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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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outer part of the play. >> justin: 2-2. they will come to their feet here at busch stadium. mejia had both rbis and the ball game. his home run, weeding off the last inning. right now, the difference.
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just missing outside at 100. the runners will be off with a pitch. >> eric: just off the plate. manny gonzalez has been pretty liberal they are. >> justin: rendon has good speed at second. he has the tying run. there they go, the 3-2 is pulled. foul. >> eric: with rosenthal, he just hasn't been able to hit his spots. the pitch to murphy that got a hit, molina set up outside, leans over the middle of the plate. that pitch right there, maline outside, leaves it over the middle of the plate. >> justin:
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at-bat coming up to jose lobato lobaton. the runners go again, the 3-2. bases are loaded. the second walk of the inning. issued by rosenthal, here comes matheny. that's going to be it for trevor rosenthal. matt bowman is coming in with the bases loaded, two outs and a two-run ballgame. ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) howdy. -hey.
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>> justin: back here at busch stadium. people are biting their nails, they're on their feet, they can't believe what they are seeing. the bases are loaded, trevor rosenthal has been pulled in favor of matt bowman. this would be his first major-league save. he is 1-3 with a 4.19 era. rendon the tying
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stephen drew at second. the pinch-hitter is adrian sanchez. made his major-league debut last night. this is his first career at-bat. he comes up swinging. >> eric: the only thing the young men can do right now is take slow, deep breaths. try to calm himself down. you want some drama? we got some here in st. louis. >> justin: bowman is ahead of the count, 0-2. adrian sanchez has played 914 career minor league games.
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those are his career minor-league numbers. this is his first major league at-bat. trying to come through and a big way for the nationals. he finds himself in a big hole, 0-2 against matt bowman. he stays alive. >> eric: i almost have to go away right now. he's his first at-bat, the bases are loaded, it's a national game on tv. i would start away. anything inside, he's going to stay right in there and fight it off. >> justin: 0-2, they go away, he lays off it,
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you wonder with a guy in his first major league at-bat, could you throw something like a slider to get him to chase, but if you put it in the dirt and it gets by yadi, it's a tie game. >> eric: it ain't getting by yadi. >> justin: it ain't getting by yadi. >> eric: that was amazing right there. my ability to analyze a baseball game, is that we are talking about was amazing? >> justin: that was beautiful. i gotta go high fastball out of the zone right there. that's where i would go. up and out of the zone.
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inside, 3-2. >> eric: i'm going 3-2 come up high, i'm going a little bit out of the zone because this guy is swinging. 3-2, bases loaded. all the adrenaline, the excitement. >> justin: adrian sanchez, his first major league at-bat. three balls, two strikes, two outs, bases loaded. the runners go. he stays alive. >> eric: i mean, you just -- i don't know how you could have the discipline to take a walk. in this situation, your first at-bat amount bases are loaded, the excitement.
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>> justin: both guys taking deep breaths. another foul ball. bowman is looking for his first save, sanchez is looking for his first hit or an rbi with a walk. >> eric: remember, the play will have to be at first base. runners will be moving. >> justin: called strike three, game over! mejia's home run was the
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difference. >> eric: you watch this last pitch. watch will cause the strike. it is not the home plate umpire, it's molina. he's the first want to call it, look at this. the home plate umpire has even called it. he's doing a great job of selling it. >> justin: what a ball game here! st. louis defeats the nationals, 2-1. so long from st. louis. coming up after this quick break, we'll take it to l.a. kevin burkart in our studio. what a night in st. louis.
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>> baseball night in america postgame show. welcome. that was -- >> a ball! i didn't like that. you got a pitcher and a header over here. >> let's look at the last play of the game. >> for me, being able to receive the game call. he locked the heade
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ball went straight to the catcher. hats off to a heck of a ball game. >> come on man. ed was his first day. >> how about molina rising up when the strike wasn't even called? >> he sold it. >> i've come against this guy. he's worked on it time and time again. they discussed game calling, so i saw the whole thing. they kept pounding him in. >> how about st. louis question of matt bowman comes into a bases loaded situation, first major league save. alex mejia, first major-league hit, first major-league home run when the game. that's not bad. also not bad in in houston. will harris and in relief. grand slam! >> he's
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filling the cap. that's not an easy shadow to play under. >> red thunder in the building! first home run, congratulations. everybody remarries their first home run. >> at first home run, a double earlier, not too bad. baseball night in america next week on fox. many will get the parents and comes at 7:00 eastern. meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend. fourth of july, we'll see you. ♪ ♪
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bigger picture like never before one thing the federal government knows t
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15 million alias who are living in the united states, in fact closer to 20 million. the individuals are here on green cards or on temporary visa s, but the states have never been permitted to see how many of those alias have been voted. already ten states have said they will not be sharing any voter information with the commission. 26 others have said state privacy laws will only allow them to share what was requested many democrats such as virginia governor terry mack inclusive are blasting the effort. best this commission was set up as a pretext to validate donald trump's alternative election facts and at tools. but it's not just democrats, mississippi secretary of state said once he receives the request, my reply would be they could go jump in the golf of mexico. mississippi resint
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celebrate the rights of privacy by conducting our own electoral pros. the commission is scheduled to conduct their first meeting and depending on how many voter information they get they might have to adjust their strategy. on the fit for office, coming up the push by some leaders to assess its a president is fit to serve.
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angry tweets seeminglily impulsive and bee dire behavior many democrats and some republicans are questioning whether president donald trump is fit to hold the office. jamie raskin has introduced a billion that would convene a billion to determine the president's fitness. we hear more from fox's ellison barber.
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is trying to increase support for a billion he drafted a couple of months ago. it would establish a panel to determine whether or not the president is fit to serve. representative jamie raskin's billion headed to committee in may. at the time he said 20 democratic lawmakers signed on as co-responses that number is increasing slightly. something is deeply reasoning at the white house and we hope whoever is control over there can get on top of it and pull back from this terrible cig. on thursday, the same day the president tweeted about msnbc joe scar bar oh georgia johnson added his list to the name of co sponsors. section 4 of the 25th amendment gives congress the power to set up a permanent by to decide whether or not the president is able to perform the responsibilities of the office. to that affect raskin wants to create a "independent non partisan body known as the
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oversight commission on presidential capacity. for this president and future ones. i think is a p fundamental national security and which is why the framers of the 25th amendment put it in. we have to make sure we have a president that is able faithfully to discharge the duties of office. trump supporters say it's nonsense. 63 million people vote for donald trump to come and change washington and what they hate is exactly what he is doing. they will do anything they can to try and stop him from being successful. the election is over. the people have spoken. donald trump is actually trying to move forward these policies. that individual in the blue states actually supported. a billion needs 218 yes votes to pass the house. raskin's propose l al has a long way to go. in washington, i'm ellison barber, fox news. >> still ahead, keeping your kids safe this summer. we're taking a closer look at
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this is fox5 local news at 10. the nra is standing by a controversial online ad making rounds on social media. the video is prompting strong criticism even from some gun owners. we headed on it to get reaction from people on the streets. they use their media to assassinate, they use their schools to teach their children is another hitler. the vial lens of lies has been viewed nearly 5 million times. some are saying it calls for civil war and then they use their x president all to make them march, make them protest, make them scream racism and
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phobia, smash windows, burn cars that's crazy. i think that it's just another sign of how divided we've become on the mat mall most agree that the video is powerful, but reaction to it is mixed. they did a great job. it will definitely get a very strong reaction. people that are protestor will go ahead and join. it's comical. it's peer based using a few things that happened and blowing it out of proportion of. he don't see that in america. i agree with the ad 100 percent. i think if some of the major cities that have high crime rates would allow people to carry firearms i think you would see gun violence go down. the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with a clinched fist of truth. on twitter the black
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matter wrote the open cause of violence to protect white prep situate. if i made a video like this i would in jail. the nra has been trying to exploit the shooting at the congressional baseball practice in alexandria. the woman in the ad dana lower points out that even though it's just now going viral it was originally posted online back in april. she is not calling for violence, but instead condemning this. the reaction to this is insane. i'm talking over video clips that show actual left isabella violence, right teas, the property damage, arson, physical assault and apparently me condemning violence is what is insighting and dividing america. this lieu maker was somehow say ing i was exploiting america. is was saying stop. everybody chill out and let's have civil discussion ot
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some bad things are going to happen because there are some bad people out there h. the nra says it just pointed outlet isabellas. there is an online petition ask ing facebook to remove the ad so far it has 20,000 signatures and counting. well, it has certainly been an interesting start to the weekend >> i know. a nice morning and then the rain came through. that was pretty while. we thought it was a cold front coming through, it was so humid and so hot and we d. luckily we kind of got them out of here and then everybody could resume their night. let's carry on the holiday weekend with no storm chances. it was like a steamer. it is a sauna outside. i stepped out earlier and it's hard when you're in an icy air-conditioning building. this is sticking around p. usually p if you get
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front to sweep through you'll feel relief right away, but this is one of the weak lagging cold fronts thats do haven't have a lot of cold air behind it. so accuweather on this saturday night, it is possible it feels after dark than it did before it in the sunshine earlier today. it's incredibly humid out right now. but we will see some dryer air tomorrow. it should be less humid for respect to, but still hot. it was hot 93. 91 dulles, 92 at bwi, nice to be by some l cooler weather whether that's the beach or the weather or some neighborhood pools because you need some relief if you're going to be outside all day. still at hour 81 in westminster. 77 in martinsburg. the dewpoints right now, anything above 70 is considered oppressive. 75 in washington right now, 75 in manassas, 74 in baltimore, that is some
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air hanging over the metro. that loves to collect over cit ies like washington and baltimore. that's why this hour we have an heat index. the heat of the day, it false like nearly 90 greece in manassas because it's oppressive ly h humid out there. needless to say air-conditioning the last of the cold front even though it swept through d.c. and baltimore it hung up the eastern shore. southern calvert county, st. mary's county it has been seeing down pours. it has the showers down along the eastern shore that should come to an end during the overnight hours, the boundary is stalled. high pressure will building in for tomorrow. any shower activity should be well towards the south. for the most of us we'll see sunshine, temperatures well into the 90s, 93 here in in d-c 87 in
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annapolis, 89 out at dulles. let's get into next week where it's kind of the same thing, hot and humid over he, monday and tuesday looks very warm, but the july 4 holiday for now does look dry so if we're ear looking ahead towards tuesday for the parade we've got 89 and dry with 8 p with a few more clouds in the evening but i don't think it should cause any more problems. 75-degrees, checking that ocean city forecast, it looks really nice, 85, 88, 84 with some sunshine and so again less humid sunday is what we are forecast ing. 88 monday, 84 there on tuesday. let's look at the beaches and we'll have your seven day forecast just ahead. the summer heat has everybody heading to the pool and to the beach to keep l cool. but recent reports about dry drunk have parents concerned. itself it's horrifying and it it's apparent it's easy to become paranoid he we checked in with a local
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clarify what we do and do not need to worry about. we are hearing probably a call an hour about dry drunk. calls flooding into the doctor's office after recent reports of a death of a child in texas and another possible case in colorado. it's what parents and nannies are talking about at local pools as well. they don't show a lot of symptoms. they need to be very careful bit it's the idea that a child could suddenly die from fluid in the lungs or around the heart days after swimming with little to no symptoms. a mother of three herself is working to dispel some of the myths. she wants parents to know dry drunk and secondary drunk aren't even medical terms 6789 these are absolutely terrifying story is and it is 100 percent reasonable parents are concern bit. any reasonable parent would be. but when we look there a little bit closer about the stories they are very clear that no autopsy results have been
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published at this point so there h is no clear link between the swimming event and the death of this child. she believes there are likely other factors or illness that played a role in that case, but parents can rest assured that a child that breathed into their lungs would show symptoms much what's more important is this kind of misnomer that a child could be walking around looking well hours or days after swimming and then all of a sudden die. she says any child who has to be pulled from water by a parent or a lifeguard should have immediate attention even if they ahave okay afterward. if a child is in danger of having aspirated water they would look and act sick becoming progressively worse. you take your eyes off your kids for two seconds and a significant event could have occurred. that kind of highlights the importance of paying attention to your child. if in that six to 12 window after
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have cuffing they're in the acting like themselves there are certainly reasons to be evaluated by a doctor drunk is the cause of deaths worldwide. this is a any type a child is submerged including baby pools and even bath tubs. no child should be in the water unattended even those that can swim. toddlers and preschoolers should be within arm's reach even if a lifeguard is present. flotation devices are not a substitute for adults supervision and parents should avoid distractions like cellphones and alcohol use. still ahead, americans celebrate the red, white and blue this weekend. this is a holiday that has retailers seeing green. you bet it does. stay with us. a lit are l more on that.
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