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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  February 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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white house. they condemned protesters. a gop town hall meetings across the nation >> as you can it's what we're talking about at 6:30, tweet us using #5at630. we've been talking about quite a bit across the country. gop members of congress have been met with protested town halls sometimes those crowds a bit hostile, protesters upset about a range of issues from the executive orders on immigration to the affordable health care act. a lot of lawmakers are opting against holding town halls. white house said the protests may be manufactured >> there's a hybrid there. some people are clearly upset but there is a bit of professional protester manufactured base there. i also think when you look at some districts and some of these things, it is not a representation of a member's
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district. it is a loud small group of people disrupting something in many cases for media attention, no offense. >> president trump tweeted the so-called angry crowds are actually in numerous cases planned out by liberal activists. sad >> think about 2010 when they were debating the affordable care act. is there proof -- i'm sure some of these are actual professional protesters >> the other interesting thing i thought, mark sanford came out today and he said there were a lot of protesters who were angry at his recent town hall but there's no local. so i believe it depends on where you are and what's going on. let's check in with alice lloyd a reporter from the weekly standard. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. we were mentioning this reminds us as
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administration was trying to get the affordable care act passed. what if any kind of impact will these have >> i've been looking at a social science study called extreme protest tactics popular support for social movements. these are scientists whose proven that violent rhetoric, blocking traffic, these types of extreme tactics actually turn people off. they get tv coverage for protests but don't encourage the viewers at home to sympathize with the cause. in other words. if these types of -- if it's type of violent protesting that we saw in berkley with the riots continues, it will actually help reelection of president trump potentially >> i think when you look at berkley, i think that was inexcusable to do that. just because you didn't like what
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say at that point. when you look at the town halls, we saw footage from a few right there. i mean, it's sort of an apples and oranges comparison, i think. >> right. i think so too. but i guess, what we should look at is how, how these protesters are delivering their message. and if they do it in a way that is not moderate enough to catch the interest of people who are less engaged than the protesters themselves, they won't change their minds >> so, you know, who's to say? what sort of feedback are you hearing from these lawmakers as they're listening to these folks? we heard from lawmakers who say some of these folks are local, they were plants and are they actually listening to them? we know other lawmakers decided instead of actually doing town halls, they're now doing conference calls >> pat toomey in pennsylvania did that. >> right. so i think
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right that they do have to listen to them to appoint. absolutely. >> alice lloyd thank you so much. we appreciate you coming in and your perspective >> thank you. the white house's new guidelines on deportation are certainly rattling the nerves of immigrant communities nationwide. the new rules target up to 2 million undocumented immigrants. the big change involves nonviolent crimes, undocumented immigrants who use fake ids or drive without a license will be expelled >> white house plans to hire 15 new border patrol agents and construction will begin in part. and we can expect the revamped executive order on his temporary refuge and travel ban at least some time this week if not next, there seem to be some reports that say it may be delayed but as we've learned in the first month of his administration, anything is possible. it can be unexpected but we'll see it sooner or later >>
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all the is are dotted and ts are crossed. make sure that does not happen >> dozens of court challenges and you have enough time. you know what the objections are. now is your time to address them. virginia governor terry mcauliffe weighed in on this weekly ask the governor on radio. he had this to say about catch and release >> the dying neglect from the united states congress who has failed to come up with an immigration policy. all right. >> obviously, there was a lot of focus paid on that after we saw the gang related murders in fairfax county, so we'll certainly keep an eye on this one. >> he was upset with the raise we saw earlier this week outside that church in virginia. a new poll finds americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities. according to a poll 87% say local authorities she don't have the comply with federal laws and report illegal immigrants that they come in contact
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77% support comprehensive immigration reform, 23% oppose it. these president donald trump brought public support. >> rude giuliani back in 2001, before the 911 attacks who didn't necessarily say we love sanctuary cities but advocate for taking it easy. obviously times have changed since 2001, but supporters of sanctuary cities were floating that around saying hey, giuliani was for it but that was 16 years ago. the annual conservative political action conference or cpac gets underway, this is what we saw last year at cpac. it's always a big gathering, tomorrow secretary of education, betsy devos, reince priebus and steve strategist steve bannon expected to speak. president trump will speak friday. is live at the national harbor,
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getting ready for the conference. >> reporter: it's an interesting vibe. shawn and jim. you flashback to 201 they held a presidential straw poll at cpac. if you remember, donald trump didn't come in first, secondly. he came in third behind ted cruz and marco rubio. so in a lot of ways, this is an organization still coming to terms with donald trump. we have people here last year that were insisting to -- when all was said and done, ted cruz was going to be the republican nominee was going to be the president of the united states of america and all these things that donald trump was saying when he didn't come here last year to campaign in kansas and florida were going to come back to bite him. 2017 is a much different kettle of fish to use that old phrase. this is what they're talking about, you know, if they are going to move ahead as an organization, are they an organization as they
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themes for decades now or for ronald reagan or is conservatism in 2017 trumpism? we put that question to a few people arriving here at cpac. some of them landed on different sides of that. listen to what they had to say. >> good lord. that's a loaded question. too many crickets. i'm going to have to go with donald trump's game now. who the heck knows what's going on? it surprise me that he won >> initially i was a ted cruz supporter. i initially focused on his views anding everything but i do think it's turning into the donald trump party. and i kind of like that. >> finally we have a country that will believe we own our country and our values and future and it's very exciting. from a black american perspective talking about doing things
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>> there's cautious optimism for people that will be here the next four days, they haven't had a president address this conference since george w bush. that will be a big change. when donald trump take the stage. they will also have a very big crowd favorite here in mike pence. he was the darling of a lot of the attendees, some wanted to see pence run himself. he now being the vice president in a way. he's the olive branch to a lot of these people in cpac who a year ago were not so sure about donald trump himself. but we will see how these next four days play out >> fitz you mentioned cautious optimism, seems there's a lot of enthusiasm as well. >> reporter: well, remember, when donald trump's name was brought up at this conference in speeches last year, there were
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yes, they're happy he's president. yes, they're happy the republicans have these majorities in both houses of congress. but it's also true he was far from their first choice last year. they're on the same team right now but you know but it's always not the case that he may see eye to eye. trump speech here will go a long way to maybe easing over not only some of those things that went on last spring at the 2016 convention but you remember how senator ted cruz was greeted at the republican national convention in cleveland over the summer when he did not endorse donald trump and a lot of the conversation leading into this will be what senator cruz has to say and of course, what the president of the united states of america has to say to men those wounds >> i have to imagine considering the fact we have a president speaking, tomorrow, think about all the attention that the being paid to milo yiannopoulos speaking. that's not happening now. really all the focus could be paid to the president. >> reporter: yeah.
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spinning going on here as well. one of the key panels is going to be a joint appearance by reince priebus, the chief of staff and the counselor to the president steve bannon. we learn you did all these things about the rivalry between bannon and priebus. they will be on the stage talking together. that's from the white house standpoint trying to hammer home his message that they're on the same team >> we will certainly be watching and getting reaction. thank you very much, fitz. again, we talked about the weather -- how can we not? it's been gorgeous, just you wait. wait till the next couple days >> we might be setting a new record for february. we've been setting daily records, low and mid 60's but over the next three days, we have a chance of breaking the record or tying it here at reagan national. let me show you what we're expecting. us first of all, the 70's are back as early as tomorrow, i
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will be more like mid may and this is our spring feel, a lot of you are seeing flowering trees, grass pollen showing up very unusual for our region in february. tomorrow we're forecasting 74, clouds around in the morning, generally sunnier than today. maybe spotty late in the evening, friday chance of hitting record highs of 76, is the saturday, 72, maybe a rumble of thunder, it will certainly be colder. here's a look at whatever we're expecting throughout the area. martinsberg 71, hagerstown 71, gaithersburg 71, annapolis cooler at 62. but all of these temperatures above average. we will drop on sunday back down to 52. but if we realize these three warm days, this could end up being the warmest february we've ever had in dc. and no sign of real cold weather on this seven-day, not just yet anyway. jim and shawn that's your seven-day forecast. >> thank you, sue. virginia senator tim k
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the member of the senate's foreign relations committee to talk about foreign policy issues. on friday, senator kaine will speak in london at the royal institute of international affairs. a young reporter is still on cloud nine following his encounter with president trump. we're going to ask him about it when he comes back right here on 5at630. .
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5at630, a young reporter found the secret of getting on the president's good side. ask him about his wife. >> milania trump -- >> that's what i call a nice question. that is very nice. who are you with? i'm going to start watching. >> the question came out through contentious mee
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reporters who fired off about topics like security immigration policy and chaos in the white house >> she got another question today during the press briefing. ronica cleary is live at the white house with the young reporter. ronica. >> reporter: i'm here with kyle maz za. you got the question in, kyle, is shawn and jim, was standing right in front of me and i like to believe he got the question that maybe i would have got but you got it fair and square, you're 19 years old. you started this news website when you were just eight. tell me the name of your news website and tell me about this passion that you have for reportering >> sure, the name is wunf if at kyle and i started my new station at eight and i've been going on with it. passion news is something of mine from a young age. it's the energy, the different events, the different experiences, i think that's what drives me to being a
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>> reporter: i can attest to think jim and shawn, because kyle, you know, that i came from new jersey. i used to see kyle a chris christie events when i used to cover chris christie and i rooked you last week at the white house earlier in the week. i knew i had seen you around. this is the first time i've seen you in the district. tell me a little bit about what keep you say going? you said this was the first presidential press conference that you went to. you got the question. you have a special sort of style when you ask these questions. tell me about that confidence that you bring. >> well, you know, it's the confidence level as in i really tried to ask questions that haven't been answered in the spotlight of most news casts. most news networks. i ask questions that derive from that because i got a press release from the white house that set first lady milania trump reopening the visitor's office. because there was no coverage about it and the majority of the news out there. so the
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appreciated that question and i really honor that day he appreciated it. it was that feeling but you know, news is really ever changing. and it's really a privilege to cover it. it's really a privilege to cover different events, press conferences. and you know, that's what keeps me going. keeps me going, because the level of it, the energy of it and just changes every day and i'm proud to be part of it. >> reporter: i love that you say that it is a privilege to do what we do and one of the things i notice. i don't know i'm going to adopt this style. you had a lot of guts that there today in the press briefing. you didn't really wait to be called on. you were shouting. you had this question, i saw your notes, you're right in front of me. you had your notes and question written and you were going to ask that question no matter what. do you ever -- are you ever worried you're going to get shut down or told to leave the press conference? tell me about that. >> no, i'm not. you know what? we have to ask questions. that's what we have to do as reporters. and sometimes you have to hav
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that courage to just shout out the question. you have to have the courage just to do that. because sometimes the person may never call on you. whoever it is. whoever is running the press conference or running the show, they will never call on you so you have to have that courage, the guts, to ask that question. >> reporter: it is a pleasure to speak with you. i love your passion, enthusiasm and i love what you said about being a privilege to do what we do. that is so true. what a great privilege to speak with you, thank you so much, kyle. >> i love his enthusiasm. >> absolutely. >> got to have that. 50 shades of phoenix an arizona candidate for governor is filling details of his spicy sex life to try and beat the it has been lloyd's, was it a good idea?
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all out there. shared the details of his personal history including group sex and sexting >> the campaign said der. he has had deep and casual sexual experiences with all kinds of women, as an advocate of open relationships. he's had group sex and sex with married women, he has sent and received intimate sex in pictures and recorded video during sex. he's always been forthright with any partner. >> if you think about this instead of a scandal popping up, it's all right there >> it probably is a good thing but everything we heard about current commander in chief leading up to the election and he won. if you look at the way things have gone. i don't know if this is our new normal. maybe it is. in the
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a much better idea to get out -- >> >> it's a fascinating approach. he's a human being. politicians aren't infallible. that's totally fine. >> it's not the days where where people would say did you ever smoke marijuana? i did but i didn't inhale it. comedians are saying they're staying away from an invitation to the white house correspondence dinner-third season winner of last come in contact standing admits the exposure would be great but he says no way >> no, i do not need every black and latino person in america hitting me. i'm not joining the team. let to steve harvey do it >> he said he wouldn't m c the white house dinner, i don't think they asked him. ron white and oliver also said they'd pass emceeing
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here's the thing, he's roasted trump twice in the past. comedy central roast of donald trump. no word on if any any comedian would be invited. donald trump put on a great face, but it was the white house correspondence when seth myers hosted where he just raked donald trump over coles that many say that's what caused him to get into the race in the first place politics in germany can you guess what they're making? >> let me see. we'll show you on the other side.
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the president signature hairstyle wigs are in high
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demand >> they say even though they have 7,000 different could say sometimes, they say all you have to do is trim a blond wig and add a bunch of hair spray. can you guess what it's called >> the donald. he would never wear that kind of jacket. he's a conservative in dress. i notice he's mixed striped ties >> they got all the different costumes that people are wearing with donald trump's wig with the other costume >> it's not a whole lot of thought put into it. it's sort of like whole concept of, you know, sex see police officer for halloween. >> that's what people are try to go
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step it up a little bit. >> thank you for joining us tonight on 5at630. it was fun to talk with you guys and hear your thoughts and ideas >> we'll see you with more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. in the meantime make it a great night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kylie jenner, we know what she normally looks like. this is how she dresses for a business meeting -- >> but this could be appropriate, depending on what the business meeting is, right. harvey: that's true. >> every girl will be wearing this within a year. every one. >> every girl should not be wearing this. >> jeff ross out at the comedy store. >> he said he will happily host, he will happily emcee the white house correspondents' dinner. >> it would be great. it would be huge. >> he said it would be huge and also because he wants to -- he wants to hook up with ruth bader ginsburg. those are his reasons. >> we got 21 savage. these little kids are like swarming him. >> is this your favorite rapper guys? >> yeah. 21 savage! >> they're into 21 savage? that's crazy. harvey: isn't 21 savage kind of dirty?


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