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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet? the internet. right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. >> right now. at 10. >> and the ball is good! >> a grand slam helps keep the nats postseason alive. now, it's back to d.c. for a do or die situation. >> record heat yesterday. temperatures in the 70s today. we head for the 60s tomorrow. how long does this cooler drizzly pattern happening
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i'll have the forecast. >> and this puppy stole ep at gun point. >> she was everything to us. >> tonight the dog's owners are telling us what happened. your news starts now. we begin tonight with playoff fever in d.c.. the nationals forced deciding game five after beating the cubs in chicago. tonight it was really -- oh, look what i have. >> look at that. >> i just happened to be any handkerchief tonight. >> such an exciting night for sure. means national park is rocking actually tomorrow night. brody logan down there. brody what a game that was. >> what a game. it is not quite rocking just yet. i see nationals park at the end of season in winter covered in snow. i thought this would be the last way we would see nationals
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would not be another game here but the nats live to play another day with their emphatic 5-0 whip in chicago against the cubs. really, the guy who stole this again steven strausburg. >> tanner was named the starter and straws was dealing with flu like symptoms from mold in the hotel room. >> he went out like michael jordan this was the steven strausburg mold game. a player for the cubs said facing him tonight was like when someone who doesn't know how to play baseball walks into a batting cage. he made them look nuts. michael a. tater four run shot grand slam first national postseason history and nats take game four 5-0 and
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dusty baker he says he was not surprised about the performance straus put forward. >> not really i could see the focus and determination in his eyes. when he came in the office and we talked to him he's a man of few words but the words he said gave us every indication he was ready. so just yesterday he was not ready and not going to pitch and actually because of a rain delay it seemed like a good omen because straus would be likely to pitch. he wanted to the pal and took it and put forth a performance for the ages. was he ready? and are these fans ready for decisive game five on home soil. i caught up with fans that are still partying aft game down the street here. here's what they had to
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it was fantastic, exciting. >> honestly i don't know but it was -- of emotions. it was crazy. i think we can win. we need offense to keep hitting. >> it's 2017 we're good we got it. >> if cubs with win the world series nats can get out of the first round. >> we're good, no problem. it was last year proved anything can happen in sports and cubs broke 108 year streak not winning world series why can't nats get out of the first round tomorrow. tony i tweeted out the stats of what d.c. teams have done in decisive home games because you said i was debbie doyrn and depressing people i won't reveal that. i'll keep the positive momentum going. >> go look at his stweets if you want to see them. >> if you want to be disappointd thank you, brody. >> sue, who
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for today. >> i have no idea. >> woo-hoo oh, my gosh my twitter picture is me with screech. i don't know he if that was great grammar but i love this team and that was exciting and i think that the weather that they had today is going to help them tomorrow too because it will be similar. misty, chicago it was chilly, 58 degrees. it will be a little warmer that that tomorrow but i do think we'll have a little bit of drizzle to deal with. winds out of the east at 10. breezy in chicago today. very hard i'm sure it was tough for fans and players. 62 at 8:00 tomorrow so i think we're in fine shape and you know what, i'll try to forecast a little higher mold content. because that really worked for us today. congratulations to the nats and thank you on behalf of all of our -- your many fans in d.c.. we do have measurable showers coming through tonight. le most of the day it's been drizzly and misty.
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that we would get more measurable rain about this time and i'm glad see that's what happened. getting in close are you get helpful reigns in places like leesburg and brunswick move over in montgomery country i need it. we'll see passing from west to east overnight and tomorrow we'll be back with more round of very light showers and drizzle. we're thinking tomorrow ends up being a couple tenths of inch of rain and not enough to really cause any big problems. but, sometimes that can bog i down a little on the road with road spray. it's 69 degrees. what a change in the last 24 hours. yesterday record high dulles 87 and dils yesterday was in the 0s and east wind will continue. it is what we call marine layer it loads us up on cl clouds, fog, drizzle and mist. it won't go anywhere tomorrow. so expect some showers and drizzle throughout the day tomorrow. i think it begins to taper off around 8:00 tomorrow night. so the better part of showers wi
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and but check out these temperatures. we're only heading for the 60s tomorrow and we'll keep this pattern even going into part of friday. but, everybody has got everything crossed and we're really excited for one pursuit as the nats come back home tonight for tomorrow's game at 8:00. go nats. >> we'll have more on all of that a little later. thanks, sue. >> new tonight, a d.c. family is heartbroken after the one month old puppy is stolen at gunpoint. this happened palm roy road south east and tonight police are sharing this photo of the dog in hopes that someone with help track her down and catch the puppy thief. lindsey watts live at d.c. headquarters with more, lip circumstance what's the la latest. >> sarah the man held up at gun point yet was walking down the street with puppy when the car pulled up next to him a guy he never seen got up with a gun and demanded hi hand over the dog
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d.c. police are on this case. they're trying to reunite that pup with her family. >> she was everything to us. her name is heaven a pit bull puppy only a month sglold we had her for a week now. she's a playul dog. she loved us. she was comfortable. she was very spoiled. >> heaven's owners did not want to be identified for their own safety. it was here on palm roy road near suitland parkway when their dog was stolen as gun point at 5:30 in the afternoon. >> silver four door car, plaque tint, guy hopped out of passenger side came around he wanted the dog he didn't ask me for cash or cellphone or anything he wanted the dog. i'm glad i'm alive. >> this is the second time in two months someone has been robbed of their dog on the streets of southeast. >> they started to beat me up and stomp me and hit me all in my face. they took beaver. >>
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this woman was brutally attacked by two female suspects who snatched diva the poodle. police were able to track down those women and find and return diva. >> we want our dog back. >> family hopes the same can happen anyone this case especially because being so young heaven requires special care. >> i'm glad it was not my s sop's life but give us our dog back. >> if you think you have seen the dog or have information about this case, give d.c. police a call. that number 202-727-9099 live at police headquarters, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". also in the district. police are investigating a triple shooting that left two men dead an a third person injured. it happened last night in the 6200 block of 8th street northwest in the bright wood neighborhood. one of the men killed was identified as 25-year-old renard march. renard's uncle believes he was set
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in the shooting may be one of the begunmen that carried out the attack. >> one of them came to the wall and i was standing like that and do like that. i'm a vietnam veteran i always say my prayers, always, i know what that means. so i say my prayers. and my prayers didn't help my nephew out. >> d.c. police are looking for a black bmw and three us is secretary in connection shooting. no word on a motive. still no details tonight on anne arrundel county police about three gang-related murders last week. court documents obtained by "fox5" out line a brutal killing of what is believed to be one of those victims. a former annapolis high school student. and charging documents show investigators found the body of 21-year-old jeep write rivera lopez in a wooded area of crownsville last month. she disappeared back in june. according to court documents, five people have been charged with 1st and second degree murder. police announced multiple ar
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murders on friday. but they still aren't saying much. they say doing so would put others in danger. >> we want people to know that the police are here to help them. if he live any acommunity where they're in fear of gangs or gang activity or their family is affected we want them to come forward or call our tip line. you can remain anonymous. we'll never question immigration status if you come forward. a lot of people are afraid to go to the police perhaps in the can'tyes they come from there's an issue with police police departments there, not being trust beyondy is that the not the case here. >> federal immigration officials say they lodged detainers on the five people arrested in the rivera lopez murder. >> and still to come, it's a story that had everyone talking today. the boy scouts of america are making a historic change. marina marraco working this for us. >> sarah reaction is definitely mixed top and girl scouts saying their peace
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>> the las vegas massacre left her in a coma and she lost an eye. an update on the victim from the d.c. area and celebrity that came to visit her. back after this moqtada
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> well you have heard about this. it's a change for boy scouts of america. organization will soon allow girls to participate in some of their programs for the first time ever. "fox5" mar marina morocco is live at one of the boy scout offices with reaction. marina. >> yeah, tony, as i fight the whipped here at the boy scouts headquarters in capital in maryland this boy scouts was founded back in 1910 and past five years they've seen significant changes by ac accepting openly gay members and onenly gay volunteers as well as transgender boys and
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big announcement saying that they plan to admit girls into the cub scouts program starting next year. the scouts will also develop a program for older girls and in 20 19 boy scouts will start allowing girls the opportunity to become eagle scouts which is the boy scouts highest honor. >> we've been looking at years at the educational value cub cub scouting the con enter tent and curriculum is it as relevant for little girls as boys and educators and parents said it absolutely is. we provide a panel way to girls can participate fully in cub scouting. >> and tonight, the reaction has definitely been mixed. >> i think it's great great idea about time actually. it's part of the american dream about inclusion and acceptance and breaking down barriers we've been doing that since late 60s with civil right movement and this is a great chapter in th
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should do their thin and boys should do their thing how it's always been. >> girls and boys together earliest stage possible is definitely welcome in this technology kind of world we have nowadays. >> reporter: and the girl scouts have criticized the move saying it strains a century old bond between two organizations. and when boy scouts were asked if they'll change their name, tony, they say for now they have no plans to change the name. >> it's been getting a lot of people talking today, thank you marina. >> a maryland woman injured in the las vegas shooting is showing signs of improvement tonight. according to go fund me for tina frost the 27-year-old remains in a coma and is responding to xhants during physical thermy. frost was shot in the right eye and bullet traveled through her forehead. today she and her family got a surprise. ak to and singer
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visited her and serenaded her and autografted photo and tickets to see him in nashville. she grawtded from arundel high school. >> a victim of las vegas shooting filed a lawsuit against the mandalay bay hotel and resort. 21-year-old page gas per was shot and injured in the massacre and accusing the result of negligence claiming they failed to notice the gunman brought so many weapons in his room and set up cameras among other things. the suit also names live nation entertainment a bump stock manufacturer and estates of gunman stephen paddock. she is seeking more than $15,000 in damages. >> coming up next, new details continue to come out of harvey weinstein scandal. >> and live to california as we get a look at devastating wildfire damage from the air. >> you don't want to miss "fox5" tomorrow morning. expert will be in to help breakdown the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace in light of the harvey weinstein scandal and hearing from a local 1
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competing in an international gym nass ticks competition and we'll be live for the grand opening of the war of along the southwest water front all starting tomorrow morning at 4:25. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts.
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>> developing tonight former trump white house strategist and current head of bright bart news steve ban john latest political cotouched by the harvey weinstein scandal. bannon who has hammered democrats for accepting weinstein had a develop tour with him in 1995. more than a dozen women accused him of unwanted sexual advance sfwlz 22 wildfires are tearing through parts of northern california now. 21 people are dead and hundreds of people
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unaccounted for. the fires have already destroyed par than 3500 homes and businesses and tonight, strong winds and dry conditions are still fanning the flames. and reporter ken wayne took aerial tour of the damage with the national guard. he's joining us live from p petlooma with more on this. ken, what's the latest with the wildfires? >> we're actually at the airport me santa rosa because we launched in that helicopter. the late setting not good. zero% containment on the two largest wildfires tubs fired in sonoma county and next door in nap athat's more than 40,000 acres. again zero% containment. fire fight verz been tat from the air and ground. we enter went up in this black hawk helicopter in mountain view in the bay area and flew around santa rosa and could see the widespread damage caused
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dozen and dozens of homes block after block wiped out by fire. s as you said 3100 structures most here in the santa rosaa area that were destroyed. and then as we headed north of santa rosa you can sew the heavy, heavy layer of smoke that covered nap avalley. we flew over the ridge to sonoma and nap avalleys and there was smoke so thick we had to climb to 7500 feet to get to it. we couldn't see where the flames were or what kind of damage was caused. it's extensive. this is shaping up to be perhaps wovt wildfire in california history. >> wow, ken, as you moneyed you were above getting an air yell cower today. and you can give us a sense of are most people evacuated out of harm's way or are they still in the process of having to evacuate as you mentioned zero% contain m the right now.
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>>. >> the big problem is wind is shifting. when the fire broke out winds were coming out of northeast and strong. 50, 60 mile app hour winds pushing flames down the hills in the wild land area right into the urban areas of santa rosa and other cities in this area. and that's what caused all the trouble and it happened in the middle of night. a lot of people didn't have time to get out of homes that's why we have fate tallties we're expecting number to increase. yesterday the winds backed o off. gave fire fight rz a chance to get out and do what they co could. there is a lot of smoke did which limited air attack because they can't fly if they cannot see. but now we have the winds fixing up again. we have red flag warning conditions which means winds gusting up to 45 miles an hour enough to push the flames again back across the fire lines that firefighters dug. so it will be a challenge. and yes there were more evacuated today and small town of calistoga north end
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avalley 5,000 people all those people today had to leave their homes and they're not alone. other community around this area are also getting evacuation notices. >> wow, i'm familiar with some of those areas you were mentioning, keep wayne for us in california with the latest on the wildfires, thank you so much we appreciate. it tony over to you. >> those pictures from california are amazing. >> coming up next it is "fox 5 news" at 10:30. hey, jim. >> tone yes, i straight ahead at 10:30 once you happened over a down payment and drive the car off the lot there's no turning back now there's an auto maker that is giving extra time to decide if they really want the car. >> and district war of is getting ready to on and what it may knee for other parts of the city.
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in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable, affordable electricity, renewable energy options, and ways to save energy and money. novec delivers the most reliable power in the region. and customers are paying less for electricity than they did eight years ago. novec is listening and responding. that's because this not-for-profit cooperative is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding.
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>> right now at 10:30 a puppy stolen at gunpoint. tonight a d.c. family is sharing their story in hopes of getting the d
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and the president takes tax reform plan on the road. and after taking aim at the medium on twitter and district war of is getting set for grand opening and other parts of city want in on the action. your news starts now. >> off the top the d.c. family wants the safe return of puppy that was stolen from them at gun point. >> it all happened on palm roy road on southeast. lindsay watts spoke to the family and is live with more, lindsay. >> jim and sarah, this say 1-month-old pit bull puppy stone stolen yesterday. we'll show you a photo. the name is haeven. d.c. police put out this picture in hopes that someone will come forward with information. i talked to heaven's owner who was held up at gun point. a car pulled up a 'man he never seen before got out with a gun and told him to hand over the dog. they're hoping someone will help get their puppy back. >> al
10:31 pm
police are investigating a triple shooting that left two men dead an a third person injured. it happened last night in the 6200 block of h street norm west. this is bright wood neighborhood. d.c. police are looking for a black bmw and three suspects in connection with shooting and no word yet on motive behind it. >> loudoun county sheriff department is looking into reports of two suspicious people in bedroombleton area on friday a woman approached mother in a park and asked questions about kids and tried to reach for one of them. an monday a little boy heard someone talking about him. >> president trump hit the road in pennsylvania today to make a push for tax reform. he's also working hard to sell tax overall plan to skeptical lawmakers own capital hill. >> we want lower taxes and beggar paychecks and more jobs
10:32 pm
beggar paychecks and more jobs. >> president trump surprise back in rally mode addressing a crowd of mostly truckers explaining how his plan to over call tax code would result in more money in pockets. >> our framework with ensures the benefit of tax reform go to the middle class not to the highest earners. >> but translating president's ideas into concrete legislation may not be easy. lawmakers from both parties in higher tax states criticizing the plan to eliminate the federal deduction for state and local taxes and claimed by some people home ear mostly for the middle class. >> some do not want to get rid of state income tax reduction we have to figure out a way for order won that. >> the framework would see 7 tax practice et cetera reduce todd three doubling the standard deduction for family and cut corporate rate from 25 255 to 20%. >> biggest winners from this an
10:33 pm
day families from all background from all walks of life. >> pennsylvania democratic senator bob casey who is up for reelection next year calls the mana giveaway to the super rich at the expense of the middle class. caroline shivly, fox news. >> president trump will nominate kristin neal son. principal deputy chief of staff that served as john kelly deputy. she moved with kelly to the white house when the president named him his chief of staff. >> dakota access pipeline will continue after a judge decided to allow it while a study is done to figure out the environmental impact. nearly $4 billion pipe lynn began to move in oil from south dakota to illinois. they didn't consider how an oil skill may impact the indian tribe su. they're everything chaing it in court.
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shooting filed a lawsuit against the mandalay bay hotel and resort. 21-year-old page gas per was wounded during the massacre. the bullet shattered her ribs and danaged her liver. she accused resort of negligence claiming they failed to notice the gunman brought so many weapons into his room and set up cameras. >> it's about the people impacted on what happened on october 1. and about the companies who should be held responsible and who have a responsibility to keep the people who are on their properties and at their events safe. >> and money is not driving force behind us asking to be heard. our driving force is wanting change and practices and security. and when we buy a ticket to event we need to know our safety is considered and protected. >> and the suit also names live nation entertainment, bump s
10:35 pm
estate of stephen paddock gas per is seeking more than $ $15,000 in damages. >> symbol of unity sits outside of the pulse night club in orlando, florida. a rainbow crosswalk honors 49 people killed in last year's shooting comes as one pulse foundation is working to build a permanent memorial outside the club. >> the massachusetts the house approved a bill that would out law bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to be turned into fully auto patic guns. they fit over the stock and grip of semi-automatic riffle and allows the gun to fire in rapid success. if the bill passes and anyone violates they could see 25 years in jail. the ghaun had twelve weapons fitted with those bump stocks. >> a michigan woman that failed toll vaccinate her son lost custody of the child. the child's father will take custody.
10:36 pm
rebecca says she standby the choice to not vaccinate her son. >> i was not expecting to lose primary custody of my son. i don't have much to say i still have to talk to lawyers. i fell spun around right now. i'm in shock. i was expecting to get hem home. do i absolutely i standby my choices because i stand up for what i believe in. >> she was snpt todd 7 years -- days in jail last week released monday after serving five days of the sentence. >> up next here at 10:30 sharing benefits. >> as d.c. gets ready to welcome ground to the new district other parts of city want in on the action. we'll tell you where. first hi, sue. >> hi there, jim, sarah, most of the day we had light showers or drizzle. le each midst around and moderate hours sean some may dreep significant rain for a few minutes as they push their way through frederick county, mling county and loudoun county and down even into fauquier as well as prince william county. everything is moving from west to
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i think rain will be brief but once that departs we'll be left with more drizzle. showers and much cooler temperatures. your forecast in detail is ahead. >> unable or unwilling to unplug you be the judge. half of all employees check in with their job during the vacation and survey by project time off also finding nearly 8 in 10 want ability to access work when they are off. amazon is now letting kids go on shopping spree courtsey of mom and dad. it allows children went ages of 1 and 17 to browse amazon app as long as it's connect todd parents' amazon prime account. don't worry mom and dad before purchase is finalized you will get a text or email to approve or reject it. investigator still on buying spree all major market averages on record highs wednesday and with halloween around the corner they're open
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> welcome back one of the biggest developments in the area has the war of on eping. restaurants, copied owes and state of the art concert develop u. >> another one want in on action.
10:42 pm
>> the rush is on the big day almost here. the war of is planning a big celebration as this massive project filled with great places to eat and world class entertainment finally gets going. millions and -- invest todd transform this part of d.c.. and just a few miles away from the war of here in ward 7 there's a desperate need for development in fact this is skyland site. you may remember this is where walmart planned to build a store and they pulled out. they were going to be restaurant here. condominiums and so the project has slowed down in an area that really needs development. >> i don't know the reason behind why they packed out. but that was very disappointing to the people that live out here. and it was -- would have creatd a lot of jobs. unemployment is high. >> sky jp land is moving forward and residents say development on the east side
10:43 pm
they tell us there represent enough grocery stores and sit down restaurants are few and far between. >> you need development here right. >> yes, big time, big time, from laundry to grocery to clothing. >> and the sales and property tax income generated at places like the war. will likely benefit other parts of the city. and still, ronald richardson has a message for d.c. lea leaders. >> bring some of that business here. bring some of that development here you know? we are the forgotten people. >> in the district, matt ackland, "fox5 local news". >> you have ever bought a new car and realized you didn't like it after you drove it for a couple days. >> that does not sound great. >> no. >> well if you buy a car from hyundai you can return it. the car company is letting up han pi customers return their call three days after they bought. it hyundai now letting you sign up to test drive a car online. >> i wanter if you get all your money back or hey you drove it off the
10:44 pm
10,000 less. >> oreo lovers the cookie maker is out with new mystery police officer. if you guess what it is you can win $50u,000. i wish that happened when they had mystery meat at the cafeteria don't you. the contest goes from now until november 30 and allowed one gs a day. people across social media have already about speculating about this popular guesses follow 'fruity pattern with fruity peblees one of the more popular guesses out there. >> so wait do you buy a bag of mystery stuff and try it or just throw it out there and guess. it seems a little strange. >> it's a little strange. i don't know i want to know what i'm eating. >> ketchup flavor. >> fruity. >> tomorrow is a fruit. >> i guess so. >> up next at 10:30 using drones to save lives. >> how devices could be used to help first responders develop life saving medical equipment. coming
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>> drones may play a big role in saveing a person's life soon. delivery service known as flirty. jim this is about saving li lives. >> but it's called flirty. >> i don't name these things i tell people. flirty says it will send defibrillators to mrapss responding to cardiac arrest calls. it will improve response times in rural areas or areas traffic can slow down arrival of paramedics. >> jim take is away. >> flirty. >> facebook ceo is apologize are to insensitive reality tour of sur cape ravaged puerto rico. he live streamed 360 view and included cartoon of himself giving tour. his intention w
10:49 pm
virtual reality it raise awareness and hoe what is happenpening in parts of the world. >> not each the happiest place with can touch wildfires. the sky above the park all lit up if the intensity of the wildfires burning nearby. here we are days later and fire fighters are still struggling to continue the fires. wow. astroids believed to be a size of house will zoom past the earth. no risk of impact vrnl the asteroid will be waxed by track areas round the world to tests a warning system designed to locates a real asteroid identify impact threat one day and it will be difficult for the average person to see it because it won't be very bright. >> hm, wow with glad we can see them. >> look but don't touch. >> exactly. >> fly by. >> it's about hard to s
10:50 pm
>> nasty. >> murky. >> it's amazing how fast it can change because of the wind direction it's coming in out of east. ocean air mass and even as we look out at i assume that's national harbor right guys, >> mgm. >> it felt like my contact fell out. we're getting drizzle and midst and now moderate downpours west owe east across the suburbs and i'll show you on radar in a moment. you may hear the rain pounding a little harder it will be brief moderate rain that pushes through from west do east and will be gone by morning. but, as we get into morning back into the shower and drizzle regime and that will continue on and off all day long even into friday. so, if you are going to nlds game at 5 tomorrow night we will have round of drizzle and temperatures 0s. it's looking like we break out this p
10:51 pm
weekend and weekend will be like summer again. so we're down for just a couple days and then right back up again. wanted to show you stormtracker radar tonight. we i have aband of moderate showers moving through and you can see that extends from washington county through frederick to montgomery and loudoun down to fauquier and prince william. moving west to east models were insistent this would happen for the last 24 hours and i'm impressed they pulled that together out of the drizzle and midst and this is helpful rain. we needed this rain and this will add to what we collected yesterday as a recommend napto nate went on buy. you can see the yl owes and oranges indicating month moderate rain 270 corridor to sterileing to call preponderanceer where this is heavier rain we're seeing with red showing up around recommending to ton to culpeper. give it a few minute it will pound a little bit and move on. tail end of system passing by north. if you were watching game four tonight you notice today was a little drizzly in
10:52 pm
tail end of it. actually the same system affecting us tonight and we'll still number the regime tomorrow. future cast a wanted to he show you that. i think it's doing a nice job of locating where everything is tonight an by the time we get to tomorrow morning that big batch of moisture pushed away and we're left with clouds lighter showers and patches of drizzle that don't particularly show up well on radar. but at noon we're still kind of spinning some showers around so wet day by:00 pausing this one when we're having first pitch tomorrow night it's improvement. at least you can see that the bulk of those more fresh rabl showers tried to move on and they're not done we'll spin up a few more as we go through the night and into friday morning before we can timely break this pattern as we get knee saturday afternoon. it was certainly big effect on temperatures today. we wept from 7 dulles new record to 75 today and it could be closer to 65 there tomorrow. we're looking at temperatures only topping out in the 60s. they won't
10:53 pm
tonight and we'll drop a little bit but that east wind which is pretty noticeable and loaded with moisture off atlantic will continue to keep more stable renal i'm we're north of stalled out frontal boundary. hit and miss showers thursday and more hits than miss it's looks like. 60s maybe a few 0s and i'm thinking that most of us will stay in the 60s and could even below 0s. there's 5 that we're forecasting for the dulles area tomorrow. so again game five 1 or drizzle or midst and coming up at 11 and break out for the weekend with sunshine back in the forecast saturday afternoon we climb to 7. a summerlike 85 de grows on sunday. that is crazy. here's a change-up date four. monday, 75. we'll have a few shower. and then the real feel of october. the crisp feel without the humidity tuesday and wednesday upper 60s with sunshine back in the forecast. that's the 7 day forecast jim over to you.
10:54 pm
starreding your own band sue gave you a good name drizzle regime. >> lawmakers took to the football field forth annual kong guessal football game. the fwim is up spird by two capitol police officers killed in the line of duty in 198. proceeds benefit u.s. capital police mem or yl fund and comes four months after congressional baseball practice shooting. you see steve scalise honored at the game and two police officers that were injured in the baseball shooting. >> redskins surprise may be off to less than perfect start and quarterback kirk cousin personal life winning. >> he he becomeed baby boy coners. cousins was asked about his dad swag he has it all figure out. >> i had dad swag before i was a dad. i was we'reing braided belt and cargo short
10:55 pm
that came halfway up my ankles one step away from velcro crew shoes and vidz or 'over size polo tucked in and maybe palm pie will the on the belt. >> he's got it all down. >> ready to go sgri think he has the outfit. >> good for him and his wife. >> cop grat. >> harlem globetrotters can boost a guinness world record made the most half court snorts an hour. they did 352. the players set record in new york time square. if you break a record do it in time square. >> perfect place. >> coming up next "fox 5 news" at 11. >> here's tony. >> coming up on the show tonight the robber didn't want cash he wanted the dog. we'll hear from the family about the scary encounter and harvey weinstein downward spiral continues. now the feds may be involved in the investigation. those tore stories
10:56 pm
coming up next at pats pats
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pats pats snv an unsent text message from a dead man has been ruled a fwril australia. the message was found after he died said he wanted to leave home and pension to brother instead of wife and son. he said he was disgruntled with his wife and was signed my will followed by a smiley emoji. the informal nature does not wipe ut the intent to have tin included in his will. that's the news at 10:30678 the news at 11 ar
11:00 pm
>> right now at 11. >> nationallees on the brink of elimination know they are going home for game five. >> nats survive and now it's down to a do or die ghim d.c. >> drizzle midst, low cloud and fog all in the forecast tonight and wait until you see the temperatures i'm looking at tomorrow. i'll have the update. >> and plus we'll hear from the family whose puppy was stolep at begun point. >> we want our dog back. >> and more on historic change for the boy scouts. your news charts now. fashionales are still alive and gave time. >> now it's whip or go home at national park. bro


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