to go to trial in may. >> i woke up and was like what's going on. like i was so bloody and i deposit even
6:36 pm
deposit even know what happened. >> and when i was laying down i didn't felt her moving at all. >> these days with her now 5-month-old daughter in her arms she doesn't spend much time looking back. instead she's moving forward. >> the school is helping me graduate. letting me graduate and i'm thankful for them for letting me graduate. it's hard. >> hard because as she works towards her goal of attending howard university her mom helps take care of baby ava and that means she can't work as much as she used to and with hefty price of everything from baby sgeer to the special formula and bottles they need for the preemie the family says their bills are stacking up. that's where karen mccoy comes in. >> when i had heard about the story as you said we were all really blown away and pretty shocked and emotional about it to hear that. >> karen and speech pathologist in middle school and years later fate reunited them and karen is ad
6:37 pm
together all kind of community donations for the 19-year-old mom even baby. >> everybody knows money is always dated when you have a little one and in this situation more so with samwell awanting to be back at school and get her high school diploma. >> if you like to help this family too you can find links and contact information on our web site reporting in montgomery county, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> all right. moving on breakfast are you a big breakfast fan. >> break snaingt. >> yes some can't get enough. >> i'm a food fan for sure. >> do you actually forget to eat breakfast. >> this guy, one man's new up vengs this is so weird. when he says eating breakfast on the go in the future. news at 6 will be right back
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>> one man's invention led toe eat rice crispyes or frosted flakes on the go. it's called cereal a-go. he came up with the idea ten years ago while driving in middle of the night and saw nothing but fast food options so he gave us a look at how his new up vengs works. >> remove the lid. squeeze the handle. milk goes into the bowl and with one hand you can eat a bowl of cereal or with two. so cereal to go is the world's only package that can combine liquid and solid in one utensil ready to go anywhere to provide a meal where otherwise a meal would not be prov
6:41 pm
well, hm, fair child said he already met with several cereal conditions and hopes his invention will become a reality. >> okay. >> okay. >> heard it here first. >> cereal, of course, common item on the grossly list and have you ever wondered how much it may cost you at a different supermarket. >> there's a app called basket compares grocery prices in and all go rinl up to help you save money when you go to the store. here's a look at how it works. >> whether talking travel, researching real estate or tackling traffic consumers are accustomed to having a community of data at their disposal. thanks in part. >> i'm smartest shopper in the store. >> to andyelwood chances are you're already a fan of his work. >> i have great privilege of being part of a team that -- >> and taking same model of crowd sourcing realtime information that helps you beat traffic to help you cut your grocery bill. >> i'll square everythinon
6:42 pm
similar products at other stores and give you total price for that basket so you can decide to turn left, right and save 30. >> the app called basket is backed by army of 5,000 citizen price checker and quarter million users and updating price of product they buy and you know where to find the best. >> and how do you folks at basket know. i'm not a renegade trix ter saying 5 cents at growinger. >> if prices -- the information moves to next layer of approval and elwood says arming yourself with this information adds to average savings of% at the grocery store every every week. >> 1500 a year by downloading the app. >> while each item on list would be cheaper. >> and 76 here at 49. >> total spend is where you see savings. >> wre
6:43 pm
khaipz across the country with 98% accuracy at this point. >> string cheese, pretzels. muingt tarred. >> we added step items on list on basket. even we wanted to know where prices were low. >> and then check to make sure crowd source information he we got was accurate. >> what we had trouble was with inventory. the basket app let's you opt for visit to multiple stores with similar items on those on list for similar savings and we found. >> this box is a lot smaller than the within we asked for. >> sometimes the value was more because the volume was less. or the replacement product was just too different from what we asked for. >> the price is right and location is right and sna
6:44 pm
far cry from what we had on the list. >> and like this bag of muingt tarred and onion pretzel pieces and we asked for plain whole pretzels and not even close. and in other cases the store actually did carry what we wanted. >> they he do have the coke zero on our list. >> but basket missed that and subbed a different item anyway. folks at basket say that's good feedback and problems like those shoulding solved with a new partnership to supply new inventory information. here's a screen shot of next release bottom line and ape crowd of conscious consumers is conspiring to save you cash. >> and there are so many apps out there that if you can harness them there will be a couple to keep track of you can save a chunk of change. >> absolutely. >> i'm getting that. >> gwen is back with a full look at the forecast.
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at 6 will be right
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> what a georgous weekend. >> absolutely. >> so far so good. >> yesterday was get outside and amazing. >> good day to enjoy it. >> it was a good day. >> little
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don't think it was you know too disheartening to people and people said you know what, this is spring and february and we'll take it. we'll take it and it is absolutely very, very welcomed and the good news is the 7 day forecast is not looking too shabby, evenlyer, i have good things serving up on the weather buffet for you and in the meantime numbers today upper 60s excuse me low 70s daytime highs which are actually anywhere from 0 to 25 degrees warmer than this seasonal average this time of year and this is definitely a treat for mother nature. right now things are cooling down it and right now 68 quantico and 67 nation's capitol and we've got 57 gaithersburg and 61 dulles and 63 mannasas and we have double sixs at culpeper and double fives to the west at winchester. and winds as i mentioned were a bit of issue and you know what the cooler air is still staying well north of us and take a look at the national temperature map and you can see right
6:49 pm
warmer air in place to the south of course and we are getting a little bit of influx. we have a nice southerly flow yesterday and today winds were coming in from the northwest and so it did feel a little cooler and actually temperature-wise was cooler. good news mild conditions will be hang ago round for a while and welcomed house guests i want to say. up and down the mid atlantic and jet stream stays knowledge of us and we'll be in the 60s once we get to president's day and many of you have the day off and you'll be able to just enjoy another day and extend weekend. and not a lot happening in the cloud department. we'll have partly cloudy skies tonight and we have a weak trough stretching its way across and not expecting anything from that. so another mild string of days aheads and 40s tonight for overnight low with partly cloudy skies. and we have a cold front to the north which becomes a backdoor cold front and starts to move the way to the south once we get closer to tuesday. and that's going to be the trigger for a few showers that will ends up seeing. not tomorrow. where we'll have most
6:50 pm
it will just be fantastic. and hours a look at your highs for toyment then into the low 60s for city and to the north and west and temperatures will be into the 50s and south of us into the 60s as well benefiting from a warmer nroy flow there. 58 by midday tomorrow and of 1 by the time we hit the 4:00 hour. wrapping it up for you then. 46 for tonight. partly cloudy skies and winds will finally start to lighten up. and so it won't be so brisk and not quite as gusty and 62 degrees for tomorrow. still, well above seasonal. mostly sunny skies and not bad at all. let's have a look at the 7 day forecast for you. we cool down tuesday and that's because the backdoor cold front is coming in as i mentioned and triing air shower or so by the time we get to tuesday night. reverse on hump day though upper 60s and 70s thursday and chance of shower there. and i cannot rule out maybe a rumble of thunder at the end of the week for saturday. and but still not bad overall temperatures as i said c
6:51 pm
to stay above seasonal and a few wet days here and there and who will really complain. we'll be back after the break. make sure you stay with us. brody with sports only coming up on the other side [kevin vandam] there he is. [trailer hits posts] klunk ♪ ♪ during the bass pro shops' spring fishing classic, you can get up to a $1000 bass pro gift card with purchase of select boats. at dominion, we're putting our
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>> nhl instituted buy backs for the players and for the teams involved byes have been a file tour. this time teams 3-16 off the bye and including the cavs loss for detroit. teams cannot get in sync. maybe the league should say bye-bye bye to the bye. >> boo. >> i should have done the thing. >> philip brewbauer getting his first stop i can't believe i forgot to the do the bye-bye bye. going after the own rebound. nicetic stick work. rangers strike first up 1-0. second period. all alone in front his shot beats the goalie
6:54 pm
and but off the post. later second period. cavs on power play and to alex ovechkin. numberingler beats hendirck lundquist. and even things 1-0. mid period. rangers within the face-off. matt zuberello game winning dwol caps lose 2-1. earlier this week melo trimble scored a career high ten points against northwestern. melo four game stretch before that shooting 31 frs frs floor and 15% frs three what changed he got a haircut. never under estimate fresh haircut confidence boost. i'm telling you. i need one. >> and 10-3 tide jim lokay has a new haircut -- first half forced turnover and melo using that haircut for e uro step maryland up four. timeout badgers have to do a little yep back bump there and late
6:55 pm
deep and drains it 15 of his -- that's in wisdom martin. terps up at the break. second half it was all wisdom martin. nigel hayes wading down low. over the shoulder pass with the dunk. maryland losses 71-60 melo not looking good but hair looking good. >> john thompson in the third and georgetown on the road against 0th ranked creighton. early going blue jays give it away. ljp look at the lead pass perfect over the shoulder and rodney prior the lay in 16 points and later first half prior. wide on jessie for the dunk. he had 12. hoyas down 8-0 at the break and second half creighton turned it over. bit of wild sequence here. georgetown going other way and they give it back. now look at this. dunk. this end the game. hoyas lose 87-70 dropped to
6:56 pm
in big east play. all laughs for the blue jays. george washington how are they doing. and season sweep of the -- and and been there forever. throw pointer is good colonials with ten point lead. under two minutes to go. down to jordan. clutch. extends the lead to six. 30 seconds to good. lead again 10. tyler cavanaugh deep pass. lay in gw wins it. 77-70. >> and for the boys of summer are back nationals held first full teamwork-out in west palm after five days of pitchers and catchers he join them to prepare the national league east title defense. nationals might as well have stayed in d.c. and weather here has been like february in florida. and? staying in d.c. is what nats fans hope bryce harper
6:57 pm
when free agent. winter 018. >> being in washington national i love it. i enjoy playing and i enjoy the fans and enjoy the organization so much. i'll play next two years out and beyond that i don't care. i want to play these two years and that's fun and hopefully win and do everything we can for city of d.c. and bring trophy back hopefully and very monumental town if we can do things it will be lot of fun. >> clash is back. 19 70s british band back in original form saturday night daytona jmy johnson and kurt busch into the wall. >> he's already. >> and have to exit after a crash later to the finish. two laps left. brad kezloski making a move on hamlin. crash. joey lagano takes it and chase elliot won second consecutive poll for the next
6:58 pm
500. >> you can see that here on "fox5"next sunday. >> we're back for news at 10 and 11 in the meantime more shameless plugs for him daytona 5 0
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
thanks for seeing me. i'm just such a mess right now. of course. zorn: is that edie? let me guess, she's a mess, right? craig has been gone for almost two days. he won't answer his phone. i don't know what to tell alan. plus, our wedding caterer keeps calling about the appetizers-- i panicked. i told her just double them. shh. take the wine. yeah, be less crazy. or drink a whole lot of wine and get real crazy! linda, you want to get crazy? i'll get crazy! again i am so sorry about this zorn thing. honestly, it's fine. i have no feelings for zorn, which is why this whole craig thing is so crazy. "zorn and i were meant to be together"? if that were true, we'd still be married, and i wouldn't owe him ten chickens a month. zephyrian alimony is so weird. i just don't know what to do. i'll tell you what you're gonna do. you're gonna come with me, and we're gonna go find your fiancé together, if that's what you really definitely want to do.


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