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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 5, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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quiet southern maryland roads and secondary and problems in leesburg next. >> 4:29 is the time and developing news overnight. emergency un security council meeting will be held today to discuss the threat from north korea. >> fol inter continental ballistic missile test. they all request and meeting and was made after u.s. intelligence confirmed the type of missile the country used. missile landed in the sea of japan. this morning, china and russia are asking north core he to declare a end to nuclear missile testing. >> our foreign ministers signed and published a coop an statement on the korean island. bilateral sgreements of cooperation signed as well. >> u.s. and south korea showed own source of force by fire a missile from south korea. >> the president will go to the
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him to take a hard line with vladimir put ib. it's amid allegations that russia influenced 2016 presidential election. they won't say if they plans to talk about the election hacking with putin. >> to the extent it looks like trump is too eager to smooth things over with putin and cooperate with russia despite russian bad behavior he'll be subject to domestic criticism here at home. >> he may look to improve relations with european allies specifically americale. they klashld during that last meeting with trade deficit and u.s. withdrawal of the climate accord. >> non still sdenz living in america illegally will not turnover their information for voter frud. they want them to provide the identification of non citizens living in the u.s. as permanent residents. under
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for non citizens to vote. 4:31 now we're following developing in news in prince george quounty. they're developing a sho shootingtic tim after 3:30 yesterday afternoon. the man died from injuries. investigators believe he was shot on land-over road. they're asking anyone with information to give them a c call. >> fbi joined investigation of a former charles county tea teacher's aitd and track coach accused of sexually assaulting multiple middle school boys and to make malters worse carlos deangelo bell is hiv'. he worked at benjamin stodard high school and they found images of him sexually assaulting boys at home and on school property bell is held without bond. >> let's go to fairfax where there was bear sighting. yesterday afternoon they tweet add lert about the bear. it was spotted dashy and linden streets. it wandered off i
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they have some advice on what to do if you do happen to spot a bear, number one, never feed the bear. it actually -- it's actually illegal in virginia. secure garbage and tight trash cans and don't keep pet or pet food out if you see a female bear and her cubs stay away. >> don'tppp poke the bear. >> don't feed the bear. >> that's serious. >> from barbecues to parade and concerts people across the dmv celebrated fourth in style thousands attended celebration here this the district, of course, the event went off without a hitch and despite rain showers the weather was better than last year. most certainly. during the capitol fourth concert the beach boys 3e6rbed, blues brothers and trace at atkins. just like a scene out of foul house john stamos joined the beh
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on stage. crowds cleared quickly aft fair works. >> first family celebrated fourth by hosting military families at the white house and a national mall viewing of fireworks and president trump spent part of his day in sterling virginia at his golf club. >> and macy's fireworks in new york is one of the biggest in the nation. they were watching from offshore while heavy weapons teams staekd out bank and browse. >> two, one, again. >> and the dogs with going down [ laughter ]. >> dogs are going down, wiz, it would not be a business day with nathan's hot-dog-eating contest. joey chestnut held on to crowd. he ate 72 hot dogs and
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ten minutes. he broke his own record. now this is chestnut's tenth hot dog eating championship. nikki sutto earned fourth straight win in the women's competition by eating 41 hot dogs and bunz. dogs are going down. that may be my favorite comment tater line i heard in a while. >> that's deep. i don't know how do you that. >> if are you bummed fireworks in annapolis were cancelled don't worry they'll light up the sky tonight. police say the show was post toned to weather and rescheduled for tonight. fireworks will kickoff 9:15 in annapolis harbor. >> i was down in d.c. and it was perfect. >> d.c. lucked out. they had storms west of town. they stayed away. annapolis got unlucky. we hope they'll light up the sky tonight. much of the same problems that hamper the region last night and once again tonight. satellite and radar showing left
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way through northern virginia and light rain showers hitting your windshield if you hit commute through southern portions of disstrict we'll watch those come across you tloo the morning hours. 76 current number d.c. and sticky out there. bwi 70. here's planner for the afternoon unfortunately waibl wet one. minimum of clouds and sunshine and showers around and 2:00, showers around maybe a thunderstorm, or two, highs in the mid 80s. lot of humidity. that's warm. over for airport for traffic. >> thank you very much, mike, right now waking up problems many in loudoun country. route 9 charles pike lane in both directions closed. use caution. there see the red yen yellow on the map up picturing eastbound commute. we'll tell you when we clear that owe way. rest of wednesday commute hot and sticky and rain could be moving in again. the entire
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hill all brims including wilson looking good problem free mcclain, questions @erinfoxdc twitter. >> and the nation's opiate crisis continues to get worse. >> and multi-million plan to cleanup the chesapeake coming worthless in years. >> timep is 4:37. back in a moment.
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>> time is 4:39. the stories you're engaging with most. >> probe into fbi director robert muller can bring focus to russian operations. with efforts to ibt fear with the 2016 election process. organized
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it's too early to say how or if russian criminal networks work into the medalinging investigation. >> and backlash in the opiate epidemic. within the past year, 25 civil case as cross the kupty were filed against drug makers, two congressional pan relz examining the entire industry. >> a 19 billion plan to cleanup the chesapeake pay is facing a obstacle. it started years ago and the dam the scientists are relying on is 5% full. it's filled with setment a lot quicker than airported. the dam could be worthless for protecting the bay have set mant. once it reaches capacity it could see 70% increase in set iment. they'll release a report lighter this year. >> narcotic fourth of july the national public rateo tweeted out entire declaration of independence.
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a lot of people praise the them for doing so and some trump supporters called out npr saying it was a political act and it was condoning violence. others say npr should be refunded. >> we have a special engagement to tell you about he proposed and asked fiancee's little signature whor has down syndrome and diabetes if she would be his best friend forever. wife to be and little sister will share their life forever. they'll share vows and with the teen's sister of what they do together as best friends. it's about bringing two families together and they are. >> coming up. local leaders across the country to raise taxes. >> oregon follows d.c. lead toe issue gepderless
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>> right now the time is 4:41. we're at 75 pretty mug jury degrees. it's july in d.c. and you're watching "fox5 news morning".
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let's look at the stories we're following for you thursday, july 5. nikki haley requested a meeting to discuss north korea after u.s. intelligence confirmed north korea fired a first interest continental ballistic missile it landed in sea of japan and similar launch could strike alaska. signals a significant development in north korea push to nuclear capability. >> president trump leads for g 20 summit and will nrand poland capital the president want him to take a hard line with vladimir putin. it comes amid allegations of influencing the election. the white house won't say whether he plans to discuss the election hacking with putin. >> oregon is first state in nation to issue gender neutral driver's licenses, residents can choose to mark with an x instead of male oar
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d.c. issued similar licenses and/or or is first state to do so. >> third time, could it be the charm. space x will try a launch from the kennedy space center for the third time this week. liftoff is set for 7:35 this week. they had to ditch the liftoff with ten second to go due to a computer glitch due to sunday's failed launch. >> good morning. we're glad you're with us, >> wednesday, july 5. >> welcome, welcome, we have erin checking roads of course and michael thomas is back with the weather. it could be busy over the next couple days, right, mike. >> it could be a little soggy we'll call. it not expecting much on the way of weather and sun oyn seenler. storm thak tracker radar shows you showers. southwestern portions of district and fairfax county and extending out wards loud con county i 66. sundown fourth south as well hartford
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well and heavier showers to mount jackson and north app west of winchester. again a little bit of rain coming down for the morning commute and on and off showers throughout the day today. here's forecast over the next couple days. today, tomorrow, virtually the same -- it's a shame there's showers in the forecast. they're virtually the same. 85. clouds and showers today. rumle of thunder this afte afternoon. and same exact deal tomorrow. highs only in the middle 80s. a lot of humidity holding pl place. and all right. let's check the weather forecast. erin como is become back with a check the roads. >> 4:47 now. rain can do to the morning commute. use caution. right now as ha ed to loud con quoupty, charles pike, route 9, reopened there. traffic now getting by in both directions, residual delay as you make your way eastbound. aside from that rest of morning commute pretty good shape now. no problems third street tu tunnel. things 395 beltway to pentagon at speed now
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no slow downs there. 50 to and from the bay bridge. no problems annapolis or bowie. southern maryland nice and quiet and fredericksburg northbound looking good. maybe you're getting up and headed home from virginia beaches no problems as you make your way through dale city. questions erin d.c. back to y you. >> 4:48 this long holiday weekend people were out of up to and cheap gas prices deposit hurt. federal rate for gas taxes was not changed in a decade. on average 49 cents in state and federal tax on every gallon. gas. diesel 5 a5 cent a gallon. since the tax has not been raised it's concerned it will impack the highway trust fund to take care of infrastructure. >> gas tax finances the highway trust fun. it's most significant source of funding for building federal highways. congress
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it it's unpopular with mot motorist. >> law makers in divided over the issue. some calling for a 10 cent raise. the president has not made a definitive decision over what he'll do regarding the issue. >> every year the u.s. holds special citizen induction ceremonies on or around the 4th of july. this year 15,000 people were sfwhorn as u.s. citizens. at more than 65 gatherings across the country they took oath of citizenship in public libraries, national parks and museums and one at montcello founding home of thomas jefferson. >> arts exhibit quite a buzz it's looks like a beehive and is call it opens to the public this thursday. >> coming up, iron man said
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retirement. >> and scary moments out west a car slams into a group of pedestrians. >> as you head to break a live look across the region. time is now 4:50. back in a moment.
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>> minute before 5:00. now. let's turn to stories developing small bapz of protesters heckle various point through caracas. protests of president nicholas madura have swept across venziale aleaving hundreds dead and thousands injured. >> a florida man is dead after smashing his car into an apartment building in florida. he was targeting a womaned in the building.
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woman's 3-year-old child. man and woman got into an argumentelier thad day and the two have a history of domestic trouble. 18 people were displaced. meanwhile tragedy in salt lake city. one is dead and another critically injured. a woman drove a car into the crowd. according to witnesses she j jumped out of the car and took offer running. police describe her as white female, 5' 5" with red tank top and blue jean shorts. four other people suffered minor injuries. >> black lives matter came out against new bill proposed by jersey assembly that compels schools to provide training on how to interact with police officers and avoid confront station. despite what many are alling good intengsz black lives matter saying it would create a scapegoat for police brutality. it has more that 1
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signatures. >> 4:53. marvel may have to look tore a new iron man. he want to retire before he gets burned out and it becomes "embarassing." >> he laid the role since 2008. he's getting 200 million for plague that role in the upcoming meeting. >> are you sure that was not supposed to say 20 million. >> 200 million. >> i'm hoping that was an error. >> 200 million? >> say it. >> we're only two days away i'm sure of that, from the next zip trip. this friday, jewel 7, "fox5" will number waldor. maryland 6 to 11 o'donnell lake before waldor. lake libraryy. they would love to see you. annie, tucker. >> all right, michael thomas, good morningo
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last night. >> well, on and off showers and storms. for some it ruined fourth. at least we get the fireworks down on the mall in d.c. and i know annapolis they cancelled fireworks, we'll keep your finger ersed crossed for the night and we'll try to plan n now. showing showers moving through d.c. through portions of north virginia up the corridor. so far early to start day. a few rain drops. nothing quite as heavy as what was around yesterday afternoon. future cast, as we head through the morning showers, that will keep clouds around and build instability. as we get heat we see showers popping up. much like yesterday. there we head to early evening hours. hit and miss. not all day things. but some locations that get showers could see brief heavy down powers. much once again like we sawen 4th of july. each
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try to get the fireworks in at annapolis. can't make the promise they will get them in but there's a chance. 85 today. clouds and showers. repeat tomorrow with the same kind of setup. happening ago around the re region. we head to friday. same deal although we start to clear things out second half of day and warm it up to 88. sunshine back. 90. we'll cool do down a bit. lots of sun sign. low humidity. temperatures mid 80s. not a bad july weekend at all. >> let's check the weather. erin is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> 4:56 now a live look 66 s sutly road and slight volume on eastbound side and slowing f freely crash free gainsville to centerville. westbound traffic look going now. over for a look at maps. aside from that crash cleared loudoun county. reopen clark gap road. no delays now. thgs
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things on 7 look going in leesburg and things are problem freed in the beltway 66. tacoma park not dole with issues. let's look at metro as they gear up for service next. >> coming up, the federal government orders public schools around the country to stop shaming children in the lunch roop room. >> and fairfax issues warnings about a sighting of a bear. >> live across the d.c. re region. everybody up and coming was come up on 5:00 hour. 75 this wednesday morning. "fox5 news morning" is back after this.
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>> today on fox news respopding to missile text with missile of its own. >> g 20 diplomacy. president trump is sketched to meet alone with vladimir put sglin cool down. we're expecting temps in the 80s and chance of showers west of district. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris today is wednesday, july 5. >> the team is in place. we're all back. erin como on the roads and michael thomas on the weather. >> hey, as you mentioned, cooler temperatures. humidity


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