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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> i just have -- i just have so much love for this country. >> air force major general james jacobson doing the honors >> on behalf of grateful nation, thank you to lieutenant patty vilano. for preserving our freedom, forging our air force and for setting the standards for which our actions, deeds and character will be measured >> his family said like many of his generation, he never really talked about his war time experiences, didn't seek to receive medals, that's why his honor comes so late in life >> my country honored me but i have such love for this country that the only honor that i feel i had the privilege of serving this country in war time. >> father of three daughters with five grandchildren and two
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grade grandsons this is john the 2nd, >> days away from his 9th birthday, he's a proud american, part of a generation that is dying all too quickly. >> but i have something to look forward to my life is in arlington cemetery resting there and i will join her >> in arlington virginia, bob barnard, fox 5 local news local news >> he did so much yet so humble about receiving the award. that's amazing. attorney general jeff sessions in the hot seat. once again, as new questions arise about his interactions with the russian ambassador >> awifi warning, scammers
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to protect yourself coming up. yourself coming up.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. it's a big story in the area tonight. we're morning the loss of long time anchorman jim vance. washington has one less monument today. across news rooms and living rooms in our region, people are sharing their fondest memories of vance. >> he was the dean of anchors in dc. he worked at nbc 4, 45 of them. he died after a short battle with cancer, 75 years old. he covered some of the biggest stories our area seen over nearly half a century. beloved by his co
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family, friends and greatly admired by people like us, had us competition, he was a gifted writer and story teller and he will be missed. >> so many people national figures are talking about him today. tweeting about him. he wasn't just known here in the washington, dc area, across the country. ? all over. >> loved and respected. >> for sure. switching gears a little bit and gwen it's been a busy night for you. >> what would you say around 2:00. >> 1:00 when things started and we got another warning, things are popping up a little bit of a break. part of the ingredients of what is creating all these storms that we're having tonight and storm prediction center from yesterday had put us under a light risk of severe weather. same story for
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to warn you so if you have any outdoor plans keep your eye to the sky. severe thunderstorm for spotsylvania expires at 11:15. earlier, spotsylvania was actually also under a tornado warning along with stafford and the city of fredericksberg. they're getting under the gun once again and when those storms come through here, they have a pattern of a lot of strong gusty winds that have knocked down power lines and trees in its path, i'm not going to be surprised if once the storm clears we start to see reports. moving to the east at about 25 to 35 miles an hour with winds gusting possibly up to about 60 miles an hour in these storms, take a look at the coverage of all of this, unbelievable. now, what's here moving over into the ocean right now, this is what's left of around two, and all of this is what is round three, we've had three different separate periods of time when we've had to deal with storms for tonight, a lot of
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that kicked through. a lot of cloud to ground lightening. moving so quickly that that has mad a different impact in terms of if we have flooding issues, that's at least a good thing, you're not sort of lingering over areas. higher elevations starting to see some of that more rain moving in. expect to see this in through the overnight hours. don't be surprised if you get woken up. take a look at the lightening, widespread. temperature, 76 degrees at dc. the thunderstorms are roaring through. we start to see things firing up. it will be a day you'll have to. what closely anything you're doing. ridge of high pressure continues to be in control. humid, air
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again tomorrow, another di way into the 90's, he tomorrow hot 95 once again with chance of storms. let's take a look at the fox 5 seven-day forecast. i'll tell you when the break will come. not until after monday we start to get cooler air behind a cold front that will move through, drier days as well, we get a little run of that before storms fire up the end of the week, definitely tomorrow, hot and humid stick day, with storms very unsettled weather pattern. some possibly lingering into parts of monday. more details a little bit later now, matt. >> that will be nice. president trump was in norfolk, commissioned the u.s.s. gerald, aford, it will be the largest aircraft carrier in the world, it's named after the 38th president of the united states. it will be home to 4500 sailors virginia
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mattis and generalford's daughter attended the ceremony. another possible bombshell with the investigation looking into possible ties between russia and the trump administration >> a report claims jeff sessions had conversations with the russian ambassador contributing had us original testimony. >> those allegations come as donald trump junior and paul manafort face the senate judiciary committee later this week >> allison barber has the details. >> reporter: the russian ambassador to washington told his bosses he talked about campaign related matters with the now attorney general of the united states. that, according to a new "washington post" report. the conversations allegedly took place during the 2016 campaign. ambassadors conversations with his bosses were
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u.s. spy agencieses. seeming the contradicts a number of statements sessions made >> i never had meetings with russian operatives or run intermediate years about the trump campaign >> to the best of your memory, you had no conversations with kislyak >> a spokesperson told fox news she could not comment on the reliability of what anonymous sources describe in the article, but quote, the attorney general stands by his testimony from just last month. this morning, president trump criticized the leak tweeting, a new intelligence leak from the amazon "washington post," this time against ag jeff sessions these illegal leaks like james comeys must symptom, it's second time the president mentioned sessions. spoke about the attorney general and his decision to recuse himself from the investigation's related to russia and the election saying, quot
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should have told me before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> clearly he has confidence or he would not be the attorney general >> donald trump junior and former campaign manager paul manafort are said to face questions from the senate judiciary committee this week about a june, 2016 meeting with the russian lawyer. that's expected to takes place behind closed doors. in washington. ellison barber, fox news a maryland police officer is being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty >> the officer with the laurel police department responded to a shoplifting call at a grocery store. when he arrived he found a woman attempting to steal two packs of diapers >> instead of arresting he did this instead bought the pack of diapers using his own money >> someone posted his photo to facebook. the police officer says he did so because he didn't want the child to suffer. so how much
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like a billion bucks? how much would you pay? still ahead? which famous ceo's t-shirt is now for sale >> a warning about staying connected. how scammers are targeting free wifi to take your personal information.
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. question. have you ever gone to a coffee shop and used wifi? i have, have you? everyone r everybody has. were you worried about being the target of scammers? i didn't think about it >> well there are growing concerns about scam ers targeting people. fox explains >> a lot of information is on your computer and smart phones >> logging
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wifi network on your phone or computer >> you got personal information in there. you might have banking be account information >> it could create big financial problems >> the phenomenonal that's happening across the country, >> the president and ceo of the central indiana bbb, tells me there's been a recent spike in scammers >> so many people are traveling? scammers can set up wifi connections to a router that has the same name >> they will set up one of these wifi hot spotses. looks like a legitimate spot >> seconds later a scammer has access to all personal information >> they're looking to try t
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information, your associated security number >> businesses can help >> they're using our space as essentially a work from home space. >> coffee roasters tells me they change their wifi passage often and check usage >> we have a specifically named, so when they come in, they can see it's b coffee and they're not going to go on some wifi that just said free wifi now, it's actually ours >> the bbb, says many people notice suspicious charges, that's when you need to call the credit card company, bank and police. get your costumes ready, comic con is underway? 10s of thousands of people are expected to attend, we're i'm going to take a closer look.
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. hollywood is mourning the loss of john heard, his family says he passed away while recovering from back surgery. he standard in popular movies such as home alone, big and pelican brief. >> com con is >> in her r nearly 150,000 people expected to attend. many, as usual will dress as their favorites character. here's a look at some costumes. >> it's a day to be a star. >> we love the vibe >> it is these exclusives. exclusive 250 pieces >> and to stand out >> they're like a white mesh contac
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there's a bunch of tiny holes >> thousands kicked off the official day, many to sample the artwork, check out the latest previews and immerse themselves >> it's where you come to see culture >> this is a community where everyone is a little different, odd, outside the, you come in here and it's all accepted >> greenbay mike daniels came out with his friends, ready to show that even athletes can be the biggest geeks. >> a lot of animated bodies pass the limit. trim my body past the limits >> going to be here next year. check us out >> something for every type of person >> even the smallest? it's a whole another world
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>> fading >> it's so hard to get badges. i'd like to see more dressing up >> others believe nothing could make this better. >> you get to be your favorite comic character. you get to see your favorite video games, and be around great people? netflix is unveiling a special screening and fox is unveiling ghosted. new action comedy. reporting from comic con >> can you imagine being a kid and going to comic con >> it's like halloween all over again. sounds like that's the place to go. the nationals try to bounce back from last night's loss in arson >> we take a look at the newest trend for teen, the drive-by dunk challenge. brody explains in sports. ins in sports.
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. something happened in the in this matters. the diamond back hit three straight homeruns with the first three batters, the most amazing they did this against max scherzer in a poor showing. the bryce harper looking over the field thinking if the roof were open, on a i'll bet i can hit one to sedoma. goes over the pool, two decks up into the party deck somewhere. harper hit this ball so hard, baseball's collection of cameras, collect homerun couldn't hit the distance on this homerun, it was too fast. just like that nats up
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not going to clear it does on a double. 75th rbi after 25th homerun two to one nationals, next batter ryan zimmerman. double up, nats win 4-3. it has been a crazy off season, a cavs guard, irving reportedly asked for a trade. the wizards have been focused on keeping the last year's playoff team in act. john wall will be in dc for a long time. the point guard agreed to a four-year $170 million extension. that will kick in in 2019. that pays a designated player a certain % of salary, he will be making over $40 million a year. he will be paid a total of
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million through 2023. herely how the salaries break down, $37.1 million the next two seasons, starting in 2019, that becomes an annual salary with annual batters of 37.8 million, 43.8 million and last year, $46.8 million. love it. get your money, man. as team usa makes their way, we seen young stars make their way. for the stretch run, the young centers give away to veterans to bring home another cup. real time here. quick off the opening quick. a win for usa puts them in the championship game, great passing one of those youngsters, jordan 14 seconds in. goes off the post. they missed a number of great chances this one is in the second half, nil, nil.


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