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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . thank you for joining us tonight, i'm lauren demarco and i'm matt ackland. let's begin in fairfax county where police continue to investigate a possible murder suicide. it involves a 23 year old woman and her 63 year old mother. it's been more than 24 hours and police are still trying to figure out what led up to this tragedy inside a home in mclean fox's kristin leone is live in front of the home on dean drive where detectives have been for the last 24 hours. kristin. >>reporter: good evening matt and lauren. that's right, detectives have been gathering evidence from inside this home all day long. you could see there is even a police vehicle
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from outsid the home where police say a 23 year old girl shot and killed her 63 year old mother all before taking her own live. now, there are still a lot of answered questions in this investigation. but what we can tell you right now is we have learned the identities of both of those people involved. take a closer look on your screen. the 23 year old is identified as helen lorraine a hard began and this is her mother 63 year old pamela denies hard began. maybors dakon firnld these pictures you're zoo ing on your screen right now from their social media accounts . we don't know much about hell ebb except they do tell us that she was going to school in texas and visiting d.c iting her mom here. according to pamela's linkedin profile she was vice-president the cic and prior to that was the vp of human releaseses at lockheed martin for 24 years. as far as learning more about
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mother neighbors tell us that she was a very private individual. she said hi and goodbye from her driveway. every time she walked outside her house they acknowledged her but as far as really getting to know her they didn't know her very well. still a lieutenant of unanswered questions. as i mentioned before, an autopsy report is being conducted as we the cause and manner of death in this investigation. of course once we find out we will let you know as well. so keep it right here on five. we're now report ing live in mclean theng, kristin leone, fox5 local news. >> a live look outside there at the washington monument, a beautiful night. it was warm, but really not a bad saturday. much better than it has been the last couple of days when it's just been so, so hot. hi, gwen how is it looking later tonight and especially tomorrow. i think you've got good news, right?
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>> it's going to be quite nice. i can't rule out a stray little sprinkle, but other than this we're looking very good. let's show you what's happening at radar because it's a far cry from what it was like yesterday as we had plenty of strong storms that moved through with a lot of cloud to ground lightening. right now things are quiet. we have just a few clouds. winds are pushing in from the north at 9 miles an hour, very light and overnight tonight we will see our temperatures into the 60s to our west and to our north and then elsewhere into the low 730s. it's going to be a pretty comfortable night and the good news is we're not dealing with the humidity. your planner for tomorrow by about midday will be at 88-degrees with plenty of sunshine. that's the same story once we get into the 5:00 hour. it's going to be pretty comfortable overall and we're talking about a nice end to the weekend. the seven day forecast isn't looking too bad
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ed on for months, illegal atvs and dirt bikes on city streets. tonight we're learning zc \police\police have destroyed dozens of these vehicles, police tell t us the illegal atvs and dirt bikes were ceased in recent weeks and were destroyed at a lot in cap l toll heights. some good came out of this, the destroyed vehicles produced more than 14,000 pounds of recyclable metal. a desperate search is underway tonight for a man missing in the district. fifty-five year old ronald miller went missing yesterday. police say he was last scene on find ellison barber street in southeast. investigators want to hear from anyone who may know where miller might be. a scum is recovering after fire swept through their home in potomac maryland this morning. the electrical fire started in the kitchen of this home along leg and driesm the couple tried to escape the claims and went upstairs but got trapped. firefighters had to rescue them, the couple and two firefighters suffered injuries, but they are all e
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>> heart break at the maryland zoo tonight. we've learned that julius, the baby giraffe, remember this baby? apparently he died this morning. julius was born a in agriculture. but since his birth the calf struggled to t survive despite efforts by veterinarians at the zoo to nurse him back to health when he was born he did not nurse well so vets at the zoo tried to bottle him, but that didn't go well. they plan to conduct a neck crop pi to determine why julius struggled after he was born. we were talk ing about how big he was when he was born. >> everybody was rooting for him . i know that they were saying that these veterinarians were working around the clock. coming in on their personal time trying to care for him. >> on the hill, two former staffers charged with distributing new photos of a house member. coming up the sneaky plot to leak the explicit images. we'll
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>> the congress woman is doing damage control after two staffer s access naked pictures of her on her cellphone, the aides were indicted. one congressional staffer is charged with cyber stalking. the other is charged with obstruction of justice. fox's teisha lewis has the latest reporter roar her privacy was invaded followed by an organized smear campaign and defamatory reports about her and her family. this all comes after former staffer juan ma ma cull in was indicted friday. he took nude individual ohio. the dubious activities apparently took place in march of 2016. i don't think you should have naked pictures our phone to begin with. and if you do, then i don't think people should leak
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it, but if you don't have the naked pictures then they wouldn't have leaked it. you should be held to a higher standard, but i don't think you should have naked pictures on your phone either way. if she didn't have that on her phone she wouldn't have been caught in a bad situation. gave the aid her phone with instructions for him to take it to the apple store and have it fixed. he created a fake e-mail downloaded them and downloaded them to politicians. it's not okay. they were trusted with ergs to. they abused that trust and then took that information that they had that was damage -- why it's damaging is a whole different story, but they took that information and gave it to be some else. they committed a crime straight up. that's just not acceptable. no, it's not a sign of the times. it's a sign that they're jerks. that they're bad people, a sign that they committed a crime. former staffer doreen lewis was also indicted. she's charged
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obstruction of justice for reportedly misleading investigators about the case and deleting text messages. is it her phone or was it given to her as part of her job? if it's her own personal phone, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with it . if however it was given to her by congress as part of her work, probably not. but that being said it still doesn't give her staffers the right to give that information to someone else . teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> and i believive heard teisha say that it was her personal phone yesterday and her report at 5:00. apparently there were some fet ohs or images of her whole family, children as well. so that does seem -- -- we will be right back after this.
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>> we're having too much fun here on a sunday night - i keep thinking it's sunday. it's saturday. >> what is wrong with me. >> i was saying on my sunday i have a pool party and it looks like it's going to be a nice day to hang out. it is national ice cream day on sunday. y'all are working. >> i'm excited for national ice cream day tomorrow. >> you're working tomorrow. >> lauren is bringing us ice cream tomorrow. that's right, i'm going to bring it. well, you know what, our producer says she's bringing ice cream. that sounds good. everybody bring the ice cream. i want to eat all
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weather? it's going to be warm enough that you're going to like ice cream tomorrow. clear skies for tomorrow it's going to happen in the overnight hours, we have some clouds but they will be short lived and we'll get a little bit of a break from the humidity i'm so happy to say . clearing skies tops my headlines. lots of sunshine as we end the weekend on a great note. temperatures staying pretty close to seasonal and that's where they were today. not much to show you here. it was a far cry from yesterday we had this all lit up with plenty of storm and plenty of rainfall and downed trees and power lines . that is now just the opposite for today. we have just a few high clouds that will get out of the way. as i said temperatures close to seasonal today as we hit the upper 830s and low 930s at all three airports. this hour here's what's happening. seventy-seven at dulles, the same at
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martinsburg, 76 at manassas this hour. we've got fredericksburg at 830 and baltimore at 74 and westminster at 72. so overnight tonight temperatres will be into the 630s and 70s, fairly comfortable. we have a bit of a northwest wind kicking in. and then for tomorrow we get a little switch in that wind department and it will start to move in a little bit from the south. that is going to set us up once we get into the monday/ tuesday period. i can't rule out maybe a little light isolated passing sprinkle in the late afternoon hours. watch that little piece of energy there. temperatures tomorrow will be in the upper 80s and into the low 90s. looking good at ocean city tomorrow. temperatures at 84-degrees with plenty of sunshine for you if you plan to put your toes in the sand and just chill out for a bit. by the 2:00 hour about 88- degrees. once again if we look the at futurecast you'll
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see two, 3:00 you'll see a few showers to the south of us. as we progress into the day, a little bit starts into the 6:00 as we move into late tonight it sort of gets into the way. but we are looking at the storms kicking in by the time we get to monday. so be prepared for that , monday afternoon. in the meantime for tonight partly cloudy, becoming clear, winds from the northwest and then for tomorrow as i said we'll get a shift in the wind. we'll start off with the northerly flow northwest and it will switch up and start to move in from the southwest. ninetys degrees and mostly sunny days. here's your seven day forecast. things aren't looking too bad, the storms kicking up the beginning of the week and then we get to some calmer conditions with no shortage of sunshine for you and then another little l piece of energy by the end of the week. overall the temperatures are close to seasonal and yes, hashtag unwanted house guest humidity will gradually start to
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aware of that. enjoy tomorrow. it's going to be very comfortable, eyes to the skies by late afternoon. the nats try to continue their offensive onslaught against the reds. detective ertel d day for kirk cousins on a new contract. brody takes the at what kind of numbers it will take for the redskins to lock up their quarterback long term in sports.
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it was bad news yesterday became the worst possible outcome tornado watch the nats today. starting pitcher joe ross was placed on the disable list with an elbow strain and today it was revealed he needs to have tommy john surgery. he's going to be out at least a year. the elbow becomes stronger after tommy john. you just have to wait a couple of seasons. bryce harp era little pregame routine here elbow bump up and down every down. whatever it was anthony rendon wants him to keeping do ing it because he had himself a day. rendon gets one elevated . deep to left center, 18th of the year. a souvenir. the natsing go up three-30 in the fourth. ryan washer making the most of his opportunity.
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his second run making wearing a curly w. rendone not remember don. he is swinging a hot bat and getting stretched out right here and then puts a charge into one. bases loaded, bases unloaded, a grand slam for rendon, a mile milestone of his career. max shearer had some tough work early. came back, ten strike outs and six score less, but the bull pen not good. they made it interesting the nats survive against the reds ten-seven. a hundred percent, max got off to a rocky start. but max just turned it on and max did what max did. we got some big struggles and he came out of it. i try and come in and stick to my routine. it might look like third basis kind of easy, but it's
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air yet a facing the orioles for the first time at camden yards since being traded in 2013. the os and cubs, manny ma chot oh says baseball is boring. that's what happens when you get thrown out at third. air yet at an early jamb. still scoreless, nothing, nothing. not scoreless anymore. not a great day for the os starter. the cubs up, one nothing, four inning and then add son it's still one-zero . the cubs go up two off zero. normally today would be the day, july 15 is the last day for franchise tag players to agree to long term deals with their clubs, but the redskins and kirk cousins get a couple more days to, would out the money. a whole lot of money, july 13 that'she
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reportedly there's some con sterntion in the front office about what to do with cousins. way back in 2015 former gm scott mack mccloughan wanted to extend cousins. they wanted to make him prove himself. he's proch himself now they got to 35eu. he would have made 44 million in the 2016 and 2017 and if the skins want to keep him they're going to be talking bigger numbers than that. this is what he thinks to lock up cousins long term, $84 million guarantee td, a five year deal worth $130 million in total for an average annual value of $26 million a year, which would make cousins the highest paid player in the nfl. now i've heard it be more like 27 million . what's a couple mill here or there. even though they aren't fielding their players. usa is the top team. they played down to the tomorrow comp. they got a
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neek. compared to the usa 321 million. to the gold cup, fans on hand to watch the usa take on a bigger nation, nicaragua. the 37th minute on the attack. look at this, weaving through the traffic, scores a goal, usa up one- nothing. the 49th minute, document dwair taking down in the box, that's a penalty forth usa ensuing penalty, diswier shoots. beautiful safe. still one-067-8956 minute usa with pressure same store. row gets it done. usa adds another, wins group b three nothing. >> straw bis and cream. venous williams, 14th ranked face off in the championship. williams looking for his sixth champion ship, eighth grand slam. with the serve they w
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reviews viewed on match point and yes, it is called out she wins her first wim billion done in straight sets. i haded to look up the pronunciation multiple times. it was a great match. there have been really good match the at this year's wim billion den. >> it's. q. to wake up early. >> it does go with the wakeup. something going on at 10 a.m. on sunday. i won't tell you who were the stars back in my childhood. >> tell us, matt, bean boring and steve i graf. >> after the break we'll check on your weather forecast. we'll be right back.
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one last check, gwen, it's going to be a noise one tomorrow. it's going to be a nice one. we've got some shfnlt we're heating up to 930-degrees. dis claimer, don't be surprised if you get a little bit of a sprinkle into the late afternoon hours. we could see a little bit of that happening, a chilling up on futurecast. generally nothing that's going to be a washout or change your outdoor plans. if that happens it will cool you down a little bit. or stay in and watch the game of throans? a. excuse me,
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fox5 news is where it is at. you can dvr that. i'm going to be watchingall tomorrow night. have a good one. night, everyone.
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