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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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is what my understanding of itat was. now whether that was theethethaw motivation for his killing iill know that was an issue that's tt been brought up.been bro whether that was theat was the motivating factor in his deathde i don't know. >> reporter: prince williamwilli county police said their murder investigation into io members of ms-13 were nott happy sosa rivas claimed to best the leader ofo ms-13 in the3 it area but they add there coulderc be other factors in his murder. david wright works just yards away from whereht wor the body n washed up.wash up. he says he spoke with investigators on the scenescene that day. day. >> eye they just said he had a a lot of tattoos and he was hews cut up pretty bad and maybe ayba bullet in the head oror something like that and a lotd t of trauma to the body. b >> reporter: nearly sixrly ix weeks after the murder, princepi william county policeice announced four people are now facing murder charges and were e arrested in pennsylvania. 24-year-old edgar blanco torres, 20-year-old josé larios espenal, 18-year-old-ye henrik covey yo' lobe bows lobew sanchez and a 1
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juvenile who was not identified. id police alsoenti revealed thisd about how the victim died. did. >> the victim was lured downs l to thatur area, down where hee was found in dumfries. >> reporter: two others aredu facing charges for conspiracyon to commit a felony and werewere arrested back on february 12th.bruary 12 19-year-old angelica blanco and 18-year-old keyri portillooo gonzalez. >> the two women wereen wer identified pretty quickly as co-conspirators and they wereane arrested in a baltimore.bal >> reporter: those twoorter: tho arrests happened just one dayppn after theed body of damarismar reyes rivas was discovered by b fairfax county police inpolic springfield. police confirm both cases areese linked to the violentiolt salvadorian gang ms-13.. court documents in the murdermet investigation here in princes he william county are still st sealed so it's likely when's li this case goes tok court, wew will that continue to learnlearn more information about thist ths murder as well as how it's it's linked to the murder of
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damaris reyes rivas.iva reporting in dumfries, alexandria limon fox5 localloca news. >> a missing prince williamw county teenager has been founded nearly one week after mckay m lap mattei was first reported rd missing police found her thisliu morning innd harrison burgon bug virginia. virginia. the 14-year-old was discoveredid with a 21-year-old man. man. detectives learned about abut inappropriate conversationsriat between the two as they weree investigating makayla's disappearance.di the man she was with meititi metsla is charged with using ath communication device tounicatioo solicit a minor.minor. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser has named peter newsham as herar choice for the next policeor the chief. he's been a member of the force for aeelmostn three decades. he's been interim chief since se chief cathy lanier departed in n september of last year to lead d the nfl security team. tam. newsham was a long time te assistant to chief lanier andnid often served as the publicpubc face of the department duringt g major >> i am not chief lanier. [laughter]aughte i -- i don't intend to beene chief lanie
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or form although i did admiredie and respect her as a leadert hea and i learned a lot from her.r. if i'm going to be the chiefe of police i have to run it inn a way that i think is in then th best interest of thest interes washington -- of washington,shn, d.c. and the folks who livewho e here. >> the police union issued aicen statement backing the maioyn ory decision so did former chiefr cathy lanier. it's no the over.ove now it's up to the judiciaryu committee to hold a hearing onan this nomination.nation. in a rare public appearance, white houseuse adviser steve bannon joinedjoind chief of staff reince priebusp at the cpac conference at the at national harbor. the two seemed in agreemented about implementing presidenttint trump's agenda.age our ronica cleary asked theked white house press secretarysec about this during today's briefing. >> reporter: steve bannon today called the media the te opposition party.par there was a lot of conversation about the faketione news. some have said that this ist thi really just a branding of thethe media where he did that in the e primaries, branding littleandi marco and lying ted.rco and ly >>ha
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president just to. t >> reporter: right. is thisr a branding >> i think that's what steve st believes absolutely. of course it'seves real.r i don't think he'd go out --ut-- steve has been very cleary clea about his position on thepion oe media and how he believes it distorts things.dis >> reporter: but the whole administration. ad justno, come on -- iter: said that that is what steve'sts view is. he's made it several times and i think he's very clear on this. >> vice president pence ispriden expected tt o speak at cpac at 7 o'clock this evening.vening. fox5 is your station forur r politics. tweet us your thoughts rightourr now.ig use theht #5at630, then look foo your tweet on our political plil show, that's coming up next at 6:30.3. >> new tonight, dramaticramc dashcam video shows theows aftermath of a fiery crash inh n fairfax. take a look for yourself.ursel. police say a.m.a tractor-trailer and an suv collided at theat the intersection of gallows highway. the crash caused a huge fire. fortunately the drivers i
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they went to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.rei well, a maryland man is man sending a special thank you tooo the d.c. police officers whofics pulled him from a burning car.. michael smith is still in in intensive care recovering fromf a fractured leg and pelvis. he hit a light pole onleon bladensburg road, his caris burst into flames.flaes. the officers' body camerascamers recorded the rescue. resue. paul wagner joins us now with that that special message fromfo mr. smith and his wife.his wife. paul. >> reporter: hey, shawn.shawn. we spoke with michael smith'sm's wife outside the washingtonasngn hospital center today where heae is still in intensive she spoke with us exclusivelylu and smith cannot get out ofet ot bed right now.ght no he's still there at the at the hospital and asked us to passtos on a message he recorded fore the cops who saved his life. li. >> i want to say thank you sincerely from deep within myiny heart and i will be contactingog you when i'm better to thank you in person for being thereeie and saving my lif
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>> reporter: a fifth: a fi district officer was on his offs way back to the station onon n bladensburg road when he saw michael smith's wrecked carked with flames and smoke comingcom from the hood.from the hood. >> i believe there's oneve there inside. i'm going to break the windowwiw right now.w. smith was conscious but hisut wife now says he has non recollection of what happenedppd just before or after thethe wreck. >> can you open the door? doo get, open the door. get your seat belt off. >> reporter: flames from the hood are beginning to build asi the officer pulls smith from the car. the and after beingca removed, the t officers ask him if anyoneanyoe else is inside.nsde. >> is anyone else in there?the >> reporter: michael smith is a 58-year-old truck driver dv who lives with his wife and a three teenaged sons innage montgomery county.c tonya smith met up with ush u outside the hospital todayp where she had a message forss the officers as well. wll. >> they're angels in uniforms.nm i mean, there's no words for -- for the
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bravery that they displayed in saving him. >> reporter:. >> he's coming, he's coming., he >>'s co reporter: tonya smithnyh said she had no idea a video vi of the rescue even existedven until she started gettinggetting calls from friends and family my early yesterday morning.r when she went to the hospital she showed it to her husband.usd >> just like thank you jesus.yo. thank you to the policehe pol officers. he was like thank le it wasthan overcoming.vr overwhelming.>> reporter: smith: and her husband can't wait to st thank the officers in person. es >> we are so grateful for allfo that you do every day and ad especially on that yes. >> reporter: michael smith sith has a long road to recovery inc front of him.t of him it will be months.m tonya smith says her husbander doesn't know why he crashed ras that night but she says he isis a diabetic and that may haveat had something to do with it. i. she says he's getting excellent care at the the washington hospital center.cen. the officers' names we have h learned are sergeant nicolecoe brown, officer
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officer roberto adams, officeroc john hines and officer jacobyacy taylor. paul w agner, fox5 local news. new >> thank goodness for those officers. mr. smith, get well.wll. d.c. police tonight needolih your help finding two peopleng e of interest in an armedn armed robbery in a liquor store.or it happened back on february 10th at snyders of0th capitol hill in northeast.atn ne take a look at this surveillance video.eill look at the clothing, look atoo the mannerisms.e m two men with guns went police also want you to take a a look at the two vehicles thats drove away from the scene. let's see if we can get to those vehicles.thos all right.e all ight let's z here we go.t's z he we . we're going to see these thee vehicles. there you go. you can thseree these vehicles right here. they say these are the th vehicles that drove away fromha the scendre. if you threcognize them, call d.c. police.pol >> prince george's countye states attorneyge angelas alsobrooks joined marylandmaryld delegates for a presspr conference today in annapolis.a they expressed their supportss for a new bill in the houseedll an id senate that would increase the reason someone could seek cd a protective order.r it would add
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electronic harassment and an malicious destruction ofdestruc property to the definition ofinf abuse in terms of domesticomestc violence incidents.olence incid the bill also encalls for thecar state board of education top implement age appropriateapprope training on both domestic andstd dating violence in theirt health curriculum. virginia governor terryoverr mcauliffe signed a set of setf bills aimed at fighting thehtinh state's growing opioid epidemic. it allows communityommunity organizations to dispense naloxone an overdose reversall drug. opioid overdose increased overdn significantly in virginia lastci year.nia the state health commissioner has declared c the ommissue aa public health crisis. cris. >> well, the results are in.. after a d.c. lab botchedbotch hundreds of zika tests anda some of the retests for the the virus have different results. >> and did you see it? anid sei update on the mystery animal anl that had folks buzzing onzing o
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sue. sue. >> looking forward to hearinghea about that one.t that one. hi, tony and shawn.shan. what an incredible know wonder he was outw strolling. we're in the record books ifks if you haven't heard already.alre 77 degrees at dulles. deg that broke the recordre byy 4 degrees. i think we're going to do itto t again tomorrow, too.rrow, to. find out about tomorrow's forecast as well as thethe weekend changeup that is in the works for us.r u. fox5 local news at 6:00 is coming right back. >> ♪♪
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>> there is more trouble forre i metro. the transit agency for is facina budget shortfall which wedget sw already knew. y knew well, the ongoing safe trackingr program has now cost them an extra $50 million.50 m even with hiring and spendings freezes it is still not enoughl to close the gap. the gap. fox5's bob barnard reports. >> reporter: just when youhe thought the ride was rough ough enough comes word the future of metro is bleak. leak. both on the rails and on the road. >> 'cause we are really>> ' looking the the bottom of theca barrel here. and i'm
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>> there's clouds out there for sure. >> reporter: today'shere'se mett board finance committeerd f hearing produced reports ofin multi-million dollar currentr ct budget year shortcomings andrtcn stark predictions from boardoard members. >> this system is not failing fg because we're losing riders. this system is failing because from the beginning it neverfai r had enough money to be run run properly. >> reporter: one boarde bo member suggests selling namingug rights forge metro rail stations. can you say next stop, pepsip, i station along the red line? >> although this could beould be super, super controversialntvera but -- and there's probably a p lot of other ways we might bee e able to raise revenue, and iev don't have those tricks in my tk head right now but there's one h idea that i think would inspire people to take this is seriously. >> reporter: one boardboard member says metro to raise ae a small fortune selling itsit headquarters building here inrtr the heart of downtowndowow washington. others say what metro really rel needs is a dedicated fundingf source, some kind of aind of a regional sales tax bu
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washington post columnist bob co mccartney says that could be a tough sell. sel >> two different ideas inferentn congress, different ideasress, e among the business groups,re yoo got different ideas coming outct of richmond and until there'stil some kind of consensus on all of that in the region, i thinkik it's very unlikely that it'sthas actually going to happen.h which is why i think that t doomsday is approaching anding i'm not sure that at the atth region is really taking it seriously. >> reporter: doomsday indeed to hear met roorte officials tellcials tel it. in the district, bob barnard, b, fox5 local >> ♪♪ >> new tonight zika retest re results are back at theack at te department of forensicf fore science. out of nine samples that originally came back negativene one of them is now 100 percent t positive while eight others oths could possibly peanut butteribly the zika virus. the -- be the zika virus. v so far more than 200 of 400 zika samples have been retested. an interl
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pregnant women may havet women e mistakenly been told they did not have the mosquito borneo bre virus were told all -- we're- wr told all retests should bests sd complete by next week. by ne >> so, take a look for>> so, tlk yourself. is that a wolf or a dog? do neighbors spotted this mystery r animal running loose inunning capitol heights, maryland, m freaked them out a little bit. b well, prince george's county police and ainnimal controlimalc officers caught up with the animal along valley park court c today. turns out, it is a dog. do. a german shepherd husky mix.her. beautiful dog actually.tua animal control is looking forkir a microchip now in an attemptate to find the dog's owner. o >> it is pretty. >> if you don't find the dog'sdo owner, i'll take him. >> aww. >> yeah, beautiful dog.>> yea >> you heard ith, here first. fr >> coming up, one teenager isnas dealing with a peculiar problem. prob >> they started and we thought it was funny for the first few days. >> yeah, the problem is shei can't stop hiccupping.
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>> ♪♪ >> i don't know about you but k how fabulous is w faus february 23rd and t ios pping -- over 70 degrees.egrees. >> 77. >> ooh. >> i mean, that's crazy. runay make a ean, at 80at 0 tomorrow.morrow. it's unbelievable.elievle. everybody is doing their thir favorite warm weather thingsarme and i just wantedat heto say th we have a lot of fans thatans tt watch us in ocean city, maryland. special shout-out to tom kirwan. rwan he's 80 years old.s ol. he never misses the early newsay especially and i told him andimd his friend getty smith i woulds give him a smihout out. o. he makes everybody be quiete when the weather is is o. >> you're at the top of the of e list now.w. hey, tom, hey getty. ge how about golf swing, too. swino people are thinking aboutinin that, dining outside walkingakig around it's just fabulous.ab >> gary mcgrady got the bestgrad assignment of the day and iy ani suggested it would be onlyd it fair if he g wives his salarysay back to fox5 today.oda come on, gary. gay. >> come on, you're a top to golfer. >> he says don't even put that out there.on't [laughter][laughr] >> reporter: i can't hear.i can' i don't know what it is,t t knh, something about my earie
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[laughter] [l >> reporter: listen, no,, it's great and we got to t speaking earlier today, myody, y photographer joe spevack whojoe loves to golf he thought maybe e it's so nice this february f that you never get to golf butft since it's so great you canan like dust off your golf swingi which i need to do.whici need i haven't swung in a long time until i came out today. toay. i did and want to mentionnt this. top golf has been hosting us. they've been so great.great. cassandra was here. h i was amazed when you told mewh how late you guys stay opened every day. >> y we actually stay opened opd from 9:00 a.m. until 12 a.m.l 1. right now and the summer time t we're open until 1:00 in the inh morning. >> reporter: now, tell mer: nowe the only llday myou closed in a long time. >> let's see. sides thanksgiving andksgivi an christmas. >> reporter: well, obviously.>> rously. >> besides that, when we hadwead 3 feet of snow out there, itheet was 3 feet of snow inside ournsi targets. >> reporter: but other than that, i mean they stay openedteb all the time.hey stay look, they host great parties, too and i've been going backoi and forth with these gals over here. let's analyze the swing. [cheers and applause] >>
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pro earlier andr: heh said myai swing was excellent. so, i figured i could help youdl out. what's your name.what's y >> lee. >> reporter: lee. >> re norry, you're live on television but still, i don't b want you tout s make a fool outf yourself. go ahead. i'm going to help you with your golf swing.olfg. >> come on, lee.>> >> reporter: all right, let's see. come on, lepeortee, we have timeave time restraints. it's television.le let's go. come on, no pressure.essure. no pressure.. whew. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: hey, hes y.he. you made it -- you made it inad the target. you went in the yerllow target,t you got a good score. score. and by the way, i can't helpan'p you with your swing at all. al sue palka, sue, maybe tomorrow t i'll let you come out and dod something fun and i'll stay inside. de. >> gary, can i tell youl you something? tele she has a great swing and when fox sent ad me to a top golf years ago, i had not ever swung a golf club b on it broke the club. broke the the head actually came i was so mortified and i saidrt fox willi pay for us. >> reporter: are you rep serious.serious. [laughter] >> reporter: lee, you know sue palka, right.ght. yes, you know sue palka. palk say yes. say yes. >> yes.
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you had a great swing. g >> thank you very much. appreciatehank y it. t i should have prepped her before. thank you, lee, for ldpla havyig playi along. >> let me tell you what, gary, it looks like a great worllkout, fantastic job out there andd enjoy yourself as well as the ladies and we hope everybodyve gets a chance to get out and and enjoy tomorrow if you didn'tu dt today. myself i was inside most of was the i day so i kind of missedms out on this but i plan to soakn it up tomorrow because we'rerrow going get a redo and as youas yu know, that was a record for for dulles at 77.. the previous record 74 and ius r think it was set in 1985 but we're 67 degrees now here in hen the district.dist dulles still 71.7 a lot of places still quiteq mild so enjoy the evening. evenn the only cool places are thee he ones that are close to andcloseo water right now and plenty oftyf warm air on the weather map. boston 58 degrees, detroit 62. chicago down to 39 degrees.9 where the two air masses are meeting up we're cooking up a up pretty good snowstorm rightood r now m briut it's glitch dallas,l del rio.
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we still have more warmth war tomorrow before the cooler aircr moves in for the second halfor of the wee tkend.eeend. for tomorrow morning for the kids, 53 to 58 degrees. d i think a lot of them will be we wearing shorts like gary issh out there todayor.tse today after school 71 to 76 degrees. . and that big warm surge sue continues. there's the storm, the onet that's creating the snow and snd all the warm weather, that'shats going to be pushing in ourn ou direction for saturday and itatd is going to come through with wt some showers and thunderstormsun and i want to talk about thatab more in a minute but it's moreoe 70's tomorrow and the likelyrowi more records. we have a fewmo rec louds out te tonight and one or two very ve small showers might pop up inpo the mountains but this is this i what's coming behind the next nt system. snow sted to bring any in our direction, sorry, snowsor lovers but it will bring bring temperatures back down closerwno to normal for this time ofme of year. by sunday, 57 tonight it's a its mild night. there could be a couple of foggy spots around here andround there. er and how about friday? it's a? beauful day.y. 76 degrees at least. deg we were warmer rethan that inatn many places today so thatlaces o would not surprise t me, eitheri as we
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the way, look at these highe temperatures tomorrow, againes a annapolis cooinler because ofau their location near water.watr. 71 for quantico.tico. frederick 74 degrees andes nd overnight for tonight we're we'e mainly in the 50's.inly in e 50. now, i want to talk about thethe weekend because as that frontfr from the midwest centralest cenl plains gets closer, there isis the possibility, slight riskligh that we could see some wcoul stronger thunderstorms od nstorn saturday afternoon. marginal risk actually and ify f you are tempted to get out on ou the water this weekend,eeken especially saturday, youurday, really need a heads up on this s because this will come throughth with sudden gusts of windsn gust between about noon andn and 4 o'clock or 5 o'clock so we we worry so much about boaters inat that situation, even kayakersays so be aware of water is cold and we don't don't want you to be overturned ifrtuf you're going to think aboutnk ao making it a boating weekend.kend saturday's temperature shouldmpd be 73 degrees before thes before showers and storms comeorms come through and then we'll drop to o 52 degrees on sunday for a cooler and breezy day. so, there's our frontal boundary coming on through.s onh let's talk about your fox5 fo accuweather 7-day forecastore beca
6:24 pm
on sunday.sunda it's breezy in the morning but then settles down in thewn in t afternoon. then we head for the 30's.30. 57 degrees on monday with aondaa few showers and maybe a fewa w showers tuesday, wednesday.edes. we need the rain.rain. we're terribly dry moderate drought for parts of theod region.region 68 degrees for wednesday.nes that's above average again.gain. close to 70 with 57 degrees7 des coming in on thursday.hursd so, up and down we go as wes we transition into the month ofntho march next week. don't go anywhere.y fox5 news at 6:00 will be right back. >> ♪♪
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at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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>> all right. you ever get the hiccups and just can't seem to get rid of gt them. s >> that has not happened teeoppo me. >> lasts for like, what, its f don't know, maybe a minute. mi >> a minute, right. a minut rig. >> well, a michigan teenager te has it really bad. ba. the 17-year-old has had the
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>> what? started-- first started -- actually i think we did thisk story on her last year. when it first started she said everyone thought it was after a month her mom took herke to the doctor and they toldy tl her chronic hiccups are a reala thing but an extremely rarextr condition. >> not really fun. fun. especially when i get the oneth person who is like, oh, you, y got to be faking it.king t. >> think about how that mayha affect her learning in the grownup world getting a job inon her field, just somebody wants someone with chronic hiccupsiccs which at the time ofti employment they may think notntt a big deal but really inhe theh long run it is a big deal. >> awww. a >> doctors are still workingrs with her to figure out wha atreo may be triggering those t hiccups. >> they've got to figure thatveu out. >> i hope they do. do >> i wonder if they cancan hypnotize her if that willat wil work. work. >> dr. tony. >> i don't know. that's tough. >> 5 at 6:30 is next, ev
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>> ♪♪ >> the president's inner p circle front and centerre at a cpac, his vice president, v chief of staff andic top advisev all in one place showing whatshw they call a united front for the republican party.t >> and as you can see from theu


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