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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00, breaking news. bodies found in a northern virginia home. what happened snoo we're live. >> and wild weather to start the weekend. trees down, homes damaged and a family rescued. >> and a family that was visiting d.c. on vacation is looking for the good samaritans and first responders who
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their son's life. your news starts now. and we begin with breaking news out of virginia tonight. police discover two bodies inside a home in mcclain. thanks for joining us i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. >> i'm tony perkins. right now investigators are still at the scene on dean drive. trying to figure out what happened. "fox5" evan lambert is live in the neighborhood with more, evan. >> reporter: police are telling us that right now they're operating under the theory that this likely is a murder-suicide. they say they found two adult females in the home just behind me on dean drive. in mcclain. they say this all start around 2:00 this afternoon. that's according to fairfax police. they say someone called them to say a person may have been killed inside the home. police went by to check and could not get inside. so they rammed the door in. that's when they found the bodies of two adult females. it's unclear at this time how they died. but
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suspect on the loose. neighbors say a grand mother, her daughter, and a granddaughter, who is in second grade, live at the h home. they described watching the commotion this afternoon. >> it's surreal. i mean you don't really expect things like this to happen in your street. especially when this is an area known from a bubble from the rest of the world. when things like this happens you're not prepared for. it it's shocking and really hurts. >> reporter: and right now, police tell us that the child was not involved in this cr crime. back here stormtracker 6 live 3d they just got a warrant to go back inside this home. we've seen them go in and out taking photos and documenting the crime scene. i'll have another update as soon as we get more information. >> all right. evan. thanks. meanwhile n. fairfax county and another area a judge declared a mistrial in death of wedding caterer. bonds is accused o
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a man. bonds stabbed johns after the two got into an argument. bopdz was a park employee trying to cleanup after a wetting. he claims johns threat indhim and grabbed him by the throat. a judge declared a mistrial after jurors could not reach a verdict on the murder charge. we turn to this afternoon's wild weather. incredible. they faked a punch through the region knocking down industries and damaging homes and led to scary moments from a family on a paddle boat in the tidal basin. we have storm team coverage tonight with christine leon and gwen talbert. let's start with kristin in northwest. >> good evening, guys, yeah, you mentioned a scary scene for families here. scary scene actually right now as crews are cleaning up the downed tree. we want to show you that now. it's incredible site. i've never seen this up close scene. so many trying to clear out this massive
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because of the heavy downpour today. i'm told this happened about an hour ago. them cleaning up the mess. i'm told it will take all night and they're hoping to have this tree that damaged the rooftop of this home and the home next door cleared out again by the end of the night. and this believe it are not is not the only excitement that took place tonight. watch and take a look for yourself. >> and mother nature showed no mercy this afternoon in d.c.. from a lightning strike that started a rooftop fire at a house on seaton place northwest to a torrential downpour that flooded city streets. not to mention a massive tree that fell and crushed this car on 32 street norm west. job martin is the homeowner next door. he says his whole day changed at around 4:00 this afternoon during the heavy downpour. >> our lights wept off just adds we heart a crash. and not that bad a crash. deposit sound that bad from
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>> when he looked outside this is what he saw. >> i was annoyed. >> luckily, though, no one was hurt according to the homeowner. but now he says he's got a lot of work ahead of himself. >> i'll be dealing with this for weeks. >> around 4:45 two park police officers rescued a family of four on thefiedal basin near the jefferson memorial. they say the family's paddle boat filling up fast with water. >> more the waves were hitting the side wall it made it more difficult to get people out of the boat. it was unstable. >> on top of being in 65 mile an hour winds and choppy waves arounds 2 to 3 feet high. >> it eded hectic you could hear the rain and the sound. >> no one was hurt here evenlyer and police officers say they too have their work cut out for them on this sweltering summer day. >> again a lot of noise out here right now and these men are hard at work ase
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again, taking that limb that was on that crane not too long ago carrying it over to the machine where the machine is chomping at the bit. again just to make sure that this tree is cleared by the end of the night. that is the goal by crews and believe it or not here i also learned that because this t tree, it fell on people's properties and they're the ones that have to foot the bill in this case and they're the ones that will be paying out-of-pocket to get this tree removed. so again this is what happened today. and we will continue to keep you post on severe weather events. for now reporting live in northwest d.c., kristin leon, "fox5 local news". >> and the storms also caused problems for the evening rush on rails. trains were forced to single track on orange line between west false church and vienna stations because of fallen tree. a viewer september us pictures and you can see here it fell outside the train on dunn loring station. and metro resumed normal service. let's get to gwen and see the latest on the storms and wha
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we can expect this weekend, hi, gwen. >> hi, there, sarah, things are greatly improving as far as we're concerned. that wet weather now movingit we well out west and it's actually across the bay headed off shores of delmarva now. beaches got hit quite hard into the evening hours as well as this fired up with a lot of heavy rainfall and lightning and we saw what the winds did across our region. and so right now, things a lot calmer. we're seeing at least some of that rain timely clearing out. still sprivrmings or two areas along the 95 corridor. other than that not bad at a all. a lot of lightning in this that is continuing as it moves off shore. we'll see some great improvement once we get to the weekend. this is the frontal system that is culprit ahead of it all of this firdz up. and this frontal system is going to move its way across once we get to tomorrow. and i cannot rule out a li lingering sprinkle in the morning hours and see improvement as well to partly sunny skies. overnight tonight temperatures to 70s and we're going to be a
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on the backside of that system we're going to see cooler air. and we will see at least a break from the humidity. i'll have the full forecast coming up in a bit. back to you. montgomery county police are looking for this man. they say he attacked a ride on bus driver on tuesday at the shady grove metro station. these are good images of him. take a look. investigators say the man got into an argument with the driver and the driver tried to call police for help and that's when the man grabbed the driver's phone and started attacking him with it. and the driver pulled over and the man got out and he had a bicycle with him and road a away. now to "fox5" exclusive a maryland mother is pleading for help tonight. she wants to find the person that murdered her son. someone shot and killed anthony russel outside a hyattsville apartment complex last saturday. today russel's mother returned to the place her son was killed hoping to find more information. >> we need this case res resolved. he did not deserve
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executed the way he was. you know, he took four gun shots to the chest. you know, it's my prayer that anybody who had any information. slightest information, to call crime solvers. >> sally says she knows her son was at a craps game on oglethorwp street northeast before come together complex. he parked his schooler and was found shot to death several hours lateers. >> a circus worker is recoughing after trampled and bitten by a camel at the charles country fairgrounds. it happened after 2:30 this afternoon la playta. authorities say the 5-year-old man that works for lewis and clarks circus was air lifted with a serious injury. performances have been cancelled due it a permit issue. >> developing tonight, two men are now charged in the murders of four
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pennsylvania men. and we are learning new details about the investigation. >> plus, a family who was visiting d.c. on vacation is looking for the good sam ar taps and first responders that helped save their son's life. >> health concerns about mack and cheese. what a new study is saying about certain boxed brands. >> and starting monday, you'll be able to get your "fox5" fix at 8:00. that's right. our new station, "fox5" plus is replacing my 20. shawn, sue and i will bring you the latest news and weather at 8 after family f feud. live. that starts monday night at 8 on "fox5"plus. >> poor tony
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two men reason facing several charges including murder of four men that wept missing last night. the district attorney says his team is one step closer to delivering justice for the families. fox news corresponder enter rick leaven thal has details from outside the c
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murders of four young men that went missing last week 30 miles outside of philadelphia. 20 years cosmo dinardo facing four counts of homicide and shawn kratz facing three counts of homicide. men also charged with a litany of other crimes in connection with the case including con spirsry, robbery and abuse of a corps. >> i feel a lot of sadness and relief. i feel so proud of my team. >> 19-year-old dean finocchiaro and mark sturgis and tom meo went missing setting up a massive manhunt and they found human remains on property that belonged to the parents. they found three bodies in a mass grave. >> many men and woen they represent worked tirelessly non stop. >> buck county district attorney said dinardo
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confession he told them where to find the last pody. >> we would still be looking for jimi patrick. >> it takes the death pepty over the table. >> it was related to marijuana sales. >> we're not here to make moral judgments on any act actions. we're here to seek justice for them. >> dinardo and kratz is held out bail after both men were deemed a sdainger to the university. buckingham township, pennsylvania, rick leaven thal, fox news. >> closer to home these three men arrested in the murder of two montgomery country high school students. roger garcia and edgar door see aall indecided on murder, robby and weapons charges from the doubling shooting of 17-year-old shady najjar and 18-year-old sdixt brof last mott: the teens killed on the night of their graduation met the men expecting to sell them graduation ticket. instead the
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snot their car. all three suspects are held without bond. new details tonight on donald trump's jr.'s controversial meeting with a russian attorney last summer. house democrats want to revoke the security clearances of trump jr. and jared kushner because curbmer was also at the meeting with that russian attorney along with exsoviet counter intelligence officer. the whitehouse maintains it's being transparent. >> every single colleague i know here at the white house in administration, in the campaign, even if they don't serve here, lanl, said they're willing to cooperate and share whatever they know and whatever they have. >> head of senate judiciary committee says he'll be requesting donald jr. to testify before the committee as early adds next week. >> thousands of pro testers are still on the move tonight. and expect to arrive at the department of justice in the next couple hours. and they began their protests at the national rifle association headquarters fairfax this morning and many of the demonstrators support gun
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with some recent nra ads that criticize protests that have taken place since inauguration day criticizing president trump and his policies. >> these people are righ righteously fighting against these two very provocative videos that the nra has put out, which is calling for their supporters and people that support trump to go after to attack, and in various ways, the people who are resisting this horrendous, fascist program. >> everybody can benefit from more stringent gun controls. and i don't think there's enough. there's too many killings. >> the organizers of women's march helped put the protest together. those demonstrator hold another rally tomorrow at the justice department. >> a family was heading home to iowa after visiting d.c. when suddenly there was a medical emergency. a little boy went into a seeds you're. but it was the quick thinking of good samaritans
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save his life. mat aklin spoke to the boy's mother who has a message for those people that rushed in to help. >> he went in the ambulance. >> 3-year-old xavier is a happy boy now, feeling much better. that was not the case wednesday around noon as his family was headed back to i iowa. they were just getting on 295 at pennsylvania avenue. >> i heard xavier in the back making a gurgling or choking souchbilityd i thought he was play around and when i turned around he was foaming at the mouth and his loops were blue and he was not responding to anything i was saying. >> xavier's mother jessica russel hit the brakes stopping traffic behind her and pulled xavier out of the car to see what she could do when she saw a couple approaching. >> i don't know ft. couple spoke english but they knew enough to understand there was panic and they helped united state us and brought us water. >> jessica was panicking
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the phone with 911 when more help aarrived. this time an officer. >> he was not in a marked c car. i don't think he was on duty. he got out and he you know asked is a bunch of questions and kept checking his breathing and made sure that we were already calling an ambulance. >> then an off-duty firefighter rushed into help. instead of waiting for ambulance to arrive he calls co-workers he knows are ne nearby. >> he called his paramedics that he works with, he called them and asked them to come up. because he had just left them [ sirens ] xavier was rushed to children's medical center. here reis recovering. it appears he ai seizure. his temperature spiking to 104 degrees. heeds okay now. but jessica wanted people to know it's because so many people rushed in to help. >> and i rally just wanted to thank all those people because we're not from there. i was panicking and i didn't know what was going to happen next. where we were going to go
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and you know, they just made sure i knew that they kept saying you know we'll take care of your son. >> matt ak lip. "fox5 local news". >> i cannot believe how many people showed up descended upon them to help, that's great. >> people are always looking for miracles and that's a miracle. >> yeah and the little boy looks like he's doing well, antsy there too. >> that's a good sign. >> all right. coming up next. selfie mistake. wait until you see this. selfie mistake that caused 200,000 in damage. >> it's pretty caidzy. >> and bad news for mac and cheese lovers. why some boxed brands may be hazardous for your health. back after
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>> if you're like most families hot on the web harmful chemicals found in macaroni and cheese mixes made with powdered cheese. according to a new study coalition for safer food processing and packaging. chemicals can disrupt male hormones and linked to birth defects in boys and learning and behavior problems in older children. the chemicals were banned from children's teething rings and rubber toys years ago, we should point out they've been found in a number of different macaroni and cheese not just craft but includes craft as well. >> ones that are powdered cheese mixes. >> all right. >> selfies is part of our culture these days. here's what you should not do when you take a selfie. couple weeks ago this woman was standing at art exhibit in la as taking the selfie lost balance and fell backwards and look what happened. set off a chain reaction. and at least ten pedestals
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headpieces wept crashing to the noor and three were destroyed and others damaged. the selfie slip caused $ $200,000 in damage. >> selfie with all that? >> there's a brad paisley has a song out now called selfie the internet is forever. it's about this kind of thing. it's very funny. listen to it. it's crazy. >> i'm sure that woman was not laughing. >> i'm sure. >> is she paying the $200,000 in damage. >> at least she strayed and tried to help cleanup instead of running off. >> they had the camera r rolling so they would have found her. >> "fox 5 news" at 10:30 coming up next. >> hey, jim. >> hey, guys, straight ahead at 10:30 bastile day and delicious spil with bastile dayburgers and even though the holiday is almost over still time to get hands on one we'll explain and keeping sky safe as they became more crowded. what faa is doing wit
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drones in the sky. gwen. >> things are timely calming down in terms of storms and we have good news on the other side as far as the weekend is conerned. i'll have the details in a bit and we'll be right back after the break. so stay with us.
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>> strong storms take down trees and damage homes and delay flight. we're live with a look at what the storm left behind. >> and plus how immigration advocates have bracing for a new legal fight over doca. >> and skies getting crowded with more people using drones. so what's being done to keep airspace safe. the 10:30 starts now. >> thanks for sticking around this friday night i'm jim lokay. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news out of mcclain, virginia tonight two bodies discovered inside a home. lambert is live on the scene. evan. >> reporter: police say fairfax
10:30 pm
happened at a home on dean drive here in mcclain. they say they found two adult females in the home behind me. and neighbors telling us that a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter live inside right now. and police tell us that the granddaughter, child was not involved. so far they have not released a manner of death and right now no names have been released. meanwhile the search is on tonight for a man nat attacked a ride on bus driver. this happened tuesday shady grove metro station. the man got into an argument with the driver. and as he tried to call for help the man grabtd the driver's hope to and started attacking him with it. and the driver pulled over and the man got out and he had had a bike and took off. >> and you probably heard this outside your house. strong storms ripping through the area earlier leaving behind a lot of damage. >> kristin leon is live on the storm's impact out there. chris tib. >> good evening, jim, sarah, an event full day in d.c.. crew
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left behind from a downed tree that crushed that red car there and damaged rooftops of the two homes. and again they're hoping to have this all cleared out by end of night. that's their hope. and in the meantime here these were not the only major 'events caused by severe weather there was also a lightning strike that happened seaton place northwest as well as dramatic water rescue that took place along the tidal basin. >> well, let's hope that's the last of it but not sure if that's the case. >> gwen standing by with a look what we'll see rest of weekend. a lot of people wondering when the humidity will get out of the way. >> we'll get a break you know in both humidity and storms. i'm happy to say that as we get in this weekend. take a look at radar right now. most of it used -- moved its way out east and that's good news. not only for us but across the bay and beaches and delmarva and that really got hit very, very hard and part of to south of southern maryland. we're seeing to the south of us a few lig r
10:32 pm
still happening and few sprinkles north as we. don't be surprised if you see activity. that frontal system yet to pass. it was trigger for all this in the hot, humid air mass we had. as it moves its way through, from the course of tonight into tomorrow we will see some improvement behind it. good news. drier air, less humidity and we'll see some cooler conditions as well. so here's a look at what you can expect. right now our current temperature is degrees and heat up devlops is right on the money far cry from trim dij et cetera we dealt with today. partly cloudy skies tonight and over the next couple days for weekend it's looking good. 89 degrees on saturday. sunny and warm at 0 on surprised. we'll get back to a southerly flow on sunday in the mean time for tomorrow those winds from northwest will bring us a little cooler air and # up wanted house gets humidity will take a break and take ability of a hike.
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supreme court to clarify the latest travel ban ruling. federal judge in hawaii rule the government cannot enforce the ban on grand passenger and aunt and uncles and people in the united states. last month, of course, extreme supreme court exempted people from the ban at least those who can find a bonafide relationship with the citizen. >> there's concerns among immigration advocates of the future of the green act as the trump administration may allow legal challenges to defeat deferred action for childhood arrival program known as daca and it allows people brought to the parks illegally adds children to say temporarily. ten states are threatening to file a lawsuit because they think it will be unconstitutional. >> some received doca paivshed so they would be very upset by it and but i think the majority of my district would probably be pretty supportive of that. because we're a nation of l laws. >> since president o
10:34 pm
program prevented more than 770,000 people from being deportd muriel bowser makes efforts to combat the opiate reversal. they came in the mail and expansion of medication assisted treatment that problems for opiate and other substances. >> we have not seen the same type of experience that the suburbs and rural areas have experiences with precipitation opiate addiction causing fatal deaths. but we want to get ahead of that if we're able. so we're sending that message as well that's we know that the threat for precipitation overdose is prevalent. >> the mayor's office says it districted more athan a thousand and kids last year that saved 300 residents from overdosing. >> when you go outside and look up at the sky you may see
10:35 pm
and you're seeing more and more these days. >> more of them could mean more chances of accidents. tonight, fox news core stopped ept jonathan sarry made anest to keep that from happening. >> just in the legislate 18 months we registered twice as many unmanned aircrafts, that we registered all aircrafts in the previous hundred years he. >> crop duging to packaging commercial sdronz are part of a regular life. to integrate mass numbers of unplanned aircraft sayre spas the fba is relying on ashore a group of participants red my mississippi state university. workers are asking what if this happens if they crash be into people and fall out of the sky. >> we have to understand what happens if there's collusion or backpack. at the end
10:36 pm
about avoiding that in the first place. >> though many provide video feeds of flight the faa requires operators to fly sdrons within eyesight. commercial drone industry is preparing for the day and thisry. is lifted. >> whether it's package delivery or arctic operations regardless of awhat it is almost every truly useful application of technology is beyond site. >> technology is way ahead of regulations and it is just a matter of having to iing you're out how to integrate the drones into the airspace. >> commercial drones inject more than 82 billion into the economy and create more than 100,000 u.s. jobs by the year 2025 according to the trade group auvsi while companies investing the flight are eager eager to reap economic benefits they agree advanced safety research is crucial to prevent outside crowded skies from turning into the wild west. jonathanir
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>> next at 10:30 join in on the bastile day celebration. >> we have food for you. >> a chef here cleaning up the seal dayburgers to what they. we'll explain next. jp morgan and jamie diamond had to with washington in action saying this stupid blank is holding back fwronl and grade strides could be made taxes an infrastructure is d.c. would end the grid rock own get to work. s&p and nasdaq also ending on plus side. and retail salesp doing for a second straight month. americans spending less at restaurants and department stores. one silver lining americans are also spending lesson gasoline. because reling lar unleded is is averaging $.26 nationwide. >> may the force be with you. disney shares higher as it unveils "star wars" labdz
10:38 pm
theme parks are under construction in california and florida and featured with a simulated ride on a illen yum falcon. parks are costing about a billion bucks each to build. and how is this for unveil. a new jaguar ebay compact suv leaping into the record books with stomach churning 50 foot barrel roll. wow i just want to get a pizza anyway, that's buzz, i'm neal
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>> tonight celebrating bastile day with food. >> we don't have the "fox 5 news" at 10:30 apron. i have the good day apron on. chef
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and shake one of our favorites in the area. >> thank you i'm doing well. >> we had you in for the boaboa burger. >> and you have burger of the month. we have french player. >> it's beef patti khar griddled and top with homemade burgandy up wine bacon onion jam and dijon mustard. >> it's all right here. >> all right. >> you can put that baby together. >> that's right. >> and how long what is your thought onburgers, grilled or like this? what's the best way. >> that makes bts unique we call it khar griddled we start first half on open charred grill get that open flame flavor and finish in on griddle seals in juices and great cheese melting capacity. >> this time of year what you makeburgers and do cookouts that sort of
10:43 pm
ketchup, muingt tarred, onion, i love the idea of going exing otic and international. >> it's fun for us to change it up. have a theme burger. easter burger, glen close burger, rabbit burger. we do a little tongue in cheek. rain beer or venison at christmas time. fem tend to enjoy it. this start burger both b. it s's down with foggy bottom. we have super soft cheese. this is not a cardiologist best friend. >> it's like putting butter on top as you can see here. very, very soft. >> brie cheese how long did it take you guys to test this combination. >> not too long. you have rich eingd eingd of cheese and beef and salty and smoky ness sweetness
10:44 pm
jam and muingt tarred. >> that's nice toasted bun. >> make everything house fresh. homemade onion rings and pickles and cut fries. >> do you find these days especially with number of burger restaurants popping up on horizon you know it's important to find a niche. it's important to find people bringing you in. a you're local. that's important too. when you have something off the beaten path that has to be nice. >> we do sort of chef driven. everything is done from scratch. homemade ice cream for shake program. we have shake tales, that effort of quality and attention to detail 2459 we do. a top this with pageon onion jam. and mel the toast whatever you want to do. >> out of the bowl. >> out of the bowl that's exactly right at all purpose condiment and so we'll talk in the top here with a little bit of homemade aoley and garlic
10:45 pm
may nose. dijon muingt tarred to it. >> how long is this bugger going to be available. >> through end of month. it's all month. yes. >> how much does it go for. >> $9. six-ounce patti. medium rare to medium. >> you usually don't associateburgers with bastile day. but it's a perfect time to do. it why not take advantage of. it all right. perfect. all right. there it is. >> we made us a little bit of our french flag today. >> i see you make it official here. >> go ahead. >> ta day. >> there you go. >> sorry bastile beat you. >> people can find you where. >> wisconsin avenue and 2200 pennsylvania avenue near foggy bottom. >> there it is. and jeff tungst we're flood you have back. we will eat this off camera. it's
10:46 pm
>> i just it will be good. good, thank you
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for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication...
10:49 pm
is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. >> a kit ep was hurt and she saw two in the road one seriously hurt after taking the kittens home she reached out for hope on social immediate prince william veterinary hospital brought the kitten back to health and it's expected to make a fullry covery. >> aww. >> right? >> oh, my gosh. >> hats off to them. >> yeah. >> social media for the good, i love that. >> glad they'll be okay. >> huge cat person. >> i know, i need to move on, it's hard to watch. we were watching outside tonight and it was crazy out there. and we talked about these storms that we will hit.
10:50 pm
and rain came down hard and heavy. we had a lot of damage in terms of power outages as well as trees down and we saw lightning also struck a building tonight. there's been a lot going on with the storm system. the good news is we're on the back end of it now. take a look. you can see all the precipitation moving out to the ocean here. there was awful light of lightning imbedded in storms and areas got hit hards with a result and winds as well were another factor wind gusting from 50 do 60 miles an hour causing a lot of damage there. and things are timely calming down some now. we have residual rainfall here as you can see making the way across southern maryland and north and northwest. just a little happening and that should be out of the way before too long. this
10:51 pm
system. that frontal system moves its way across the area once we get to tomorrow. but it has really triggered all of this activity tonight as it moved its way very slowly towards us. but ahead of it into the hot, humid air mass we h instability kicked in. and so behind that, we will see some drier, cooler air and that's good news as far as humidity is concerned. we'll finally get a break. right now 76 at d.c. and 74 baltimore and 74 gaithersburg and same dulles. 75 at mannasas and same fredericksburg. and we will see maybe just maybe a little bit of light shower in the early morning hours as the system moves through this front. as i said behind t. we will see drier conditions and ridge of high pressure starts to build n the weekend will shape up quite nicely. especially on sunday. where we're going to see a lot more sunshine than we'll have tomorrow. but, still, temperature-wise, we'll be into the 80s and lot low 90s. it will be pretty nice. we're talking at least comfortable sunshine to be outside in.
10:52 pm
quantico and 89 d.c. and 90 fred rikdzburg and 85 annapolis and 87 leonardtown. if you head to the beaches well as the system continues to move out you may see light sprinkle once the front crosses other an that not bad. 87 saturday for ocean city and 84 under mostly sunny skies on sunday. so just get out there and have fun in the sand. >> and tomorrow's planner by midday 86 degrees and by 5:00 hour kicking in with 88s. here's a look wrapping it up. 75 tonight under partly cloudy skies and northwesterly wind kicks n and then tomorrow, 89 degrees. and once again isolated early morning shower possible and just a sprinkle nothing to be be too concerneded with before partly sunny skies and less humidity. let's look at the forecast for you then. supposed, warming up to 90. few thunderstorms possibly on monday. dry once again temperatures actually pretty close to
10:53 pm
the week. so not doing badly at all. enjoy your weekend. let's check in with brody. >> thank you, gwen. nats start second half of season with bad and pote potentially disastrous news. starter joe ross placed on disabled list with elbow injury. when asked nats manager said i don't want to speculate on things and i don't want to think the worst. we're preparing for it to be a a longer situation. geesh. bryce harper stretching before tonight's game in cincinnati. which is good. first inning, nats up 1-0. harper on second and anthony randone. harper here give them another rbi. nats up 2-0 off the bat. third inning scientists say the large glider is powerful accelerator in the world. look that particle ak celebrate. move over make room for h
10:54 pm
move over make room for harper. 4-0 nats. bryce harper not done. there that went 400, 500 feet that's nothing. this home run, 440. >> and gonzalez pitcheda eight and a third scoreless innings. brian goodwin, love it. shooting up the reads 5-0. as sports vapz we don't like roughs. as a call goes against your team they were wrong to call it and if need aid flag to top the other team refer res missed it. >> none of us have been as this canadian woman today. karen kohls awarded one million if two kickoffs were returned for touchdowns in the same game. blew bombers worseing win peg. second quarter, mar tease jack sop goes through traffic and gets opening and he is gone.
10:55 pm
109 yards for touchdown and one million dollars for -- oh, no. flag on the play yeah. negating a million on that a block in the back. it should not have been ca called. weak call. negating the return and her payday and consolation and home inging center and tickets to great cup canada version of the super bowl. worst part broadcastsers thought it was touch down and thought it was national contest. they flashed on screen she had won $1 million. >> did we see her face. >> she was not live there thankfully. >> probably a good thing. >> at least in my audio sync. >> she's in okay spirits about it. but, yeah, obviously missing out on a millian dollars bras it will block on the back.
10:56 pm
>> coming up fox news at 11. >> tony. >> although i would take a 25,000 entertainment system, that's pretty good too. >> come on. >> i mean i would ratherp have the million dollars. >> coming up at 11, more p papiced brides to be race to get their dresses today following a chain bridal storm filing for bankruptcy. and scary moments at a locality carnival as a camel attacked a worker and donald trump jr. meeting with russian attorney find out who else was there and the photo of president trump that is raising some eyebrows. the 11 is next.
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>> bodies are found in a norp vir home. we're live. >> wild weather to start the weekend. trees down, homes damaged an a family rescued. >> an a sinkhole swallows an entire home and the damage may not be zone yet. your news starts now we're continuing to follow breaking news in mcclain, virginia. two bodies discovered inside a home. >> i'm sarah simmons inside for shawn. right now investigators are still at the scene on dean drive tonight. evan lambert is live in the neighborhood. evan, what's the latest tonight. >> reporter: fairfax police tell us they believe they are working on a murder-suicide and they found two adult females this this home behind me on dean drive in mcclain and according to fairfax


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