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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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campus. >> all right. we have michael thomas and erin como keeping an eye on our weather and traffic. and we want to get the headlines from both of you. >> keep it safe out there this morning. beautiful sunshine today once the sun comes up after 7:00. starting off cool and we end warm this afternoon. hey, erin. >> crash baltimore washington before the beltway. extra caution through school zones today. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. >> two days after horrific mass shooting in las vegas learning chilling new details aft tack and how carefully he planned it out. >> more details my come to light as they question the shooter's girlfriend who arrived in the united states overnight. melanie alnwick live at fbi headquarters this morning with more on new developments, mel? >> good morning, guys, fbi september dozens of tooingts loss vehicle toos assist with the investigation and really main focus today the headliner will be trying to gets
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that the clark county sheriff is now calling a person of interest. philippino officials say 62-year-old marylou danly arrived there september 25 on a flight from hong kong. fbi agents met her plane in los angeles as she returned to the u.s. for more questioning. monday morning clark county sheriff said she was located out of kupty and not involve. now they have many questions to her including why stephen paddock wired 100,000 to the philippines in days before the shooting his brother eric says that was not unusual for stephen. >> steve transferred $10 $100,000, that is not that much money, a, i'm sorry if that hurts people it's not that uj amount of money he gambled that much through a machine in hours. >> now this is body cam video taken bef
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where the gunfire was coming frx the shooting spanned between 9 and 11 minutes and learning paddock had cameras rigged outside and inside his hotel room so he could see law enforcement approach. video reported through the broken door of room shows assaults style rifle on by pod and bump stocks on twelve of 23 guns found in hotel room that turned them into rapid fire weapons. as fbi investigators continue the grim task of documenting evident in the festival field, financial investigators are looking into a dozen financial transaction reports filed at the casinos over the past several weekends showing paddock gambled more than $ $10,000 a day. and we also learned that 26 more guns were found inside paddock's other two homes which brings total to 49 guns in his possession. the clark county sheriff did say that he is confident we'll eventually find out what s
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live at the fbi headquarters, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:32 is the time. heart wrenching storey of the victims killed in the mass shooting as they continue to pour n one from martinsburg west virginia denise berdidas was at the music festival when the gunfire started it was not until the second burst of bullets who was green bar a realized they were in direct line of fire. >> on the way out denise was struck. she was immediately unconscious and i stayed with her there. she her wound were pretty bad and another gentleman stopped and we moved her back and then finally got the ability to move her outside the fence. we loaded her up in someone's pickup truck out there and started on way to the hospital. >> now, denise was mother of two and in february he would have been a grandmother for the fifth time and another local victim we want to talk about is tina frost who
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roughly ten years ago shot in the right eye and remains next cu in a medically induced coma. the family flew to las vegas to be by her side. >> 4:34 the time now on tuesday president trump vi visited puerto rico. the president bhet locals, surveyed damage and spoke with local government leaders including mayor of san juan who was critical how they were handling relief efforts on the island and the president handed out to supplies gathered at a church. president praised federal assistance in the territories so far and he also took a swipe at the cost of the storm response. >> no, i, i hate to tell you puerto rico but you're throwing our budget a little out of wack because we sent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine so if you look at the -- every death is a horror. but if you look at a real cat as trophy like katrina and look
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hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally over bearing nobody has ever seen anything like this -- >> that death toll increased to 34. 95% of island without power. puerto rico governor believes they sustained 90 billion in damage. 4:35 d.c. police arrested a man that refused to pay bus fare and threatened to kill a bus driver that happened x 2 line in northeast d.c., devon abny refused to pay pear and pulled a knife on the driver and said he would kill him next time he has seen him. he has been a problem before and there's been a string of other recent incidents on metro buses. recently someone through urine on a bus driver and another was splashed with juice. metro union leaders say it's time all assaults on drivers become felonies. >> silver alert in beth
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police are looking for this missing 92-year-old man. his name is william beteo white male, 6' 2", 140 pounds, 6:45 he was found drive ago way from no bulls run parkway area. he was in gray, 2013 nissan cube. family members say he suffer from memory loss and may be disoriented. >> mean while in d.c. police need help to find a teenager missing more than a week. 14-year-old manea griffin last seen september 2 in 1200 block of moore street northeast and just reported missing yesterday. griffin is about 5' 1" weigh 2001 20 pounds if you have information on her whereabouts call d.c. police. >> 4:36 happening today accused sex offender in court in charles country 9:30. bell is a former cool made charles koumentsy accused of sexually abusing 24 boys and tested positive for hiv. former school aid is facing 119 charges including filming
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marijuana and child sex abuse and knowingly transmitting hiv. if con vingtd bell faces live new prison. time now is 4:37. new this morning a d.c. city council member is offering to help illegal immigrants recently arrested during ice raids. those raids ud targeted undocumented people in several cities deemed sanctuary cities including d.c. where 14 were arrested at large council member called raids assault on our you community and urged any imgrants arrested or anyone who knows them to contact his office for legal help. he will be talking about this on "fox5 news morning" at 8 a.m. >> and meanwhile new aimths of washington redskins quarterback kirk cousin new addition the team posted this picture of 29-year-old dad and new son cooper on twitter with # family goals. cousins and julie welcomed the 9 pos pounds 6 ounts baby boy. he called the birth the best experience of his life
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>> he does like sfwlat little throw back we all like that. >> 4:37, mook mike cool start and things will warm-up. >> warming up this afternoon near 80. this is start of warming tr trend. we'll be getting warmer and each and ever day as we head into the weekend. summertime feel heading back thursday and friday. stinl joyable fall like day. satellite and radar showing clear skies out there and temperatures starting off cool. jacket weather. 59 reagan and dulles 51 and bwi 51 schooler than yesterday or warmer than yesterday was and that will be the case as we head through the next several days as well. 6p, 11:00, into the 70s to near 80 we go with lots of sunshine today. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. >> 4:38 breaking news out of green belt we've been telling you about. baltimore washington parkway all southbound lanes blocked with a crash sxwreen the belt we way. you can exit 193 take that to the beltway and i suggest avoiding bw parkway
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95 southbound straight down that saves you time. otherwise like i mentioned all lanes blocked before the beltway. erinfoxdc on twitter we'll look at construction and the rest of your can commute as you continue. >> coming up if you ever had a gentleman hoo account you're victim of hackers. never had one. >> that's all i have. >> oh, geesh. >> and nba executives changing way league all star game will be played. >> and i still won't watch it. >> a live look across the region 4:39, 59 is the temp. back in a
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians.
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i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. >> time now 4:41 back is hot on the web and these are the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> hol shol standing by with what is trending. >> we're hearing about tig tightened security measures on vegas strip in the wake of deadly shooting. win hotel a
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detectors at hotel ept rass and security guards can be seen standing with hand held want and weather hotels should be fitted with airport style security. >> next up intelligence communities conclusion that russia tried to sway presidential election will be backed by senate. senate intelligence leaders expected to endorse reports today. they're endorsement will few states with weary of similar threats this upcoming schbility surrounding probe most members of president trump national security team endorsed finds and president himself has yet to say he believes them. >> and next up, nearly half of all cancer diagnoses are linked to obesity. a new report finds in 2014, 40% of all cancers were for one of the 13 types associated with obesity. top 42% of coon certifies were specific took women. women's fat exposes them toes row again putting them at greater risk
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>> next up largest data fwleech history tripled, yahoo said every one of three billion user accounts were affected by hackers in 2013 including those that registered for yahoo services like flicker or emergency sports. they believed one billion were affected. they claim to be taking action to protect the accounts. the tech company was acquired by verizon for $4 billion back in june. >> finally east versus west rivalry over when it comes to nba all star game. new for smat two players that get the most fan votes from each conference will be team cap taps and then playground style and pick the player they want for their team. critics say the change was away to get more of league's best players in the game since most best players are in the western conference. >> don't care. >> i was going to say my care factor on is that the zero. >> l m
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start. i don't care about any all star game in any sport. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> it's filler. >> thank you. >> 4:43 is the time coming up on "fox 5 news morning" police need your help finding two missing them our region. >> and local law enforcement finding news ways to secure sports arenas in our region. >> headed to break now aa live look across the d.c. region. is that a full moon. >> it was waning gibbins m moon. >> it might be a full moon. >> a hair shy. take a look there's a beautiful full moonish. time 4:44. 59 degrees. back after this thanks for watching.
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time now is 4:47 here's a look at stories we're fol for you today, wednesday, october 4, new details in wake of mass shooting in las vegas steve paddock put cameras outside his hotel room do see people coming up the hallway and attached device as louing rifles to fire up to 400 rounds a minute. paddock's girlfriend is in custody as person of interest. >> a missing 92-year-old man. his name william bateli while white male, 6' 2", 1 45 pounds last seen drive ago way from his home in bulls run parkway
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gray 2013 nissan cube. he suffers sfwr memory loss and may be disoriented. >> d.c. police need your help finding this teenager missing more than a week. 14-year-old mania griffin was last seen september 22, 1200 block moore street northeast just reported missing yesterday. grif ib is 5' 1" and weighs 125 pounds if you have information on her whereabouts call d.c. police. >> david grasso is offering to help illegal imgrants arrested during ice raids targeting undocumented people in cities deemed sanctuary cities where 14 were arrested he will be joining us this morning to talk about legal assistance on "fox news morning" at 8 p.m. >> good morning to you. today is wednesday, october 4, airport erin watching roads and michael thomas talking about it, good morning. >> happy wednesday we made it through the week and have not had a drop of rain in three we
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all. none coming our way today. lots of sunshine again. sunny streak continues into the afternoon. warmer today temperatures near 0. maybe tomorrow as you can see ob fought fewer cast few more clouds norm not dpekted to bring rain. quick tropical update one area in the southern caribbean high risk of development here over the next few days and potentially gulf of mexico needs to look out here in southern portions of united states and looking-out into the weekend as we deal with what would be nate if it's able to develop. two day forecast locally. sun today, up to 79. guess what warming back up. summertime feel back tomorrow with highs in the middle 80s. let's check the forecast erin is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> 4:49 breaking news we're tracking in green belt crash blocking all lanes bw parkway southbound side before the beltway. you can exit 13 and take the beltway and keep it to 95 southbound to get around that. we'll keep you updated we had a bigger delay earlier and we'll check on crash st
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right now construction causing big delays 270 already. take a look at red zone takes us 30 minutes to cigarette 0 to 121 and this camera 129 backed up and aside from that looking good exempt for construction on the spur on southbound side of 270 things in virginia and district qu quiet, questions, erinfoxdc on twitter, back to you guys. >> new questions raced about security of venues in the state of maryland and maryland stadium authorities announce today is reviewing camden yards and m&t bank following deadly shooting at a music festival in las vegas and the style of attack on those concert goers prompted the new security questions. >> and new debates sparked in prince george county maryland this morning after stated occasions officials launch aid grade tampering probe without informing district staff or teachers. school system leaders set up a hot line for employees and others to report grade ta tampering in september. several employees said they never said any information
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order to report grade fraud this comes as county is under investigation for alleged fraud in graduation sglaits coming up in "fox news morning" a local morning effort statue removed from judiciary square. >> and a number of local children received a once and a lifetime gift. >> going to break, live look outside, 4:51, 59 is temp. back in a moment. oment. hmm i can't believe how great this tastes! i can't believe it comes in... vegaaaan. and organiiiic. try i can't believe it's not butter! in two new ways. it's vegan! and it's organic!
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>> it's 4:53 now former equifax ceo richard smith testified yesterday and pollizeed for sign area tack that happened it equifax saying it result of human error and technology errors. they want to know more about how the top executives sold shares in their company. >> the first dmrop
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long delayed medical cannabis program is mature and ait w whating testing nobu word when patient will be able to dry it. forward grow the anne arrundel company that is first in the state to get a growing license and sends products to the lab last month and waiting for results. individual officials caution when it's ready for sale there will not be nearly enough to meet market demand. >> classroom move confederate statue in d.c. will be discussed in congress. eleanor holmes norriton is introducing legislation to have statue of albert pike removed from the square he is a free mason not a confederate of general. >> washington nationals mascot screech and team of officials surprised a group of third grade students yesterday at amadogden bowen elementary school southwest. they handed out tickets to friday's
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chicago cubs and the nats gave the kids hats and tee shirts. >> hopefully they will do that several more times throughout the month of ongt. >> get the job done this y year. too many years of dispoint: happy hockey season. hockey season starts today as well. caps game tomorrow. >> consecutive dry days. we've done a bunch. 20. on the veshling of top ten streak in d.c.. record is 34. ten years ago in 2007 september into october that year we had had a dry stretch of weather this is typically driest time of year. fall folliage seeing colors and mountains north and west and seeing more. and typically around say late october here locally here in d.c. when we tend to peak. mid october kind of for those north and west in early november south and east. bus stop forecast, 34 to 58 and bright start once the sun comes up. 76 to 8 in
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suburbs especially southwest suburbs 80s back today. 9 in the district. thursday, friday, saturday, nats in town. friday and saturday for the playoffs. looks like a warm lay playoff atmosphere with temperatures expected to be in 80s. best chance of rain will not be until next week. let's check the forecast. erin como is back with tra traffic. hey, erin. >> 4:56 biggest issue n roads coming from frederick, marijuana. 270 southbound by 109 at a crawl. 34 minute trip 70 to 121 active construction zone by 121 causeing a backup. early start frederick to clarks fwhuring morning. now as we take a look at outer loop we also have a red zone because of construction. outer loop after old georgetown road between there and 270 spuvrment you need ten extra minutes as well. as we take a look on bw parkway acrash blocking all lanes in green belt has cleared to shoulder is. all that delay eased as you
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parkway southbound. as you make your way fredericksburg 95 northbound all green all again tire stretch 95 through dale city lot of congestion not enough to slow us down. any questions erinfoxdc on twitter back to you guys. >> coming up on "fox news morning" france passes new strict anti terrorism laws in the wake of several won't attacks. >> we'll bring you first look at newest member of the curd cousins fan club. >> a live look across the d.c. region, 4:57, 59 degrees. back
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sgrvr today on "fox news morning" las vegas shooting massacre investigators rehe'll vealing new clues and person of interest in mass shooting in history. >> couldn't versusy of health. offering to help illegal imgrant rounded up in ice raids regardless of criminal background. >> live look outside, cool. summer in october continues today. we're expecting day full of sunny skies and tems in the low 80s. >> sounds good to me. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us. >> today is wednesday, october 4, heads up to drivers this morning to be extra careful near schools. international walk to school day. >> schools across our region are raising awareness for pedestrian and bike safety by holding walking pares


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