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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 28, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪. friday where the stories. >> this would be it. on steroids. >> i guess so. busy day in the world of politics >> we started with north korea launching another long range missile and the reaction over latest failed attempt to repeal the affordable care act >> plus another chapter at the white house, reince priebus is out of a job. what we're talking about tonight. at 6:30. homeland security secretary john kelly is the new white house chief of staff. the president then thanked the now former chief of staff. reince priebus saying i would like to thank reince for this service and dedication, we
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of him >> it follows speculation that priebus could be ousted a short time ago the president commented at joint base andrews in maryland. there's a video of ♪ ♪. >> that is not the president but -- i can tell you -- i can tell you he called reince priebus a good man, thank you very much and invited him to get down with the uptown funk >> the big question is what happens next. i'm talking about generally in politics, what's going to happen now >> joining us is mike lane and david brown, two friends of 5at630. good evening, let's talk about first of all the replacement, he announced he's replacing reince priebus with john kelly and the night he was nominated, mike lane, you were our guest and you've known him in the past >> in the late 70's. when i was
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marine corp and then lieutenant john kelly was in my basic class in quantico. we spent six months together, six hard, bonding months, he's a great man. everybody in our platoon or our company knew he was going to graduate number one and going to become a ranked officer >> when i was nominated, there was a lot of talk about him. but seemed a lot of support on capitol hill during the hearings. how will he transition from that role into a chief of staff position >> easily. john kelly is very well liked. he's obviously been the star of the administration when it comes to the cabinet. the operation of the homeland security has been fabulous. they've got border crossing attempts down by about 78%, starting to build the wall. john kelly was the outstanding star. i think the transition is going to be seam less to chief of staff. he's got the background for it. he spent a couple years as the marine corp less layoff liaison on capitol hill.
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colonel. and he was the military aid to two defense secretaries during the obama administration, so i think he's exceptionally positioned >> i'd love to hear your thoughts. on the other side of the aisle, guess, go constitutes aisle kind of mentality that people like among both sides? >> sure. i think it's interesting that the a will have the four star general to serve in the role of the white house to the staff was alexander hague under president nixon son, i'm not going to draw parallels >> secretary kelly, general kelly is respected. if we're looking at this from bipartisan perspective, there's hope that a grown-up is finally in the room. it's interesting to look at how master has been able to fulfill his role and not immune to the infighting in the white house. is for general kelly now white house chief of staff kelly
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to institute policies and procedures to allow him to gain order in what is an incredibly white house >> as evidenced the past couple days. what do you think we're going to go see? a different direction? approach? with kelly in that role, do you think he's going to steer him in a different direction? do you think the president is more likely to listen to him versus who was in that place before? >> john kelly is a serious social leader. by that, i mean, he's mission focused. there's nothing john kelly likes more than a challenging mission, i think we can declare the reality show in the white house is over. and we're going to start seeing a very serious organized white house staff all asking themselves the question on a daily basis, how does what i do today advance the cause of the >> real quick. >> that the wishful think as long as you have scaramucci i think is his name, communications director, everyone saw the new yorker interview tomorrow. let that speak for itself
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twitter away from him. until you do that you're not going to have a grown-up white house >> let's talk about healthcare. seemed to be a lot of, they're had a lot of speculation what would happen. where do they go from here? will there be this bipartisan push that chuck schumer called for or business as usual? >> one senator deserve a tremendous congratulationss from everyone concerned about losing their healthcare, 20 million american have their healthcare and recommend them for leadership and courage and i'm glad john mccain. that said you have a critical path and a tough path because the challenge is, in order to stay within reconciliation and 51 votes in the senate. they couldn't even do that, how will you get to 60? if they start doing what house republicans conservatives in the house want them to do, in order to pass the house, you're going to be facing a 60 vote in the senate and that's just not possible >> chuck schumer was being incredibly disingenuous when he said we want to
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and we want to put this together, bipartisan is the way to go. it's not going to happen. there may be futile attempts, you may see a headline or a two, ultimately, it will be a fairly acceptable thing, obamacare will implode within a year from now, and everybody will have to get on board and come up with something >> we will continue to follow all of this as we do, mike lane, david brown, thanks for coming in. we're going to talk a little bit more about things that transpired throughout the week. specifically surrounding the president's communication team. >> bottom line is most of us here at the white house are focused on who has the job in america, not who has a job here, that's what we're trying to put forward on the president's agenda, we're focused on the agenda moving forward, and sometimes people on the staff get passionate about that. hopefully though, they will reel some language in, again, i'm focused. i know the president is focused and his team is on pushing his
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>> we have sarah westwood, white house correspond with the washington examiner, he's been with the president all day. busy day and she joins us by phone. thanks so much, do we have you there? >> yes, thanks for having me >> you've been traveling all day, it's been interesting, what is your -- let's first get your response on everything that's transpired with the letting go of reince priebus. now we have john kelly stepping into that position. give us a feel for what it's been like traveling around with the president. was this kind of a rumbling this was happening. >> we had absolutely no idea that this was coming when we landed in joint base andrews about two hours ago now. the president was a little slow to get off the plane, we were waiting in the rain and couldn't really understand why, and suddenly we looked on twitter and realized, he was sitting inside of air force one tweeting about this monumental that he evidently, engineered while
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was in flight. reince priebus was on the airplane sitting up front with the president and by all appearances nothing appeared to be amiss. >> what we're hearing is at least on our end from fox news, they're saying priebus may have submitted a resignation last night. this may have been the last harah, regardless. i don't think anybody saw this reince priebus arrangement being anything more than long-term after anthony scaramucci came on board, there's a lot of people saying this is chaos and you try to go around that but no other way to paint it seems right now. >> i think this was a really tumultuous period for the white house, people have been speculating that reince priebus was on the bubble since the first few week of the administration, there has always been a contingent of trump loyaltyists except tall of him because of his ties to the rnc which they say saw reluctant to support president trump.
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there's always been this sort of his whisper campaign. people have been telling us for awhile priebus struggled to consolidate power and the west ring was filled with rival centers, you had bannon, kushner, ivanka trump, now you had scaramucci coming in. and it was just a lot of cooks in the kitchen and reince priebus never seemed to click with the president's leadership style, so john kelly is someone that might be able to sort of has no's down on this chaos, maybe provide a little more direction >> you always hate to say whose had that next, when they announce the reince priebus appointment, that was the same day that was announced steve bannon was joining the administration, two total different schools of approaching government. is steve bannon, do you see any change in his status coming up or is this just one cog in the wheel >> we haven't heard anything about steve bannon
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vulnerable in any way. we know reince priebus and steve bannon were close, they started out with something of a rocky relationship. but formed what folks have described as an alliance of convenience, amid all of this infighting, they really grown accustomed,s but steve bannon performed different functions for the president and he has been succeeding which is to keep the president to his campaign promises to provide the 30,000 foot policy direction, reince priebus was supposed to be the go between between the white house and capitol hill. he was supposed to leverage these relationships he had from the parties to get things done like healthcare and the failures on started to rack up. they're not funding for the border wall, healthcare is obviously on the rocks right
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there are a lot of nominations still sitting in the senate not getting confirmed. i think that after awhile, there were questions about how effective reince priebus was in that role >> and how effective mr. kelly will be in this role as well. sarah westwood white house correspond with the washington examiner. thank you for talking with us. let's take a break to break down what's going on in mother nature's crazy world, torrential maryland and virginia dc, - >> gwen standing by with a look at what we can expect tonight and this weekend. >> we'll not get much of a break until the early hours of sunday at least. so let's take a look where we stand right now, because some dangerous situations out there with all this rising water. as heavy rain fall continues to hit our area, take a look at this widespread rain across the midatlantic. a lot of cloud to ground lightening to the south, thunderstorms that are causing heavier areas of rainfall, some moving its way towardsin
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george's and maryland as well as into delmarva. of we still do have an aerial flood warning, right to midnight, the alexandria, the district, prince george's and montgomery county as well. turn around don't drown as we say, this is dangerous. already, we've had anywhere from one to three inches in some neighborhoods and we're looking at at least anywhere from one to four inches locally in some areas of additional rainfall. six inches of fast moving flood water can knock over an adult. it takes 12 to carry away a small car and up to two feet for any size vehicle. that's danger, here's a look at your seven-day forecast. stay safe, we'll be drier by sunday. back to you. this will be the weekend for it. america including ms 13. >> are his efforts enough? local agencies who deal with gang activity every day, next we'll talk with one fairfax county law enforcement leader for his take
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president trump back in washington after spending a long time or some time in long island earlier today. sorry about that. got words mixed up. tackling the issue of gang violence. >> maryland and virginia deal with crime related to ms 13 and today, the president vowed to a crack down on the group >> we're going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities. and we're going to destroy the vial criminal cartel ms 13 and many other gangs. but ms 13 is particularly vio violent. >> how do local law enforcement agencies feel about the efforts going on right now >> joining us second lieutenant jonathan weeks is the commander of the northern virginia region gang task force. thanks so much for coming in and talking with us about this. give us
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president is talking about with ms 13 and what he wants to do moving forward? we know that there's a big presence in northern virginia. >> i believe what the president is saying to be true, like i think ms 13 poses a series safety risk for public safety and our country. and also in the northern virginia and dc region as well. >> for people who may not be familiar with what we been seeing, we followed this quite a bit in our positions here, you see it as well. i mean, what signaled the rise of ms 13 activity in northern virginia? >> well, we, since this past october, we've had eight related homicides committed by ms 13. and that has been 166% increase since last october's time frame. >> what are you think is the reasoning behind it? why do you think we're seeing the continuous rise in those numbers?
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numbers? >> i think it's one of those things that comes in spells and right now, we're getting kind of overwhelmed. ms 13 is just they're everywhere, we're doing our best to combat it the best way we can and we made a lot of great strides doing that. of it's something we got to continue to do local, state and federal working together to accomplish that. >> tell us a little bit about the gang task force, who comprises it, multi-jurisdictional type of setup >> it consists of 13 jurisdictions in northern virginia. all the way from prince william's county all the way to the town of leesburg? what do you think would be the thing that would help the task force fighting this issue? is there anything that you think the task force could use more of? i know people talk about we could use more funding. is there something, the public's help? what do you think it is that would help you put a dent in this issue >> i think the public's help will be great. i think a lot of times the public is
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issues that we have to face dealing with ms 13 or other gangs in our region. basically, if you see suspicious activity or you see somebody that you think is a gang member, please call your police department and let us know about it so we can do our job >> second lieutenant jonathan weeks, commander of northern virginia gang task force. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it >> heading overseas, north korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile >> flew 600 miles before landing in japan meanwhile defense officials say it posed no threat to the states, it's the latest chapter in growing tensions between the u.s. and north korea >> joining us to talk about the latest out of north korea michael massa with the american enter price institute seems like this is becoming, we wake up and we see north korea is doing some sort of provocative activity. does it make it any different or
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is this a another day in pyongyang? >> they have a serious program to design a missile that can hit the united states and a serious program to design a nuclear weapon to put on there. today they tested a missile which could potentially reach chicago, can they strike the tomorrow? no, they're not there yet but they've demonstrated something which should have all americans concerned. >> and that striking when you say something that could have the potential to reach chicago. i think a lot of people perhaps on the east coast think that it's something that it's way far off in the future. that they would be able to that. would you say that they have really been able to ramp up production and move this along seeing the possibility of a nuclear, a reliable nuclear cable missile hitting the u.s. within the year or so? >> it certainly somethin we have to be worried about. we're now saying, the defense department i believe is saying 2018 is what the
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for that development to ker. we don't know just how reliable these missiles are. do they have effective guidance systems? can they safely enter the atmosphere? probably not but they continue to surprise us with the advances they're making and so to under estimate them at this point is a strategic error >> has the united states approached north korea in the appropriate way over the last couple years? >> no. look, we now have two decades of what's been a bipartisan failure to reign in this program. the trump administration talk add much tougher game than the obama administration. it's made good moves in trying to increase sanctions against north korea and in trying to work with the chinese, but again, we've been trying to work with the chinese on this many, many years. and their interests don't align with us. they don't want to help us.
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taking. that we're not taking that this administration and past administrations haven't taken in order to move things to a potentially successful conclusion. >> quickly. do you think with this new incoming chief of staff with quite the military background, do you think that could possibly change and more focus could go in that direction and taking north korea seriously >> look. you know, i think that the administration, again, like past administrations has not accepted what i think is the case. which is that north korea has no interest in negotiating away its nuclear weapons, they're simply not going to do that. if you accept that premise, that means that the only option here, the only two options are containment whack we do with the soviet union or to push for a regime change, there are steps we can take to put pressure on the regime to push things towards a positive change
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tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> fox 5 at 6:30 will be right back. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite.
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a little boy who's legal battle captured the attention of the world passed away >> charlie gard died earlier days before his first birthday, his parents were in a heated dispute with british hospitals about bringing him to the u.s. for experimental treatment. on monday, tests had revealed he had demonstrated and was less likely to benefit. the parents decided to take him off life support >> one day after being dubbed as the richist man in the world fell from the number one spot. >> who takes the crown now? we'll be right back.
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. yesterday, ceo jeff bay so he's was the world richest man. but today that was a thing of the past >> the company missed second quarter profits and that caused his pockets to drop from 91 billion do 88 and a half billion which means bill gates is back on top, but for a brief shining moment, who would have guessed that bill gates would no longer be in that top spot? it would be the guy who thought it would be a good idea to sell books online and it worked out >> and he can still bounce back. >> i think he'll be just fine, obviously, jeff bay sew's with a lot of different venture as you waiting for the tweet from the post, >> amazon seeming to take over the world. >> whole foods everything. >> that does it for us on the
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5at630. of course, we have more news coming up 8:00 p.m. >> and tonight at 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00 and on the final five at 11:30, we'll try to break do you believe this crazy day in washington, dc.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> finally, r kelly speaks up, defends himself on camera, but he needs a lighting director. >> despite all of the crap you haven been hearing, i will be coming to the east to do my show. >> he's in a dark hallway/dungeon. >> why the dark lighting. >> he wanted it to look like a deposition. >> that's not sexy. >> it's not sexy, he's trying to deny he's keeping girls in his home! geez! >> tobey maguire and leonardo dicaprio over in saint-tropez on a yacht together. >> if you're a girl with tobey, you're a little disappointed. >> that's second place. >> distant second. >> you're underselling tobey maguire here. you're saying there are women who got on that yacht and went to hang with tobey and not leo. >> i never said that. [laughter] i never said that.


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