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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 8, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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straight ahead a day withouthead women. turning into a day off for tensd of thousayands off f of local s. prince george's county schoolscs shut down just hours before thet opening bell.inel after more than a thousandd employees took the day off. off. it's not the only local district leaving some parents in thets ih lurch. we'll have more on the movementn the backlash want organizersrgar hope to accomplish. plus, it's cia spying onpyi you? using your tv? thiss morning, a massive intelligencee leak raising more questions
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about smart devices in our homes. bob barnard has the story. weather whiplash from thewho 70s to a chance for snow over or the weekend. march living up to its lionn reputation, and tucker iske i tracking all the details. and later, you may not be nb able to play like tom brady butb soon enough you'll be able to t eat like the super bowl champioo any time you want. wan good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ all right. rht. little independent women by destiny's child celebratingin international women's day.m day good day dc. 9:01 on this wednesda march 8th i'm maureen umeh, along holly, wisdom and steve.t. >> it's national women' days. lady liberty is standing in solidare are the.he the statue of liberty is of lty darkness. lights on the monument went outu last night what a spokesperson called an unplanned outage.e they came back o
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midnight. >> i do think -- maureen and ind said electrical circuit as the washington monument. i think the park service didid come out and say that it was --- >> they still had power to thewt base. base didn't have power to the statueu itself. >> 9:02. much more on the day without women in just a minute. m first we want to talk about theo forecast. early morning rain is over.rain. maybe that wind woke you up up overnight.over my gdness. temperatures now have the go. the green light to just soar on up. up. we'll talk about and that maybee change this weekend tucker havee we moved on from that? >> just saying about the statue of liberty, i mentioned earlierr at my house that happens when i don't pay the bill on time.e [ laughter ] >> heart. are you trying to say the parknt service didn't pay the bill in n may they got a late due due notice.notice >> unlike your house they remedd the situation within hours. >> i remedy win hours.y win . >> pay day is day an haver a
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i don't know was said to me about weather but it's all trueu it's going to be mild day todayy mid to upper 60s this afternoon. winds are going to pick up outk of the north and west but bright sunshine and dry day. day. should be beautiful day for youy if you want to get out enjoy springtime day and tomorrow looo fantastic. you can see the back end of thaa front pulling out of heret.e we'll be in for nice couple offu days. this weekend it is definitelynie going to chill wintertimertim temperatures will be backl be b saturday, sunday, monday and and even tuesday and a couple a cpl different chances for somet ch winter weather and we'll talktha more about that coming up butngb for this afternoon, it's all ita about 66 for your wednesday with again windy conditions at times butim otherwise a great looking day. d be back with that seven dayay momentarily and plenty more onee liners.. >> oh, boy, can't wait.ait. >> can't get enough. c't g thanks, tucker.ker our big story at 9:00 new 9e details on the story that fox5 has been on top of since it first broke late last nightt ni talking about the day without aa women's strike which is turnedi into a day of no schoolwh realla for tens of thousands o
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students in our region.ougion >> thousands of teachers and and school staff requested and weree granted a personal day off. dayf prince george's county alone 1700 teachers quested to be off. >> melanie alnwick live in uppeu marlboro with the latest lat developments on this story.ons o mel?mel? >> reporter: good morning. mor you know prince george's countyc public schools said in an a statement they were not taking a position on the purpose of thefe day or the reason for the very large request for personal leave. but certainly they've had to react to it and reactnly in a g way. one of the things we just recently found out a questionst we've been asking all morningni about the students who perhaps s were depending on those freese meals and so here is what the t schools put out to us.os. they have designated seven sen schools now that will be open from 10:00 this morning untilngt 12:30 this afternoon for lunch.. so including... those schools so will be providing hot meals
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students who show up there. the prince george's county by far by the largest school system affected by this call out want n became so problematic the timing of it.. schools not sending out that t notification not making theing t decision until 7:30 last night.t and now you have about 127,00020 students without a classroom tot go to today. tay in a note that was sent out by e-mail to the school community i and also posted on the school's' web side superintendenttend dr. kevin maxwell did apologizei for the inconvenience and said s that the call out was an action urged by the organizers of theot women's march on washington.hito so we have a approximately 1700 teachers and 30% of the transportation staff that choses to call out and say they wantedn to take a personal leave day for this day without a woman.. the reason that the school hadlh to react in the way that it didd by closing schools to studentssd was literally without being able to fill those absences re
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students as they needed to and d as they said not able to have productive safe learning parents we talked to had mixed reactions about the decision. >> it's good thing to allow theo teachers to go and express theie opinion.op so i'm okay with that. i just wish we had known aad little bit earlier that the kide wouldn't have school.'t havhool >> i think, you know, sometimess leadership issues you have tou t make a hard decision, andion,nd obviously they did that.ha >> and now here live at prince n george's county schooly hool headquarters, a lot of people pe showing up to work here today. men and women as well. wl heard from not only from princee george's county schools but froo alexandria city public schools o when teachers make these requests for personal leave thaa they are granted. granted we're trying to get little morer information hopefully fromro dr. kevin maxwell little bittle later this morning in terms off what exactly are the policy guidelines and employees werelow told that they needed
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to work today and if they wereer going to take the day off, theyt needed to go ahead and request that.that personal leave through the the regular procedures. live in upper marlboro, mel melanie alnwick fox5 local newsw >> melanie i got a tweet from fo one staff member there who hadhh the question, she felt like thaa if she didn't request the day off, she was still now forced to take her leave. leave is that true? >> reporter: no.o. that's not the that's not the way that thehat t notice was written. wtt the way it's written is essentially if you are school sh employee, schools are open today as if it were sort of like a teacher work day. day the schools are closed too students. so that if you want to come toom work today, come to work. work. and if you want to take the dayy off, you need to request a a personal day. >> very good. i'll be sure and message her back. thanks for clearing it up. cing appreciate it we've been askingb you what you think about thehe sudden shut down, and we want tw you keep tweeting us what youou
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responses we've gotten from whah about the children who depend on school for having a hot meal hoa report parents who now have tooa take off work because they don'n have anyone to help care for f their children? selfish peoplee this is paula pain stokes. e sigh i stand in solidarity toity these women.en. i'll happy my kids not in pg pg however based on the wagen discrimination so prevalent in n education this is something that has to happen.appe and then this is what lindan cecil had to say.. i sure hope these people aren'tt getting quote for their paid dad off. off. kids are the ones that this hurts. >> it look like that's the lasth one we'll share righatt now.ghtw keep them coming in.epmi we want to hear what you have to say. make sure you use the #gooddaydc. >> definitely a divisive issue. ly a di up.tter pol 53-47% right now. now >> right down the dow >> almost right down the middleo >> we'll keep this going.ll nine cot z keeero eight is the . for on the abrupt closure we'lll turn to prince george's county schools student
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wan.n. thank you for talking with usits this we appreciate your time. te. look, how much are you actuallyt involved in the -- are you at yt every single school board brd meeting are you in on all thelle decisions they make and thes thk conversations that they have?he? >> yes, sir., sir first, thanks for having me. m as you stated i am the student e member of the prince george'sthn county board of educaticeon. so i represent 130,000 princerie george's county public school students. and i am -- i have the same sam rules and responsibilities thatt each and every other boarder bod member on the board o education. >> okay. we appreciate you telling us that. ate now, explain this to me. your reaction from a studenttudt perspective to the last minuteness of this because somes of the other school districts closed a day or so ago and thiss was really late for princeor pnc george's to make this decision. was there never a consideratione that this could happen. t a hhis eads up to parents yestes morning. >> that's definitely a greatdety question.ti i was also shocked to hear latet on yesterday evening that th
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school system was going to close.ose. i wish that, you know, parents and students would have had the opportunity to be informed abouu school closings a lot earlier.. but i definitely understanderstn their concerns with schoolsch closing, um, and again i just wish that we would would have hv earlier notion that our parentsp could be better prepared as well our students to take care of thc kids the next day since wene weren't going to have school scl today. >> let me ask you anothernother another question. what do you think about this.anb aou massive -- school board boa members were in here earlier ani they were saying that at one at point they hadn't had lot ofot f call outs and then all of an sudden there was a massive calll out at the last minute. min >> um-hmm. >> your reaction to this thi happening at the last minute byb the teachers who did call out ii the county.. >> right. right. well, i definitely stand as ann independent person as citizensit of prince george's county i's cu stand in solidarity with theh t women's march so i definitely -l the women's strike i definitely, you know, in supprt
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and i think if teachers decidedd to take leave, um, then theyhenh have the right to do that and take part in this demonstration. >> apart from taking part in ptn this particular demonstrationonn let's talk about this leave.hisa were you and the other membersem of the board aware that at any point a massive group of teachers could just say we wantn our leave right now and within a short amount of time shut the t whole school system down? no. we weren't at least i can speake for myself. i wasn't notified that we weree going to have at least 1700 170 staff members gone but again asa stated earlier, i am, you know,, i wear of the fact if a teacher quests leave, paid leave, thenee they are able -- then the request is granted buy but again i didn't know i'm pretty surerer there are on the board members e as stated earlier that weren'tht informed that we would have tot close the schweool system and ta about 1700 teachers would quest lee.e. >> now, i know you're a studentt but you are in on the board anda the con
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>> um-hmm.>> >> i don't know if you guys hado a chance to talk abow utif y ths i know this is a union thing ass well because there's a union contract involved.. but is there any talk amongstont the board members at this pointt about possibly trying to get tot this to where you can give theet lead but this massive, you knowo shut down the whole schooll system thing that's a big deal. >> right.>> right. no, it is definitely a big deala i can't really speak to future r discussions.d all i can say again we will have future discussions, you know, once we all meet again colonelel ask a exactly happened and the t procedures and again why had tod shut down school but i look lk forward to having thoseho discussions at a later date.s a >> all right. >> hopefully soon.efly s >> okay. thank you very much for talkinga with us this m we appreciate your >> thank you so much.ha you >> all right.>> and coming u ap later on, prince george's county ceo dr. kevinevn maxwell will join us live andved participate in this conversation as well because it is an interesting conversationonrsat because, upping, it was very v last minute and i know a lot oft people are saying, we're note' t
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talking about their right toigho they have the right to protest. but the fact that you can at the last minute which was 7:30 when0 that call went out in princeprin george's county. count at the last minute a massive call out for these teachers and schoolbus drivers and leave the parents hanging dry pretty muchc now they got to scrapple.crappl that's a concern.. >> i'll bet when this was first drafted they never matched nine the teachers would do this. i'm quite sure that after thisft is now happened there will beile some move to am this policy viaa the school unions. i'm sorry the teachers union et cetera but i can't fathom anyony would imagine this would happene and that's why the policy stayee as it was. i see the school officials getting a tough rap on this. ths i don't think it's necessarilyei justified. i don't think anyone wanted towards mal intention this isis the fallout of a policy that was not thought all the way throught and now we're seeing it in rhete spro inspect fix i don't think the school system should be getting the full blame like some people have been putting on
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>> i'm not blaming the school to district they're following therg policy. i would be interested to hearers from the union as to why thitess was put in place.ce. why would you have a policy inoy place that would allow massiveai groups of teachers to just calll out at the last minute? atute?t least if you'll have to policy,l you got to give them notice. you go the to give them fiveve days. days. >> a whole week.eek. >> one other thing to think t about we can talk about.we were the teacher cs that did itt the last minute was there thatrt they're intention to wait tillil the last minute so they couldeyu prove the point, you know, hey,h this is what a woman a day d without women is like and, yes,y it causes inconvenience.nience or was it a domino effect they e saw alexandria city public plic schools do it and then they hopped on the band wagon and it became a late thing?hing >> we'll discuss much more inism detail but other story we're following this hour big brotherr is everywhere.. bob barnard with more on the nen accusations the cia is usingsi tv's and other devices to spy.os >> all right.. then later, journey to the topht of the earth in honor of his dad sitting down with man on a mission to
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using the climb to fight a a deadly it's 9:14 right now. nw much much more to come today ony good day d.c..c lots of important topics we're s talking be back after this. ♪♪
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>> the other big story theer massive intelligence leak raising new concerns this morning about smart devices in oue rinteg homesne.w t sm h. our phones, our tv's i pads eve your car.ur car not in your home i know butw smart device. agencies like cia may be able to listen on private conversationss if the documents released b wikileaks are legit. cia has been using smart phones, samsung tv's with built in n microphones and other high techt devices that many of us use u every day as a convenience to be fair to spy on terrorists ands d others outside the u.s. bob barnard with details and and look at the leak that brought bt this to light. lht >> reporter: wikileaks claimsla the cia worked with britishsh intelligence officials to turn n smart phones and tv's even self-driving cars into listening devices. experts say the release of o documents came from the cia's center for cyber intelligence. >> they're tapping into cars. they're tapping into home tv's. they're tapping into everytappi device that you would carry thal
9:19 am
>> i'm not going to comment on n that. that >> repor.ter: white house press second sean spicer didn't wante' to touch the new others are saying plenty aboutut what these disclose insures mean for the cia. >> when you lose thosee th capability which you will when your anniversaries discover whar you're doing, it's a real compromise, and it's reallys rey damaging. >> reportedar: leaks also show the cia has t ahelso ability toa and then ship the blame to otheh governments including russia.usa for the rest of us, realeal questions about what we can doo to stop either intelligenceligee agencies or other hackers from listening in.stening in the case of new smart samsung tv's with built in microphones,, the abilities described in the n wikileaks documents are pro found. >> they can turn it on remotely. but it wouldn't put the powerhew light on.t on. so anybody in that room would then be discussing or talking tl and being monitored without wit their knowledge or consent.sent it's a great spy utility.tility if that's what they're doing, di which there's no reason why we e wouldn't believe that.dn >> reporter: in the district'trt bob barn
9:20 am
>> we talked with an expert eert about this last hour. basically said, you know, itw,t comes to the point you have to e accept the trade off if you wanw the smart devices and things that make your life easier --as >> that's true.hat'e. >> that has to be level ofs to e understanding and trust that, t, you know, the company that ishas run it will find a patch and pad block people from listening.nin >> the risk is always there.she >> always is.s i all right. international guard major shotos down in afghanistan but her real battle began when she returneder em. now she's telling her story in n new book called "shoot like a girl" this morning she's joinini us live. >> first though we're checking' what's making allison, what do you have? have? >> ntsb on its way to mississippi after that deadlyeal bus crash.crsh. plus, the hunt is on for f poachers who broke into a zoo and killed a rhino.hino. and later, proof that parking in d.c. well it could be worse.e w. we're right back.e riback ♪♪ ♪
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stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> asking to you tweet in your y thoughts about the women's strike andou you've bee an sboeg them in. keep them coming. i think it was those took leave that force pg county public pli schools to close.. this another one protest supposed to disturb and disruptu get over your complainingomplai confirms it's working.. maybe one more. here we government i don't know how i feel about this dayme wintthfeout women distraction bt do now i feel every without my
9:24 am
patrick d mccoy.d mcc. keep the tweets coming #gooddaydc we want to share your thoughts all morning long as wes cover to cover this -- continuei to cover this controversialtrovl story. 23.3. allison back with a check of onk the stories maked he headlinesdn this >> we begin in mississippi wheri the investigation into whato wha caused a deadly bus crash continues.s. four people killed more than 300 others injured.njured. when the charter bus collidedde way 48 train as it was crossingn the tracks.thacks. the bus was filled with senioren citizens from they were on casino trip.p. residents say the tracks are a problem area because of a steepe hill leading up to them. the records show there have been more than a dozen fatal accidents in that same area. animal marks throughoutt europe put on high alert after t poach chers forced their way non a french zoo and killed a rhino sawing off one of its horns. hos poachers took off. off they remain on the loose.oo. the two other rhinos which you y see in this picture they're okay. okay. zoo director says 's
9:25 am
shocked at what happened.. today house committee willel vote on whether to continueontie private school voucher programle for dc sr tudents.tude d.c. is the only place in the t nation where kids get federal fr funding to attend private and ad parochial schools. now if the committee votes the program would continue foreor another five years. yrs. the federal government providess $20 million a year for private e school scholarships.. mark zuckerberg returning to harvard university and willnd wl finally get that degree, yes, y, this is what's been holding himm back all these years. all t yea he drop out of school to work on facebook but now he's heading hg back to speak at the school'sch' graduation.uation the commencement will be held oh may 26th at 32 years old he o h will will be the youngestngest commencement seem kerr at therre ivy league school. finally, how much would youo pay for your own personal parking space? 100 bucks? aks thousand dollars? how about $300,000? that's how much one parking space in new york citykt is going for. for the space located in the garageg of a condo building in brooklyny if you think
9:26 am
for parking think of this. $300,000 is the same as getting a $60 parking ticket every day for four years. yrs does that make you feel better,t maureen. >> not even a little bit. e >> back to you. [ laughter ] >> sell it for 350.50 >> that's true. >> only in new york. >> don't want to put in it at t building that's going to be torr down. >> that's good point. thanks al. that' al talk about going to extreme ere lengths. our next guest is literallylitey heading to the top of the worldr to raise money and awarenesswars about kidney disease.isea but first he's joining us live here in the loft.e loft. >> first, though, the clocks cck spring ahead the seasons thougho fall back.fall bac tucker has a closer look at winter's possible return thise t weekend.we >> and fresh at 10a from dancini with hold toll dating taylor swift, to fighting monsters.on kevin sits down with congress cs skull island scar tom hiddleston. 10:30. 130ng up at right now it's 9:26.:26. be right back. ♪♪
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>> 9:29. forget about what the clock says it t tebow time. wha tiebm tebow makes his grapefruit league debut with the new york y mets playing designated hitter r in a split squad game againste n the boston red sox. sox this will be his first timeirstt playing with major leagueeagu squads.ds remember he played arizona falll league. batted under .200 but hit meruns.s. why is he get a shot now.a shotw the mets admit having tebow plaa
9:30 am
that's going to happen. >> they don't really care if cai he's good. he's good. they just want him there. >> it gives him a chance, rightg >> all you need is a chance. wisdom, stop laughing. [ laughter ]er ] >> this is a good story. sry nike the first us company to make a hijab for female athletes. it has been in development for a year athletes contribute inputei into the product and figure figr skater laurie was among thoseura who testified it. stretchy fabric that includes tiny holes for breathe abilityli and elongated back that will not come untuck. uuc it will come in three colors,ol black and gray and be a sid i don't know. goes on sale next year. >> listen to thises. on n to t you may not be able to thror like new england patriots tomom brady but you could eat like him. 39-year-old quarterback teamingu up with purple cararrot boston plant based food start up create a line of brady approved meal kits delivered right no yourveno door and include ingredients to make six dinners to
9:31 am
specifications the price tag too eat like a champion is 78 bucks a week. first heels are set to ship onpo april 3rd. >> um-hmm. >> nuts and berries, cost $78 a week? we >> look the guy eats healthy. he's proved he can still perforc at a very high level at an age a that in football would be old. d >> steve does it taste good. dte >> i don't know.>> i d kno >> well -- >> i don't know. i will benow if trying it i definitely would nou have purchased his cookbook cooo which sold out at $200 a pop and it really was a binder like a three ring binder with recipes i in it,. >> okay.>>y. >> fans -->> fan >> what the market will buy. b >> ate it up literal i'm sureur his food thing will be popular.l >> i'm mad i didn't come up witt it. no susugar. >> you can start selling thert e maureen --ureen -- >> that's what i'll do. if it tastes good spit it outitt diet. th's g good. >> there you go.. >> it's i was mazing.azin tucker barnes what you got.ou g >> i have zero to get, torqueetq eat like champion she want to to get paid like one.
9:32 am
that's what i like.i lik >> i want the benefits, steve. >> partner witness amazing meala plan. >> i'm in. >> feels like spring out there.e turn sunny and beautiful lookini at live shots across the area of sun breaking out.g out looks like a great day. gre going to be in the mid to upperu 60s this afternoon.fton. so we've got warmer temperaturee and a lot of sunshine to looke forward to. 55 still lingering cloud coverov here locally. lal winds west northwest at 12.t it's going to be breezy day. bry that is the downside of the ofhe today's forecast.ect. otherwise, very spring likeprg today and tomorrow with daytime highs ten plus degrees above normal and we might do 70 degrees back end of our front you mayay have heard it come blowinglo through about 3:00 in thehe morning it was really pretty strong with some locally heavy y downpours. all of that very quickly pushing off to the east here.e. so if you're watching down in dn southern maryland, lower eastern shore you still got lingeringlie cloud cover for the rest of usfu breaking out in sunshine againin want to mention those breezes which will be out of the north and westre be .
9:33 am
quiet afternoon and very springr like around here for couple of f days as high pressure off to our south delivers some pictureompic perfect weather around here.nder southern high sets up andp delivers springtime temperatures with again i think a few spots get 70 degrees tomorrow.omrow all right. it is these things don't last foreverr in march, and it looks like akse return to wintertime around herd for the weekend. very, i mean impressively cold c chunk of air off to our north and west here for the weekend,ee and it's going to be a battle bl line between springtime warmthar trying to surge normal and thatt cold surge from the north hereer and it looks like we'll get a storm system riding right alongt the difference there ine diff temperatures for the weekend. t. so we've been talking about thee threat of snow around here onern sunday. all depends on the eventual ent track of that storm system.. the last 24 hours or so theo computer runs have been really r trying to take that storm southh of us f that happens, we might be cloudy and cold on saturday.r but not a lot of snow aroundnowa here. if it were to track further to r the rt
9:34 am
chance of getting someinsom accumulating snow.cuti the bottom line, the jury stills out on this eventual forecastors track. but the possibility is there ofe a snow event on sunday, and i wanted to mention again on a o tuesday. so we've got couple chances ases we really return to wintertime big time for the weekend. weeke look at daytime highs only in o the 30s around here overnightht lows that 25 will be in thebe ie city. we could do teens north and wesw both saturday and sunday mornini going to be very cold around coo here. enjoy this afternoon.fter 66 clearing to sun beautifuliful afternoon. maureen?urn >> thank you tuck. our next guest using hissi love of climbing and the death d of his father as fuel to raise e money and airwayness aboutirwaes kidney disease his name isse h m justin condon and his father fat gary condon died last year of ya kidney failure. in honor of march being nationaa kidney month, justin is on thehe climb to mt. everest later thist month to honor this late late father's memory but before thatt happens he's making a stop right here in d.c. later today in fact he's goingoi to be on capitol hill to taketok part in the american kidney fund advocacy day event. eve but firshe
9:35 am
with tam ma rah from themhe american kidney fund to discussu more about his story and this at important cause and good mornino to both of you.oth ofou >> good morning. >> good morning. wityount to start with you remarkable story. you're climbing mt. everest inn honor of your late father. why? wh >> dad passed away thanksgivingv night 2015 from kidney disease.. literally the day before hisefoe 75th birthday. six months after he was first diagnosed with full renalull nal failure. we had no idea prior to this ati all. >> he had no symptoms that yoush knew of? >> no symptoms whatsoever. which is really what seems too make it so much different fromim most of the other major m diseases.di cancer, stroke, maybe you get au shot across the to give an indication to change yourou behavior in this case we got a phone call he was inas the icu and fighting for his h life. >> i'm so sorry for your loss.o. it was a turning point for you you had to take a look at look yourself and say i've got to make some changes. >> yes. for quite a a path number of years just in terms oo making changes from
9:36 am
years ago i originally maybe about 120 pounds heavier makingg every bad choice a person couldu possibly make health slow but gradual path back b towards health just in terms ofs paying better choices, better bt decisions and ultimately somehoh it's lead to climbing mt.g mt. everest. ev >> why climbing mountains? isa that a metaphor in some ways? >> maybe. not so much. no i always enjt oysoed maybe one f those guys that doesn't playsn well with others in team sportso i enjoyed the individual sports. triathlon, mountain climbingn cn things like that.ha >> tamara, 31 million americanss have kidney disease.idney . the number is staggering to me.e why is it that we don't talk don enough about this, that we don't champion it like we do the fighting cures for other thingst like breast cancer, et cetera? r that's not to diminish those tho diseases by any means.. >> absolutely. i'm not sure why that is. but we certainly are working wkg hard to raise the profile kidney disease so that people are aware
9:37 am
yesterday we were talking to on of our other patient another vor indicates who's here in d.c. whw developed kidney disease as diss well, and he said kidney diseass is silent until it screams.t sc and that was really good way ofo putting it. nine out of ten people withe wit early kidney disease don't knowo they have it. .thhat amaamazing so if you don't know that you have it, is there anything younh can do to help prevent it? >> you really need to if you'ree at risk for kidney disease youiy need to go to your doctor anddoa talk to your doctor about your y risks and get tested because bee there's simple tests that can be done to determine how well yourr kidneys are working.kidneys ar >> in the fight for any diseae e money is so crucial getting thee help you need that's what bringt you here today. talk about that evident brieflye and then i want you to have thee la worord. >> sure. sur the american kidney fund has a program that pays healthh insurance premiums for people with kidney failure. failure. we've had this program for abour 20 years, and we're on capitolnc hill today to talk to lawmakerse to make sure that insurance insn companies continue to take ourak payments on behalf of patients s because recently we've had somee challenges with them doing thatt
9:38 am
for patients.ens >> why is this the fight that t you have tackled? i know you ko have the personal connection but why this extra step? >> just seeing my father'sher polite want happened with himenh the one benefit did he did hede have full coverage and hee a struggled to spend all of his of energy just to get better heterh still had a bad out meeting the people i mete i m yesterday the stories that theyy tell when they don't have the financial wherewithal to pay for their care.r car it's incumbent upon me to triedi to something in his mon nor toso help those people.lp thoeopl >> you're heading to everest eve when. >> two weeks from sunday.wo wees >> you ready fro?? >> excited and terrified terfi depending on the day. day >> how do people keep track ofrk your journey?ey? >> well, we have i guess a website kidney they can get information on thee trail and hopefully we'll have a blog going forward keeping people up to date on progress.oo >> for you how can people get ct more information? >> go to our website kidney and justin's page kidney
9:39 am
thank to you both of you.h of >> thank you so much.>> t thahank youha. >> back over to you guys on then couch. >> thanks maureen.ur she was shot down in afghanistaa but her real battle began whenan she got home to the united uni states. now she's telling her story in a new book coming up air nationalt guard major and arthur mj hay h guard joins us live. now at havertys furniture, it's our savings in bloom event. get one hundred dollars off every thousand dollars you spend to create your perfect home. plus, you'll get twenty-four month, no-interest financing. hurry, the savings in bloom event ends march 20th. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't.
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the savings in bloom event at havertys. life looks good.
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haygard shot done while on mission on her third nshotoror afghanistan. she fought and savedaf the lives of her crew and their patients.. that's only the beginning of heh battle. major haygard would embark onarn her greatest challenge once shee was back on american soil. soi fighting to eliminate the military's ground combat com exclusion policy.icy her experience serve as it's inspiration behind her new booko shoot like a girl releasedelea yesterday this morning majorngaj haygard joins us live from new w york city to share her story.ry. thank you so much.u so m thank you for your service,ce ma'am, first and for most. m >> you're >> two battles we want to talko about take to us third tour inird to afghanistan. >> um-hmm.>> um-. >> well the third we were covering the med vac mission oni loan to the army because we're a combat search and rescued rese platform, and i have a lot ofveo the guys i flew with actually ay are in d.c. watching now.inow shout out to them. we came upon a convoy that hadhh been disable by an ied. landed picke
9:43 am
got our aircraft disabled by tht fire that we took i took a rounk through the we tried to lift to get to everybody out of the zone andond didn't make it very far.yar we had to land about 2 miles away, and defend our perimeter against the enemy. emy >> you were injured. you >> it was an interesting day.ery >> interesting day to say thenga least. i mean which included you y escaping containment by hangingh on the skid of the helicopter? >> um-hmm.. i mean i was -- i was standingtd on it a lot of people picture me hanging by my arm or something g but i was staning on the skidhek and bracing myself against the rocket of the helicopter i wastw on and returning fire to the fi enemy from that position. >> dramatic heroic all of those words pertain to that and whilei you were a woman literally in combat that's not actually the e event that really caused to youy go ahead and then take on thee t department of defense. you were home and out of theoutf military. so what caused you to then embark on this fight to say, you know what women should be in gat
9:44 am
>> right i was on my way out ofo the military because i was medically unable to night anyni more and there weren't any jobss that were open to women that ien was interested in taking on thao i was, you know n i felt like ii was qualified for.or one job i would have been greatg for that all of my skill setse that i had honed in combat would have been perfect but i couldn'o apply for it because i was a a woman. so that couple couple other oer things my step daughter was facing discrimination on herionr own. i had told her i would do wouldd something. i didn't know wsohat yet i woulu do something to make the betterr place for her to grow up intor i and that's when i gotn the call aclu pretty much the next day actually so that coincidentallyl made it to where i couldn't really turn them down when she asked me to take part in this ts fight. i'm proud to partner with themhe on that. >> you fought and you won. and women can be in all roles ii the military.e mili thanks to the fight that youe f had. our time is so fleeting.leetin to things i want to get in. i i love the title shoot like a l girl and that's not just some
9:45 am
flip pant title. that was actually anotheras acta experience that youll hady an ad really in essence every person o should try to shoot like a girl. >> right. alking stereotypes butut unfortunately the nature of thii discussion we end up talkingp tk about generalizations and and stereotypes.stty i'm not here to say that evert e woman is an exrt marksman. but stereo typically women are physically pre disposed to being expert marksman. m i'm no expert but it's somethini to do with our respiration and circulation and center ofr of gravity and psychologicallogal aspects too. women tend to be really good at firing weapons. >> we'll leave it at that.t tt. unfortunately we're out of timet major hegar thank you very muchc for your time.for your tim >> thank you for having me. you >> for the book shoot like a gil out now.t the one thing i didn't get toett talk to her about i wanted to w talk to her about her life story has been optioned for picked up and they're already ia talks to have angelina jolie jol play her.. >> wow! >> calling it, top gun meetsun m erin brokovich basically because of the two battles. battles
9:46 am
than just what we had the time m there for but really she's anhea amazing woman.amazg she's a purple heart recipient,, sixth woman to receive the dissd distinguished flying cross thedl second woman ever to receivetoee that with a valor device. d >> she's a bad you know what. >> she's one perfect woman toomo talk on the day we're celebrating women.celebrat >> still making changesing tooo sounds like fascinating read.nga still to come this morning we'll go stray to the top to get toto the to the bomb of thetotoom controversy over the suddenrsy r closure of prince george'snce ge county schools today.oday. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell mal joins us next. us next.
9:47 am
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>> still getting more commentse about the prince george's countg school system closing. here's one coming from on a snow day sometimes school doesn't close until 6:00 a.m. that day.. it happens.apns another comment we're gettingng via twitter.witter how can teacher or bus driver be granted perm day off without a a substitute scheduled.bstitu i feel employees being selfish.h we're getting from both sidesots hearing from both sides. i put a twitter pollg fr out it' almost divided right down theowt line. last i checked it was 53-47% 537 with hundreds of votes coming cn in.. so let's get some answers straight from the top right now prince george's county publicm o school ceo public dr. kevin maxl
9:50 am
dr. maxwell appreciate the timem good morning. >> good morning.nig >> couple things we want to gets out of the way. wouof t one, the question is, as to thee timing of this.timing oth when did you realize that you ra through these personal days d which it's our understandingerst staff members can take thesen kt when they choose as they chooseo when did you realize though that enough people were taking offref that you would have to close school? >> so first i would say thereaye are several types of leave theee teachers can take.teachean take. they can take sick leave. te si they can take annual or personal leave.e. mostly it's personal leave withh teachers. but we check the day before bor yesterday and the numbers lookeo pretty comparable to the week wk before considering again we were 24 hours ahead of where we weree looking. but then yesterday we saw a hugh spike and by 5:30 yesterday by y 4:00 o'clock really yesterday wr were up to over 1700 teachersear and we were starting to hearg th from transportation that a significant number of our bus
9:51 am
going to be this morning when makesakes transportation even more complicated than it is on a normal day. we had the instructionaltial supervisors the folks who oversee the schools and principles call every school tot try to get a handle on, upping, how many leave requests theyve r were seeing and at that point,a, again, we were over 1700 teachers but more importantly we had over 20 schools that had between 50 and 100% theirhe teachers who had alreadydy indicated that they were takingn leave, and we had another 20 orr so schools that were between 255 and 50% and, you know, quiteuite frankly, you know, it's not very productive learning environment to have, upping, hundreds ofed o children come into an elementary school or thousands come into a high school when you have significant numbers of teachersr out. it's not exactly a productiveoiv learning day if you're sittingfg in a gymnasium and again the the safety and well-being of our o
9:52 am
first. as i know you know i mean weeanw have these days sometimes where the weather gets a little crazya really early in the morning wenw make these calls. cls we thought the better thing to do was to give parents noticeic since there was no weather ineah the forecast for this morning mi notice that we were not going tt be able to operate with w significant numbers of absenteeism we were going tooing see. >> was there as you'reasre a monitoring the situation over ot the last couple of days and youl said even lase t wofeek you weru checking just to see if therehe would be enough people thatpl t would take leave today, as, a you're monitoring this, wasas there a certain point yesterdaye what was that moment where you y said okay this is bad enough we'll have to take think action? it was around 4:00, 4:15 i asked them then to go ahead and starts calling all of the schools and tracking which -- how manyw my schools we had over 50% how mann we had between 20 and 25, and then the last conversation thata i had yesterday they werey w supposed to call in arun
9:53 am
and then had to assemble theehe numbers and so we had a phone conference at about 6:30 i want to say and i gave the go ahead e to go and shut the system down for students today but for allll those employees who didn't planp to take work, they are supposede to be at work today.ork tod i know i was in a meeting this morning from, n began at ban a 9:00 o'clock and ended just i ji mean it's still going on.n. i stem out to come do this.hi and i know there are meetings and things going on all across s the district today.strict today. >> the other teachers even if tr the schools aren't there there e teachers are having in school session today, that type oft tyo thing? >> the teachers are there. there i'm sure that they're grading papers, i'm sure they're doingyg their lesson plans.lans. i'm sure they're, you know, youo discussing student but we didn'det want to, you kn, say to teachers you can come tot work. because obviously it's a worka day. da but for those people who planned on taking leave i mean we grantt that i think it's important to note,r too, with sick leave, it getss entered into the computer but b somebod
9:54 am
and had come down with the flu f which we've had lot of over the last, you know, situation or o eight weeks, you know, they summit that leave and while it's technically approved later they're not going to come in if they are, you know, ill. so you know some of these thingg i know some of the questionsof t comes about approval.ab some of this is very computerized. >> right, i understand that.i un aldeso not to make light of thee situation but 1700 teachers tooo sick leave the same day i thinki your friend at nih would be thee fir ones to be knocking on the o door to find out what'suthat' happening. this was a different situation. this people taking their leaveea that they are allowed to take as they choose. cos i think the question a lot ofqua people had dr. maxwell is, howow are this many people allowed tot be off at the at the same time?t is this something that you willl revisit the next contracttract negotiations to say, perhaps wea need to put a cap on this sohi s we're not opening up this slippery slope of a lot off a lo people just kind of comingust kd together and saying we'll allay take this certain day off for aa certain reason? well, you know, we've been having those conversations about leave
9:55 am
our unions, you know, and againn there's a number of differentre unions. we haven't seen this as a bigiss issue with our teacherseach although, you know, we do have h those cycles where we tend toe e see more people out because thet flu is going through or whatever. but we talk about it. the te tachers union, you know,o teachers association certainly c did not endorse this.hi i don't want anybody to misunderstand or believe thatana this had anything to do with a h job action by our teacherseaer association because itciatus absolutely did not.ot several of us were ine communication with teacherswiear union leadership yesterday.estey this had to do with people's personal convictions, theirheir personal, you know, thoughts.s. but we always talk about thebohe leave and how we can minimize and make sure that we have a a enough subs to cover buildings and we've been talking about a recruiting some even more qualified substitute teachers.e. >> we'll have to leave itve unfortunately dr. maxwell butaxt the last thing just to -- as a point of fact, is this in factnf any type of political statemente on the part of the schoolchool district or not?? >> it's absolutely not absolutyo political statement on behalf f
9:56 am
the school distr people have their own politicalt convictions but that can't, n, n can't have anything to do with the operation of our schoolof sh district. >> all right. dr. kevin maxwell thanks formaxs joining us this morning f.. >> thank you.. >> ceo of prince george's county schools. all right.ight. keep your tweets coming.our tw we want to hear what you thinkyk about the interview you just y j saw. what you think about the dayhe y without woman's strike. stre. we'd like to you weigh n pleases keep them coming #gooddaydc.c. much more ahead to come c including study that says weays might be having less sex thanha our parents. >> hmm. >> what do you think about thatt >> we'll throw that in therehi. >> why do you have to bring oura parents into >> >> speaking of sexy tomom hiddleston our kevin mccarthyccr sits down with him to talk abouo the latest congress.. >> who was he dating.g. >> don't do it.on't do it >> while they figure out we'llel also talk to porsha williams because she's got celebrity diss to talk about. a >> in the meantime it's coffee e meme right now. if maureen r if you want to shae her name we're all -- all >> i'm not doingi
9:57 am
mug. >> taylor swift won a coffee mug we'd send it to her. if you want it's up for grabs. s head to contests tos t vote or facebook page. pag one lucky winner selected by b random get your entry in lie 11am.11. it's 9:57.'s:57. 10a is next.a is next. >> and fans i'm just kidding. >> taylor. >> shake it off. “let life in with new herbal essences bursting with argan oil of morocco and notes of jasmine to put more life in your head. and now with the power of bio:renew to put more life in your hair.
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10:00 am
♪♪ first ten on the 10a, a daya without a woman's strike leavess thousands of students at home.o. your smart devices may be spyins on you, plus the sex study thatt has us talking. >> 10:15 real housewives ofsewi atlanta fans unite.s unite. we are live with
10:01 am
yum. boy does chef dirt to dish. che >> kevin sits down witdih myy boyfriend remember he had mehe d dancing in the loft tom hiddleston. he talks about hisle face off wh king kong. >> you never know who will stop by during the neck know hour. u how is that for a tease? a tse >> good day at 10a starts now. ♪♪ i remember tom hiddleston beingi so polite.ite. >> oh, my gosh. >> i can't see him fighting kini kong.kong. >> no.. >> too suave and debonair for him. >> i remember gazing in hi eyes. >> he did date that one girl. >>da whote t?ho? >> i'm just saying.ust saying. i'm in the saying. >> are we using big words in thn 10a today, maureen.en he's a little tricky like that.. >> he played us to the left likl that. >> tom, how could you?ld you? >> i do like tom hiddleston. >> he's great guy. is the whole king kong thing ana done
10:02 am
>> we shall fine out.l fine. most people just talk about whou is it he used to date again.e an >> stop it.>> stop it. >> thanks for staying with usngu for the 10a.r the 10a she refuses to say taylor swifti never say it again. again. i'm steve alongside holly, h maureen and >> first at 10:00 watching theie skies because another round ofhn snow it could be in the forecast. but first we'll enjoy the beautiful spring day trst wehatt the way for details on that,t, tucker barnes has a first checke of your hey, tuck. tuck. >> wisdom, that's a long way ofo when you look outside thisde ths morning and see that brightright sunshine breaking out across ths area and temperatures are goingg to be no doubt about it springtr like around here later this this afternoon we're talking about mid to upper 6 look at that jumped toumd 58 degrees in washington.ashito 58 in quantico. 54 up in gaithersburg annapoliss is 54 degrees.ees. very pleasant with sunshineshine breaking out across the area ana yeah we are looking a little lit down the road here at the possibility of winter weather. r but today and tomorrow it's all about sunshine and springtime. 60 today's and i think a few f spots will hit 70 degreesdeee tomorrow. to you can see the back end of ourf
10:03 am
here that will clear the coastha and a bright sunny afternoon.ern i do want to mention the winds you can't see the winds on the satellite/radar but gusting attt times around here to 25 to 30o 0 maybe even 35 miles an hour this afternoon. so it will be breezy day butut otherwise sunny and beautifulutf afternoon and again tomorrowin t looks fantastic.ic righright. looking a little down the road r here here's your forecast foror today. area of high pressure will w deliver bright sunshine and asis we get into the weekend, muchuch colder air will settle in.ettl not only in the mid atlantic but the northeast as well we'rel we talking about the real deal thii winter cold around here for the weekend. clash of the seasons.ash springtime warmth to the southoe cold to the north and right rht along that line there where that clash takes place we'll see storm systems develop how strons will the storm be? where willrw it track? that will determinele whether or not we get a snowno event around here on sunday. right now, i do want to mentionn in the next 24 hours we shouldeo have much better handle on thisi right now it look like thathat storm will be far enough south u we may get just cloud cover and peap
10:04 am
flurries around here on sunday,, but that track could change a cg little bit.littit as we get into the weekend.eeke so stay tuned here.e but either way it will be cold l around here for the weekend 66n6 today. day. 70 tomorrow. 30s for daytime highs saturday a and sunday.nda. and another chance of little snow event there on tuesday asta well. we watch that one wear physical.sia that's a weather update. ather enjoy beautiful back to you. >> all righty.yo thank you tucker time right now is 10:04 time to check what's trending first up it isp i international women's day as yoa know marches and rallies arees a planned around the globe to glot bring awareness to women'saren rights this year seems to beee e getting more attention followinl the womens march on washington.o international women's day was first observed back in 1909 when thousands of women marched march through new york city demandingg improved pay, shorter hours ands voting rights. the bull statute on wall streets accompanied by little girltle gl staring them down and symbolizee the need for more women in i corporate board rooms. brawny paper towel man has beenm replaced by a womaann for theor first time in campaign the compa
10:05 am
gender.gen trust us. those pictures exist.. >> this under eighty two's inntt national women's day coincidin a day without a women strike. sk it's calling for women to take the day off and not show money to show their impact on society a day of no school for thousandn of students in our region.egn this after hundreds of teachers quested and were granted agran personal day off.on off that includes prince george'sces county public schools and alexandria city public schools.s the schools say the decision too close was not political but one based on the inability tolity t educate students today. tay this story has generated a lot t of feedback on our facebook pagg and has a lot of you sending usi tweets about it as so we thought we would shareoula some of those right now.ow here's the first one.irst one. this is from educated sheet with the current uproar at heat we know the objective was achievedh regardless of opinions noise waa definitely >> all right. this one is from -- teachers are supporting their rights where is my child's rights to an a
10:06 am
>> up next, sr robinson, i am all for women clearlyarly illustrating their economiche value to our society. by ceasing to contribute for aeo day.. >> and ij dubly says me being 11 and female this is one mostos important and most powerful movements.moveme i have never been more proud too be a woman. >> keep weighing in on this topic.pic. it's decisive one but anisivone important one. one let us know what you think using the #gooddaydc we'll share somem more later. >> our other big story this morning wick keys struck again.y it publish thousands ofs ands o documents that it says containsc extensive documentation ofon o secret cia spying operations and hacking tools.tool reportedly the release revealssa details of the agency's cyber espionage efforts.orts the more than 8,000 documentsocn cover range of topic inn clue ic wagon appears to be a discussioo about how to compromise smart st televisions and turn them into improvised surveillance devicesc so far the cia has not commented on the wikileaks report.ep >> a little scary.cary
10:07 am
have these days.deve these day >> right.ight >> between the convenience ofeno having the phones nobody wantsny to give up their phones ands their tv's. >> i'm not surprised.urpred anybody watch scandal.candal >> exactly. >> they watch through the tv all the time. >> hollywood hasth broee n talking tki about it for years.ea scarier when you think it'swhent actually happening.hi >> might not be the mostactualet pleasant thought this early inut the morning but when it comesbuo to, you know, getting somee talking about sex here we are apparently doing it less than t our parents at least generationally.nerationally erin joins us live with the us h numbers and what could be behinn the big drop. dro good >> that's right, steve. steve thank you very much.uc. so here's the headline.ine american adults are having lesss sex than they did 25 years ago. and the most drama decline, it'' among married people.eople. it doesn't matter if you're mane or woman, white or black working or staying at home.or sta take look at this. come on. o this is the best thing that'sngt ever happened to me. >> after six months you don'tixm think that's going to i got a wife, kids, dressingress like a happy
10:08 am
that's not why.hy. see that.ha always smiling.mili judging watching look at thek ae baby, look at the baby. >> marriage a sex killer? maybe so. at least according to recently released study.ed s but why? experts say one major factor the high percentage off unpartnerred people who tend tot have less sex than partnereded ones. but even among people marriede i and living together, those romantic rendezvouses are fewerw and far between.etween so let's get to the numbers. ♪♪ >> the study shows in 2014 people had sex fewer than 53 th3 times a year.ea that's about once a in the 1990s the average personr polled was getting freaky 60 to0 62 times a year. >> i like sex.. >> when focusing on just marriem people, the drop is even bigger. from around 73 times a year in i 1990 to around 55 times a year in 2 that means on average married mi people are having less sex thant people who have never
10:09 am
now the report did not list lis specific causes for the big p drop. but it cited some possibleited factors.ors. access to entertainment andntnd social media, decline in happiness among people 30 and over, higher rates of depression, and the use of anti-depressants associated with sexual dysfunction.functi >> it's nice.s ni. >> and in the most depressingepn quote of the story, lead authorr jean sums the study up likes are they lese s hapepy and thuss having less sex or are they having less sex and thereforere less happy? it's probably someo of both. well all right then. experts also blame fatigue for f lack of sex drive especiallylly among couple who's both work.or and as you can imagine, the the frequency of sex also declined e as people aged from more than 80 times a year for people in that 20s 60 times by 45 and 20 times a year by 65. 6 but compared to the same timeim period from previous gener
10:10 am
generations, people born in the 1990s they're doing it way lesss than people in the 1930s when0sw they were born. so, quite a depressing studyinst there, guys. >> maybe not.. okay. that's a good reaction there. te if you want to weigh in on on social media -- - >> see erin i tried to talk toal you this morning and she wenthew running out of the loft. >> in my defense there wasse the breaking traffic news on 95. 9 >> i don't i just think -- i mean it'ss still like the numbers still sas like once a week. >> right. >> given the life we live in lin since i'm the only one talking i about this.hi >> everyone got quiet. qui >> based on people doing this is movie theaters at restaurantstas walking down the streets i'mts'm sure the distractions are much more. >> lot of distractions.traction. >> i read the study and was bigb the whole pressure now for, youu know, middle income families toe be two income families.amies. >> right.>> >> both people are working.orkig fatigue is a huge thing. t i mean i real dollar think thata plays into it.
10:11 am
>> fatigue totally play noose it. i think in the over saturatedatt with the iphone, the tv and thet you know, keeping up with as holly mentioned two income iom families. good day d.c. hash tag on on twitter. let us know what you think.. wisdom, staying quiet overet o there.ere. >> because i just think thek t study is flawed i think back in the day they work even harder. they didn't have phones, tvs ana all this stuff they were out onn the farm farming and doing allr that stuff and they madeal timem i just think the study isdy i flawed. >> they came in. no tv>>.v >> no distractions.istr >> right. >> when they were in the house together. >> they were ea >> they worked from sun up to sundown. sti still -- >> create the entertainment.the. >> they created >> what about the study for ther people who are just glad to be getting any at all?ll >> there's big couldn't tinouldi jenn, right. >> fair enough. i wonder how honest people were. >> yeah.h. >> okay.>> see we picked up at the end.thee we didn't want --t -- >> thanks. >> 10:11.>> 1 from avengers villain to who taylor swift? okay.ka taylor swift's boyfriend to ao a monster movie hero, actor tom hiddleston is p
10:12 am
all. kevin sits down with the congress skull island star. star >> he's gone from the football field to the broadcast booth tot the baseball diamond.. well now tim tebow has his h sights set on another role. plus, the maternity shoot youhou have to see and ed sheeran s shocking admission about taylor swift's all tay tay all the the time, mo. dish nation and porsha williamsm joins us live with all the details. >> good day celebrity dish serving it up. >> la, la, la. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. pretty! [doorbell rings] hey. umm...sign here? sure, you got a pen?
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a better clean. tide. number one rated. it's got to be tide >> time for good day celebritygd list. this morning we're bringing in outside help.ty w >> joining us live nowtsid dishh nation host and real housewives of atlanta porsha william. hey, lady. >> good >> that's a fabulous leather l jacket you have on by the way.o >> is that what you're looking o at? >> thank you. >> thank you very much.. >> i'm paying i was compliment. i gave i was compliment.omplen >> he always notices what top oo jacket situation i have on. >> i love your style, porsha.yor that's s'sll that's all i'm saying. >> glad to know it'slad tow appreciated. >> oh yeah it's not going unnoticed, sisteyeahr i.. listen let's talk about tim abot tew.w. apparently he's going angelinagl jolie on us.. >> he certainly is. is. now, tim tebow
10:16 am
far as we know right now he's single and doesn't have aave a potential wife in sight, right? well, he's letting everybodyvero know that in the future, heure, wants to adopt a child from every continent.nent >> hmm. >> that's right. he said, i want to sit around>>s thite dinner table and see kidss from africa, asia, europe, south america, right in the united une .tates. how cool would that be? now heh also said that his potential wife would have to want to adopt these kids. eighths requirement to be with tim tebow. now i personally tirhink timem tebow is very fine. fin i think he's sexy.. i like that he's but this is a pretty big deal. a i'm thinking at point he mighteg want to get with angelina joliel she's single. >> yeah. >> so i think --th >> they could always just get at penguin from antarctica.. what else -- else >> there you go. >> yes. >> [ laughter ] y >> yeah that could work for them.
10:17 am
he starts a family tim tebow is concentrating on this baseball career and charitable work withw tebow foundation.n but he's just putting it out there. th letting whoever the new mrs.,rs you know, when she comes intont his life know she's going to have to be a heck of a mom to aa lot of kids. kid >> let's -- enough with theenghw tebow talk. he loves the microphone andphon loves the spotlight.spgh let's talk about john maher and the surveillance roar are theoae girls who freak out once theyfra noticed him at a benefitk . >> i know.. so john maher and grateful dead's bob we're turned up alpha pfizer rot are the benefit partr in orange county. any way, once he walk in thein t room nobody was paying bob anyny now bob' daughter is a member om the sorority and john attended. and all the girls jumped ond twitter. they're taking pictures.. even one photograph you can seee john maher in the background anr he's like, i don't know if johnj maher looks like this but he'sth looking at the girl like she'sis the love of his life.ife. any way they're on twitter. twir
10:18 am
is looking at me. m right now, i think that john thh maher is single.mahee. we haven't seen any pictures off him with anybody recently.ectly but his love life is very hard to keep up with. wit but yeah these girls were superp super excited that he was the special guest.uest also, no word if he took anybodo home from the party. party. [ laughter ] >> i don't know.on't k i kind of think wisdom got thatt john maher look for porsha right now. >> oh, really i wish i can see e you.u >> i'm going to have to pull pul this footage back up and see how i'm getting glared at. >> porsha, don't -- >> wisdom martin. martin. >> somebody take a picture and tweet it ttaoke me. me. take a picture of him and tweete it to me. >> oh, gosh. gh. >> wisdom give it your bestres pose. >> you have to take a portraitar because his mouth is on theh e floor. [ laughter ] >> let's talk about little collins -- >> and drool.nd d >> let's talk about lilly's tabu collins. i'm not going to engage in these shena
10:19 am
let's talk about lilly collins.s >> is that right? um-hmm. let's jump on into it. after 27 years of dealing with h her dad's fame okay lillyly collins is speaking out and she has this memoir her dad is phil collins she is basically talkini about how the relationship was just strained because he workede so much and had that affectecadd her life and celebrities often like to open up in these memoirs. soothing for them.sohing but at the end she does say thaa she wants to have a relationshis in the future and there's no time like now to start that. >> aww. ww >> good for her.d her >> all right. it's always good to see you, porsha, we love having you asyoa being a part of our dish. >> thank you porsha.a >> absolutely.bsutel see ya'll next wednesday. w all r right.ed >> take care. >> look at him. >> seriously.>> sious right. >> take care.. >> as he gazes into her eyes. >> if only she could see him.ouh >> you're walking away. >> dish nation is areas rightasg here on fox5 before our earlyary morn
10:20 am
into wisdom's eyes for all of ao that have crushes on him. >> all right.ight. let's talk about searer. sre she recently tweeted out thatt her -- about her nearly nudelyud photo family photo shoot for harper's bazaar. bazr. the singer and her probed we pre know she's pregnant and she hase one child from previousrevi relationship with rapper future. she shared vulnerable pregnancyy family shoot. shoot. with the world on tuesday andayd the photo gone viral a lot ofoto people not liking it thoughhoug because you see right there that the son -- future's son is doesn't have any clothes on.any there you go. ot of people are saying this t is weird. >> i don't think it's weird because the son doesn't have't s n'clothes on. o. that doesn't bother me. the poses i can't even tells i that's russell wilsocan that coo be any dude. >> how do i know that's russelll wilson.wils if you just glance at it it i almost makes h shoulder look loo like her booty like it's not's even a person at all. a person a you know what i'mll saying? sin >> i just think the photo is is we're.e >> why would another man be in n the photo
10:21 am
>> i don't think another one would. why don't you see his face.e i think it's weird. w i think it's weird.rd okay.okay apparently there are perks toer being besties with taylor swift mow. his new cover stole for rolling stone ed sheeran opens up about his booze see lifestyle and star to fame. one of his fondest memories wasw the ease with which he can hookk up with some members of herer famous squad. >> um-hmm sheeran said taylor's' world is celebrity i was 22-year-old awkward british kidk going on tour with the biggestgt artist in the america who has hs all these famous mates. mates it was very easy. i would often find myself in conditions just kind of wakingan up and looking over and being like, how the bling did that did happen? um-hmm. u >> that was quote.>> no word on wha tt members of the squad sheeran played with.ed but he did also confirm that one person he never hooked up withit was taylor herself. currently the song writer hasg r
10:22 am
his high school pal cherry seers born who remains a constant int the busy dinger's live. liv he just announced his world tort by the way coming to verizoneriz center.nter >> he's bragging about hooking up with groupies.upie >> um-hmm. >> all right then.>> a he's just player.heust a guy never -- a guy never brags about hooking up with lots ofotf girls. >> all i'm going to say is, uh-huh. :22 is the time. tim we have got more dish believe ie or not on the way.n the y this time a little help from the fan in the morning including the newest manny danny star.r. >> local firefighters making ae wish come true for 15-year-oldyo about to undergo a life-threatening surgery.ry. bob barnard joins us live withvt that story next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in stomer satisfaction
10:23 am
and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios get the best. get fios. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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w you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to
10:25 am
>> all knew this morningll community coming together to surprise a virginia teenager kyr fighting a rare genetic diseased that affects the nervous systeme the boy will have surgery soonry but after that us are his odds d e nonot good. >> but today we're thinkinge'ren positively because the manassass fire department is truly liftinl this young man's spirit. sri bob barnard is live in manassasa this morning with more on this t ory.y. bob?b? >> reporter: hey, maureen,aure guys, good morning.guysod morni. we're out in the parking lot ofo osbourne high school here in hhc manassas. ss you can see some people here. hr some classmates actually the teenager's mom is the right oveo there with camera up and got hig friends here who have come out t from school into the parking lot here courtesy of the manassas ma city fire department.dertmen if you look on the latterhe l looking toward the sun but jamim is up there. now he needs a wheelchair he'se' sitting down he's got a fire
10:26 am
i think in the tease video youea might have seen his arm over the side waving and giving of one thumbs up.thum he's in this ladder truck buckec because this is one ofet his his bucket list wishes. and he doesn't know it but later this morning the fire departmenn in this ladder truck is going tn take him out to the localoc airport and he's going to get at chance to ride in a med vac helicopter another item on hisns buck list. lt. as you guys mentioned, he's a 15-year-old freshman here at her osbourne high school but has bus surgery coming up to helpp alleviate issues he has because of this inherented disease his s younger sisters suffers from.rsf joining is the chief from the ft manassas city fire department. chief we see what's happeningee' here. this is awesome. younge one of the things guys love to do.e to >> absolutely. we do love to do this. this gives d uso an opportunitt reach out to the community and do some things that can just j make a person smile and for jamie, this is.s is. this was his buck list thing ong of the things to be able to dobl for him, and a lot of times we see folks at their worse.or
10:27 am
perspective for us, and there'ss a lot of good things that we do too as far as helping withng w community events and things like this, too. >> reporter: you were tellingr:l me earlier, explain to our to o viewers, what he has coming up ahead spinal fusion type surgery. >> he does.. it's spinal fusion. he has a neurological diseasedi that basically it's debilitatinn his spine, and what's happening' is a lot of hiss organs are basically pushing on each otherh hopefully this surgery will helh straighten out his spine his s although he's going to have somv challenges with the surgery, and he understands that along withlw his family and this is one of the things he wanted to do and o it's really honor for us to be able to do this phormium and hih family.fa >> reporter: beautiful day anday he'll find out soon enough thatt he's also going to go for a ridr in a helicopter this morning. chief rob clemons, thank you very much. manassas city fire department here c, guys,ity at osbourne he school in manassas doing the d e honors you can see jamie'samie hands, his hand i think he's been wiggling his fingers kind of waving to everybody and telling them he's doinging find retracking ladder he'll be down soon..
10:28 am
bucket list and as chief clemonc has been telling us the surgeryr ahead is daunting but he's got t good attitude as does his family and he's going into this surgerr with a big smile on his face fac because of this gift here todayy guys. guys to ride in a tower truck in a i latter truck in a tower one of his bucket list guys. >> glad to see it cominggu true. >> yeah. god bless each and everyone of n them for sure.e em f sur >> yeah. >> all right.ll. 10:28 is the time.> from dancing with holly morris r to duking it out with the eightg wonder of the world coming upp next, kevin sits down with kongg skull island star tom hiddleston to talk about had you music m influenced his performance infoe the blockbuster. >> anybody's music in particular, maureen. >> stop it! ♪♪
10:29 am
z25eiz z16fz y25eiy y16fy
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪♪ smell that? that's death. what the hell is this place? lae this is what's left of cong. >> i've taken enough photos of mass graves to recognize one. o >> we'll cross through and maked it to the highest point west. >> uh-uh.uh this place is a real no-no sir.s >> we need to be going to theo north side right no you're welcome to do that my man.y m by yourself.. i'm not leaving jack out there.e who is with me?
10:32 am
>> mighty right we can make it. stay sharp, keep an eye out. >> i've only been here 28 yearsy what do i know. >> that's clip from kong skull island. it's not a bad impression by tht way.y. >> that was pretty good.. >> pretty good. >> basically they're expeditionn exploring new island discover a massive ape by the name of kingm kong.. movie serves as awry bot boot o monster franchise.chise the same universe as the lady latest godzilla reboot. kevin got chance to sit down with tom when i see that in text it doese sun really crazy it's a reboot b within a reboot.. >> basic all you need to knowd o the last godzilla film with bryan cranston this movie takesk place in the same universe.ivee those characters could somehow
10:33 am
>> if i haven't seen king kongeg before i can still watch >> tollly. >> they're going to island. >> 33 king kong if go back and watch it. it's amazing howba they di d it.y d miniature sets it's kind of cool the special effects has changedg so many. tom hidden toll play as britishi character but originally thegi character was supposed to ber wa american and he wanted to switch around. i talk to him aboarut but theree a piece of music i'm a big fan of film scores music is my favorite thing when it come toie music on the set when you'reou'r filming a movie like this youes really don't get to see king see kong clearly. he's not real.he's r >> okay. >> you have to act against h so tom hiddleston played a piecp of music onset and beautiful but piece of music from sunshine directed by danny boyle.anny boy you can hear a little bit of itt no.. >> okay. >> imagine this song because t it's not in the film while he's doing scene with king kong.kingk >> talk about why --t why - >> kind of like his spot. s >> he needed this because it'sa'
10:34 am
tu listen to how beautiful this is. ka okay. >> ♪♪ >> check this out.>> watch this. >> there's a number of ways youo can die, rain, heat, flies. >> we'll double them. plus a bonus if we make it back. >> yes. >> little things that i love loe about that give details the the for example, your father's looter or the fact that brie iss wearing a necklace that has aacs circle on on i'm wondering do you ever addu v things in that weren't in the in script that help you become himm more? like do you like have a h little things like that that wew wouldn't know? >> wives-read the script theip e character was american.rica >> really. >> i suggested to everybod that -- i actually would have wv been excited by that but the difference of pin that conrad has with packard samuel l.. jackson's character what to doo about
10:35 am
had been an american soldier heh would have been inn sub in order nat and accused of insighting mutiny.muti >> the fact he's sas1 of the regarded miterer units in thenie world gives him an outsider'ssis perspective on it he's not insoi the u.s. military. it just made room for differente points of view and then suddenly we're like wow that's great thet he can have been a pilot in the second world war and that'sld ws where that came from. came >> talking to brie larson about that amazing sequence when youhy two are up on the hill with kini kong. and she was telling me that youy actually picked out a song toont play in that moment. m >> it's a piece of music from sun movie by danny boyle.anny b when he made the film he went to hawaii, australian vietnam. we were out in real places, reae jungles, swamps, rain forestsais all of that. but that particular scene you'ri talkingcu about was in a stud studio bau
10:36 am
the camera had to be very be v controlled. we had to b e able to be at theto be at the top of this mountain, and get gt quite close. so they built a mountain on the set, and brie and i were surrounded by green solely. sole there was very very little to respond to and she and i had to respond as if cong was that toto the same things.hi he was blinking, he wasing,e wa breathing, he was approachinging and it's difficult because we w couldn't see each other becausee we were looking out.lookinout. >> interesting. ieres >> and also the music but the b music became a kind ofd of representative of him. >> so that piece of music whichi we'll play again ♪♪ >> i've heard this mewing ishea before. in a movie called sunshine oneue of the most beautiful pieces ofe music i've he have heard. >> old movie. >> sci-fi film. s not lot of people saw it danny d boyle is coming studio this friday.frid this music helped them get intoo that moment together which is i kind of cool.kind ool >> we also saw
10:37 am
ere.e. >> john c riley is in there. the >> yeah. >> by the way when are wee wawhn fighting about get out.ghting at >> i think that's coming up thig week. week >> can we have this song playonp while we're arguing.uing. >> that's your intro song. s >> that's my wwe intro . >> i got to come with king skul island hits theaters on friday.. it hits theaters on friday,day, kevin. they bet tame take that monkeyy down. because man is king.bee ma back to you steve.u steve. >> you guys can argue over the r movie only if you become john ch riley best friends. fends >> yes. step brothers reference, baby.,y >> thank you kevin. >> wisdom, keep your head up.ea. it will be okay. >> now way for hoy schooll students to express themselves and spread a positive message i the process. we'll get a live performance from d.c. ps students takings tn part and do you not want to miso it. hey, guys.heuy 10:37. ♪♪
10:38 am
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>> arts and music programs aredg slowly disappearing fromly schools. not a good thing. one local producer found good way to give high school students an outlet to express themselvesd anol prodhighto express t andrd drew star the creator of the high school, program not your y ordinary mentor ship program itr gives local students the opportunity to coin positive rae versus things about education, leadership, responsibilitynsibil instead of things like sex,ngs x drugs and violent. violent. kids even get to star music video showcasing their work. last it showcased students from prince geo
10:41 am
this year from d.c. public highh schools. let's hear from them theheth students from the d.c. ps here to perform their singlein take it away, guys.s. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪♪ >> all right. all right. [ applause ]se ] >> you guys sound you guys sound great.reat nice job, nice job, nice job.. >> where is everybody from. fro >> washington, d.c.
10:44 am
video back there. vierent scholsdifferent schools. >> yeah. >> friendship, kinly. all right. rht how old are you guys? 18.8. >> 16. >> who is the youngest? is e yo >> 14. >> we got 14 to 18.>> wo all right. so this is drew star.r. andrew talking about getting the kids together.r. first of all how do kids get k involved if they want to be parb of. >> at first it was hard becauset you know, all the high sch woolo kids they don't want to talk tal about positive rap they think it's kind of corny. kind ny so we that -- t >> is that true? >> at first.>> at firs >> yeah. >> admit it. all right. al at first we kind of like had toe hit the streets go up to localpo schools, local malls, and just,s see if kids wanted thed t opportunity to do this.y to dis. but now we have stuff like auditions. we have showcases and other oth things of that nature this ntur saturday by the way we have auditions at flowers -- charlesl flowers high school npg open too all dmv students for th 2017-2018 high school syphon.8 >> you come from music background obviously. this is second naturto
10:45 am
video got to be kind of cool ofc because you guys look pretty p good in the video.od i but you want to take it a step further too you want to make -- it's not your regular mentoringg program. what do you hope the young men learn here? ar >> well, i hope that they learnt how to be bheetter artists, youu know, how to stay out of trouble, get education, and pretty much just go a differente route than all the other artistt now a aays. you don't have to talk about guns and stuff to be cool andl just to make a hit you could doo other ways.her i'm trying to make the kids sees other pretty much just, yeah,h, seek other ways to further theih careers. >> who else has the microphonesp what do you think so far nowyou that you've part of this foris while? >>foo for it. >> since i've been a part of iti honestly a lot of people comingn up to me like, producers andnd everything hitting me up one upo twitter. i got a dm a couple days ago dag this lady wanted me to performfm at her daughter's like sweet 16. so i find it a way to get opportunits.
10:46 am
goals for this? or isguys i htj something to do right now? whao do you think? >> long time career goal for mee >> something that you want tou t do? that you wanted to more of. y yes. ou you're 14. what's the future? >> most definitely a career goag right here i've been doing since since i was nine so i mean i m actually see the it's good progress.ess. i mean, thank you for put mowinw on to this syphon.hon >> let me ask you this. if you guys are from different schools. different parts ofol town.n dunk each other before you got n volved in this? >> some of us. bit.ttle so coming together and putting project together like this froms different schools from different areas and everything like that,r how is thatyt experience been sb far as being all able to workk together and kind of collaboratf together? >> i mean it's fun. n it'sun. because all of us got a wholeho different style.t all of us bring something new tg the table. none of us the same. sam we have nothing that's the samee and that was drive people crazyy about it.t >> but it does show yourr creativity your delivery
10:47 am
shows that you guys can eachn ec bring a little something different put it altogether and make it work.put itmake it >> yworkes. >> what's the been most fun parp far.r. >> the fun part to me was thewat video in the summertime. it was hot i got to take off myf shirt and stuff. stuff having a little flexing showingg off and all of that. tha >> hopefully we're only fewnl weeks away from getting it hot h again. don't go do it this weekendee because it will be cold.ll be cl do you this in prince george'sn' county last year. lasyear d.c. now. n can folks still get on board fof the next go around? what's thee process. >> definitely so you can e-mailo you can e-mail me at dsp -- dsp at drew star e-mail me and come through toug the auditions.itns we have events all the time just pretty much holler at me in person don't be a stranger. str. it's funny kids that i'm going'g to turn them away or this isr th something impossible but ie but actually like i'm open to allo a the youth.the y >> you seem proud of it too.oudt seeing this generation doing d something great. >> good job, guys. g sounding keep up got work.keepp got work. [ applause ] >> back over to you guys on then couch. >> all right.
10:48 am
i'llit i:47. coming u:47.p the newest editioo the morning fan quick silva anda danny from wqys join us neck. n. we'll be right you going dish with us? >> of course. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to
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>> if you list sin to the radio in the morning are on your way to work you'velistorni heard out guests who keep it real every ra morning. really really real during theirg weekday morning show theekday familiar in the morning we are talking about the dmv party king himself quick silva. >> and newest edition to the ne family danny star. >> yea.>> yea >> radio dual joins us live inle the loft to dish about their nee show. sh hello to you.. >> hello. >> i have to do good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> she got it.. >> little soulful. >> i'm telling you. >> yes. >> welcome back to the loft.come >> thank you very much. >> welcoming to you the loft.>>t >> thank you.ha >> new team together.ew teatoge >> yes. >> all right. chem this working? chemistry >> i'm having a lot of fun. chem tree is almost easy becausy
10:52 am
our families know each other.ach our kids play with each other. h >> you're kidding?g? >> transition has been superns easyit. after our first day on the airde people were coming up to us liks how long have you guys beenuys n working together we're like today. they're like --eye like >> for real. >> no seriously tell us thes the truth. i'm like today. it's just been one of easiest os transitions ever.transitions we love working together. tethe like quick said our families f know each other our daughtersuge are loo ick fast best friendst they're like -- they're like -- >> how old are they.>> >> mine is five.>> me is f my daughter is four my son is sn >> two-year-old also.ear-d al >> wow. ..ere's a connection family >> absolutely.>> >> okay, okay.kay, okay. what are people going to get to from the show. sw. un fun. >> my goodness, ya.. ergygy. topical.l >> shenanigans. fun, amazing. fun, >> all wow.>> a wow >> entertainment and realness.s. honestly.honely. i love that we're allowed to bed our ourselves and i really lovev we talk about things thathis matter. but we also can get super goofyg and it's really kind of all things are not untouched.ntouch like the full spectrum.m. >> it real is. >> i love you say you talk a
10:53 am
things that matter.thingshat for instance did you not go tome work today because of the did dt without women strike. str >> international women's day.'s >> you're wearing red toing re represent. you held the fort down byheld tr yourself. >> she didn't give you a heads you. >> she set me up on yesterday. yrd >> what really happened.rely hap >> at 9:50 yesterday i'm going g familiar she cuts me off. i got this. hold on i got this. i got something to say she's nos quitting all right. >> it's been one day.n on >> you just got here. y jus >> she's like, um actuallye,act tomorrow i'm not going to come m in. in o at's so funny. i'm really serious. ser i thought she was joking. 5:30 comes sheens not there yet 5:59 comes she's not there yet.. danny, where are you? you y thought i was joking? >> she's not coming in. com i >> he's like well you just gotug here you'll take day off.ay off listen i've been in media for 1r years i've been woman my whole w life. i've been a girl arc woman thisi is important for me and i i wouldn't be me if i showed up tp work today because t these areha issues that matter to me and toe matter for my daughters. dters. so i said, love you, i love mye job, don't let anyone think ione don'
10:54 am
>> once she explained i felte sh okay. >> there's been'e prince george's county schools n lot of parents saying how couldc they make the decision with aioi lot of teachers who call outl o yesterday. you have children in the countyt watch is your reaction? how do you feel about this? abo thi >> both my kids are off todayfft because they're both in princeh george's county and my wife is f at home with the kids today andd a lot of parents not just myy wife today on the show a lot ofo moms were calling in not upset but just a little frustratedruse like you know what, i want toi n take off but i can't because i u have kids.ves. then now when my kids are forcef to stay home, now i have to teae a pto and now my boss is kind oo looking at me a little sidewaysw which i believe is completelye t unfair. but a lot of parents were kind of mixed emotions about theabt schools closing today and i was really surprised about that. abo i was also surprised how many hm ladies called in today and theyd had to work. w a lot of nurses called in for instance and we have to work.ced i would love to take off but i i just can't because i have sickav child i'm tend to go i just havs to be there. bthere so i support ladies who have tot work and in those who have the luxurl
10:55 am
off i support them as well.m asl >> it's a privilege.>> ia >> we've a controversial thing.i we've had people weighing in oni twitter all morning long. l steve did a poll. it shows pretty half and i love that you guys talk aboutt this like you said.u s >> absolutely. >> you keep it real. >> yes.>> >> listen we're human beings. we have the same issues that yoe have. >> absolutely. >> i think your voice is ne i tcessary in that vein.cess >> thank you. i will tell you>> t one thing yl always get my voice because iceb don't know how to really -- she- loves to talk. you ever notice.ic >> i don't know how to be quietq i don't have much of a filter ol because for me i've always'v a realized that people can relatet when they feel a me too you sayy something and someone is like me too and when people don't have e that me too it kind of -- it of- kind of doesn't work out. right. for me it's always been about, you know, staying firm to my toy truth and being serious about ia because that way it gives othero people permission to also stand in their truthth that's reallyt' important to me. >> she's an open book. >> i >> week and a half.k and people know everything about him her. >> i
10:56 am
>> danny star, we welcome up anp love listening to you wqys. wqy the familiar in the morning.he m >> let's do it one more time.orm we don't say good >> what do we say. s >> good morning!! >> thank you guys so much. >> okay. our last couple of what secondss back over to you guys on ther ty couch. >> good morning!! >> good morning! m >> i want to hear it.>> i w >> i want to hear it.r >> good morning! [ laughter ]ht >> we need to hear that 4:30. 4 >> i was ready to say good day!d good we're done.reone. >> bye-bye. >> all right.>>ig we got a few tweets we'll put up. >> no, yeah, maybe. yea m couple more tweets coming in. >> survey people less sex teesdale sexual activity ait declined since the death of o prince. >> wisdom would you like tom uli comment thon. n i got nothing. i got nothing.nong >> yes indeed i'm
10:57 am
nation p porsha williams leather jacket.jacket see. >> uh-huh. >> there were two parts of the o jacket that they really liked. >> oh, stop. >> i'll say bye over there. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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. live from new york "the we." >> how you doing. we don't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: wow. welcome to our show. thank you so much for watching.


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