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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 24, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> hi, everybody, call it jared in the middle. president's son-in-law setting the record straight about the ties to trump campaign from russia. >> and as you can see on the rundown this is a hot story we're talking about tonight at 630 as usual you're invited to skoyn the conversation use the # 5@630. let get to. it. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won. >> president's son-in-law claimed neither here nor anyone else in the trump campaign he's aware of coluded with russia.
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russia but none were improper. tom fitzgerald brought this up irrelevantier today. it was interesting. this was the first time i think i heard jared kushner's voice. we always see him in video walking behind the scenes. this is the first time we see him out front like that. >> there was an event he was at and not speaking to anything that's has to do with campaign. it was strike at first to hear him. let's talk about the substance of what he said. tomsome is talking about this. this was not under oath but the whitehouse is trying to discredit the russia probe and this was the chance to follow that strategy. >> well you know new wanted to get attention and you wanted to get eye balls put a new face on this that is jared kushner. as shawn said he's a bit of a fix in the city. people know who he s people see him a lot. but nobody really quite as ever heard from him and they certainly have never heard from him like this today. and this was a remarkable reason. one of tophi
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officials today one of the highest who actually now has gone to house intelligence committee and answered questions about the russia investigation. it's kind ever a preamble to all of this early this morning before he ever left his house or came to capitol hill jared kushner and attorneys put out 11 page statement. it's not unusual to have statements come out before appearances. 11 pages is a lot. and what he did in that was really try to put a blanket of normalcy over a lot of these things that have been raising questions and things democrats are saying do not look norm at. case in point, that june 2016 meeting with the russian attorney in jared kushner's statement today he described it as "a wait of time" and said in fact it was so boring at one point he had to call one of his own assistance saying hey call me on my cellphone and get me out this thing becaus
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be here anymore. that's exactly what happened. about the meeting with the russian am bar door sure gay kissleeak before they took office in washington he was simply trying to figure out a way to speed up information about syria from russia to the now fired national security advisor michael flynn. in order to do that he asked the am bar door if there was some way russia does that through the embassy that could speed up that process. in all this he says is the reason they did all these things not the rumor and speculation in the white house's version as to what led up to ul the investigations. after all the questions and statement kushner himself had to afeel in the north lawn ever the whitehouse today and deliver a statement when we never heard him do before. >> let me be very clear, i did not colude with russia nor do i kno
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the campaign who did so. i have in improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. and i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won. >> so if you're wonder what jarrett kushner sounds like now you have your apps. his father in law the president of the united st states, though, may not have made things easier for him, tomorrow the reason this tweet aimed at democratic ranking number of house intelligence committee adam shift calling him himy because of his focus on the russia investigation. jim, shawn that will make for an interesting meeting tomorrow. the reason being kushner comes
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with the house intelligence committee. we would be you're curious to see how that he just called the ranking democrat sleazy. >>tists i'm curious you have heard any indication from the white house or anyone within administration how they think jared kushner's performance was today. did he go by the book. are they happy, upset? >> this was textbook from the white house standpoint shawn. what they did is they from their viewpoint you had images of jared kushner going up to the hill and remember this was closed doors and not under oath. we saw newspaper of this today. we may learn about it later but we saw none of it. so all of the supporting video of this shows a jared kushner doing what he says he wanted to do. which is be transpar
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remember these are questions behind closed doors and this was not under oath and then remarkably you know coming out and making that statement today after we're almost 7 months into the administration and as we've seed before, you don't see a lot of jarrett kushner on 5@60 because he simply does not go on camera ever. so you know this is kind of a bridge that we crossed here now. and maybe it has something to do with anthony sprmoci coming in and trying to put efforts on tapping some this down. this was left turn today. having jared kushner go out there is taken note of in the city and by all accounts of the whitehouse they think they did well for himself today. >> when you consider the power the president is ent entrusted son-in-law yet brady has peace and it's important to see and hear from him. th
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thank you, fitz. >> president trump made one last plea to senate republicans to get a healthcare bill on his desk. >> speaking of the whitehouse he pushed returns to do the writing thing arepeal the affordable care account. >> first rule of medicine is do no harm. obamacare's lies have caused this and throughout the whole country families like this nothing but pain. the democrats are not giving us one vote. so we need virtually every single vote from the republicans. not asy to do. our citizens want, need and really should be demanding some are demanding. you'll see that at the voter booth. >> republicans hold a 52-48 ma'amty they can lose two votes and get legislation passed. >> it will be interesting to see if it works out. >> she's live on capitol hill where healthcare
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like it's still going on down there. >> the die in was rained out. there is another protest across the street going on since sunday. some people came over here. >> shay lynn zwalis. >> tell me about the protest since sunday. >> we've been here surprised nights and we're camping out until the snats votes against the healthcare bill. we're file thing for our lives and medicade which funds so many of these people sitting here their services do they get help out of. >> do you think what he said speaks to what you want people to hear. >> yes. i am from philly and i depend on medicare and medicaid. >> i have -- i have cerebral pa
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so i cannot walk. so if i am not in power chair i'm home bound. >> and you had scong words earlier. >> this bill threat end -- not only will people die from it but we'll go back to dark ages of institutions you know? we need to affect diversity. we're not burdens, may the laws of inclusion come tumbling down. that happened over 8 years ago. this is rolling back 40, 50, years of progress and medicade is a lifeline. >> let's got a couple more voices in. cha bring you out here. >> why is it so important for you. >> i'm a lot of people
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receive just medicade services for everything. i get home care services through medicade and i get my doctors dental. medical and no, on the healthcare bill. it needs to be performed and allow us to be at the table and assist how we can help we're help like that. if you're just going to sit out her and tem us we'll be here all the team we'll grow numbers and keepen chaptering and all the work we're doing until something gets done. >> thank you so much i have won more person. you were in that protest. what's the and she want to be at the tape table. do you agree with a sentiment like that. >> i mean we all have to be at the table. for me i have breast
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and one me eight women get breast cancer in their life. and i think to have mind-set it won't affect you. all of washington d.c. should be here. it will affect ourselves and family and people in our book club and at work and we need to turn up and keep debating heat m care bill. >> we were told senator casey of philadelphia would bring protesters out tonight in a show of support since group has on and off taking shift and been there since sunday they plan to be here until something happens in the senate and of course, we'll continue to keep you posted. back to you, jim and shawn. >> ron ache thank you very much. we'll see this continue again tomorrow. mitch mc connell the president you heard puts pressure on there hoping you bring to retail vote tomorrow. >> we saw and ronica mentioned earlier it owe cured and then the rain came in and people out there resill yents and makin
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we'll see what happened tomorrow with the big vote. >> new tonight the the florida congress whammy washer it is reported fbi and capitol police are calling the situation. sorious, illegal, violations on i tvrt yet work. they have access to emails and files of two dozen you talk about a fall fromle, when dby wasserman schultz was rupping it she had to keep down. >> she did not get to gable everyone in. she got stephanie stahl to do it. >> thi
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we're ling paying attention to the weather 2 in. >> storms behind us? >> pretty much strong and jim. we had one roll through the district. the only chance of something else is along the actual cold front that bring us relief for tomorrow. that cold front moves through between 9 and 10 people and severe threat is minimal and we could see a shower or to. should be over by midnight. heat relief alives tomorrow and thunderstorms are likely friday. that's the only day it may be humid. 7 day forecast. real nice tomorrow, 85. sunny, partly cloudy wedn wednesday, 4. warmer thursday and friday with thunderstorms and weekend is looking very comfortable. highs in the mid0s. that's your 7 day forecast back to you. >> thank you, caitlin. >> are there calls for impeachment out there. this a new toll saying many are split.
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we'll be back after this.
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snv should the president be impeached he. >> voters are divided when sad that question. 42, 42 weather trump should be removed from office. 34% said they would be upset if congress impeaches president and the others would be upset if he would not one thing that gets roingt in transition we learn this in civics class just because you impeach somebody doesn't mean they're out of office this means going up for trying. we want to put that out there. there seems could be ton conflation about that.
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>> what do you make of this poll split down the middle here. >> yeah, it's right do you remember the middle. 42-42 question is what does that really mean. >> right. >> actually in u.s. we have not had a lot of experience with impeachment. even nixon was not impeached he resigned. where do we go for benchmarks we had two recently one in brazil last year and another in south korea. we polled on those processes impeachment processes and you really need to get up into the 70s before it's significant. so, 50/50 split or 42/4 2 split, 42% in favor is high. but it's not so high that it puts the presidency at peril. >> we have those numbers but congress in the hand of remember party it ain't going to happen. nonetheless people on the democratic side want to sea a vote on something at some
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do you think that may backfire. does that tend to backfire against the democratic side? >> no, i don't think so necessarily. numbers are reflecting where people stand. you have the population split 50/50 in favor against trump at this point. i think that's what these numbers really say and i absolutely agree with what you're saying. it's not about polls and impeachment our experience around the world you need to have support with public opinion and what we're saying 60 or 0 prosecutes you need political will that is you know congress has to be in favor of it and have to have material facts. you have to have something concrete. those three conditions to have possibility real possibility for impeachment. >> same survey said 44% approval of the job he's doing and 65%. when you talk about impeachment and split down the middle and so many disov
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where he going where does that show where we are as a cou country. >> more people than not are not liking his job necessarily and not in favor of pubing him outright. i think the most important thing to look at are approval rates and what do we know. we know the following. i call it 40 point tipping point at 40% of sitting president has 50/50 odds of whiming next election then you go below that and he has less than 50/50 odds. frump hovered around 40%. averages 38, 39, that's not a good place but not death no for him. >> that's interesting to k know. we'll keep talking to you as the numbers continue to ch change. >> yep. >> go up and down over the next couple years. cliff young it's great to you have on the show. >> great to be on thank you so much. >> coming face to face with the box. and lucky students when we come back.
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>> well wishes going out to this many little over a week after nor going surprisingry to get a blood out out from under his eye and then being dying notesed with brain cancer. he pokted this at zebra falls where he is recovering now. >> meantime senator mccain's daughter posted a picture enjoying morning hike with her dad over the weekend. mr. mc cape says he's look ago head to next steps in treating brain tumor which could include radiation and chemotherapy. >> nice to see them outside. >> what ai time to be intern at the white house. posing for a photo today with a group of interns today. president said they did a quote phenomenal job. >> the girl standing them. to him is a photo of him pink
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lint. >> got to be in a picture. >> this is the moment they all froze. >> yeah, there you have it joke ago around it's a big honor for a lot of these students out there. >> absolutely. >> well souvenir stands across moscow selling dolls depicting president trump and predecessors called russian nestig dolls they're souvenir of tourist. the most popular feet fewer vladimir putin and president trump. there's previous presidents going back to george h.w. bush. >> if i could remember the name of it but i can't off the top manufacture i head. >> it is interesting. >> whoever commissioned those. >> on the way a war hero family reunited with a medal missing for decades. that story when we come back.
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>> lost medals returned to family nearly a decade after it went missing. >> the story sound right out of a movie. i can assure you it's real life. >> purple heart reunited with a new york family an road it get there was a long one. about a decade ago joseph r ridlynn found it in new york and the name was b.j. m macknamera. >> there's no database with a list of purple heart recipients and to top it off thousands of macknamera served in world war two and dozens of b.j. macknumeras served. >> and the office was tasked with locating the owner. sunday they presented the purple heart to four generations of staff sergeant macknamera. he was a
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for 4 72 days. daughter katherine says the last time they saw the puple heart in 1962. >> she got them dressed up and pinned medals on them and said go out and play soldier. that is the late time i ever saw the medals. >>. >> my dad was a quiet, humble man. and having these medals given back us to is great. staff sergeant infantry man lost and reissued to the family. >> back in our home i
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amazing the sacrifices he made. >> absolutely. >> thank you guys for joining us tonight. it's 6:0. join us tonight at 8 p.m. on "fox5plus". >> we'll see you at 10.
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>> i was at comic-con saturday night and it was lit. >> nerd lit. >> what do you mean nerd lit? >> nerd lit is a different kind of lit. [laughter] p>> beyonce and jay-z, they're close to purchasing a house in bel air. there are some neighbors who are pretty jazzed they're moving to the neighborhood. >> maybe become friends with them. >> do you think they'll knock on the door and ask for milk and eggs and beyonce will say, yeah, sure, come on in, sweetie. >> you just started the beginning of an unbelievable fantasy though. [laughter] >> russell wilson and ciara, they're out in china vacationing with the two kids and ciara


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