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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 10, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> the president facing fresh accusations he coludeed with moscow during the cam pain and trump facing controversy of his meeting with vladimir putin. >> these are the top talkers we're talking about tonight. ween vit to you join the conversation. use that # 5@630 let's get to it. the whitehouse is plague defense on trump administration defenses to russia. today adown played donald trump jr. recently revealed meeting last year during the campaign season. at the same time it is dealing with the fallout from president trump's dweets of working with moscow to improve cyber security. despite another tweet backtracking on idea both situations with raising eyebrows in mist of all investigations whether trump campaign coludeed with russia. president trump floored lawmakers and tech exrt
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a tweet on sunday. he wrote putin and i discussed forming impen trabl hacking unit so that elects and other things will be guarded and sea safe and bartnership with the country accused of medaling drew quick response on both side of the aisle aisle. >> i'm sure he could be of enormous assistance since he's doing ak hacking. >> president did back p paedaling with another sweet saying just because he and putin discaused cyber security doesn't mean he thinks it can happen that was not enough to save lawmakers. >> when it comes to russia i'm dumb pounded and disappointed and at the end of the day he's hurting president dncy by not embracing fact putin is bad guy. >> meantime donald trump jr. admit head met with lawyer linked to kremlin last summer. the woman told him she had damaging information about hillary clinton. and trump jr. says the woman only had vague sxhents. >> it seems to be on the ends of the trump
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nothing burger but may spin out of control for dnc and democrats. >> all right. so there's so much to talk about with this one. let's bring in a team of democratic strat giingts and brand dan cooper strategist joining us via skype. >> last time we had a team on she was in the screen. thanks for being with us tonight. >> brand dan i'm going to start with you. are we making way too much of donald trump jr.'s meeting with this russian lawyer or is there something there that we should be concerned about? sghi think the answer depends. we don't know at the moment. there's currently six investigations going on into coordination or whatever type of relationship improper trump administration had with russia and too often done and democrats and same thing.
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stay away to come out to the end of investigation and nothing was found and we'll be the smae as well and said we need to let this pla-out. and you have a situation where this is like the fifth person affiliated with campaign. >> i would say smoke there may ar may not be fire. >> earlier today sarah huckabee sanders talked about everything that wept down. this is audio. let's hear what she had to say? >> this was part of a
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discussion in that meeting and look we recognize that russia is cyber threat but we also recognize the need to have conversations with our add sayreyes and when our add sayreyes see strength like they did with president in the meeting they can look for other ways to work on shared interests and look for positive places where they can move the ball forward particularly on things like cease-fire and that became a greater focus on something the president chose to stay focused on is that front. >> so you heard her mention cease-fire. that is one thing the president tweeted out. the president said you know maybe cyber security panel is not going to happen. size nair did. that is one of the victories to take away from the g 20. >> exactlyof all the things to do we personally form policy has been one of the up start and as we mentioned again working with russia super power and we all
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states and one that needs to be acknowledged and at the same time they're super power and so the fact that we're able to work with them so there's no military conflict is a great outcome. for the good-20. >> cease-fire may be a win but there's critics saying nobody focused that much on. it there's a tweet m coming out saying the next day they're working on impen trabl cyber security we even have gop lawmakers saying when will you realize vladimir put sin not like your best bud he is a great guy and we should not be in the love fest with rawshia now. do you think it's taking away a team. the mess am maybe they should be getting out. >> absolutely there were two things that came out this weekend and for him -- and that definitely reports of all the leaders
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the leaders. >> and that's not probably the most ideal conversation to be sweeting out about and trying to talk about being serious with russia. >> as this is going on we're nearing point congress is about to going on recess once again. brandon i'll start with you here. republicans are controlling the house and senate and white house. one would construe this would make it easy to get something done. there's talk maybe some lawmakers stick around and the recess what's your take on that. >> i think it should. and you're right. one thing that has been disappointment is that it's republican coming gress.
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and changes recently and i definitely think it's something that needs time. obamacare was not passed for a year and a half into president obama term and i definitely am slowing down and saying past reset to get it done right. >> president tweeted today said look you know i cannot imagine any gop senators going home before some sort of deal is worked out and we're hearing all this talk about just repealing if there's no replace measure yet s that a good poof move for the gop. >> it's not a good move. you can tell kind of by actions before president trump camep into office congress told republicans path mul multiple, multiple repeal deals. and there's a problem with repeal and re place. all agree the current status quo
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nidz to be changes. and hole: >> brand dan cooper. thank you so much for coming in. sorry we ran out of time. come back again when cooler. >> thanks. >> all right. thanks. >> when it comes to healthcare what happens if congress does not reach a deal. will republicans stay into the break and get the job done. >> ronica cleary talked to lawmakers about this and join us now with the response. ronica. >> i talked to i lot of gate keepers today. shawn, jim. you know, this was quite a task that we took on here at "fox5". you may be familiar with the fact that ten gop lawmakers they sentence a letter to mitch mc connell saying we have way too much to get done to good on all or part of august recess. and in that they listed more than healthcare as part of concerns. they listed tax reform. debt ceiling. handful of issues that they think need attention and require them
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evenlyer partially through the month. let me show you what we uncovered today. we reached out to other 4 gop lawmakers offices and i was pretty surprised only 7 of them were willing to go on the record with me and say, yes, our senator is willing to stay partially or fully through the august recess to continue to do the job they were hired to do. two of those offices westbound a little close to the investigate. they say look we'll work as long as we're supposed to work and basically my interpretation is saying if mitch mc connell changes schedule they'll stay. that leaves 3 senators that have yet to twoen ot record with "fox5". i sent multiple emails and i will of course continue to follow up. what are you willing to do. are you willing to stay through august. yes, or no? >> and of course this is five@60 we took to the streets to give you the pulse of the people. what do you think? take a listen. >> they should cable sell recess and get back to work. >> stay until you get it done. >> agree
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>> if they can work and take vacation i think it's fine why not. >> i don't think they say take time off until we come one a solution to healthcarery form. >> and go on vacation because they're wasting all the time anyway. >> we took to twitter as well. for those we cannot get to on camera a lot of you weighed in today. 67% say yes. they should cancel or shorten the recess. 3% of you say no. imnot sure if i clarified. august recess is entire month of august. there are only 14 more working days for the senate. until august recess begins and you need to remember the fiscal year here ends september 30. so we're not talking about a lot of time. >> back to you jim, shawn. >> not a lot of time at all the american people are watching lot to do and get done. >> let's be clear it doesn't mat whor it is and who is in control of congress it's always been like this and
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not example you want to set. say hey we're working hard and by the way we need six weeks off this summer. >> yeah i get it stay work out something work out with each other. >> you know that's a bad word for some people. >> that's what the american people would like you you to do. >> right. >> american cities now on alert for terrorist attacks using vehicles as weapons. in fact 2014 to april 2017, 17 ram ago tacks overseas and 173 people killed and 667 others hurt and this information comes as new isis propaganda video urging lone wolf att attacks. >> george mason university department of criminalology is here to break it down good evening. >> good sgleeng take aways from the number so far? anything that surprised you? >> not yet. isis released this email a few days ago over telegram labeled lone wolf handbook basically asking its young supporters to carry
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as described in this e money ulike burning cars and arson et cetera. >> let me ask you as we hear this information and we start to look at all these numbers we're talking about numbers overseas. are you surprised that we have not seen these sorts of attacks here in the united states? >> actually not. united states has unique position geography far away from conflict areas and it's very difficult to reach united states because of oceans. so this unique situation gives advantage to united states and european cities are under constant threat at this point. >> and that's one thing that a lot of hey has been made about that we see so many attacks in united kingdom and we saw what happened you know in france and brussels and why is that
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why are we seeing more? is it geographic because we see more in europe? >> it's geographic at the same time convenience for terrorist organization. terrorist organization stays alive to prove propaganda and the best is tax in west particularly europe regardless of types of attacks once we have similar attack all the tv stations and media starts talking about it and this is how isis terrorist organization passes mel message to supporters to let them know it's alive and also use attacks for purposes. >> how do we shut it down and prevent spread of that message or how does the government how do we shut it down? >> i think that needs to be multi-angle add approaches. first, they are using
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there must be specific precautions and trying to measures applied over social media. right now several social media companies are carrying out different approaches and some are successful and some are not. and for example, yesterday the account which this ebook lone wolf handbook released shut down. and around ten hours later in the morning, they opened a new chat room with the same name. so now it's never ending st story. >> constant fight. >> dr. amala good to see you again. i know you've been here be before. see you soon. >> nice to be here, thank you. >> list of denials, reversals and confusion seems to grow did james comey lie about documents. 6:0 after the break palts
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j seems via appropriate pour this president trump responding to reports fbi director james comey included classified information in memos she shared with a friend about the president. ard coming to the hillary hillary clintonle half the memos he wrote had considered personal documents. >> and looked into this for us tractor-trailer. fitz. were there documents containing classified information. did they contain that classified information? >> well, you know, we've been here before. there's two things going on here. there's one thing of what the president tweeted and there's another things of why the president tweeted. and you know the tweets speak for itself. he goes on twitter is they are morning and tweets, james comey leaked all caps classified information to the media and then ends by saying that is so illegal. now, the fact that comey leaked this memo
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comey university is not news. and testified before the senate intelligence committee. comey at that hearing was asked whether or not he considered that classified information. he said it did not. he also was asked if this was the first time he had done this at that time he testified in fact it had. the question here is are memos that jim comey wrote down because he was concerned about how the meeting was going to be talked about later by the president considered classified information? and if the fbi was in fact conducting an investigation into russian interference into the 2016 election would those notes in and of itself be part of that investigation and would the details that comey went into be classified. and now, when we get neat situations like we've had over the past six months would the president tweets something and then everybody kind of shifts folk us to what it
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you also have to remember there are things going on outside of that spotlight. and that things going on right now is the investigation by the special counsel robert mueller. we had reporting in the last couple weeks that muller is working on obstruction of justice case looking into whether or not the president firing jim comey was, in fact, obstructive act, which he could then bring criminal charges on. also, remember, let's talk about the last 24 hours of news segment. you opened up 5@630 tonight and flurry of activity and controversy over donald trump jr. meeting that was going to dominate the news cycle this morning and all anybody would talk about and the president up jped into that. not with any comment about his son or this meeting with the russian attorney but in fact, an attaking tweet against the former fbi director. so, in a way, we have seen the whitehouse try to do this before and there's a big story at hand and
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with a tweet like this and then in an effort to make distract attention to that i will say evidence how you led this prood cast tonight it's what is happening now in the news cycle. everybody is talking about donald trump your and still talking about the meeting with the russian attorney and trump tweet aimed at jim comey does not seem to be getting this kind of reaction. the whitehouse may have wanted from this today. >> all right. >> thank you, fits. >> pure snobz. >> we'll explain what is that the about. 5@630 is coming up right
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sdot walker angered beer lovers with this tweet. he posted this picture of miller lite with caption for those in liberal media that
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facebook, twitter, invoice a simple response you can get you a beer. >> they were upset he didn't support independent brewers. you live in a state responsible for beer and drink miller light? another, you were from a state with some of the greatest brewerys in a world and you offer me this delete your accounts. >> vicious. >> and did you have one in mind? that can of water you have in this picture of this tweet. of course, miller once based in milwaukee once pride of milwaukee now owned by national con glom rats. >> i thoughts think were there because leave earn and shi shirley. >> that's shots brewery. >> was that real beer or tv beer. >> you know what if there was enters prizing person during lavern and shirley they would have come up with a shots brewery with penny marshall supporting it. >> and
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president they are formed a draft twain the rock johnson for president. overrule name is run the rock 2020. it was filed by a west virginia man and it's not clear whether the rock knows the group exists. johnson joked about the whitehouse bid after playing buff president obama on saturday night live. >> i don't think he'll give up the acting career. >> republicans or democrats. who is the better tipper out there. stick around to find out. erries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. >> ever wonder if you're a good tipper. >> 15 to 20%, double the tax there you go. >> researchers credit had receipts from thousands of americans best tipers are republican men who live in north east. they leave median tip of 20%. >> worst tippers womens, democrats, southerners and those who pay with cash 16 rs with. women tip more generously for housekeeping
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housekeeping, hairstyling and valet parking. >> i tip well for everything, just saying. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 5 at 6:30.
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