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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  October 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: tony, shawn, this is where ray knight lives in the king's town neighborhood of fairfax county. it was early yesterday morning when two people called 911 to say they were watchinging adds a couple of help were outside on a lawn fighting. in fact one of the callers said they appeared to be intoxicated. what you'll hear now is initial police dispatch to come to this neighborhood. >> 7502 kak tu are lane two males fighting in a yard outside unknown weapon caller is saying they stopped physically fighting. >> that was 4:00 sunday morning where the former major league player and manager lives. a second call to 911 gave similar information but also said the men appeared to be intoxicated. ray knight came to the door when we knocked earlie
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here is part of the exchange. >> i just don't want to comment. i think the process will take its place and i just know that anything that i say is not going to matter until the process works itself out. >> how are you doing because we were told you were injured as well. >> i am fine i'm fine. >> you have a bandage on right hand there. >> up. >> you were hospitalized -- >> no, i was not hospitalized. i just is went into -- no comment guys. just respect that and all this -- i'll mack a statement at some point soon. >> they came here i was here alone and these four people came here so that's all. >> friend of yours do you know them. >> two friend reign two fem i have not seen
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>> two people called and said the fight was outside on the front lawn mmm i -- people that kawd the mroos i don't know. >> that was initial call to police there were two white males fighting outside that appeared to be intoxicated [ laughter ] well that's not true in my case, thank you. >> okay. [ door slammed ]. >> that last part was knight saying he was not intoxicated. fairfax county police have not released identity of the man who he was fighting with other than he was a 33-year-old acquaintance. that person also received some hospitalization. we did reach out to washington nationals and we were told that mason the network that does carry the nationals is handling this situation. so far we've been unable to reach anyone at masin. live in fairfax. paul wagner, "fox5 local news". >> we have new details about last night's deadly shooting in alexandria. police now say
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murder-suicide and all three of the people involved are teenagers. "fox5" lindsey watts was on the scene right after this happened last night. she is live in alexandria right now with the latest. lindsay. >> reporter: tony, the shooting happened here in all veterans park north picket street off duke street here in alexandria. this has been a really shocking crime for neighbors because this is a popular area right by biking and running trails. police say this is where a 19-year-old man shot and killed a 17-year-old girl, and shot and jrd a 15-year-old boy and then killed himself. we'll show you video now. we've about speaking with neighborhoods and they tell us the crime happened at this picnic table in the park and i also talked to a friend of the 17-year-old victim. she says it was girl's exboyfriend that did this and she says the surviving 15-year-old was girl's family member. alexandria police are only confirming that the victims and suspect knew each other and investigators don't believe
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played any role here. this happened around 8:45 last night. you see in the video there was a massive police presence. initially there was a search going on with shooter and later police realized one of the victim was gunman. today he is identified as 19-year-old yerson nunez lopez. they have not identified two shot because they're juveniles from alexandria and the 15-year-old boy is currently in stable condition at the hospital. we talked to a woman who heard the gunshots last night. >> i was settling in to watch one of my tv shows and i had volume down low ape heard three shots and then two and then with about 15, 20 second pause rather i heard another three shots. and you knew they were not fire crackers. >> and this is the sixth homicide so far this year in the city. live in alexandria. lindsey watts,
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news". >> d.c. police are offering a 25,000 reward to help them foopd a killer. someone shot shantease murphy u street southeast. police fond a second victim at the hospital receiving treatment for non life-threatening injuries. if you have information call d.c. police. >> do you recognize this man police need your help finding him in connection with ronnie in northeast. deandre williams broke into a house 300 block of 17 place and stole bicycle wallets and other electronics it apd august 15 and he's wanted in other burglaries in the district. if you have any information call d.c. police. >> university of maryland police searching phone a man following up usual break n it happened early saturday morning many off campus apartment on nox road in college park. a student was awaken by a man standing in her bedroom. the many eventually left and woman was not harmed he didn't take anything from
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apartment any with information is asked to call police. >> things are back to normal maryland ice tonight on high alert earlier today. police have a students at eleanor roosevelt high school if green welt received snap chat pictures of assault rifle with caption don't go to school on monday. as precaulks there were extra mees on campus before and after school. they're working with police to track down the person that posted those online threats: new tonight a former charles country school aida caused of sexually aus booing students is facing more charges. police arrested carlos bell back in june. grand jury already up indicted him on 1 19 charges including child sex abuse against 24 boys filming child pornography and engaging in sexual pornography with the victims while knowing hiv positive. today he was indicted on more charges of abusing 8 identified alleged victim and 14 unidentified alleged victims. bell is held
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in montgomery country prosecutors dropped child porn charges against an 1-year-old also charged with raping a classmate inside rockville high school. prosecutors dropped rain charges against henry sanchez mill an for lack of evidence and filed child pornography charges against hem and 17-year-old because they allegedly had nude photos of the girl on their phones. 17-year-old resolved his case in juvenile court after admitting to possessing one image and sharing with mill an. >> d.c. man already in trouble with police for sx you'll assault in district in now under arrests and facing multiple charges after attempting to sexually asalt a woman in camp springs. suspect identified as 23-year-old kahari edwards. police say in the most recent incident he broke into a woman's home saturday morning and attempted to assault her. police were called and they saw edward running from the home naked. he was able to gate we and later caught during a second foot chase. and he now faces charges in prince george count
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attempted murder, rain and robbery. >> and ice detainee was sentenced to 18 months in prison for high profile escape near dulles. marlin reeves mendez escaped while transported interest at adult sebts to ice facility for deportation. he pled guilty to asoughting and peteing a ice transport officer. >> and we now know the identity of two men killed until dewey beach delaware over the weekend. 53-year-old james walton and 58-year-old rich ar chitic were killed after an suv slammed into them while sitting on buy sibling starboard bar. the driver of the suv. had a medical emergency. the 61-year-old man was taken to the hospital. there's no word on his condition. the crash is still under investigation. >> and howard country a school bus driver is facing charges for accident that left four people injured inle i cot c city. police say
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speeding when lost control of bus causing it to smip on its side. it happened westbound route 100 as it exited on 9 norm. vehicle traveling on the same road hit the bus after the crash. wilcox a school bus aid and two students from mount heb ron high school were taken to the high school with minor injuries. >> meanwhile a few more days before hundreds of residents can return to their apartments in bethesda. a saturday fire at the promenade apartments on p puxhill road forced more than 1100 people from complex norm tower. 18 were injured and we're told the fire started in electrical room and caused about a million damage. >> all right imagine commuting from d.c. to baltimore in five minutes it could soon reality. governor larry hogan throwing state support behind elon musk hyper project. live in college park with the latest on this one, hey, fits.
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like this one in college park run good are reliable and you can get d.c. to baltimore depending out the commute is going. electric this 15 minutes from d.c. to baltimore. that's what they're bucking about now with elon musk's hyper loop. it would go a whole lot faster than the trains. you get into a war and it puts new underground tube and shoots you up that tunnel up to 450 miles an hour. we talked to governor larry hogan about this and he says if they did not get on the train right now maryland could be left behind. >> the idea is eventually first leg to go from washington to bament more or baltimore to washington they're starting in middle and going in both directions. and the eventual plan it to go to new york from washington to new york in 24 minutes sounds like exciting proposition. >> now what's going on with this is that the department of transpor
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already given initial app approval. they started digging ten mile stretch near for the immediate. that's an area of property state of maryland controls near i 295. now eventually that will stretch out to both ends of d.c. and baltimore areas. but you don't have to go far to find out where they are working on this right now. that's because there's a team at the university of maryland right now called umd loop students 75 of them competing in elon musk competition to bull the next generation of hyper loop. >> you take a vehicle and you stick it inside a vacuum tube and because of that you can go really fast without a lot of air drag slowing you down and because of that we can connect cities 30 minutes apart to hour apart in minutes and really connect people from downtown to downtown. prince george county say they already would like more information about this. and they're
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proposal. in college park. tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> it will be very cool. you can imagine? >> i can imagine it will be cool. >> are you ready for football? >> well the redskins take on the eagles in primetime tonight. "fox5" brody logan is live in philly, hey, brody. >> reporter: tony, shawn, you know when it's eagles and redskins it's always by big deal. eagles in first and redskins behind them in second already lost one to the eagles this has added significant and we'll hear from that coming
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>> well are you ready for some football. >> always yes. >> "monday night football" and red skips go on the road and face off against the philadelphia eagle. >> eagles actually beat washington during the first week of the season and now it's time for pay back. brody logan is live at lincoln financial field in fill limit brody, what's going on. >> reporter: if they want to get pay ck
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with all the injuries that the redskins had to deal with. already josh norman is not plague. rashad bree lynn was going to be game time decision. he's out here now warming up. it would be huge if they could play. otherwise they're untested in that secondary facing offer against good eagles offense. also trent williams listed as questionable. he didn't practice all week and we saw him previously as well. he's the type of guy if he is not going something has to be horribly wrong. >> redskins lost earlier in the season and you don't want to go two games behind eagles especially with them this first the way they're plague and jay gruden talked about importance of the game he saided it comes down to math. >> they're 5-1 we're 3-2 let's do the math and if you look at 3-3, 6-1 lost twice to them that's a big difference and 4- 5-2
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as far as nfc seeingt concerned and if you look around nfl and nfc everything is hovering around only two teams with one loss everybody has two, three or four and division games added importance and road games obviously playing division leader raevl rivalry teams are big and going to sfld huge no matter what. >> going to philadelphia is huge no matter what and huge things for redskins if he is able to go tonight that changes things for the redskins team. or wise you're looking at quintin dunbar and concernal fuller gps a good eagles offense. but you know i want to give you something in the redskins pocket something they have going for them. kirk cousins loves plague in philly. played three games in philly averaging over 340 passing yards this those games and 60% completion cover rob jennings and nine touchdowns. tone yes, i shawn, redskins fans love
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play against eagles and kurt cousins come down to the last second. >> i hope the last second ends up on our side. >> i agree with you i think it will be shootout. >> thank you brody. >> all right you probably noticed muggy outside today. little sticky. >> yeah, well things are about to change and some of you might be happy about that. hey, caityln. >> hey there, tony, shawn, we have had so many warm october days today included and we're tracking cold are air that will move in probably tomorrow night. in the meantime we've got rain on the way and could be heavy during the overnight hours i'll have the latest on timing and what you can expect in the 7 day forecast all still ahead on the other side of the break when fox news at 6 comes back after this ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie
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worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> since elected mayor muriel bowser has tried to make the city more environmentally friendly. she met with d. crk water to talk about clean rivers project. the goal of the program is to substantially reduce sewage from overflowing to rock creek park and anacostia and potomac rivers. project involves building tunnels below ground to capture sewage and move to main water treatment plant. >> all right. spuing of water we may have rain tonight. >> i know yes after a beautiful weekend. >> georgous yes. >> fantastic. we've had so many days in october really nice and mild. we're running above average october. well above average. cooler air returns. yes we have rain expected. good news about the rain as we look live outside and see all that cloud cover ahead of it it's primarily going to fall when you're sleeping and during the overnight hours i think between 2 and 4 a.m. although could be
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heavy and active weather south and west right now and a around of heavy rain for tonight like said brief. and it may even be accompanied by rumble of thunder tore two. that's because we have a strong slow-moving cold front back south and west bringing heavy rain from portions of ohio valley to west virginia and strong stuff is really further south across central virginia and parts of carolinas where they will several tornadoes reports this afternoon. zooming in a little. all those red boxes active tornado watchesen including south is central virginia nelson county southwest of charlottesville. they're also included in tornado watch and heavy rain and severe weather pushing east wards to roanoke and that should strongly move north and east ward. that watch comes a little short of our viewing area but it's close enough for anyone watching by charlottesville they could get active weather. in the meantime mild and muggy day. fok this morning giving way to sunshine
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but clouds hung tough. despite that 78 yearier today. 72 now and 73 baltimore and 71 in martinsburg. we've got a good south wind ahead of this cold front. winds now 15 miles an hour and still seeing higher gusts. it's been breezy. and it will be breezy behind the cold front again tomorrow. winds out of northwest and instead of out of south. severe threat tonight mainly confined to areas where the tornado watch is to south and west. that's marginal risk mainly because once showers reach us during the overnight hours you cannot really get much instability and brief gusty winds and potential for heavy rain. future cast showing a few sprinkles this evening ahead of main event and notice it doesn't get here until deep into the overnight hours this is saying 4 a.m. for anywhere in our area. i would say after midnight and probably before sunrise. it's a wide span of time. again it's during the overnight and impact should be minimal before we clear out into tomorrow morni
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bright and beautiful afte afternoon. breezy in the wake of front low pressure off north bringing in tropical cooler air and decent winds. gust over 25 miles an hour possible again and it's mild. cold air is waiting in wings and for us another day of 70s until we turn to autumn like weather. 60 with leftover shoubl 7 by noon and 74 by 5:00 we should sea temperatures mild, low to mid 60s now. we won't see until wednesday. right around the corner. forecast, 65 and cooler there on wednesday and then by thursday we're talking about crisp afternoon 6 degrees. 68 friday and we'll warm up and start the weekend off nice on saturday. another cold front coming through sunday is really going to knock those temperatures down as we get to monday. 58. that's chilly. buttock tuesday i believe is
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so you know we're getting towards end of month. >> crazy. >> you can believe it. >> october has flown. i think because it's been warm it has not even felt like fall where does the time go. >> yikes thank you. >> killing two birds with one stone. >> that's right duel halloween feat that landed one man in the record books. looks like wacha mole. they did the monster max♪ ♪
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how many pumpkins does it take to smash a begins record
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today he completed two halloween themed attempts. firman smashed 31 pumpkins did it while catching more than 40 pieces of carmel corn in his mouth in a minute. this looks like it's two separate things. >> yes. >> not simultaneous. >> that would be oh, my goodness. >> did both today new guinness record holder says he's happy with this accomplish. >> congratulations to you. >> crazy. >> that's it. >> 5@60 is next
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>> happy monday, everybody, tonight still more questions after that deadly attack in niger and commandner chief phone call to widow of of fallen solder is still not over and that's one of the issues the white house is dealing with. >> the rundown on the sigh of the screen tonight at 6:0. president trump continuing to take heat from lawmakers on capitol hill since death of four service members in any he gear. >> and growing concerns and questions about the united states mission there. fox's jennifer griffin starts us off from the pent gop. >> reporter: four u.s. troops killed by isis linked islamic militant in nir earlier


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