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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> that's hard to get on top of, even if you're right-handed, let alone left-handed. rizzo won't give in. he won't fail. he'll get a tough at-bat. >> just missed the corner. just off the plate. anthony rizzo has faced felipe rivero five times the season. hei is without a hitch when lind up against the hard throwing lefty. big swing and a miss and rizzo is behind 1-2. >> it's a hard pitch to hit up in the zone. you c
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under it. the 1-2. rizzo deflected by 1 rivero. right to mercer who retires the side. he stayed with the fastball, rizzo was ready for it, but the cubs excuse me, t the pirates cn convert, and and two runnere left stranded aswo we go to the ninth with it still a two-run game.
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>> a reminder that tomorrow is a sirius xm all-star futures game on mlb network. the t-mobile home run derby is is coming up monday on espn now that lead up to the can't-miss event
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major league baseball all-star game at 7:30 eastern right here on fox. still a 4-2 lead for the pirates, there are three rents extending holding, that's the inning in which they knocked out jake arrieta and the bucks bullpen has been magnificentha since. the cubs go to their bullpenif e more time for the veteran right-hander. here in the ninth, he'll get jose osuna up making his first plate appearance of the game. >> he's got a lot of fans.
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a ball and two strikes is the count. they failed to come back in this one, their springsteen lyrics fees and have one step up, two steps back will continue, or something like tha that. we talk about it when we went on the air and just when it appears that the momentum is starting to swing and they're going to get started on a big tying run, brian hits two home runs yesterday, jake arrieta coming off a start of the year on sunday. and there's a night like this. >> they need the break. there are certain teams that don't need the break. we'll see what the big difference has been. toen me it's an era that doesn't show the
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the starters era has been the biggest contributor to that. it could come at a good time for a lot of guys who need to reset and get some time off. you're talking what a team that, since the world series, if there's one thing that has been difficult it's all the time occupied by all the fields distractions and requests. all the different things that come with success. certainly everybody wants your time. we talked to brian about that. about how, as a young player, do you manage your time. he said it's certainly something he's getting used to. once the break comes it will be so focused in the second half on their task of chasing down the milwaukee brewers. >> fans can take solace in the spread over the last two seasons combined, no team in baseball
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than the chicago cubs. >> the other thing is their schedule, i know it doesn't always work this way, but the majority of the teams they'll be playing currently are under .500 in the second half. >> if you buy into that strength of schedule in baseball, this isn't the nfl. >> the reason i buy into it is historically at this point, you are what you are and you would think some of those teams make it a little later if they moved. >> i sing in a mess and thereto away. >> what typically would be the beginning of the season, a team like the tigers, they may look totally different in the second half, or some of the national league teams may look totally different and when you play them is huge. but i still think there's something to be said when you talk about 50 out of 74 games. that should give you a decided advantage. >> forid
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right. i think those teams can be scar scary. 1-2-3 inning. last chance for the cubs at home. we go to the bottom of the ninth, still 4-2, pittsburgh.
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>> 4-2 pirates. joe maddon down to his last three outs at home here tonight. we talked about how his cubs have had success post all-star break. 100 winzip combined. that's the best second half record in baseball the last couple of years. the kind of turnaround they'll be looking for. believe it rivero came on and through a couple of 101-mile pitches to strand two base runners the bottom of the
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>> that first pitch that he swung at, that's for the game has changed. ninth inning, need a runner on. maybe the guy on the mound can work himself in trouble swinging the ball off. said it would be 3-0 and it's 2-1. those of the kind of things, the little things, that you've got to pay attention to especially in the ninth trying to get the tying run at the plate. >> i know you like his changeup but have we seen him throw one yet? >> he has. it's still 10 miles off, believe it or not. >> behind 2-1 underground ball. mercer hasnd got it. when away.
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nationals had, what they got. now with the parents have is a pretty good arm. nationals were blitzed at home today losing to the braves 13-0. st. louis is a 4-1 winner at home against the mets. brewers lost to new york. it 0-2 now to kyle schwarber. home run, walk, and a signal for shorter tonight. tomorrow the first half and
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allie, jon lester for the cops, jameson taillon for pittsburgh. an era south of three, one of the great stories in baseball this year,n missing five weeks after undergoing testicular cancer surgery,cu came back a lt sooner than some expected and came back as sharp as ever. schwaber continues to battle obehind, 0-2.
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and a swing and a ss care of him. >> pretty good slider there. off the plate. not feeling really comfortable in the role. the pitch he could not stay off of. >> willson contreras now, who is hitless tonight started playing with a modest six-game hitting streak involves behind 0-1. we talked about how the cubs have gone back and forth from slightly
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under .500, and a loss today will put them back under that mark. the amazing note is that no defending world series champ has gotten this far in a season under .500 and advanced to the postseason the following year. that's the kind of history they're up against. of course, if there's a team that has proven that it's unafraid of history, it's what this vintage cubs team has been able to do. the fly ball to the opposite field. blanco makes the play to lap to mike wrap up business tonight. the three were on top of the sixth inning as the pirates are able to beat jak a
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them fits for years. pittsburgh has defeated areata into tricep are this year and it just about three hours they are able to even up the series with win here tonight. >> pretty much going to be open season on the second half to see hwho emerges and who makes the necessary changes. parents are not out of it. >> josh bell with a big day, his impressive rookie first half continues. thanks for watching tonight. 4-2, pirates. we'll take you out to l.a. after a quick timeout.
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>> it's a "baseball night in america" postgame show. the pirates get a win at wrigley here tonight. i'll tell you. it was good, very good. >> 6 2/3 innings pitched tonigh tonight. they had a chance to play in new york. this guy wants to be on the mount. he's really made a name for himself. watch right here, fastball location. they
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right now they needed a great start tonight and he gave that. >> he was a little inconsistent so check this out. all but one of us starts he's gone six innings. he is going for a hundred pitch is three times or he's done it with consistency. >> it looks effortless. it looks like it's effortless. like he could go out there and throw it 100 or 200 pitches. >> they can never build any momentum back below .500. maybe it's a good thing the only one of their players or closers are going to the all-star game. >> there is no panic in that locker room right now. he says hey, we have what we need in the locker room. as soon as they have a couple of meetings, maybe get away from each other a little bit, no panic at all. joe maddon is your manager, shall be pulling the right strings and last but not least, being in the nl central definitely helps your chances of getting c to the playoffs. >> no panic in the clubhouse but
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chicago. we'll see how that turns out. big play earlier today in new york. you got to see this, this is something else. the rookie, clint frazier comes to the plate with the yankees on 3-2 against the brewers closer and bam ! >> red thunder, baby. first home or at yankee stadium, a walk office something never forget. that is a nice little win for the yankees. that was the big one. don't miss the 88th mlb all-star game to state live from miami right here on vox. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern. we will see you then. so long. >> thanks for sticking around.
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>> police arrest a map after he kills his stepfather and posts a selfie on twitter. >> and what we're learn about a double shooting that left one dead. >> it was a hot one today. wait until you hear about tomorrow. >> see you after the game.
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first tonight a disturbing crime in maryland a map kills his stepfather allegedly and posts a picture of the crime on twitter. what we're learning about the case tonight. >> and a deadly night in georgetown. what we're learning about the double shooting that killed one person and put another in the hospital. >>
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today. but, wait until you hear what is in store for the rest of the weekend. fox a5 news starts right now. >> and thank you for joining us i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland. >> we begin tonight with disturbing murder investigation involving family members in prince george county. detectives say during their investigation they learned the man accuse of murdering his stepfather inside the home posted a picture of them together on social media after he was killed. that's not all they discovered. "fox5" kristin leon is live you near the house where this unfoldeded this morning. kristin, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good evening, matt, lauren, the picture itself takes this crime to a whole other level in this case. now a family member actually showed us that picture today. but we decided on fox not to show you guys that picture tonight for a number of reasons. number one, because of the severity of it and number two out of respect for the family and all of
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now as you can imagine, detectives had a very long day and those in the community had an even longer day trying to process and grief over the be loved neighbor across the street. police say this morning they were called around 8:00 to this home you see here on d dawby court and when they arrived they found the pod ofy of a man in 6 owes. at that point they were looking at stepson as a possible suspects. the stepson took off and then police chase began near hamilton mall and ended in another neighborhood near where the murder took place. the stepson was whiter taken into custody. before all this happened police say he posted a picture on social media of him and his stepfather after he was ki killed. again like i mentioned before we will not share that picture with you tonight as it's very disturbing. neighbors we spoke to today agreed they are sick to stomachs overall thi
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anybody's life, a family member, takes your life, that was what was so shocking. >> that just dined of turned this screw in. if you have a problem with a family member. okay. cuss each other out. you all want to do fist fight go ahead. but live to fight another day. this the finality of this is what is the most difficult part. there's no coming back from this. and in this neighborhood will never be the same. >> reporter: some powerful words right there. and today we also learned a little more about the victim. neighbors tell us he was a good, and kind man. they also tell us his name is ron. although detectives have not officially released his name on suspect's as of yet and tonight we learned a little more about the relationship between the suspect and victim. neighbors tell us that there had been a month-long fight in the making, a very violent fight at th
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been called several times again to that home across the street. now keep in mind here this is a developing story as we're still gathering and learning more information. again once we find that out we'll let you know as well. keep it here on five. buoy maryland, kristin leon, "fox5 local news". >> kristin. thank you. we don't often hear about violent crimes in georgetown. tonight d.c. police are investigating a double shooting that happened shortly before 3 a.m. today water street and steps from the key bridge police say 19-year-old kennedy amiahal vare he's died of his wounds and second victim suffered life-threatening injuries and he's in the hospital tonight. meantime investigators are looking for the shoot erin want to find a car that may be involved. it's described as a gray nissan with maryland tags. 7 bb 8558. if you see it call 911. another murder investigation underway
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prince george county police say a man was found shot to death early this morning on cyprus creek drive in ch chillham. they have not identified the victim or determined a motive or suspect in the case. >> meanwhile, traffic is moving once again on the beltway tonight. and several hours ago. well, it was quite a different story. an rv caught fire on the upper loop near river road. this happened around 6:00 tonight. some of the you haveers september us in photos of the rv. you can see the aftermath of the fire. the vehicle was just gutted. luckily no one was hurt. the fire brought traffic to a stand still on the beltway and it caused backups on 27 0. inner and outer loops were closed an hour and outer loop opened an hour after the fire the inner loop, well, that took a couple ever hours to reopenen. to a "fox5" sdlusive now a charles county science teacher will soon stand trial on charges
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students at lackey high school. the school system removed ronald wells in may of last year and prosecutors charged him last january. no one knew about the case because the sheriff office and school system did not tell the public. paul wagner reports. >> this is a photo of ronald wells taken in 2014 when te teaching science at lackey high school. it was featured in a newsletter districted by charles documenty schools. according to the documents filed in court, a 17-year-old student told police on his birthday in april of last year, he went looking for a cake another student put under his desk in science class. when he could not find it his teach, ronald wells, said the cake was in the supply closet. and once inside the closet the student says wells asked to see his genitals and the student left and the court document filed in the case says the defendant is adult teacher at lackey high school. during the time of this incident,
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you care and custody of the victim due to him being a teacher and the victim being a student. the indictment filed in the case indicates there's a second victim. wells has been on paid administrative leave more than a year and his trial is set to begin the 18th. numerous attempts to contact him or his attorney were unsuccessful. the sheriff office filed sexual assault charges against a former hiv positive aid and he videotaped young boys inside a classroom at stodard middle school. "fox5 local news". >> a spokesperson from the charles country public school system reached out to us after our story aired yesterday. the statement says "we did not send out a letter in january because he had in the been out of school for more than eight months and he had not been at the school all this school year"
10:34 pm
irn you'd a statement that said "mr. wells emphatically denies charges and looks forward to a jury truth at trial."his trial is set for jewel 18th. >> he want charges gemtion him pd dro. deate caroway septa a letter overseeing eyes rights. saying he had not received adequate representation. he perhaps to discuss it with him at the next hearing next week. >> in maryland the search is on for the person that shot and killed a bald eagle on 4th of july. maryland natural resources police are investigating an they say wounded bird was found on farm and havre degrace and it was in bad shape and had to be put to smreep. anyone with information please contact. a shooting ram pain across montgomery
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spend his life in prison. he was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences he pled guilty to two counts of murder and attempted murder last april in montgomery caughty. he will not be eligible for parole. you remember one day after she hot his wife tordil tried to carjack a woman at the mall in bes and shot three of the bystanders that tried to help her. one of them died. about three minute later. he killed a woman outside a grocery store about nine miles away and in aspen hill and police believe he had a death wish. this was a man that left behind notes that indicated that he intended suicide by cop. he intended to go out in a shooting with the police. he did not have the courage to take his own life but he was willing to take the lives of others. >> you might remember last month tordel pled guilty
10:36 pm
murder his hees strangeed w wife. he'll be snptsed for that crime in september. >> let's turn to the weather. boy it was warm saturday and looking like the rest of the weekend might be a winner. >> looking at the air force memorial there. large warm being summer night and an sunday good for the pool. >> it will be and i've been calling it sunday july treat. we won't get many like this in summer and not in july. and temperatures tomorrow will be nice only in the 80s and the relative humiditys tomorrow will be fairly low this time of year. matter of fact dew point is dropping. high today was 90. it was warm and it was a little on the humid side and not as bads it could be. temperatures out there right now, though, yeah, lauren is right, nice, summer evening, 77 degrees in town. and look it the north and w west, winchester you're already down to of 8. dulles 7. frederick is 73. down in fredericksburg it's holding 77 as well. we've had a few showers and thunderstorms, too. thundeto
10:37 pm
south through southern maryland over the last fewer hours. those moved offshore and diminished. rain up to the north and west never really came through. there was a front coming through and behind the front drier more comfortable air mass. here's your overnight forecast. temperatures falling through the 70s. dry, full forecast for tomorrow it will be a sunday delight. i'll have that for you coming up, guys. >> i like that, thanks, gary, see you in a bit. >> tensions are rising once again on the korean peninsula. two u.s. bombers joined fighter cigarettes south korea and japan as part of a training experience in response to the latest missile test. we hear now from garrett st steny. >> it's important for folks to remember every time they test a missile launch they want one capable of hitting the ut. we are ready
10:38 pm
u.s. japanese and south korean forces conducted precision type exercise in what is simulate add tack in north korea and two usb 1 bombers through to just outside the demilitarized zone. promised attack zones. the intended message of the mission was clear in a statement released by deputy commander of u.s. forces in korea stating u.s. come bombers and korea fighters are two of many leemal military options at our proposal. this demonstrates the u.s. rep of korea and alliance means prepared to useful range of capability to di fepd and preserve security of peninsula and region. >> u.s. remains focused on diplomatic efforts to curb and pressuring chinese to use their influence. >> something that hap
10:39 pm
officials would like to see. >> our experiences with chyna has been and i said this to others it's been a bit uneven. has tape significant action and i think for a lot of different reasons they paused. and didn't take additional action. >> u.s. officials are hoping that will change though following president trump's meeting with chyna meeting at the g-20. this week the u.s. does not have a lot of options left to deal with north korea. garrett steny, fox news. >> coming up calling for more open, global economy. >> latest details coming out of the g-20 summit following trum's meeting with the chew freeze. >> taking up the healthcare debate once again. what each night is saying following the break. we'll be right back.
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>> g 20 sum summit history and now it's time to cleanup major one after protesters caused a mess hundreds of demonstrators rioted in the city. they attacked with sling shots and molotov cocktails and some protesters luded stores and damaged buildings and police say they made dozens of arrests. >> 19 world leaders maintained their climate agreement and that leaves united states and his intent to withdrawal from at agreement. >> the deal to reduce greenhouse gasses irreversible and vowed to implement it s soon. meantime trade was important item discussed at the summit. we hear now from brian yen is. >> the president tweeting as you left the g 20 summit "it was a wonderful
10:44 pm
carried out beautifully by angela americale and tweeted phrase for security during the summit saying law enforcement and military did spectacular job in hamburg. everybody felt safe including anarchist. and estimating up to 50,000 people came out in pro tests to. on zoo german police used it to disperse the crowds. and after the conference ended praising them for help in making event a success. >> we all would have rather avoided protest and everyone said working conditions were skleept and i think we reached substantial sglults it was jam packed. trade was at the top of the agenda. >> we're working on trade deal which would be a very, very big deal and powerful and great for both countries and i think we'll have that done quickly. president trump had
10:45 pm
with vladimir putin. he said he assured president trump russia had no involvement in the u.s. election. >> he asked questions. i explained them. i think he was satisfied with my answers. >> this was only president trump's second overseas trip since taking office and he'll be back next week for bastille day in france. fox news. >> sad news now. nelson ellis the actor that starred in hbo vampire trauma true blood died at the age of 39 and his manager said ellis died of complications from heart failure. he also appeared in several movies and you may know him for lee daniels the butler and also the help. >> i loved his character. >> what was the character's name. >> lafayette. >> i was reading viola davis wrote he was like a sop. heartbroken you took a piece of my heart with you. >> talented actor. >> you have a feeling he woulha
10:46 pm
>> 39, too young for shore. >> and age old practice is growing in popularity. >> why more and more americans are trying out ancient practice of puffing. >> i've had it. >> i want to hear about this after the break. >> [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast.
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>> there's a new person in charge of centers for disease control and prevention. health and human services secretary tom price appointed dr. brenda fitzgerald as next director of cdc. she's obstetrician, gin kol gist and headed commission since 2011 and succeeds d dr. tom freedan that served for eight years longer than
10:50 pm
>> practice of cupping began in china more than 1,000 years ago and some believe it may have been practiced each earlier in egypt. >> it's gaining more and more attention. laura engel has more on c cupping. >> cupping has been around a long time. >> there's some indications ancient egypt had cupping back then. it's found in a lot of cultures. >> it's a technique which cups are suctioned on to body for to healing. >> the cox again is burned out with flame or pumped out with a pump and when on skin the cups bring up toxicity and stagnant blood and fluids deep inside your tissues to the surface where your body can flush them out. >> my grabbed mother did to it me and my grandfather especially when sick. it's amazi
10:51 pm
it's amazing to get toxins out. now in older years it's been more muscle related issues. >> cupping is popular along some and particularly useful with those with tightness. >> i'll find locations stiff and store and cup them and almost immediately those muscles willing melt away and they'll become much more mobile. >> it's often used for a detox. >> your body stores a lot of things that it cannot process in its own tissues. when you take pharmaceuticals or have toxic things in environment that come into your body your body pushes those into muscles and tissue and what cupping does is pulls that up to the surface of the body to the skin layer. and in that layer of the body, your body can flush and process all of that toxicity out. much quicker. >> and plus cupping can be used on as-needed basis. >> anywhere from once a week to every few months. if i'm doing a lot of working out or training for
10:52 pm
i come more regularly. otherwise for main step eps is depends on my muscles especially if i'm not feeling well it helps. it's a big detox. >> circumstance urar looking bruises like the ones seen on back of athletes actually don't hurt at all. >> i've been chinese medicine practitioner for years and interested in holistic healing and health and cupping is probably one of my favorite therapies one of my favorite techniques for myself to get and to give to other people. sometimes people feel like it will be painful and it really never is taken pull. it's really immediately therapeutic and feels amazing to have your body cupped. >> what's cool, too, is i can tell how much my body needs it based on color after. so if it's lighter it means i'm in good space. and when it's really, really dark it means there was a lot of cox ins that needed to come out. >> as always check with your door
10:53 pm
holistic treatment. laura angle. fox news. >> it looks like they have light bulbs all over them. >> i would say i hurt my shoulder my physical therapist use today it was not heating up it was like a suction thing and it helped after a massage it helped but it deposit leave big bruises like that. i think the heating -- >> maybe you don't have any toxins. >> maybe that's. it maybe that's. it i have a lot of friends that believe in that and then once when you put a needle in. >> accu punch tour. >> i believe in that totally to. >> ang upuncture i don't know. >> interested. >> if it has been working all these years. >> going back to ancient techniques. >> still ahead reform. what both sides are saying as lawmakers return to the hill this week. >> first fox's rich den ison tells us what to expect in the week ahead.
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>> congress will be back in session next week and senate republicans make another push to get health care bill pa passed. >> democrats say they will continue to block efforts. fox's allison barber has more. it's far from a smooth ride today. according to analysis it's a major piece of legislation in the past 30 years.
10:58 pm
we have a big discussion about the way forward and i don't have the answer to that yet. >> i think every republican in favor of association helm plan the problem is with whether it can be included from parliamentary point of view and what we're trying to do. it's complicated proceed urd. >> senate republicans expected to pass health care legislation by july 4. instead they received opposition of the plan from democrats and members of own party. at one point mrez trump said if they can't pass something they should repeal now and replace later. ted cruz will allow them to strip down and lead he plan to repeal obamacare and pass patient centered reforms. >>
10:59 pm
to it as well. senator chuck shumer calls cruz's ameantment a hoax saying it makes healthcare more expensive because deductibles and could payments would be onerous that many americans would pay more out of their pockets than today. it could be a difficult sell he is concerned proposal is subterfuge and could annihilate the existing requirement in the kiingting bill. allison barber, fox news. >> let talk about this warm weather that's turning even more beautiful tomorrow isn't it, gary. >> it will be great. comfortable
11:00 pm
humidity. it may be cool in suburbs. >> i said hot summer nights. look ago the temperatures it is hot. it was not in the heeping and it will continue. >> more than anything it is not that it schooled everything down it's pushing humidity down south. >> that's nice. >> that helps quite a bit. >> it's nice out there either way you look at. it you can see the cathedral in the distance as we look back to northwest towards downtown. it's 75 you no and more importantly here as i mentioned before not necessarily coolest temperature now and winds changed where you have been westerly -- most of the day. winds changed to northwest. now it's north, northwest now it's pushing a lot of humidity down south. it means it makes it more comfortable and that's going to be the trend. 5 national and some other read ago cross the area showing you basically up north and west it's cooling off a little


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