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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 4, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. and right now at 10, freedom and fireworks on the fourth, the night sky lit up over the nation 's capital as nation celebrates independence day 2017 this is the 24 sst birthday and what better place to celebrate than the district. thousands packed the capital mall to cap off a day
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i'm shawn yancy and i am jim lokay celebrating in style. fox5's lindsay watts was in the center of it all. she's on the mall tonight she joins us live. they're still out there tonight. there are still a few people left behind jim and shawn. as you know, this is the place to be for fourth of july. people come from all over the nation and really all over the world to be here. and not too longing a there were thousands upon thousands of people out here, but as is the casey think every year as soon as the fireworks are over people are getting out of here quickly. i literally saw people running across the run as the finally was going on. maybe i saw a few people rushing to get home. there were obviously a lot more people here not so long ago. a great fireworks show. we'll give you a look
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everything really went perfectly this year. if you remember, last year it was a lot more rainy and cloudy, so it was kind tough to see the fireworks at some points, but tonight we definitely got a much better show, nice clear skies. even though the weather was questionable at some points we did see a bit of rain today, there was even a tiny drizzle as the fireworks were ending, but over all the weather cooperated thankfully. tonight, also the annual capital fourth concert. we'll show you some of that. early in the morning we'll be starting out. our next performers, the beach boys performed along with the blues brothers, trace at kin, a lot of other artists as well. you see right there, none other than uncle jessie, john stay months. he also performed with the beach
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happened in an episode of full house, if i'm remembering my '90 s television correctly. so jim and shawn, it was great weather out here, the rain held off. it really cooled off as the night went on, no problems and a great fireworks show. what more could you really ask for. all right, lindsay watts. at the mall of course for the big capital fourth and by the way, lindsay you are correct, uncle jessie performed coke mow, goodbye bye fun with full house. are these live pictures right now >> yes. >> there's still fireworks going off all over the region. if you didn't see the ones down on the national mall keep watching this this live camera on fox5 because we have a little show going on tonight. for a member i was a little concerned at 8:30ish i started to see rain. it held off >> i know. thank goodness at 5:00 we had a
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thunderstorm ovechkin the national mall. some areas did get the rain, in fact, in annapolis they had to cancel the fireworks. if you're annapolis they will be doing the fireworks at 9:15. i don't think they're going to see thunderstorms tomorrow night hopefully not. we have had thunderstorms out there since earlier this afternoon. there are still a few showers, but that was a beautiful look at fireworks show from northwest d.c. down across the national show. hopefully you'll be able to dodge the rain drops. you can see at this hour, we have a few showers out there they're kind of meandering slowly popping up at the gainesville, central of 6. you guys are seeing some isolated down powers. nothing severe and nothing really with any light evening. the rain has finally ended in yap leukemia and lymphoma society you still have a shower north of there. there are some areas where the weather is not fantastic. north of frederick where there bass severe thunderstorm that blue through earlier this afternoon. but within the nex
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hours the rain should come to an en. it has cooled of arrested on an outstanding off. it feels nice out there with a decent breeze in d.c. 74 in gaithersburg, p 7 in dulles and 68 in winchester. so if you're not under the rain drops it feels pretty good. fox futurecast showing us some of the showers coming to an end overnight. tomorrow as we start off at 8:0. the humidity will be back. low temperatures overnight rag ing from the low 70s to the mid 70s. back to work for many of you usual ' going to hit the roads. mostly cloudy skies humid in the day. there is a chance of thunderstorm, a better chance of storms on thursday as we enter a pretty unsettled weather plan. i'll have all the details coming up. we have some good news for the people celebrating the fourth of july. metro is staying
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30 minutes. which means the stations will be open until midnight tonight. keep in mind, space is limited on the trains. large tours and bikes will not be permitted on board. from the cookouts to the fireworks here how people all across the nation celebrated the first of july. the first family hosted a picnic it was followed by a viewing party. president trump also spent sometime at his clubhouse in virginia. security meantime tight at the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular up in new york, one of the nation's largest shows. the marine units were watching for suspicious activity while heavy teams staked out the river boats. they used sand tanks to prevent cars from. one of the biggest fireworks
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it takes a crew of 32 men to get thousands of shells ready on four barges to prepare for the big bay boom fireworks so. it only days days to get it set up, but it takes several months for just 18 minutes of fabulous fireworks. elsewhere across the dmv crowds out in force celebrating america 's independent. fox5's kristin leone with a closer look of how many of you celebrated locally. good evening we're at mount vernon inside joke washington's historic mansion while hundreds of people are gathered watching historic enactments fireworks going off not too long ago. you guys really know how to celebrate the red, white and blue. check it out. the land of the free and the home of the b
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i just want to continue doing that. today proud americans came from all over the country to celebrate america's independent in our nation's cap l toll. so much has happened here. we can go all the way back to civil war, before the war of 1812, the act of independent. this is the heart land of america. it is going off with a bank. it feels inspiring america here. like at the national mall on constitution and 12th where hundreds gathered for the annual fourth of july capital hill parade. it kind of leaves you in a a little bit of you a. members of local society chapters honored historic leaders of the past. and mere ohic leaders in the present like special agent david bailey who put his life on the line the
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congressional baseball practice shooting. i'm honored to be here. thank you forth the award. thank you. i appreciate it. in the end spectators from near and far say today they put aside their political differences and celebrate america the beautiful. one in which you would lift the muskett and cock the firearms simultaneously. make ready. happy fourth of july. at the national mall, kristin leone, fox5 national news >> loot of celebrating going on. absolutely. every year they hold special citizens induction ceremonies on or around the fourth of july. this year 15,000 citizens were sworn in. they took the oath of citizen ship in in libraries national parks and museums and one held in mount chelo at the
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should police community relations be taught in the classroom. we'll tell you where why the black lives group teaches school kids how to deal with police. a man walks himself in with a gunshot wound, but he died. now police are trying to figure out who shot him and why. >> a fire department selling fireworks, it seems odd, but it's a win-win in one local community.
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>> new at 10 tonight, police in prince george's county are investigating an apparent homicide, a man stumbled in a local hospital just after 3 this afternoon. he died a short time later, but investigators believe he was shot on landover road. they are now asking anyone with information to give them a call. they want to remind people you can
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meantime the former charles county teachers aidan tract coach accused of assaulting multiple boys remains locked up tonight. they are going over videos carlos bell had on his device s. they're also interviewing other victims. the videos on bell's device show the former teachers sexually assaulting the young boys and in his home. carlos who was hiv positive was not using protection during the assaults. at this point only two of the victims have been tested for hiv the state's attorney's office says they invited bell last fry, but there are more charges now to come. we have not charged everything we could at that point simply because the sheriff's office is still in the the process of trying to identify the youngsters who were involved and interview them. so based on that we charged what we could at that time.
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the timeline on that, not certain. by the way we're told investigators haven taken any time off. they are indeed working lieu the holiday to continue their investigation. new tonight, in a rare move the judge who presided over the castile murder case wrote a letter to support the jurors who acquitted the officer who shot him. syrian no man december shot and killed him last summer. he was armed and had a permit for his gunment the shooting gained nationwide attention after cas till's girlfriend broadcast the aftermath live on facebook. the jury recently aquilted the officer of manslaughter charges. the judge sent a letter to the jury said he understood their verdict. i cannot convey my own opinions as to guilty or acquittal your
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verdicts was fare >> black lives matter comes out by the new jersey general assembly that compel people to provide train ing to youngsters -- tells how they should interact with police officers and avoid a couldn't p could confrontation. black lives matter says the billion would create a scape gait for police brutality by putting pressure on the people rather than police. so far it has more than 1300 signatures. meantime the shutdown in new jersey is over tonight. governor chris christie said all the beaches will open back to the public back in open to the fourth of july. this would normally not be a big deal to those of you in maryland , d.c. or virginia. governor christie defended the family trip saying it was a previously planned
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meantime public school district across itself country are re thinking how they handle unpaid linch death. many parents have complained of singling children out or stamp them with a payment reminder. the us ago department is address meal debts. they are encouraging schools to work more closely with kids to make sure kids don't go hungry in a classroom. a fire department is now selling fireworks and it's been profitable for a group of tennessee firefighters. you'll find all sorts of fireworks at the fire hall. the department says this is nothing new. they see it as a convenience place for people to buy fireworks, a chance to get to know people in their community and every sale helps to provide money for this department. we got garden and spring. this time of year, the union ville fire haul double as a
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like becky cruel. i know they work hard and everything. we like it as they put on a show at the baseball field and we love that, too. explosives at a fire haul may sound like an odd pairing. we like to say it's not odd. it's more unique. assistant chief jason barber say s it's the department's biggest fundraiser. we've been blessed to have 12,005 a hundred netted each year and that continues to grow. volunteer firefighters raised around $40,000 annually to supplement the $17,000 the department gets from the county. and you take an average set of turnaround for firefighters, anywhere from 2,000 to $2,500. we just retrofitted and made a known brush truck and that unit itself was right around $40,000. a lot of this money went right into that to help pay just for that
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here you'll not only get a big bank for your buck >> it's the easiest way and the safest way to light the muscle tall. you're making aen investment in the community. you can have a safe fourth of july. they also pass out these pamphlets that have a lot of safety tips on them. fox 17 news >> you figure though in a situation like that where the firefighters selling the fireworks you suspect that they trust the people they're selling them to. i hope so. all right, new at 10, check out this this a boat radar system by the maryland department of re sources system showing exactly where boats are sitting in the wear. can you guess how many were out there >> 1200 boats. i with have been counting for a long time, jim. >> i wasn't on one of them. i would have loved to have been out of there >> i mean, itself eat fourth of july >> some
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waterfront stuff >> jim and i were here >> we were here >> if you're hoping the holiday means lots of sales, you're right. but experts say don't buy into the hybridoma. retail sales around the fourth of july are actually more of a rip off. what you should pay for and what you should skip when we come back. what's the fourth of july -- >> now we'll tell you what is a fourth of july celebration without hot dogs. lots and lots of them. nathan's hot dogs. nathan's has a little bit of a snap on it.
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>> if you're hoping for some christmas in july deals right now you may want to hold off on your shopping much the money at experts at nerd wallets say no cash. the reason, retailer hold onto their deepest discounts until labor fall, of course the winter holidays. if you still have the urge to go shopping, experts suggest you stick to this list if you're looking for the discounts. after tonight the stores want to get rid of everything that is patriotic. it's time to put out the fall clothes. booking a trip now for august can be ten percent cheaper than if you travel in july. if you're looking on deals on house paint, stores like home depot are offering 40 percent off tomorrow. you should skip shopping for in july, forget the back to stuff school that is going to go on school ambulate liter. and don't be sucked in to buying grills and
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they're also saying skip a.m. dough prime day on july 11. target and walmart often offer up many of those items for sale. >> yeah, a the lot of hot dogs going down on coney island. the traditional nathan's hot dog eating concert 72 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes which broke his own record. he's like i like my hot dogs with mustard and relish. they dipped them in water to help them go down. the second had 62. i want one of those jerseys. that's all well and good, but yesterday of k/%5uz you probably saw jim and some other fox5 staffers participated in the z burger burger eating competition against t
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the third straight year. molly, welcome in. she say the 21 in ten minutes. she had three last night in 45 minutes. here's -- i had one full burger because i took two burgess and i sandwiched one in the other one. i was totally fooled by that, what you did. anyway, it was totally legaller. it was in the parameters of the z burger contest >> would you do that again >> no. safer the test >> exactly >> coming up next at 10:30 tonight we're going to take you inside the brand new art installation. it's interactive, brand new, but we'll help you beat the crowd and get a look at the hive without leaving your couch. take a look at these cute ticketed events and we'll show you how these are helping your wounded warriors. more
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we have had our share of thunderstorms around this evening. luckily not over the national mall during fireworks. some of you did get rained out. i'll have a look at radar, plus more thunderstorms coming up tomorrow. as you take a look at this live look at northwest washington. those are live views. we'll be right back.
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>> this is fox5 local news at 10:30. welcome back at 10. 30 i'm jim lokay and i'm shawn yancy, what better way to celebrate fourth of july than on the national mall. there were thousands upon thousands of people here earlier but the crowds disbursed very quickly after the fireworks.


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