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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  May 1, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>>. >> so 00 days and beyond. is the trump campaign counting eggs before they hatch. >> we'll have to see as you can see from the rundown these are some of the big stories we're talking tonight at 6:30. >> congress reached bipartisan deal to each keep the government up and running through october 1 tom fitzgerald is here to status off on what day 1010. 102 we keep moving on. >> we're day 102 officially love james brown. >> got to get things off the right way. >> you'll get up to a lot of big figures when you look at continuing resolution to keep the government in business right now. the price tag is 1.1 billion and they were really up against it on this one for all the conversation we heard about w
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first 100 days whether it be repeal and replacement but the tax is they have to keep the governments open if republicans were running house and senate and that quhaz they've done now this keeps government doors on not forever this year. this is only going to run folks until september 30 we'll have to do this once again in the fall of course you know that comes before fall election season and timing on that is not that good. but they gave some and they got some on this as you know the trump administration wanted more money to start cution on the border wall. they pulled the plug on that because it became appearance there was no willingness to do that and it was throughout the caai
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wall that was selfed in place 1.5 million went in for the purpose of strengthening border security and home land security opening more depension tenter and catch and release stuff we talked about where people railroad were detained at borer and let got at some points. >> that will be addressed they'll get this monday and be more detention center and if people are caught they're not going to be released they'll be held on to and one of the big quinners in this is united states military. we're looking at 15 million right now that got added to that. there were scare warnings cents out about nih and environmental programs they got money on this. trump administration, shawn, jim, did not get everything they wanted, but the big picture here is they kept the government open in the long run that's a good thing especially for federal workers in d.c., virginia and maryland
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in d.c., virginia and maryland. >> it's a good thing become what we had the government shutdown for multiple days it's certainly a good thing we shut point out federal workers should not kick up heels and think their jobs are secure. remember on top of all this right now every federal department under auspices of the white house is under order right now to present by june 30 imd of next month a plan to scale back workforce and reduce number of people that work in departments. some of that is through attrition and some hired once they leave the government burt long term picture by trump administration to reduce number of people in this workforce and they say they'll get that there if it's not through this continuing resolution which will be passed it's through next one. we'll see what happens when september rolls arounds and they have to go through it again. >> in exclusive interview with
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fox news he cannot guarantee what will happen when north korea. >> he said any country with nuclear weapons should be a threat to the united states. >> no one is safe. who is safe. the guy has nuclear weapons i would like to say they're safe. these are great, brave soldiers and troops and situation is 28,000 troops on the line and they're right there. so nobody is safe. we're probably not safe here f he gets long range missiles we're not safe either. >> president response comes off missile launch on friday and we heard the president talk about kim jung-un calling it a smart cookie. not in the way but the way he's moved his way through government. >> people were trying to got let him succeed and somehow he made. it that's what he meant when he said he called him a smart
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cookie. >> when you see the quote on its own. >> a lot of people were surprised. >> that's why you need context. >> absolutely. >> over the weekend the president raised a few eyebrows when invitesed philippine president to the white house. philippine leader is accused of human rights abuses like extra judicial killings of those in his country. he defentsed the right to defend him and said it's enough to counter north korea. they have to first consult the national security council or state department. >> may day demonstrations taking place across the world and home and workers taking to the stress. union members marched for workers rights and here in the united states protests are called for immigrants rights we're seeing in d.c. as well as lgbtq awareness. >> just a short time ago we can see folks behind you ronica. what is their message and why are they protestsing here in
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d.c. >> the march today that ended at th quhit house jinx, shawn, started dupont circle and the point they wanted to bring home they wanted to stop all deportations led by the trump administration. i want to take you here first. this schdz mow it was my understanding mayor bowser has been a voice in support of status in the district as sanctuary city and seeing this sign here took me by surprise and i want to mar from your perspective i think someone was saying to me they feel mayor bowser has not been staunchly opposed to president trump enough. tell me what you try to get the point across. >> that's a lot. my name -- many languages one voice. we have officially put in several requests on behalf of immigrant communities where immigrant sales are entire organization is immigrants and we put in multiple requests for mayor bowser to meet us with and she flat out refused last time. we met her in november and i'm a commissioner for city for asian affairs in the city. i used inside channels as
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refusal to meet with immigrants communities they're scared, nervous, afraid, feeling anxious and we're wondering why mayor doesn't want to meet us with to see how she can do more to protect in d.c. >> what is your take on this as a younger voice you may have different perspective tell me about that. >> we've been trying to meet with mayor bowser what we want from d.c. ps and not allowed ice in our ground or school itself and we tried to meet with mayor bowser there's one particular incidents that struck me by surprise of reaction. so it's immigrant community incidents of mount pleasant library and community got together and showed up to meeting and interrupted meeting and said we don't feel safe but she refused to meet with us. >> we have more people and organizest
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today's event. tilt me your name and message. >> my name is henry con c caires we represent security officers and commercial office cleaners and airport rocksers. our union has members that come from six different countries and they speak 25 different languages and we're here to say to president trump to stoch harassing. >> do you think your message is lost in number of protests we had since women's day march after inauguration. >> not for one secretary. our people used to protest people in america and in home native countries and what i remind my members how long have african-americans been marching hundreds of years. we as immigrants continue to march as well. >> there you see it it was a
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big events and this is what is left. sending it back to you jim, shawn. >> thank you, ron ache. >> president trump marked first 100 days in office saturday and pain style rally in harrisburg pennsylvania. >> and down played the importance and out with tv and online add of what he accomplished. >> donald trump sfwhorn as president 100 days ooing go and america has rarely seen such success supreme court justice confirmed and companies investigating in american jobs again and america becoming more energy independent and regulations that kill american jobs eliminated. and the biggest tax cut plan in history. you would not know it from watching news. america is winning. and president trump is making america great again. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> when is the last time you saw a president or candidate we're three and a half years away from election. >> that's a campaign add. >> that's a campaign add part
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the american people directly even hits on theme of the media being biased as you saw the line with fake news once again. >> i know a lot of people weighed in on this i guess people thought it was sur surprise. but i don't think it's surprise when you look at how this campaign was for the election and donald trump was sort of the outsider and never been a politician before and the way we know he likes it and feeds oven are jury and cam pain crowds and hadas what's your take what are people saying. >> you guys are right this is definitely campaign add it's rare to see that from a president that only completed 100 days and clearly effort by the white house. each though donald trump says 100 day mark is ridiculous barometer he has to somehow live up to they're pushing narrative that as you saw in that campaign donald trump has done so much in the first 100
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though the media coverage as they know it in that add is not fair to them and it has not noted properly all the accomplishments they had. they're taking into own hands as they did a lot during the campaign as well to reach base and reach voters and try to tell the american people how much they have done. >> hazas all i have to say if they see the add and quotes and mention about jobs created despite the fact they slam fake news he's quoting "new york times", cnbc and it's interesting dichotomy to see that. i think it goes back to this weekend where one of the first things he said in harrisburg was hey i'm here with you and all the journalists in hollywood and lead washington. >> right this is something we've seen all throughout something covered sken sivrly which is despite all attacks on the "fake news" is almost seems more of just a tactic of ruse for support others to get them going in reality behind scenes donald trump is talking to reporters every day and inviting reporters from t
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"fake news" into the oval office and calling them on phone and as noted quoting them. administration will deal with relying on some point on the media coverage of big issues including foreign affairs and if they continue this method of calling everything fake news and it's a kemal attack on people they'll be a bipd because they'll use their lang after them. >> that's the hard part as we move forward him calling or people in administration saying things are fake news and support and people not understanding difference between fake and reality. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and all right. well let's talk about weather forecasts. certainly we see things change weather-wise. >> i'm suspecting it may be a busy might for sue palka. >> we have to kep a close eye on radar, jim, shawn, a little while ago before
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our entire area was put on severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 tonight. we think storms will probably move through between and 10. but the good news is the sun sets at 8:0 1 tonight tav gets darken are jury will be gone. even sew monitoring radar because there's possibility that some of these storms could have strong and gusty winds with them and at the moment we have not had any warnings close in. we had warnings down south and you can see the storms are racing northeast 50 miles an hour. you see brief heavy rain and this is moving towards ga gainsville right now and lightning with it and you may have strong gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour briefly as they move on through and right at the moment no warnings. we'll watch closely because they steam get stronger an you can see how fast they're moving and we had a few lighter showers around d.c. and that is it even wear waiting for cold front to come through and that will happen in the over night hours and i think the greater threat for us is likely between about 8 pbg and 10:00 as these storms ad out the way. so
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6:00 tonight show storms coming through beltway 9:00 and continues race ago way. keep an eye on "fox5"weather app and we'll keep awe head of everything on social media throughout the rest night. shawn, jim, back to you. >> thank you, sue. >> well the speculation is over. what the former vice-president said running for president 5@630 comes back
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call today. comcast business. built for business. >> i think there were people out there trademarking phrase riding with biden. an event in new hampshire sunday if you're running for frez you go to new hampshire but he told the crowd he was not running. the crowd growned and laughed and growned and booing him over the decision. vp quickly combed the crowd and said he'll do all he can to support the democratic party. interesting
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a lot of stuff and asked former boss resident to get out through with them and they both said we're here if you want us. >> one of the reasons he's so popular i'll tell you why. >> he's not running for anything. >> it makes it easy for people to respects and like him if he's not putting himself out as a political figure. >> it's his personality too. >> you guys are always sneaking up on me with got you questions like why are we going war, got you. >> why did you not restopped hurricane katrina, got you. and what is your middle name, got you. >> and i just wish someone told me all you have to say is fake news over and over and over again you know that could be answer for everything yeah. >> the internet went wild over will ferrell bringing back famous george w. bush over the weekend
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as you can see the crowd absolutely loved him. >> so they held that event to raise money for committee to protect journalists what struck me i watched. it samantha b. no fan of president trump and i think it was tough for a lot of the people in attendance to you know not support that viewpoint. but things like that kind of apolitical for the most part. >> it was. >> when you talk about george w. bush. >> it was funny will ferrell did a good job. >> entire time kept utting to white house podium saying special guest, special guest, special guest fen it was him. >> inside the white house and few people have been there before. >> in the kipen. back after this r this
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that are a fraction of their download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. the volvo xc90. . >> we're learning about people whoa fed american's presses and families. >> adrian miller is here to sh
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share stories in his new book the president kitchen cabinet and story of the african-american kitchens that fed first family. adrian thanks for joining us. good to be with you. >> fascinate what inspired to you write this book in the first place. >> so the short answer unemployment. >> all right. all right. >> what's long answer. >> staffner clinton white house and worked on initiative for one america even came out of white house in shockingly george w. bush did not want to hire me as clinton staffer. i thought i should read something and go to bookstore and found out by african americans and then found out about the ones that cooked for presidents and this story needs to be told. >> give me fascinating tidbits from the research. >> my own research i uncovered 150 people that cooked for presidents from washington to obama and if you are historically talking about the face of white house cooking it would be african-american women and so it's just been fascinatesing to see
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>> we're looking at pictures in the book. i was actually in the kitchen in the last you know eight months or so. and the things that surprised me is i'll let you say it. jim asked what is the things that surprises people the most about the kitchen. white house kitchen sent so small. >> your house at home probably bigger than mine. >> we saw a picture there were a couple presidents out of cooking outside. who did we see there. >> president eisenhower with john moany. he would go on roof of white house and grill steaks. you see smoke out of white house. >> and that was president cooking. >> was not a fire. >> my goodness sim kerly our producer said something what did you say kimberly. >> 30. >> i'm sorry i apologize. >> so this is not just though about people tooking and you've also got recipes and what else can we find in the book. >> recipe from a lot of cooks an
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people were not only great cooks but family confidants and several situations were several rights advocates because of the president and if civil rights leaders couldn't get word to president about something they could go to cooks. >> i want to show you event going on tomorrow night and it will happen over at the william gal ep theater d.c. noon and aid dreen hillier spoke to the kitchen cabinet and check it out. >> nass fating book. thank you for coming. >> next time bring food, okay. >> okay. >> back man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them
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z2c5qz z16fz y2c5qy y16fy >> as we say good-bye tonight. looking back at president first 100 days in the pictures be. >> that's it for us tonight see you another 10, 10:30 and 11. 11.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: well, we knew there was going to be a lawsuit but it is against ja rule and billy mcfarland. a bunch of ticket holders say these guys defrauded them. >> we underestimated the size of the team we would need. >> there's $100 million lawsuit against them. >> if they sue, do they get their airfare back as well? harvey: you get everything back. >> that's the best weekend of their lives then. free trip to the bahamas. >> they were stuck without a septic tank. what are you talking about? >> crazy video of a delta air lines pilot, punching a lady in the face. she was fighting another lady. harvey: the woman he hit has another woman in a choke hold. he hits her to release the hold and walks away. >> he hit her and he came back, like he took a side in the fight if you ask me. [laughter] >> the weeknd performing at the forum. he brought kendrick lamar out.


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