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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 24, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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skyfox live over that scene. details are ahead. >> and a local family torn apart by gun violence. four people are shot including a toddler. the child did not survive. the investigation coming up in a live report. >> plus no more taking time to vote. that is the message president trump is sending to congress. a new vote is expected today and if the gop does not act the president says the affordable care act will stay in place. >> good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us. it's 7 o'clock on this friday. it's march 24. >> if you are just waking up this morning giving you a live look outside right now at 7 o'clock. isn't that pretty. >> real pretty. we'll talk cherry blossoms throughout the morning today. in the meantime let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. tucker and erin standing by. tuck, sunshine is out already. >> sun is up here in just a couple minutes. we wake up with clouds and a few showers the first half of the day but we got springtime to look forward to later this afternoon and this weekend. details coming up. erin. >> breaking news out of newburg maryland this morning. serious crash involving a vehicle
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at least five people injured in that crash. you can see serious damage to the vehicle through the trees there. it's shut down for investigation. we'll let you know as soon as edgehill road reopens. have some patience this morning in newburg maryland during your commute. the freeway right now eastbound side big delays because of a crash by sixth street. temporarily lanes blocked right now as they move it out of the way. we'll keep you posted on your commute here on fox5 news morning. allison and steve. >> speaking of patience not a lot of it coming from the white house. take it or leave it, that's the president's message to congress this morning as the republican healthcare plan is scheduled to come up for a make or break vote. >> it could be politically devastating for the president and the gop. we begin with wisdom martin live on capitol hill. good morning where prospects don't look good. >> reporter: good morning to you. good morning to you steve and allison. well, it is decision day here on capitol hill for the gop healthcare plan. the president says he's done negotiating so now the republicans need to vote or he's
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drama under the dome. president trump pushing for a vote today on the repeal and replacement of obamacare. republican leaders scrambling to find the votes. >> for seven and a half years, we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing its failing families and tomorrow we're proceeding. >> reporter: do you have the votes, the question house speaker paul ryan wouldn't answer as he walked away because at this point he may not know. conservative republicans still unhappy with the plan they think just replaces obamacare with a new entitle. program. moderates upset at cuts to specific programs including medicaid. and the white house making it clear the president is done through negotiating. >> i think at the end of the day this is the only train leaving the station that's going to be repealing obamacare and giving us an alternative to replace it. >> call your local representative, call your senator. >> reporter: the president with a video posted on twitter trying to create pressure on republican members to support the plan but aids say he is eager to m
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issues like tax reform. and through it all, democrats almost gleeful at the gop disarray. >> donald trump may be a great negotiator rookies error for bringing this up on day when clearly you're not ready. >> reporter: all right, so it's shaping up to be an interesting day here on capitol hill. the expectation is that this vote could be done one way or the other by this afternoon. steve, allison. >> whiz thanks very much. here's a look at some of the other top stories this morning. district police looking for a murder suspect a man shot in the head in the 1900 block of naylor road in southeast happened just after midnight. at this time police don't have a suspect or a motive. >> prince george's county police are investigating a shooting outside the marlow six movie theater it's on branch avenue in marlow heights maryland. police say someone shot a man in a car in the theater's parking lot around 8:30. he's in critical condition. police don't believe this was rerandom. >> a prince george's county police officer off the job
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driving under the influence in his patrolcar. officer christopher brown was off duty in his take home cruiser yesterday morning when he clipped the back of a tractor-trailer near pennsylvania avenue and the beltway. in 2012 brown pled guilty to another drunk driving crash. >> ♪ >> 7:04. to charles county now where police are searching for answers in a horrific shooting inside of a waldorf home that left two people dead including a toddler. >> two other people were also shot they're now in critical condition. s melanie alnwick live in waldorf with the latest. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve and allison. so, you can see here in coventry manor that these townhomes are all very close together and it was a little after 8 o'clock last night when neighbors heard the gunshots, many of them calling the charles county sheriff's office and when officers arrived here, they came to this townhome here, the third one from the end. right here in the middle. inside they found a man deceased from a gunshot wound. th
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house and they found what 93 said was a y -- they said was a young female child also deceased. two females one a child and an adult surgery gunshot wounds. the two suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. the teenaged and the adult female were flown to an area hospital in critical condition where they remain this morning. we have not yet been able to get an update on their condition. then we're told that investigators located a gun near the deceased man. they're telling us that this appears to be a domestic related incident. we believe that it is a family of four that lives in this home and that and it appears that the man's gunshot wound was self inflicted which is why police also telling us, again, using the terms appears to be domestic related, but they're not releasing in it more information on it at this point. i can just tell you that it's something that really has made neighbors very upset. it's the kind of thing that you never, ever want
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that the mother and the teenager can pull out of this and survive and they're hoping that perhaps we can get some information as to what caused this terrible shooting here. live in waldorf, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 7:06 now. the man accused of opening fire inside comet ping-pong back in december is due back in a d.c. courtroom. edgar welch pleaded -- excuse me reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors earlier this month and today that deal will be finalized. police say welch drove from north carolina to the pizzeria which is in northwest washington after reading what was a fake news story that claimed the restaurant was at the center of a child sex ring organized by hillary clinton's presidential campaign. today's hearing is set for 9:30 this morning. >> 7:06 right now. all right. tuck has got a check on our forecast today its chilly now but should get nice later. >> yeah, i mean nicer. it will be in the low 60's. we're still doing 70's tomorrow. we'll look at the weekend
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forecast. let's get to it and little bit of cloud cover out there and, yeah, still cool this morning, 38 in and washington, 35 dulles, up in baltimore 34 degrees and cloud cover out there early. north and west we're having issues with a little freezing rain in parts of western maryland. if you're driving out there or living out there or headed out there just a heads up here next hour or two a little touch and go. we get a few showers around here late this morning and then as this piece of energy gets east of us later today, we'll break out into partial sunshine and we'll start to feel those milder temperatures move in. 61 this afternoon with partial sunshine and real quick, i want to show you the weekend forecast. 'cause i know you're run, out the door. there you go. cherry blossoms i think they will be doing their thing. >> pretty. >> yup. 75 tomorrow, 68 on sunday with a few showers. >> it will be nice t you'll get a chance to check them out later this morning. >> i can't wait. it will be a very special firehouse friday. at 7:07 right now we are dealing with some breaking news out of fairfax. northbound route one closed at 95. so we're going to keep you posted on that one. also, skyfox out in
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maryland, this morning. they're dealing with a huge crash right now. look at that vehicle down the embankment. i mean t hood ripped off of it. five injuries reported. really serious crash closing edgehill road. that is out by pope's head road. please give yourself a lot of extra time to get around newburg maryland. five serious injuries reported. let's switch back to our maps right now. aside from dealing with this big crash again edgehill road closed at pope's creek road with that overturned vehicle, 95 and northbound route one closed at 95 on-ramp from 95 closed hearing from fairfax county police that will cause big problems this morning as you plan your alternate eat. we'll keep you posted. freeway eastbound crash at sixth east. all lanes opened. delays in both directions and then suitland parkway crash inbound at branch avenue that cleared to the shoulder and those delays to silver hill have cleared but fromly alabama avenue to south capitol some delays lingering. naylor road shut down because of police activity. back to you allison. >> erin thank you very
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has been following for months. we're talking about the high number of missing teens in the district. today d.c. mayor muriel bowser will hold a.m. facebook live town hall meeting toed a dress the ongoing concerns. specifically concerns of whether an increase and social media awareness about the missing teens is causing unnecessary panic in the community. the mayor's discussion follows a meeting earlier this week which sparked high emotions among concerned residents. >> some of these kids are run aways. some are missing and if you get on top of it and stop looking at everyone as a run away maybe the problem will be solved faster than what it is. >> ♪ >> police also clarified that most of these cases do not turn into amber alerts because they don't meet the specific qualifications including abduction or imminent danger of injury. the mayors facebook meeting begins at 1 o'clock this afternoon. >> charges against two teens
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14-year-old rockville high school student have reignited the political battle over illegal immigration. both came into the u.s. illegally last year. the case capturing the attention of capitol hill. bob barnard live in wheaton with the latest for us. bob. >> reporter: hey, steve, good morning. virginia congressman bob goodlatte ishairman of the house judiciary committee. he says his which the will hold a hearing next tuesday to ask federal officials about this particular case. in particular, they would like to hear fromly homeland security and officials about border control policies because both teenaged suspects in the rockville high school rape case were detained at the border with mexico but ultimately allowed to come into the united states to come up to montgomery county and to be with family. chairman goodlatte says he also wants to hear from homeland security officials about whether either of the suspect henry sanchez milian or josé montano were members of gangs and what were the long term plans for
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what was their immigration status? >> we have already received a good verbal response from the department of homeland security that they are looking forward to responding to this letter as an opportunity to tell how they're changing policies so that in the future, people showing up at our border will not get released into the interior of the country so that things like this will be far less likely to happen. >> reporter: now, montgomery county school superintendent dr. jack smith says rockville high school students and staff are still receiving threats over this case. now, coming up later this hour, we will have a live interview with the attorney for the older of the two teen suspects who says his client is prepared to plead not guilty and will be exonerated of these charges, guys. >> we look forward to that interview very much, bob, thank you. >> still ahead this morning we're following a developing story out of new york. a member of the
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wall deported for times is behind bars facing serious charges. >> this is -- in 28 years probably the most heinous criminal act i've ever seen. >> we're going to tell you what the suspect is accused of when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ in you
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>> despite the damaging cold snap we're now in peak bloom for the cherry blossoms. >> i was looking off 'cause i'm mesmerized by the beauty of it and our friend mike thomas who is in the midst of it all. good morning, mike. >> good morning to you allison. hey, it is very beautiful out here but as steve mentioned, i've been here the last three years. this is the coldest i've ever been coming down
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tidal basin. i'm rather impressed. we've heard so much about how much dying was potentially happening, up to 50 percent of the blossoms lost with all the cold but i would guess you wouldn't be able to tell the difference coming down here and taking a quick glance. yeah, maybe a little muted color compared to years past but still a lot of color out here. it's a gorgeous morning. sun is rising spectacularly over the jefferson memorial here and it's just gorgeous down here. right in front of us we got some cherry blossoms right here. these ones don't seem to have been damaged too much. there's a little damage mixed in there but primarily it's a nice blooming blossom here and of course we're down here this morning because cherry blossoms festival festivities are about to get under way. coming up in a little bit we'll be talking to the chairman of the national cherry blossoms festival. we'll let you know about all the details on the events coming up plus we might have a visit from one of the presidents from nats park coming up a little bit and we'll be talking to mike and we'll get an update on how much damage was done and when you shod
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to see the blossoms in peak bloom. all that coming up a little later this morning. for now i'll send it back inside to you. >> mike do you really need the gloves this morning? is it that cold out there. >> yes, he does. >> come on. >> i didn't really hear that. >> that's okay. that's all right. >> oh, do i need the gloves? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes, you do. >> yes, yes i need the gloves. tell tucker if he doesn't think i need the gloves he can come down here himself. >> you said it. >> thanks so much mike. >> ♪ >> the cherry blossoms not the only tender vegetation. >> come on, he's down there. give him credit. >> he likes to be warm. >> it's like 40 degrees. >> actually 38. >> tucker is the one who puts the air conditioning on when it's 12 degrees outside. some end pooh like it cold, some end pooh like it a little warmer. >> steve, i'm just saying. >> you'll enjoy this morning and the rest of us will enjoy the after into. >> you're wearing gloves to see the cherry blossoms. >> if i was out there all day, yes. >> 62 degrees
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bottom line is it is cool out this morning. whether or not you need gloves you decide for yourself. >> well, if i had some nice, you know, slim gloves like mike then i would wear them. >> i don't pass judgment. >> if i feel like you do. [laughter] >> 38 in and washington. 37 in new york. yeah, we're definitely chilly out there early. lots of clouds in the forecast first half of the day. few showers develop late morning. developing off to our north and west. those will come through with just a couple showers and then we should clear out this afternoon and turn more springlike. 62 later today. look at the weekend. 75 tomorrow cloudy and warm. probably won't need your gloves tomorrow, mike. 68 on sunday with a few showers. >> that's a straight up mock. >> no its not. >> yeah, it was. outvoted. good morning, erin. >> good morning. >> a no mock, no judgment zone. >> sometime tucker sets you up for it. >> he does. >> then you ends up looking like the bad guy and he just gig else good. it's jus
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friday. fourteenth street bridge backed up. earlier crash on the freeway that cleared by sixth street. that caused some residual as you make your way inbound from the pentagon to across the 14th street bridge anticipate about a 10 minute slowdown. bumper-to-bumper traffic. we'll take a look at our maps and show you what else you're up against this morning. orange line earlier train malfunction at stadium-armory residual delays to vienna. that's in addition to safe track slowing doyne the blue blue -- down the blue and yellow line. blue lines running every 24 minutes. give yourself extra time. aside from that in newburg maryland skyfox has been here all morning long. edgehill road is closed at pope's creek road. overturned car into an embankment. huge scene there. at least five injuries reported and really severe damage to that vehicle as well. so investigators on that location. northbound route one in fairfax closed at 95. on-ramp from 95 closed as well. that's causing some slowdowns through lorton on 95 as well as folks seek alternates. allow for extra time. in the district na
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investigation in southeast between p and minnesota avenue southeast. heavy delays lingering on the outer loop by colesville road. back to you, ally son and -- allison and steve. >> new details about the deadly london terror attack. a total of nine people now in custody. police have identified the man who carried out the attack as 52-year-old khalid masood. they say that he had a long criminal history including once being investigated for having extremist ties. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. a candlelight vigil was held last night for the victims. five people including the attacker were killed in that's a photo of the american who was killed in that attack. >> terrible. among the dead a utah man in london for his wedding anniversary. his wife one of the 50 people injured in that attack. she remains in the hospital this morning. a go fund me page has been set up for her medical expenses and to help pay for her husband's funeral. >> we're also getting a closer look the chaos that
7:20 am
cell phone video shows people running for their lives when the attacker h slammed into pedestrians on the bridge. security on the bridge is increased. let's go to ukraine where thousands of people under an evacuation order after a fire at a military arsenal. ukrainian officials say the fire was sparked by an act of sabotage. it's near where ukrainian troops are fighting with russian backed separatists. russia denies those claims. >> new at is etch clock horrific eighty two him in a in hands of a man police say deported from the united states multiple times. tommy ventura accused of stabbing two women and sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl so badly she needed surgery. police say ventura as salted the girl while her mother was at work and then went to a nearby bar and stabbed another woman over a marijuana deal. he's then accused of returning to the little girl's home and stabbing her mother when she came home from work and learned of the
7:21 am
>> there was a person who was there watching the children. that person reports that he heard some crying from the child. at the time when mr. ventura was at the house before he went to the bar. >> he pled guilty. police say he's a known gang member deported to el salvador four times between 2006 and 2011. >> a 19-year-old american israeli jewish man is in custody suspected of making more than 150 bomb threats to jewish community centers across the nation. including right whoer in our region. he was -- here in our region. he was arrested in israel. his name has not been released. investigators say he used advanced technology to disguise his voice and mask his location. the fbi tracked him down by his ip address. police are still trying to figure out a motive in this. >> still ahead a at 7:21 higher fares fallin service we're goi
7:22 am
you. >> plus baby penguins taking their first dip at the maryland zoo. sounds like a recipe for cute cuteness, right? >> sure does. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> here we go. cuteness delivered on a friday. penguins at the maryland zoo taking their first dip into the water. the seven baby penguins were born in october and november of last year. they join the rest of their colonyn
7:25 am
the facility. five other penguin chicks were born during lasts breeding season but they're still too young to swim outdoors. >> they're like finally get to swim around like we're supposed to do. cute. >> super cute. all right. that's right up tucker's alley, swimming in these cold temperatures. >> yes, exactly forgetting the fact that it's 38 degrees out. >> need a little ice and then you're ready to go, right. 38 in washington. hey, it is definitely chilly out there early but notice the winds out of the south here 18. we'll pump the temperatures into the low 60's a little later today. once we start to get rid of some of this cloud cover. we turn cloudy early this morning. a couple showers off to the north and west. a quick heads up again if you're off to the north and west, you could be encountering a little bit of freezing rain. in fact there's a freezing rain advisory. i think we'll get rain showers early this morning. they'll move through
7:26 am
we should get partial clearing and get our daytime highs up into the low 60's so it will turn into a more pleasant afternoon than morning. 75 tomorrow. still on track for a great start to our weekend. enjoy cherry blossoms should be doing their thing. 68 on sunday and i'll get out of your way. look at that. were he keep it spring like around here so this morning in many ways maybe the last of winter for quite awhile, for at least the next seven days, allison as it will turn more spring like starting this afternoon and tomorrow. all right. erin how is it looking. wait, wait, wait. >> ♪ >> time for the jam cam. >> oh, that was a good one. and guess who wins today? unfortunately there's a crash blocking the shoulder outer loop by suitland parkway. because of that the outer loop usually doesn't jam up this time of morning but from branch avenue to suitland parkway you are at a cowell and top of the beltway past colesville road backed up. two areas win the jam cam today. we'll keep you updated on that one. you can see
7:27 am
just how backed up that traffic is for several miles. taking a look there. metro back to normal on the orange line. it looks like as they adjust the camera it turns out our jam cam is because of a big crash scene blocking all the lanes under the overpass. so this is turning into some breaking news right now. you can see the fire truck, the police department just the left lane left shoulder getting by. that's after suitland parkway again just under the overpass. this is developing right now. we'll get more information for you and keep you updated. back to you guys. >> ♪ >> all right coming you next to that to bottom review of metro's operations. we'll talk with former u.s. transportation secretary ray la hood coming up. >> live at the tidal basin. blossoms in peak bloom. this weekend your chance to enjoy their beauty. 7:27. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ ,. >> live look at capitol hill. house rules committee meeting right now prepare details of the revised health care bill. so that they can be debate the on the floor later today. a procedure underway started at 7:00 o'clock this morning. now the debate could happen around midday today with the hope is the vote would happen this afternoon of course this is the vote that was expected yesterday. did not happen. so again now the rules committee meeting this morning. we expect more discussions throughout this afternoon and then possibly the vote later this afternoon. also at 7:30 this morning we are tracking metro across the dmv. rising fares and falling service. a fare hike goes into effect now officially in july. peak rail fares increasing by ten cents, off peak rail fares by 25 cents. bus fares a quarter. during rush hour stations will arrive at stations every eight minutes instead of six and some bus routes will be eliminated. in the wake of the f
7:31 am
maintenance and safety concerns there's going top to bottom review of metro' operations it's ordered by virginia governor terry mcauliffe. >> he's tapped former transportation secretary ray la hood to do it. secretary la hood joins us by the phone this morning in his first local tv interview about this new role. it's great to talk to you again this time in a new position. you have many years here in d.c. running dot very instrumental in fund the silver line from met tomorrow you're familiar with the system watch were you be looking for in this new role in this study? >> what the governor asked me to do is really look at everything, look at funding. where the funding comes from. look at the governance when metro was formed decades ago. there was a compact sign by the district of column yack the state of maryland, the state of virginia and so the board is really made up of people from all three states, and, you know, we want to look at that and see if that continues to make sense, an
7:32 am
at -- at the kind of service that is being provided and the cost of that service so we're going to look at everything and make recommendations to the governor to the region to everybody that has an interest in this, and really try and come up with making america's metro wmata the best that it can be which it's not right now. >> what's your assessment on a couple of things going on locally with the system now? safetrack for one, and then we're reporting this morning that the budget includes reduced routes and higher fares. what do you think, secretary? >> you know, that's not good news for riders in the region, and, you know, people who go to work every day at the federal government or the local governments or people who need to get to a doctor's appointment, they rely on metro, and what they rely on
7:33 am
reliability, and the fact that they get from one place to the other safely, and that it doesn't cost them, you know, a big chunk of they are budget to travel around the region. so i know -- i'm sure people are disappointed to hear the news that there's a rate increase and a service reduction. so those are things that we will look at and try and figure out when metro was formed decades ago, it was not only for the region but for our country. i'll never forget how struck i was when i was sitting on the platform as president obama's secretary of transportation when he was sworn in the first time and 2 million people were sitting on the mall all of them delivered their by metro. none of them could drive there because all the streets were closed. at one time metro was number one -- the number one transportation system in the country, and today i
7:34 am
and that's what we want to get back to. >> i want to try to get into couple things quickly here, m look, there are those who say you have to know what's broken to know how to fix it. there's also the question of how much broken can be fixed, and for a long time now there's been this delicate dance about the raising of fares, the cuts of service. is this a death spiral? is that your take as metro in a death spiral rye now? and the second question that i have, if you can touch on this as well, another big roll that you're taking on here involves the funding from the federal government. we have a new administration in now and there are fears that some of that funding may be cut. >> first. all, metro is not in a death spiral, and but -- but service has been cut, fares have been increased and that's not the way you want to run a metro system. when we, h we served as secretary of transportation, we worked with transit systems all over america and
7:35 am
provided some funding but we also provided some -- some best practices and that's what we really want to get back to, best practices for delivering people around the region at a cost that they can afford on a system that is safe and well run, and i think we can get back to that. i real dollar. >> and can we do it without support of the new administration? >> of course not. the metro system relies to great extent on federal funding, obviously on local and state funding, but the federal government has to play roll. this is america's metro. the thousands of people that come to washington and to the region every year because it's our u.s. capitol rely on a good transportation system and the federal government has to may a role in that because the federal government serves
7:36 am
people and the american people are served by the metro system.& so there's, upping, there's a real synergy here that has to continue and the federa government has to play a major roll. >> well, secretary i know you want to get your study done in time for the next budget year coming around. were appreciate your time this morning. wish you the best of luck and look forward to talking to you again very soon. thank you very much, appreciate it. >> former transportation secretary ray la hood. >> time to head on back to the tidal base season. fox5's mike thomas is checking out the cherry blossoms. don't you take those gloves off because you're perfect, mike. >> i refuse. allison, old dead tree with like one blossom on it just behind us here really small i'm calling that one tucker. >> the tucker tree. >> that's the tree i'm calling tucker. >> don't be glove shamed. [ laughter ] >> no, i will not be glove shamed. it's wonderful. it's still beautiful out here it's a little chilly but temperatures are going to be getting warmer this weekend talk about the forecast in just a minute. for now, hey, it's a d.c.
7:37 am
blossom festival is about to get under way here in d.c. talk about this diane may who joining me president of the national cherry blossom festival. >> hi. >> thank you for joining. >> it's great a what beautiful morning to be here. it's warming up. >> it is. slow but steady. >> despite your gloves it's warming you. >> they're giving me a love of stuff for my gloves back at the station. i want you to talk bout things going on starting tomorrow festivities really start to kick off, right. >> tomorrow is opening ceremony. actually we've had performances this week at the a and a stage at the welcome area over there by the paddle boats over 100 performances we'll have for the next six days. and tomorrow warner theater we have opening ceremony. all the receipts are row -- seats are reserved but you can watch it on facebook life. world class performances. sony and art museum will have family day lots of activities library of congress, japan culture day, so lots of things this weekend, but it's just the beginning of three more weeks.
7:38 am
the parade is actual the third weekend. it will be on april 8th presented by events d.c. nailly the five work at the southwest waterfront. >> you did mention because of easter the festival is going an extra week this year, correct? compared to normal. >> go an extra week but the parade is a week earlier. >> we switched the parade around a little bit. so, um, yeah, lots of thing. finale weekend is april 15th and 16th with d.c..five. so much going on throughout the week. >> excellent. we invite everybody to come on down. weather this weekend is going to be absolutely fantastic for it. especially saturday. tomorrow we got gloves on this morning. mid 70s tomorrow afternoon. so steve and allison, come on down. take some pictures and enjoy the cherry blossoms with me and diane here. >> aww. >> such great invitation. thank you very much. derr hi from us in the studio. >> saw the tour buses down there yesterday erin and i know they'll be back out there throughout the weekend that makes
7:39 am
traffic. >> we're dealing with problems right now, steve. look at the outer loop. we have delays right now a crash by allentown road. actually this is 66 crash at sudley road we pulled up as well dealing with two crashes outer loop by suitland parkway closer to allentown road and another crash on 66 out by sudley. so lots to keep track of here this morning. let's go ahead and switch it over and show i was look at our maps other slow downs and crashes this morning. east capitol street crash at minnesota avenue. we also have a southbound 295 crash after east capitol street. big delays 295 southbound from 50 all the way down to the 11th street bridge. east capitol backing up as well. 50 inbound is a parking lot from 202 to 295 and then as you make your way out in fairfax northbound route 1 right now closed at 95. the on ram from that knife closed as well. and we're hearing from police out in lorton traffic affected because of a truck strike the bridge there. please detour around that factor an extra time for your lorton commute this morning. 95 backing up as well and the good news is earlier train malfunction a
7:40 am
normal service resume on the orange line. we just have blue and yellow line delays for safetrack right now on the rails. allison and steve? if you are headed to the beach this summer you want to take a ride on the water, just order an uber. >> yeah like uber boats you mean? new service coming to shore near you. 7:40. ♪ ♪♪
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z2b7lz zstz y2b7ly ysty ♪ back now at 7:42. here's one victory for president trump. he's been cleared of any es
7:43 am
of the trump hotel in northwest d.c. some had raised concern over& whether the lease of the old post office building violated an agreement that prohibits government officials from profiting from the lease. the general services administration says president trump did not violate those terms because the president handed over control of his businesses to his sons before the inauguration. the cheapest day to fly this summer apparently is tuesday june 6th. >> that's it i'm booking a vacation. >> where we going? >> we? >> anywhere. >> apparently tuesday is great day to fly for cheap because tuesday july 4th, tuesday august 22nd and tuesday september 12th the least expensive days to travel. remember sunday july after ju july 4th -- >> eleventh. >> most expensive. >> june is overall the best month to score great deals. >> really? >> i'm surprised by that. because that's the big summer get away. >> apparently it's good time to get away. >> i've been wrong before believe it or not. >> travel tuesday. >> you can summon a boat for ride on the water uber
7:44 am
style. there's an app called uber for boats but that's not the actual name. >> the actual name for the on demand service is called hobo which shows the boats available in the area and what it's going to cost to you take you somewhere. it's currently available in l lovely charleston, south carl with south florida and new york on the way. >> all right. if we book our trip on tuesday in june to go to charleston, then we can afford to pay for the boat ride. >> i'm always down to go to charleston. let's do it. >> good enough. coming up next living on the edge. people out west dealing with flflooded creeks that swallowed big chunks of their backyard. ky.
7:45 am
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♪ welcome back. it is 7:47 on friday. can i get a yay it's friday. >> yay it's friday. >> tgif. how about this? escape from mundane reality a blast off into a realm of imagination. sounds good, right? for this week' fox beat friday you can enter to see never before seen circus experience. it's truly out this world. >> one viewer can get a vip prize package including four tickets to the ringling brothers circus on april 1st at verizon center. this prize has an approximate retail val you've $400 provided by felled entertainment go to the fox5 d.c. facebook page now through 11:59 p.m. enter for chance to win one winner selected by random drawing marc. all entrants must be 18 or older complete rules are available at
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too. out west california residents some of them living on the edge literally look at the backyard. look at what used to be the backyard. big old chunks gone now swallowed up by flooded creeks. tarps and sand bags used as temporary fix but the water is just overpowered pretty much everything another storm expected to hit that area of pleasant ton ahead of storm temporary fix expected to be in place to try to keep the patches of yard left still intact. that is not the kind of yard work that you want done. >> um-um. >> wow. >> we talked about how much snow they had out there. how much rain they had out there. they're unfortunately would be more problems to come when everything melts. >> weather is powerful once it gets going. let's get to our forecast. we've got a few light showers in the forecast today. but the real theme will be the warmup that begins this afternoon and i really think we'll be off and running it will feel much more spring like around here not only later today but as we get into the weekend, too. weekend forecast looks great. all right. at least temperature wise. 38 now in washington. 36 in gaithersburg
7:49 am
34 in leonardtown. few spots are at freezing mark. one is martinsburg 32 degrees. cumberland 32 degrees. i want to mention we got a little batch of moisture off to our north and west it's been rolling it's possible if you're one of viewers off to the north and west this could be freezing rain. keep that mind. there are freezing rain advisories well to the north and west. forest of us, i know it's a cloudy start, not a great looking start we're likely to get few of these showers sneak across the mountains just rain showers for us, and them as this quickly gets to the east of us, we'll start to clear out and we should be in for at least some sunshine this afternoon and again these mild temperatures set to move in and stick around for the weekend. there's future cast. just want to show you real quick at 11:30 you can see a few sprinkles certainly the possibility and then we'll start to break out into some sunshine this afternoon there we are at 6:30 tonight. if you want to be outdoors at 6:30 temperatures will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. all right. 70s tomorrow. high pressure and a southerly breeze we'll pump the temperatures
7:50 am
we'll have clouds around tomorrow as that warmer air moves in i want to helping a few showers will back the high temperatures into the 60s on sunday. but a much more spring like pattern here for the weekend and here's your weekend forecast. cloudy but warm on saturday and then sunday 68 with few showers and look at that. we keep the 70s in the forecast into next week. >> whoop whoop whoop. >> let's get our party on. monday, tuesday mid 70. >> how is it looking. >> sounded so sad and sarcastic. let's get our party on. >> it's early. >> it's friday. right now 66 on the eastbound side there's a crash blocking the shoulder. that's causing some delays as you pass sudley road from ga gainsville into centreville. watch for about 15 minute slow down. also, just east of 95 on franconia road we're getting reports of a police pursuit in that area. so use caution on franconia road this morning in virginia. as we move it from the camera to look at our maps we have another crash on the outer loop. right near andrews road right there. it's moved to the shoulder at allentown road and we have some delays bac backing up toward brh avenue we also have another crash 295 southbound after e
7:51 am
capitol street blocking a lane at minnesota avenue so a lot of slow downs this friday morning allison and steve. >> back to the big story this week that fox5 has stayed on top of for you the viewer. the alleged rape at rockville high school. >> so many questions about the suspect remain unanswered. we're trying to get you those answers and this morning bob barnard is at the office of one of the suspect's attorneys in wheaton doing just that. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. joining us is andrew jess sick the attorney for henry sanchez millan the 18-year-old charged with first degree rape. good morning andrew. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> we had statement from you yesterday on our morning show. what is the pig of your client, the 18-year-old charged with a 17-year-old with allegedly raping a four-year-old girl at rockville high school last thursday inside a boy's bathroom? >> well, mr. sanchez is presumed innocent, number two he'll immediate innocent and we're
7:52 am
montgomery county will find him innocent. his position, i can't go into everything he -- i can't go into anything he told me but frankly his position is going to be that this was a preplanned consensual non-forcible encounter. >> reporter: with two teenagers in a boy's bathroom in the middle of the school day? >> that's correct. i mean there is evidence that will come out later i believe that this was a planned encounter with this young lady and at least one of these gentleman. >> when we had your statement on our news yesterday morning i heard from several people saying, well, a 14-year-old girl can't grant consent -- have consensual sex. >> certainly. >> reporter: so i moon how do you answer to that? >> that's everybody's first reaction but in maryland, in order to have statutory rape where consent is not a defens, the victim needs to be four years younger by the day from the perpetrator and in this case the victim is three years and eight months younger than my client so it's not statutory rape that's why the
7:53 am
rape. >> reporter: also this is bringing up the whole immigration debate your client in this country illegally, correct. >> he was stopped at the border and detained by ice and he was detained for 12 days but then ice made the discretionary decision to simply let him go and they put him on plane in texas and his father had to pay for the ticket and his father picked him up at bwi airport and he's been in this country with the full awareness ice and where he lives for the last since september of this year. >> has no hearing, his status is just kind of open ended? is that the case? like could this young man had he not gotten into trouble who knows how this thing is going to play out, but could have been here going to schoolworking illegally in the country and going along scott free? >> there's been so many people that have come through the border underage in the last year. so what happened immigration just doesn't have the resources to deal with all of these people coming in. so what they do, they detain them, they investigate them and find out if there's gang affiliation. they find out if there's any record in their home country or any record here in the united states or any
7:54 am
is are dangerous or things like that, and if there's 91, generally they release him and they say you must appear in court fort next court date. it used to be four months out but now with the delays it appears to be, you know, from five months to year out. so essentially he will be getting notice from ice. there will be a court date. we will represent him there and we are going to aggressively assert a claim of asylum for this young man because he was fleeing gang violence and gang g >> reporter: which was in guatemala, s. >> reporter: report correct. near the border of he el salva. >> you hear a case like this and it sounds so outrage the particular crime that your client is charged with. how do you defend that as an attorney? how do you -- we're just talking off camera about the whole uva case. how do you go to court on something like this. >> the reason the presumption of innocence is existed for 240 years in our country a classic example in this case but more proven the duke lacrosse case or the uv
7:55 am
case. both of those cases got probably more attention than this case. nationally intonationally after a couple months when the evidence started trickling out and the investigation proceeded the whole world got to see that these young men in uva and at duke were completely innocent. as a matter of fact they've gotten major money judgments because they were false and accused. and if we didn't remind jurors in the public and that's while i'll dock this interview here today, normally we don't speak to the press, there's been already a conviction for this young man, a trial and a sentence of this young man in the press it's not your fault it's just natural. human nature. but that's why we're here to say wait a minute there's a presumption of innocence. remember the duke lacrosse case, there's more evidence in this case that will come out and we think it will be favorable for our client, mr. sanchez. >> all right. andrew, thank you very much. >> thank you for hearing me. >> appreciate it. >> representing henry sanchez millan the 18-year-old charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in the boys bathroom at ro rockville high school last thursday. a
7:56 am
police chief tom manger calls a brutal attack but, yes, guys there's a presumption of innocence until this thing makes its way through the judicial system and we'll be on top of it every step of the way. >> bob, appreciate the interview this morning. 7:56 right now. let get to tucker. thanks, steve. let's talk cool temperatures. 38 in washington. at this hour winds out of the south here at 11. mostly cloudy and a few showers i do want to mention the possibility of little bit of freezing rain off to our north and west. that pink indicating spots we could have a few spots of freezing rain this will get through the region pretty quickly late this morning we'll have at least a few showers around here and then we should garagely whatly clear out and turn partly sunny and milder this afternoon. 62 your daytime high about 14 degrees warmer than yesterday. look at saturday, sunday, very spring like around here with some clouds on saturday. 75 glorious degrees. erin how are roads? getting a little better? >> not so much. we still have a lot of problems at 7:00 vick.
7:57 am
earlier crash cleared that was blocking the left shoulder at sudley road. but as you make your way from gainsville through manassas we have heavier traffic so right now it's about a 15 minute delay from 234 prince william parkway to 28 in centreville. westbound side looking good as we take look at our maps, the only metro slow down we have right now safetrack surge 13 single tracking on the blue and yellow between braddock and h huntington van dorn street. watch out for those slow downs. in lorton this morning northbound route 1 still closed at 95 the ram from that knife closed as well. you can see that's causing significant delays in both directions on route 1. keep it to 95 to get through that area. and we'll you updated on that closure come from fairfax county police. back to you allison and steve. >> we'll be right back. >> keep it here to fox5 news morning. ♪ rning. ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. good friday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us this morning. it is march 24th, 8ap. here's a look what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> it is decision day. health care showdown on the hill and this morning a new ultimatum from the president. pass the bill today or otherwise the affordable care act is here to stay. horrific crime scenes in charles county maryland a community left shaken up aft four people were found shot insider of a home including a toddler who did not survive. we're
8:01 am
>> also ahead it is peak weekend for the cherry blossoms even though they may be a little thin this year. it's still beautiful it's still washington and it's still tradition. we'll head down to the tidal basin to check in with the national park service ahead of what we expect to be very busy next couple of days because it's going to be beautiful as well. >> here's better view for you. gorgeous, right? i mean still pretty. they hearty hearty blossoms. live look outside great way to start off the weekend weather wise. taking look at news now a minute after the hour. and new this morning district police are looking for a murder suspect. a man was shot in the head in the 1900 block of naylor road in southeast around 12:30am. at this time police don't have suspect nor motive. some updates now on the house fire in woodbridge, virginia where officials say five people were taken to the hospital. two adults, three children all with non-life threatening injuries police say the father woke up to broken glass called by the fire and immediately woke up his family the
8:02 am
escape down a stairwell but they say the smoke and fire was too heavy so instead they jumped out second store window in the front of the home and l landed on posh roof. from there the family lowered themselves on to the ground. two grandparents were in the basement they were able to walk out uninjured. however the family dog is still missing. let's get to the capitol. drama under that dome. it is decision weigh day on capitol house expected to vote on the republican health care bill after the president said get it over with no matter the out come. planned vote delayed as gop leaders and white house desperately tried to make changes to the bill that would convince moderate and conservative republicans to support it. the president reportedly gave gop members an ultimatum he's done negotiating in they don't approve the day he's moving on to another priorities and the affordable care act will stay in place. mirrors some of the concerns lawmakers are having. conservative republicans still unhappy with the plan they think just replaces obama care with a new entitlement program. moderates upset at cuts to specific programs including medicaid. so the big question remains, do
8:03 am
republicans have enough votes? >> at the end of the day, this is the only train leaving the station that's going to be repealing obama care and giving us alternative to replace it. >> members of the rules committee are meeting to debate some provisions that have been added to the revised plan. once they do that it can move on to the full house floor for debate in the make or break vote we expect to happen possibly later this afternoon. local news now and we're following developing story out of charles county where police are trying to figure out what led to a horrific shooting inside a waldorf home that left a toddler dead and two others fighting for their lives. melanie alnwick is live now with the very latest. good morning, mel. >> reporter: steve and allison, it's kind of an odd scene here. the neighborhood is quiet here at coventry manor in waldorf. the birds are singing. there's no sign of what happened inside this townhouse except for little bit of crime tape there you see. sticking out of the trash can. and a few medical gloves still left here
8:04 am
but for sure it was a terrible scene inside this townhouse last night. many neighbors calling charles county sheriffs when they heard gunshots. several gunshots. a little after 8:00 o'clock last night. investigators came inside the house and they found a man dead from a gunshot wound. then as they further searched the townhouse here, they located the little girl who was also deceased and two other females. a teenager and an adult also suffering from gunshot wounds. the female the toddler also deceased. the two surviving women taken to the hospital in serious -- very critical condition. we're told they are suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. officers say they also then located a gun near the deceased man and they're saying at this point it appears to be a domestic related incident. we know that investigators are continuing to canvass the neighborhood. trying to see if there are any clues as to what led to this
8:05 am
there are also holding -- with holding the names of the deceased and the two that are in the hospital because of course they want to protect their privacy and they want to make sure that relatives have that information first, but i can tell you that the woman who lives in this house posted on her facebook page that she is the mother of two incredible little girls. i did talk to some co-workers this morning who are praying that she and her teenage daughter will recover saying she is always appeared to be happy and never showed any signs of any trouble at home. live in waldorf, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. ♪ 8:05 right now. 38 degrees. come on warmup. >> yeah. hang in for couple hours cloud cover and the showers which are just off to the north and west are going to hold those numbers down for a little while. later today, yes, more spring like. >> all right. >> all right? >> let's get to it. and we'll start with the temperatures. which haven't budged a whole l we are above freezing but
8:06 am
36 dulles. 35 up in baltimore. bwi marshall. all right. watching this batch of showers move in from the north and west. notice the pinks towards frost burg and hagerstown not working into west virginia. that is at least radar indicated freezing rain. so the possibility that there could be a few cold pockets with freezing rain north and west and a lot of cloud cover for the rest of us. we can expect a few showers around here later this morning, and then a transition to some partial sunshine this afternoon. again daytime highs should get up into the low 60s. we'll go 62 today. i know a lot of you are running out the door because it's friday i want to show you the weekend forecast quickly. but it's going to be very spring like around here, yes, clouds on saturday but 75 daytime high upper 60s with a few showers on sunday. all right. more on that forecast coming up. let's do traffic from the one and only erin como! >> owe i liked your announcer voice i'm excited to take a nice jog through d.c. on saturday finally some good running we
8:07 am
>> right now 50 dealing with inbound crash at the beltway right there blocking the shoulder on the ramp to the beltway. some delays leading to the beltway and then inside as you make your way toward 295. outbound side looking nice through the bay bridge. let's switch it over for look at our maps right now. some other slow downs you need to be aware of. big problems in lorton fairfax county police keeping us updated. northbound route 1 is closed right now at 95 the on-ramp from 95 closed as well look at all of that red through woodbridge. they're saying the traffic could be affected for extended period of time because a truck struck the bridge there. so please use caution keep it to 95 and be patient if you normally take route 1 that was lorton and woodbridge this morning really big delays there. aside from that outer loop crashes moved to the shoulder at allentown road but very heavy delays lingering as you make your way before branch avenue to suitland parkway. things ease up a bit but the inner loop jams from basically 295 to across the wilson bridge. southbound 295 crash after east capitol street earlier east capitol street by minnesota avenue did clear.
8:08 am
married skyfox had great views of this earlier this morning. over turned car into embankment really damaged vehicle and five injuries reported as well edge hill road remains closed. caution there and naylor road closed as well still dealing with police activity in southeast metro on time except for safetrack. steve and allison. >> one more traffic related note. this morning five people injured in single car crash happened on edge hill road in now burg maryland. two people had to be flown to area hospitals much the car overturned and went down an embankment as you can see there. initial reports say all are expected to survive. now to a story that fox5 has been following for months. the high number of teenagers missing in d.c. today the mayor muriel bowser will hold a facebook live town hall meeting to address on-going concerns. >> specifically concern about whether an increase social media awareness about the missing teens is causing unnecessary panic in the community. the mayor's discussion follows a meeting earlier this week which sparked high
8:09 am
concerned residents. >> some of these kids are run aways. some of them are missing. and if you get on top of it and stop looking at every everyone as a run away maybe the problem would be solved faster than what it is. >> police also clarified that most of the case do's not turn into amber alerts because they do not meet the specific qualifications for amber alert including abduction or eminent danger of injury. the mayor's facebook meeting begins at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. still ahead howard university heading west. the d.c. based university is making its mark in silicon valley this summer. we'll tell was this is about. stay with us. ♪ . ♪♪
8:10 am
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♪ 8:12 right now. beautiful look at some cherry blossoms out there this morning and we are certainly hoping we'll see more and more of them throughout the weekend as temperatures continue to rise i know we lost unfortunately some with the freezing temperatures that we had recently. >> that's pretty shot. upping, we're still repre representing. >> the tour buses are here. people are coming to d.c. blossoms are not. might be a little thinning of heard compared to what we've had in the past but still should be pretty. >> wait a minute. >> we've got all sorts of other attractions here in d.c. lots of reasons to come. >> as we see all summer, yeah. >> but this time of year typically we get at least one weekend you have basically have to walk down to the tidal
8:13 am
it's so crowded. >> this weekend. 75 tomorrow. before we do the weather, it's time for super double cuteness! >> i don't know if i can handle it. does what's up guys. >> great smiles. >> my goodness. >> say hello to three-year-old twins these are twins. >> hello. >> king and prince george. >> wow! >> those are serious names. >> great names. >> yes, they are. >> oh, my goodness. destined for greatness. >> mom patrice says they wake up every morning to fox5 morning news while getting dressed and they've been doing that since they were teeny tiny. >> first there. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> there's more. >> okay. >> all right. >> apparently these guys their dad. >> yeah. >> huge fan of yours allison. >> is that right? well hello. your sons are gorgeous. >> they are. >> thanks for sharing them with us. >> great smiles by the way, g guys. >> they're just three. look at the personality. >> i know. >> so cute. >> steve, let me add they're better dancers than both of you. >> absolutely. i
8:14 am
that. >> send us your child's picture go to fox5 d.c. send it on in and make sure they have big smile on their face. >> i know. >> all right. let's see. you'll be smiling later today. not so much early we are cool. with a temperature of 38 degrees. we've got clouds and we even got rain showers just off to our north and west. and some of this has been -- at least radar indicated falling as little freezing rain north and west. so just a heads up here if you're one of our viewers off to the north and west hagerstown, frostburg parts of west virginia there you may be encountering a little bit of freezing rain at least the possibility of it. what's going to happen later? keep the clouds around this morning and then a few showers i'd say between 10:00 and noon as this moves on through. and then this afternoon we should gradually break out into partial sunshine and watch daytime highs get up into the low 60s. so it will be certainly much more spring like day than yesterday when we didn't get out of the 40s. look at the weekend forecast. still on
8:15 am
to the tidal basin with temperatures in the mid 70s tomorrow. no rain tomorrow. a few showers on sunday. but look at next week. i mean spring has arrived. >> temperatures definitely there. >> yeah. >> real quick i was down at the capitol yesterday. >> um-hmm. >> met a lot of great fox5 fans. >> did you. >> say hi to you guys the folks who are making things happen down there. >> that's right. >> um-hmm. everybody behind the scenes, too. that are, you know, every day folks down there. >> so big shout out to everybody hard-working folks down at the capitol. >> you were running? >> running gear on. all sweaty and stuff. >> no, no, no. >> you were running errands or running. >> yes. >> it go. just down in. >> taking care of business is what he's trying to say. >> just busy. >> he was in full steve chenevey mode. >> take care of you. >> take caver you guys. >> hello to everybody. >> hello erin. >> i'll head down there later this morning for good day and meet our firefighters and i'm really excited. right now, 50 inbound there's a crash blocking the shoulder on the ramp to the beltway from 50 inbound inside the beltway jammed up as well a lot of delays out of bowie
8:16 am
let's switch it over right now for look at our maps much aside from that crash scene, we do have some other problems. earlier train malfunction at anacostia. green line residual delays to green belt and that's in addition to safetrack impacting the yellow and blue lines. we'll go ahead and forward things along to show that you safetrack information single tracking on the blue and yellow between braddock and hunting ton van dorn street. aside from that, northbound route 1 big problems in woodbridge and lorton right now. it's shut down at 95 between that point and gun son cove. on-ramp from 95 closed as well. you're seeing a ton of delays on the northbound side of route 1 southbound rubberneck delays. a truck struck the bridge there. so it's going to be closed for an extended period of time keep it to your secondaries or 95. some light volume through the occoquan area on 95 northbound. outer loop crash blocking the shoulder at allentown road. delays are easing since all lanes are open. inner loop delays as you make your way through largo this morning. top side of the beltway slow through colesville road and southbound 295 crash at capitol stre
8:17 am
of 50 down to the 11th street bridge and you can see that red line at the top there that is the inbound side of 50 through cheverly this morning. new burg maryland serious crash scene where we still have edge hill road closed at popes creek road overturned car into embankment. five people injured. serious injuries but they're expected to be okay. big crash investigation there. we've been tracking that since about 4:30 this morning. keep it to fox5 for more traffic and we'll toss it back to you. >> erin thanks very much. let's turn to politics all eyes on capitol hill today the house is expected to vote on health care bill after yesterday's delay. today's vote comes with ultimatum from the president. joining us chris wallace anchor of fox news sunday. good morning, chris. >> good morning. >> this is it. the first big test we've been saying of the president and being able to work with congress. yesterday a little bit of a delay. what do we expect today? >> who knows? at this point, look, they didn't have the votes lined up but i think that there were two parts to the president's calculation. one, he thinks and this is a guy whose been involved in a lot o
8:18 am
deals, at certain point when you can't get an agreement, you got to be prepared to walk away and you got to face the people on the other side of the table you don't love this but is it better than nothing? because what you're going to get is nothing much that's part of it. i think the other part of it is that he realizes now maybe in it way he didn't before just what a quagmyer health care is and he saw it eating up the rest of his agenda the feeling was look i want to win it, but if -- what i really don't want to do is be stuck in this for another two or three weeks trying to rewrite this bill to satisfy all the different constituent sees even if i lose i can move on to other things. but there's no way sipping it. if he loses and i say if because -- he may win today, but if he loses it's a real set back to him. it's a huge set back to pull ryan and what it basically says is, that after seven years of promising that they were going to repeal and replace obama care house republicans don't have their act together and not a governing party. so this, f they lose and i think that's one of the things
8:19 am
get -- get it through, but if they lose, it's a real statement very negatively somewhat for the president very much for the house republicans. >> right. exactly. i couldn't agree with you more all along the line as something that has been promised not just in this most recent campaign but for years since this first was proposed and went into effect years ago. but you're also right, that the president wants to move on to among other things taxes and tax reform which is something very fear to him perhaps he's a little more knowledgeable about that might say the little better with his base. >> yeah. that's right. but that's going to be hard, too. and you may need democratic votes on that. the problem with all these things are, you know, even among republicans forget democrats they come at this with different points of view. as in health care. some people want to be more conservative moderates want it to be less conservative and you know health care where every single tax deduction that you decide to eliminate in order to lower rates each of those has a huge constituency.
8:20 am
charities or all of these th things. so none of this stuff is easy, and i think the president is learning that and i will also say, if he loses here, i'm a firm believer in washington and i watched this for years success be gets success, failure be gets failure and one of the extraordinary things yesterday was here was the president of the united states just two months in, height of his power, he calls in the house freedom caucus hard line conservatives, he gives them something he talked about removing some of the insurance mandates, they walk out. you know, there's no fear of this guy. there's no fear gosh, i going to with him even if i don't like it because i don't want to be against the president. they would seem to sort of thumb their knows at him. so this isn't good for him and i don't think it's going to make his pursuit of other issues any easier. >> it is definitely one thing to run a company. it is another thing to try to deal with politics in this city, and how this governmental manage runs. chris, i know you'll be talking a l
8:21 am
isis obviously this came into play yesterday reminder when it came to the london attacks tour this week i should say. so i know you'll have that exclusive coming up on sunday monday. the nerdy scientist me thinks this is literally out of this world but really really cool your power player. >> once we know what's happened we'll get top official from the white house. somebody from the senate if it gets to the senate. we'll be talking about health care. we haven't exclusive interview with prime minister of iraq a bad dee who was in town talking to donald trump. he talks about compares trump' commitment to destroying isis and obama's. now to your sub the james web space telescope going to be the biggest space telescope in history, 100 times more powerful than hubble. we went out to the goddard space center, we think of nasa as florida and texas. they have a big it installation out here in green belt, and it was fascinating. it's this enormous telescope. huge mirror. 18 mirrors,
8:22 am
and a half feet across, and it is going to be able to see -- this is really interesting. real quickly you'll love this nerdy part, because the vast reaches of space are so enormous that some of the light from way way out there is just getting to us now. it will be able to see light that was emitted 1 billion years ago. >> wow. >> with a big bank the formation of the first stars just coming here now. so not only will we be looking out into space we'll be looking back into time. >> when you think about how hard it is sometimes chris to take picture with your cell phone and have it not be blurry, it just -- boggles the mind literally. looking forward to that on sunday morning. and the rest. we'll see you then. >> you bet. >> thanks chris. 8:22 right now. also when we come back metro riders could be surrounded soon by believe it or not hats. yes, hats like that. the claws coming out new kick starter campaign. the message one woman is trying to sent after the break. he brea.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ >> there it is. now it's official. it's cherry blossom season. >> the music. >> that's right. >> um-hmm. >> kind of relaxing, isn't it. >> it is. live look at the tidal basin. >> we'll get more sunshine in tomorrow and definitely warmer temperatures. we'll get to that in just a minute. you have heard of snakes on plane. how about cats on a metro? >> well, not
8:26 am
pictures of cats. you can possibly see posters like this popping up at d.c. area metro stations. >> they are a part of the cats not ads kick starter campaign. it's the idea of a woman who started it after seeing cat advertisements taking over london's subway system. she says the only point to the ads is to bring a smile to your face. the kick starter campaign hopes to raise $30,000 which would be enough to cover one fifth of one metro station. >> i think they're talking about down at metro center perhaps. >> okay. >> they don't want to court entire station. if you can cover 20% of it with cat ads raise about a thousand dollars so far. they have a little ways to go. >> who doesn't want a cat to make you smile in the morning. i do. >> that's the idea. >> i'm up for it. >> we want to get to tucker barnes right now. get a check on our forecast. >> ding ding ding. >> we ready to go to weather school. >> we're going to weather school. yes, we are. there it is. >> let's do it then. >> all right. ♪
8:27 am
listen, the teacher -- >> you? >> yes. >> i'm sorry. >> that's me. would like high coo from you students before the end of it hit. >> i needed to be reminded of the rules of a high coo. i don't remember the rules either. >> sunshine today. we got clouds out there early that's going to be a c. winds are out of the south pumping in warmer air that's a b. afternoon temperatures we'll be in the low 60s later today. we'll give that b and getting down and enjoying the cherry blossoms later today, that's an a. >> yes! >> that's an a. where is my, w is my cherry blossom live shot you promised me. thank you. [ laughter ] >> you trying to do too much teach. >> queue my music i'm out of here for the weekend. ♪ i'm hot for feature ♪ >> there it is. >> ♪ >> i did look up the rules for high coo. i had no idea how complicated it is. >> i know. i can't be expect
8:28 am
coo. >> it doesn't rhyme, five sill la labs and seven syllables. >> it has to be about nature, right. >> in tucker's class it does. >> mr. chenevey for laying down the rules. right now crash on 50 inbound by the beltway as you make your way in towards cheverly green line to green belt from earlier problem. so we'll keep updated on the rails and the roads and i still love that hot for teacher segment. my favorite one of the day. back to you guys. >> erin thanks. 8:28 right now. still ahead a prince george's county police officer busted for driving under the influence but this is not the first time. >> new cell phone video of the dead al tack in london. we'll have the updates coming up at 8:30. ♪
8:29 am
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we are back at 8:30 with new details about deadly london terror a dak. overnight british police arrested two more people in connection with this attack. a total of nine people are now in custody. in the meantime police identified the man who carried out the attack as 52-year-old khalid ma sued. he had a long criminal mystery being investigated for having stream mist ties. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. andlelight vigil held last night for the victims. five people including the attacker were killed. among the dead utah man in london for his 25th wedding anniversary. his wife is one of the 50 people injured in the attack. she remains in the hospital this morning. >> gofundme page has been set up for her medical expenses and to help pay for her
8:32 am
funeral. also getting closer look at some of the chaos that erupted during at tack. disturbing new cell phone video showing people running for their lives when the attacker slammed into pedestrians on the west minster bridge near london tosses house of parliament. security on the bridge is now increased. that's latest from london. closer to home prince george's county police officer off the job this morning accused of driving under the influence in his patrol car. >> officer christopher brown was off duty and in his take home cruiser early yesterday morning when police say he clipped the back of a tractor trailer near pennsylvania avenue in the beltway. brown is accused of temporarily leaving the accident scene but he did return a short time later. this is not however brown's first dui arrest. back in 2012, he plead guilty to another drunk driving crash. fox5 spoke with his mother who did not want to be identified about her son's arrest. >> i'm just glad that he's okay. i'm glad that no one is hurt. i don't tell him what to do, of course, but i told taught him right from wrong. so i believe he is a
8:33 am
kind of guy. i believe he made a mistake, i do, and he's going to have to pay for it. >> police chief hank is it a win ski issued a statement saying, "i find the circumstances surrounding this incident gravely troubling". there's bad news for metro riders come summer you'll be paying more for less service. metro board voted to go ahead and raise fares and cut service. starting in july, rail fares will go up by ten to 25 cents. bus fares will also go up a quarter. there will be fewer rush hour trains and some bus lines will be cut. the changes are expected to help metro safe about $29 million. this weekend it is going to be perfect spring weather especially tomorrow. >> in help race we sent our very own mike thomas down to the tidal basin to check out the cherry blossoms as they reach peak bloom. big mike, how is it looking? >> reporter: allison, it's looking beautiful. again, as the sun gets hire in the sky it's looking a lot better than i thought it would be with possibly 50% loss. what exactly a
8:34 am
down here? we got the man with all the answers mike litterst national park service. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> absolute. >> this weekend finally expecting warmer temperatures nudging those peak dates back a bit. can we finally expect it? >> i think so. we spent the last week, ten days talking about the low temperatures. 27, 24s, now we're ready to talk blossoms. anything above 40 degrees we'll see movement on the blooms. a couple degrees away from there. we get in the 60s and 70s, that's really going to race us towards the finish line. i think probably sometime this weekend certainly the next 24, 36 hours we're going to say that the remaining blossoms anywhere are at peak bloom and we can see there's a lot of color around the tidal basin already. >> it's definitely looks beautiful out here this morning you can see all the way across. i would almost not been able to tell the difference had i not been here last year. here's another question for you. so if we have peak bloom this weekend how long can we expect those blossoms to last? >> that's up to the weather. as always with the pea
8:35 am
blossoms. generally four to seven days if weather conditions are absolutely perfect. if the temperatures drop back and, you know, we don't continue the process toward to where the leaves will come out don't get heavy rain or high winds it could go ten days or so. but probably if we hit peak bloom this weekend, next four to seven days will be time to come down. certainly this weekend with tomorrow's forecast and the warm temperatures, tomorrow may be the best opportunity this year to come down and see everything. but there will be blossoms for the next between couple of weekends there will be color around. >> right. i remember you mentioned the yo sheen nass are these ones we're talking about probably have 50% loss the on the trees have they bloomed yet. >> nope. they make up about 12% of the total inventory, they're about two weeks behind. we've got them projected right now april 10th to the 13th. >> no loss there is. >> no loss there. when that cold snap hit they were nice and tight in their buds they were warm. again about
8:36 am
lots of color. we'll call it a marbled effect this year between the various stages that are coming out. >> i like that. again still looks great out here. i guess the screaming message overall get down here and see it this weekend if you want to see peak color probably tomorrow the best day with temperatures in the 70. >> based on the forecast tomorrow certainly is going to be popular day down here. >> all right. >> going to be crowded as well but hey, guys, it's beautiful. we encourage everyone to get down here take the photos it's a d.c. tradition cherry blossom festival gets underway with opening ceremonies tomorrow afternoon. toss it back inside to you. steve and allison. >> thanks, mike. it's go to see mike litterst down here. he's not wearing gloves. it looks like we're warming up a little bit. let's get to the temperatures. 38 now in washington. 42 in pittsburgh. our winds are out of the south here so we'll pump the temperatures up into the low 60s. saw in the live shot the cloud cover out there. and i just want to give you heads up looking at a few showers off to the north and west. probably going to get some shower
8:37 am
this morning and then as we get into the afternoon hours there should be at least partial clearing and again the milder temperatures will start to arrive in the form of 60s later today. i can't promise a lot of sunshine this afternoon but at least partial sunshine. 61 degrees at 5:00 p.m. which should be real nice. all right. speaking of real nice, erin has her last traffic hit before she goes off and plays on firefighter -- >> i'm hanging out with the firefighter who's make great rescues and keep the folks safe and visit the cherry blossoms. breaking news skyfox is over we've been telling you about this southbound route 1 open northbound route 1 closed in lorton. it's right between 95 and gun don cove road. a truck got stuck under the underpass there. self first responders trying to clear that. all lanes block. you can keep it 95. southbound route 1 open northbound route 1 completely closed in lorton. let's take look at our maps right now. skyfox sets up that scene again saying it could be sometime before they get it cleared. eye notice how much bail out
8:38 am
northbound side as you try to cross the objection what super jammed up as well. aside from usual morning volume right now in college park from before bw parkway over to the 270 spur it's 20 minute delay. 66 through arlington remains heavy only about five minute delay 395 northbound to the pentagon. then we're also dealing with 66 eastbound looking pretty nice to the beltway just congestion picking up in vienna. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. i'll change into boots an light jacket to be weather appropriate for our firehouse friday. >> we look forward it to. >> the will be fun. 8:38. howard university making its mark on silicon valley. we'll have those details neck. >> the premier of the power rangers. coming up fox5's kevin mccarthy joins us with his review on this movie that opens today. ♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> welcome back everybody. live look again at the tidal basin our mike thomas is down there. was talking with park rangers just about the magesty of our blooms and the once that are there let's get out and celebrate them. tuck says it will be nice and warm this weekend. no excuse. locals i'm talking to you. myself included. >> there you go. all righty. google is reaching out to howard university. the company is providing internships for students in its effort to try to diversify the tech world. >> 30
8:42 am
will head out west spend 12 weeks at google this summer and they'll receive instruction from senior google engineers and howard faculty for course cr credit. google says it wants to expand the program to include other historically black colleges and universities. >> all right. taking the lead there. awesome. 8:42 right now. let's check in with wisdom fine out what's coming up today on good day. >> what's up wis. >> straight ahead on good day we continue to follow several stories. we're live on both. also ahead a possible cure for aging. i'll take two of those. plus, put up that good day guest list. here it is. we are on cherry blossom watch despite that cold snap that did some damage many of the trees will be in peak bloom this weekend and we have all you need to know if you're heading down to check them out this particular weekend. also, on good day today, are you losing sleep by trying to track your sleep? new information is out this morning about sleep tracking
8:43 am
want to know about it. get ready to laugh at 10a popular comedian hal sparks stops by the loft ahead of his shows in washington, d.c. this weekend and good day dc guess what else we have? we got a special guest host this friday. very very special. so stay tuned and see who that very very special guest is. >> looking forward it to, wis. >> i know and i'm still looking forward it to. >> did i sell it? >> you did. >> okay. >> all right. wis, thank you very much. >> 8:43 right now. also still ahead kevin mccarthy with your entertainment news. >> coming up next besides my awkwardly tall hair is my movie revues for the new movie life as well as power rangers and train spotting two i'm going to geek out about the new kendrick lamar song because it is awesome. stay tuned to fox5 local news next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> there's a look at reagan national. temperatures chilly a couple minutes 14 minutes shy of 9:00 o'clock and still in the 30s the official temperature gauge at the airport. where will we go today? allison will act it out as she counts it down because the forecast is coming up in just ten seconds. >> 38 degrees. cool start to your day. clouds out there as well. 37 in leonardtown this morning. 35 up in baltimore.
8:47 am
west. i just want to mention comer land at 32 degrees. had a little bit of freezing rain believe it or not developed off to our north and west this morning. you can see that very clearly there in pink. just off to the north and west and again there could be a pocket or two where the temperatures are 32. forest us clouds early we'll see this little batch of rain shower activity move through so we can have some rain near term between now and 11:00 or noon and get this east of us and we should gradually start to clear out a little later this afternoon and actually turn spring like daytime highs in the low 60s, and a very nice afternoon to look forward to. i can't promise a lot of sunshine but i think we'll get more sunshine this afternoon what we're getting out there early this morning. here's future cast. i don't know why i'm showing it to you because it's not showing precip but a possibility. let me show you the clearing there by 2:30 by six, 7:00 o'clock tonight we should have partial clearing that's good news and again these temperatures on the milder side this afternoon. tomorrow warm, m
8:48 am
there will be clouds around tomorrow but the shower activity will hold off until sunday. a few showers for the day on sunday but still be in the 60s and when you take look at the seven day forecast i think you'll love it here's your weekend forecast. 75 tomorrow. cloudy but plenty of warmth around an few scattered showers upper 60s should still feel pretty good if you want to get down to the tidal basin check out the cherry blossoms this will be good weekend for it. seven day, look at that. lots of springtime on it. we'll get the cold out of here and we get to keep springtime temperatures around 60s and 70s next week with overnight l lowsn the 40s and 50s. should be nice couple days. all right. i've done my part. now for the latest great movie review. >> yeah. >> kevin mccarthy. >> thanks tucker. >> number to choose from this week. hi, kev. >> before we get to this i do want to mention this room freaking out the new kendrick lamar came out last night. it's on my facebook kevin mccarthy. my favorite line i'm the greatest rapper alive
8:49 am
hearing now is a paranormal vibe. >> that is fire. >> that is fire. i was like, i was flipping out beyond belief it's amazing you have to hear it. nobody -- when somebody releases new song like kendrick i'm just like that's all i need in my life. >> you know to know all over twitter today they're wondering if it's a clap back to big sean. >> there's argument whether the lyrics are a diss to big sean. there's lines to president tr trump. the songs and in standard strong. the beat continually changes. it is mean. like it's a -- one of -- listen the best track you he ever did one he did on big sean's album he dissed every rapper. i think it was called control. that was sick. >> so off new kendrick lamar plus three new movies. >> yeah. >> major weekend. >> how are you sitting down right now. >> i can't handle all the awesomeness. listen to the kendrick song. it's sick. first up this week the movie reviews called power rangers. super excited about this. listen this is a
8:50 am
ridiculous over the top action movie, if you're like me and grew up watching the my tee moring power rangers tv shows in pot 90's you'll love this. i watched it with my life. she loved the power rangers growing up. it hits every mark if you're a fan of the franchise it's not an oscar winning strip. a lot of goofy over the top things. one thing i'll give it credit for i give movies -- i say bad things about movies that have obvious product placement. but krispy kreme has a product placement in this film that ends up being part of the story line. that's actually really funny. so for me that was kind of clever product place many. you're asking about the gentleman here he looks like zac front he looks like chris pine these are all -- >> i mean -- >> i know. >> okay it looks awesome. by the way the trailer making it look like transformers they even make a joke about that in the movie totally seven aware. bryan krahn ton, elizabeth banks playing rita row pull is a.
8:51 am
prepare yourself have fun with it. i had popcorn, nachos an soda and it was awesome. it was just a good time. >> that actually sounds good. >> that does. now i'm going. >> it was fantastic worth the whole thing i'm going to see beauty and the beast today. >> i didn't love beauty and the beast. >> i didn't beauty and the beast. i loved the original. >> trade it in for power ran rangers. >> no. first one. four out of five. next one is live. yup. not the eddie murphy eddie lawrence movie starring ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaal. i do have my life stub from the martin lawrence eddie murphy movie. >> really? >> i wonder if i can use that see life again this weekend. >> don't try it i'm not going to. this is about a team of scientists who are on the international space station. they intercept a research podút. that is very deadly it's the first form of life that we -- they have seen beyond earth. jaying? gyllenhaal and ryan reynolds are in the film it's very
8:52 am
by the writers of dead pool and zombie land two of my favorite recent films. i had fun with it. this is pretty cool. the way they shot this movie to make it look like they were in 0g they were on wires and they had like five or six people above them maneuvering them around and it really is seamless in the movie that's what i love about film making you can't even tell they're on wires. more impressive that later on -- early on in the film, the director actually does a single continuous tracking shot through the space station with no edits. while they're still on wires. that to me is mazing the director was telling me they actually had to move parts of the ship around in order to make the shot work. it's very very cool. ryan reynolds is fantastic. it's surprising it's brutal it's relentless it's scary. very similar to how i felt when i first saw alien for the first time. >> yeah. >> sir ridley scott is such amazing film maker who directed alien this is directed by daniel espinosa who did save house with denzel
8:53 am
reynolds. the ending insane. unpredictable. you think you know what's going on and you don't. >> i love that. okay. >> it's horror film. the first alien is a horror movie. second alien was an act movie james cameron film. straight up horror sci-fi. >> okay. dead pool writers. it's awesome. >> there's funny in there. reynolds is basically dead pool in real life any way. it's awesome. in the style of his humor. next up little film called train spotting two. i grew up loving danny boyle. he's a brilliant film maker directed slumdog missile millionaire, steve jobs. the same four actors including i was want, greg gore back for this movie. first movie dealt with heroin addiction and mcgregor's character was trying to get over that addiction a very very incredibly well made movie for its time in '96. you never see anything like it before. it was shot well. it was shocking. this particular film is just the
8:54 am
i love. it doesn't feel like sequel feels like you're catching up with these guys 20 years later. and that made it work. i loved that. that shot blows my mind when he's falling. it's a really well made movie i& recommend seeing it just prepare yourself it's not for kids whatsoever. it is as shocking and as kind of crazies the first train spotting. >> and why did danny boyle say they're calling it t2 train spotting. >> why the f2. >> pokes the nerd bear. >> i thought this was awesome. >> this is pretty cool. basically f2 is reference to terminator two. >> right. >> the movie i fell in love with when i was eight years old. he was saying the character would consider terminator two to be the greatest sequel all time. they actually legally get away with calling it f2 because you can't -- aren't there buses in dc called f2. >> sure. >> f2 is general think. >> just like there were movies called life. >> yes. which is weird. >> i don't think you can trademark the title life. >> because that was a magazine. >> life is live. >> that's true. >> deep thoughts. >> all right. deep
8:55 am
>> you liked all three of them. >> yeah. i gave train spotting a four and a half out of five. i do recommend seeing it if you want to see my unsensored interview with ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaal go to kevin mccarthy tv. >> thanks, kev. >> listen to the new kendrick. it's on my facebook. it's sick. it's fire. >> can i say that. >> you can. >> escape from monday reality and blast off into a roll of imagination. have the kevin experience for this week's fox beat friday enter to see a never before seen circus experience it's truly out of the this world. >> one could win the vip prize package including the ringling brothers circus april 1st at verizon sent it has proximity retail value of $400 provided by felled entertainment. go to fox5 dc facebook page enter for your chance to win. one winner selected by random drawing march 27th. complete rules available at short break. sucker is up next. >> tucker barnes!
8:56 am
you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america. >> and we salem low to ourfaceb. today it is sylvia thomas. well hello there silvi gentleman. that was nom maded by her daughter karen and today somehow they're trying to convince us that she's 65 today. >> we don't believe it. >> we don't believe that for one second. ville via. you look great. >> happy birthday. karen says she and sylvia both love fox5 news they start and end each day watching you. enjoy your birthday sylvia. we hope it's the best birthday so far f you'd
8:57 am
your day post your picture below sylvia's and share your fountain of youth, too. we could benefit from that. >> most definitely. >> she looks like she's 30. >> tucker g morning. >> i could definitely use tips much that's amazing. >> me too. >> hematoma birthday sylvia. we love it. let's do weather. i'll get out of the way. 39 in washington. dulles is 38. 37 at bwi marshall it is certainly cool out there. you want to bring a jack. not sure you need gloves this morning the. a jacket would be in good working order. the cloud cover and rain showers just off to our north and west quickly diving into our region. so quick moving showers here the next couple of hours. we'll get it out of here by early afternoon and should see a trend towards sunshine later today. along with much milder air. 62. real quick look at the weekend 75 with clouds tomorrow. but again 75 tomorrow few showers on sunday. plenty more weather coming up in good day dc. i'll be with you right after the break.
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♪ straight ahead the first major test of trump administration. today house republicans will hold a vote to repeal and replace the affordable care act. it has a long way to go. but the president has message for supporters and critics. take it or leave it. plus maryland family torn apart by gun violence. four people shot overnight including a toddler. we'll have the


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