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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  October 4, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at 7. >> investigation over las vegas shooting intensifies the gunman's girlfriend back in the united states and met by fbi and new perspective of sunday massacre [ gun shots ]. >> for the first time we're seeing video camera footage from the officers that ran towards the scene and we also have a look inside the gu gunman's hotel room and all this as the president heads to las vegas today to meet with victims and first responders. >> also ahead the debates over sanctuary cities d.c. council member offering help to illegal imgrant recently arrested during ice raids we'll chat with him. >> if you just are waking up beautiful start to the day despite the news. wednesday morning, october 4. >> and let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. toue
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tongueer and aaron standing by. >> temps 50s in city and 40s outside the beltway and it will be another georgous afternoon highs 80 with sunshine details coming up. >> beautiful forecast but unfortunately not beautiful roads. delays in dale city from earlier crash and also slow down in maryland and residual delays on metro latest next allison and steve. >> new devrm from over nights on the investigation into that horrific mass shooting in las vegas hours ago the gunman's girlfriend arrives from the fill means good after release offing body cam video after stephen paddock open fire on the music festival before t turning the gun on himself. >> more with the latest developments, mel. >> fbi are sending dozens of folks down there
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all aspects of investigation and at the top of the list it's it's trying to gets more information from 62-year-old mary danly now called a pen of interest. they want to know more about her and stephen paddock and his activities leading up to shooting. philippino officials say that danley arrived in that country back on september 25 on flight from hong kong. her sister says she didn't know she was going out of t town. patd of course said hey i see a cheap flight got phili philippines. fbi agents met her flight los angeles as she returned tous for more questioning and monday morning clark county sheriff said danley was located outside of kupty and not involved and now they have many questions for her including why stephen paddock wired 100,000 to fill feign peens in days before shooting. body camera video on officers
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where the gunfire was coming from. we're told the shooting spanned between 9 and 11 minutes as officers tried to figure out exactly where they needed to go. we're also learning that paddock had cameras rigged outside and inside his hotel troom see law enforcement approaching. right here this is video recorded through broken door it shows assault style riffle on bi pod and bump stocks of 12 of 23 gunsed in the hotel room that turned them into rapid fire weapons. his brother up stliingts were no signs of distress. >> this is what serve so scared you about right now. when steve can do this we're me deep [bleep] because there's just. >> fbi investigatorson
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the grim task of domenting evidence in the festival field financial investigators are looking into a dozen financial transactions over the last several weeks showing paddock game blingdled more than $10,000 a day and they found 6 more groups in his two homes one in texas and one in nevada live outside fbi headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> we're hearing more heart wrenching stories lost in this range tragedy. one was from martinsburg west virginia denise was with her husband. tony, who happens to be a retired grown bar a realized they were in direct line of gunfire. >> on the way out denise was struck and lead immediately was
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with her. there she -- her wound were pretty bad and we -- another gentleman stopped and we moved her back. and then finally gottability to move her outside of the fence. we loaded her up in someone's pickup truck out there and started on way to hospital. >> denise was mother of two and in february she would have been a grandmother for fifth time. >> and another local victim. tina frost graduated from arundel high roughly was so the in the eye her family flew to las vegas to be by her s side. >> new this morning at large city council member david gross so. >> bob barnard live outside the wilson building with details. bob. >> st
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were arrested in city as cross the country, baltimore, philly, new york, denver, it was called operation safe city foyer days last week. ice targeting illegal immigrants in cities that are designated as sanctuary cities including d.c.. you can see the video. 14 arrested in the district. d.c. council men calling it assault on our communities and he wants the families of grasso said sanctuary status does not increase crime as ice says and these raids will increase the mistrust he fears and lead toe less cooperation of communitys with. >> starting ot ice headquarters in oum
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drption to march here to wilson building atth this ach and again, this is very couldn't verseial issue. ice says it wants access to james to speak to people who may be illegal imgrant. of the 500 people arrested in raids last yeek more than 30 0 had prior convictions and more than 100 deported before and were back in u.s. guys i will mention council member asso will be on the air in the next hour. >> we look forward to that. >> 7:07 now good morning tucker. >> beautiful day to look forward to. up near 80. warmer than yesterday. but we're keeping streeng going. i mean approaching three weeks without rain. maybe we need rain. >> yeah maybe we need a little. >> typically this is dry time of year. it's starting to get a little lengthy here. >> ar
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to kind of late summertime feel around here later this afternoon and in the mid 80s for end of week. plenty of sunshine expected each day. 57 washington. dulles, bwi marshall in the 40s and let's me mention much area in the 40s. you might want to see if you can take the dog off to the walk and? that shows you near 80 this afternoon. nice, should be a great day. check in with eastern and out by east capitol disabled bus in the minimum of backed up traffic. 15 minute trip to cigarette bw parkway snroyt 11 street bridge. as we move through a look through dale city good news traffic flowing better. earlier crash after prince william cleared and residual delays and coneston lingering dale city to woodbridge wovt
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red zone 6 minute trip. there as we move things over for look at virginia drive times getting worse of it. 395 northbound crossing the mixing bowl and 0 minute trip beltway. 11 street bridge inbound backing up. bottom side of beltway inner loop earlier crash 295 blocking shoulder. will take you a half hour to get branch avenue to wilson bridge and 66 eastbound, 44 minute trip sutly road to beltway as well. taking a look at 295 this is what are you up against knowledge of bottom side of beltway oxon hill to 11 street grij. it's you just a lot of heavy traffic. 121 to beltway an hour delay there and then again north at that point breaking up. so again about an hour delay 7 on down.
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delays continue fromearlier track problem. rest of met row rail line is on tie. we'll keep you updated. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks, soft com commuter news you have to be careful out there because it is sais beingly taking part in the walk to cool day. this is a live look of course in ward six getting ready there. of course that's capitol hill neighborhood the mayor is set to speak in 35 minute and there's several events planned in other parts of dmv covering sir vir and mar par as well everybody encouraged to walk to school today. more help on the ground in puerto rico where u.s. navy hospital ship comfort arrived in san one last night. one of the world's largest facilities with more than 100 medics on board and operating rooms and supplies for up to 30 days. meantime the death tolon
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island doubled to more than 34. governor believes hurricane maria caused $90 billion in damage. during the president's visit yesterday he told fox news we is to whip out puerto rico debt in wake of maria devastation and did not say how he wanted to do that and was criticized for tossing paper towels into hurricane victims. >> great day in a group of d.c. identifies who spent the week if puerto rico. one of their jobs was to deliver oxygen and medical supplies to the elderlyment and the plan is for the ten officers to touchdown at andrews air force base this afternoon. eight of them who went to help former police officers on island of puerto rico and some have family there. >> still ahead this morning metro bus driver
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met row demanding action. >> and officers crossed line and acted inappropriately and this morning he was talking only to "fox5" we'll have that after the break.
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squlv surprise kissing capitol dome there. >> good day, sunshine. >> beautiful. all right leaf peeper this is our time of year. >> i'll let do you this. >> just today. >> for the day. >> thank you. >> let's go to it. >> just know it sounds a little creepy i'm trying to save you because i adore you that's all. >> i get it. >> leaf peepers so
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>> leaf gazers. >> i like that you. >> do what you want to do. >> leaf peepers so be if you want to see it get out to the west. and next locally in immediate washington area early october early november. pleasantly cool. >> and plenty of sunshine and beautiful afternoon and few clouds daytime highs about 80 degrees daytime highs and that's five warmer than yesterday. trends has been to pump up temperatures a little and continue to do so until late summertime feel tomorrow afternoon
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near 80 today and friday, saturday surprised, national baseball i'm looking to friday and day. although watching on tv and tun any bright and beautiful. >> thank you tucker. >>. >> disabled bus east capital street 50 down to 11 street bridge inbound heavy we zoom out dale city and things improving and delay starting to ease and earlier crash 95 northbound main lane cleared. 26 minute trip to beltway. you can see from dale city to woodbridge heaviest congestion and things on ebb up. wps you cross the mixing bowl 395 northbound and 31 minute trip beltway to 4 street bridge. gw park what you spout
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to key bridge. that's with sluggish. 66. not terrible today. no crashes to report. no congestion. sutly to beltway 40 pipt trip and then 1 minute trip bottom of beltway to laboratory bridge and also 1270, 60 minute trip. heavy volume through gaithersburg and rockville. making that at mat backed up as well and again metro on time now exempt for residual delays red line earlier issue judiciary square. metro buses seeing heavy congestion in the district. if you have any questions erinfoxdc twitter allison and steve. >> let's get to "fox5" sdlusive. man said he was publicly humiliated during invasive search in
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police he was there to celebrate birthday it was captured on cell fochbility the man say the d.c. pulled up behind him and family and jumped out of cruiser and they asked if anyone had guns and they said no and officers started searching the man. in the end the identify found something sdm i feel violated i'm a grown man. i'm a manly map for you to stick your hand in that region is uncomfortable for me. >> the officer justifies invasive search of his rear end because he saw packages in his socks. the man searched contacted american civil liberties union and in process of filing
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citizen complaint against the officer. >> meantime d.c. police arrested a man that refused to get on the x 2 pus republican 'fuseed to pay. he said he would kill the driver next time he saw him. >> abny has been a problem before and union lead rz say all assaults on drivers should become felonies. >> mother of local man with autism called "fox5" for help after a they've wind isled a lot of cash for her son. >> he's hoping someone will yek niz the konda and that man can convince the 20-year-old victim he needed his account to cash a check deposited fake check written for the victim for more than $2,000 and wroou 600 from the victim's account through the atm. >> they were absolutely ta
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autism and his iq and his resulting desire to try to get along and be freendz. she absolutely saw him as easy mark and i'm sure as things pan out and we'll find out that they done it before. >> so if navy federal release aid statement saying it is working with the victim to resolve the being uforever f fan. it's all freel. wipe have. >> we'll talk more about it ahead at 7:0
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there's kirk cousins with his little bad question boy and his new son coop he on witnesser that the night # family goals. cousins and his wife julie welcome the 9 pound 6 ounce bundle of joy on friday. he may be a quarterback but who is one of the beggar players on the team? >> i know right? >> look a full back. >> he's cin
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>> look at dog though. everybody is bonding together. >> i love that. >> now that the family grown by one. >> bet wishes to kirk and julie and the whole family. >> the match-up with the cubs starts friday. first game 7:30 friday night. no word who will be on the mound. we thought it with be mat jerzers but tweaked hamstring in last start and says he'll pitch against the tubs if he gets valing game most likely he can't start friday. it will be game one. >> haupted pep rally at nationals park as the team prepares for fourth postseason anyone six years. it's free at national park and will feature number of activities for all ages and raffle prizes throughout the evening. that fun is underway at 6:0 this evening
7:25 am
park and hopefully wish them good karma for the postseason this time. >> it may be too scary i don't know. >> get the haunted stuff out of the way now starting friday it can be good. >> that's true. >> it's a good point. >> and and i like it. okay. >> and i want to feel like tougher self. >> i want to feel good i have my heartbroken many times here. >> i think it's in d.c. sp sports. >> start fresh every year tuck. >> allison we sa have to do a session on myself esteem tied to washington sports team. >> i thought they were going to do called ron which brew thing. >> that was for caps. >> we don't need that for n nats. we may bring it out if we need to. 80 this afternoon. winds south and west at 5. lots of sunshine today and another quiet afternoon. been about three weeks now since we've seen measurable rain and we won't see any
7:26 am
only weather fruit fewer starting warm temperatures, 80 today five warmer than yesterday and then well into 0s end of week. but beautiful weather to dine outdoors and be outdoors the next couple days particularly if you are lucky enough to go to nationals game friday night or late afternoon temperatures look perfect. >> time for jam cam. >> i was standing off to the side motioning to tuck to smooth out one loose piece you got it you're looking good. right now inner loop is seeing worst of it. let me get out of the way. drive time, 2 3 minute trip. see how crowded you are. st. barnabus to wilson bridge. outer loop heavy. inner and outer loop delays through oxon hill give y yourself extra time there and 395 slow traffic in main lanes and hov lanes good and 36 minute trip to 14 street bridge and 20 southbound hour delay 7 to beltway and
7:27 am
loop college park 0 minute delay i will go however you want to look at. it that's a look at traffic. >> big new developments over the las vegas shooting and the president's trip to puerto rico as he gets ready to leave for las vegas literally right now. >> and later it's a murder mystery that shocked the country and here at home. a new look to d.c. mansion murder mystery and many unanswered questions ur sure is oupding this case. 27 we're back after this
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. 7:29. really nice day started off little bit cll
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50's but it will warm up to 80 tucker says. should be a nice one. shed that light jacket by the time you leave from work today. back to news now. new developments overnight in the investigation of that mass shooting in las vegas. the girlfriend of the shooter arrived in the u.s. from the philippines late last night. and is being questioned by investigators. family members say that marilou danley new nothing about her boyfriend's plans. meanwhile, investigators released chilling body cam footage from the night of the mass shooting it shows officers trying to figure out where all the bullets are coming from. police say that stephen paddock had 23 rifles in his hotel room along with device that is would allow some of them to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. president donald trump heads to las vegas today to meet with victims of first responders as the city continues to cope with sunday night's massacre that killed 59 people. now the visit comes a day after his trip to puerto rico where the death toll there
7:31 am
doubled to 34 when the president was there it was half of that. the president was briefed on the recovery efforts and also managed to raise a few eyebrows. joining us now is elena teen a reporter with ax sews. good morning to you. >> good morning. so the president just tweet the out about an hour ago. he said, great day in puerto rico yesterday. while some of the news coverage is fake, most showed great warmth and friendship. >> what do you think about that tweet? >> well, it's very reminiscent of what he was doing yesterday. he went there to see how the efforts were going as he's done on past trips to texas and florida but it was main allot of praise to the first responders and the federal efforts there. one problem that puerto rican were worried about he won won really see the real damage that was done in the outer cities he was only in the capital at san juan. and he really touted a lot of the the federal efforts. he thanked fema. he thanked the governor for always supporting him
7:32 am
>> less about puerto rico and more about what he's done with the government has done there. >> i want to talk about the real efforts and what really is happening right now. we saw the comfort arrive there and people going to get the medical help, start to get the help they need. overall d the president's visit help or hurt? he goes there as commander -- comforter in chief to the people there, but speaking about the fact that the budget was blown out of wack and that it wasn't as bad as kat katrina. did it help or hurt in the opinion of the media? >> right. well, i think during the -- during briefing that we saw where he made those comments about not being a real catastrophe like katrina bout budget being out of wack, that i think hurt. i think a lot of puerto ricans were confused by that. they think we're americans, too. why are we being treated differently. however i think the visit to puerto rico is a bit of anomaly for puerto rico. presidents don't normal goal there. he brought his cabinet to show how important the visit
7:33 am
the governor -- not the governor, excuse me the congresswoman of puerto rico had told many reporter that is that was a big deal and that that was a big sign of comfort from the president. >> psychologically, it did help to some extent yes. >> messaging from the white house? >> i think there's still very much a disconnect there. the mayor, miss cruz said that once the cameras turned off yesterday they had much more extensive chat with the white house staff about some of that disconnect that there's been but the president was in san juan which is recovering much more -- at much more accelerated rate than most of the island. 95% is still without power. half of it still without drink water. the president didn'
7:34 am
recovery efforts in the capital. >> did we learn anything about what might have been said after the cameras were off? >> from what we've heard, it was more of an understanding of what some things are going on outside of the capital and some things that the federal government can be doing and i think when the cameras are rolling, trump loves to tout his efforts, tout the federal government. but maybe was a better listener when the cameras were not rolling. >> game points surely with the military for the praise on the first responders and the navy and other who's have come to help that must go far with the generals? >> right. well i mean even when he was discussing with general kelly new chief of staff he pointed to his four star general he touts that sort of thing. but y, i think giving praise to the federal the military response went away. >> so today he is a different mission, different tragedy sadly he heads to las vegas. surely t
7:35 am
second amendment rights to bear arms when some of the country is saying, we need some common sense gun laws to stop these tragedies. what tone does he have to strike today while he visits las vegas? >> he needs to hopefully on his part not make it political yet. i think there's still a lot of devastation, the attack happened sunday it's only wednesday. a lot of people want answers what will this gun control be. i don't think the white house has figured that out yet, and so to not bring that up would be the best move. >> and as far as being the comforter there, a lot of people said, man, the president has never been more presidential than when he stood there and gave remarks after this horrendous shooting very spiritual answer, very warm address to the public when he spoke after the tragedy. >> yes. as you see that was a teleprompter speech. trump is very good at those he e is special in these times of tragedy and devastation. when he stands in dip
7:36 am
room. it could be different when he's there today. it was the same when he was in puerto rico. you see trump as pure trump you see twitter trump not the one behind the teleprompter. his remarks may be more closer to what you see with his unremarkable rhetoric. >> thank you so much. thanks for spending time with us today. tucker over to you. >> thank you allison. off to another cool, but perfect start here with lots of sunshine across the area, and just going to be nice afternoon. temp boss about 80 this afternoon with sunshine. yesterday 75. today more like 80 for daytime high. still pleasantly cool out there early this morning. 57 in washington. let me mention most of the region waking up to temps in the upper 40s. so another cool start to the day. 56 up in new york. 53 in boston. looking at our satellite/radar we got high pressure overhead. that will scoot offshore later today. we'll start to get that southerly flow going. so today temperatures about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday and
7:37 am
5 degrees to it see daytime highs by the end of the week in the mid 80s but your afternoon forecast later today couldn't be nicer. again it will be dry. need some rain. it looks like that won't arrive until the end of the weekend early next week. 78 with plenty of sunshine expected today. all right. updated weather. let's see traffic conditions with erin. >> all right. we do have an outer loop crash out in morning side. it is by allentown road so delays there. inner loop still basically parked from branch avenue to the wilson bridge with about a 30 minute slow down. as we move things over, you can see 395 northbound the main lanes really backing up this time of morning. 48 minute trip just to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. hov lanes however wide open southbound side looks good but if you're in the main lanes make sure you leave early getting toward the pentagon this morning. 295 southbound because of disabled bus by east capitol from 50 on down to the 11th street bridge that's a 16 minute trip. and then as we take wide view you can see the inner and outer loop delays because of that crash out b
7:38 am
then also 295 northbound backs up from oxon hill from the beltway to about lavatory road ups a bit. freeway heavy is both directions off the 11 many street bridge and to and from the third street tunnel. in arlington 66 is backing up. we're seeing big delays 50 inbound from 202 to 295 as well and then the top side of the beltway in college park from route 1 over to the 270 spur about a 35 minute delay. inner loop is slow from the spur over to connecticut avenue as well. metro rail lines back to being on time. keep it to fox5. we're going to be right back. ♪ what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. [ engines revving ]
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>> 7:41 right now. southwest airlines and allegiant air offering free flights to family members of victims killed or injured in the las vegas shooting. southwest also will help transport the bodies of those killed. both airlines said they're also working with local hotels to provide lodging help for family members who are coming to las vegas from out of town to help with loved ones. former equifax ceo richard smith back on cop toll hill toys morning for testimony. yesterday mr. smith apologized for the cyber attack saying the hack was the result of human error and technology failures. still lawmakers want to know more about that massive data breach.
7:42 am
several committees this week including today at 10:00 a.m. and we've learned this morning irs has awarded a $7.25 million fraud protection contract to equifax. >> if you have a yahoo account dating back to 2013, you will want to know that yahoo is now saying every single yahoo user all 3 billion of them were affected by a 2013 data breach. that triples the earlier estimate of 1 billion accounts compromised that makes it the largest data breach ever. the company said it was sending e-mail notifications to additional affected user accounts. all right. well it's going to be a ho, ho, ho christmas for those earning 100 to $150,000. according to an national survey those folks expected to jack up holiday spending by 15%. how do they know these things? averaging out to $1,600 per person. holiday sales expected to increase 4% in november and december
7:43 am
$27 billion increase over last year. why the up tick you might ask? there are 32 shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. that is one more day than last year. >> there you go. one more day to spend money. >> is that wishful thinking we'll actually get out there and do that? it's walk to school day and we're going to take you to an event in the district next. >> plus today is the day fox5 launches it's true crime podcast a new look into the d.c. mansion murders. sarah frasier will join us live with more on that next. we were born this way. forged in the same fire. blood may be thicker than water. ( ♪♪ ) but we've got oil in our veins.
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>> it's up national walk to school day. international. but we want to take a look what's happening here in d.c. ward six in capitol hill neighborhood. look at all the kiddies walking to school. >> excited. >> that's so cute. the neighbor is there somewhere. she's expected to give her remarks any second now. look at all this greatness. >> it's exciting. >> give aways, d.c. water is out there it looks like and other agencies. how awesome. all right. >> just for walking to school. >> yeah. >> they're celebrating walking to school today. >> such a nice walkable city. several other events planned in virginia and maryland. we're just showing i was snippet of international walk to school day. >> everybody is dressed with layers on. little chilly right now. 80s later today. details from tuck in just a second. want to let you know what's coming up on good day. miles teller will join us to talk about his new movie called thank you for your service about a group o
7:47 am
home from iraq and the struggle to lead a normal life. >> tmz's harvey levin will be on. what will he dish about and that more on good day dc at 9a. we hope you join you. >> season three of lucifer returned to fox on monday night dan on good day d.c. we're going to have the two toms on the show tom welling and tom ellis. chat with them about the new season. >> right. >> i walked to school every day, didn't you? >> yeah, i d depends on where he was going. but for a great part i did. >> yeah, me, too. right up until high school. >> you did all the way? >> yeah. >> okay. >> then when i got old enough a friend would pick me up and drive me 10 feet to school. >> right. >> you could arrive in style. >> get out of the car. >> exactly. arrive in his 1978 pacer. >> oh, the pacers. >> oh yeah. i think -- >> remember the gremlins. >> gremlin, too, a classic. >> it was classic. >> sunshine beautiful today. perfect walking weather if you're going to be walking to school or walking the dog or taking yourself out
7:48 am
walk at lunch time here with a break. it should be absolutely beautiful. a little warmer than yesterday near 80 this afternoon yesterday we hit 75. so temperature little warmer than yesterday. it will feel down right summery by tomorrow afternoon daytime highs in the mid 80s to end the week. the good news the great news weather will be perfect for both games coming up here friday and saturday for the nationals as temperatures and again lack of rain going to team up to give us nice conditions here for the end of the week. okay. 57 now in washington. 48 gaithersburg. comfortably cool out there in many spots. 45 in martinsburg. excuse me. 45 in manassas. 47 in freds burg. 50 in leonardtown. temperatures will jump pretty quick. sun got up bon 45 minutes ago and give it a little time and warm up our atmosphere pretty quick. current stretch we're nearly three weeks now without any measurable rain. really going to back to the september the sixth last time we that significant rain, and there'
7:49 am
locally without rain. 34 days back in 2007. so we're starting to notice that number. any time you get to three weeks you need some rain and we really have nothing in the forecast for the next couple of days. what we have have in the forecast high pressure that usually delivers pretty nice weather and it will do it again today. it will slip further to the east and so with southerly flow we'll pump the temperatures a little bit later today and as this area of high pressure gets offshore we'll start getting that going again, late summer feel around here by tomorrow afternoon and by friday and saturday. daytime highs will be well into the 80s about 80 later today again well into the 80s for the end of the week and again we're going to -- again seems to be the theme of my weather &-ú. we are going to keep it dry around here through the end of the weekend. i think next week maybe monday, tuesday is our next chance for a little rain which we need. >> i'm all done. >> i have bad news on 66. in centreville take look at this tucker. a crash blockin
7:50 am
shoulder right lane. this is right by 28 just before you hit route 28. again you merge into those two center lanes. i want to show was this is doing to the backed up traffic look at that completely parked at 29. that's where this camera is. it's going take you an hour and nine minutes to get from suddenly road to the beltway because of that. super jammed up from all the way even back to gainsville as you try to get out of centerville and then you have typical congestion passed two lanes get by before 28 so big problems on 66 eastbound is the motto right now. try to leave as early as you can or avoid 66 eastbound because you don't want to sit in that parking lot this morning. as we move things over for a look at 295 southbound there's a crash at benning road. we're down to 8 miles an hour approaching benning road. things open up south of pennsylvania avenue but right now a 15 minute delay from 50 on 295 southbound down to pennsylvania avenue with that crash in the mix. take look at the bottom side of the beltway. now the inner loop starts to jam up after branch avenue to t
7:51 am
outer loop a typical delays because of a crash blocking two lanes by allentown road. so please be prepared once you cross the wilson bridge for outer loop delays approaching allentown road. also 395 northbound it's a 53 minute ride in the main lanes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. hov lanes look good. it's main lanes that are just at a crawl because of congestion this morning. and then as we make our way out on 270 it will take you an hour and ten minutes just to get from 121 to the beltway. ton of congestion through germantown, gaithersburg, ro rockville this morning. 355 dealing with a lot of bailout traffic as well. as we take wide view right now you can see bottom side of the beltway because of that outer loop crash by allentown road, we also have five inbound branch of a inbound delays approaching the beltway because it's just really heavy on the inner loop and outer loop. to 95 northbound from the bottom of the beltway to lavatory road is dealing with about an 11 minute delay. so a lot of heavy traffic there through arlington as well. key bridge backs up from rosland into georgetown. and gw parkway jams from
7:52 am
at least metro is on time, guys. back to you. >> erin, thank you very much. >> this is a crime scene. >> horrible and gruesome sends chills down your spine. >> we find the porsche and learn about the $40,000. his dna was discovered on a pizza crust. >> it can't be a solo job. i don't think they've got all the people. >> the mansion murder social security a fox5 true crime podcast it debuts today. it's a six-part series faux cuff on the murders of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper vera figueroa a story that horrified the metro area and the nation in 2015. the case left many more questions than answers but we're trying to answer those questions and sarah fraser joins us live in the loft with a sneak of what you'll hear when you download it as of today. it's live as today of. >> first episode is titled, 19 hours. you might recall that the savopoulos family and housekeeper were held hostage in their home for 19 hours. an
7:53 am
result which they were stabbed and beat tepp and the house was set on fire. but a lot has changed in two and a half years since this case. so, um, this episode is very interesting in the sense that marina morocco and paul wagner are on this episode, and they really worked this case when it first came out. so you get an idea of kind of the chaos that happens. you're obviously you already know, you work in this business, but for people listening, um, you get a sense of what this story and just how big it became so quickly. and then also, we really sort of take you through the first week because the first week of this case was really pivotal. so the first episode will get you caught up, and then also in 2015 a lot of information came out which we now know is either changed or different. so i think you'll find that fascinating on this episode. >> interesting. take look what we knew initially. >> right. >> compared to what we know about the same information now. >> correct. >> one of the really cool things you're doing, sarah, you're able to pai
7:54 am
we're hearing in this podcast itself with the stories that we have done along the way on this case to kind of show, put visuals, awning lot of times you hear podcasts and just have to paint the pictures yourself visually. >> right. >> you're actually putting those visuals out there as well by sharing some of the stories that we've done. some of the coverage we've done over the years as well. >> yeah. really our team here at fox ronnie mccrae whose a photojournalist and judith ayres one of the researchers the three of us put together these behind the scenes videos that are up right now. we've actually launched a facebook page called the mansion murders fox5 if you search that you can be added to the group. because we want people to discuss this case. it is on-going. hasn't gone to trial yet. but you'll have a recap video there and that we felt was important for this case because there's a lot of geographic places that are very very important, and as this six-part series goes on you'll see how geography play as big part in perhaps convicting somebody. >> if you go to t
7:55 am
page right now you'll be able to watch a preview video basically setting up the whole thing in advance. if you want to watch that first and dive right into the podcast which is great. >> absolutely. >> we'll tell you how to subscribe to everything in just a minute. what else might we learn from this first episode besides what we're going to dive into first of all. >> you're going to learn a lot about public opinion. i guess i didn't realize this is certainly a first time for me getting into the twenty two true crimes severe. i've known podcast ago lot but not this. how much public pin plays in the sensationalizing of this story, and i think i was surprised because one of the things we go out on the street sort of ask people washington do you remember about this case? what do you think happened? and a lot of wild speculation. so you'll hear that but you'll see how that really impacted what a lot of people think happened and what you think happened is really not the case. >> it was fascinating the true crime universe because everybody seems to want to play detective and want to have their own theories or conspiracies or wants to solve the cri
7:56 am
alwys fascinating to see what everybody says about it. more fascinating to hear from the people involved. that's where you were. >> by far. >> in talking with some of folks. that's what you hear on the pod cost. listen to episode one go to i tunes or go to the podcast app on your phone and just simply do a search for the mansion murders and then subscribe. that's the key make sure to subscribe. we'll launch a new episode every wednesday and as sarah mentioned a lot of behind the scenes videos on our website, foxd click on podcasts. that web page will have our old stories related to the case and several dozen of them on there. so lots of stuff to watch also a special facebook group sarah mentioned as well connected to the fox5 facebook page. sarah thank you very much. >> thanks steve. >> look forward to hearing more and listening to more online as well with the podcast. tuck, good morning. >> steve, 58 degrees in washington. cool start, 40s if you're not at reagan national for the most part this morning. winds out of the south and west at three. we are looking at sunshine and a very very very pleasant day.
7:57 am
temperatures that will be just little warmer than yesteray high pressure overhead gets offshore went start to get that southerly breeze going later this afternoon but we keep it dry around here. thee weeks since we've had rain. looks like we'll hold that off until early next week. 79 today and 85 thursday, friday into our weekend. erin? >> all right. 7:57 right now. and we do have a crash on 66 in centreville. eastbound side. did move over right to you to just blocking the right shoulder and right lane. previously just a two center lanes getting by. we're still seeing really big delays as you approach 28 because of this crash scene. you can see well before that point of 29 we're at a crawl. it will take you an hour and 22 minutes to get from 234 to the beltway. much more on your morning commute unfortunately very slow around the area as we continue. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
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with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is 8:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning, octob october 4th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> first up a live look from joint base andrews right now. president trump traveling to las vegas this morning to meet with victims and first responders expected to board air force one any moment. meantime the investigation into sunday's massacre intensified over into the. plus we are seeing video camera footage from the officer who's ran towards the scene and a look inside the
8:01 am
room. >> and the debate over sang wary cities d.c. city council member will join us live in studio to explain why he's offering help to more than a dozen illegal immigrants recently arrested during ice raids. live look outside right now from the district's capitol hill neighborhood. it is international walk to school day. remember, those little ones are out there walking today. drivers please be careful. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is on hand and then it look also like congresswoman eleanor holmes norton there as well. we'll hear remarks from d.c.'s mayor which stressed the importance of safety out there and check of today's weather and traffic also coming up on the 5's. nice crowd out there this morning. >> um-hmm. this morning, the president back in washington of course after his trip to puerto rico expected to head out to las vegas now any second to visit the city aft the deadly massacre at the outdoor country music festival. democrats gathering to push for gun control laws with senate democratic
8:02 am
saying the president may be swayed. >> before he was a candidate and marched in lock step to the nra, donald trump expressed very residential position on gun control. in fact, he said after sandy he supported the kind of bills we support. let's hold him to that. >> and there may be renewed focus on modification kits that make semi automatic guns fiery peteedly but most americans perhaps even democrats will app pose those efforts. let's get over to the latest developments in the mass shooting investigation just hours ago the girl friend of the gunman landed in las ang from the philippines. >> this comes as investigators released chilling body cam video that shows exactly what happened after stephen paddock opened fire on a country music fes festival. melanie alnwick is live at the fbi headquarters now with more on these new developments. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and olson. fbi is assisting in all aspects of this investigation. but you can bet that on the top of that list today is gti
8:03 am
62-year-old marilou danley and what they really want to find out even though she's been cooperating with authorities so far, is more information about her so-called boyfriend stephen paddock, and his activities leading up to that shooting. now, filipino officials say miss danley arrived in that country september 25th on a flight from hong kong fbi agents met her plane you see it right here last night in los angeles. as she returned from manila to the u.s. for more questioning. you may recall that monday morning the clark county sheriff said danley was located out of the country and was not involved. but now investigators are calling her a person of interest and they have many questions including why stephen paddock wired $100,000 to the philippines in the days before the shooting. her sister says marilou didn't plan to go out of town. >> she's going to the philippines and marilou i found you cheap
8:04 am
he sent her away. so that he can plan what his planning without interruptions. in that sense, i thank him for sparing my sister's life but wanting to compensate 59 people live. >> reporter: you are also seeing new body camera videos released by police yesterday. maybe we can hear a little bit of that as well. because this was taken from officers who were pinned down behind police cruisers on las vegas boulevard. they didn't even know where the gunfire was coming from at this point. the shooting we're told spanned between nine and 11 minutes. police say paddock had cameras rigged by both outside and inside his hotel room so he could see law enforcement approaching. video recorded through the broken door of the room shows an assault style rifle on a tripod. you can see it between those two pieces of crime tape. now these -- there were also devices found inside
8:05 am
building called bump stocks on 12 of the 23 guns found in the hotel room that turned them into rapid fire weapons. as fbi investigators continue the grim task of documenting evidence in the festival field, financial investigators are look nothing at least a dozen financial transaction reports over the past several weeks showing that paddock gambled more than $10,000 a day. what's more, we're told that investigators as they executed search warrants paddock's home one in mesquite, nevada and one in texas they found 26 more weapons which bring the total firearms total gun cash to 49 guns. still trying to figure out a motive here. many of paddock's relatives and marilou danley's relatives say they have no idea he had any interest at all in guns. so it's still very much a mystery, however, that clark county sheriff says he's confident that eventually they'll figure out what caused paddock to do this
8:06 am
live outside the fbi headquarters i'll melanie alnwick fox5 local news. ♪ five minutes past the hour let's check in with tucker get a look at our forecast. hi, tuck. >> melanie's live shot a lot of sunshine across the area. daytime highs upper 70s to about 80. little warmer than yesterday, and the real headline here warming trend begins we'll be summery around here for the end of the week. temperatures well into the 80s by thursday and friday afte afternoon. okay. pleasant out there this morning of the 58 in washington. dulles is 49. bwi marshall reporting temperature of 52. most of the region waking up to temperatures overnight which were close to normal. 40s for the most part outside the beltway. high pressure overhead, and another beautiful afternoon just a few clouds expected and as that area of high pressure slips offshore we'll start to get southerly breeze around here. so today a few grease warmer than yesterday and by tomorrow, again it will start to feel down right summary with high temperatures in the mid 80s. dry again this afternoon and we're now
8:07 am
weeks without any measurable rain in washington. we need some rain. >> erin? >> we have a new bad crash the outer loop by ice season hour of a connector. apologies for the sign blocking it but i wanted to show you right lane right shoulder blocked involving sever cars and again two right lanes blocked right now outer loop delays past eisenhower of a connector. as we forward things along we're also dealing with a crash blocking the right lane right shoulder. this is on 66 eastbound before 28. so some caution there. i'll scholl i was look at the backup. really slow moving traffic because of that it's going to take an hour and 11 minutes to get from 234 to the beltway again extra time needed to get from man nass to the beltway because of that crash in cen centerville. and then 295 southbound crash at benning road that's in the delays. 15 minute slow down from 50 down to pennsylvania avenue. 395 taking 60 minutes right now as you make your way from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i'm having problems high tick tack and, it was hard to talk. sorry about that. we'll move on. traffic so bad today. an hour and s
8:08 am
from 121 to the beltway. 270 southbound outer loop top side of the beltway in college park is slow. hey, at least metro is on time, guys. back to you. >> erin, thank you very much. one d.c. city council member offering to help illegally immigrants arrested towards ice raids. they targeted undo you meaned people in sanctuary cities here in washington. 14 people were arrested. some of those 14 had previous criminal convictions ranging from misdemeanors to felonies at large council member david grasso calls the raids an assault on our communities and he's urging any of those immigrants arrested or anyone who knows them to contact his office for help, and council grasso joins us this morning with more. good morning. >> good morning. >> so 14 people taken into custody here in d.c. in this sweep, and what do you know about these 14 people? >> well, we really don't know a lot about them that's why we decided to open up our office for assistance. the fact is we knew that there was going toe
8:09 am
sanctuary industries which i think is a completely wrong approach, but we knew that was going to happen and this is the first time we heard about it in the district of columbia and so as soon as we did we were racking our brains on what it is we thought we shall do. and we thought the best thing we can do is provide services to people to the families. i'm the chair of the committee on education and so i worry about the hem health of the students and the parents that are engaging with our schools. if they're worried about being picked up at any moment, simply for being undo you meaned in the district of columbia, then i think we needed to something about it. >> let me just follow up and ask, though, what about citizens who are here legally? >> what is the concern for their safety if ice says they're getting criminals off the streets who are here illegally. >> i think if people commit criminal acts they should be held accountable for and arrested that. doesn't mean that we should treat somebody who's undo you meaned defendant than somebody who is here legally and as a citizen of the united states. so you know i don't really buy that argument. we can
8:10 am
safe regardless of whether or not the person is documented or not. >> let's get to the 14 people who were pick up here in washington, d.c. ice says, ice claims several of them have or had criminal records in the united states. what do you know about those 14 people? >> we really don't know a lot about them. we think that there may have been past criminal records that provoked them. we know over the big numbers there were some people that had dui's in their past that put them on the list. but frankly, you know, we're worried because there hasn't been a lot of transparency about this. where are these people? what's happening to them and that's why we're trying to give an offer for help. >> one big question from those who don't see this the way that you see it is, obviously, money involved here. you're offering legal aid to people who are undocumented. where does that money come from? >> well, you know, real credit to the mayor and to the council that they've put -- we've put $500,000 down for giving legal aid to folks and there are legal clinics throughout the city that work with various immigrant communities from aloft
8:11 am you can go to the blog. see a full list. we probably need to put more money behind that effort. you know, i just think when the federal government goes looking for problem like this, they end up creating more problems than creating solutions for our community. >> to steve's point half million dollars a year going to legal funds for those who are not documented. so i got to ask you, what about the homeless problem in d.c., the disparities in our neighborhoods, education, couldn't this money be used for residents, legal residents of the district? >> well, i believe that these are residents and people we need to care just as much as we fair of care for people who have the paper work to be here. my parents immigrated here. it's not like we all just all of a sudden put here and we're here and no problems. so the fact of the matter is, we have plenty of money in the district of columbia to do what we need to do. schools were increased this year by more than 3% over the previous year. we just finalized a contract for our teachers that'
8:12 am
give them races of 4%, 3% and 2% over the next thee years. this city is doing great. so the least thing we can do is really reach out to our neighbors, care for them and give them the services they need, too. regardless of how they find themselves here. >> you realize as much as anyone by simply saying that, anybody now who feels they're not doing great is will come to you and say, look, we need some money, too. that becomes a financial question down the road as does the bigger issue here because of what the federal government has been talking about and the attorney general has been talking about sanctuary cities in general by now putting yourself in this position and offering this, is that not a bigger target on the nation's capitol to perhaps lose federal funding because of what you're doing? >> we already have pretty big target on our back here in the district of columbia so i'm not worried about that. i think in the end it's more important that we do what we can to care for people. you know, every bit of work i did do in my office is based on human rights framework and it's about what can we do as leaders in this city? what can we do as a city to reach out to our neighbors and take care of them when federal
8:13 am
goes through the district of columbia over the years, we've had various consequences. sometimes it's good. sometimes it's bad. but we always persevere here in d.c. license continue to do t that. >> david goss so council at large. thanks for joining us today. thanks for having me. really appreciate it. >> we'll be right back. ght back.
8:14 am
alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> let's head out to joint base andrews. there's marine one land wig the president right now after picking him up outside of the white house. and as marine one touches down just momentarily we expect to see the president step out and board air force one on his way to las vegas. the president will be in las vegas to moat with -- we know for sure some first responders in las vegas, and the pres president -- without did say will attempt to talk with some family members as well. the president due to be on the ground for about three and a half hours once air force one lands in las vegas. that will happen around 12:30 our time. 9:30 las vegas time. right now it is 8:16. as marine wasn't taxis into position just beside the entrance to air force one and that's what's happening out at andrews right now. >> thank you very much. what's happening in here is we're looking at some super cuteness. >> can i say again how cool an experience it was to be out there. >> i do feel like kind of in the know. >> me, too.
8:17 am
>> right. >> yeah. >> leak i might have actually been on the runway. >> right. >> right. >> probably not though. >> i'm sure i wasn't. >> okay. >> imagining i was. >> entirely. >> let's do cuteness we got isaia everybody. >> what's up? >> super duper cuteness. time for our fox5 first five photo of the day. he's five-year-old and in advertisement k good i like your braids. >> good idea for halloween. he loves power rangers and transformers. >> okay. he's set. >> power rangers day some days transformer day. >> he doesn't have to make his mind you. >> no, he doesn't. >> in addition, he likes to watch fox5 every morning with his mom before heading off to pre k. >> he does. >> yeah. >> it's walk to school day maybe he left early in case he didn't, have a super day isaia. >> yup, we love your photograph. >> yeah. >> super cute. >> looks like he's missing some important teeth, too. >> well -- >> baby teeth starting to fall out. >> that comes with the age, right. >> and it comes with age. >> it comes with
8:18 am
a joy. [ laughter ] >> that's right. pretty soon i'm looking forward to losing my teeth all over again. >> the cycle of life it all comes full circle. >> oh, boy. >> send us your child's picture, isaia a lifetime to worry about that. >> hope the tooth fairy was good to you. >> zen us your child's picture go to fox5 d.c. >> isaia is probably wondering when he's dressed up like a power ranger how the leaves are looking. >> i'll bet he did wonder that. >> low color but give it a couple weeks our peak for enjoying the beautiful scenery is typically the end of october. if you do want to see a nice scenic scene get out in shenandoah valley this weekend they're a little further along. okay. >> i keep trying to get over to skyline drive. >> skyline drive. >> right. >> always miss it. should be beautiful weekend for it. 58 now in washington. we'll be near 80 this afternoon much lots of sunshine to look forward to. at this point we really need some rain it's about three weeks since we've had any, and not in the forecast any time soon. in
8:19 am
early next week before we get any rain showers as we may get tropical moisture working in from the south today a little warmer than yesterday near 80. down right summery for october standards mid 80s thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. quickly mention nationals games the weather world is taking care of our end of the deal with beautiful weather conditions expected friday night and saturday good i want no more 18 inning play off games and no more games the temperature drops 20 degrees bag during the game. >> i stayed for every pitch of that 18 inning game it wasn't plenty cold by the end of that gym. >> it sure was. >> that sounds awful. >> 18 innings. and 20s sounds awful. >> the awful part was they lost. >> after all of that. >> after all of that. >> yes. >> turn it around this year, erin. >> right now 8:19. moving on to traffic. no, of course steve i agree. right now 8:19 and we have some right lanes blocked. two right lanes right shoulder this is the outer loop right by the
8:20 am
big delays on the outer loop because of that. so be prepared for that slow down as you pass eisenhower avenue. 66 crash still blocks the right shoulder right lane centreville out by 28. the left rapes are getting by. but just keep in mind this is causing a huge backup. look at that slow-moving traffic by 29 it will take you an hour and 14 minutes just to get from 234 sudley road to the beltway just jumped up to an hour and 12 minutes. as move things over crash by benning road did clear. disable bus east capitol cleared. we got you covered. 270 southbound a parking lot through gaithersburg. guys, back out to you. >> there's president trump walking out to airs force one heading out to las vegas nevada he'll meet this morning -- he'll head to hospital where he will meet with some victims out there patients we are told, medical professionals and then head to talk to first responders and what they are calling civilian heroes. so it will be a busy time on the ground for the president. there's the first lady traveling
8:21 am
of course they were just in puerto rico yesterday and now saluting and boarding the stairs into air force one. >> really taking on a position in these back to back tragedies we've seen as comforter in ch chief. just as he's been referred to or the president sitting presidents almost the father of the nation needing to set the right tone after such horrible tragedies just can't wrap your mind around 59 people dead or total island devastated. so we will see later and hear what president trump does on the ground in las vegas. >> expected to be back around 8:30 this evening. we are going to be back right after this though. still ahead. >> some incredible a acts of heroism in the midst of chaos. >> look at the stories of survival following that deadly las vegas shooting coming up next. ♪ . ♪♪
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what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. all new 8:00 o'clock this morning up lifting story of heroism. united states marine who met a woman for the first time at the las vegas concert apparently saved her life just hours later as the gunman started spraying bullets at the concert goers. brendon kelly grabbed renee', he told her we can't stay here. we have to get out of here. he helped her run and kept telling her because going to be okay until they made it to safety. >> renee' posted this sweet message on facebook. many people who have shared the story on social media are hoping that the chance
8:25 am
blossom into something else maybe a little true romance. it is certainly a lifetime connection and just lots of stories just like that coming out maybe that will turn into something. >> hopefully the good stories will start to have more lasting impact than all the horrible, horrible stories that come out of that. let's check in with tucker barnes get a check on our forecast. looks like it's still a little chilly this morning. tuck. >> it's cool but i mean very quiet weather wise we've been quiet for weeks. now getting on wards to three weeks without any measurable rain around here. could use some rain. not going get it today. we are going to get lots of sunshine and pleasant temperatures again upper 70s maybe we'll hit 80 this afternoon little warmer than yesterday. high pressure overhead early this morning that gets offshore and we are going start to heat things up relatively speaking. it is october, but back into the mid 80s around here. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. our next chance for little bit of rain probably doesn't arrive until late sunday early monday with tropical moisture we're watching to our south. let me also mention quickly nationals game if's yore
8:26 am
those games friday and saturday. weather will be close to per perfect. temps in the 80s during the day and 60s at night. >> all right. quick weather update. erin is back with another round of no fun on the roadways. >> no fun zone. right now we have crash the outer loop it's by eisenhower of a connector. because of the lips are blocked in several cars are involved we're seeing a really big backup leading toward that location. in addition to that earlier crash on 66 that cleared to the right shoulder so it's really good news coming past 28 in centreville. however, we still have very heavy residual delays you can see we're at a crawl still taking an hour and five minutes to get from 234 to the beltway. i'm hoping now that all lanes have row opened that delay really does start to ease. as we move things over to 295 that crash did clear 295 southbound at benning road. a disabled bus by east capitol cleared. still down to under 10 miles an hour 15 minute delay from 50 to pennsylvania avenue. and then as you make your way out on 270 southbound, we are still seeing big delays there. 395 still close to an hour to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. at least metro is
8:27 am
steve and allison? >> good news, erin. thank you he's been a governor and presidential couldn't date and mike huckabee is throwing his hat into the television ring. he'll join us live with a preview of his new self-named show next. >> and later good day d.c. celebrating national taco day and we have some tasty recipes and a sneak peek what to expect the taste of d.c. this weekend much that's coming up. ♪ ♪♪ in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable, affordable electricity, renewable energy options, and ways to save energy and money. novec delivers the most reliable power in the region. and customers are paying less for electricity than they did eight years ago. novec is listening and responding.
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♪ ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:30 am
what you're looking at is part of the annual coffee with a cop in d.c. today. taking place right now and very interesting. it's basically meant to promote positive engagement between law enforcement and the communities that they serve. >> 4700 block of 14th street at high lands right now if you want to stop down there. there are -- there's coffee, a couple of cops. just need some people to sit down there and talk with them it's a chance to be able to interact informally with members of the law enforcement. you can learn a little bit more about their job if you have questions for them go for it. have a chance to sit down and enjy their company. trade ideas and collectively hopefully make a more harmonious community for all and that will happen for the next couple of hours. a chance to stop down there and check it out. cheers, guys. >> ps that's a great little shop, too. >> check some of our top stories this hour. president trump is visiting las vegas today. two days after that mass shooting that killed 60 people including the gunman much investat
8:31 am
chilling body cam video that shows officers responding to the hundreds of gunshots hours ago the girlfriend of the shooter arrived in los angeles from the philippines for questioning. more help is now on the ground in puerto rico. they're getting the help they need. u.s. navy's hospital ship arrived in san juan last night. it is one of the largest trauma facilities with more than 500 medic on board and more than 1,000 beds and 11 operating rooms. the ship is equipped with enough supplies to last up to 30 days. meanwhile the death toll on the island has more than doubled now to 34 and the governor says he believes hurricane maria caused about $90 billion in damage. accused sex offender is due in charles county courtroom today. carlos deangelo bell has a scheduled hearing at 9:30 this morning. bell is former school aid accused of sexually abusing 24 boys and knowingly transmitting hiv. he facing more than 100 charges if convicted he faces live in prison
8:32 am
8:31 now. new this morning, he has been a governor, a presidential candidate season the father of the current white house press secretary. >> now mike huckabee trying his hand mixture of news, politics and entertainment his new self named show debuts this weekend. he'll be talking with variety of political guests and every day people and this morning governor mike huckabee joins us now from nashville with more on his upcoming show. governor, good morning much it's good to see you. we welcome you here back to washington and fox5. i have to say, the mix of newsmakers and every day people also includs the president of the united states. good morning. tell me about that interview. >> well, thanks so much. great to be with you. we wanted to get some really major newsmakers to launch the new show on tbn and we were really having a hard time getting somebody and but we finally ended up getting the president of the united states i think we'll start out with a fairly significant news maker. a person whose every tweet makes news and he'll be our very first guest on the
8:33 am
it this weekend. >> governor, what are you going to be talking about witness president? the two of you go way back and you've had great relationship. is it like sitting down with an old friend for this interview? is the candor that? is it quite relaxed are diving into some pretty heavy hitting topics? >> well, i think because we have known each other for a long time, it's going to be a relaxed interview and we're going to be able to talk to him about his visit to puerto rico and las vegas and all the events that have happened that have been so tragic for this country, and his response to them. but i also think because of that relationship, he's going to be relaxed enough to let his guard down and give us some inside into what -- what's ahead from the policy perspective. but also from a personal perspective of what being president in this kind of environment is all about. i'm convinced it's going to be a fascinating interview to watch. even if i have to say so. >> if do you have to say so yourself. governor, you have host add long running show on the fox news channel had
8:34 am
same time. the show was huckabee then. what makes this incarnation of huckabee different this weekend show you're about to launch? >> well, i think allison the key thing that will be different we'll have a lot more entertainment. we're coming from nashville. so it's natural we're going to have more music, there's going to be lot more variety. there will be political conversation but the focus of it is going to be the way we talk politics in the heartland of america which is more about talking vertical politics. what's up, what's down, what's good, what's bad rather than just the horizontal of the the left and the right. sometimes you watch a political conversation and it's too people yelling at each other talking over each other. you can't even understand it. we want to have kind of conversation you would have on your front porch or around the kitchen table. bringing the issues to people but in a way they can say, hmm, i understand that better. we want to n them. we want to encourage them with great stories of good people, and frankly we want to entertain them a little bit because
8:35 am
down a notch or two and not get everybody's blood pressure to 300 over 200. >> as you're well aware that's one of the best ways to get lot of information out sometimes, as people are relaxed they speak more comfortable and you're getting guests obviously you're comfortable speaking with. i do want to ask you this, governor. because you are part of the media, obviously great history in politics, you are part of the media and your daughter is part of the government now speaking as face for the administration as well. when you personally as a member of the media hear this term fake news being thrown out there, what is your reaction to that? >> well, i think that there is a lot fake news. there's a lot of really unbalanced news. more than it being fake. it's a disproportionate focus on those things which really are not important or maybe they're not verified yet and i do think the american public is not served when they're given a daily dish of what i would call a very anti president
8:36 am
that is often disproportionate to the actual news value. my daughter of course has tough job. she goes out into that room every day and faces, you know, a hostile audience i think it would be fair to say but i think she also understands their role. she respects them, and she doesn't escalate the tension because she realizes just like she has a job to do, so do they. and i think it's been really interesting to watch. i think more respect full atmosphere in the briefing room with her at the podium. >> governor mike huckabee we wish you well on the new show. it premieres on this saturday on the trinity broadcasting network and the set behind you with that life studio audience looks likes you might take the mike and sing a few songs too. >> it's nashville. >> i play play base guitar with the ban. we've got great house band of nashville musicians the studio o we have great studio audience and people can find out how to get our channel going to t and
8:37 am
channel finder and hopefully watch this weekend. i think it's going to be fun. >> nashville and great musicians are synonomous as are with government and media. thanks governor for joining us this morning. best wishes with the new show. >> thank you so much. >> you're very welcome. 8:37. there's the information on your screen right now premieres this saturday at 8:00 p.m. tuck, how does the weather look. >> looks fantastic. little warmer today than yesterday. 58 now in washington. comfortably cool overnight and then warm it up after a couple hours of sunshine we should see daytime highs close to 80 this afternoon and dry. been, as i've been mentioning all morning three weeks since we've seen any measurable rain in washington. and we're going to be dry again this afternoon a few clouds out there with high pressure overhead. as that area of high pressure gets to our east, we'll start to get the southerly winds going and that for us means warmer temperatures so 80 today and well into the 80s there's weak front off to the north and west. sad thrill front won't get in here. it will stall out to our north and west. plan on nice one today get out enjoy
8:38 am
this afternoon and this evening. temps 78 at 5:00 p.m. dry wednesday. need some rain looks like it doesn't get in here until the rental of the weekend maybe early next week. yay! >> yay tucker. not yay roads. 8:38. overturned car crash in arlington. inner loop navy drive is blocked before south nash street use cautious. you can see that red line that's 395 northbound really backs up into arlington this morning. still dealing with crash taking out two right lanes outer loop near eisenhower of a connector. you can see a lot of first responders out there this is causing quite a big backup as you try to pass ice season hour connector. allow for extra time there. then as you make your way out on 66 earlier crash did clear out by 28 in centreville. eastbound side still taking you just under an hour 54 minutes to get from 234 sudley road not beltway a lot of leftover congestion needs to ease out of the way. 395 northbound we showed you the red line on the map through arlington with that crash it's just under an hour to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. bridge is
8:39 am
directions to and from the 11th street backs up. about an hour commute from 123 to the local lane split. a lot of heavy volume from gaithersburg through rockville this morning. 270 southbound. metro rail lines looking pretty good. off loading on the system veer line. check in there next. back to you guy. >> still ahead this morning stocking up for an emergency. costco has new plan to make it easier for people to get prepared. >> done kin is giving its menu a makeover. we're going to tell you how, considering sweet treats are saying goodbye. ng goodbye.
8:40 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> birds flying over reagan national airport. beautiful start to the morning. wednesday morning, 8:42. literal al beautiful day. >> costco trying to help you stock up in case of a disaster. whole say retailer rolling out three emergency food kits that will last up to 25 years. they range in price now this is pricey stuff but long term here. they range in price from $1,000 to $6,000. the $1,000 option has one-year supply of food and is made up of nearly 100 cans of wheat, rice granola fried dried fruits and vegetables includes beef, sugar chicken salt. more expensive kits will also provide a one year supply of food for families of four or more. if
8:43 am
want to make sure you're stocked um for the next 25 years, one payment. >> or the next big snowstorm we just eat everything at once you get super hungry when you don't think you're going to somewhere. >> okay. >> it's comforting. >> let's ponder that for second while we check in with holly and wisdom find out what's coming up on good day today. hi guys. >> we're all over the big stories including into video and details coming right into our newsroom about the mass shooting in las vegas. >> plus it is one of the region's most horrific crimes. a family and their housekeeper murdered inside they are dc mansion. we're digging deeper into that crash in our new fox5 true crime podcast zero reince sarah fraser is here to tell us al about it. >> hold wal time? >> sidewalk, hallelujah. >> actor miles teller in d.c. to talk about his new movie thank you for your service all about group of u.s. soldiers who return home from iraq and struggle to lea
8:44 am
kevin has more with him at 9:00 a.m. >> also at 9a, tmz's harvey levin joins us live dishing about his new show and hottest topic he's working on a at tmz. >> season three of lucifer returns to fox5 on monday night. we have the two toms, the two stars of the show tom welling and tom ellis. still remember the first one from smallville. superman. >> good looking lineup. i mean just not that i'm objectifying. oh and guess what? we'll celebrate national taco and vodka day. >> guess which one i'm not having? >> okay. i'll do vodka day twice. >> okay. >> much watch wednesday on your number one good day d.c. >> everything about that sounds fantastic. looking forward to it. the show comes up in just about 15 minutes. up next, kevin mccarthy has all your entertainment news. hey, kev. >> hey, steve and allison. you know we talked talk to the bggest stars on fox5. i'll have two of those stars coming up next. stay tuned to fox5 lal
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ nice way to start right here in d.c. little bit of go-go from the godfather may he rest in peace. it's 8:47 it is going to be beautiful day today. >> gorgeous day. 80 this afternoon. probably saw the live shot down at the capitol most of the trees the leaves are still green. we are officially lowol
8:48 am
we will see the transition here over the next couple of weeks. tim klee for us the peak as far as the color in the trees curse in late october. so if you want to get some nice yellows and reds this weekend head out to skyline drive. that would be my suggestion. >> go to the pumpkin patch. >> they're you'll get some orange. >> one of the colors. >> 58 now in washington. 49 dulles. pleasantly cool. that seems the word of the day pleasantly. 45 in manassas. 57 leonardtown. we'll see daytime highs a little warmer than yesterday upper 70s to about 80 this afternoon. rain where is it? been three weeks since we've gotten any current streak 20 days as of last night at midnight. 21 today. the record is 34 back in 2007 so been several weeks now without rain it look like well go several more days perhaps early next week before our next chance for some shower activity. weak front north and west this poor front will dry to get in here but get hung up to our north that won't make it
8:49 am
here. high pressure overhead as this hi area of high pressure dir directly overhead at the moment slips offshore our breezes will start to come up out of the south and southeast and allow warmer temperatures and a little more humidity in here as well as we get into the end of the week. upper 70s to about 80 today and then we'll be in the mid 80s with touch more humidity around here for the end of the week but the good news if you're going to nats park for business baseball games friday and saturday weather is going to cooperate it will be summery and really ideal baseball friday night and saturday afternoon. all right. my work is done. back to you. >> sit back end enjoy. >> it was good job. >> thank you. i have sad news everybody. >> what's up? >> if you have a sweet tooth and i do, the dunkin' donuts menu is going ton a big doughnut cleanse. >> what? >> by the end of the month more than 1,000 locations across the country will down size from 30 different types of doughnuts to just 18. done kin says the change is meant to put the focus on its signature beverage
8:50 am
>> we've talk about this. what are we doing? okay. no word yet on which flavors are getting the boot but the coffee giant which is what they really want to be known for says it will take customer feedback into consideration. >> i want to get my feedback right now many don't touch, g they took the doughnut off. >> don't touch the chocolate glaze. >> that's standard. they won't do it. >> we don't know. >> don't touch the blueberry cake, the glaze or strawberry with sprinkles on it. touchdown the eclairs. >> if they touch the -- boston cream is the best one. >> done kin we have spoken. >> people want to be something they're not. but the doughnut coffee is good. >> it is very good. >> boston cream is the best one. there's no way they'll get rid of that. >> too much of a staple. they won't. >> they can't. by the way, people who tune in obviously in the 6:00 a.m. hour they see tucker's excellent morning meme segment every day. >> it is he can length. >> 6:45 ever morning. a little levity in the day. >> very funny. people can send
8:51 am
tucker will put them on screen. one meme that came up today was this one. i thought it was very funny. it says when movie reviews go terribly wrong. >> who would have made this meme allison. >> what is happening? >> it looks like i'm getting arrested i'm wearing a drive jacket which is the jacket that ryan gosling wears in the movie drive. i'm not actually getting arrested obviously. >> it look like it. >> his name is officer blackburn, right. >> yes. >> and we were in baltimore the other night. steve, tucker and i and mike we all went out to have some friendship moments, and this is -- >> sounds sketchy. >> yeah. >> here's the back story on this why i took this picture and decided to make meme because i thought it was funny. officer blackburn is a member of the baltimore police department, and he watches us every morning. >> all right. >> and he said hello to allison because you weren't with us during our moment of friendship. [ laughter ] >> we wanted to talk with hem we all took pictures with him kevin went over to talk and it looks like it was a serious moment. i thought it was quite funny. >> all that's happening i'm introducing myself to him. i don't know why my arms are in the
8:52 am
getting arrested. >> the very next photo everybody was laughing. this one look very funny. >> we need to show that one, t too. >> it is very funny. shout out to officer blackburn really nice guy and thank you to the baltimore police for being awesome that night. they were super cool people. nice meeting them. >> lucifer season three premier was monday i sat down with two of the stars. let's show a quick clip of season three featuring tom welling we know as superman in smallville. watch this. >> well, that sucks. that ends bleep. which is why i don't believe in them. these kidnappers might be fake but they're not invisible. there has to be a way to find them. >> you're right. if muhammed won't come to the mountain muhammed must go to the mountain. >> i have no idea what that means decker. >> someone needs to get kidnapped. >> that's an idea. >> that i was suggesting. >> no one likes a credit hog, decker whom would be the bait. >> it's not the same
8:53 am
abducted allegedly lucifer they'll recognize him. >> we need somebody that's a lot less effort everything. he is per ran so. >> espinosa. that makes sense. i have the most experience in the field if something goes wrong -- >> you're expendable. >> exactly. >> thank you. go get kidnapped esperanza. >> tom well plays lieutenant marcus pierce new character on the show obviously you see tom he will who plays lucifer. i spoke both about the show. his accent in real life is welsh. his act zen in the show is not welsh. who is tom welling's new cash ten and what does he think of the new super hero genre in movies. watch this. ♪ >> i like to show you who i really am. >> i am the devil. >> oh, my god. >> really. you have to bring him up now. we were having a moment. >> you created this accent for the character on your own, right? it's slighy
8:54 am
than your accent. >> he's from texas. >> right, i know. >> from birmingham alabama. >> you're welsh in real life watch is lucifer's accent. >> i first read the character it struck me as the way that he spoke struck me as kind of character that one might read in oscar wild play or. >> that's cool. >> from did you have time kind of like high style. and so that was my starring point for it, and then kind of infusion of rock and roll and a mix of, um, when he gets angry. he can be very well spoken when he wants to be. i do love this tie. when he gets an grow it can get, dork app few ts. through the nose. but, um, just kind of evolved really from what was on the p page. >> i want to see hmm walk into movie metal concert and just do this and rock out. that needs to happen. >> open up for the bengals. >> ♪ >> on october 2nd, tom welling joins the cast of lucifer. >> i'm surprised it's
8:55 am
this long. >> so we don't know a ton about your character yet. can you give us a brief idea who you'll be on the show. >> yeah. >> and you're new to the season. >> yeah. i'm new this year. lieutenant marcus pierce. he comes in, um, you don't quite know who he is at the beginning but over the course of the season you'll find out there's a very large sort of arc that he'll go through, and he's not who he seems to be. >> you kind of were at the forefront of the super hero, these shows and movies. can you talk about were your thoughts are on current super hero movies. are you loving the zac schneider world of superman. >> um-hmm. >> what are your thoughts on that? >> the one -- you know, i just think the worse movie i saw last year was dead pool. [ laughter ] >> he was telling me how much he hated it before the interview started. >> that's in the true. that's awesome. we were lucky enough on sm smallville to -- a lot of it was timing. the type of show that we did with techn
8:56 am
sort of crossed in perfect way. >> yeah. >> i love it. i think this genre just it's reflection of the human condition you heard me say this before i think is just -- i think it's revealing about who we are and who we want to be and what we're capable of. >> lucifer did return this past monday october 2nd and it will continue airing on mondays receipt here on fox5. >> dead pool was awesome good dead pool was awesome. you're wrong tom welling. >> take short break. tucker is up next. ♪ what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5
8:57 am
america runs on dunkin'. 8:00 vick. final check on traffic and weather erin how we looking. >> ladies first. still dealing with a lot of jamups 395 northbound is backed up. the outer loop a crash still blocks the right shoulder and right lane by the eisenhower of a connector and also seeing residual delays on 66 eastbound. 50 minute trip from 234 to the beltway. hey, guys it's slow everywhere. tucker bring me up with good news. >> yeah, sunshine and 61 right now. we'll be near 80 this afternoon, and the weather couldn't be nicer. >> sounds lovely. >> thanks, tucker. >> don't go anywhere. see you all for good day neck. >> be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, breaking news. the vegas shooter's girlfriend returns to the united states and the fbi was there when she got off the plane. get down! >> meanwhile we're getting first-hand look at the chaos from the night of that mass shooting from just rel released police body cam footage. we'll have the latest from the vest investigation coming up. >> back to back trips for president trump. today he's heading to las vegas one day aft his visit with victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico. that trip earning him some mixed reviews. we'll have the very latest. one d.c. lawmaker is offering free legal advice to the more than two dozen illegal immigrants arrested during


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